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11/20/2020 06:44 PM 

Starter 3: Traitor (Clone Wars AU)

An uncommon storm raged outside the windows of the Coruscant Jedi Temple.  Rain pelted the glass like blaster fire against the armor of a Separatist tank.  Streaks of the liquid water painted the clear panes with intricate patterns like the web of a spider against the dark charcoal clouds.  Lightnight cast eery reflections and shadows upon the walls and floor, illuminating the dimly lit room in bursts of brilliant clarity.  Thunder roared angrily and shook the very foundations of the Temple as if threatening to shake it apart stone by stone.

Such termoil was reflected in the hearts of the Jedi High Council as they listened silently to the reports of Admiral Tarkin regarding the recent escape of Padawan Ahasoka Tano.

It had come as a great surprise that the Youngling Torgruta had been accused of murdering a suspected anti-Jedi terrorist when the Padawan had gone into the correctional faciltiy to interview her per the prisoner's request.  As upset as the Youngling could get, and the ferosity of her passion when under emotional distress, she had never killed in cold blood before.  It did not seem in her nature and she had thus far proven to take her oath as a Jedi Learner seriously.  The sudden change in her behavior was suspiciously out of place.

However, evidence was suddenly mounting against her and it was hard to argue that it was beginning to look like she had indeed been guilty for the recent bombing of the Temple hanger as well.

Yet, the Force was disturbed beyond the ability for the Council to ignore.  Many did not show their displeasure, but it was not hard to feel the tention mounting within the Council Chamber.  One in particular was having an impossible time coming to terms with the recent events.  He suspected that a sinister plot was at work, and the Youngling was an unfortunate innocent being framed for such heinous crimes.

Without alerting his fellows, Master Plo Koon lent forward upon his elbows with his clawed digits interlaced before his masked face.  An aura of great concentration and interest disguisted the conflicting unrest within his heart.

Emotions had never been a source of thought or action for him, and now was no different.  However, he coudl not deny that a part of him was bonded to Padawan Tano.  Logically speaking, he knew her better than many others, sometimes that included her Master, Anakin Skywalker.  He had found her as a Force Sensitive on her home planet and had brought her to the Order for training, as was protocol.  During her growth to Padawan Learner, he had observed and watched her progress closely with great interest.  They had continued something of a platonic, paternal relationship through the years, and had continued to do so even after she had been assigned to Skywalker.

There had never been a single inplication that Ahsoka could ever raise a hand in violence towards a civilian, except for the reasons of self-defense or the defense of other innocents.

The more information that became aware to Koon on the subject, the greater his suspicions that something was amiss.

"After further investigation, there can be little doubt that the Clone Officers murdered in the escape were killed by none other than Ahsoka Tano herself.  She used a Jedi Mind-Trick to convince the Clone to open the door, and then proceeded to cut him down along with five other Clones along the way." Tarkin finally finsiehd, a cold and ruthless firmness upon his expression and in his voice.

He was definative in his words, suggesting there was no margin for argument.

The Council was silent for several moments, gazes swiftly peering towards one another.

The Kel Dor male slowly straightened himself up, hands easing down to rest upon his lap and still interlaced at the fingers.

"I... do not believe that Ahsoka could've fallen so far..." he uttered thoughtfully, equally steadfast in his resolve.

The other Masters turned to him, gazing over his figure to observe him.  Several were surprised to hear his opinion, as he typically never made it known unless urged to share it.  Others shared a bit of suspicion, as they were well aware of his bond to her and were concerned that for the very first time in his long years of service, he was emotionally compromised.

"The beliefs of the Jedi Council are irrelovant." Tarkin sharply interrupted.  "We deal strictly in facts and evidence, and the evidence points to Padawan Tano being guilty of the attack on the Temple and the murder of the Republic Officers.  This is sadition!"

To further drive his point, the transmission with the Admiral was terminated.  The hologram of his figure and the figures of two Clones flanking him vanished into nothing, casting the Chamber into an even darker space for several seconds before the lights automatically lifted.

Master Plo dipped his head slightly, though not in defeat.  It was a gesture of determination and thought.  He was rather insulted that an outsider had scolded him and attempted to correct him.  The opinions of the Council did matter in situations such as this, for it was an internal affair to some extent.  Their opinions were what made decisions regarding their actions and guided their influence upon Chancellor Palpatine.

