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06/12/2021 08:06 AM 

War Pigs

Summer 2026
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Times like these were a painful reminder to Stiles Stilinski just how ill equipped he was to handle the more tropical climates. He was wearing a light white cotton tee shirt. He tried to not stand out like a tourist, but his training had taught him that sometimes it wasn’t a bad thing to look like an awkward white guy in the crowd.

Word had reached the CIA that there was a pack of wolves that were carrying on with illicit activity in Ciudad Juarez. They were apparently working in collusion with another pack of wolves in El Paso, Texas. Anyone that got even remotely close to this operation from any other government agency ended up with their throats ripped out and sent back in a body bag. That’s when they called in Stiles.

There was another Pack in the area that Stiles was hoping that he’d be able to get in touch with for a little assistance. Unfortunately being that Stiles was just a man, there was no way that they would even remotely trust him. He was lucky that his best friend and brother was a True Alpha. He was reluctant to pull in Scott on anything like this, but he had no choice. He’d gotten in touch with Scott right after he’d arrived in Ciudad Juarez. He left behind his personal phone in Arlington with Lydia. He’d gotten a burner phone so he would be able to contact Scott. He never carried his regular phone with him while he was on a mission. He didn’t want to risk the wrong people getting it and threatening his father or Lydia. Sure they both would insist that they could take care of themselves, but Stiles knew the depth of the monsters that he faced on a regular basis. Wolves weren’t the worst monsters out there and that made him desperately afraid for his father and Lydia at times.

Stiles managed to make his way into a local church. He slid into a pew. He held his hands in his lap and his head bowed slowly as if he was in prayer. People watching from a church pew was not the worst thing he’d ever done. It was a good way to gather intel anytime he needed it. More often than not, the monster families he’d encountered had some sort of respect if not reverence for the church. That worked to his advantage, but not always. He was carefully watching day to day life unfold around him.

Citizens of various ages entered into the church. Candles were lit and reverence was observed for the various saints as well as God Himself as the innocent people of the city took their place in the daily routine of peace and tranquility. He stood up from his pew with his head still held low in respect. He crossed himself before finally raising his chin. He exited the pew heading out into the aisle.

War Pigs
1x1 with Bright Eyes | mention: song of death
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
Walking down the aisle, he smiled pleasantly at the older gentleman who made eye contact with him. A younger woman and her mother were standing at a table of candles lighting one in the memory of a loved one who had passed away recently. There were two priests in the church moving among congregants ministering to the needs of the people who had come to find solace in the safe harbor of the church. There was nothing happening here. It was time for Stiles to see if Scott had arrived as of yet.

Just as he was about to cross the threshold for the door, he was stopped by a man with glowing blue eyes. He said nothing. Stiles immediately started to back up into the church. The man and his glowing blue eyes were focused on Stiles. His lips peeled back to reveal what Stiles already knew he’d see. The man was a werewolf. Stiles looked around as he was backing up to make sure he didn’t run into anyone. Stiles noticed that there were four more wolves equally as intimidating as the one that had his eyes on him. “Come on guys. This is just a church. There can’t be much in the collection plate.” Stiles muttered trying to be as oblivious as he could when it could be in terms of what this group was that had just taken over this church.

There was a man who followed the group of four thugs that had just entered. He was a slender man not unlike Deucalion had been . The only difference with this guy was that he could see quite clearly. “The collection plate isn’t exactly on our list today.” He spoke with a slight Southern drawl. Stiles supposed it to be from somewhere in Texas. He looked back at Stiles letting his eyes glow a bright red. “I think everyone needs to have a seat. You’re going to be here for a while.” It was obvious that he was the Alpha.

Stiles was forced into a pew with a woman and a small child. The little boy clung to his mother desperately frightened in regard to this man and his group that had come into the church. They were rounding up everyone in the church bringing them into one central location. The younger of the priests approached the Alpha. “What are you doing?” The younger priest had gone to seminary in El Paso and had learned to speak English really well. “You can’t just come in here like this. This is a house of God!”

