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05/05/2021 12:09 PM 


Finding screencaps can be hard. It can be even harder going through and saving each cap, especially when it's a movie and there are over 24K caps. And what if you can't even find caps of a television show or movie you're looking for? I've got ya covered!

The KMPlayer is my favorite program to use to screencap videos. I use this for making gifs as well, and you can check out that tutorial here.

What You'll Need:
1] The first thing you're going to need is the program. You're gonna need an old version of the KMPlayer, as the newer version doesn't have the settings you'll need to screencap, so head on over to this site, scroll down to the bottom and download this version:

2] You'll need a video of some sort. Here's a list of places to download movies and television shows from:
A lot of people use torrents to download videos, but some people are wary of downloading torrents and understandably so. I have several alternate options.
The site I use mostly is pahe, but here's a complete list:
rapid movies
ddl valley
hd encode
yt mate - to download youtube videos.

And if you are comfortable with torrents, here are the sites that I use:
lime torrents
extra torrents
EZTV torrent
torrent funk
torrent downloads

1. The first thing you need to do is extract the file you downloaded. It will ask for a password, just type in oldversion - anytime you download a file from this website, that's gonna be the password.

Once it's extracted, just install the program. That's it! After it's installed, open it up, and we'll begin screencapping.

2. I'm going to be using episode one of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So what you're going to do is click on the KM Player logo at the top:

Click open file, and then find your video file in your folders. When you find it, double click, opening it up, and then make sure to pause the video.

It's important to note that you want to generally find a video with the highest of resolutions. The higher the resolution, the better your screencaps will be. I suggest finding movies and television shows with a quality of 1080p and if that isn't possible, 720p will do.

3. Next you're going to right-click on the video, go to capture > frame: extract:

The settings will be differ depending on what you're screencapping. Here is the settings menu:

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your image format is set to JPEG, the Numbers to Extract is set to continuously, and the Size to Extract is set to original size. This will ensure you have the highest quality of screencaps.

Next is to set your Frames to Extract. This is the setting that will change, depending on what you want to screencap.
If I'm screencapping a show like FATWS that is 45+ minutes long, or a movie, I like to set the number to 6-10. This will ensure that it will screencap every 6-10 frames. If you set it to screencap every frame, you're going to have quite a few of the same shots over and over.

If I'm screencapping a video that is maybe 3-5 minutes long, I might bring down the number to 4-5. But since I'm screencapping a tv show, I'm gonna set it to 7:

4. Now, hit start. Unpause your video. Wait for the video / show / movie to end. When it's done, you can click on 'open' on the settings menu:

and it will take you right to the folder where your screencaps are being stored.

That's it! That's all there is to it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me here or on discord!

05/05/2021 10:59 PM 

「✰ TUTORIAL: DL 4K Stogram.」

One of the best ways to get photos of your playby is through Instagram. Whether it's their official insta or a fan insta with tons of rare or fan photos you can use for manips, Instagram is a great resource for roleplayers. But it can be a pain to try and go through an insta page and save each photo individually. Especially if the insta in question has over 2k photos on it. That's why I'm gonna tell you about 4K Stogram, give you a link to a free copy, and show you how to use it!

4K Stogram is a program that allows you to download an Instagram page in its entirety. It downloads photos, videos, stories, the whole shebang.

What you'll need before we get started:
1] You need to download this zipped folder. It's a free copy of 4K Stogram. Now, this is a pirated version, so if you're not comfortable downloading pirated programs, head on over here and download the program for free. It is free to download, but you'll need to purchase the full program to be able to continue using it.

2] I highly suggest creating a backup insta. This program will ask for access to your Instagram account in order to download insta pages, and I wouldn't recommend using your actual insta.

1. The first thing we're going to do is install the program. Make sure your firewall is not blocking the program from being downloaded. Once you've installed it, DO NOT run the program yet.

2. Make your way to the downloaded folder and find the zipped folder entitled 'patch.zip'. Extract that, and when it asks for a password type in 123. Now you're going to copy the file in that folder titled 'Patch.exe'. There are two different versions of this file. One is for a 32 bit PC and the other is for a 64 bit. Copy whichever version is right for your computer.

NOTE: if you're not sure which version you have, all you need to is right-click > properties on the 'my computer' / 'this pc' link in your folders:

It'll bring up a window that shows you all the technical mumbo jumbo about your PC. You're looking for system type:

As you can see, my PC is a 64bit, so I'll need to copy the 64bit file in the patch folder.

3. Once you've copied the file, you'll need to find the 4K Stogram folder in your programs folder. You can do this by going to C:/ in your folders:

Literally, just type in C:/ in the search bar, hit enter and it will bring it up!

Now you'll need to paste the patch file in your 4K Stogram folder and then double click it to run the program. You might have to unblock the program from your virus protection. I also highly recommend muting your speakers temporarily, as these patch programs tend to have loud and obnoxious music playing.

Just hit patch and then you're done! You've got the full version of 4K Stogram!

4. Now that you have the program installed, it's time to learn how to use it. When you open it up, you'll notice a search bar and at the end of the search bar is a circular icon:

Click on that and it will prompt you to login to your Instagram. I'd like to take this time to remind you, it's recommended that you use an alternate Insta instead of your official one.

5. Once you're logged in, you're set to start using the program. Just choose an Instagram account, copy the link to the page and paste it in the search bar:

Hit subscribe and wait for the photos / videos to be downloaded. Depending on how many posts an Instagram account has, it may take some time to download the whole thing.

