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01/12/2022 11:35 PM 

Viking Era

It all started with a conversation with James Patrick March. The things he did in this Hotel were legendary. He had killed so many people. Making traps through hallways, hiding bodies in places nobody would dare look, and he ended everything so epically. How could he not sit across from him and make a deal with him?

He did this with a few killers he liked. He collected them and every Halloween’s Eve he would have a dinner party with them. The party would end with the killing of the person who was the “guest” some of the most notoriously famous serial killers in the world would attend this party. He didn’t want to collect JP March for this reason, he wanted to collect him because he wanted him to host this party at his famous hotel the Hotel Cortez.

Throughout the years the devil collected more serial killers and the Hotel Cortez went from lavish hotel to a place for junkies to crash. The part of LA it resided in went to sh*t as well. The devil didn’t care though, he wanted to keep this hotel going for one purpose, his devil’s night party, and other things. He liked to kill people with JP March. This was the perfect vacation from Las Vegas.

The Lux Club was doing well. It had always done well since he opened it in Vegas in the late forties. He always had a different manager every ten years. Nobody ever asked questions and people loved to go there, mainly for the privacy. Nobody ever asked questions. Whatever happened in Lux, stayed there. The devil made sure of it.

He never thought of his father, but he had encountered him a couple of times on Earth. He was mainly there to either torment him, or pick up one of his brothers or sisters who was giving him a bit of grief. His father was a sadist, and Lucifer hated him; everyone knew his issues with God. He never liked the d*ckhole, and he never cared what he called himself on Earth either.

He didn’t have much respect for any of his fellow angels either. He never got along with them. Lucifer chose to pick either humans, dark supernatural creatures, or his ghost with the most JP March to join him in his mayhem on Earth. He loved staying on Earth, and he didn’t really want to go back to Hell, even though he made himself go back there every 20 years, he was the King.

Darkhold and the hunt:

The shadow stood in the Sanctum as he snickered. Taking Darkhold from Strange was simple, but he was already pissed off that he had been hunting him. “I need my ghost with the most” Lucifer said annoyed. Being hunted by the Sorcerer Supreme was no fun. “Catch me if you can” He whispered to himself as he disappeared into another portal assuming Strange would follow him. “1955 Vegas here we come” He said happy, but that went away fast when he found out exactly where he had taken them.

VIKING ERA: You gotta be kidding me!

Thanks to Strange f***ing around with things he wasn’t supposed to again, Lucifer was stuck here. He was trying to pull the Sorcerer Supreme into another world, but they both ended up here in the

Viking era on some stupid ship. “F*** off” he said annoyed to another sailor that was speaking Norwegian, but he just ignored them and said F*** off in English.

“Why should I speak your language? I can, but choose not to” That is when he saw Strange wandering around the ship like the loser he was. “Hey” he said annoyed, dressed as a Viking sailor. Why was he dressed like this? “Why did you bring me here?” He had no idea who else they would meet here, but then he realized perhaps he was chasing Lucifer? “If you are chasing me, you will regret it” But he had no idea he would encounter another powerful being on this ship.

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