The Kel Dor was not one to become cross, but the circumstances were spiralling out of control quickly and he was not going to allow it to reach the depths that it could possibly reach.

During his contemplation, the room became a restless but quiet blur of sweeping gazes, shifting heads and unsteady expressions of worry, concern and distress.

A conversation began with questions towards Skywalker, who had been silently standing near the doorway and patiently waiting for someone to address him.  Discussion of what to do and a declaration of the majority vote was also added to the chatter.  Skywalker loyally defended his Padawan's reasoning and justified her actions with logical explanations.

"Now she's in the lower depths... With her skills, she will be hard to find." Master Windu suggested.

His words ripped Koon from his thoughts and returned him to the moment.

"Two teams we will send.  Master Skywalker... and Master Plo Koon with Clones you will go." Master Yoda replied, a deeply exasperated and regretful expression underlaying the determined and firm eyes.

Tactically, that was the best course of action.  Skywalker and Koon knew Tano the best, thus would be the only ones with the best chances of finding the wayward Padawan.  However, there was now going to be doubt cast upon both named Jedi because of their connections to the fugitive.  However, the only one they would worry about was Anakin because of his impulsive and often rebellious nature.  Sending the steadfast and unshakable Kel Dor alongside him would keep Skywalker on the right path.

More importantly, it was a relief to be made charge of the search.  Master Koon would not have to worry about someone else harming the Youngling.  He would be there to protect her and could conduct an interview of her himself to either confirm or deny his suspcions.  He would know if she was lying to him...

"I think it would be best if both Masters stayed here." Windu countered doubtfully, turning to Yoda with apprehention and distrust in his eyes.  "Their involvement may actually make things worse."

The Chamber became filled with soft utterings.

Skywalker made to respond, but Plo Koon settled a hand upon the younger's shoulder and eased him.

"Respectuflly, I must disagree, Master Windu." the Kel Dor replied calmly.  "Master Skywalker and I know Padawan Tano best.  She will respond to our negotiations if needed, and I have little doubt that she will refuse to return with us once we convince her to do so.  You know as well as any that I will be able to do what is necessary despite my opinions upon the matter and can ensure that Master Skywalker will do the same."

The assembled settled.  All eyes turned to the small green creature at the head of their Order and waited with baited breath as to the final judgement.  The air was still thick with tension and conflicting emotions, but an overall agreement seemed to have befallen them.  They knew their fellow Councilman was correct and trusted him to do as he promised.

Yoda closed his eyes briefly and released a slow sigh.  When the large brown hues reopened, he smoothly waved his hand towards the door.

"Go swiftly then, Masters, and bring back this lost Youngling before it is too late."

Relief flooded not only Skywalker's aura, but the same could be said for Koon's.  The entire Chamber relaxed just enough to verify the vote of confidence.

Both Masters bowed briefly.

"Yes, Master." they affirmed in unison.

Together and in a rare moment of syncronization, the pair straightened, turned and strode out of the Chamber towards their common goal.

'Be strong, Little Soka.  We are coming to aid you.' the elder of the two males mentally assured.

11/19/2020 06:21 PM 

Starter 2: Meditation (AU)

A cool and welcomed breeze drifted across the vast fields of green and lucious grasslands.  Flowering plants swayed in the winds without resistance, spilling their decident scent across the pastures.  Native fauna grazed amongst one another in perfect harmony.  Peace and goodwill saturated the area with warmth and light.

It was a beautiful and relaxing day, one that should never be wasted inside a building or amongst civilians.

The Living Force was strong in this area, though the planet itself seemed rich in the Force.  It strengthened the Jedi stationed there, giving them a great deal of inner peace.  Even their bodies seemed to relax and find a calmness that seemed long forgotten.  Tension was exstinguished and they could finally recover.

The usually hardy Kel Dor Master was more than appreciative for the reprieve.  It had been a long time since he'd been able to meditate and connect with the Force.  He had been needing the boost of strength in mind, body and spirit lately.  Even with the Empire gone and peace somewhat restored to the galaxy, what few Jedi still remained and their new Padawan Learners were quite busy attending to their ancient duties of peacekeeping and mediating.

Plo Koon himself had seen it reasonable to try and guide the younger and less experienced of the Masters, as well as begin training new Force-sensitive Younglings.  Master Yoda, Master Obi-Won Kenobi and many others of the Old Republic were gone, having joined with the Force years ago.  To his knowledge, the Kel Dor was the only remaining member of the High Council still alive and could perform such duties.

