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09/20/2021 01:57 PM 

Fall writing Challenge

Standing on the ledge of the 18 storeys, not for the first time, Dante looked down into the empty alley way and wondered. Taking a big gulp from the bottle of whiskey, he continued to stare down into the empty abys and wondered if it were going to be tonight that he would learn how to fly if it were tonight that he would leave this life that he hated behind him the life that he had always known was going to kill him. He knew it when he was a kid, and he knew that he was signing his death certificate when he agreed to stay in his personal hell. He had never feared death, that was what made him a good soldier. He was never scared because he had already survived hell and he figured that whatever came next could not be worse than what he had to live with now.

Dante edged closer to the ledge and took another long swig and let his memories drift to a happy time. Five years ago in Afghanistan, his commander wanted to do something different for the local children. He and his team had just moved in after the Americans had helped clear out a rat hole of extremists, and the locals had just started to trust them again. As Dante walked through the streets, he had to marvel at the ability of young children to adapt to their situations, no matter how bad it got for them, they always managed to laugh, and it made Dante wonder if he had ever been that carefree. But these children had reason to laugh because the joint task force, with the Americans, had decided to give the village a ‘fall celebration’. Even though it was September where the northern hemisphere would be welcoming Autumn, it was the wrong time of year in that part of the world to be celebrating the ‘fall’ season, that close to the equator, there were no seasons just the sun. But the soldiers were determined to give the children a little taste of the western world. Even though it had been 5 years since Dante had been home, he still remembered that the leaves on the trees would start to change colour, signalling a time that the natural world around them would be going into hibernation.

Tearing his eyes off the children in the streets who were learning how to play football, Dante continued down the road that would lead him to the outskirts of the town were the Fall festival would be taking place that night. He passed a couple of tents, all of which were set up for a different activity, there was face painting, bobbing for Apples, different sized pumpkins that were going to be calved up and a little bit furth on, He could make out some crates that were being unloaded from a truck that was going to be their makeshift maze. Stopping at the centre of the Festival area, Dante draped his arm around the shoulders of a petite blonde who was supervising what would later be the bonfire, the woman that he would change the world for. Kissing the woman’s cheek, he whispered in her ear, ‘Wynter, why don’t we get out of here for an hour or two and take a tumble in the hey?”

Shaking his head, Dante forced his memories back down into the deep pit that he kept anything to do with her, the only girl who he had ever loved and the only person he would even let break his heart. She was one of the reasons that he was back in the hell hole he had always hated. Maybe it was some sort of penance that made him come back to Halifax, that he was never able to save her. Shaking his head, he took another swig of the whiskey and looked down at the crumpled body. Shaking his head, Dante dropped the bottle and took a step back from the ledge, he didn’t even wait to see where the bottle landed, he just hoped that the scene he orchestrated looked believable, the drunk stumbled over the edge and fell to his death.  Walking down the stairs, Dante pulled his jacket tighter around his body and disappeared into the night.

09/04/2021 08:02 PM 

Welcome home

Welcome to the Darkside

If you travel enough roads, all roads start to look alike no matter the continent you were one. But this road would always be something different, this road lead home. For most people, the feeling of going home would encase them in a sense of love, protection but not for Dante. For him home meant hell, and that was saying something considering he was special forces, had trained with some of the most elite military units in the world. For him to say that home meant hell, it meant giving up his hard-earned control and confirming his family’s expectation of him and of their world. It meant following the orders of a lunatic, but in comparison who was more insane? The person who had full function of his mental capacities and willingly walked into a situation knowing full well he was giving up his freedom or a man that would launch into a homicidal rage at a moments notice and change the lives of everyone for all eternity?

It was just on sunset when he passed the sign he thought he would never see again ‘welcome to Halifax’, the last time that he had seen it was in the rear-view mirror on the day of his graduation. He wanted to pull over and durn the f***er down as a final sign of the contempt that had been building in him since the moment, he was old enough to understand that people had already planned his future. but his friend had kept on driving since the more time he put between him, and hell would only increase his chances of getting away. He would never know how his family had reacted when they realised that he was not going to be walking across the stage at his high school graduation that he had skipped out on.

It was ironic that he passed the point of no return just as the sun was dipping below the horizon casting its gloomy light on a world that he wanted nothing to do with. It was signalling the end of the life he had fought so hard for, a life that he comes to define who he was, who he could have always been. The next time the sun would rise, he would be resigned to the path he had chosen, it would be rising on new world order.

Half an hour later, Dante pulled into a non-descript motel and killed the engine. He gathered himself a moment before walking into the reception and a couple of minutes later he was opening the door to a second-floor room that was right at the end, no one would be able to sneak up on him and he would easily be able to get away. Nine years in the military, helping to hunt down some of the most insane people in the world would make anyone crazy enough to be paranoid and the paranoia was being fuelled by the fact he had no idea what he was really walking into. His journey thus far had been spurred on a ghostly look in a set of eyes he thought he would never see again, one that he had seen in to many soldiers eyes when they were looking for that fastest way out.

