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09/29/2020 11:57 PM 

law and disorder.

the smallest guidelines I've ever written... barely guidelines. do yourself a favor and just briefly skim. only enough to know that I utterly detest wasting time.

- my Stefan is a ripper. what does this mean? he is often callous, brash, uncaring. there are few that he cares about, but this doesn't mean he will put them first. humanity switch is broken and electricity is fried--it isn't going to be restored.
- unfortunately, I am as fickle as they come. my interests ebb and flow like the ocean tide. with that said, I may be infatuated with your character for all of 5 minutes before I change my mind about you. the writer apologizes, but Stefan won’t so stop waiting around for it. understanding this for what it is will make things a hell of a lot easier for you.
- this is hard for some to digest, but I’ll say it anyway: I roleplay in FIRST person, sometimes THIRD. It is entirely dependent on my mood, my mindset; if I am knee-deep in my character's noggin. it ain't that hard to grasp. 
- should Stefan bed you, that's all it is. he has his humanity off. he doesn't care about the day you had, nor how many times you cried watching the latest episode of 'this is us'. 
- don't piss on me with your territory.
- tread as if at any moment I will rip your heart out because I just might.
- quality over quantity as always. I give what I get typically.
that's it. enjoy.

[ This blog post is private ]

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