It was a long and uncertain road ahead, but for now, there was a great deal of hope and peace that every living being in the galaxy could enjoy.

11/19/2020 11:50 AM 

Starter 1: Survival (AU)

The star-ship clattered loudly around the cockpit; the roar of fire and destruction deafening. Smoke billowed from scorched holes and burning materials that created a dark trail across the blue skies. The cracked glass marred the war torn cities that were growing ever closer at a disturbing rate of speed. Alarms blared and lights flickered as power surged and died almost in sync.

Death was imminent and reaching desperately to drag him in and join the Force. The Jedi Master could almost feel Her cold grip upon his frame.
To die in battle was not frightening.

Jedi were constantly reminded of the possibility they would never return to their temples after any conflict. It was the Will of the Force should they meet their end. All they were required to do was complete their assignment and enter oblivion on their honor. Their minds must be clear of fear, regrets and selfishness and their hearts must accept that the Force would guide them to eternity.

Peace. That was all he could feel as the heat of flame engulfed him.

The pain of his body slamming into the surrounding cockpit did nothing to rattle his resolve. Not even the brutal sting of betrayal could break his inner balance. The Clones he had served with for many years and had come to trust with his life had shot him down.

The 442nd was not his assigned battalion, but he had served with many nonetheless. He had accepted them as what they were: living beings born and bred for war. They were not naturally conceived and birthed, but they bled the same blood and fought for the same beliefs as he did: Freedom, Liberty, and Peace across the galaxy without the Separatist Confederacy trying to destroy the rights of all living beings. The Clone Troopers were made to be his allies and he'd grown rather fond of the men of the 104th, whom were his regularly assigned companions.

To him, the betrayal was not as traumatic as it could have been. It was easier to make peace with the idea that perhaps it was accidental friendly fire performed by men not as well experienced in working with Jedi as the Wolfpack. War often had accidents, and in some environments or under certain pressures caused them to happen. Taking damage from your own men was rare, but not unheard of. Commander Wolffe had not been the one to shoot him, thus it was easier to make peace with the situation.

'Live well, my friends. May the Force be with you.' he thought silently, jostled a moment by a swift but devastating impact against a crumbling building.

Images of the 104th flashed across his mind's eye. Memories of moments passed both good and bad drifted in and out of view faster than the blink of an eye. Joining them were blips of his fellow Jedi, many of whom he suddenly began to realize were disappearing from the Living Force.

Death was taking them all at the same time. A mass purge of life limited to Jedi was occurring across the far reaches of space.

The sudden and powerful realization struck him harder than any blow sustained on the battlefield thus far. His chest felt as though it would crumble below his skin and his heart was being torn from his body. Trained Masters and their Padawan Learners were being destroyed without mercy by their own men. What was more, the life of Younglings in the Temple on Coruscant had been extinguished. The disturbance of the Force was too terrible and ran too deep to ignore, even in his own self crisis.

The next set of impacts, this time connecting with lower levels much closer to the ground, tossed the Jedi hard and savagely inside his cockpit. His head slammed several times against the domed window surrounding him, blurring his vision and dulling his senses.

His thoughts slowed until ceasing entirely, locked on one last face.

'Little Soka...'

Regret suddenly flooded his body as time and space seemed to slow around him. The agony of fire reaching his robes and skin almost immediately numbed when the distress of his mistakes reached his heart. He should have believed her without question. He should have worked to help her rather than concede to the evidence that both condemned her and yet did not match the circumstances. He'd known from the beginning Ahsoka had not done such dark and devious actions, and yet he had not stood up for her like his paternal instincts screamed for him to do. Perhaps it was better that she had not returned. Her decision to exile herself had undoubtedly saved her life for now. All he could hope was that she remained safe in these trying times.

'Be safe, Youngling... May the Force be with you...'

Fire consumed the air around him and became the last image his eyes took in. The feeling of floating was the final experience his body endured. Blackness overwhelmed him upon the final impact with the ground. All thought ceased, the sounds silenced and his remaining senses disappeared...


The smell of ash filtered into lungs. Heat surrounded the area as small flames still crackled and ate whatever material it could devour, and the pavement below was sweltering with the rays of the sun beating upon its surface.

