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05/11/2021 01:15 PM 

Mother's Day Survey/Task04


MOM'S FULL NAME: Samanthe Lea Wagner  


WHAT YOU CALL(ED) HER: Mom, Mommy, Mother. It really depends more so mom, always. 

HER AGE: She is forty-eight years old but she looks like in her early 30's. That is for sure. 

HER JOB: An art curator working at the Arts Museum in LA.

FOUR ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE HER: Loving, fun, caring, strict. 

TALLER OR SHORTER THAN YOU?:   She is shorter than me by an inch or two.

From what I was told when I was younger, they met in college.They were both in the same art history classes and had other classes together. After a few conversations, my dad asked her out and the rest is history.

  We have a very loving relationship. My mother is like my best friend and has always suported anything I want to do with my career or life. She has always been on my corner and I always tell me everything. I know that I can count on her regardless, I love her.


  Chicken primavera with a glass of sauvignon blanc on the side. Always.


  Cognac, sometimes burbon but most of the time Cognac. 


  She does an amazing chicken alfredo pasta, she is an amazing baker too. She does a wonderful peach cobbler that is for sure, which is actually my favorite. 

She loves spending time with us, her kids. But she also loves working on her sculptures. For my father it was the oil paintings but for my mother it has always been sculptures from clay. She also likes doing pottery too but sculpture is her love.


  That is a very easy one, the beach. Anything that has to do with the beach, bonfires at the beach were always the best growing up. I have many memories of 


 Teal, she loves teal. Her art room was painted in teal as it is her favorite color.


  She dresses casual, my mother loves to be fashionable but still comfortable. If she attends an event, she may go with something more elegant. Honestly, I get my fashion tips and taste from her. 


  I would say her art projects. She loves scupting and pottery and painting at times. She loves spending time outside too, she loves going for hikes or bike rides with my father or as a family. 


  Hmm, its hard because there are so many but if I had to choose I would say "Grease". She loves Grease, I still have memories of watching "Grease"  as a little girl and knowing all the songs. Singalong of musicals has always something we both have enjoyed together. 


  My mother has taught me so many things, she has taught me that its okay to fail but know that you tried. She has taught me to be confident even when things doesn't seem right. She has taught me how to work on clay and make a sculpture and how to cook and bake. She is a great baker, and she has a great taste in fashion as well. 


She is good at many things, one of them being a great mother. She is a great listener, she listens without judging, provides guidance and assistance. She is a great friend, I couldn't ask for a better mom.  


  "Don't say that I didn't tell you so" a phrase that I heard in my household almost every day. They say that mothers have a sixth sense, I believe it. They are the only ones who know where things are and when they tell you something they are more than likely right. Of course like any child, I questioned my mother and my mother's decisions but she would always say that phrase and still does, sometimes I wonder, how does she know. 

When I was younger, we would spend hours watching movies and musicals. Now that I am older, we spend it doing other things like having Spa days, going wine tasting, or even still doing pottery. Its great to spend time with my mother specially with her living in LA and I'm in New York. 


Growing up, my mother would always tell me that she loved me so much and that she loves how organized I am, and how I am very vocal and risk-taking. I believe she used to call me her little risk taker, because I was much different than my little sister.  


  There are so many things I love about my mother, I love how confident she is. I love how amazing she is and care-free personality she has. She has taught me many lessons and has taught me many things. She has molded the woman I am today. 


I still remember when we started to bake together. I remember that I was six years old, and we started to bake cookies, and brownies. We would do it every other week depending on her work schedule but she would always make sure we would have some Mommy and Me time. Sometimes we wouldn't bake and we would crafts along with my sister. I love that even though I am the oldest of the two, she loved us both equally. 

05/03/2021 10:49 PM 

May Day Flower- Task.(Spring Moodboard)


04/27/2021 09:17 PM 

Task 03- Unexpected heartbreak.

