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A broken promise

Screaming. It had gone on for hours. For so long that Regulus thought it would never stop. He was huddled beside his bed, hands against his ears and eyes clenched shut. He refused to cry but he could feel the tears trying to escape. Finally silence. It rang loud in the home. Louder then the screaming had. Impossibly so. Regulus lowered his arms, eyes opening only to be blinded by the light in his room for a couple of seconds. A loud slamming of a door rang through the hallways, making Regulus wince at the sound. He scrambled to his feet, moving quickly to the bedroom door to peer out of it. Sirius door was opened and there was shuffling around. Regulus’ lips curled down into a frown at the sound of things being shoved into something. He shouldn’t pry. He should go back into his own room and shut the door. He should have but Sirius and Regulus always was there for each other. And the screaming had gotten harsh halfway through. Tiptoeing towards Sirius door he poked his head inside. Brows furrowing as he watched Sirius move from one side of the room to another: shoving clothes into a bag that laid open on his bed.

“What….What are you doing?” It took a moment for the words to get out of his throat. He didn’t need to hear Sirius speak to know what he was planning. The words ‘I can’t do this anymore, Reg. I’m leaving: James already said I’m allowed to stay there whenever I needed to’ were spoken but Regulus did not hear them. They were white noise to his ears. His chest felt as if something was squeezing his heart and his throat felt as if he had swallowed a ball. Sirius’ concerned face and hand reaching towards him had Regulus reeling backwards: to escape that hand. He pressed a hand against his chest, eyes wide as he stared at Sirius. “You can’t! You promised me!” Sirius scrambled forward, grabbing Regulus’ hands before he could move away again. “Come with me! James won’t care. His parents will adore you. They’d treat you better then Walburga and Orion ever could.” Regulus shook his head. He wanted to believe him. Wanted to say yes. Wanted to go back to his room and pack but he couldn’t. He managed to jerk away from Sirius, ignoring the hurt look in his eyes. “Reg.”

“Regulus!” His mother’s voice shrieked through the house: jerking Regulus upright and frantic eyes to dart around the hallway in search of said shriek. “Regulus…..Please. Come with me. Get away from this house. This family. We can finally have a happy family that doesn’t force us to do what we do not want to do.” Regulus eyed the hand that was outstretched, fingers ready to curl around Regulus’ own hand. He reached forward, fingers brushing against Sirius’ outstretched ones when his name was screamed out again. “Regulus!” Hand snatched back and pressed against his chest, Regulus shook his head and fled down the hall: towards his mother. Leaving Sirius behind. When he returned to his room after watching Sirius leave and his mother blast his name off the tapestry he collapsed onto the bed: silent tears falling as he buried his face into his pillow. A promise to always be there for each other had been broken. All because Regulus feared his mother more then he loved his brother. Feared the image of the Noble house of Black being tarnished more then it already had with a Gryffindor. He was the prefect heir, after all. Years later when he was betraying Voldemort and his family the only thing he truly regretted was never leaving with Sirius. 

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Order of the Phoenix

When Regulus had received the letter from Dumbledore he did not know what to do with it. He could not let Hermione find it. She did not know that the cat she had seen and bought wasn’t more than just a cat. How that old bastard had figured it out when Regulus had kept himself as far away from the man as he could would be a mystery. But he had found the letter stashed away in a place that Hermione would not have found but would catch the eyes of one Regulus Black in Crookshanks’ form. There was to be a meeting…An order meeting. Oh so that annoying Order of the Phoenix that Dumbledore had created during the first war was making a comeback. But why was Regulus invited? His eyes roamed over every word on the parchment as he sat discreetly on the roof of the Granger’s home. The last sentence caught his eyes. The Horcrux. That’s why. Of course it was why. Dumbledore wanted him to give the locket to him. No. Absolutely not. It was not going to happen. “Crookshanks?” The voice of Hermione Granger called out through the open window that she had left open a crack but Regulus had opened it further to be able to slip out in cat form. He would need to get back in there. He took out his wand and whispered “Diffindo.” watching as the paper was shredded in his hand. The wind took the pieces away as Regulus jumped down onto the window sill in Crookshanks fashion. “Oh there you are!” Hermione scooped him up, rubbing under his chin. “We’re going to the Weasley’s.”

