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05/07/2021 06:07 PM 

The Principle of Motion.

TTB May Drabble
The Principle of Motion
WindWalker; /1699344
Sam Wilson had always considered himself physically fit. That changed on one misty morning. Meeting a living legend like Steve Rogers had a profound effect on him. He'd follow that man anywhere. So far, Sam had done just that.

He had been like any other kid growing up in America. The story of Captain America and the Howling Commandos had been required reading for everyone who wanted to actually get a high school diploma. Cap’s disappearance and the death of Sgt. Barnes were two of the greatest tragedies of history. There were still quite a few missions of theirs that had been deemed top secret so the people at large like a little Sam Wilson would never learn about that until someday he met not only Steve Rogers but he met Bucky Barnes.

His grandpa Ray had been a part of that same generation that had given rise to both Rogers and Barnes. Loyalty was a concept that his grandpa had in common with Steve Rogers. The loyalty that Rogers had to Barnes was something that Sam was viewing first hand. Rogers was just such a commanding figure, he inspired loyalty from the younger man with the greatest of ease even if that meant that a lot of people on both sides of the fence were going to start shooting at both of them. This was something that Rogers had to do and Sam wasn’t going to let him go alone.

Barnes had been turned into this mind controlled killing machine that was code-named Winter Soldier. Sam still carried a bunch of bruises all over his body from their last confrontation. First impressions of The Winter Soldier had not been favorable ones on the part of Sam Wilson. He wasn’t about to give up however because the fact that Rogers was hanging on was enough for Sam. Giving up just wasn’t in Sam’s nature either. After leaving Nick Fury behind at that phony grave, he and Steve were going after Barnes who was now considered armed and dangerous. Steve said Bucky needed a friend. Sam hoped to God that he was right.


On the run now for two years looking for Barnes had taught Sam a lot about Steve Rogers. To say that it was life changing was only putting it mildly. Sam and Steve had both started to really fight more like a combat unit anticipating one another’s moves and getting better with each time they faced Hydra. Hydra wanted their asset back so time was not on their side until one day that did change.

It was an old shack with an industrial strength vice inside. That metal arm that Sam had faced close up two years prior had left him with a definite bad taste in his mouth. Barnes was unconscious when Sam and Steve had brought him here. They needed to talk to him to be sure that the guy that Steve grew up with was still in there somewhere.

Steve twisted the last bit of the vice to hold the metal arm in place so that Barnes couldn’t break free. He lowered his hands and turned back to Sam. “Now we wait.” The man formerly known as Captain America spoke to his companion.

Sam had his arms folded over one another leaning against the leftover furniture. He watched the limp form of The Winter Soldier for any sign of life from the Hydra Asset. The only thing he saw at the moment was the fact he was breathing so Sam knew that he wasn’t dead. “You sure this is all worth it Steve? I mean with the fact that he’s a world class assassin for the past seven decades hanging over him means that the good guys aren’t exactly going to be easily convinced he’s salvageable.”

Steve glanced back at Sam over his shoulder. His back was to Bucky. “I can’t let what they did to him stand, Sam. He’s gotten away from Hydra and their goons for all this time now. He’s got to be clear headed now. Those monsters turned him to something that he never was Sam. I have to fight for him. He used to fight for me all the time.”

“I hope you’re right Steve because you're one insult away from starting a war" Sam answered with a clarity of a man from the outside looking in when it came to The Winter Soldier. He didn’t know the Bucky that Steve knew from before the war. He only knew what he saw at this point.

Steve turned around to face Bucky who was still unconscious with his arm caught in the vice. Bucky’s long hair covered his head blocking his eyes. “I have to be Sam. I’m the only one Bucky has left. I’ll fight for him no matter how long it takes.” Steve was still standing by Sam when he spoke.

“I wish I had someone that would stand by me like that.” Sam answered with a slight smile. He knew he had his sister back home, but she was still upset over the fact he’s gone underground and felt like it was his duty to save the world.