Walking into the room, he dumped all of his bags before checking every corner of the room to make sure that it wasn’t bugged. Once he was happy he threw himself down on the bed and pulled one of the bags that he had brought with him. He shouldn’t have had this long and narrow bag that’s had a wrap around zipper, but when he had decided that he needed to come back his car had already been packed for another mission, one that would have allowed a dishonourably discharged soldier back overseas with better pay. Opening the bag, Dante pulled out the pieces of the Barrett M82 Sniper rifle that was favoured by Joint Task Force 2 and the US Military. Pulling out the things he needed to clean it, he allowed his mind to wander over the events that led him down this road.

Dante had figured he had gone through all the life changing events that he needed, though he had his life back on track now that he was not in the military anymore, something that had defined his life. But everything changed the night before he and the rest of his men were set to ship back out, not as part of a military unit but a mercenary unit. The group he was with had just settled into a bar and were on their way to getting a good amount of drunk when another group walked through the doors. Two men that hadn’t seen each other in years had locked eyes and the world started to shift again. Looks continued to be passed between the two near-strangers while the drinks kept being pours. When the tension was starting to get too much and the two groups were starting to sense the animosity that was encompassing the room, things were starting to hit a breaking point. When the younger man started to cross the floor to the toilet, Dante shrugged off the arms that were attempting to hold him back, the arms that had been holding him back all night. But this needed to happen, the final confrontation had been building between to two since Dante was sixteen and his Irish twin had crushed three Panadol and spiked his drink, nearly killing him. Standing toe to toe with his younger brother, Dante waited until Hunter made the first move. A fist into his jaw and finally the two brothers who hadn’t seen each other in nine years could have the confrontation that they both needed to have. The fighting was fair, however, the two groups circled the combatants looking for a reason to join in the fray.

It felt like the two were locked in a duel for their life for what felt like hours, even days. He lost all concept of time as he exchanged blows, trying to temper his years of fighting experience in the military to give his brother a chance of taking him down. He was blind to the cheers of the growing crowd and ignorant of the amount of furniture the two had destroyed. The sparring match only ended when Dante was on his back with Hunter unconscious in a headlock.

The next morning, he was sitting in the hanger, watching the gear get loaded into the plane that was meant to be his ticket out of Canada when he couldn’t take it anymore, couldn’t shake the image of the resolution that he saw in his brother’s eyes. Before he knew what he was doing, Dante stormed out of the hanger and took the first car that he could find and hightailed it out of Toronto. Before he could question his decision, he found himself back on the highway to hell.

Years of military service had taught a headstrong man how to be patient and hunt his prey, it had taught him how to plan and how to watch. The next morning, before the sun could greet him and shine a light on the insanity of his plan, Dante was out hunting. It didn’t surprise him to know nothing had changed, and why should it? Since the murder of the town Mayor, the family had free reign over the town, they didn’t need to keep changing hangouts when no one was hunting them. It just made it easier for Dante to move around. No one expected to be hunted when you were at the top of the food chain.

After a week of surveillance and he knew everything that he needed to know. He knew where everyone liked to eat, and he knew who was calling the shots. He knew who he had to go after.  So he wasn’t surprised when he found himself laying belly down on a table that he had pulled up to the window. Of all the sniper nests he had made for himself, this one would have to have been one of the nicer ones since it was protected from the elements. But it was by far one of the lonelier ones since he had no spotter to keep him company. Not that he needed one, he knew exactly where his target was, as he looked through the scope he traced the movements his cousin made across the open junkyard 5 kilometres away. From this distance, it was an easy shot. It was even easier to get away, no one would think to look so far away for the person that pulled the trigger.  But Dante continued to watch as his cousin, flanked by two other men met up with another three men and still, he seemed to hesitate with his finger inching closer to the trigger.

One moment stretched on through to eternity as time froze around him. As if in a dream he continued to spy on the meeting through his military sniper, it would just take one second for him to complete his mission and disappear into oblivion, not one need to know he was there and he could still meet up with his squad and get back overseas. But still, he continued to hesitate. Too many times he had seen for himself what happened to an area when the head of the serpent was taken out and a vacuum was created, out of the holes deadlier people would sneak out and attempt to take control of the chaos that would ensue. And during those attempts, more people would be killed until the streets would run red, would coat everything it touched until everyone would forget that there were other colours in the rainbow.

As if a ghost had reached down and took control, Dante moved his gun a couple of degrees and pulled the trigger for the first time. The sound was drowned out and as if by the hand of God, one of the men that was standing with Bexley fell and started to fall to the ground. Before the first body even hit the ground, Dante reloaded his gun and took aim again, this time introducing a new whole to the second man that had accompanied his cousin. He waited long enough to make sure that his targets were hugging the ground with their dead bodies before he cleaned up. Less than a minute later, he was running down the fire escape.

His goal had always been to come to Halifax, fix the problem and then disappear again and meet up with the men he had deserted. But 6 hours later, he found himself still in Halifax and sitting outside a home he had run away from. Shaking his head, stepped out of the car and started the long walk up the well-kept driveway. Slowly he raised his hand and knocked on the door. As soon as the sound vibrated through the house, all the noise, the sound of children laughing suddenly stopped. For the second time that day, time stretched on for eternity before the door opened. He was expecting a woman to answer the door, but instead, he found himself staring into a man’s eyes that he had last seen in Toronto. Dante didn’t even try and protect himself from the fist that collided with his face. Shaking his head, Dante looked past his brother into his mother’s gaze. “Ciao mamma, I’m casa”

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