The Alpha had close cropped black hair and his eyes were normally blue when he wasn’t flashing them as red. He rolled his eyes at the young priest. “I know full well where I am Padre. You should know who I am by now.” His eyes flashed red. HIs right hand extended revealing a hand of razor-like talons. He immediately stuck them into the chest of the young priest. “Soy El Diablo. Estás muerto.” He pulled his hand out of the priest’s chest. He had in his hand the younger male’s still beating heart. He took a bite of the pulsating organ. Blood covered his chin as his features looked monstrous. Stiles felt his muscles tense in the middle of the screams and cries of the people in the church.

People were disappearing in groups like in this church never to be heard from again. Stiles was in the middle of this group that was obviously on the list. He inhaled sharply as he watched these wolves move through the congregation that was now obviously the next one that was about to disappear. He wondered where in the hell Scott was. Stiles was going to do what he could to save these people. He just needed some backup big time. He watched the Alpha take pride in the way he’d made all these people afraid of him. Stiles had one prevailing thought as he did this.

Satan laughing spreads his wings
credit: james kriet

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The Beginning. 1x1 with Alpha

He still couldn't believe it. A night out camping in the Beacon Hills Preserve had gotten both Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski far more than either one had anticipated. Stiles had been spotted and called out by his own father. He’d been dragged away by his dad trying his best to keep Scott’s cover so he could stay hidden. Little did either boy realize how much their lives were going to change that night.

Stiles hadn't been there to see it when it happened. The whole thing sent Stiles practically in a frenzy. One of the reasons that he’d dragged Scott out there in the first place was that he’d heard his father’s deputies were searching for a dead body out in Beacon Hills preserve. The asthmatic Scott McCall was certainly supposed to benefit by the fresh air the night before LaCrosse tryouts. He wasn’t supposed to get bitten by a werewolf. Who knew they were more than just a fairy tale?

The son of the Beacon Hills Sheriff was not a stranger to lectures about how listening to the police scanner would do nothing but get him in trouble in the long run. He’d heard so many of Noah’s warnings that he could recite them all from memory, not to mention categorize them alphabetically by subject. He’d gotten so used to it, he’d taken it all in stride. Noah did get to a point where he realized that Stiles would still just do what he would do. He just wanted to make sure his son wouldn’t be hurt or worse. Stiles was just a kid, but he was all that Noah had in the world.

Stiles had left his father and immediately gone to the library at Beacon Hills High School. He started to pull out all the books he could find in regard to werewolves and lycanthropy. He was mesmerized by the Greek myth of King Lycaon. The idea of being turned into a werewolf by a god was definitely interesting to say the least, but somehow he thought that the gods weren’t going around biting teenagers in the Beacon Hills Preserve. Someone or something else had to be responsible for what had happened. He took his books in hand and headed back out the door. There was more research to do, but the library was limited.

The young man had made his way back into the Sheriff's office. Most of the deputies knew him. They just let him in to go sit in his Dad’s office without a second thought. He planted his behind in his father’s chair and started to access his laptop. The computer had access to a greater search engine than in the Library at school or his regular laptop at home. The reach of his digits danced across the keyboard bringing up search results for werewolves and everything that the internet had about them. It wasn’t like there were massive amounts of werewolves running around Beacon Hills… right?

The Beginning
1x1 with Alpha; season 1 Stiles
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
Noah returned to the Sheriff’s station to see Stiles sitting in his office. In a way he was relieved to see it because that meant that his only child wasn’t getting into any trouble. Then again, seeing Stiles on his County Provided laptop didn’t do anything for his anxiety levels. Noah stepped into his office. “STILES. What in the world are you doing?” The Sheriff stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

Stiles wasn’t even looking up from the screen. “Research Dad. The school library didn’t have what I needed, so I came here.” He was just so nonchalant about it. The information he was looking for about werewolves came up on the screen in front of him. He was absorbing it all like a sponge. Brown hues darted back and forth across the screen reading it all as fast as he could. He felt something buzzing in his pocket. Stiles was still mesmerized by what he was reading, he didn’t think to even check the source of the ringing.

Noah heard Stiles’ cell phone go off in his pocket. “Aren’t you going to answer that?” He asked as he stood beside a file cabinet with paperwork in hand. Finding that half of a body was weighing heavily on his mind. To find the answers to the woman’s identity and what happened to her was paramount to his investigation. He was going to chalk it up to an animal attack because the woman’s body was found in the Beacon Hills Preserve. The dense canopy of trees had been the home to a number of creatures that had been documented by the US Forest Service. He was just waiting for a call back from the coroner about the seriousness of the attack.