As you can see, it's downloaded Sebastian Stan's entire Instagram account:

The files will be located in your Pictures folder in a special 4K Stogram folder. Each Instagram will be downloaded into a separate folder with the name of the Insta you downloaded:

NOTE: Ignore the blank files in the folder entitled '.stogram'

Once you hit subscribe, you can keep that Instagram account on your 4K Stogram dash forever, and every time you open the program, it will automatically download any new posts from any of the Instagrams you've subscribed to.

Also, just a little note, if an Instagram account is set to private, you'll be to be following that person before you can download their Instagram.

That's it! Now you can download your heart's content! I hope you all enjoy this program and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please message me here or on discord!

05/03/2021 11:26 PM 


Bulk Image Downloader is honestly one of my most favorite programs that I have ever had. It allows you to download full-sized images in bulk as the name suggests. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to install and use the program!

The first thing you're going to need is the program and the crack file. A crack file is a hack that allows you to have full access to a program without having to purchase it. Now, this is piracy, so if you're not okay with that, feel free to head over to the official website and purchase the program. If you're fine with piracy, click the links below to download the program.

1. Now what you're going to want to do is install the program, obviously. So head on over to the file you downloaded, extract it, and then find the 'Set Up' folder and install the program. You may need to right click > run as administrator. Just install the program as you would any program you've downloaded. When it has completed, DO NOT run it yet. This box will pop up:

What you need to do is uncheck all of those boxes and then click on finish.

2. Now we're going to crack the program so that we have access to all of the features! Go back into the Bulk Image Downloader file that you downloaded and this time click on the 'Crack Fix' folder. Inside there will be a zipped folder and you need to right-click and extract that. A file called 'ChilkatDelphi32.dll' will be extracted. You need to right click and copy this file.

Head to your program files, this will be under 'this pc' or 'my computer' or whatever it's called respectively on your own computer/laptop:

You'll need to go to program files (x86) and then go into the Bulk Image Downloader folder:

And then paste the file in there. That will give you the full program!

It's important to note that the program might be blocked by your virus protection. Simply allow the program access to your computer and this will be fixed. It isn't a virus, I promise. I have used this program, a cracked version, for the past 8+ years. The reason it's telling you that it is a virus is that the program is hacked.

3. Now that we have the program downloaded and installed, the real fun begins! Head on over to a fansite gallery. I'll be using this one (of course) for loml Elizabeth Chase Olsen. You need to choose an album to download photos from. I'm going to be using these adorable photos from this photo call from 2015. Just copy the link to the album and paste it in the bar:

Now you're going to click on the green arrow button:

And this will show BID what it needs to download. Next, you'll want to click on the download button:

This is going to download the photos!
Now just sit back and watch the magic unfold.

4. As the program downloads the files, you'll notice one by one the list will get shorter and shorter. When the program is blank and looks like this:

Your images are ready!

5. The program will automatically send everything you've downloaded to a BID folder in your documents (this can be changed). So head over to your documents and find the folder titled Bulk Image Downloader.

As you can see, all of the files have been downloaded and are full sized images!
That's it! That's all you need to do! A few things to remember: - Some fansites can block the use of this program. If this happens, there is really no way around it. Sometimes, using a VPN like Betternet will help, but most of the time, it doesn't.
- You can customize the settings of the program to your liking, these are the settings that I like to use:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me on here or discord! I hope you enjoy this program as much as I do!

05/03/2021 04:35 PM 

「✰ brett - timeline.」

November 2006:
Libby meets Brett in her freshman year at UCLA while at a party at a frat house. This kind of thing is not usually her scene, but she's dragged there by another girl in her dorm. Brett is handsome and charming and he wins her over almost instantly. Two years older than her, Brett is studying to become a lawyer, like his father, planning to take over the firm for him one day. The two soon begin dating just a few weeks after meeting.

December 2006:
Libby is introduced to Brett's mother and father at their annual holiday party. She is surprised to find that Brett comes from a very rich, very prominent family. It intimidates her a bit, but Brett assures her that his parents adore her already. It seems a little soon for her to be meeting his parents, but she is head over heels for him, so she's alright with it.

June 2007:
Libby and Brett grow closer, she starts to see a future with him. It isn't exactly the future she hoped for or the one she wants, another owns her heart, but as there is no hope of a future with that person, she decides Brett is a viable second option.

Brett is good to her. He takes care of her, he showers her with compliments and lavish gifts (this makes her feel a little uncomfortable, but he insists on 'spoiling her'.)

November, 2009:
Rachel Haynes dies tragically in a car accident. Brett is by Libby's side every step of the way. She feels that he is good for her, taking care of her, there when she needs him. He helps her take care of and watch over her father. When Greg begins drinking, it's Brett that convinces Michael to take Dylan away from his son. "It's for Dylan's own good," Brett insists. Brett's charm works just as well on Libby's grandfather as it does on her.

March - December, 2010:
Libby moves in with Brett. He convinces her that it would be good for her, for her to be closer to him, so he can take care of her. She decides he's right, and despite the protests of the rest of her family (who despise Brett), the couple starts living together.

Living with him is great at first; he is attentive, he's sweet, he's romantic, but things start taking a turn for the worse. She sees another side of him, one she wasn't aware he had.