The first stop before they would be back at his childhood home. The Weasley’s home was cramped but it was better than the living room of his childhood home.  Unfortunately though it was the date that his letter had mentioned. He jumped out of Hermione’s arm, ignoring her ‘Crookshanks’ as he darted out of the room. Kreacher. He needed to find Kreacher. Dumbledore wanted him to reveal himself and explain about the Horcrux but he did not trust the older man. “Go away filthy cat.” Kreacher hissed, swatting at him when Regulus had found him. Before the old elf could move further away Regulus was staring at his old friend with human eyes. “Master Regulus!” Regulus slammed his hand over the other’s mouth, head moving in all directions to make sure that no one had overheard the exclamation. “Kreacher. The locket. You still have it?” “Yes. I do Master Regulus. I’ve kept it safe: just like you asked.” “Good. There will be a meeting in about an hour. I need you and that locket to appear in there. But do not let Dumbledore take it.” “I will not! He would have to pry it from my dead hands.” “Kreacher…Let’s not alright? I have to go. Remember. An hour.” With that he slipped back out of the room.  

Being back here brought back a lot of memories. Most of them not ones that Regulus would ever want to remember. But there were those rare memories that Regulus would cherish. The times when he and Sirius got along. When his older brother protected him from their mother’s wrath. The times that his father would invite him into his study and would teach him simple things. The family get togethers that ended up with Sirius and Regulus with their cousins: making fun of the guests even if they were related to them. Before his brother went to Hogwarts. Back when they all got along. Before the Dark Lord came into power and tore their family apart. It didn’t do well to dwell on those times. Especially not when he was about to reveal himself as alive to people who thought him dead. First he would have to deal with the children who were trying to eavesdrop on a meeting that did not pertain to them. He jumped at the ear that was dangling, hearing Hermione’s soft ‘Crookshanks’ as he shifted out of the room through another door. They didn’t need to be involved any more than they already were. Knowing the house like the back of his hand he was able to move discreetly through the home and into the room that the Order was using. Just in time it seemed.

“There is something we need to discuss. The reason that the Dark Lord is back…Why he wasn’t killed forever on that night at Godric’s Hollow.” Regulus shifted, noticing the empty chair that was pushed back next to Dumbledore. Most likely left open for himself when he showed his true form. Kreacher was not here yet but as if Dumbledore’s words had summoned him the elf had appeared. “What are you doing here!?” Sirius’ voice. A chair being shoved backwards was heard as Sirius stood from his chair. “I told you not to disturb us.” Regulus silently moved, eyes fashioned on his brother as he stood over Kreacher who was defiant. A trait that he never showed Regulus or his mother when she was alive. “Sirius. There is a reason he is here. He was asked to be here.” “Asked? By who?” Dumbledore shifted in his seat, gaze finding Regulus. “You might as well show yourself. You cannot keep hidden any longer. A reunion is in order I imagine.” “Granger’s cat? Is this supposed to be some sort of joke?” Sirius scoffed. It was now or never. Regulus had not felt this nervous since the night he had gone to the cave and was thought to have died. Oh but the look on Sirius’ face would be priceless he was sure. Kreacher moved a step towards Regulus. “I brought the locket, Master.” The Elf’s body jolted, eyes widening as he moved towards the closest surface. Ready to punish himself for going against Regulus’ orders: to keep hidden of who he really was. Without thinking Regulus was lunging forward, cat form gone as he wrapped human fingers around Kreacher’s wrist, the word ‘No’ on his tongue. Stopping the elf from doing whatever he had planned.

