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01/17/2021 09:14 PM 

Till Death Do Us Part

TRIGGER WARNING ALERT: This piece MAY include some trigger warnings for people sensitive to death and losing parents, and shootings. Kindly look away if you don't think you'll be able to handle this 3-page piece. If you do read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback! This is NOT for the faint of heart.

Till Death Do Us Part- Monthly prompt for Raise the Flag rpg

Everyone wants a happily ever after. Even werewolves. In fact, especially werewolves. When they mate, they mate for life. FBI agent, Artemis Black was no different. He was also the Alpha of the pack Black in Virginia.

Instead of patrolling the grounds around his pack’s home like usual, Artemis found himself standing in a graveyard between two graves. His parent’s graves to be exact. As he stood there, staring blankly at the tombstones, he fell to his knees sobbing as their deaths replayed in their head. He recalled it exactly as if it had happened yesterday.


Artemis and his team arrived on the scene of a bank robbery. He heard his parents voices over the radio as he stood outside of the building waiting for orders from his boss.

“Those are my parents,” Artemis’ voice wavered as anger boiled inside him. “I have to go in. I have to rescue them,” he pleaded.

“No, Lieutenant. You are too close to the situation. I can see the anger rising. You won’t think clearly,” Covington stated.

“I can’t just sit by and do nothing while my parents are in there being held for ransom…” he trailed off.

“Do what I say soldier, or you’ll find yourself suspended for insubordination.”

Artemis huffed but did as he was ordered. The next thing he knew, there were several shots fired from within the bank. Artemis had the sinking feeling that something horrible happened and rushed in with the squad to apprehend the criminal. He looked for survivors. Unfortunately, all of them were dead including his parents.

He whirled around to stare the criminal in the eyes. The man’s eyes were dark brown. So dark they looked like specs of coal. He smiled, but before Artemis could do anything to him, one of the other agents shot him. They effectively wounded him enough that they could question him before arraigning.

Artemis stayed behind while the squad took the perpetrator away. He fell to his knees, sobbing over the death of his parents.

Present Day

It had been exactly nine whole years since the tragic ordeal, and on each anniversary, he would visit their grave. He could not help but feel responsible for their death. Perhaps if he hadn’t been on that mission, he would have been in the bank instead of them. He could have spared everyone’s lives. Instead of blaming Covington for holding him back, he blamed himself.

There was a time where Artemis considered quitting the FBI Agency all together. The heartache was too much of a burden. He did take some time off to mourn the loss of his parents. By the time he was ready to come back to the agency, the new recruits had been initiated and begun work. Covington had assigned him to them. That was when he met her…the love of his life. Jasmine Chaudari.

He first met her one day while jogging to clear his mind. Then again at Quantico. His wolf instincts told him to get to know her any way he could. When the Alpha finally worked up the courage to ask Jasmine out, his life changed for the better.

They dated for several years until one day Artemis decided to buy her a promise ring. He was sure she would be the one he would Mark and spend the rest of his life with. It was all a matter of timing. They were both still agents in the FBI, and their packs often collided with certain things. They were both Alphas of their packs, and in their world, it was unusual for a female to be an Alpha. It was both their birth rights. While his pack more or less accepted her, it was often Jasmine’s pack that caused the problems. They were forced to keep their relationship a secret.

That’s what brings us to now. Artemis knelt at his parent’s grave, a half-smile on his face. “Jasmine and I just had our baby,” he announced. “You would have loved her, mom. You guys would have been amazing grandparents.” That was when Artemis felt the hairs on his neck stand. He slowly turned to find a mob of people approaching his way. He knew why they were there…it was only a matter of time. It was why he sent Jasmine and the baby away. Art had told her he had a mission. And while it wasn’t the whole truth, it wasn’t an entire lie either. He needed to try to reason with their packs without her interference.

They had thrown caution to the wind and he got her pregnant before they were to be married. It’s just how things worked out. It wasn’t a secret that they loved each other, and that Artemis had given her a promise ring for Christmas. But they said to hell with it as they knew they would be married sooner or later.

They just weren’t expecting there to be such an outcry of hate from both packs. As the mob approached them, Artemis stuffed his hands in his pockets knowing what would happen. He spotted the torches and smelled the oak from a mile away. He came quietly, and it wasn’t until they tied his hands behind his back that Artemis spoke up.

He looked at his Beta, James square in the eye as the hurt of betrayal showed in them. “I don’t care what you do to me, but please, I beg you James, please make sure Jasmine and the baby are safe.”

