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04/07/2021 12:09 PM 

Knockin' On Heavens Door

“What the f*** are you doing here now?!” 

Suddenly woken up out of her sleep, Mia looked over at her old man. Hues roamed and landed on Elijah. “Dad shut the f*** up for once. And you f***ers need to stop scaring me like that,” she hissed at Adriano. Standing up, she gave Elijah a quick hug before checking her father’s vital signs and IV. Once complete, Mia turned around. Seeing the look on her boyfriend’s face, she immediately grew concerned. “What?” she hissed at him. After last night’s events, there was only so much more she could take. Clearing his throat, the younger male explained to them that Portia Creed has died. 

Walking through the halls aimlessly, Mia ignored everyone around her. Shock had taken its full course. Reaching the morgue, the female leaned against the wall and kneeled. Why now? Why today? She remained in position until the coroner placed her aunt’s body on the autopsy table. Once the room was cleared, the brunette stood on her own two feet. Staring at the body, tears rolled down her face.

A Few Hours Later. 

After a few emergencies, the petite woman made her way back to the morgue. Stopping at the doorway, she watched her father. Adriano, held his sister, crying. Heart broke into pieces all over again. Rushing off, she grabbed a wheelchair. “I could use the company…” she whispered to the older male. Taking a seat on the stool, Mia moved closer to the table. The tears started up again. 

Just as she was to begin the autopsy, Mia was it with sudden nausea. Head spinning, she immediately stood up. “Mia?” Adriano looked over concerned. “I’ll be right back.” Rushing off to the bathroom, the female leaned over, throwing up. What the f***? After a few minutes, she washed herself and made her way back to the morgue. You need to get through this. They’re all counting on you.

“Auntie Portia. My poor heart. Your grandbabies were just born. I promise you; they’ll grow up learning about their precious grandmother,” she began talking. Examining the body, she noticed a bullet that hit Portia’s liver. Pulling out the slug, she put it to the side. For the remainder of the autopsy, there was complete silence. The last thing Mia had to do was send up blood to the laboratory. 

Standing up, Mia leaned over her aunt’s body. Giving the woman one last kiss on the forehead. “Whoever did this to you. I promise, they won’t get away with it. I also promise to protect Raven, Kennedy and Creedean with my life. I love you, so much.” 

04/02/2021 12:16 PM 

Surprise, Surprise.

Babe, can you meet me at the hospital, now?

"Are you done yet?" Mia hissed at the nurse. Standing on her own two feet, she watched the nurse leave the room. Usually calm, the brunette had been feeling over the edge. Could it have been the stress? Or something else? Walking out of the room, she paced towards the entrance of the building. Mind racing, unsure of what to expect. Standing there, she stares into space, hoping she would feel some type of ease. Where was he? He needs to be here already.

The ping to his phone alerted him to a text, causing him to finish the mess he was cleaning. Slipping his phone from the pocket of his pants, he read over it, a smile, but a frown feeling as if something was wrong. On my way babe. With the text sent off, he bounded down the driveway towards his truck, keys quickly pulled from his pocket as he hopped into the driver’s seat and pulling out on the main road. He always tried to keep from thinking worst case scenario, but his head was twisted like that. As fast as he drove, he didn't take long to get to St. Thomas. Parking not far from the entrance, he got out, making his way towards the doors, blue hues landing on Mia.

"Everything alright? I don't need to hurt anyone do I?" asking with a big grin on his face at the thought of hurting someone. The brunette rolled her eyes at his question. "I'll let you know the moment I do. For now, we're breaking dad out," she whispered. Heels turned; she began walking towards room 1125. Walking inside, hues were met with Adriano. "The f*** is d*ckhead doing here now?" the old man asked sarcastically. “Dad shut the f*** up for once. He's here to help." she hissed at him. Grabbing the older man's arm, she removed the IV from his arm as carefully as possible.

"Help? From a guy who looks like he lives in the pig pen?"  Huffing, there was no response from the woman. Stubborn as stubborn comes is exactly what he was. Once the blood pressure cuff was off, Adriano stood up. "Mia, of all the guys in the world. This guy, really? “Can’t we just leave him here?" the tone of the question being sarcasm. They would probably never see eye to eye, but he would do anything for Mia. He rolled his eyes at the older man’s question as they walked into the room. "I'd rather leave you here to suffer." he grumbled at the old man, keeping his distance over by the door, arms folding over his chest. "Better me than one of those petty wusses you'd rather her be with." he walked over "Need me to get anything?" he asked Mia, trying to avoid the older man, though it was becoming more complicated by the minutes.

