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08/05/2022 11:44 PM 

A family playlist: Pop up Task.

1. A Mother's Prayer by Celine Dion
This song reminds me of my mother. She used to sing this song to me every night, my mother is my rock, she a strong woman and she has always been there for me. She has been supportive to me and my sister, she is amazing and I love her so much. Sure we have times where we clash but I still love her. 

2. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
This song reminds me of my father, the reason being is that when we would go on roadtrips he would sing it in the car all the time. Every family road trip had to  include this song and made us sing it as well, at first it was annoying but eventually fun. It made family roadtrips fun in every way. 

3. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
This song reminds me of my little sister Brianna. We are each other's best friend and sisters. She is the best little sister I could ever ask for and she looked up to me as her older sister. I introduced her to my music tastes including this song, it was also part of our roadtrips as we were able to add a few of our favorites into the mix. 

4. Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross
This song reminds me of my grandfather, I did get to meet him and had a few time with him before he passed. Hearing this song reminds me of him and how I wish I could have one more talk, one more dance, one more laughter with him. I know that he is in my heart but I miss him every day. 

5. Macarena by De Los Rios
This song was always a famous song that reminds me of my family in general. Parties at the Wagners were always fun and amazing and this song was always on repeat and everyone clearing the living room floor to do the dance. It was always fun and amazing to see everyone dancing.

6. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw
This song because my father loves to play the guitar and a few times he has played it and has singed this song to my sister and I. He makes us feel special and he is an amazing father. I couldn't ask for a better father than him. 

7. Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain
This one reminds me both of my grandmother and my mother, they both love this song and it was always a hit played in the house. I remember that my sister and myself used to practice and make this song one of our show songs to our parents and grandparents during the holidays. Great memories. 

8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland
Both my grandmother and mother, they were the ones who introduced me to classic movies. One of them being The Wizard of Oz, to this day I still love this song. Every time I hear it, it brings me good memories of my grandmother and my mother. 

9. Its Magic by Doris Day
This song reminds me of my paternal grandmother, along with my maternal grandmother they both introduced me to classic movies and oldies. Some people woule perhaps call me an old soul, because my love for the oldies and early music. Every time I hear this song though, I think of my grandmother from my father's side and her telling me about her love story with my grandfather, she has passed away since but I still have the memories. 

10. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra
This song reminds me of my grandparents from my father's side, my father would share with me his memories of them dancing to this song. My grandmother would share with me photos and stories about her and my grandfather. I never got to met my grandfather as he passed before I was born, but in a way I feel like I know him through the stories that has been shared with my sister and I. 

07/29/2022 10:02 PM 

Task 33

Maribelle was finishing up the few finishing touches on the upcoming articles for the next two editions of the magazine. When she was at her desk, she was always concentrated, with her air pods into her ears and being focused on her work. She always had a playlist playing in the background to help her concentrate. With everyone around her doing their own work or obtaining pieces of information, she needed to always find a way to drown the background noise away from everyone to be able to focus on her work. The brunette was typing away as she was going over her article as she felt a tap on her shoulder. She paused her music as she turned around and saw her editor standing there, Claire. "Hey...sorry I didn't want to startle you, but have you read this?" she said softly placing her phone down and showing her the website to the Gossip Queen. Maribelle glanced over at Claire and then back at her phone as she saw.  Glancing back to Claire, "No I haven't...what is it?" she said softly. Her editor looked over at her and showed her where there were a few rumors including her and a few of the people she had done interviews with. "It’s a gossip page that talks about people here in New York...and you are part of a few of those rumors. Let me email you this so you can see it on your own time" she said softly as she walked away. Maribelle was confused and worried about what was being said. "Alright thank you Claire" she said softly. So many things were running through her mind, she wondered what was written about her, what kind of gossip was going around her. She hoped that none of this would affect her reputation or would hurt her professionally. Those were some of the thoughts that were going through her mind as she waited for her editor to email it to her so she could see it.