There are mood swings; one minute he's the Brett she fell for and the next, he becomes moody, distant. He becomes aggressive with her at times. There would be times when she would be tired when she would feel sick when she wouldn't be in the mood to be intimate and he would force her to have sex with him. Twice, he rapes her while she's sleeping. It's not long after that the mental and physical abuse begins. Constantly belittling her, making remarks on her appearance - remarks that, still to this day, follow her around, making her highly insecure about herself. He grabs her hard enough to leave bruises, he slaps her, hits her, hurts her in ways she never thought imaginable.

January 2011 - December 2012:
The abuse worsens, becomes more violent. At this point, Libby is being isolated from her friends and family. Somewhat due to Brett, but partly due to her not wanting her family and friends to know about what's happening. She finally decides she can't take it any longer, she leaves.

January 2013:
Libby goes to stay with Poppy Hawkins, a girl she met in college and became close to. Poppy had become like an older sister to her, a motherly figure even, though Libby doesn't tell Poppy, Della, or anyone what has been going on. She covers up the abrasions with makeup.

Poppy's younger brother Wendell Hawkins is also staying with her. Uncharacteristically for her, Libby gets drunk and she and Wendell sleep together.

When she found out she was pregnant, she wasn't sure if the baby belonged to Brett or Wendell. She's not sure what to do, but feeling ashamed of making such a dumb mistake, she keeps the information to herself.

April 2013:
When she finds out that Brett is the father of her baby, she feels that Brett deserves to know. He is furious; he doesn't want the child, it screws up his plans. He tries to convince Libby to get an abortion. She refuses. She wants to keep the baby, and she regrets telling him.

Mid-April, 2013:
Brett's parents find out about the baby. His father congratulates him and while doing so, one of his colleagues overhears. He assures Brett that this is a good thing. Libby is an excellent trophy wife, and the baby will be good for his image. Brett rethinks the entire situation.

June 2013:
Jewel approaches Libby and convinces her that the baby would be better off having its parents together. After some thinking, Libby decides that she is right. She goes back to Brett, having no idea what is in store for her or her child.

July - October 2013:
Libby has a difficult pregnancy. Though he assures her he has changed, it doesn't take long for the abuse to start again. She pleads with him to stop, telling him that she could lose the baby. He doesn't care; if she loses the baby, it's a win-win. Imagine how sympathetic everyone would be if she had a miscarriage.

October, 15th, 2013:
Despite his efforts, Libby carries the baby to full term. At 8:07 at night, Rachel Elizabeth Haynes is brought into the world. Present are Greg, Della, Poppy, Dylan, Logan, Zara, Jared, Buck, Toni, and Chimney. Not present, Rachel's father or any of Brett's family. This doesn't bother Libby in the least.

Despite the turmoil in her life, she is overjoyed to be a mother and she's already in love with her beautiful baby girl.

November 14th, 2013:
One day before Rachel turns one month, Brett gets the news that he won't be working at his father's firm. After making some dumb mistakes and losing money for the firm, his father and his father's partner cuts Brett loose. Enraged by this news, he gets drunk, and soon after he beats Libby. When he finally passes out, she escapes with Rachel and leaves Brett for good, or at least she thinks so.

Libby stays with Claire Buckley. Claire's younger brother works with Greg, both she and Buck have become family for Libby, Greg, Della, Dylan, and the entire Haynes family. Claire has been through this situation before, and she gives Libby a safe place to stay, though Libby makes her promise not to tell Buck, Greg, or anyone what has been happening.

November 28th, 2013:
Thanksgiving day, Jewel contacts Libby, pleading with her to go back to Brett. She apologizes for Brett's behavior and assures Libby that he is going to change. Despite Claire's best efforts to convince Libby to stay there with her, Libby goes back to Brett's home.

January 2014 - January 2016:
Libby does her best to avoid Brett as much as she can. Most of the time, he's out partying, hooking up with other women, traveling the world on his father's dime. Libby doesn't care much. The times when he is gone are heaven, but that doesn't last. It never lasts. He always comes back home, and when he does, it's hell to pay. He abuses Libby regularly. It's easy to ignore, as up until now, he hasn't hurt Rachel. As long as he's not harming their daughter, it's easy for her to overlook her suffering.

July 5th, 2016:
Libby and Rachel come home from Della's birthday party. Unaware that he's been drinking, she finds Brett asleep on the couch. She does her best not to disturb him. She knows what will happen if she does. She puts Rachel down for a nap and she heads to the kitchen to clean it up when there's a knock on the door. The next-door neighbor needs help moving something around in her garage, Libby agrees to help, thinking Rachel is safe.

Less than twenty minutes have passed, but when she returns, the house is in shambles. Things thrown about, glass broken across the floor. Her heart drops to her stomach, thinking he's done something to Rachel. She grabs a knife, ready to kill him if he's done something to their daughter, but she's stopped when she hears Rachel's crying. Brett has locked the two-year-old in the pantry. Rachel is terrified, her eyes full of tears. Libby bundles her up and takes her next door to the neighbor. This is it. This is the last straw. She's leaving Brett and this time, nothing will make her come back.

She goes back to the house to pack a bag for her and Rachel, not realizing Brett is still in the house. He tells her that he saw texts from Wendell, he knows about the two of them, though how she's never figured out. He calls her a slut, a bitch, a whore. He threatens to kill her and when he notices her packing a bag, he loses control and beats her, worse than ever before. He leaves her lifeless body on the floor of their bedroom, and though she can't hear him because she's passed out, he warns her to be gone by the time he gets back.