“In a minute Dad. In a minute.” Stiles was reading the last bit of information he could when he started to reach into his pocket to pull out his phone. The icon was at the top of the screen for a missed call. He turned his attention away from the laptop screen for a moment. He tapped the screen to see that he’d missed a call from Scott. He started to clear it off, but was drawn to another piece of information on the screen in front of him in regard to werewolves. The full moon was coming and there was bound to be more trouble.

“Well, who was it? Scott?” Noah didn’t have to be a detective to know that the one who likely called Scott was his son’s best friend since they were small boys. “I can’t believe you’re deep into this schoolwork Stiles.”

“Yeah, well this is a huge project Dad. It’s something that Scott and I are both working on together.” Stiles pondered silently. If you only knew. He tapped the icon on the phone to dial Scott back. He heard the phone connecting as he put it to his ear. All he had to do now was wait for Scott to answer. He couldn’t wait to tell Scott everything he’d found out today.

credit: james kriet

06/09/2021 03:48 PM 

The Glory of Love

Spring 2025
Arlington, VA

Stiles Stilinski was a man in love. It had been eight years since he and the love of his life Lydia Martin had left Beacon Hills, CA. The choice to go with the CIA versus the FBI had been his entirely. He wasn't supposed to talk about it, so he didn’t. He reached into the back of a moving van and pulled out a box. There were men there that were unloading the heavier items. He almost pitied them if they scuffed any of Lydia’s antiques.

Stiles took the box into the garage that was on the opposite end of the front door at the house. It wasn’t anything too opulent or overbearing. It was nice. It was remote and it was quiet. Stiles took his box inside the garage and sat it on a table. He pulled out his cellphone. There was a text there from his dad back in Beacon Hills. Noah was retired now and hitting the golf courses most of the time. Stiles found out from Argent that his dad was actually going on a few hunts with him and that irritated the younger Stilinski.

NOAH TEXT: The back nine were killer today. How’s the move?

STILES TEXT: Argent told me about the Wendigo Dad. You’re not fooling anyone.

Stiles stood there grinning at his mobile device. He knew this was the one he kept home with Lydia. He had taken some time off between assignments to spend some time with her. She was a bigwig at NASA now with a complete team under her authority. They had sent some kind of space probe out there. It all sounded Greek to Stiles. He just kept his focus on things he could put his hand on or his gun… or his knife. He pulled out his simple byrd Emerson Cara Cara 2 Emerson opener from his pocket. Lydia didn’t like his knives or guns in the house, that’s why he kept them out in the storage room they had in their condo. Now they had a house and he could do things a little better. The knife snapped open when he pulled it out of his pocket. He dragged it down along the seam of the box that he’d taped up. Once the seal was broken, he slid his hands into the flaps of the box and pulled it back.

Before he could pull out the content of the box, his mobile device vibrated. He pulled that back out of his pocket. His dad had just replied to him. He smirked to himself when he realized that this was likely what his dad had to go through when he was growing up following around the man who meant everything to him. He read what his dad had sent and laughed out loud. He missed Noah so much. He was going to have to drop in and see him soon, off the radar of course.

The Glory of Love
1x1 with song of death
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
NOAH TEXT: Argent likes to get me in trouble. He’s a terrible liar.

STILES TEXT: Are these the headaches that you went through when I had my own police scanner at 16?


STILES TEXT: LOL. I love you Dad. Try not to get gored by a ghoul or anything like that alright? I didn’t think they liked the taste of grumpy old men.

NOAH TEXT: YEAH YEAH smart guy. I love you too. Kiss Lydia for me.


He pocketed his mobile and went back to the box. Inside the box was a black case that had a lock on it. Inside was his favorite sniper rifle that he used on his last mission. He opened the case to check on it to make sure it was still intact. Confident of its condition, Stiles slid the case into a corner of the garage that only he would know about. He couldn’t risk anyone finding out his civilian identity and where he lived. Last thing he wanted was to have Lydia wind up dead because of him.