The silence in the room was deafening in Regulus’ ears. All eyes were on him. People he did not know. And people he did. Regulus braved looking in Sirius’ direction noticing how pale he had become as he gripped the edge of his seat from where he had stumbled back as if he was seeing a ghost: Remus at his side but not surprised to see Regulus alive and well. After all he had seen him on the Marauder’s map when he had taken it from Harry and Snape. Speaking of Snape he stood at Dumbledore’s side a look of surprise on his own face before it was schooled away as he noticed Regulus’ looking. Regulus straightened up, turning to face everyone a sheepish “Hello” loud in the room. That simple word was all that it took before Sirius was lunging forward, fingers sharp in Regulus’ shoulder as he stared. “It’s really you. I thought….I thought you were dead.” Soft. Something Regulus could not remember being directed at him since Sirius’ first year at Hogwarts. Then the anger hit. He could see it in Sirius’ eyes, hear it in his voice as he exclaimed, “I thought you were dead!” Regulus slapped Sirius’ hands off of him, taking a step back and fixing his robe. “Yes but I didn’t. Glad we’ve established that little detail.” “Little!?” Sirius wrapped his fingers into Regulus’ robe, jerking him close again as he hissed, “It is far from little, Regulus!” He had expected the anger but not the tears that welled in Sirius’ eyes that he refused to let fall but still shone brightly for Regulus to see.

“I mourned you.” “No one asked.” “Shut up Regulus! Let me finish. I mourned you. Thought you were a foolish idiot. I kept mourning you for all these years and you just waltz back in here and pull this stunt. And with a f***ing ‘Hello’ as if you hadn’t been dead for 15 years and that’s the only damn thing you can say!” “Are you upset I never said anything or that hello was the only thing I said?” Sirius’ glare darkened, “Shut up. I’m angry. Angry that you have been hiding this whole damn time. Angry that you never once said ANYTHING while I was trying to find that backstabbing rat in Hogwarts. Angry that you cannot even for a split second realize just how damn shocking this is. Angry that you are just so f***ing nonchalant about all of this. Angry that you NEVER said a thing before James and Lily’s death: you could have prevented it!” Regulus waited until he was sure Sirius was finished with his little rant, “Sirius….I betrayed Lord Voldemort.” He noticed the flinch of quite a few in the room as he spoke the Dark Lord’s name. Once he had been like that but years of hiding as Crookshanks he did not care anymore. “If I were to pop up and warn you about Pettigrew or that I was still alive it would have put you in danger. Be angry at me all you want. Blame me for James and Lily’s death if you have to. But I did not care about them. Nor for your damn Lupin. I cared about you and putting you in danger was not my goal at the time. I needed to disappear: plan what I was going to do. I was going to come to you in time…but Lord Voldemort had already killed them before I could. Now let go of my robe.” He pried Sirius’ fingers from him, taking a step back.

“We will continue this in private. This is not a show for others to enjoy. I am here for a reason.” He turned towards Kreacher, hand outstretched “Kreacher. The locket please.” “Of course Master Regulus.” The smooth cold surface of Salazar Slytherin’s locket against his hand had Regulus shivering: he knew what resided in it compared to the others. Could feel the muted power of Voldemort. Could hear the beginning of whispers that would grow stronger and louder if the locket was worn for too long. Regulus had found that the hard way. “A piece of jewelry?” Sirius eyebrow raised. “A Horcrux not an ordinary locket. Ironic it would be the infamous locket of Slytherin’s founder.” Regulus moved, taking the seat that had been left open for him: keeping the locket close to his chest as if to protect it. “It hosts a piece of Lord Voldemort’s soul.” And with that he explained everything. From how he learned about the Horcruxes. How Lord Voldemort came to him one night asking (demanding) for Kreacher to accompany him. How Kreacher was left for dead and came back to tell him what had happened. How Regulus followed the same path. How he had almost been dragged down to became an Inferi for the rest of eternity. How he nearly died of thirst as he laid in his family’s cabin: delirious with memories that had haunted his nightmares. How he spent the years since his ‘death’ until the night of the Potter’s death, becoming an Animagnus and learning more about how many Horcruxes Voldemort could have made. How he had come upon the home of James and Lily Potter in the aftermath of Voldemort’s attack after gaining the courage to finally let the others know what was going on: how he watched in hiding as Sirius arrived and mourned his friends.

He did not mention the parts where he had sat beside the cold body of James Potter as he watched Severus Snape completely ignore the dead man and ran up the stairs. To his beloved Lily. How he had closed his eyes so he wasn’t staring blankly at the ceiling: life gone from once active eyes. How he had stood up and left: vowing to hunt down Pettigrew no matter where he hid. By the end of it, he was leaning back in his seat. Watching Severus. Watching Sirius. Not caring about anyone else in the room. "And that is why Lord Voldemort was not killed for good in Godric's Hollow."