Forty-five minutes have passed and Libby has not returned for Rachel. The neighbor's husband goes to check on Libby only to find her lying on the floor. He immediately calls 9-1-1. When the call comes in, and Greg recognizes the address, he insists on taking the call. Buck keeps Greg outside while Chimney and Toni work on Libby, stabling her to transport to the hospital.

July 6th, 2016:
Libby is awake, the doctor assures her and her family that she is going to be fine. She also tells Libby that she is pregnant. How the baby survived such a traumatic ordeal, they can't understand. Despite what's happening, Libby is happy about the news but is confused as to how the baby survived, or how she didn't know she was two months pregnant.

Mid-July, 2016:
Libby goes into hiding. It gets back to her that Brett is looking for her, and she is scared for her life and Rachel's. She moves into a halfway house without anyone in her family knowing, she is taken in by a young woman named Leslie who recognizes the fear in her eyes. Libby tells her about what she's been through, and Leslie assures her that she will be alright, that she will get through this.

End of July 2016:
Greg and Logan track Libby down, and they convince her to come home. She and Rachel move in with Greg and he and Logan promise to protect her and Rachel; nothing will happen to them as long as they are there with Greg.

August-December, 2016:
Libby gets complacent; she hasn't heard from Brett in months and she puts the entire situation behind her. She feels like she can move on with her life now. She is excited for the new baby to arrive, and she's excited about the direction of her life. She almost forgets that Brett even existed, but then he finds her.

December 3rd, 2016:
Brett breaks into the Haynes home while Greg is at work, Rachel is at daycare. Libby is getting ready to leave for work when Brett abducts her. He shoves her into his car at gunpoint and threatens that if she tries to escape, he will come back and kill Rachel.

December 4th-5th, 2016:
Brett holds Libby captive. He cares nothing about her being pregnant or the threat to the baby. He rapes her repeatedly, he keeps her tied up when he is away from her, to ensure she won't escape. She manages to free herself and tries to run, but he catches up with her.

He has a knife in his hand when he comes after her and stabs her seven times. She manages to get the knife away from him in a struggle, and as she's fighting for her life, she stabs him repeatedly, how many times, she doesn't know, but it was enough to deal a fatal blow.

Brett collapses on the ground and Libby struggles to get away and get some help. She's sure now that her baby is gone, and that she'll likely die herself. As she's ambling up a hill, her vision goes blurry and she sees a figure in the distance, not realizing it's her cousin.

Logan runs to her side and catches her in his arms, and she's awake just long enough to hear him promise that she's going to be okay, he's going to save her.

December 6th, 2016:
Libby is rushed to the hospital and has an emergency c-section. Miraculously, her baby survived the attack. The knife missed the baby by an inch, and they were able to deliver her safely, though she is premature by a month, and they aren't sure if the baby will even survive the night.

December 7th, 2016:
Libby is still recovering from surgery, but she has to be close to her baby girl, who she has named Deborah Grace Haynes. Gracie is holding on, refusing to give up.

December 12th, 2016:
Libby is released from the hospital, but she continues to stay there as Gracie has not been released yet. She refuses to leave her baby girl's side. But Gracie's vital signs are strong and she is looking good.

December 15th, 2016:
Gracie Haynes is released from the hospital, the doctor assures Libby that despite the way she came into the world, Gracie is going to be a healthy baby. Libby and her two baby girls go home with Greg.

04/11/2021 07:22 PM 


If you plan on downloading any of these, please comment below before doing so.
Credit is not necessary. I only ask that you do not redistribute these colorings or claim them as your own! Enjoy!











02/13/2021 09:17 PM 

「✰ gif tutorial.」

I'm not the best at explaining things, so if you have any questions, feel free to message me. I hope this will help! I'll be explaining how I make gifs. There are dozens of ways to do it and this is just the way I prefer.

Photoshop, The KMPlayer, and a video.
I use Photoshop CC 2020, but older versions will work also. As long as you have load files into stack, any version will work. My version also has the timeline feature.

1] Download Photoshop, if you don't have it. I do have a link. The website may look sketchy, but I promise, it's safe. It's how I obtained my version and I've never gotten a virus from downloading from this site.
Windows version | Mac version
Follow the instructions on how to download the files. NOTE: these files take a long time to download. Once downloaded, install it.

2] Download The KMplayer next, but don't download from their site, as the updated version will not have the screencapping option you'll need. Go to this website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Download the 2013 version of the program. Once downloaded, extract it, using the password: oldversion

3] Open up The KMPlayer and then find your video and open that up. Once that's opened, right click on the screen and go to capture > frame: extract. Make sure your settings match mine:

Once that's done, find the spot in your video you want captured. Hit the capture button right before the scene and then when the part is over, hit stop.
Now you have your captures. To find the screencaps, you'll need to click on this button:

What I normally do, is I keep that folder in my quick access bar in my folders (I have no idea if MAC has this feature.):

Unless you're making multiple gifs, you can close out of km player now, as we're done with it!
Now, some of these caps that the program extracted will not be needed. So what I do, is I go into the folder and I delete any unnecessary screencaps.
4] Open up photoshop! Then you'll want to go to file > scripts > load files into stack:

It'll take a few minutes for them to load, depending on how many captures you have. Next you'll want to crop and resize your GIF. You can make them any size. Mine are 200x181.

5] Okay, if you have the timeline option on your version of PS, make sure to pay attention to this next step. If you don't, you can ignore this part. Click create video timeline:

Then you'll need to convert it to frame layers, so click this button:
Next you'll need to make your frames. Click on the this button: and click on make frames from layers.

