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06/09/2021 06:27 PM 

The Monster Families of Homecoming

Borrowing from the Season 9 Supernatural Episode: Bloodlines, Homecoming is adapting this idea into the Teen Wolf universe.

There are multiple monster families all around the globe. They deal in illicit activities in every country in the world. The activities range from petty theft and money laundering even going as far as trying to overthrow legitimate governments. Stiles Stilinski has gone into the CIA as a means to stop the higher level operations such as stopping the overthrow of governments and the assassination of kings. Stiles has even assassinated heads of governments controlled by monster families that have threatened the foundation of the free world.

The monster families take advantage of those who are also down on their luck. They use them to do things like sell drugs, pass counterfeit bills to gain a foothold in any given area.

Homecoming: Return to Beacon Hills, is looking for anyone who might like to join us as part of these monster families, or as someone who might want to tear them down. These monster families have a tie to the Nemeton and the Return of Jennifer Blake, the Dark Druid. Want to know what it is? You'll have to join us to find out!


06/08/2021 09:38 PM 

FEATURED Most Wanted

All of our FEATURED most wanted will receive a 24 hour verdict and 4 custom defaults.
Check back often as this will be updated on a regular basis.

05/26/2021 12:46 PM 

Share Banners

Codes can be located here.

#1 courtesy of Homecoming's Scott McCall

#2 courtesy of Taste the Blood, one of our sibling sites.

#3 courtesy of Homecoming's Stiles Stilinski



05/26/2021 01:25 PM 

Face claims

These CANNOT be duplicated.

Taken face claims

Dylan O'Brien
Tyler Posey

Holland Rhoden
Crystal Reed
Shelley Hennig
Phoebe Tonkin
Melissa Benoist
Carla Gugino/Alicia Coppola

05/25/2021 03:33 PM 


MALE  ( ** means taken)

Stiles Stilinski **
Scott McCall  **
Jackson Wihittemore
Danny Mahealani
Dr. Alan Deaton
Derek Hale
Peter Hale
Isaac Lahey
Vernon Boyd
Noah Stilinksi
Chris Argent
Rafael McCall
Ethan Steiner
Aiden Steiner
Jordan Parrish
Liam Dunbar
Theo Raeken

FEMALES  (**Denotes taken role)

Lydia Martin **
Allison Argent **
Cora Hale
Erica Reyes
Kate Argent
Lorraine Martin
Talia Hale **
Hayden Romero
Kira Yukimora
Malia Tate (Hale) **
Marin Morell
Melissa McCall


05/25/2021 11:09 AM 

Audition Form

Welcome to the Audition Form for Homecoming: Return to Beacon Hills. Please fill out the appropriate section for your character and submit the form via message to the RPG page.

Canon roles can be found HERE

Taken Face Claims are here

For ALL characters.
Character name

Character age ten years after graduation.

Discord (y/n)
Can you meet the requirements of at least 500 words? (y/n)
Time zone: (US -- EST, CST, MST, PST ) (Europe- GM, GM+1, GM+2, GM+3) (Aus: ACT, Norfolk Island Standard Time, Central Standard Time, Western Standard Time, Christmas Island Time)
If you have fully read our rules, then you know what the answer is to this question. Post it here. If you do not get it correct you will be asked to resubmit your audition until you do.
For CANON Characters only: 
Is your character alive or dead?  
If your character is dead, then how have you decided to bring this character back in an AU?
Please give a short synopsis (5-7 sentences) as to what your character has been doing in the ten years since graduation.
For ORIGINAL Characters only: 
Please provide a detailed bio for your character. (100-300 words)
Did your character attend school with the main cast?

Face claim: (No dopplegangers please.  Use someone not on Teen Wolf)
Please give a short synopsis (5-7 sentences) as to what your character has been doing in the ten years since graduation if they attended school with the main cast. If your character is new to town, then this will not be required. You can put n/a here.
Please submit your audition piece here. It must be at least 500 words but no more than 800. You will receive a verdict within 48-72 hours at the very most. Most wanted characters will get verdicts within 24 hours.

Thee owners of HOMECOMING again wish to express their gratitude to our sister site: TASTE THE BLOOD for allowing us to use their audition process in this RPG.

05/25/2021 11:04 AM 


Welcome to Homecoming: Return to Beacon Hills.

This is a para/multi para RPG focused on the MTV Hit Show Teen Wolf. None of us here own any of the canon characters or claim to have them as our intellectual property. We are just fans here gathered to engage in Collaborative Fan Fiction and to share our love of this show.

The three owners of this RPG are Stiles (Mordacious), Lydia (Song of Death), and Scott (Bright Eyes). We are in different time zones on the planet so your concerns can be brought to any of us or directed to the member page at any given time. You should have a reply within 24-48 hours.

Now without further Adieu: The Rules:

YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 TO BE IN THE RPG. No minors permitted.  

Everyone who joins or wants to join this RPG must be able to write at least 500 words per reply or starter. There will be Discord RPs that will have a lower standard of 300-500 words, but the main storyline requires active mandatory participants of at least 500 words on site.

We are all inclusive here. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sexual preference or religion. Those walls do not exist here. Intolerance on any level shown by our members to other members or anyone on the entire RP.me site is not acceptable and will result in immediate removal from this RPG.

If accepted, your profile you use in this RPG will not be used in another. NOW if you play the same character in another RPG, it will be allowed for you to make a profile strictly for us.

The first ten members of this RPG will be approved by a unanimous vote by all three owners.

After the first ten members are approved, then we will be using a model set forth by the Taste the Blood RPG that has graciously allowed us to follow. Auditions after the first ten will be set up for the Blind Audition Process. If you have read this carefully when you fill out your audition form, post a quote from your favorite poem. Your information will be hidden from the members and they will read your writing. A thumbs up or thumbs down vote will be held. The Majority will rule. In the event of a tie, then the owners will hold the final vote. Members will not be permitted to influence the vote in any way. If an attempt is made, then you will receive a warning by the owners. In short, don’t do it. 

Discord will be required for anyone who joins Homecoming. We will have a lot of events happening in the server in which we want everyone to participate. It’s not mandatoryโ€‹ory to be on Discord every day. Just have one and be available on it should you be needed.

The main storyline is going to be held on the site and it will require everyone to participate. You only have to make one post a month of at least 500-600 words. There will be side group Discord SLs. You will be required to participate in one SL on Discord of your choosing. The replies there will be 300-500 words. There will be mandatory Monthly Drabble on the site that will be 500-800 words. Solo storylines on the site or on Discord are optional and can be whatever length the participants feel is best. Our goal is to build friendships. We are also making it a point to actively write. This is something that all three owners will participate in as well. The three of us will be actively writing. We are not asking anything from you that we are not willing to do ourselves.

Original characters are accepted. We do not permit long lost siblings (twins that never existed in the show or younger/older siblings). We do not permit look-alike cousins either. There are no doppelgangers in Teen Wolf. Absolutely no canon faces for OCs. There will be a fully available list of taken playbys so you can see if you can make sure that yours for your OC is free. Please do not name your OC the same as a canon character either. We want to make sure that there is no confusion involved.

Canon characters that died during the show will be permitted. You must provide in your audition form your AU for how said character is alive. Canon characters will also be required to provide a short mini bio on what said character was doing in the ten year time period post graduation.

If you’re writing a canon character, you will not be required to participate in canon ships. You are not required to ship at all. If your LI is outside the RPG, that is absolutely fine as well.    

These rules can and will be subject to change as the situation warrants. 

Please proceed to the Audition form after these rules have been read.   


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