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December 4th, 2020

Gender: Female

Age: 24
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October 29, 2020


11/17/2020 11:54 PM 

Hera's Signature


11/17/2020 01:49 PM 

Hera's Magical Abilities and Possessions

Hera's Magic Abilities

  • Magical mastery.
  • Defence against the dark arts. 
  • Charms.
  • Transfiguration.
  • Potions.
  • Nonverbal magic.
  • Care of magical creatures and dragons. 
  • Skilled with art and either sketches or paints.
  • Apparition.
  • Healing magic.
  • Herbology.
  • History of magic.
  • Muggle studies.
  • Animagus - She has the ability to transform into a black true wolf with yellow eyes. 
  • Elemental manipulation - She can create and control the four elements, such as fire, water, air and earth.  
  • Study of Ancient Runes. 

Hera's Possessions

  • Wand made out of dragon heartstring core, wood is unknown. 
  • Passport. 
  • Art book.
  • Black studded backpack to keep her wand and supplies in.
  • Briefcase with all her magical creatures inside.

11/13/2020 08:30 PM 

Hera's Diary (Thestral)

Dear Diary, 

I can see Thestrals and I think these are the most extraordinary creatures to have ever come across apart from the dragons of course, I won't go into to much detail to how I can see them as it still effects me emotionally just thinking and talking about it, but I will explain it as briefly as possible. I witnessed my close friend die, it was horrible and I couldn't go on with life, my spell casting and magic started to go bad. I didn't know how I could keep going on with life and being a witch, it was the most horrible experience ever, I will tell you the most horrible night of my life. I went into the forbidden forest with my friend one night, it was dark of course and very spooky, the air filled with coldness and death. I won't speak of my friend's name but she was one of the closest while I was at Hogwarts school during my fourth year, she was a beautiful blonde and her eyes were dark green that look like emeralds. The two of us went into the forest because some boy from another house dared us to, of course we did as it was a dare, you can't refuse a dare. I was more confident then my friend, it wasn't that she was weak just she didn't have as much confident as me, I was her protector but I failed her. Anyway back to the point, we were stumbling into the dark woods, it was cold but we kept walking further and further and till we are in the middle of nowhere. I stayed close to my friend, I didn't want to get lost or for us to be separated, I heard a noise behind me and turned around quickly as I was spooked but no one was there. 

We kept stumbling further and deeper into the forbidden forest, we knew that we was to far in the forest now, but we stood still as we heard noises coming from all around us. As we held hands and I stood in front of my friend with my wand ready to protect us both, suddenly a beast came out of nowhere from behind us, we wasn't expecting that! I was thrown into the air because the beast knocked me flying through the air with it's big claw hand, I was badly hurt and broken my arm but the beast was directly aiming itself for my friend, my arm hurt like hell but I tried my best to protect my friend as I aimed my wand towards the beast, I tried to cast my spell but the beast ran over to me and threw me into the air again I landed deeper into the woods but further way from my friend and the beast. I was badly harmed, my arm was broken and I was flat on the ground as all I could was watch as the beast killed my best friend by tearing her to pieces, it didn't just hurt her, it physically killed her and took the one best thing away. They call this beast a werewolf, I thought I was going to be next to die but it disappeared without a trace as I laid there on the forbidden forest ground, I stood up and ran over to my friend, she was lifeless and was torn and scratched to pieces, I said sorry and just left her there to die her last breath. As I stumbled further through the forest, trying to find my way back to the Hogwarts school, I stood as I saw something so beautiful and magical, a unicorn just standing there and glancing over to me. I didn't want to scare it off so I just stood in silence as I watched it, so stunning and white, I gave a soft smile and waited for it to run off somewhere into the forest as it disappeared into the dark forest.

I just kept stumbling through the forest alone, cold and hurt, also very anger and sad with myself, that I just witnessed my close friend be destroyed right in front of me and I just watched it all happen without trying to save her. I haven't witnessed just one death but a few more, mostly all good wizards and witches, one of them being my best friend but death seems to follow me wherever I go. I won't go into details about the other deaths, it is to horrible and I just can't. After losing my best friend for years after her death, I had sleepless nights and terrible night terrors of that very night from losing her to the werewolf. The werewolf was unknown I have no idea who they were but all I knew is it killed my friend and I would never forgive whoever it was, I never encountered another beast since that terrible night. For the rest of the fourth year at Hogwarts I went down hill with everything, I felt lost and cold and just mostly stayed by myself like a loser, but I guess it was grief that was another friend of mine. Once I returned to the muggle world for a bit I was still that lost self, I barely spoke to family and my muggle friends, I just walked alone with life and distracted myself with art. It was ever since losing my best friend to that werewolf, I really got into art and decided that one day I would work with dragons because they were so astonishing to me I knew I had to work and study them. This is why I love owning a brown leather journal, somewhere to store and keep everything I have studied or experienced written down, so it isn't all in my head overpowering me. When I returned to Hogwarts's for my fifth year, I met the most unrealistic creature ever, they are rare and are mostly only seen when you have witnessed death and accepted it's reality.

I have never seen such a creature and till that tragic night of losing my best friend, after that I have seen them ever since and became close friends to them once they warmed up to me. I think they are stunning, they have white eyes and black skin, even their hair colour is black. 

Features of The Thestral

The Thestral is a breed of a winged horse, they have a skeletal body, face having a more reptilian feature. They also have wide and leathery wings that resemble like a bat's, these creatures are rare and no one else can see them, most people think I am crazy. The Thestral has more like a dragon appearance, spooky but beautiful. Their tail is large and either flowing black hair or like a horses ending in a tuft. 


They are very social creatures who tend to live in herds, they are also very clever. They are that smart that once they are tamed, they will understand the words of their rider when it comes to specific location, not that I have ever rode one, actually I lied of course I rode one. Thestral are normally found in dark environments, but the forest is their natural habitat, that was where I first met my first Thestral, in the forbidden forest. These creatures are magical, I adore them and often visit them when I can, I love listening to the way they communicate with each other, it is more like a shrill and a shriek that sounds like a monstrous bird. These creatures are so loyal, they will even discern a friend from a enemy and offering you help when it comes to needing transportation. These creatures can be a protective only if they are domesticated, they won't allow anyone to harm their owner and anyone considered a threat to the Thestral will be attacked. I love these creatures and I in fact own one, but he stays in the forbidden forest and sometimes I try my best to visit him, I named him Elder. I named him after the Elder wand, he should have such a special name as he is special. He finally has a family of his own, a beautiful baby and a lovely lady friend who he is so fond over, it is so sweet watching the couple. 


Their diet is mostly birds, they are carnivorous creatures, and are very attracted to the smell of blood. They love to hunt any kinds of flying prey they can get their mouths on. 


The thestral ability is of course invisibility, they can not been seen by any wizard or witch and less they have witnessed death itself. Like I noted before, they are so smart when it comes to destinations and once the rider tells these creatures where it is they want to go, the Thestral will take them there. These beasts are amazing fliers, they can travel very long distances, they are even faster than the fastest broomstick. 

I have painted many paintings of the Thestral, I think they are amazing and when it comes to the muggles seeing my paintings, I just pretend they are make believe creatures, when in fact I know the truth. Not all muggles like my paintings, many get spooked, the stupid muggles but I am not bothered, art is just everything I am and I am not fussed if no one else likes my art.  

Then End. 


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