6] Once you've got your layers, you'll need to reverse the frame layers. So click on this button again, and click reverse layers.
Next, you'll want to change the speed. So once again, hit this button and click select all layers. Then click on an arrow of one of your frames: and then set your speed. I usually set my speed to 0.1 seconds.

7] Here's where things get tricky, depending on what version of PS you use. If you're using a version of Photoshop that does not have the timeline option, you'll need to sharpen each layer one by one. (That sucks, I know. x__x) If you DO have the timeline option, see step 8.

8] Now that we have the gif resized and ready, we need to convert it back to the timeline. So what you're gonna do is click on this button: and then you're going to go to the top bar and go to select > select all layers, then you're going to go to layer > smart object > convert to smart object.

9] Next you're going to add your coloring, but before you do this, you need to make sure that this bar: is at the beginning of your gif. If not, just slid it to the front. Drag your PSD coloring to your GIF.

Now, the thing about the timeline, is that you have to move this bar: to the end of your gif. If you don't, you're gif is gonna look wack. It'll end up looking like this:

So just slide the bar until it's at the end of your gif, like this:

10] Now it's time to save! Go to file > export > save web to legacy. These are my settings:

And of course, you'll want to make sure it's set to loop forever:
Hit save and you're done!

I hope that you could understand this. If not, I'm sorry. I'm trash at explaining anything. I do have some resources to make up for it. First of all, I'm lazy af and make 10000000x gifs in a day, so I made some actions to make it easier. The first set will make the gifs for you. Play gif 1, then gif speed, and finally gif 2. It will do everything for you. The second one is just gif sharpen actions. You'll have to just play around with each one to see what you prefer. I use gif GIF SHARPEN 2 on mine.


A lot of people use torrents to download videos, but some people are wary of downloading torrents and understandably so. I have several alternate options.
The site I use mostly is pahe, but here's a complete list:
rapid movies
ddl valley
hd encode
yt mate - to download youtube videos.

And if you are comfortable with torrents, here are the sites that I use:
lime torrents
extra torrents
EZTV torrent
torrent funk
torrent downloads

02/07/2021 08:03 PM 

difficult decision.

The alabaster walls were decorated with portraits of a serene mountain backdrop on either side of the room. Under one of them sat an indigo mid-century modern sofa. On the other end of the walkway sat a table with a plaque and a golden framed photograph of an elderly man who had died years ago. No matter how many times she'd been here, it still managed to give her the creeps. For six months she had been coming here to visit him, and as much as she hated it, she would continue, because he was her hero and she'd do anything for him.

Approaching the reception desk, she greeted the elderly African-American woman sitting behind it with a warm smile. Epiphany had become well acquainted with the Haynes family, as well as a few of Libby's friends who paid him a regular visit. The younger female signed her name in the visitor's book and struck up a casual conversation. "Hey, Epiphany, how have you been?" She didn't bother looking up as wrote her signature out on the sand colored paper.

"Doing alright, sweetheart. How are you? How is Dylan?"

Dylan spent nearly every day after school at the nursing home. Her maternal grandparents convincing her that it was bad for him, and maybe it was - a sixteen-year-old spending all of his time with his eighty-three-year-old grandfather at a nursing home. But what was she supposed to do? Grandpa was all Dylan knew. She couldn't take that away from him. "Dylan's doing really good. He's been working, which is why he hasn't been around as much. He's doing really well in school. I'm proud of him."

And she was. The poor kid had been through so many changes in the short sixteen years he'd been alive, and now for his entire world to be turned upside down once again this year. She was impressed how well he was handling everything.

"I'm glad to hear it. He's doing good today, by the way. He was asking about you earlier." She motioned her head toward the hallway to their right.

Libby hadn't been visiting as often as she had in the past. Maybe it was the fear of seeing the changes in his condition. Maybe she wanted to pretend like it wasn't happening. Whatever the reason, it didn't make her feel any less guilty for neglecting him.

He's doing good today. He's doing good today. She repeated the words in her head as she turned to go. His condition was worsening and it was the only reason she had stopped coming so often. The whole ordeal reminded her of when Grandma had been diagnosed with cancer. The fear of not knowing when they were going to lose her, the torture of seeing the disease progress, watching her get worse over time. It hurt far too much, and now they were going through the same thing with him.

She turned the corner to find that his door was ajar. She pushed it open slowly, a little worried at what she'd find. But he was fine. He was sitting in his favorite leather recliner, in front of the television, watching Matlock. Wow, he loved Andy Griffith. She cleared her throat, just to make a sound to let him know she was there. When he turned his head to look at her, he didn't greet her with his usual wide smile. "Hey, sweetheart. I'm glad you're here. Have a seat."

She eyed him suspiciously and ambled over towards him, taking a seat in a metal fold up chair he kept near for guests. Libby's friends were always visiting him. "Grandpa, what's going on?"

He was quiet for several moments. Almost as if he were trying to figure out how to talk to her, which was odd, because Grandpa always knew what to say. "I've been talking to Martin and Agatha, and I have come to a decision." Martin and Agatha? Since when was he on a first name basis with them? As far as she knew, Grandpa had always hated her mom's family. Now they were conversing?

When she didn't say anything, he went on. "Libby, I want you to send Dylan to Missouri to live with them. They have a room for him ready, he'll be in a great school system, he'll have wide open spaces to run and play, to be a kid. Before it's all over with."