Those were the last words that Artemis Black ever spoke as he were burned at the stake next to his parents grave. He listened to the chants of the packs as the fire started and crackled around him. Breathing in the fumes of the smoke, his last thoughts were, “I love you Jasmine. I’m so sorry we couldn’t have the life together we intended. I will find you in the next life.” With his last thoughts being of his love, Artemis took his last breath.


10/23/2020 06:19 PM 

Cup of Coffee- Breakout Reply for McKinley

How could anyone possibly think with all the chaos? Sighing, Artemis looked at Jasmine, nodding in agreement. It was in times like these when he knew why he loved her. She was the calm to his storm. And right now, it was hailing craziness. Artemis raised an eyebrow and couldn’t help but smile when she pulled the “tough love” act on him. Only she would be able to speak to him that way and get away with it.

As much as he hated to admit it, but Jasmine was right. They needed a plan. Artemis toyed with the idea of calling in the other FBI agents to discuss, but decided against it. He and his beloved needed to come up with a plan first, then fill everyone in later. The less people contributing to the plan, the better.

“Jazz…”Artemis looked over his shoulder to see Dave mere feet away. “Be careful. I’ll meet you as soon as I can.”

He watched longingly as Jasmine headed for the diner. Mere moments later, the Alpha felt a hand on his shoulder. Artemis had been lost in thoughts, formulating a plan that he became rigid. Almost on instinct, he flipped the intruder over only to frown as Artemis recognized his roommate.

“Uh, sorry Dave. But in my defense, you should never sneak up on someone, especially in this type of chaos,” Artemis reprimanded him.

“No worries, bro. That was wicked cool,” Dave stated as he was helped up by Artemis.

Before Artemis had a chance to answer, he heard Katherine speaking to him from the crowd. Was he ever going to get to Jasmine? The Alpha raised an eyebrow as he listened to the woman, all the while trying not to react to the vampire scent coming from her. He had to give the woman credit for coming to him for help though.

Artemis thought about how best to answer her. Of course he was going to help, but not here. Not in the middle of chaos. He looked at Dave who shrugged.

“Of course I’ll help,” Artemis replied finally. “I was just on the way to the diner right across the street to meet my, uh partner Jasmine. Why don’t you come with me and you can give us both the description of your child. Perhaps she’s seen them.”

Truth be told, Artemis really just wanted to get out of the middle of the chaos. Between that and the full moon approaching, being around this many people was never a good thing. His senses were on overload as he began inching towards the diner to give Katherine the hint that they needed to get to safety.

“Mind if I come along? I’m starving!” Dave had finished his pizza before he was thrown to the ground.

Artemis looked at his human roommate and rolled his eyes. “If you think you can handle what you are about to walk into, then sure.” Artemis turned his attention back to Katherine. “Well, what do you say? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. Heck, I’ll buy everyone a round. Lord knows we all need it.”


10/22/2020 03:28 PM 

Broken Promises- RTF monthly response for October

Flash back

"What makes you think the human will be accepting of you, of us, Art? The question came from a tall, beefy man with mangled curly hair. He was around Artemis’ age, and happened to be the packs Beta. Only those at the top of the packs chain of command would dare challenge an Alpha .

Artemis glared at Jackson. He knew there would be pushback. He wasn't expecting this much. 12 of them sat around the table in the pack's private meeting space. A few of the other members nodded in agreement with Jack's question. The history between humans and werewolves has never been positive. What made Artemis think that Kylie would be any different?

Standing slowly, Artemis glared down each packmate. Inclining his head slightly the Alpha male folded his arms. "You dare question your Alpha? She will come. You will meet her. You will protect Kylie as your own! Dismissed!!” Without another word, Artemis stormed out.

Later that day, Artemis met kylie for dinner just before the full moon rose. It wasn't the best time for a pure blood werewolf to be around humans. As Artemis saw it however, it was now or never. Kylie would learn the truth eventually. He invited her to his place so that they could talk.

“Artemis Black, what is wrong with you?” Kylie flipped her brunette hair over her shoulder. Her green eyes gazed upon the man sitting in front of her. “Are you breaking up with me? You've been acting strange since I arrived.” Artemis appeared closed off to her, and Kylie was having difficulty figuring out why.

Artemis signed. "No, I am not breaking up with you, Kylie. I promise you that. But, after what you are about to see and hear you may leave me."

Kylie saw the hurt and pain in his eyes. She gently placed a hand on top of his and offered him a genuine smile. "Artemis Black, nothing you could say or do would make me want to leave you." Kylie leaned over the table and pecked his lips.

"Hold onto that thought. Now, tell me what you know about werewolves?”

Kylie raised an eyebrow. “That's random. Art, what does this have to do... "

Artemis kept watching the clock nervously. He was running out of time before the full moon rose

"Please, Kylie I need to know your thoughts on them.” Artemis stood and paced anxiously.