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Before I start with any rules I will start with the usual. I am not Timothee Chamalet nor am I Regulus Black (who obviously is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.) I am just a person who enjoys playing as this character for the books/movies Harry Potter. Alright! With that out of the way: we can finally get into the whole rules thing.

  • Not a rule but……. dun dun dun. I am a female in real life. Oh no! That upsets you. Get over it. Delete me. Block me. Do whatever makes you happy. Again, not a rule but just letting people know (since some people still have an issue with people of different sexes and colors roleplaying as character of the opposite.) If you don't mind me having tits in the real world while I roleplay a male character then we are going to get along swimmingly.
  • I have a life (such blasphemy right? Lol). I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend (no I am not cheating. We have a healthy threesome relationship going: not that it’s anyones business.) a job that runs me absolutely ragged on a good day (now with the Covid-19 and the owner having to shut down it's other three schools to only a certain timeframe it’s even worse especially since it’s a 24 hour daycare that I work in the office at). So yeah patience is very much a virtue when it comes to me. DO NOT RUSH ME! It only makes me not want to reply and/or block you. Please and thank you.
  • I am a multi-ship account. Which means my friends: I will not just have one LI. Now that doesn’t mean that in our roleplay I will be with you and cheating on you with others. Or that we would have an “open relationship” essentially. No! No! No! That means in our roleplay you are the only one. BUT in other roleplays we will not be together. My Lis do not go into other roleplays…..unless I decide to just stick with one and go. Which won’t happen so please don’t try to waste your time…. or cause drama. I get multi-LI ships are not everyone's thing.but do not shun those that do it. Just delete and go on your way. Thanks.
  • 3a) Speaking of multiple Lis guess what else that means? I will do almost any and all ships that can be thought of for Reguls: both male and female. I am a major Jegulus or as some have deemed it Starchaser shipper meaning I do enjoy Regulus and James together. They obviously don't last because of Regulus' allegience to Lord Voldemort and James' love for Lily. 
  • No god modding. What is god modding? Well boys and girls: that means you try making my character do something, feel something, say something that is NOT in your power to do so. Essentially. Don’t do it because well…. that is one of my biggest pet peeves that I won’t hesitate to delete you for. No warnings from me: technically my rules are your warnings so yeah.
  • Drama. Now this is one of my favorite rules: I have been playing in the roleplaying world since Myspace. Which means I have seen my fair share of drama throughout the years: be it from people who are friends or people who I have no damn clue who the hell they are. Me? Never was brought in on the drama because I am like Hyde from That 70’s Show: I really don’t care for it and would rather stay out of it. Anyways! Before I continue on a tangent which no one cares about: DO NOT START DRAMA WITH ME OR THINK I AM GOING TO ENTERTAIN YOU IF YOU TRY TO WITH ME OR MY FRIENDS/CONNECTIONS. Hmm……I think I might have gotten my point across: who knows. Just don’t and we shall leave it at that. Drama in storyline is absolutely NEEDED AND WANTED!!!!!!!!!
  • 5a) If you are only on my friend’s list because you want to spy on someone that I write with? Well that is not happening and is very much not appreciated. If that is all you want to do then I got some advice for you: Get a life and forget the person you are trying to stalk. Because nine times out of ten: they have forgotten you or don’t give a sh*t about you anymore. If you have to validate yourself by following others to stalk someone then maybe…just maybe you should take a step back from the computer or phone and think about it. Is it really necessary? Do I need to stress myself out or someone else out? Just saying.
  • 5b) So I have seen some....well drama on the Harry Potter verse. Not surprised since every verse has it. I just want to say one thing: If you want to warn me about a roleplayer then that's perfectly fine but I do not blacklist or badmouth people that haven't done anything to me. I don't do that nor do I do the whole 'So and so is friends with such and such and/or shares so and so's stuff' and immediately not want to write with said person. I'm not choosing sides in people that I do not know in my real life. I don't choose sides even then. So please for the love of a God I do not believe in don't come to me and expect me to blindly follow.  
  • I am a multiple paragraph up to Novella writer. I typically do not like anything below a couple of paragraphs, but I understand the muse block and need to get something out. You don’t have to worry about it or do that, but I know it happens. So, I won’t flip out that you took a couple of weeks to say something.
  • I delete people after two months of inactivity. Well more like 2 months of not talking to me. So, if I send a message to you today and two months later you have not replied? Or said something where I can see: Then you will be deleted. It’s not because I am impatient and don’t understand lives and/or am self-absorbed. Or my favorite: they're just childish. Or whatever people like to say these days. I just hate clutter. In my streams, my friends list, comments, and messages. Nothing ever personal with me.
  • 7a) On that note: I delete comments after I reply to them. So! If you have a problem with that then I suggest one of two things: tell me and I will reluctantly keep them despite having a slight problem with clutter or B) Save it on your end after you write it up. I can even take your reply and put it in a blog post because I do put mine in there
  • Now before something gets said or things get taken the wrong way. I block people after sending a request to them and 1 of 2 things happen: They deny my friend request or they add me then end up deleting me off their friend's list later on. I do that so I don't get accused of bothering people by repeatedly sending requests because I do not remember every single one I sent or was sent to me. So if someone comes to you and asks why they are blocked you can let them know it really isn't personal. 
  • I roleplay in messages and comments. I know there are people who are very anal about this stuff, but I am not. So, if you are more comfortable with OOC in comments and roleplays in messages or the opposite then I have no qualms about it at all. Just let me know before hand if I am the one sending the starter, so I know.
  • And I do believe that is all I wanted to get out there. I don’t do rules normally but here you go. This is my do’s and don’ts basically. Now the part where everyone goes: put this or that to prove that you were reading. Yeah I know it is supposed to be hidden in the rules so people can’t just skim over it (blah blah blah) but I don’t care. So, give me a gif. Of something that reminds you of your character and/or yourself (the writer). Also, I might have seemed like a bitch in these rules, but I assure you: I am the sweetest person you have known. Until you piss me off. But then again I do believe that’s everyone these days lol. If you get offended or think how I said or wrote things is that way please either tell me or just delete me because I have had people read it then be passive aggresive on their status about how I do my rules. 