Pain roused the senses fully. The taste of something metallic settled upon his taste buds and the source undoubtedly coated his mandibles. Each breath was ragged and required a great deal of effort more than usual. Every muscle felt weak and stiff, arguing defiantly not to move when he commanded it. His connection to the Force was strained, but he could still sense his surroundings and what remained of life nearby.

A wet and rattling feeling entered his throat and forced an involuntary set of coughs to jostle his torso. Agony raged through his body with each jolt, but he could not stop himself.

His body finally responded and rolled from his front to his left side. The weight upon his ribs sent waves of excruciating discomfort through his frame. The attempt to support his weight upon his arm was found unsuccessful, as had been brutally broken in the crash and possibly his landing after being thrown from the cockpit. Rolling to the right side was not much better, save for his right arm able to bear weight, but his ribs seemed to be damaged on both sides. His right leg bore a compound break in the femur, which made laying on his right half even more painful, but still doable. Many other bones were possibly fractured, but it was difficult to tell the extent of damage unless it was visible or easily determined by lack of movement. Torn muscles were also a factor that could hide further injury. Internal damage of the organs was also difficult at times, but the discoloration on the visible skin through his shredded robes and taste of metal in his mouth suggested lung damage below the shattered ribcage.

Dry and itchy patches of stale blood gave way to flesh wounds and deep punctures from shrapnel. His head was heavy, throbbing and a challenge to lift with a bruised and strained neck. Liquid warmth ran down the sides of his skull from various headwounds sustained in the plummet.

Breathlessly groaning once the coughing had ceased, the Jedi absently checked his re-breather for damage and finding the unit to be uncompromised. One miracle out of the trauma he'd just endured.

Somehow he was alive, but for how long was unknown. He could already hear the voices of Commander Jag's Ground Troopers approaching to check the rubble for him. If this was an intentional attack as he had begun to suspect before crashing, then they would not keep him alive if they discovered him. He was considered the enemy now, and the Clones were not trained to take prisoners as powerful as a Jedi. They were meant to terminate him on sight should they find him. Mind over matter.

Pain was a temporary state of being.

The Kel Dor gathered what strength he could find and struggled through the agony to try and rise to his single stable leg.

'I am one with the Force... and the Force is with me...' he began to mentally repeat as a mantra, urging his body to draw every ounce of strength it could find and push himself to do whatever must be done in order to survive. Lying in the street and remaining out in the open was not an option.

The scream of ARC-170 Starfighters approached rapidly. The very same squadron whom he'd led and served with just moments ago had returned, this time with the intent to ensure he was terminated. It would have been a moment of pride for the Republic to have such well trained men, but in the moment, it was a startling prospect when the fugitive was himself.

There was no panic as it would not have served him well. The Kel Dor's collective and steady nature remained despite the urgency of his condition. His swift thinking concluded to one solution to his problem. The wreckage provided several pieces of intact material that would make excellent splints and crutches.

Despite his body's rapidly growing weakness, Master Koon managed to summon the desired pieces to his good hand with the aid of the Force and his own telekinetic abilities. He worked quickly to reset the broken bones and stabilize them with appropriately lengthened pieces of scrap. Tattered strips of his robes sufficed as bandages to hold the pieces in place, as well as stem the bleeding. A single crutch was made with the addition of a patch weld done by his lightsaber. It was a crude and hasty array, but one that proved sufficient.

His departure was underway at a pace that removed him from the scene of his burning Delta 7-B and carried him across the narrow bridge to the maze of a battle-scarred city center. The civilians were in chaotic panic to either escape the battle or save the burning frames of damaged buildings. They would take no notice of him and certainly wouldn't go looking for him for quite some time.

The same could not be said for the 442nd. The Starfighters had already landed and their pilots were searching the wreckage while the ground forces were approaching quickly to search the area more thoroughly. Security was going to be tight. Nightfall was his best choice for movement. He would need to find a place to hole up and wait for the opportune moment to escape. Getting off-world and exiling elsewhere to heal would be his greatest chance for survival.

11/19/2020 08:50 AM 

Personality, Skills and Traits

Considered level-headed and unflappably calm, Koon was among the wisest members of the Jedi Order. He is always deeply concerned with every form of life.