Outside the residence under a canopy of trees was a man watching the house with long range infrared goggles. He could see the man moving around into the garage. There was a woman elsewhere in the residence. He was supposed to just assess the situation for now. This Operative was on the most wanted of several purveyors of terror in spots all over the globe. He was more than just a man with a mission, he wasn’t exactly human. There was a Supernatural Underworld out there that had seen more than one attempt to put the world under a blanket of darkness. This man from the US was public enemy #1 to the Supernatural Underworld.

The hidden operative began transmitting a series of photos to another location giving a layout of what was around them. The high powered photos were being sent over a secured line to an undisclosed location. Now was not the time to move in on the target. It was reported that his mate was a banshee. That meant they were going to have to tread carefully. Banshees were no small obstacle to overcome.

Once the cache of photos were filled, the man in the darkness began to retreat. There would be another day in which a reckoning would happen. That day was not today.


Stiles found the back stairs that headed up into the main living room of the house. He slid into the room just to silently observe his sexy girlfriend as she was supervising the movers bringing things into their house. She got more beautiful each day in his eyes. He couldn’t believe just how lucky he was to have her in his life. One of these days, he was going to marry her. He hoped it would be soon. Unfortunately with too many people out there who wanted him dead, he couldn’t do that to her.

He found himself lost in thought for just a little too long. She was just staring at him with an annoyed tone. “What? I’m sorry baby. I was daydreaming again about my sexy girlfriend.” It was a feeble attempt to excuse himself from being caught too lost in thought. He was just so glad to be there with her now. He was spending too much time away from her and he hated it so badly. That sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach told him that wasn’t going to end any time soon.

credit: james kriet

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The Running Man (homecoming June drabble)

Tucking the tail of his shirt down into his jeans, he was trying to be as nonchalant as possible. He’d been doing this for ten years now. It had been years since he’d left behind the world of Beacon Hills and everything he’d held dear. Stiles Stilinski had moved into a dangerous world as an adult. He was a graduate of the CIA training school in Quantico. It was a far cry from what he’d done back during high school in Beacon Hills; well maybe it wasn’t.

The clouds overhead were starting to darken. The forecast here in mainland China was for torrential downpours throughout the day. Given the power that the government had over the people, he wouldn’t be surprised if the government had a weather machine somewhere. Casually he started to move about more in the marketplace as his thoughts began to wander.

The only person he’d seen much over the past ten years was his girlfriend Dr. Lydia Martin. Oh he knew back when they were sophomores that she was hiding how intelligent she really was. He was the only one who saw it and the only one who had called her out on it. The next few years of trial and tribulation facing supernatural creatures of all shapes and sizes had brought her from saying What the hell is a Stiles to her actually kissing him. It was like a dream. He’d loved her for so many years and finally he was on her radar. The hardest thing he did after graduation was climbing into the Jeep and driving across the country. The physical issues with the Jeep being a piece of garbage was nothing. What was the greater sacrifice was to leave her behind and the relationship that they’d just started.

That inner drive to right all the wrongs in the world was strong. That was why he’d chosen to pursue not only a career in law enforcement but international espionage. His life facing the supernatural creatures that he’d encountered meant that he’d never be able to handle being a county sheriff like his father. He had to go bigger and more dangerous. Lydia accused him of being an adrenaline junkie and she was right. There was something about facing a life or death situation that drove him. He had a .50 caliber pistol in a holster hidden under his jacket and a knife strapped to his leg. There was something to be said about weapons training with a legendary hunter like Chris Argent. As Stiles was walking through the marketplace, he could feel the first drops of rain on his shoulders.
The Running Man
mention: song of death
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
This was a public meeting place for a scientist friend of Lydia’s that was looking for a way out of China. Stiles picked up an apple and started to examine it. The brilliant color of the fruit reminded him of Lydia again. The bright red hair and her full red lips kept him going. He knew that he’d see her again soon. She’d actually been the only one that could find him should anything get all too hairy back in Beacon Hills. Too many people knowing his location could have spelled disaster for his career as a field operative. He could have just given up this field work to just whisk away Lydia at a moment’s notice but he couldn’t. He’d seen what the career in law enforcement had done to his parents. That was just something he couldn’t do to her. He loved her more than life itself. He wanted so desperately to just have that picturesque ideal life with 2.1 kids, a white picket fence and a mortgage, but that she wasn’t who either Stiles or Lydia was. This sacrifice of a normal life with Lydia as her husband was eating him up from the inside out. Having a little neurotic genius Stilinski was a dream he couldn’t see fulfilled now. Her career at NASA kept her busy. When she did finally get in touch with him, it did sound like she missed him, but maybe that was just Stiles' dreams on that end.

