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AC 11 | Side Effects

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AC | 009

Aurora's Journal
Leaders | August 20, 2021


They say never judge a book by its cover. I did anyway. Though, his actions over the past few weeks haven proven that I had not made the wrong judgment. There was just something in his eyes, like a flash of something diabolical, that told my brain to run. Of course, I couldn’t do that as I had come to far to give up. While it takes two to tango, it’s clear Thatcher is the one who calls the shots. I am pretty sure that Thatcher was responsible for everything that happened with the head in the box and the in the woods.


At first, Phoebe seems like a breath of fresh air. She isn’t as intimidating as either Thatcher or Sophia. Though, I have to wonder if this whole ‘sweet’ act is just a façade to recruit unsuspecting women to The Organization. I know she isn’t the one making the decisions, though I do think she is more powerful than she seems. In some ways, I wonder if she’s jealous of Thatcher’s power over the others. It’s not apparent, but it feels like Thatcher is using her to do his dirty deeds and to be the fall guy. It’s almost as if he wanted Phoebe to be blamed for whatever went down in those would, even though we knew he was the one who had pulled all the strings.


I’ve been around Sophia the least of all the leaders during my time in The Organization. She’s not around all that much. She seems like she likes hanging out behind the scenes. From what I’ve seen, if just Sophia and Phoebe made all the decisions, I think a lot of the members would be less scared to make their grievances. Honestly, who knows how much power she actually wields over the group, but it appears that she has a better bedside manner than Thatcher. Could she be wolf in sheep’s clothing? Maybe. After all, my sister trusted her and look how that turned out.

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AC Check | Home

The home has two full sized bedrooms, but Aurora chose to take the master bedroom. It too has a fireplace and an amazing view of the harbor. The second closet contains a LED red light sauna. Aurora spent the most money renovating the master bathroom. She didn’t like the original shower in tub layout and added a walk in shower and stand-alone tub. She converted the third bedroom into an office/gym complete with a Peloton bike, and library. The room that connects to it is a home theater that also has a wine cellar. The garage is only a tiny one car garage, barely big enough to fit her Challenger. Aurora’s favorite spot in the entire house is out on the docks. She’s able to dock her boat right behind her house, and also has access to the walking trail that leads to where all the stores and restaurants are.

When Aurora moved to Seattle, she used to live in a condo right across from work, but after her divorce, the only house in her price range sat at the edge of the Central District. Unaware of the areas reputation for crime, Aurora that the home would be great with some fixing up. After a remodeling job, she absolutely adores it. Her half of the duplex has a better view of the harbor. The entrance is to the home is smaller than Aurora would have liked, but the living room makes up for that. She spends a lot of time sitting in the living area, especially during the winter because of the warm fireplace and insulated walls. She’s installed 360 surround sound for watching television. It also has a door leading out to the patio where she can sit and appreciate the harbor. While Aurora doesn’t have a lot of time to cook these days, she enjoys using the high tech kitchen, that has state of the art fridge and a separate wine fridge. It has three ovens, granite countertops, and a television.

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