She didn't answer right away, attempting to process what he had just asked her to do. Dylan was settling in so well with her, how could she send him away? Why would she send him away?

"You can't ask me to do this. This isn't fair!" The words spat out a little louder than she intended. Not once had she ever disobeyed him, but this was different. She couldn't do this.

"Libby, please. This is what's best for Dylan." His voice remained quiet and calm, unchanging. He had planned for this reaction, she was sure. There no way he had invisioned this moment going any different.

"You don't get to decide that anymore. I'm his guardian now!" She regretted the words as soon as they left her lips. She wanted a rewind. She wanted to take them back. She couldn't.

His face fell. He looked hurt. Like she had dealt him a low blow. Hadn't she? She was not prepared for his next response. Grandpa was her favorite person in the world. She'd been close to him her whole life, and though they had disagreed in the past, they had never gotten into an argument. She had so much respect for the man. There was no way she would ever argue with him. But the circumstances at hand were bringing out the worst in her. "Olivia!" Maybe it was the use of her full name, maybe it was the volume of his voice, or the way he had yelled it, but he had her full attention now. She stopped pacing, slowly walking over to sit in the metal chair opposite him.

"The disease is progressing. There's nothing more the doctor's can do. I don't know how much time I have left. A year, two years, three. Things are only going to get worse from here." She didn't know much about the disease when he had told her of the diagnosis two years ago. Admittedly, the only thing she knew was that one of her favorite actors - Michael J. Fox - also suffered from the disease. As soon as she learned of his sickness, she went home later that night to research everything she could about it. To say that the thought of losing him scared her was an understatement. He was the one person in her life who had never wavered, the one person who had been there from the beginning of her life. She couldn't imagine a world in which he didn't exist.

"Dylan is young," He continued. "He shouldn't be spending all of his free time here with me. I don't want him to worry about my condition and I don't want him to watch me get worse. I've been talking to Martin and Agatha, and we've agreed that it would be best if perhaps Dylan went to stay with them for a while. Please, sweetheart. I need you to do this. So much has been robbed from your brother. He never got to grow up with your mother and father the way you did. I don't want his youth to be robbed from him, too." His voice and expression softened, almost pleading. How long he had been thinking of this, she didn't know. But how could she refuse him?

"There's one more thing." He hesitated. He was asking too much of her, he had to know that. "I don't want you telling anyone about this. Not Della, not Lucien, not Colton, not even Logan. Em only knows because of my big mouth best friend." His teasing tone returned at the end of his sentence, he offered a mischievous smile.

Libby said nothing. She nodded slowly, forcing a smile. She wasn't okay with this decision, and she knew, once it got out, no one else would be either.

11/11/2020 10:47 PM 

mark wallace.

Mark was born in Oregon to a loving father and mother. As an only child, his parents doted on him, showering him with love and affection. When he was just eleven-years-old, Mark's mother was diagnosed with cancer and a year later she died in the hospital. The loss of his mother was devastating to him, to say the least. His relationship with his father was never the same after that. 

Mark's father decided it was best for his son to go and live with relatives. He couldn't take care of Mark on his own, he had nothing to offer him. Mark was sent to Los Angeles when he was thirteen to live with his aunt and uncle. The couple had lost two children two years prior. Mark was a welcome addition to their home. 

The change was a major adjustment for him, but before long he found his place at school and was even making new friends. He never forgave his father for abandoning him, which is how he perceived the situation. His aunt and uncle quickly became strong parental figures in his life until eventually, he stopped worrying about when or if he was ever going to his father. 

Mark was an intelligent and bright young man. He was respectful and well-liked by most.  He took an interest in cinematography and computers at an early age, intrigued and interested in how computer programs worked. By the time he entered high school, he was pretty knowledgeable on the subject, quickly becoming the president of the computer science club. It was in this club where he met his first girlfriend.

Libby was a freshman, he was a sophomore. The two of them bonded quickly over their love for computers and video games. They had a lot in common, joining the school paper together, running the computer science club together, and spending as much time as they possibly could with one another. Libby was head over heels for him; he was prince charming to her. He made her laugh, he made her feel special, and she loved being with him. It didn't take long for the two of them to begin dating and they became serious pretty quickly. 

As naive as it might have been for her, she was convinced that he was the one for her. She was in love with him; he was perfect for her, they were perfect for each other. But Mark was one year older than her and would be leaving for college a year sooner than she would. In his senior year, he received the news that he was accepted to MIT. He didn't feel that the two of them could maintain a long-distance relationship and they broke up two weeks before graduation. Libby was heartbroken. 

Mark attended and graduated from MIT. He and Libby continued to talk though only as friends. In 2020, he moved back to Los Angeles, wanting to make a change in his life. He and Libby met up and had coffee and before she knew what she was doing, she was asking him to help her with her podcast. The more time they spent together, the more Libby realized he still had feelings for her. Unfortunately, Libby no longer sees him as anything more than a friend. That chapter of their relationship is over for good. It makes working together a tad awkward, but somehow, she muddles through it. 

11/09/2020 08:47 PM 

dylan joseph haynes.

Dylan Joseph Haynes was born on February 14th, 2003. His parents never intended on having any more children, but Dylan was a happy, though unexpected, surprise. The moment he was born, the little boy captured the heart of everyone that met him. His bright eyes and his infectious smile was enough to lighten up anyone's day. 

