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11/21/2020 12:32 PM 

rules to follow.

  • The writer portrays Lilith in various ways, before you engage her in roleplay please determine which version you are interested in. 
  • Lilith is not someone who will all of a sudden become a knocked up housewife, she is a powerful supernatural entity who dates as far back as 700 B.C.E. While she has the propensity to birth children - she will not marry. Love interests (if active, loyal, compatible, and imaginative) may develop but only if I the writer sees fit.
  • The writer has roleplayed Lilith since the days of MySpace and tends to research her extensively for her upcoming novels. Do not question or attempt to change how Lilith is portrayed. 
  • Do not add if you do not seriously plan on writing. The writer has no time for chatty Cathys or do nothing Dans. Do not waste her time ever. She has no tolerance for it.
  • Discord for the present time is a big fat NO, it is too distracting to the writer and it only ends up pissing her off that people have all the time in the world for messengers and no time to actually write posts. -smh- This may change but only with active writers & friends. We will see.
  • The writer is a multi-para to novella player, quite literate and quite educated. One liners and gobbly gook will not be accepted as roleplay posts.
  • The writer will not discuss her reality. So mind your buisness!
  • Drama llamas, miserable folks, profile collectors are not welcomed on this page.
  • If you continually bulletin or stream for payment for crappy edits, be gone with you before Lilith sends you to the furthest chasms of Hell for your insatiable greed and stupidity! 
  • Solicitation of any kind is a Cardinal Sin, if Lilith is plagued with it she will most definitely end you and annihilate you and your soul!
  • Stealing from Lilith is not wise. Just do not do it, EVER!
  • Patience is a must as the writer gets busy. Deal with it or take your whiny arse elsewhere.
  • While the writer is sweet, Lilith is mostly not. Know it is only roleplay and nothing more. Do not read into sh*t and Do not assume!
  • Do not ask the writer to change her character to suit yours. Lilith is a supernatural entity and it will remain this way.
  • Keep in mind I am here to write. Nothing else. Respect this.
  • I am a woman in reality, please be respectful.
  • Lilith favors males as they can help bring her demonic spawn into the world, this does not mean she will not flirt and seduce women as well.
  • The writer behind Lilith is an adult and will write dark, macabre, or triggering themes, if something is off limits to you, please inform the writer to begin with so we may avoid any future problems.
  • While Lilith is a figure in Jewish mysticism, the writer does believe in God and is a practicing Roman Catholic, if the religious or biblical aspects of Lilith offend you then this is not a page that you should add.
  • To clarify, the writer is an editor with her own editing page. She will not make edits on this page. This is a character writing account only. If you want her edits which are free, feel free to ask for her editing site's link.  
  • All rules are subject to change at any time. 
  • Sign only your NAME, send me a gif or a pic and I will tear your heart out.

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