A mousy looking man with a small set of glasses approached him. “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.” He spoke in perfect English. It was an old song that his dad had on a vinyl LP from a pair of Hippies that got remade when Stiles had entered into school at Quantico. Lydia knew what that song meant. It was a perfect way for Stiles to meet her friend. He smiled softly as he moved up closer to him. He had to make sure first that no one was watching them.

“I wasn’t sure that you’d come out or not with this weather.” The low rumble of thunder seemed to herald an ominous warning for the two of them. “I’m working on a way to get you to Japan. Once we’re there, we should be able to get to Hawaii after that with no trouble.” He inhaled sharply followed with a long gulp. “Have you -- have you talked to her?” Stiles asked. This was Lydia’s friend. Lydia was the love of his life and every day without her was hell.

The older man with the small glasses smiled gently. “Yes. She misses you. She also worries about you constantly. I hear it in everything she speaks to me.” The older man was a widower. His wife was gone and his daughter had fled to the United States already. Finally he was choosing to join her. “End this soon Stiles. The life you are giving up is too great from this life you’ve chosen to live. The sacrifice is too great a burden to bear for a couple so young as you both.”

The words from the elder man had been nearly what he’d heard from his father when he talked to him about six months prior. Noah was alone and retired in Beacon Hills. He had no grandchildren. The depth of this sacrifice was getting too close to the brink. Maybe it was finally time to go back home for good. If he got out of China with his butt intact, then he’d run into Lydia’s arms and stay forever. After all, that was where he belonged.
credit: james kriet

05/29/2021 06:44 PM 

Empty Sky Part ONE

It was absolutely perfect. No one would suspect a thing. The McCall Pack would never know that death walked among them. After all, wasn’t the fox a trickster?

He was the Void. The Nogitsune smiled back at Scott McCall with the face of his best friend Stiles Stilinski. The true Alpha loved the puny human like a brother. Getting close to him was easy. Once the traps were in place, it would be then that he would slip away with the Banshee and none would be the wiser. There was one small problem with his plan. Stiles was starting to stir.


Have you ever had a dream where you were trapped? The world around you was unfolding but you couldn’t do a damned thing to stop it. That was what was happening to Stiles. Inside his own body, he was preparing things, doing things, setting evil in motion and he was not able to stop it. Seeing Scott in front of him, Stiles realized that as much as he willed himself to tell him what was happening with the darkness inside of him, but the words just didn’t come. HEY! SCOTT! IT’S NOT ME. SCOTT! IT’S HIM. SCOTT PLEASE!”

A glacial chill incapactitated him. His own voice came back into him in mocking evil glee. “He can’t hear you, Stiles. He can only hear me. Watch all around you as they call die Stiles. They will all see your face just as the light of life leaves their eyes. Not even the Alpha will see it coming because it’s your face bringing it to him.”

Empty Sky I/II
Features: song of death, Bright Eyes
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
Stiles was staring back at his reflection. He was a pale imitation with darkness that emanated from his eyes. NO! I can’t let you do this! They are my friends. Scott is my brother. The real Stiles was dressed exactly like his evil counterpart but his skin tones were warm and his eyes were clear. Desperation marked his voice as he fought so desperately to keep the Nogitsune within him from hurting those that he loved the best.

The scenery all around them changed. It was like that room again where Scott, Allison and him had woken when they were trying to save their parents from the Darach. Stiles was alone, or so he thought. He knew the Nogitsune was still there. The evil creature had sunk itself far too deeply into the innermost workings of his soul to be free from his clutches this easily. There was a game board set up in front of him on a platform just ahead. That platform was actually the Nemeton, but it didn’t register to Stiles where he was. Stiles was walking toward that platform completely unaware of what was happening in the real world as the Nogitsune used his body to continue to spread this chaos and mayhem all around. It was like the beast had to keep him busy and far away from the surface. If he broke through the barriers to get a message to Scott then the entire plan would be over. He couldn’t let this game be over just yet. “Come here Stiles.”