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~ Tried out for the Slytherin Quidditch team. Not because he wanted to join but because he wanted to put Potter in his place
~ Might have been his mother’s favorite but that didn’t mean he was exempt from her tantrums: or abuse
~ Was one of the few who found out about the Marauder’s becoming Animagi. He didn’t even do it on purpose. He had been walking past his brother’s open door and there sat a big black dog.
~ The year Sirius joined Hogwarts and became a Gryffindor, as Regulus watched his mother blast his brother’s name off the wall he tried telling her that Sirius would always be his brother but that ended quickly.
 ~ Regulus secretly is proud of Sirius: he got away. But part of him will always feel abandoned: Sirius just left without a single goodbye to him. Didn’t even try to save him
~ Kreacher was Regulus’ only friend. Not because he couldn’t gain any but because they were all fake and only wanted an In with the Black family name.
~ During his second year as a Quidditch player he almost lost his life. A Beater from the other team got him with the Bludger (an accident so they said) and he nearly plummeted to his death: his teammate caught him before he could hit the ground. Regulus spent a single night in the hospital wing because the Bludger got him in the head
~ During that night Sirius had snuck into the wing and that was one of the few nights the Black brothers forgot their family and their issues
~ Regulus missed a week when he got The Dark Mark: Sirius wasted absolutely no time cornering him upon return and forcing his sleeve up to see it for himself.
~ Bellatrix absolutely scared him but she was a good teacher when it came to the dark arts: he learned a lot from her in the short time he joined The Dark Lord’s Death Eaters.
~ He did not care for Lucius in the slightest and thought Cissy deserved someone better
~ He enjoys drawing: is actually pretty good at it

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30 questions

1. Height?

2. Virgin?
No. And we will not speak of it. A Black never kisses and tells.

3. Shoe size?

4. Sexual orientation?
Family. Just kidding....well considering my family's past it wouldn't be a surprise. I do not know what muggles call it but I sleep with people based on personality rather then gender. I am sure someone will inform me on what that would make me.

