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10/16/2020 12:43 PM 

Rebekah (Starter)
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It had been centuries since the family had heard anything on their Aunt Daliah or sister Freya. However, Rebekah Mikaelson still held hope that one day Freya would reappear. But, the centuries had passed and now the year was 2014 and still no sightings of their sister or Aunt. So, as she walked around the french quarter after a big fight with her brother Klaus and looked around. She hadn't been to New Orleans in years. So to see how it had grown stunned her to say the least.

As she walked into one of the bars she nodded to some of the people that she recognized. Of course though she was on her gaurd as she approached the bar. When she heard "Yo, look the Vamp bitch walked in." Within the blink of an eye she had the the youngster against the wall and took a deep breath taking in his scent. Coughing she said "You should have taken a bath wolf boy." Showing him her fangs she hissed and was about to strike when she heard a voice say "STOP". Dropping the wolfling like a rag doll she turned to face the person who had spoken.

10/16/2020 12:42 PM 

Caroline (Starter)

It had been three years since the major battle with Katherine and the Hellfire in Mystic Falls. Both Josie and Lizzie were showing no lingering effects of having to use their magic abilities so much. As Caroline worked on some paperwork while Alaric and the girls were out for the day she sighed. She had talked with both Bonnie and Elena the other other and both seemed to be doing great. Bonnie, was finding it hard to still move on from Enzo's death, while Elena and Damon were raising their daughter.

Asworked on the paper work to get the school up and going she realized that she still had a crap ton of applications that needed to be sent out. Grumbling to herself she quickly got the applications enveloped and stamped for her next trip to the post office. Leaving her desk she went to the kitchen and grabbed some lemonade.

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