The platform with the game was perfectly set up and ready for play. Stiles ascended the stairs and took a place at one side of the table in a cross legged position. His eyes were drawn to the board and the black tiles. The white tiles also covered the board. After a moment’s contemplation, he moved a piece.

The Nogitsune had taken his position at the board in Stiles' own form at first. He soon took the true form that he knew that resembled a man who had been severely burned with his hands and face covered. He moved a piece. “Surrender Stiles. You can’t hope to win.” His voice wasn’t that of the boy who sat across from him again. He was hissing through his monstrous teeth attempting to intimidate the boy even more. Stiles had a powerful determination to fight back and not to go quietly into the night.

“Shut up.” Stiles muttered as he moved the next piece. There were some things worth fighting for and his pack was definitely what mattered to him the most. His eyes were focused on the board trying to work out how to defeat not only the Nogitsune but his own fears. He knew now that the dementia that his mother had was not a part of who he was. The monster had used his mother’s disease to cinch in his control over him. Now he was too powerful. Stiles hated to admit it, but he was losing.


Lydia stood beside Scott as they saw this battle unfolding in front of them. Seeing Stiles there both made her relieved and scared for him. The Nogitsune’s control had to be broken somehow. The answer was obvious. Stiles was there engaged in deep concentration with the Nogitsune. “Stiles is one of your pack isn’t he? He’s human but he’s a member of your pack. What do wolves do to let the others know their position?”

Scott had been desperate to get through to Stiles somehow. It was a stroke of brilliance on Lydia’s part to suggest the obvious solution. “They howl.” Scott had changed his human features to that of his wolf form without hesitation. Knowing that Lydia was right, he hoped that this was going to give Stiles that edge he needed to come back to them.

~*~ The sound of a wolf’s howl echoed all around them. Stiles rose his head from the concentration of the game. He knew that wasn’t just any howl. That was Scott! Scott had come for him! Stiles’ arms shot out and struck the board between him and the Nogitsune. The board went flying into the air with pieces scattered all around them. THAT was all that Stiles needed to get the upper hand he needed. Lydia and Scott were shoved out of Stiles’ mind.

Back in the real world, Stile started to vomit uncontrollably. The bandages came out in a winding pile of a hideous mess in the middle of the living room. There was something moving in the middle of the bandages. Rising up was a male form that looked like the wounded former lover of Kira’s mother.

Peter Hale and Scott immediately tackled him to the ground. Removing the bandages, they found Stiles in the middle of the bandages. Stiles was stunned but he was free. Was this nightmare finally over?

Not by a longshot.


credit: james kriet

05/23/2021 08:22 PM 

Sounds of Silence

The fragile line between what was real and what was nothing but a nightmare had been falling to pieces slowly ever since the ice bath with Alison and Scott. Little by little, Stiles Stilinski was finding it harder to distinguish when the dream ended and the waking world started. Night after night he was waking up screaming in his father’s arms with Noah rocking him back and forth like a child. His heart was racing like he was a scared rabbit. Maybe he was exactly that.

Scott was this big bad Alpha werewolf. Lydia was a banshee with the power to point to death itself. Even Alison was a badass hunter. What was he? Stiles was just the nerd in the corner that had the piece of crap Jeep that nobody liked. Oh he knew his friends cared about him. They liked him and wanted him around. He was thankful for that much. He was just the token human in the group and he knew it.

On this particular night, he was actually pretty exhausted. Spending the day at school with Scott trying to get him to not be afraid to turn if they needed him to, was physically draining and emotionally exhausting. Scott’s breakup with Alison was also something that was requiring some bro time with Scott too. His love life, or lack thereof, wouldn’t prove a problem in how he helped his brother from another mother. Stiles said his good nights to his father and climbed into his bed. Shutting his eyes, he felt the call of Morpheus as he slid into the blissful land of slumber.

