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July 26th, 2021

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July 21, 2021


07/21/2021 08:59 PM 

My verses! <3

These are some of my verses that pop into my head! Will add more when I think of more!

R6, Overwatch, DBD, TWD(Did not finish), TF2 

Umbrella Academy, TWD(Did not finish), MHA(Did not finish), Marvel, Shameless(Did not finish)

Creepy pasta

(I will try to rp something I don't know about if you give me a basic understanding, but no promises it will go well lol.)

07/21/2021 05:48 PM 

My rules! <3

Here's my rules!
1.I will do ERP but it must come with a plot and not just straight erp.
2.I will only do relationships in roleplay, none outside of that.
3.I do have PTSD, so please no rps about cheating, or [email protected]
4.I have a job, and school, so please don't spam me if I do not respond.
5.Nothing disgusting, [email protected], pedophilia, vore, ect. This will be an immidiate block.
6.No OOC drama.
7.Do not ask me for any social media, I only rp on here and roleplay.me 
8.Don't ask me any personal information, you do not need to know that.
9.No furries, straight ero accounts, and I will rp with certain cartoons.
10.This is not a rule but I never add anyone first lol, I am shy so I just view.
11.Don't spam me with requests, if I denied the first time i'm not suddenly going to accept.
12.I'm ND, I have adhd, please be patient with me,

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