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The start

"Kylie James..." she heard her mother trying to get her attention but Kylie kept zoning out. This was the standard Cosmopolitan magazine meeting discussing the ideas we all had. My parents had owned the magazine for a while now, and she had to admit, she was only there because of her parents. She was always writing what was in her heart but it seemed like her parents wanted more gossipy things. Kylie wasn't really listening when everyone else pitched the ideas, she was day dreaming about how she would help at a dog rescue later that day, but now it was her turn.

"Let's hear your pitch..." My mother looking over her eyeglasses thinking it was threatening. She was right, it was very threatening. "We need something really good from you, Kylie. Nothing about saving the wolves or the sea otters or heaven forbid the sloth. I want to hear something good!"

Kylie's best friend had been dumped just the day before. Plain and simple. For all the classic cases; too clingy, too whiny, she complained all the time... it went on and on. It hit her like a lightning bolt. That is what she could do.

"Mom, I got one for you. But you have to promise that if this goes well you will give me my own animal advocacy section."

Her mom thought about it. "Okay. Let's hear it first..."

Kiley stood up, holding her hands out from her to get everyone to imagine the idea in their heads . “Just picture it, mother. I'll call it, 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. I would do everything as wrong as possible to get him to break up with me. This way, women know not what to do. I'm sure he won't even make the week never mind the ten days."

Her mom was obviously thinking, you could see her brain rolling it in her head. “I like it!” Her mother said with confidence. “You better find your mark within the next day or two and I want to see your notes as you go. This could mean good things for Cosmopolitan. It might even pull in more ad revenue. You are brilliant. AND if it goes great you can write whatever you want after that. I promise.”

She walked out of the meeting with a spring in her step. Now she would need to find the man, he had to be good looking and smart enough to fall for her so she could keep him for at least ten days. Where would she look first?

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