Steve smiled at his new friend and clapped him on the shoulder. “You do Sam.” The implication was there and was clear as a bell. Sam Wilson had proven his own loyalty to Steve by following him for two years looking for a man he didn’t really know, all on the off chance that Barnes was able to be saved. The older man in a young man’s body was the greatest hero that America had in modern history.

This time that Sam had spent with Steve did mean something after all. Little did Sam realize that in the near future Steve would be out of not only his life, but Bucky’s life too. These two men brought together by Steve Rogers would mean so much to one another in a world that cried out for new heroes. Steve was a link in a chain. HIs example would be one that changed Sam Wilson forever. The future Captain America learned a lesson that he’d had to be reminded of later in life. Sam Wilson was never the same again. He was better.
credit: james kriet

05/03/2021 07:06 PM 

A New Generation

1x1 with Time Capsule
A New Generation
WindWalker; /1699344
There was something about the air coming in off the ocean that seemed in invigorate Sam Wilson. He’d been caught up in a whirlwind of cameras and general excitement ever since New York. Granted it had been only a few days, but Sam’s face was plastered all over everything every time he opened his phone. He had gotten to the point that he put it on silent rather than let the ringing and the notifications go off all the time. All he wanted was a little bit of peace and quiet.

He remembered those days with Steve where he’d go off by himself, sit on a stump and pull out his sketchbook. They spent two years on the run while Bucky was on ice in Wakanda. He’d seen Steve’s skilled hand create some of the most beautiful images imaginable. There was also a hidden darkness involved in some of those pictures. Sam could see it. He’d been a counselor for vets in DC when he and Steve had first met. He could only imagine the things that Steve had seen when he closed his eyes. Sam had his own demons. Anyone who had been in combat did. The images from World War II that Steve conveyed to paper made Sam understand him a lot better. Every once in a while, Steve had that far off look in his eye that Sam had seen with only one other man, his own grandfather.

Raymond Arthur Wilson stayed in a Retirement Community in Baton Rouge which wasn’t that far of a drive from where he was right now. He climbed on board the boat that bore the names of his parents and walked alone silently into the cabin. His thoughts drifted to his granddad out there in Baton Rouge for a moment. He was one of the younger members of the squad and a private in the Army Air Corps. It wasn’t until 1946 that the USAAAC would become the USAF. Roughly fifty years later a fresh faced Samuel Thomas Wilson would sign his name on the dotted line to join their ranks. Ray was a member of that elite group called The Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen had the highest ratings out of all the other squads who fought in the war. His Grandpa saw a very different world than Steve Rogers had, but the signs of war and the effects it had on both men were different. Every man handled war differently. Every man had their own reaction to nightmares that would never go away even when they closed their eyes.

The third member of this group was one James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky’s experience in the war was closer to Steve’s although his war didn’t end until recently. That far off look in Bucky’s eyes would make a cold chill race down Sam’s spine. One thing Sam learned back in DC was never to push a vet when that look came across their faces. He had seen something entirely different with Bucky.

For over 70 years, Bucky was used as an assassin by HYDRA. Steve had told him much of what had happened to Bucky right after they left him in Wakanda. T’Challa and Shuri were convinced they could repair the damage caused by nearly a century’s worth of brainwashing. Those damned trigger words had to be deprogrammed out of his head. The nimrods under the control of Thaddeus Ross had no ever lovin’ clue how to handle anything on par with The Winter Soldier. T’Challa was the only one who could. PLUS the fact that they were on the run now because of what had happened with what happened with the whole issue of signing the Accords. Sam didn’t relish the idea of being back at the Raft again any time soon.