Sounds of Silence
1x1 with song of death| features: Bright Eyes
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
It was the most exquisite form of agony he’d ever encountered in his life. Metal ripping directly through flesh and tearing it to shreds, the warm feel of blood racing down his leg and covering his bare foot, and his pajama pants leg was sticking to the liquid that came from the wound, was the combination that woke him from his rousing sleep. How in the hell did he get here? His voice ebbed from his dried lips. The agonied and frenzied cries of a boy in the throes of the most powerful pain he’d ever experienced filled the tiny room that he’d found himself inside. He wanted to get out of there. He wanted to be safe again. Never before had he felt so alone.

Scrambling for the phone in his pocket, he started to tap the screen. He brought up Scott’s name. He had to get his werewolf buddy to help him get out of this place before he bled out. “Scott… help me Scott…” His sobs were taking his voice to the sound of a whimpering child. “Scott… please….”

The voice of the True Alpha on the other end was coming through loud and clear. It was obvious that Scott was worried about his best friend. “STILES! Where are you? What’s happening? STILES!” Scott was starting to growl with his speech. He was ready to rip apart anything that had it’s hands on Stiles. “WHERE ARE YOU?”

“I don’t know.. It’s like a basement…” Stiles struggled to focus on what was around him. The more he narrowed his eyes, the more his head was throbbing. When he could see something, it was a monster skulking around in the shadows. It was watching him. “Hurry Scott! Please help me!” He hissed as he turned the phone off for now.

Come on now Stiles. You don’t want to do that now do you? The voice from the monster sounded like metal on metal to him. There was something oddly familiar about it too. Stiles! You know you want to let me in. The creature was sliding in closer to the injured boy.

“WHO ARE YOU?” Stiles shouted back at the monster. HIs voice was quivering with fear. “What are you doing to me? Let me go. ...please…” All he wanted was to get back home to his nice warm bed and his father.

The beast was getting closer to Stiles. He looked like he was wearing bandages around his head and hands. He had on a worn jacket that had once been a particular shade of brown. Oh I am not keeping you here Stiles. That’s all on you.

The boy looked down at his own leg. That was when he could actually look down and see what had happened to his leg. It looked like one of those traps that Malia’s dad put all over the preserve trying to catch coyotes. The cold metal of the blade was still continuing to tear into his flesh. The more he moved his leg the more the metal hurt him. The rapidly beating heart was making the blood spurt from his leg. He was dying and he knew it.

He opened his mouth to scream again but yet nothing came out of his mouth. Abject horror was something that he as a child should never have experienced. This evil that surrounded him was not nearly what he’d expected from what Deaton had told him about the whole substitute sacrifice ritual that they went through in order to help save their parents. There was no question that he would do whatever it took to save his father. He’d already lost his mother. He couldn’t stand losing his father. There was one prevaliling thought in his mind as this creature approached him and the blood drained from his body. Would his father be able to go on after he died? Hope was fading fast.

credit: james kriet

05/17/2021 02:06 AM 

The New Kid

This all stunk. He couldn’t blame his dad for wanting him to get a fresh start or anything, but Stiles Stilinski knew that Virginia was as far away from California as one could get without leaving the 48 contiguous states. He was sitting in a room filled with boxes. All of them were marked with his name and code numbers all over them. Stiles had his own way of doing things even when he was forced to pick up and move across the country.

“Are ya done yet?” Noah Stilinski was a widower that was approaching the age of 60 like there was no tomorrow. The town of Mystic Falls, Virginia needed a new sheriff, so he actually jumped all over the chance to present himself with a new start as well as his son. He was leaning against the doorframe of his son’s bedroom. “You look like a lost puppy.” He mentioned.

The boy opened up a box and stared into it. He was seeing all the various items and it just wasn’t clicking in his brain. “What did you think I’d do when you dragged me across the country dad? My best friend is back in Beacon Hills. What am I supposed to do here?” Shoulders slumped as he started to pick at the edge of the box.

Noah approached his son and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. “What you do is get your bag. I’m taking you to school for your first day. We’ve got a meeting with the principal Dorian Williams in about half an hour.” He watched as Stiles seemed like he was lost. Noah felt bad about taking him away from all he’d known for so long, but this was something that he felt his son needed. Stiles needed to be away from werewolves, banshees, nogitsune as well as other things that go bump in the night. What was better than a quiet town in the country right?