Dylan's older sister took to him immediately. She doted on and spoiled him rotten, and her best friends quickly adopted him as their little brother as well. By the time he was old enough to walk, he was following Libby and her friends around, particularly her two male best friends Colton and Lucien. 

Like his big sister, Dylan took an interest in comic books and superheroes. His favorite was Spiderman, and every night before bed, Libby would read him one of the comics. Before long, he was trying to climb the walls and furniture, pretending to be his hero. With Dyl-Dyl around (Libby's nickname for him), there was never a dull moment.

Greg was elated to finally have a son. Though he loved his daughter, Dylan was the apple of his eye and he couldn't wait to watch his boy grow up. Sadly, he would only live long enough to see his son turn six. That same year, Greg and Rachel were killed instantly in a car accident, leaving Libby and Dylan orphaned. 

Immediately, Greg's father took the six-year-old in, deciding to raise him. Libby left college briefly to help take care of her little brother as well. The loss was hard on all of them, but particularly Dylan, who didn't quite understand all that was going on. His parents were gone and now he was being taken care of by his grandfather and his sister; that was the extent of his knowledge. 

To cope with the loss, Dylan took on another interest; one that ran in the family. Michael's older brother had worked on Broadway since the 1950s. Michael himself enjoyed singing, dancing, and performing, and that love was passed on to his grandchildren. Dylan starred in various school plays, took dance lessons at a local studio, and was learning to play the guitar. He was bullied, of course, for his interest in dance and performing, but (at least he insisted) it never bothered him. 

Dylan was an intelligent and bright kid who never had to struggle in any subject at school. He excelled, particularly in mathematics and science. Though he was in a few clubs at school, he never really had many friends; he was a loner and he was okay with that. He considered his sister's friends his own, as he spent a lot of time with them, even though they were years older than he was. The only friend really did have was Kezia Coleman. They met in elementary school and became fast friends, becoming inseparable. Most people assumed give the amount of time they spent together, that they were an item. This was not the case; they were friends, the best of friends. 

On the eve of his sixteenth birthday, the family was given the news about Grandpa's health condition. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, and his health was declining. He wouldn't be able to continue taking care of Dylan much longer, together, he and Libby decided it was best for Dylan to move in with her. The decision angered him, though he was not the kind of kid to throw a tantrum or have an attitude over a situation he didn't like. He knew his sister and grandfather were just trying to do what was best. 

It was a rocky start at first, but he and Libby only grew closer. He loved being near his nieces, and he'd always adored his sister, so it wasn't that hard of an adjustment. What was hard was not having Grandpa around all of the time like he was used to. But he soon rectified that by going to visit Grandpa at his retirement home every day after school. 

In 2019, Michael was contacted by Rachel's brother who lived in Missouri. Martin seemed to think that Missouri would be better suited for Dylan and that hanging around a retirement home every day wasn't the best way for a sixteen-year-old boy to spend his time. He somehow convinced Michael who then convinced Libby that Dylan should move to Missouri to live with him and his mother, Dylan, and Libby's grandmother. Libby soon thought better of the idea and brought him back home, but once the news of the situation reached Dylan's ears, the damage had been done. He was hurt, he felt betrayed and felt like his sister just wanted to send him away. He packed up his things and he moved in with Colton.

In 2020, Dylan turned seventeen and began his senior year in school. Next year, he plans to move to New York where he scored an intern with MARVEL Studios, a dream come true for the little boy who once pretended to be Spiderman. He and Libby are still at odds, but he hopes to mend the broken relationship between them. 


11/07/2020 08:22 PM 

michael haynes.

FULL NAME: Michael Joseph Haynes
AGE: 83 / Eighty-three
BIRTHDAY: January 3rd, 1937 | 01/03/37
LOCATION OF BIRTH: Ogunquit, Maine
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, California
LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Lives with his granddaughter and her two children.

SPOUSE: Deborah Lockhart-Haynes
CHILDREN: Ronald Haynes and Gregory Haynes
GRANDCHILDREN: Olivia Haynes, Dylan Haynes
GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN: Rachel Haynes, Gracie Haynes

MOTHER: Vivian Leigh Wright-Haynes [deceased]
FATHER: Victor Wade Haynes [deceased]
SIBLINGS: Thomas Troy Haynes [deceased], Elroy Gilbert Haynes [alive]

NIECES: Francesca Caldwell, Olivia Caldwell-Hart, Riley, and Rowan Caldwell 
NEPHEWS: Eric Caldwell, Logan Caldwell
HONORARY GRANDCHILDREN: Della Drews, Colton James, Em Owens, Lucien King, Jared Oni.

Michael Joseph Haynes was born in a small town in Maine to a loving mother and father who doted on their two boys every chance they got. He wasn't spoiled by any means, but he always knew that he was loved and cared for, despite his mother's and father's busy schedules.

Victor Haynes was the only doctor on the island with a population of fewer than 200 residents, Vivian was his nurse. Victor took his job seriously and was rarely home during office hours. He often took cases in off-hours, if it was an emergency and couldn't wait. However busy the two of them were, they managed to care for their sons, never neglecting them. 

During his off days, Victor enjoyed taking his sons out on his boat. By the age of ten, Michael knew how to sail. Unlike his older brother, Michael enjoyed being out on the water. He loved fishing with his father and the two of them did it often. When Mike was eight, they began work on a boat together, building it from the ground up. 

Life was seemingly perfect for the family of four, but soon they would become a family of five. At least, that's what they thought. When the family learned of Vivian's pregnancy they were overjoyed, even the boys. They were excited to have another sibling. None of them could foresee that Vivian would die during childbirth. The entire family was devastated. 