Maribelle didn't have a perfect life, she had a reasonable life though. She had a wonderful childhood as she had two loving parents, and a little sister. A grandmother from her mother's side that loved her dearly, and a set of grandparents to loved her from her father's side as well. She loved going on roadtrips with her parents and sister for summer vacations. These were the memories that she cherished with her heart. The other ones that she cherished close to her heart was the time she spent with her paternal grandparents who lived in Santa Barbara. They had lived in Santa Barbara ever since they got married, they raised their children there and now they were always looking forward to seeing their grandchildren for summer vacations or special occasssions including holidays, birthdays, graduations and everything in between. Maribelle loved spending time with her family, with her realtives specially with her grandparents, both sets were great but there was something special about her paternal grandparents. 

She could never explain what it was, she loved spending time with Grandma Gwen and Grandpa Michael. Summers at her grandparent's house were always filled with fun days and some days doing house work or even road trips. She loved how her grandparents would drive down to the beach with her and her sister. She loved how her grandmother would ask them to help her cook and even bake. Grandma Gwen always knew how to make the best of pastries, cookies and pies. Her first love for cooking came from her grandmothers, both of her grandmothers Gwen and Mary showed her their style of cooking and recipes. It was something she loved and she cherished a lot. She didn't have a favorite pair of grandparents, but she loved spending time with her paternal grandparents. While her Grandmother Gwen taught her about cooking and baking, but her grandfather was the one who would take her to go fishing. Maribelle was never a tomboy, she just loved adventure and trying new things. She loved going out for hikes with her parents at a young age and would look forward to any outdoor activities.  Her grandfather was her second love in a way because he always spoiled her and taught her so many things. Her first love was her father, he was a great father but her grandfather Michael was her second love. 

It was a sunny afternoon, on a summer day when Maribelle was playing with her sister in the backyard trampoline. Maribelle was ten years old and her sister was eight years old. The sound of laughter and giggles filled the backyard and could be heard throughout the backyard and the kitchen area of the house. The girls continued playing as Maribelle sat down on the trampoline seeing her mother and father coming into the backyard. "Girls! Bri and Mari can you come out of the trampoline?" they heard their mother say. The girls looked at each other giggled and nodded, Bri looked over at their mother. "But we want to stay and play mommy" she said softly. Their mother gave them a look that the girls knew very well. "Come on Bri, let's go" said Maribelle as she helped her stepped out of the trampoline. The two girls walked out of the trampoline as they walked and looked over seeing their dad hiding away from them in a corner of the yard. "What's wrong with dad, mom?" asked Maribelle. "Girls come here, we have some sad news to share with you..." said their mother as she tookt he girls' hands and walked them over inside into the living room. The girls took a seat on the sofa as their mother sat next to them. "Girls, daddy is upset because you know Grandpa Michael? Daddy's Dad? Girls, Grandpa Michael passed that is why dad is sad and upset" she said softly. Maribelle was shocked and she could feel the tears coming down her cheeks. "He's dead? But he can't be...he just can't be" she said as she stood  up and ran away up the stairs into her room and started to cry. She felt as a piece of her heart breaking. She couldn't believe it, she didn't even hear her mother calling her. She held onto the last gift that her grandfather had given her, which was a medium soft teddy bear.  She hadn't known any heartache until then. She hadn't lost a family member until her grandfather passed away. She still remembered like it was yesterday, when they attended his wake and funeral. She threw a rose when his casket was going down. "I love you grandpa, always" she said softly feeling the tears coming down her cheeks, while she held onto the hand of her father. The song that reminds her of her grandfather and reminds her of his funeral is "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. After the passing of her grandfather, her father would play this song more often. She wished she could help ease the pain from her father but she was just a child. It was a memory that she didn't want to remember, but at least she still had the good memories of her grandfather to cherish. 


