Lexi Nolan-Redfield

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May 15th, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 25
Country: Greece

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December 31, 2020


05/05/2021 11:35 PM 

zombie rules-Lexi Style

I figured while I was working on things that I would put up some rules, granted if those who choose not to follow them there will be consequences. I don't just deal with zombies on a daily bases now do I? so lets get to it shall we? 

okay rule number 1: I am not a fan of drama that sh*t is for the birds and thats stuff meant to stay in school. Most of us on here are adults and granted you should be acting like one.  If your under the age and you choose to add me I suggest you be respectful to me and any of the friends I have. This is going for everyone, anyone who chooses to make a scene and cause problems I will end up reporting the situation and won't mind to block your account.

rule number 2: When it come to forming relationship romantically I am open to subject however I will not throw my character straight into a romantic situation. Im old school and like any normal relationship goes you start off slow see if theres a connection and you gradually build a bond. Now I know theres a large percentage of men on this site who strictly do ero roleplays and that is not gonna fly with me, that is strictly forbidden. I will not put my character into an ero roleplay verse she is strictly action and adventure given the fact she lives in a zombie world/s.

rule number 3: Given the fact my character is based of The Last of Us series I also can cross her over into any zombie series such as the The Walking Dead, Resident Evil and any old school shows. I am open to crossovers with main characters which im always looking for and those few who have AU characters such as myself. 

rule number 4:  My writing style itself is very creative and wordy I can write up to three paragraphs at a time no less than one paragraph. I don't expect anyone to write as much as I do but if you do thats great makes the plot alot better and if you don't I expect it to be at least a paragraph or more. No onliners are allowed! I will not write back and chances are I will delete you off my page. The main point for this app is to get great writers who know how to write not someone who won't spend the time to make the storyline interesting. 


05/03/2021 01:40 PM 

Lexi Nolan-Zombies!!!

The names Lexi Nolan and I'm just one of those few survivors who survived the outbreak. If you wish to roleplay or just chat please read my bio so ya have some understanding of my character. I can originate in any zombies series The Walking , The Last of Us and more. So feel free to stop by any time!!

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