Master Plo has been said to be one of the best pilots in the Jedi Order and his skills were often praised by fellow Jedi such as Anakin Skywalker when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi crashed on Carnelion IV and Mace Windu when he assembled his team for one of his first missions in the Clone Wars and compared the pilot skills of Rissa Mano to his.

The Kel Dor Jedi Master is so powerful that the Sith Lord Darth Maul considered him to be one of the greatest Jedi warriors of his time, though they never dueled one another. This was justified by several reasons.  The first being that Koon is a master of telekinesis, and can move objects without having to face them. The second: he can use a forbidden Force technique called 'Electric Judgment'. (To many Jedi, this seemed to be too close to the Force Lightning employed by the enemies of the Jedi—the fearsome Sith Lords- but when asked if he would continue to use such a technique, the Kel Dor admitted he would in order to continue serving as a peacekeeper.) Koon also has armored talons that are based on a traditional Kel Dor design. (They are used to protect his sensitive fingertips, and are also able to focus and increase the range of his Force powers.)

Plo Koon possesses an extensive knowledge of the physical sciences. In particular, he uses his expert knowledge of physics along with the Force to alter the environment. The resourceful Jedi can create small whirlwinds as well as a dense fog over a limited area, freeze tiny rivers and lakes, and raise or lower the temperature of his surroundings enough to incapacitate an opponent.

In addition to the Jedi, Koon also belongs to the 'Baran Do', a Force sect predating the Jedi from his homeworld of Dorin, as members of his family had been over the centuries. As such, he is a master of a number of their techniques, such as 'Ayna-Seff'.

Possessing great strength, Koon is a master of hand-to-hand combat. He is also a master of the fifth form of lightsaber combat, 'Shien'. Master Plo is considered to be one of the most skilled swordsman in the Jedi Order, and is capable of fending off the infamous Jedi hunter Asajj Ventress, having done so twice while being encumbered by a broken arm. He is also trained in the use of 'Ataru'. According to Anakin Skywalker, the Kel Dor is one of a few Jedi to have ever defeated Grand Master Yoda in a lightsaber duel.

Plo Koon also has the ability to breathe and survive in space for a short period of time owing to his thick, leathery Kel Dor hide and re-breather.

11/19/2020 03:02 AM 


!!!This character will be played with an alternative to the canon lore: he survived Order 66!!!

**New to character and verse, but I have been roleplaying for nearly 20 years.  Please be patient as I acclimate to the character and the verse.**

1] No wrestling, Hollywood, celeb, real-life, furry, erotic or dust collectors.  Compatible and mostly active only.

2] Literacy is a must.  Only those speaking English as a second language may have greater liniency, otherwise do the best you can to ensure your writing is done well.  Minor mistakes once in a while are acceptable as well, but if I cannot understand what you are trying to write, then I will automatically delete you and move on.

3] No God-Modding.  I may be new to this character, but that doesn't mean you will be allowed to dictate how I chose to portray him.  This includes his skills and abilities.  I do not control that as he is canon.

4] Crossovers and original characters are welcome.  However, common sense will dictate compatibility between verses.  OCs will need to actually be original.  I have zero tolerance for those triggered by everything, constantly trying to play the pity card, clingy, always needing rescued, always getting injured or overpowered/overrated.  Use common sense.

5] Keep the drama in your household.  I come to escape the trials and tribulations of real life.  Do not stir the pot online or you will be deleted and blocked without warning.

6] Mature themes (21+) are acceptable, but use your brain to determine when enough is enough.  There is more to life than sex, drugs, alcohol, gore and similar themes.  Make it balanced to keep the storyline entertaining.

7] Have fun.

8] If you have read this, I appreciate your time and effort to do so and would like to ask you to also read my profile biography.  If you have questions or concerns, please bring them to my attention and I will gladly clarify anything and everything I can.

9] Real life is a priority, thus you may have to wait a few days to a week before I can answer.  Don't be afraid to send messages as I will get to them, but patience is greatly appreciated at this point as life is busy.  I will certainly not push for a response knowing there may be something going on at your end.

10] If you add, you speak first.  I will begin if I send the request.  Discussions are mandatory before a storyline is started.  Do not send in-character random starters.  I will not respond and will likely remove you.

Please comment 'Wolfpack' below when you have read, understand and agree to adhere to these rules once we begin a plot.

Thank you all once again and I look forward to creating wonderful pieces of literature together.

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