04/12/2021 09:46 PM 

Task 02- Aesthetic Mood Board

Clothing:  Maribelle has a very casual, easy going type of style. Her style reflects her personality, she is mellow, casual and comfortable without leaving the fashion out of her outfits. She loves jeans, shorts, hats and sunglasses. She chooses to be comfortable over flashy. She loves accesories such as jewelry and sunglasses or glasses. She loves being fashionable but comfortable overall, and her outfits also depends on the occassions as well. 

Colors: Every since she was a child, she was fascinated with the pastel colors but specially with Aqua green. Aqua green or even teal is one of her favorite colors along with pink, lilac, and green. Plus it reminds her of her childhood home that was big and had a spacious backyard. Filled with grass and a pool, they were good memories. The pastel green and pink and purple brings her serenity and calmness. It reminds her of her father's art studio as well where she spent many hours during the weekends. Hence why these colors stand out to her. 

Textures: The ocean because it reminds her that this is where peace is at. This brings her back memories of her childhood as her parents had a beach house in Malibu where they would spend summer vacations at when neither Maribelle or her sister had to go to summer school. Ocean brings her serenity and calmness, whenever she wantst to forget about things, she just drives to the ocean and the sound of the waves help her forget. Hydrengeas are her favorite flowers along with roses, she loves the beautiful colors of these flowers. She loves to see them in rows and the touch of them. The colors of blue and green reminds her of the ocean, which brings her happiness. She loves history and retro textures, she is fascinated by this. 

Aesthetic images: Wine because Maribelle loves wine. She is a wine girl, she can have any kind of wine at any time, there doesn't have to be a special occassion for a glass of wine. Art, because she grew up around two artists, her father would paint oil paintings and her mother was a sculpterist and therefore they taught her to appreciate all kinds of art. To this day, she loves to go and appreciate art, through art galleries. Maribelle is an old-fashioned journalist, she doesn't use digital recorders for her interviews, she doesn't have a long list of questions, she is a care-free, go with the flow type of reporter, she only needs a notepad and a pencil or pen. Not many of those around know this but Maribelle is an avid motorcycle rider. She started to ride when she was young but it wasn't until recently that she became more intrigued and decided to take upon riding a motorcycle. This is just one of many things, Maribelle is daredevil in a way, she is never afraid to take a risk or try something new.  

03/30/2021 04:04 PM 

Task 01

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Maribelle Anne Wagner
  • Nickname(s): Mari, Annie, Maribear (Wilder)
  • Age: 29 years old. gosh I am getting old.
  • Date of Birth: October 14, 1991
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, California. Beautiful city of angels.
  • Current Location: Staten Island, New York.
  • Gender: Female
  • Pronouns: She/her/hers
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Love me the boys.
  • Occupation: Reporter at the New Yorker Magazine
  • Living Arrangements: Living alone, in an apartment.
  • Language(s) Spoken: English, Spanish, and a bit of French. Oui, je parle français un peu. 
  • Accent: I don't think I have an accent, I don't have a Southern Cali accent at all. 

Physical Appearance

  • Hair Color: Brown, with some hightlights of light brown in it. 
  • Eye Color: Blue, and I inherit them from my father.
  • Height: 5'7, I am short but tall enough, I would say.
  • Build: Not really.
  • Tattoos: A couple: Left arm the words "Acta Non Verba", back of the neck the word "Amor", back of right shoulder a set of three birds, the starry tatoo with the words "Look At The Moon", a tattoo behind one ear of a deck of cards, right arm the word "Tender", a flower tattoo in my right forearm, the words "Lightly my darling" on my left arm, an infinite symbol below my elbow, and "I love you" on the back of my right arm
  • Piercings: Just my ears. I never liked other types of piercings, that is just me. I respect other people's opinions in regards to piercings. 
  • Clothing Style: Casual, sometimes fashionable and elegant. That would describe it, I don't like flashy clothes or anything like that. I am very simple and classy in my style. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Sunglasses, sunglasses and sandals. 
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: My smile I must say. That is what I get told anyways since I was a child. 