Since the whole battle with Thanos and his goons, Sam had gotten to know Bucky better. He could see what Steve saw in Bucky and he clung to it. Steve’s decision to stay somewhere in the past and live out his life had made an impact on more than one person. Bucky and Sam had a bond in that man who saw the best in both of them. He had Steve Rogers to thank for Bucky Barnes in his life, pain in the ass that he was. Sam’s lips rose slightly into a smile at the thought of Bucky Barnes. Barnes had not been one of his favorite people when they first met, but now they were practically inseparable. Bucky was still around. He’d actually slept on Sam’s couch the night before, so he knew that the old Super Soldier was still around.

When Sam woke up Bucky wasn’t there. He had no idea where he’d gone, but he knew Bucky well enough to know he’d not just disappear without saying something to him. Before he headed to the boat, he’d texted Bucky about meeting him there. Sam had gotten a message from Torres despite having his phone on silent. Captain America had a mission and he wasn’t going to do it alone. He couldn’t do it alone. It was in a way Bucky’s mea culpa helping out Sam and putting a stop to the Flag Smashers to start with this time. There was more. There was always more.

Sam looked out over the water with his hands in his pockets. The sun was warm and the cleansing breeze reminded him that summer was rapidly approaching. He inhaled sharply and let it out slowly. The initial hoopla was finally over when he came back to New Orleans after having saved the GRC with his brand spankin’ new Captain America Wings. Parties were over and life was getting back to normal for the Wilson family. Captain America’s job was only just beginning. Team America had gotten a new face. The world was calling for help once more. New heroes had arisen to answer the call. The world was hurting and the new Captain America was going to do his damndest to help it heal.
credit: james kriet

04/29/2021 06:36 PM 

Trailblazers (SPOILERS for FATWS)

TTB April Drabble
Trail Blazers
WindWalker; /1699344
The Television Room at the PineBluff Retirement Community was filled to the brim. Ever since the Blip happened life not only changed for people around the world, but for this Retirement Community as well. Raymond Arthur Wilson sat in his favorite high backed chair to watch the news. The GRC was meeting to vote on an issue regarding resettlement for all those who had returned following the Blip. Ray had been fortunate. He was able to get back into the very same Nursing Home that he disappeared from when he’d vanished. Not everyone was as lucky as he’d been.

There was something happening regarding this group of youngsters who had taken the supersoldier formula. Ray, just like others of the Greatest Generation, knew about the Super Soldier Formula thanks to a blonde haired blue eyed boy named Rogers back in the day. Ray was just like Rogers in the fact that he enlisted to fight for the cause of freedom. His course took him in a different direction than it had others who had a different skin color than he had been born with back in the early half of the Twentieth Century. Private Raymond Wilson had been a part of the Tuskegee Airmen. They were the first all black unit in the Army way back before the Air Force came along. They made history and Ray wore that badge with pride.

The Flag Smashers were making a mess out of things in New York. Ray watched intently as the scene unfolded before him. He had a look of serious concern. These things weren’t a part of his fight anymore. He had long passed those days. He’d told his grandson Sam all about those stories. Sam soaked it all up like a sponge. When the lad got to be old enough, he enlisted in the USAF. Ray had been a part of the Army Air Corps. Sam was in the Air Force doing something called Pararescue with an exosuit called a Falcon.

The older gentleman felt tears escape his eyes when he caught sight of a familiar young man with that exosuit with the red, white and blue emblazoned upon it. His grandson Sam was first Falcon of the Avengers and now Sam was Captain America. Ray brushed a tear away from his eye when he realized exactly what his grandson had done. He’d never been more proud in all his life.

Three Weeks later

Sam hadn’t seen his grandfather since he’d taken on the shield and made his first appearance as Captain America. The nurses, doctors and the attendants all knew Sam was Falcon. The whole Free World did. Now that he was Captain America, that wasn’t going to change either. When he stepped through the doors at his grandfather’s retirement community, he was heartily greeted by everyone who met him. He lost count of how many times he’d gotten a pat on the back and congratulations from the staff of the retirement community. “Please, you can still call me Sam.” He insisted. Taking on the shield made his world open up a bit more. Here in Baton Rouge though, he was still just Ray Wilson’s grandson. That’s how he liked it.