5. Do you smoke?
Do I look like Sirius to you? No. Do NOT answer that. No I do not smoke

6. Do you drink?
Yes I do. 

7. Do you take drugs?
Absolutely not. Nothing impure will enter my body

8. Age you get mistaken for:
Interestingly enough my 20. Usually early 20s. Sometimes mid 20s. Rarely older 20's which obviously is closer to the truth. After all I "died" when I was at 18 and Harry's...what 14 now? Yes I do look good; I know that already

9. Have any tattoos?
Yes. One. And most people know what that is.

10. Do you want any tattoos?

11. Got any piercings?

12. Do you want any piercings?
No. I am good.

13. Best friend?
Best Friend? Heh. What is that? I do not need friends....nor do I want them

14. Relationship status?
Single. And not particularly looking.

15. Biggest turn ons?
Why would I mention my turn ons to people I do not intend to sleep with? 

16. Biggest turn offs?
Let me see
1. Those with no backbone: doesn't exactly remind me of good times
2. Idiots. Hold a damn conversation or I will quickly lose interest. Sarcasm works wonders: I mean have you seen my family?
3. Bad hygenie: If I can smell you before I see you? We have a big problem
and 4. Do not act like my brother: Instant reaction every time

17. Favorite movie?
Movie? Is that that moving pictures that the Granger's are always sitting in front of? I never did pay attention. So I don't believe I have one

18. I’ll love you if:
You battle my sarcasm with more sarcasm. I do hate those that get offended or mad
19. Someone you miss:
It's more like someones because it's more then one. My family before the Dark Lord started making a name for himself. Before Sirius went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor. The Blacks were always messed up but back then we at least got semi along. 

20. Most life changing experience?
There are a couple to be honest
1. Watching my mother blast Sirius name off the family tree and hearing her absolutely slander his name while she praised her 'perfect' son who would never betray her. Who will do everything perfect. 
2. The night I got the Dark Mark. My parents were so proud.
3. When Kreacher came back after being forced to nearly kill himself to prove to the Dark Lord that his precious locket was well protected from thieves.

21. A fact about your personality?
When I put my mind to it I can and will get what I want. Probably not the best type of personality to have but it runs in the family

22. What I hate most about myself?
How easy it was to be brainwashed or forced into doing what was best for the Pure-blooded Blacks. I was a little boy groomed by his mother in a disgusting battle of wits and other such nonsense between my own parents. Mom won in the end but then again did she really?

23. What I love most about myself?
That....I don't know. 

24. What I want to be when I get older?

25. My relationship with my sibling(s):
It's nonexisting. It was fine before but after his first year of Hogwarts? That drastically changed. He got himself new brothers. And I was left behind

26. My relationship with my parents?
I was my mother's pride and joy. The one who would win in my parents twisted games of who was better. And who could raise the best son. Some would say I was only conceived because my father refused to let her have her way with Sirius but in the end she won that battle. My father? Well he was my father and that's all I can really say. He was slightly better but I would never tell my mother that.

27. My idea of a perfect date?
Candlelight dinner. Wine. Good food. Company that doesn't bore me. No talking about family but everything else is fair game.

28. My biggest pet peeve(s.)?
Pranksters. Specifically the redheaded kind. Two people. Same personality. They really get under your skin. 

29. A description of a boy / girl I like:
There isn't anyone I like 

30. A description of the person I dislike most:
Why give a description when I could just give a name? Or I can just say it doesn't matter because that person is dead already.

01/16/2021 07:32 PM 

The Dark Mark (Drabble)

Regulus Arcturus Black. Son of Orion and Walburga Black. Brother to one rebellious disowned Sirius Black. Hearing the two talk about each other now you would assume that there wasn’t a time that these two were close. Closer than they were to the rest of the family. But they had been. They had been as close as the Narcissa, Bellatrix and Andromeda. Sirius would protect Regulus from their mother's wrath. But that hadd all changed when Sirius attended his first year in Hogwarts and was assigned to Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. Then he befriended a blood traitor and from there Regulus and Sirius’ extremely close relationship soured rather quickly. Sirius had always been rebellious while Regulus the good child: the one who believed their ideals, who followed directions to a T, did not talk back and held himself in high regards. All traits the young Regulus Black did not realize was him being brainwashed until it was too late. Regulus was always treated better then Sirius but once he started school himself and was proudly put into Slytherin it became worse.