Once the email arrived, she opened it and clicked on the link, she glanced over the website seeing the rumors that were going about her and about Harrison. It was true that lately things had been a bit rocky between the two of them. Currently they were giving each other some time apart, all relationships were not perfect, they had ups and downs. Lately she had been busy with work, and she had been teaming with one of her coworkers on a few of the assignments. She had been to many late-night meetings with her coworkers and here it was, the rumor of “There are rumors that Maribelle Wagner has been seen with another man that is not Harrison” she read as she sighed. “Ugh!” she said softly. “Why do they care? It’s all work-related…. if they only knew” she said to herself. Claire came by, “I figured that that rumor of you with another man is possibly all the late meetings you have with Charles” she said softly. Maribelle glanced over at Claire, “Exactly! Its all work-related…” she said softly she was enraged. She was upset but there was someone spreading rumors of things that they did not know. “How are things between you and Harrison though, if I can ask?” she said softly. “We are…we are currently taking a break because I have been busy with work and I am trying to give him space, I love him, I love him with all my heart and soul, but I respect his decision and do not want to push him to far away” she said softly with tears in her eyes. Claire nodded, “Why don’t you come to my office, we can talk there” she said softly. Glancing at the screen, she saw how there was a rumor saying about “Can’t you see his unhappy? Does he have to spell it out for you?” she wondered if that was about Harrison and her.  There was also one mentioning why he was not posting about her anymore. She had wondered the same too, but she knew that he was going through things himself. He needed space and time and she was willing to give that to him. She lost him once and she only hoped that she wouldn’t lose him again.

Standing up from her desk, she stood up and walked toward in Claire’s office, closing the door. “Maribelle please take a seat.” she said softly. The brunette took a seat as she saw the blonde take a seat across from her. “I know you are going through a lot in your personal life and trust me I am not trying to add more stress to your life. I wanted to show you this to let you know…also I do not want this to hurt your creativity, and your work. You are a marvelous reporter Maribelle, there is always going to be haters out there, you are smarter than that though…I understand if you want to take the rest of the day to relax, take it easy…” she said softly. Maribelle wiped her tears and nodded, “I would like that yes actually, I want to take the rest of the day off and the weekend if its okay” she said softly. “It is, and remember you are strong, you are marvelous and wonderful. Do not…and I repeat, do not let this “Gossip Queen” get to you, you know the reality and that is what matters” she said softly. “Also remember if some things are meant to be, it will come back to you eventually, don’t stress it or pressure it" she said softly. Maribelle looked over at her editor and nodded hearing her speak. “Thank you, Claire, I mean it…you are the best, I will, thank you” she said softly as she stood up and walked out of the office. Walking toward her desk, she packed up her Mac Book, and things as she was taking the day off.


07/29/2022 09:45 PM 

Pop-up Task Friday.

Summer Outfits. 
"When it comes to summer short dresses, comfortable shoes and shorts are my thing."