"Can you help him?"  Elijah huffed when she asked him to help Adriano, but didn't fight it, though the old man wasn't thrilled about getting help from him. "Accept the help or limp out of here trying not to fall over." he grumbled at the man as he offered his help. With a sudden vibration in her pocket, Mia pulled out her phone. Sh*t. The female thought to herself. Sending a quick to text to Gemini, she thanked her. Attention back on the two males in the room. It may have been clear at the moment, that these two wouldn't get along. For now. Leaning against the wall, she crossed her arms around her chest. "What a couple of f***ing divas you two are. You two may be the most stubborn guys I've ever f***ing met. Whether or not you two hate each other, y'all are going to need to patch sh*t up. Starting now. Our baby is going to need their father, and grandfather."

Hearing Mia start complaining about the two, he just turned to look at her. Her words caught him by complete surprise. "Uh, say what now....." he was suddenly at a loss for words as it slowly registered in his head. Our baby. "Ooooh...." a smile tugged at his lips as he walked over to her "Are you serious?" Adriano's eyes widened at the news. "F***," the old man muttered to himself. Mia looked over at Elijah and nodded her head. "I am serious." Hues met with her father. Clearly, he was angry. "Let's get his ass out of here before his head explodes from the news," she whispered. Heels turning, she grabbed her bag and headed for the door. Elijah nodded to her knowing that if they didn't get Adriano out of there then, things were going to get rather intense. He walked over, helping the older man "Let's go. We'll talk about this later, I'm sure." he said following behind Mia as she led the way out.

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02/13/2021 05:29 PM 

Devil Inside

“No one told you to wear a short skirt.”

Eyes shut; tears rolled down Mia’s cheeks. She couldn’t fight anymore. No matter what she did, she was being over-powered. Her arms were tightly gripped, and she didn’t have the strength to push him off. She just wanted it all to be over. The female couldn’t count how many times she said no or screams. Or even scratched him. She kept wondering, how could he do this to me? She would never know though. All she knew was, she needed to survive this.

It felt like hours had gone by. He was finally off her. Mia took a few moments to collect herself. She couldn’t bare to look at Jason. Grabbing her bag, she held it close to her. She was trying to process everything that just happened. What the f*** was she going to do? She was angry. She was scared. She was confused. Her mind was racing. She couldn’t just let him get away with this. The very moment Jason had his back towards Mia, she reached into her bag. Grabbing a pocketknife that was given to her by her father, her place her bag down. Placing both arms behind her she took a few steps toward Jason.

“I’ll never understand why,” Mia spoke softly. Hearing her voice, Jason turned to face her. A grin spread across his face. He didn’t bother to respond. Taking a few steps closer, the short female kneed him. Once her leaned over, Mia kneed him in the face. It didn’t take long for him to hit the ground. Pulling Jason by the hair, she stood behind. Placing the blade to his neck, Mia leaned over. “Tell Satan I said ‘hey’” she whispered in his ear before carving the knife into his throat. Letting go of his hair, she watched as his lifeless body dropped.

Walking back, she grabbed her bag. Immediately pulling out her phone, she called her brother. “Come on a**hole, answer,” she muttered to herself. “What hell could you possibly want, short sh*t?” she heard on the other end. “I need you and dad to meet me. I’ll send you the coordinates,” Mia told him.
 “Why the hell would we…”
“It’s an emergency. Hurry!” She yelled over and hung up. Sending her brother, the coordinates, she paced back in forth. She needed them to hurry. Leaning against Jason’s car, she glanced around. Being the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night did spook her. It didn’t seem to take long before she heard a car speeding down the road. Hiding behind the car, the car came to a complete stop. “MIA! MIA!” she heard her father scream. Slowing coming from behind the car, she looked at her father. “What the hell happened? Are you…” Adriano began asking his daughter. Stopping mid-sentence, he noticed the body.

“Is that who I think it is?” Nodding her head, Mia didn’t say a word. Adriano stared at his daughter. Trying to read her body language. “Did he…?” Tears rolled down her face. Admitting to her dad what happened wasn’t easy. She couldn’t even speak. “I would’ve loved to kill the bastard myself,” Adriano muttered. Embracing her, Adriano looked over at his son. “Grab the shovels,” she said. Escorting Mia to his car, he opened the door. “Stay here,” he told her.

It felt like hours had gone by since the pair disappeared. Finally, someone climbed into the drivers seat. Looking over, Mia was surprised to her older brother. “Where’s dad?” she questioned. Within seconds the engine started, and the car pulled off. “Taking care of other things. When we get home, don’t say a word to mom. It would kill her if she knew the truth.”

“I won’t,” she said softly before closing her eyes.

