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09/20/2020 07:03 PM 

AC 9-20 to 9-27

E A S Y P E A S Y.

This week for your weekly you will be required to do the following;

1. Update your owes list and finish at least THREE of what you owe. 

2. Make a connection with a newbie, whether it be a basic or a writing one. 

3. Attempt to recruit at least ONE person/open page to the group. Just send them a message, they don't have to reply. We're just looking for the effort. 

4. Make sure you've answered all discussions. 

5. Send a screen shot of your owes, you making the connection, and you trying to recruit someone! Please also let us know if you've answered all discussions. 

You have until 9-27 at 6 PM to finish this and send it in via message to the MEMBERS PAGE. Failure to do so will result in a STRIKE. If you joined on or after this AC was posted, you are not required to do this. If you are a newbie, number two does not apply to you. 

09/15/2020 03:54 PM 

Owes List Template


Below is an example of how you can set up your OWES LIST for activity requirement. Your OWES LIST should be placed ON THE SITE and updated in real time (meaning, you update the moment you send out a reply/starter).  Owes lists will be double-checked EVERY SUNDAY before the EVENT that day. Failure to have your Owes List updated on that Sunday by 8 PM EST will result in a warning!

If the OWES LIST is not sent in by that following MONDAY you will receive a strike! We of course don’t want that so reminders to update your owes list will be posted in announcements throughout the week as we move forward. Note that you can do your owes list from the site or discord.


I owe: 
Name      date      discord/site 
Name      date      discord/site 

You owe: 
Name      date      discord/site 
Name      date      discord/site 


I owe: 
Name      4/4      date 
Name      4/4      date 

You owe: 
Name      4/4      date
Name      4/4      date



Multi-Para System: Multi-para writing for this group is at least 3+ full paragraph replies/starters (5-10 sentences). Since these are longer replies, you have TWO WEEKS to complete these replies/starters.  Each reply/starter should be responded to before TWO WEEKS, but responding to your partner earlier is highly encouraged to keep the storyline between you and your writing partner moving.

Para/banter System: This is weekly and the process starts over every week! You have ONE week to get your FOUR back and forth PARAs (5-8 full sentences) in with your partner.

** You will need to indicate which method you will be using so MODS can track correctly based on your preference (you can use the template above).  ** Names of each of your writing partners should be separated, and not "clumped"

(i.e.  name  discord  date, name  discord  date, etc.)

09/13/2020 06:01 PM 

ac 9-13-9-20


Lately I’ve been immersed in everything horror. There’s this youtuber called McBallin who covers all things horror. From telling the horrific stories behind strange and bizarre images, to sharing his insight on some unsolved mysteries. The group itself is horror based, but I want to see how in tune to horror you and your character is.

The situation… Your character is walking alone at night, no one else around, when they spot something on the ground not too far ahead. When they pick it up, they’re startled by the image on it. On the back it reads something very disturbing as well. I want you to write about the following…

What’s the picture of?
What does it say on the back of the photo?
How does your character react to the photo?
Is there a story behind the photo? Is it relevant to your character?

You have until SEPTEMBER 20TH AT 6 PM EST to finish this task. When finished, please comment the link to your AC on this blog. Your writing should be 3 paras or more, 5-10 sentences. First or third person are welcome. I’m looking for horror. Make it as scary as you possibly can! Use your imaginations! Please have this done by the due date. Failure to do so will result in a strike. Happy writing!

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