  • Physical Conditions: I don't have any physical conditions, although I do suffer from seasonal allergies. That is the only thing. 
  • Mental Health Conditions: Depression. Its a fighting battle but every day I take it a day at a time. I try to see the good in things. 
  • Allergies: Not to medicine, just seasonal allergies to pollen.
  • Sleeping Habits: I love sleeping. If could sleep up to ten hours I would, but I do love sleeping and I medidate before going to bed, it helps me relax.
  • Eating Habits: Love food, but I do watch what I eat at times. Although I love tacos, pizza and burgers. 
  • Exercise Habits: I try to go for jogs 3-4 times a week, although it is sometimes hard due to work. I try to go on walks as well with my dog, Luna. 
  • Addictions: None. Unless you count work as an addiction. I love working, strange to say but true.
  • Drug Use: None. I have in the past but not recently.
  • Alcohol Use: I love wine, I love wine, whiskey and scotch. I perhaps thank my dad for that, because he introduced me to scotch for my 21st birthday. 


  • Label: look here for help!  The Investigator 
  • Positive Traits: Fun, outgoing, loyal, and caring. That is what mostly everyone describes as.
  • Negative Traits: Stubborn, frank. These could be seen as bad, but I like to be straight-forward and not go around the bushes.
  • Goals/Desires: One day, become a novelist or become an editor-chief of a magazine. 
  • Fears: Not being enough. Failing in my career. Failing in every aspect of my life. 
  • Hobbies: Photography, wine-tasting, art galleries, trying new things like ice skating.
  • Habits: I like to be frank and be honest. I tend to bite my nails or bite my lip when I am nervous its something that has been going on since I was a child. 


  • Season/Weather: Fall/Cold, not just for the fashion but just everything that comes with the crisp cold weather and the beautiful colors of the leaves falling. 
  • Color: Teal. Growing up as a child learning colors, I came across a card that said Aquamarine, it made me think of the ocean so therefore the closest is Teal. 
  • Music Genre: I don't have one per se, reason being is because I like all kind of music, from classical to more comtemporary. Just nothing too heavy. 
  • Movie: This might sound cheesy but Titanic, I can sit there and watch this movie over and over again.
  • Sport: Football and Soccer. I like baseball but not much of a fan. 
  • Beverage: Wine, or more even sangria. 
  • Food: Any food, except spicy foods, not my favorite. 
  • Animal: Dolphins and cheetahs. Growing up we would go to Sea World in San Diego, I remember when we saw the dolphins there and I got to get a kiss from one, good memories. 


  • Father: Michael James Wagner, my hero, my first love in the aspect of showing me that its okay to fail. I love you, dad.
  • Mother: Samantha Lea Wagner, my best friend, the one who is always there.
  • Sibling(s): Brianna Lea Wagner, my little sister, my best friend, best sister ever.
  • Children: None
  • Pet(s): Luna, my two-year old puppy. She is my world and is like my child. 
  • Other Important People: Wilder Gray, the brother that I never had. Zoey Vanderbilt, my best friend, the best sister one could ever have. 


  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • MBTI: one of these INFJ
  • Hogwarts House: look here under "The Four Houses of Hogwarts" Gryffindor, it speaks to me more in regards to the personality and what they stand for. 
  • Moral Alignment: look here under "The Nine Alignments"  Lawfull Good. I am one that takes risks to find the truth and embrace it. Present it and do it in a respectful manner, as a reporter I am a justiceful person always looking to help others and share their stories.
  • Primary Vice: look here under "Sins"  Pride, reason being is that I am too stubborn to accept when I did something wrong. When I have messed something up and I can't let go of my pride.
  • Primary Virtue: look here Kindness, because I am nice to everyone, I am friendly and always believe that the next day will be better. I am optimistic even when things seem to be going down-hill. 
  • Element: look here Water, being that I am caring, seeing the good in things at times when its hard to. Plus I have been told that I am a great listener, so that defenetly falls under Water. 

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