Sam had been told that his granddad was in the Television Room. He was always watching the news to see what was going on in the world that he helped to protect all those years ago. He was like countless others all those years before that liked to close their nights with watching Walter Cronkite on the news. It just didn’t seem right unless you made yourself aware of what was happening. Sam knew that well about his grandfather. He entered the Television Room silently with a finger pressed to his lips when others had noticed he was walking inside the room. He wanted it to be a surprise to his granddad.

Ray watched the television news anchor spoke of the latest progress that the GRC was making with the recommendations by Captain America so as not to feed into more home grown terror units that would upset the peace of good people everywhere. He could tell someone was pulling up a stool next to him and sitting astride it. Ray’s lips curled into a smile. “‘Bout time you showed up here, Samuel.” He spoke with a rich baritone to his voice.

“I been kinda busy Granddad.” Sam spoke with a grin of his own. “He ain’t no Walter Cronkite, but he’s not half bad.” The younger male had met a lot of newscasters recently since he became Captain America. He took it all in stride and carried on with dignity and grace all on his own.

Ray leaned forward to gaze at his grandson. “No, but sometimes those who follow in the footsteps of others rise above and do great things. Do you understand what I’m saying Sam?” The older male spoke in appreciation of what his grandson was doing.

Sam had always been one to listen to everything his grandfather told him. He was inspired by the stories of bravery Ray had told him all those years ago as he grew up. It was that same drive that burned in the heart of Ray Wilson that burned in Sam. He wanted to go out there and do something that mattered. It wasn’t when he was in the Air Force when he was doing what mattered. The Air Force took and trained him for what was to come. His life as Falcon and now his new life as Captain America was what mattered. This was going to be his thumbprint upon the world. “Don’t you see that I’m trying?” Sam spoke softly to his grandfather. The approval of the older male meant everything to him. He already knew he had Sarah’s.

Ray reached for Sam’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I do, Sammy. I really do. But now that you’re Captain America, you’re going to face more things like I did during the war. There were people who spit on us, who burned crosses in our yards and killed men that had been wounded for the cause of freedom. Are you ready to face that? More people are accepting, yes, but not everyone sees things like they should be. The Flag Smashers were right in some ways Sam. We are one world and one people. Color shouldn’t matter. Too many still judge by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.”

Moments like this with his grandfather and Isaiah Bradley meant everything to Sam. They were the pioneers who blazed a trail for men like him who came along later in life. HIs grandfather had been the grandson of slaves. Now here he was, Captain America. “There are a lot of attitudes that need to change Granddad. This is going to take time, but I ain’t goin’ anywhere.” Sam’s smile was a reflection of Ray’s own.

The older man was so proud of his grandson right now. He kept a grip on Sam’s hand. This was what it had been all about. This was why he’d done what he’d done. Now here sat Sam the new Captain America, blood of his blood. “I couldn’t be more proud.” He told his grandson with a crack in his voice.

Sam stood up slowly and helped his grandfather to a standing position. He embraced the older man with love and respect. Everyone watching clapped at the sight of Captain America and his grandfather and the touching moment they shared. “I love you Granddad.” He told him.

“I love you too Sam.” He whispered as tears stained his cheeks.
credit: james kriet

04/27/2021 11:01 PM 

Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch
WindWalker; /1699344
The skies overhead were bright and cloudless. The sun overhead gently kissed the faces of every man, woman and child on this gorgeous day The warm summer breeze rustled the trees outside. Each human being in this one place upon this blue-green planet had places to go and people to see. Today was certainly no exception.

The crowds at the Captain America wing at the Smithsonian were always heavy. Sam Wilson was trying the best he could to be as invisible as possible. Ever since taking on the mantle of Captain America, he viewed the world differently. They viewed him differently. There were people who adored him and felt he was the perfect person to be the true legacy of Steve Rogers. There were also those who stood on the National Mall and heard the words of a visionary who told the world "I have a dream." Sam Wilson was the personification of that day.

