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10/13/2021 11:18 PM 

Activity Check #13 - Recommit

"Are you still interested..."

Sophia's words blurred as he turned to face the window. He knew what she was going to ask. It had to be about him. Carter couldn't answer any questions about Thatcher. He just couldn't. Realizing he had trusted Thatcher made him feel sick to his stomach. Yet, deep down, he still felt like he needed to protect Thatcher because he had been there for Carter when no one else was. 

"Carter? Are you still interested in recommitting yourself to us?" Sophia repeated. This time Carter heard her entire question.

He was somewhat relieved that she hadn't asked about Thatcher. "I am," he said with an eager nod. His foot tapped against the carpet nervously. Sophia had been instrumental in Carter joining Sanctum in the first place. He had met her at a party, and referred him to Thatcher to help start his business. Carter didn't meet Thatcher till a conference, but he felt like Sophia, Thatcher, and Phoebe had been like his family.

Carter still felt guilty for clinging to Thatcher like a loyal follower. Despite the thread of hope Carter held onto that Thatcher could be redeemed, he owed his loyalty to Sophia and Phoebe, not Thatcher. Right now, they needed him and the other members to show their support. After the self-reflection workshop, Carter realized this. He would be nothing without the Organization.

"I am very glad to hear that," Sophia smiled in his direction. 

Carter had given up many secrets when he joined the Organiztion, but he never thought of it that way. He believed his secrets were safer with the Organization than with other people. They would only expose his secrets if he betrayed the Organization, and that wasn't something he planned on doing. Carter wasn’t fond of that week, but he felt like it had given him the guidance he needed.

09/28/2021 04:49 PM 

Activity Check 12 - Alternate Reality

Lena death’s haunted Carter, and while he wasn’t responsible for her death, he felt guilty. Before everything went to sh*t, Carter had a die-hard coke habit, but was in denial about his addiction. Lena nearly finished top ten percent in her medical school class, yet she was influenced easily. Lena’s mother blamed Carter for her death, regardless if he had a hand it in or not. He did admit that she was a problem, but he would never have wished for the death of his son’s mother. After Lena’s overdose, Carter spiraled in the wrong direction. His coke problem only grew worse. Most of the time, anyone who saw Carter, also saw a bottle in his hands at most times. Oddly enough, as much as he cared for his son, he hadn’t been there for him during these last few months. He wanted to be around to see his son grow up, but if he didn’t get to rehab soon, he would probably never see him again.

That wasn’t even the worst of it. Carter had operated on an A-list celeb and almost disfigured her face during the surgery, since he wasn’t operating while sober. If it wasn’t for his father’s money and reputation, he would have lost his license. Did it really matter, though?  He spent most of his time holed up in his condo, which was filled with used booze bottles and drugs. Most mornings, he woke up to a random naked girl in his bed. His behavior made him the topic of gossip amongst the medical community, and it quickly made its way to his mother. If he didn’t move back to New York and get clean, he was going to be cut off from his family’s money. If that happened, he wouldn’t be able to afford his bills.


09/19/2021 10:21 PM 

Activity Check 11 - Side Effects

Carter didn't get along with his father. His father had groomed him to take over the family business upon his death, since he was the only son. However, Carter had no interest in running a media company, as his medicine was his true passion. Revoking his father's offer cut Carter off from the family. That's where Thatcher came in -- he had acted like a replacement father-figure for Carter. Carter trusted Thatcher more than anyone. So after learning that Thatcher was behind the stunt in the Hoh forrest, Carter had to question his entire existence. Clearly, Carter's relationship to Thatcher had been a lie. He never cared about Carter, and he was just using him to do his dirty work for him. Thatcher very rarely got his own hands dirty. After defending Thatcher to everyone who dared question Thatcher's true motivations, Carter felt like a fraud for not believing the others. He hadn't even believed his own girlfriend who kept going on that Thatcher was up to no good. Had he listened to her, then maybe he wouldn't have been having such a hard time readjusting to being back. 

Carter had been lucky not to suffer from any physical injuries during the time in the forest. His mental health, on the other hand, had been shattered into what seemed like a million pieces. He couldn't sleep at time because whenever he closed his eyes he saw Thatcher's face -- his arrogant smirk sent a shiver down Carter's spine. He had a hard time at work, being around his business partner. Carter had known him since med school, but he wondered if he could trust him. He had trusted Thatcher and look how that turned out. Worst of all, he had abandoned the two people he cared most about in their time of need, his girlfriend and his son. He didn't see his son for a week when he returned, despite his son asking for him. He hadn't visited Aurora in the hospital either, she had been another reminder of his failure in trusting Thatcher. 

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