02/13/2021 05:26 PM 

Stairway To Heaven

December 18, 2019

“Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about.”

“Everyone, out. Except for Mia. Darling you need to stay,” Charmaine said softly. Mia sat there in silence as Adriano, Tempest and her brother all left the room. Mia took a deep breathe once the door locked behind the three of them. “Come have a seat baby girl,” the older woman told her daughter. Taking a seat by her mother’s bedside, Mia grabbed onto her mother’s hand. This can’t be it. She was hoping it wasn’t this wouldn’t be the last conversation she would ever have with Charmaine. Cancer was indeed a bitch. A year’s battle and she was losing it.

“Ma, don’t…” Mia began saying. “Shh. I need to talk to you baby girl. Don’t say another word until I’m done,” Charmaine whispered. Placing her hand on her daughter’s cheek, she smiled. “I have to say, you’re not as good as you think you are when it comes to hiding things from me. I noticed a change in you immediately. I need to know the truth, now. My sweet baby, I know something happened to you when you were just a teenager. I’m not going to ask you, but I’m telling you, I need to know.”

Sighing, Mia leaned back into her seat. Shaking her head, she stared at her mother. “Mama. I can’t…” she began. The look on her mother’s face was priceless. Leaning forward again, Mia squeezed her mother’s hand tightly. She didn’t want to imagine that this would be the last thing she told her mother. She didn’t want to fight with the older woman. Taking in a few deep breaths, she thought of every possible way to break the news to Charmaine. “Alright mama, here goes.”

“Jason and I went out, as usual. It was a perfectly normal evening. Before he dropped me off home, he said he wanted to show me something. But instead, he…” Her eyes were becoming watery. The pain of reliving that night was unbearable. Charmaine wiped the tears from her cheek. “He raped me, ma,” Mia said whispered. Silence. Charmaine placed her free hand on her chest. Tears were falling down on both of their cheeks. “Oh, my sweet baby girl. I am so sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. What happened after?” Charmaine asked softly. “Ma, it wasn’t your fault,” Mia began. Clearing her throat, she squeezed her mother’s hand once more. “I killed him. Dad and Bitchface took care of the body and everything else,” Mia whispered to her mother. Charmaine nodded. “Good, he deserved it. I would have loved to do it myself,” the older woman admitted. “Before the others come back, I also wanted to talk to you about something else.”

“This past year has been hard on us. I lost my sweet baby, Sienna. And this disease has taken at toll on me. I need you to do me favor baby girl. Mia, when I’m gone, watch out for your brother. Watch out for your father. Remember, you’re the strongest person I know. You may be stubborn, but I know I raised you well. I got to see my daughter graduate from medical school. I couldn’t be happier. You can do anything you set your mind to. I love you so much baby girl.”

Over the next few hours, the five of them talked. They sang. They joked. They laughed. This was everything Charmaine could ever ask for. Surrounded by her family. Seeing the smiled on their faces brought nothing but joy to her heart. Charmaine felt like she could be at peace knowing that they all had each other, even if it meant she wasn’t here any longer. Taking a deep breath, Charmaine closed her eyes. “Ma…” Mia whispered. “Oh baby, I love you all, so much,” Charmaine spoke.

Suddenly, the machines began going off. “MA!” Mia screamed. The nurses immediately walked in. Once there was a flatline, the nurses began unplugging the machines. “No! You have to save her!” Mia screamed. As the short female tried to lunge at one of the nurses, Adriano picked her up and brought her outside the room. Once on her feet, Mia turned around and punched him. Pulling his daughter into his arms, the pair began crying. It was in that moment, Mia suddenly lost the will to live.

11/11/2020 08:30 PM 


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11/11/2020 01:06 PM 

Ocean Breathes Salty

Mia sat in the living room, staring into space. This couldn’t be happening. This can’t be real. This had to be a nightmare. She needed to wake up. “Mia?” She heard. Shifting her eyes, she looked at Adriano. Her father had worn a black suit. She wore an all-black dress. “Are you ready?” Adriano asked his daughter. Standing up, Mia didn’t say a word. The moment the pair were outside, Mia climbed into the passenger side of her fathers’ truck. Adriano took off to the funeral home.

“I can’t…” Mia said softly when Adriano pulled up. Sitting in the truck with her father, her face was buried in her hands. She didn’t care if she ruined her make up. She couldn’t bring herself to stop crying. She was supposed to be strong. She kept telling herself that. “I can’t…go inside,” Mia tried telling her father. Adriano didn’t say a word. Instead, Adriano climbed out of the car and walked to the passenger side. He helped his daughter out of the truck. He handed Mia the dress she made for Barbie. Mia took it and stared at her father. “You can do this. I’m here every step of the way,” Adriano told Mia.