Stiles rolled his eyes at his dad and mumbled a few choice words under his breath. He reached for his bag and started walking toward the door to his bedroom. He had a lot of unpacking to do, but he lacked the willpower to do it. As he walked, his behaviour was that of a man being led in shackles to the gallows. He gave it all the attitude to go with it as he took each step.

“Come on Stiles! At least be willing to give this a chance rather than give me all this attitude.” Noah was trying to be understanding of his son. Stiles was a good kid. He meant everything to the older male. As they headed toward the front door of this modest house, Noah stepped back for a moment letting Stiles walk out the door himself. He’d arranged for a surprise for his son that he sincerely hoped would lift his spirits.

The New Kid
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Stiles crossed the threshold of the house and into the sunlight outside. Casually the teenager lifted his chin. His entire expression changed. Sitting there in this multi car driveway was a familiar looking Robin’s Egg blue Jeep. “DAD. Did you do this?” He actually started to laugh. His voice hitched up an octave as he started bouncing around his car. He touched the hood almost like he couldn’t believe it was really there. They had left California on a plane while their things had left two days before on a truck. He couldn’t believe his car was actually here. “I thought I was going to have to leave this with Scott back home!” He answered almost as though it was Christmas morning.

Noah casually stepped out into the driveway. “Fortunately I was able to get them to put it on the truck for us.” He smiled. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and tossed them to his son. “Get on to Mystic Falls High. Don’t make me regret giving your car back to you.” He grinned.

Stiles caught the keys. With the metal landing in his hands, it was like he’d gotten that shot of adrenalin that he needed. He bounced on his heels and started opening his mouth to speak like he did back home. “Yeah. Sure. I got it dad. You can count on me.” He started slowly walking around the Jeep but soon broke out in a dead run when he thought his father wasn’t looking. Noah just laughed and headed back into the house.


Stiles took the scenic route. He had to get to know his new town right? So far it felt like it was a pretty quiet town. It kind of reminded him of Beacon Hills before the Hales were killed in that fire. He exhaled slowly wishing he hadn’t forgotten his adderall today. He found himself outside of the gates of Mystic Falls Cemetery. It looked like something out of a gothic horror movie. A chill raced down his spine. It was creepy, but he had a distinct feeling he’d be back here soon enough.

Another landmark that stood out to him was this fancy looking school that was obviously for rich kids. “Salvatore School.” He muttered to himself. He was never going to see the inside of that place, that was for sure. Stiles turned the wheel and headed into the heart of Mystic Falls soon approaching the parking lot of the High School. After he parked his precious Jeep, he patted the steering wheel with fondness. “Here’s to a new adventure. Maybe this time it will be quiet.” He started laughing to himself. “Yeah, not a chance.”

Finding the principal’s office was easy enough. Mr. Williams was there and ready to meet him with a smile. “Good to meet you Stiles! All your records came from Beacon Hills just today. Why don’t you come in and have a seat? We’ll have a chance to chat.” Stiles followed behind the gentleman and crossed into the office without incident. He just kept muttering, yeah sure as he followed. “Please have a seat!”

Stiles couldn’t help it. His brain wouldn’t stop working for even ten seconds. He gave cursory glances all over the room paying attention to the rather old looking books that were closest to the Principal himself. He sat his bag down at his feet and took a seat. The palms of his hands rested on the arms of the chair. Nervous digits started to trail along the carving of the wood on the arms of that chair. Staying still was not his strong suit.

The voice of Mr. Williams was droning on not holding much of his attention. It was the speech about being a new kid and adjusting to his new community, yada yada. Williams picked up his phone and sent a text to someone. “I’ve asked one of my best students to meet us here so that you can have a friend in Mystic Falls High. She just recently started attending herself, so she knows how it is to adjust to a new routine at a new school.”

“She?” Stiles sat forward a bit more at the mention of this potential new friend. “What’s her name? He asked, having moved his hands from the arms of the chair and into his lap. Fingertips were touching one another. It was an exercise in trying to get him to focus on something especially when his mind was wandering.

“Yes, she. Her name is Josie Saltzman. I’m sure you’ll get along with her really well.” Answered the older man.

Stiles’ eyebrows arched. Well maybe this Mystic Falls was what he needed after all.”

credit: james kriet

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