"I know they are half man and half wolf, they eat people and are inherently evil. Artemis frowned as he felt the wolf slowly making its way out. The sun was nearly set and Artemis stopped pacing. He looked straight at Kylie with a look of intensity he didn't even know he had.

"You're right about one of those three things ...

He let out an involuntary howl that was enough to pierce anyone's ears.

“Whatever is about to happen tonight Kyle ... " Artemis trailed off. He dry heaved and nearly keeled over from the pain of the transformation.

"Artemis are you …” But she trailed off as he stopped her

" I will be fine, Ky. Listen to me. I will protect you. I promise. I am the Alpha in these parts,” he quickly explained. "I swear no harm will come to you. Not on my watch.”

Before Artemis could speak any further, his wolf took over. Kylie screamed with absolute terror. She now stood face to face with a giant, russet colored wolf. Artemis put one paw forward to show kylie he meant no harm.

"S- Stay away Back - beast ! " Kylie demanded as she began to pick objects up and tossed them at Artemis.

Artemis backed off, forcing himself not to growl . He couldn't blame her for her reaction. If anything, Artemis blamed himself for not preparing her for this better. The wolf sat patiently on his hind legs, waiting for the human to stop throwing things at him. Kylie grabbed her purse and keys while backing up towards the front door.

“Good wolf ... nice wolf.” Those were the last words that Artemis heard from Kylie.

Artemis tried contacting her the next day, but there was no answer. He and the pack searched all over town for her. He promised to protect her and failed. How could he live with himself now? Artemis scoured the woods when he tripped over something.

Art fell down with a loud thad and swore. It wasn’t like him to be careless. When he turned to see what tripped him, Artemis screamed. It was Kylie - what was left of her.

Seldom things scared Artemis from that day forward. He vowed to find her killer and avenge her. It was that same day that Art decided to join the FBI.


Present Day


When their eyes met, it was as if time stood still. Her brunette hair flowing with the wind as she ran. It was as if everything had become clear. All the anger and guilt Artemis held onto for the last five years vanished.

Her ... the woman across the street, that is who Artemis Black was meant to be with. But, who was he to find love again? Love meant to be able to protect, to cherish. If he couldn't keep his promise to Kylie, what made him think that this new woman would even like him? Let alone trust him?

Artemis was about to make his way over to Jasmine, when the sounds of his pack mates caught his attention. Clenching his teeth, he turned towards them.

"One sec !" He yelled.

Art then turned his attention back to the brunette, but she was already out of sight. Disappointed, he made his way back towards his pack. Jackson raised an eyebrow.

"Dude, Art, you look like a love sick puppy,” Jackson teased.

" Do I? I hadn't noticed. "

"Who is she? I haven't seen that look on you .. well, ever, "

"I have no idea, but I need to find out ! And I promise, I will …”


10/08/2020 03:35 PM 

Owes list

I thought it would be helpful if I posted my owes list here. When I remember, I will update it as needed.

Group Storyline owes: 0

Starters owed: 0

Prompts owed: 4

Raise the Flag mandatory prompt (Broken Promises)
Aliens- for Damon
Woods- For Elena
Graveyard- For Jasmine

10/08/2020 03:09 PM 


I am going to keep this brief but I have a few guidelines to keep this simple.

I work 3 days a week normally. During those days, I am primarily on Discord. You can add me there PrinceofDarkness#7663 for a faster reply.

I am often selective with who I talk to on a daily basis. If you are one of my significant others or a member of Raise the Flag RPG, you will get top priority. Otherwise, you can expect a long wait.

My weekends are usually pretty busy. I teach religion classes one Sunday a month and help my mom with things in our parish on an as-needed basis. I also reserve time for friends and family on the days I don't have a church meeting. Damon, I'm looking at you, kid! (best friend of 20 years ooc!).

I don't tolerate drama or bullsh*t. Period. Ain't no one got time for that!

I run my own side hustle of creating crafts for people. When/if I get an order THAT will ALWAYS come first before writing. If you'd like links to my websites, please feel free to ask.

I promise I'm nice ooc. I love to banter and do status rp. I just have a hectic schedule and about 9 other profiles to manage. I am always behind on things. BUT, I promise that when I DO finally get around to your reply the wait will be worth it.

I am married OOC. I will sometimes discuss it with those closest to me. If it makes you feel uncomfortable when/if I do talk about it, please kindly let me know. I promise I won't be offended. 

I reserve the right to revise these guidelines as I see fit. Thank you for reading and understanding. If you read these, kindly sign your name and tell me your favorite TVD character or Jonas Brother if you're not a TVD fan. But, if you're not a TVD fan, then why are we friends? LOL.

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