He was getting pushback against him being the new Captain America. Not everyone felt that a black man had the authority to be the icon and the true representative of hope not only to America but the world as a whole. It was like Isaiah told him. They weren't going to let a black man become Captain America. Fortunately, he didn't require their approval. He wasn't in this for the glory or the recognition. He was in it because he was the only one who could do it. It all started another lifetime ago.

At times, he still couldn't believe it. The day he climbed on that bus to leave his parents and his sister behind for basic training wasn't supposed to lead him all the way here. He fought and bled for the United States. He stood for the cause of freedom against those who wanted to take it away. That young man who left Louisiana to join the Army grew up in the face of hell on Earth. When he took off the uniform, he fought another battle entirely.

It had been a warm summer day in Washington DC when he was out for a run at the National Mall. Sam was running at a good clip for a man his age and with his conditioning. "On Your Left!" Sam was used to being passed on a run. It's bound to happen. What surprised him was when he heard the voice a second and a third time! This was his introduction to the one and only Steven Grant Rogers, known to the world as Captain America.

Sam put on the wings that he'd used as part of the US Army. Codename Falcon simply became Falcon, newest buddy of Captain America and an Avenger. Despite it all, Sam knew he wouldn't change a thing. Being locked up in the Raft, sprung by Steve and on the run for the next two years had changed his life. Sam learned to see things through Steve's eyes. He saw how Steve fought for the little guy no matter what his race, creed, or what have you. Everyone mattered to Captain America. Sam Wilson saw it and appreciated it every day.

He was standing in front of the newest addition to the wing. It contained news reports and viral pictures of him in his first appearance as Captain America. His shiny new gear looked damn good. He was staring a little too long when he felt a tug on his leg. Eyes cast downward to meet a little boy's. The little boy had blonde hair and blue eyes. He wasn't any more than six years old. He said nothing.

Sam pulled up his pants so he could kneel down to get on the same level as the little boy. "Well hey there little man. You doing alright today?" Before he knew it, Sam had two small arms wrapped around his neck in the sweetest hug imaginable. He felt himself melt into the innocence of the embrace.

There was a growing amount of murmuring and whispers that surrounded him and this little boy. When they realized what was going on, low applause started gradually increasing. Among them was the current Captain America and it took the smallest among them to say what everyone was thinking after New York. A frightened woman with blonde hair matching the boy's pushed through the crowd. "Tommy! Tommy! Oh there you are!" She ran up and started using ASL while speaking to the boy. The boy signed back to her as she lifted him into her arms.

Sam looked from the boy to the woman canting his head to the side. "What did he say?" He asked the mother curiously. He slowly stood to his full height straightening out his spine.

She had full tears racing down her cheeks. She was so relieved that her son was safe and unharmed. The little boy wrapped his arms tightly around his mother's neck. "I've told him before that if we ever get separated or he gets lost, for him to find someone who would keep him safe until I found him." Her voice hiked up an octave as it cracked with emotion. "H-he said he was safe. He was with Captain America." She was sobbing with relief. "Thank you Cap."

Sam thought his heart was about to burst. He sucked in his lips for a moment as he composed himself. "My sister has two little boys, so I get how scary things can be. I'm glad I could help you both." He held out his hand to the little boy who gave him a five while happily bouncing in his mom's arms.

The mom was sobbing more as she squeezed Sam's neck herself. He hugged her back like a gentleman. There was no amount of money that could replace how he felt right now. Sam wasn't Captain America to further any political ideations or agendas. He agreed to keep the shield simply because he was human and humans needed each other. He'd been taught to kill by the US Army. Now he was going to take what was meant for destruction and turn it into healing. That made it all worthwhile.

credit: james kriet

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