Now that Regulus truly thought about it, it would probably have to do with the rising power of one Lord Voldemort. Sirius thought him a pompous arse while Regulus idolized him because he followed his family ideals and was willing to do something about it. He was in the words of one Walburga Black, a true Dark Wizard who was destined for absolute greatness. It wasn’t a surprise to Regulus when he was pulled out of a potions class at the age of sixteen because his parents had a surprise that needed him back at home. That announcement earned a glare and a snort from Sirius before he chimed out something about a kiss ass. Regulus’ gaze flickered to Sirius before he was turned on his heels and moving out the door. Normally he would have a comeback of his own but Sirius hated to be ignored with a fiery passion: he always wanted a fight so refusing to give him one was more satisfying then actually giving him what he wanted. He knew what awaited him when he stepped off of the grounds of Hogwarts. And he was excited.

The process of gaining the Dark Mark hurt and he had fallen slightly ill afterwards so it had taken him a moment to get back to Hogarts. A whole week had passed since Regulus had been summoned back to his parent’s home. When he arrived back to Hogwarts for morning breakfast he was met with whispers. Most likely trying to figure out where the youngest Black had gone for a whole week. He ignored them and headed towards his usual spot at the Slytherin table instead. Let them speak. He was above it. Above them. He was met with hushed whispers which he did not engage in. His arm still hurt…not in the painful way but more in the ‘Notice me. I am here’ way. A reminder of what he had been summoned for. He didn’t notice the harsh gaze on his back because he was too busy catching up with what he had missed while he was gone. He would need to gather what work the teachers had given the students and do them but he wasn't worried about it. He was smart and talented so a week off wouldn't hurt him in the least. He wouldn’t notice the harsh gaze until he would have it locked onto his own gaze when he left the Great Hall. A grasp around his arm was the only warning he got before he was being dragged down the hallway. “What do you think you are doing?” Regulus hissed, glaring at the person who dared to touch him. He was spun around and slammed into the wall, his gaze finally locking onto one Sirius Black. “Get your hands off of me, blood traitor.” Regulus tried shoving him but Sirius stood there like a damn wall. He grabbed Regulus arm and jerked the sleeve upwards, his fingers tightening at the glaring mark in front of him. Staring straight ahead, Regulus watched many emotion cross over Sirius face. Anger. Hurt. Disbelief. Once upon a time Regulus would be shifting uncomfortably under the gaze but instead he was standing straight, gaze locked on Sirius': ready for his reply.

“You idiot.” Sirius hissed. “You absolute brainwashed pain in the ass idiot.” Regulus growled, “Don’t act as if you care now, brother dearest. Besides you knew this day would happen. Now get your filthy hands off of me.” This time when he shoved Sirius away from him, the man stumbled backwards, and Regulus was able to fix his robes. They now stood there across from each other, brothers by blood now enemies by a single action. Standing a few feet from them was the ever watching eyes of Sirius’ best mates. Regulus could feel their eyes on him as the mark was glaringly there for all in the hallway to see. Luckily it was only them.  “Reg.” His old nickname, something he hadn’t heard in years. The sound of it had him for a single second flinching before he was schooling his features into one of indifference. “You’re a bloody fool.” Regulus took a step forward, getting into Sirius’ face. “I am on the winning side.” With that he shoved past his brother and kept on walking: ignoring the thump of a fist meeting the wall that Regulus had been leaning against just moments before. He glared at James Potter, daring him to say something while he fixed his sleeve over the mark. That was the last time Regulus spoke with his brother in any sort of capacity. The last time he ever fought with him. The last time he would ever hear his voice directed at him. Eventually the school year ended and Sirius was done with Hogwarts. It wouldn’t be until a couple of years later that the Black family would lose a member: no one would know how or why but one single house elf named Kreacher. Until years later when every member of the Black family was gone in one way or another and the story of Regulus Arcturus Black was told to three teens destined to save the world despite only being so damn young.

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