Adriano took Mia’s hand, and guided her inside. Escorting her to the front, he kissed his daughter’s forehead before stepping to the side. “Oh Barbie,” Mia wept. Mia reached out to touch Barbie’s hand. It was cold. Her heard broke all over again. With the dress she made for Barbie, Mia placed it beside her. “I promise, I’ll never make another one like this. This will forever be yours,” she whispered. Taking a few steps back, Mia took a seat beside Dallas. Holding his hand, she rested her head on his shoulder.

It seemed as if everything was a blur. Sure, she could hear people in the background. She kept wondering, why now? Barbie fought. And fought like hell to beat the cancer. Mia was looking forward to a lifetime of memories. It was never going to happen. Barbie will never see her precious granddaughter. She’ll never get to hold her. The thought of that crushed Mia.

“Mia? Hello Mia...” she kept hearing. Looking up, she saw the pastor along side her father. “Would you like to say any words?” The pastor asked her. Nodding, Mia stood up. It was visible that she was shaking. Taking a few deep breaths, she tried to calm her nerves. She couldn’t have a panic attack. Not now. She needed to be strong now. Adriano placed his hand on Mia’s shoulder and guided her to the podium. Mia looked up. Suddenly, stage fright was hitting. She had to remind herself this was for Barbie.

“Hi,” she said into the microphone. Her mind was racing. What could she say? She was at lost for words at this moment. “Barbie was one of the strongest women I knew. After my mom passed away almost a year ago, Barbie stepped up to the plate. She loved me like her own,” she started. Tears were falling down her face. She couldn’t believe in less than a years’ time she lost two people she looked up to.

“She always made it impossible for me to ever frown. She always managed to put a smile on my face, regardless of what was thrown my way. I may have my moments where I was reckless, or even stubborn. She loved me through it all,” Mia added on. Placing her hand on her stomach, she took another deep breath. “She would have been a wonderful grandmother. I will be sure her memory does live on,” Mia said. Linking her arm with her fathers’, Mia walked away from him. Her heard was shattered. This couldn’t have been real. But it was. She wanted Barbie to open her eyes and embrace her in a hug.

Watching her casket being carried out to the hearse, Mia broke down. All she felt was her father embrace her. She didn’t want to go back to the ranch. She wanted to crawl under her blanket and never come out. The promise Mia made to Barbie kept replaying in her head. She had to watch out for Dallas. He needed her, now, more than ever.

11/07/2020 07:24 PM 


“What is your one of your favorite memories?” Dallas asked. Taking a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth, Mia looked at him. “Ugh, there are so many of them,” she said thinking. Her eyes widened as she remembered one thing. “So, now that you know I was sexually assaulted when I was fifteen, I can tell you this story,” she told him.

She paused while grabbing a cookie and eating it. “A few weeks after my father murdered him, my mom started asking me question,” she started to tell him. “But I just couldn’t tell her what happened. It would have broken her heart into pieces if she found out what happened. She did stop asking me after a while,” she added on. Grabbing another spoonful of ice cream, she held back her tears.

“One day, she just told me to pack a bag. She didn’t tell me why at first. I was panicking and confused. But I listened and went to go pack a bag of clothes and whatever else I needed. She and I just drove to the airport. I kept asking her where we were going. Still, she didn’t want to tell me. I kept wondering if something happened between her and dad,” she told Dallas before taking another cookie.

“Once we got to the airport, I found out we were hopping on a plane to Los Angeles. When I finally asked her one last time, she said ‘We’re going to Disneyland.’ I was kind of excited when I heard that, but still had no clue as to why,” she explained to him. A smile had spread across her face just thinking about the trip to Los Angeles. It was her first time ever flying. It was also her very first time traveling outside of Wyoming.

After taking another spoonful of her ice cream, she continued with her story. “Once we landed, we ended up staying at one of the resorts there. Every single day, we went to the theme park, and she made sure to got on all of the roller coasters. We had some character experiences; she took me out to all of these fancy restaurants and even went on a shopping spree. We ended up buying so much, that we had to have a lot of the items shipped back home,” she explained. Her eyes lit up while she spoke about it. “For the first time, since I was raped, I actually began to feel like myself again. And it was all because of her,” she said as she started tearing up.

“On our way back home. She told me ‘I do have a reason for this trip. Baby, I don’t know what happened to you. Whatever it is, it’s killing me to see you like this. I love you and I just want my baby girl back,’” Mia told him. At this point, tears were flowing out of her eyes. She felt Dallas’ arms wrap around her.

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