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Full Biography

Hayden Jack River was born 13 September 1993. The only child that was born out of the relationship between his father, Jack River, and his mother, Joanne Collins. His parents were married at the time of his birth but later divorced when he was ten. Hayden's father left to live in Scotland and Hayden remained with his mother in Ireland for a year. When he was twelve, he moved to Scotland to live with his father and continued his education there. His mother remarried but had no other children. His father, however, had another child when he remarried, Sarah River, Hayden's half-sister who was only three when he left home to pursue his choice of studies.

When Hayden finished secondary school, he immediately applied to attend the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. A place that focused solely on the performing arts and by this point, he knew this is where his heart truly lay. Music had been an escape for him before, during and after his parent's divorce. He had learned piano at a young age and learned guitar and drums whilst in secondary school. When he got to the academy, he made the decision to specify in production and composing. He only managed a year of his studies before fame came calling when he became a member of Reckless X. Whilst at the academy, Hayden found a best friend in Scott Julian who was a few months younger than him. They shared a flat together and composed many instrumental works during their time together. Some for classes, some out of pure boredom and fun.

Fame bought on a new lifestyle and he was no longer the little Irish boy. He was embracing being swooned by fans and working almost every hour of the day when he wasn't sleeping but he took on the lifestyle with energy and a positive attitude. There was a new sense of family to be found in his bandmates since his biological family were happy with their lives. Harry was the brother that he never had. They shared the same sense of humour and love of silliness. Liam was a supportive figure in his life. The one he knew he could always turn to when he needed someone. Which was what made the band work and become so successful. They each had something unique to bring to the table.

When he was twenty-two years old, Hayden lost his best friend, Scott, to a cancer battle. Hayden suffered tremendously and fell into a mild depression during his bereavement. As a type of therapy, he released the music that he and Scott had composed together and named the album; unfinished and perfect. Using all the profits, Scott's family got the share from Scott's name and Hayden's profits went to several Cancer charities. He also hosted his first solo performance conducting the entire album as a charity performance and also made a special guest appearance opening the Royal Variety Performance with a track and performing for royalty. His focused never faltered from Reckless X.

The first half of touring Reckless's new album, Hayden was suffering from severe depression by this point. Which was only worsened when the management kept it hidden from public knowledge and forced him to keep to a tight schedule until he simply broke and was medically admitted to residential rehab for two weeks to recover. During which time he attended daily therapy sessions to overcome his bereavement for his former friend. When the two weeks were over, Hayden returned to work with the same energy and attitude that he was famous for and never looked back. He approached mental health with a new attitude and even became a founder of a charity for musicians with mental health.

After that tour, Reckless X released one more studio album before bidding farewell to the band to pursue their own solo projects. Each member successfully launched a solo career and was has been able to maintain it since. Hayden's first album was written about his childhood, his relationships whilst being in the band and about his family. There was only one song written about Scott. He toured the album and then bought his first home in the form of a London apartment. There was no time wasted moving on to the second album. 

The third album is currently in progress which he is writing from the comfort of his home. 

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