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January 14th, 2021

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 25
Country: Afghanistan

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December 30, 2020


01/13/2021 02:34 AM 

New Year New Me January for Gizelle

New Year new Me post! Yay!

1. Where were you born?
Somewhere in England. Other than that I'm not quite sure.
2. Are you close to your family?
They died quite a long time ago, but when they were alive, I was very close to them. Well, except for my father.
3. What do you do for a living?
Right now I am a Personal Shopper.
4. What is your current religion?
I don't really practice any certain religion.
5. How do you deal with stress?
I try to find a nice quiet place and start reading a book, or go to an Archery Field.
6. What's your idea of fun?
A day at an ice rink and then go home and watch corny movies with popcorn.
7. What is your greatest personal fault?
Not being able to personally detach myself from others before I have to move on.
8. Did you have any past loves? If so, what happened between you?
Byron McIntosh. We were in love for a long time. Unfortunately, unknown to either of us, his parents had hired a gunman to kill me, but Byron got hit instead. I don't really like going into too many details...Sorry...
9. What keeps you awake at night?
Many things, honestly it would be too long to list.
10. What does a perfect world look like to you? 
Considering there is no such thing, is there any reason to dwell on it by giving everyone false ideals?
11. What smells or scents bring you a fond memory?
Pine and Strawberries, Sand and Sea Water, and Vanilla and Honey
12. What is your fondest memory?
When I was a child, my adoptive mother found a cat in the village that seemed to attach itself to her. One day it finally followed her home, I had him for quite some time. He was a beloved pet. 
13. What is your most troubling memory?
As I had mentioned earlier, when Byron was proposing to me, he was shot, and he Uhm...He died in my arms right after the ring slid onto my finger...
14. What was your favorite game as a child?

15. What is the one thing you always carry with you? 

16. What's your drink of choice?

17. What's your favorite type of food?

18. What's your favorite movie?

19. What's your favorite tv series?

20. Do you prefer cooking or takeaway?

21. Do you stay up late or wake up early? 

22. What's the worst thing you have ever wished on someone?

23. What's your ideal holiday vacation?

24. Describe your sense of style.

25. What music do you enjoy listening to?

26. What is your least favorite food?

27. What other countries (or worlds) have you visited?

28. What is an expensive habit you have?

29. Do you have any kinks?

30. What deity do you feel most connected to?

31. How would you choose to die?

12/30/2020 11:36 PM 

My introduction!
Current mood:  anxious

Hi guys! This is only my third time on a roleplay website in quite a few years! I have been wanting to join for a while but was having reservations because I'm not sure how active websites are anymore. But here I am! I am hoping to get to know a few of you as friends and hopeful writing partners! I hope your interactions with me OOC and IC are pleasant and if they aren't please feel free to let me know! I hope you guys enjoy my profile and if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in my inbox! Have a great new year everyone!

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