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Do I have a Nick out there?
Current mood:  discontent

Glory had asked herself as she stood in the front of the mirror. The truth was she been using magic now to make reality the way she had wanted it. She now reached the point of no return. Perhaps if just one friend would have reached out to her. She would not have caused the world to end. Now things are about to escalate just as she foresaw. And many will be ether sign the book of the beast or face death soon.  There are so many choices she can make. She then opted to test the reality. She had been holding off from. Due to Some small fear that her daddy might still be out there. He would never understand how she always needed both her parents in her life. No matter how crappy the other half may have been. No less she needed to feel love. She needed to see what her life would have been. If she never went to Ares and told him. How Queen Pointe had felt about him. And in ironically ends up the way she wished her life was now.  

Most had never known prior to Ares and QP reuniting. That Dracula had been trying to court her. Which to Glory was always such a beautiful irony. Since the way, Triton had used to fight with Hannibal in Queen Pointes blogs. Had always reminded her of how Micheal Blackfire would often fight with Johnny. There was certainly no doubt. Glory had a type. And it was those who felt they could always be the hero. Though this reality it did greatly alter the outcome of her friendship with QP. And her life today. It sadly still did not save the R group from its demise. Since Ares had not rekindled his flames with QP. He ended up growing closer to Thea than previously in the current reality. She had in some ways replaced QP. So sadly even though Discord had never gotten booted again. She still in end found her heart was still but broken. Though her and Ares remain roleplayer partners until 2015 when he retired. After pressure from her parents, Thea had eventually moved back to Alabama. And the time span of her and Ares real-life romance lasted about the same. As it had for QP in our reality.  Queen Pointe did in fact end up becoming one of Draculas lovers. And Glory and Ethen still crossed paths however it was on his Vlad account. 

Loneliness does strange things to humans and witches alike. After all, that was why God gave Adam, Eve. No one is truly meant to be alone. And even if these familiars were lying to her. When it fact they lead her to think. That her ex did in fact still love her. The way she had him. No matter the truth. She now used magic to make the lies the truth. Which is forbidden. And the very reason she has caused the world to end. And split in her personas of love and hate. Since now one persona loves him unconditionally as the other hates him on the same level. Not leaving her with a natural balance of emotions we tend to have for ones who played our hearts like a fiddle. 

After she walked through the mirror. She was now in the reality. The one she ends up being most content. 

Glory why do you look so damn happy? After just merely minutes ago. You had just been having a fit about no matter how many kids you pop out. None of them is enough to ever keep Vlad more than semi-active. And Dracula is still be founded as to why Vlad is seeming hostile towards him. He is starting to think it's over him throwing out Vampire Claire for being caught in her lovemaking with a Storm.
I am sorry Glory I know you will not like hearing me say this. But I think its time you leave Vlad. I am already having to complete with that Mummy Queen who came out nowhere. And I just can't risk anything causing him to lose favour in me. 

Wait for what? The Storms and Draculas still go to war here? Let me guess Claire was caught with Malice, wasn't she? None of this should be happening. She said out loud to herself. She realized now her crossing over must have shifted some of her realities events. Into this ones.
Glory are you on drugs? You are acting like you have no idea about any this. Now tell me what is going on? Glory you have not cast some cooky whacky spell again, have you? Yes, that was who she was caught with. I do not know what your up too. But it just better not make things any worse. Then they already are. 
No mom I am not on drugs and I am always casting spells. Duh, I am a witch. Listen do not worry I promise I will fix this. And stop a huge war from happening. Okay just trust me, Mom. I got to go I love you. 

Just then her little brother and sister half vampire half mermaid and Mermen had walked in. Shouting storytime momma Storytime momma!!! QP then tells them.  Now sit down all my little loves. And I will tell you the best story ever. Then looks up at Glory. I swear I do not know what you are up too. But do not make me have to throw you out of this house. I mean it Glory. 

Glory then realizes she will need to confront Ethen since he was not getting on his Vlad account. But she really did not know-how. Since it might freak him out. Since she barely ever even said a word to Ethen. No less she had no choice. She knew now she had to convince Ethen to stop the war from happening. The part that confused her. Was why Vlad was being hostile. Over Claire and Malice. 
After waiting for Ethen for hours to show up. He had finally come. 

Hey, I am Ethen what are you doing here? He asked her as he then sat down next to her. It had clearly looked like he had a rough day. And he had no intention of just being upfront with her. Since as far has he known. She had no idea that Vlad and Ethen had been the same. 
You look different. And I actually am here cause I need to talk to you. And the things I am going to say. Will totally freak you out. And you might ether think I am crazy or follow you around. Due to I know them. But it's of an urgent nature. And it will help prevent a lot of heartaches. And unnecessary drama. So just promise to not freak out on me. And let me finish everything. Before you react okay?

What? I look different? I chose this look due to my nephew Paul liked it. But no less not sure how I ever looked any other way. but okay Glory Dracula. I will hear you out. And try my best to not freak out about it. He was a little nervous now. And thought maybe somehow. She had known now he was Vlad. And even he knew when his temper got the best of him. He could rant or go into attack mode. And not think about all those around watching. And often that trait was the same no matter whose skin he was in. 

