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no. ac — 04,

Everything  that  surrounded  Lily's life  had left 
a negative   and sour  taste in her  mouth. From
an  abusive  family  that stretched well  into her
late teens  and carried on through her impulsive 
and  regretful   marriage. Nothing ever  seemed
to make sense. She never  felt a   constant flow
of solace. Her memories with Laine was the only
recollection  of a time when  she actually  knew
what it felt like to be cared for. She had no idea
the actual comfort of those around  her. For  as
long as  she   could   remember.  Not  until  she
joined Sanctum. 

Now, she   found  herself  in  almost  the  exact
same situation she had been in countless times
before. She was trapped. Trapped  in this  filthy
basement   with    almost  thirty  other   people.
Handling  it alone probably  wouldn't have been
a problem. But, having to share  the space was
proving  to  be  too  much  for   the girl. Not  to
mention she  hadn't had a sip of alcohol or  any
drugs to numb  her mind. Was that all she  had
to rely on?

 She felt guilty that  the thoughts  had even
skipped  through  her head. What the f***  was
she even thinking? How had she already  began
to steer so far from the path she had chosen to
go?  From  the  path  The  Organization  had so 
graciously laid  out before  her. Lily  knew  that
she deserved to be in the spot she was in.  She
had done nothing but cause trouble and drama
since the moment she'd stepped foot in Seattle.
Finding herself in the  middle of fights;  Even in
every single group gathering she'd participated
in. She needed to do better. Be better. She had
to. Not  only  for herself, but for  them, as well.
She wasn't sure what the  future would  hold in
store for her.. but she knew damn well that she
would  be in a  better  place than she ever  had
been before, and it was all thanks to them.

05/01/2021 04:22 PM 

ac — 01.

1. Lily gave up the one thing that could ruin her life forever, send her prison for merely defending herself. A video confession of the British girl admitting to putting in the hire on the hit of her late husband - the reason she got to America. The hired assassin forcing the taping, underestimating Lily's ability to capture it back for her own and make sure it never landed in the hands of anyone else. Until now. 

2. The second thing she surrendered to join Sanctum was a video camera, along with tapes, both of which she'd kept throughout her youth and teenage years. Holding all of her families secrets, things she hadn't shared with anything about what happened to her. About the criminal activity everyone in her life was involved in. She didn't care that it would take them down; but it would also drag her into the abyss along with them. 

04/26/2021 09:59 PM 


last updated: 6/14.

Atarah - After spotting Atarah at Motek, Lily couldn't halt herself from taking the girl's number and asking her to lunch and drinks. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't a bit of a flirt towards the pretty girl and their bond and rebellious women of their families only bonds them more.

Ava - the two began their relationship as gym buddies. both being fairly lazy and only giving minimum effort. they smoke before and after the gym, always cutting it short to get blitzed. 

Ben - While most people seem to believe everything they hear, Lily doesn't. Analyzing everything and everyone - especially their vibes, is something very important to Lily. She sees Ben for who he is, and is quite fond of him.

Bryce - Lily took a quick notice of the vibes she felt from Bryce. After being asked to snoop into his life and make sure he wasn't falling into old patterns by Phoebe. Lily uncovered some dark secrets and she's quick to hold them over his head.

Damon - being the only person in Sanctum to know Lily's husband.. and what he used to do to her, Damon is somewhat protective of the female. Knowing what she's been through and taking up for her when need be.

Devin - the two are very similar in a lot of ways. both know how to have fun.. and how to get their sticky fingers on almost anything. devin is taking lily to a more dangerous side is stealing. larger things call for larger consequences.

Dillan - Lily basically sees dillan as her saving grace. She rescued and nursed the girl back to health after an accidental over-dose. Which leads the British girl to cling onto her nurturing vibes, given the girl had little to no female comfort for most of her life. 

Eloise - Being one of Lily's only childhood friends, Eloise was one of her only female interactions as a young girl through both of their families businesses. The two English beauties found each other once again in Sanctum, and the reunion sent a spark through Lily, only fueling her passion for the darker sides of life.. and Eloise was quick to help her on her journey. 

Frankie - After a couple photo shoots Lily done for Frankie and Tate, a small mishap on Lily's part led to the two engaging in drug use together. Keeping it quite from everyone else for Tate's sake, placing trust in one another. Sink ladies 4 lyfeeee.

Georgia - discussing.

Ivy - SOUL SISTERS. The two girls met at one of the best moments of Lily's life — A MFIN KEVIN GATES CONCERT. They kept in touch, went to some concerts/festivals together before thankfully both found themselves in Sanctum. We love their vibey bond.

Kane - After being approached by Kane with an offer she couldn't refuse; one fact, the sneaking around keeping tabs on people for him and the other, free drugs of her choice. However, her angry avoidance and past trauma surely won't combine well with his agreessive and violent behavior. phew.

Laine - To say that Laine was the one that got away would be a huge understatement. She was Lily's first look and feel at love. After being smothered by Lily, Laine fled her and the two hadn't spoken since seeing each other in Sanctum. Now, 
the two are trying to co exist, with deep feelings continuing to be thrown. Especially by Lily.

Madeline - Catching Mad after one of her shifts at the center for drinks, the females indulged into deep conversations about being the outcasts. Never fitting in actually brought them to a prominent connection. Photographing each other is also a huge part of their relationship. 

Mick - it didn't take long for the male to see right through Lily's while facade she built around her photography.. and other skills at that. instantly recruiting her to stalk his victims, the two aren't sure about one another, or if they can be trusted. constant anxiety fills Lily when he's around. Will he tell her secret?

Morgan - The modern day Bonnie n Clyde. Only obviously superior and certainly going to have a much better ending. Consider them the little devil on each other's shoulder. Always tempting and encouraging the worst out of one another. It doesn't get much better, if you ask me.

Roman - Pretty sure the two have about the same attitude which obviously immediately calls for disaster. Starting off on the completely wrong foot, the two often bump heads. Manic behavior at its finest. But sometimes what pushes you apart, actually brings you closer together. She doesn't know how or why, but finds herself drawn to him.

Shawn - getting of on the wrong start is probably an understatement here. both firecrackers in one room surely calls for an explosion. but maybe the two aren't so different after all? After seeing eye to eye in the basement, the two quickly hit it off and Shawn basically took the poorly fashioned girl under her wing. Showing her a more expensive taste to life.

Theo - Hitting it off instantly, the two who almost never shared too many details about their anusive past quickly gained trust in one another and aren't afraid to share the most important and darkest secrets. They also thrive on their artistic sides together.

Vincent - upon meeting before the two joined Sanctum, they hit it off incredibly and quickly became best friends. carrying that on with them after they both moved to Seattle.. you can find the duo endlessly drinking and probably watching Marvel together.

Vivian - Lily was Vivian's mentor coming into Sanctum, and quickly took a liking to the girl. (more soon.)
Zoe - After hiring her for some photo sessions on a new campaign, Zoe didnt realize the observation the pale girl placed upon everything.. and everyone. Lily quickly observed her surroundings and bluntly questioned what she had saw. (working through this via discord writing.)

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