Victor was left to raise three sons on his own. He never remarried after Vivian's death and to Michael's memory, he only ever had one serious relationship, though what happened there, Michael never knew. The death was hard on all of them, but Michael refused to deal with his pain, keeping it way down inside of him for the sake of his father and his brothers. 

Despite his wife's death, Victor kept on working. If anything, his hours grew longer. Tommy and Michael took on the difficult role of taking care of their little brother. Outside of caring for him, Tommy had very little to do with Elroy. Mike always assumed that he blamed their youngest brother for their mother's death, though he never knew this for sure. 

Mike was closer to Roy than Tommy; that's an understatement. Elroy went everywhere Mike went, much to Mike's friends' dismay. He taught his little brother everything he knew about love, life, sailing. Mike was ten-years-old when Roy was born, so it was natural for him to look up to his older brother. 
Michael was a trouble maker and quite the prankster in his childhood and on into his teen years. For one thing or another, Victor was being called down to the school. More often than not, Mike had to stay after school for getting into trouble. Despite all of this, he somehow managed to pass all of his classes and graduate at the top of his class. 

After high school, Mike attended Boston University. He never looked back once he left that small town in Maine. He never had any intentions of settling down there, having left more than a few heartbroken women in his wake. 

Boston was a new life for Michael in more ways than one. This is where he met the woman who would become his wife and where the rest of his life would begin. After eight years of schooling and Michael was an established surgeon in the large town. 

in 1959, Michael met Deborah Montgomery, a beautiful spitfire who had graduated at the top of her class at Boston Medical. She was an intelligent, hardworking nurse  and Michael saw wooing her as a challenge. Playing hard to get, Deborah refused to have anything to do with Michael. Eventually, he wore her down and she would later recall that she fell in love with him on their first date. They were married on December 10th, 1960. 

Soon after they were married, Deborah became pregnant with their first son Ronald Michael Haynes on June 5th, 1962. Michael took to fatherhood instantly. Ron was his whole world, his whole life, and he doted on Ronald just as his parents had him. Just two years later on April 14th, 1964, Deborah gave birth again to a second son Gregory Joseph. The family was complete and the couple was on top of the world. It didn't last. 

In February of 1970, Michael was drafted into the army to work at a MASH unit. Deborah was devastated. She knew of the army life, her father having been a General in the Korean war, but she never expected her husband would be taken away from her. Michael didn't see his family until 1975. 

He never spoke of his time in the war, but outbursts and nightmares made it clear to Deborah that he had been through hell, he had seen hell. She never questioned him about it. 

Once he was home, Mike packed his family up and moved them out to Los Angeles, California for a new life. This is where he and Deborah would raise their family, remaining in the same house for the rest of their lives. 

Michael cared for and loved his sons the same way his father had cared for and loved him. He would often take them boating and fishing, tried to spend time with him as much as possible. Though once teenagers, Ronald had other plans. The oldest Haynes son wanted little to do with his family, and this angered his younger brother who loved their parents dearly. 

Michael's medical profession was booming after opening a practice with his best friend since childhood, Steven Wilson. Despite the long hours the two men maintained, they had plenty of time to spend with their family. 

Michael took it hard when Ronald left Los Angeles, never to return. He took it even harder when his youngest son Gregory left for college in Mississippi just two years later. Greg, however, would not stay away for long, returning shortly after graduating from college. He returned with a wife and a desire to become a fireman. Michael was grateful that he and Deborah had Greg and now their new daughter-in-law Rachel. 

In 1986, Rachel gave Michael and Deborah their first grandchild - Olivia Grace Haynes. The couple was elated to be grandparents and their little granddaughter became their whole world. 

Michael and Deborah settled into a new life, the couple made plans to retire and spend the rest of their days spoiling their grandchildren. That would never happen. 

In December of 1998, Deborah was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Just five months later on May 12, 1999, she died in their home, peacefully in her sleep. Michael was devastated by the loss. He was never the same after that.  The grief was too much for him and in 2002, he retired from the medical profession. 

A year after his retirement, on February 14th, 2003, Michael became a grandfather again, this time, to a grandson - Dylan Joseph Haynes. None of them knew then just how much of an impact Michael would have on his grandson's life or his raising. 

For a while, Michael lived with Greg and Rachel. It wasn't until five years after his wife's passing that he finally decided it was time to move back home. Just a few years later, Michael was dealt another devastating blow when his best friend and partner for many years Steven Wilson died of the same disease, albeit a different kind, that his wife died from. As if that was not enough, on November 10th, 2009, he lost his son Gregory and his daughter-in-law Rachel to a car accident. Michael had little time to grieve, as he swooped in to take care of his grandson Dylan who was just six at the time. 

Michael raised Dylan with the help of his granddaughter Libby who moved in with the two of them shortly after the accident. Together, the little family picked themselves up and tried to muddle through as best as they could. 

In 2018, Michael was diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson's disease. Just a year later, his live-in nurse was leaving the job to care for her own mother, and Michael didn't want to burden his granddaughter who had two children of her own to care for. So he decided it was time to move into a retirement facility. Dylan was not happy about the change but was forced to move in with his older sister, his niece, and nephew. 

Nowadays, Michael is living with his granddaughter and her children after she pleaded with him to leave the retirement home. His Parkinson's is progressing, but all in all, he's still in pretty good health and he's doing very well. 


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