So in this reality, Paul does this too? Okay.. Well, Ethen yes I do know you are Vlad but that is not even the biggest shock. This is an Alternate earth. One of many different versions of a Prime Earth or Earth 1. And it's one where today you and I still are close and connected. I know how it sounds. But when I came here. To just be able to be with you again. I think I caused a shift here. You have to stop Dracula and Johnny from going to war. It will affect a large mass of people. And lead to a domino chain of events. And you need to decide who truly means the most to you. Joanna or Johnny and just pick one. Listen I won't judge you. No matter which it is you decide. I just know if you don't do it now and stick to it. Completely cutting the other out of your life. In the end, you will lose them both. Here is the big one, the one I know you will not like me knowing about. Don't have your mother help you with things. In the end, it will ruin her life. And she will runoff. Only to one day become your greatest enemy even more so than I or Joanna or any ex-lover you had. And its okay Ethen you can trust me I love you so damn much. I don't think ever really realized you where the love of life. Until the day I finally had no one else to rebound off of. Maybe we were never meant to really be together. Maybe that was where we made the mistake in our world. I do know one thing for certain. I want to make a beautiful story with you. Until the day one of us dies. Cause all I know is once I was finally forced to deal with the fact I loved you. And I realized if I was then the way I am now. I would have never have dumped you. Or shared my accounts with others without you knowing. Just promise me you will listen and promise me that you will stop these petty dramas with Johnny. She said her eyes now gleamed a little from her fighting to hold back her tears.  She knew it was a lot for him to take in. And she knew for Ethen, all this now just came out left field.  And he likely would get a little pissy about it. Since it was such unexpected confession. 

First off that was one long emotional speech. If you had left that as a picture comment. I may in fact have assumed you where Violet Halliwell. But first off if it's fated for me to lose both Jo and Johnny than so be it. And what do you mean in your world our mistake was trying to really be together? Please do not think I am being a D*ck. Cause I do love and care about you, Glory. Cause we have written together for nearly a year now. I however can't see how my mother and I could ever be like that. She is one true friend I have in this world Glory. I know you and she is close. So how will she feel when I tell her that? And I am flattered by this cause I had no idea you had fallen for myself on such a level. But can we please just take this one step at a time. Not rush into anything. No matter what earth we are on. 

Then do not tell her Ethen. Just always do the right thing. Never make her feel. As if you just used her. In our world Ethen, there is so much deception, half-truths, and malice towards others very few even know the real truth. Most no longer even care too. We both end up so broken. Yes in my world we crossed lines way too soon. And I was still a first-year writer then. I was not enlightened yet.  Just ask yourself this Ethen. If you knew I knew all your transgressions both good and bad. And no matter who they were done too. I still loved you no less. Would you not be madly in love with myself in return?

Ethen took a moment as he was lost in his thoughts. Just still taking all this in. He never really even dreamed that Glory would be one of those. He would consider bringing into his inner circle. That she would be someone he could highly trust. But he could not deny. No matter if she was in fact a little off her rocker. She knew things. There was no way of knowing. 

Yes, Glory, I think that I could see myself loving you that much in return. But I have no idea how to stop Dracula and Johnny from going to war. That fuse has done been lit. 

Yes, you do Ethen, Just go with those closest to them. Those they love. And ask them to reason with the other. Explain that fighting on the internet is just retarded. In the end, it changes nothing. And just leaves a long trail of unerasable disdain and discourse forever entrapped in the web. Make them see that in end all the back and forth post. Will only confuse and even scare others off. Just make them both seem like two men. That should be avoided. Ethen its always a thin line between love and hate. And both can engulf one like the flames of passion. If they are not careful. We have to show them, love, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance is the way. We can't let this earth's faults be the same as my own. 

Sometimes you are so damn sweet and beautiful. Glory I can't speak for the other Ethen on the other earth. But I can say in this one. I do not know what I would ever do with out you in my life. I am confused if you came to our world. Then were did our Glory go? He asked not really sure how all this worked. 

She then thought a second. I am not sure, if we merge as one or if she goes back to my world. But later when we have time. We can use little magic and spellcasting go find out for certain. She said she then leaned up to kiss him. It was short and sweet one. But no less she had just felt the need to. In case maybe this had all be some dream. And she was going to wake from it any second. She wanted to know at least they had one last kiss. Before it all came to an end. 

Sorry to interrupt you to love birds but QP sent me to check on Glory. I suppose she will be pleased to see Vlad is no longer an issue now. But may I borrow her for a second love thank you. 

Auntie what are you doing here? Why did Mom send you to check up on me? Is everything okay? And this Ethen. Its pleasure to finally meet you Harmonia.
  So Harmonia gets the boot instead of Hebe. That sure is interesting. 

What did you say love? Hebe? I have not seen her in over a year now. Sabrina are you okay? That was why your mother sent me to check in on you. She felt you just suddenly were not being yourself. And was worried you might get yourself in trouble. But It seems like you are doing okay. But no less lets head back. So your mom can see for herself.  I suppose you can bring this Ethen along if you like. 

Actually tell her I will be home soon. And not to worry everything is going to be okay. I still need to talk to Ethen about somethings. Thank you Auntie I love you. 

Be a dear and just send her IM would you love. That will save me the headache once I get back home. You too love. See you soon. 

Now where were we? Ethen I just hope you never forget this day. And I hope we never lose the other. Cause there will never be anyone. That I loved the way I did you. I wish we had more time. So I can tell you more. But all that matters is the here and now. Cause I do not want to waste one more second. Cause life is so short. I just want you to always know. There is nothing I would not ever do for you. And I hope now we are together in this reality. We can now always be together. Cause you complete me. I don't care how unhealthy all the books say it is. To feel we need another person to complete us. Cause I known no matter what I do. All these years with out you. I have just felt so empty. Like a piece of me was missing.   RIght now in the here and now. I truly feel like I have all I could ever ask for. And I do not care if it causes my old world to end. As long as I get to be with you in this one. That is how much you mean to me. And don't you ever forget it. Ethen Micheal Halliwell. 


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