06/17/2022 11:49 PM 

Task 31


task #31,

  1. If your character was an animal, which animal would they be? If I could be an animal I would say I would a lioness or a cheetah. I would say a cheetah because they run fast and are fierce.
  2. Does your character pick wildflowers when they see them? If they were out in the road, yes, they would stop by to pick up wildflowers, it was something that she used to do with her parents and grandparents.
  3. How do they see themselves in their head? Is the image accurate, or not? They see themselves as strong, independent, and determined. Maribelle is very determined even when things seem to go wrong for her. She is determined to reach her goals.
  4. If they talk in their sleep, what do they say most often? They don't talk in their sleep and if they did they would continue talking about coffee or wine.
  5. Do they like muffins or cupcakes more? Why? They love cupcakes, it brings them memories of their childhood. They are not fans of muffins much unless its chocolate chip muffins, they will make an exception for those.
  6. Do they prefer arm day or leg day more? They prefer arm day over leg days because even though they will be sore, it is better than having cramps or soreness in her legs.
  7. What is the longest your character has ever slept in? The lastest that Maribelle has slept in has been until noon, it was because she had been working or partying the night before.
  8. What is their most embarrassing middle school moment? When she ripped her pants jumping and had to walk around the rest of the day with a sweatshirt covering her.
  9. What is/are their favorite pizza toppings? Pepporoni, italian sausage, and grilled chicken, the combination of the three is amazing.
  10. What was the last dream they had? She dreamed that she was on a train on her way to Nice, France.
  11. What is one possession they should get rid of, but can’t/won’t? She has an old coffeemaker, that even though its old, but its one of her favorites and she just cannot let it go.
  12. If your character spray-painted a wall, what would they write/draw? If they would be able to spray-paint a wall, she would make a mural of the beach, resembling her hometown, Los Angeles, with a positive message in the wall.
  13. What would your character want their final words to be? Remember me for my work, not for my flaws or my failures but the attempts I did to be successful.
  14. What is one aspect of their physical appearance that they like? They like their eyes and their hair, they love how flowy and wavy their hair is.
  15. Do they prefer jeans or sweatpants, or something else? They love both jeans and sweatpants. Jeans to be able to go out and what not but sweatpants to be at home and relaxed and comfy.
  16. How far can your character spit a watermelon seed? A few inches if she tried, but she doesn't try to.
  17. Are they more likely to notice the shapes of the clouds or the color of the sky? They tend to look at the shapes of the clouds. It used to be one of things that they did with her father, was to lay down and watch the clouds go by as they would see the shapes. They still enjoy doing this on their own.
  18. Do they laugh during serious moments? No, they stay serious during a serious moment, unless they have a giggles episode, meaning they can't stop laughing.
  19. On a road trip, are they usually the driver, in the passenger seat, the DJ, the backseat driver, or the one napping in the back? On a road trip she is usually the in the passenger seat and she is the DJ of the car. She loves music and when she was younger she was in the backseat but now she is either the driver or the passenger.
  20. Does your character sleep in normal clothes, pajamas, or something else? They sleep in pajamas, sometimes in a shirt and her underwear.
  21. When they sneeze, do they use their hand or elbow to cover their mouths? They usually use their hand to cover.
  22. Someone asks your character to dance and pulls them out to the dancefloor. How would they react? They would react surprised because she is shy and takes time for her to get to know people but she would go along with it.
  23. Are they more of a cat or a dog person? She is a dog person, she has a dog herself, named Luna.
  24. What alternate time period would they enjoy living in?  If she could live in an alternate time period it would be either the 20's or the 80's. She loves history and the music of both time periods.
  25. Does your character keep a diary? If so, what do they write about? They used to have a diary, now they have a small journal. They are trying to get into the habit of writing every day but sometimes they forget. They write about their day and reflect on the days they have.
  26. When they’re stressed, do they stress shop, bake, eat, clean, etc.? They stress clean and they stress bake and stress eat as well.
  27. Do they prefer raw cookie dough or fully baked cookies? They love both, its hard to choose. She loves raw cookie dough and fully baked cookies.
  28. What game is your character bad at playing? They are bad at playing basketball. They have tried in the past but they are not good.
  29. Are they ticklish? They are, specially on the bottom of their feet.
  30. What’s inside their car’s glove box? Manual, napkins, anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizer.
  31. What’s their birthstone? Do they like it? Why or why not? Their birthstone is opal and tourmaline, they do like them and they think that having two birthstones is unique and beautiful.
  32. Which Avenger is your character most like, personality-wise? She is more like Natalia (Black Widow) because she is strong, determined and badass.
  33. Does your character pay attention to the weather forecast? They do, sometimes not all times.
  34. When was the last time your character got sick? Did anyone take care of them? The last time they got sick was back in December, and her boyfriend, Harrison took care of her.
  35. What’s a weird/wacky/embarrassing story about them as a young child? The one time that Maribelle thought that she was her own stylist and she cut her hair and cut her sister's hair too. It was one of those things that her parents were upset at her but they thought it was funny.
  36. If they eat steak, how do they like it cooked? They do eat steak and they like theirs medium rare.
  37. Do they prefer to write with a pencil or a pen? If a pen, what color? They prefer to write with pencil as they can erase errors easily. If they write in pen they will write with black ink.
  38.  Imagine your character on the beach, waist deep in the water. A big wave rolls up and towers over their head. Do they dive under the wave, body surf, freeze and get swept off their feet, or something else? They will dive under the wave and come back up and try to ride the next wave, not minding being all soaked.
  39. What are the last five items in your character’s Google search history? Do they often clear their search history? Their last five searches are: How long to cook lobster for? Any recipes for casseroles? How long does dog live? How to take care of older dogs? Summer flowers to plant. No, they rarely clear their search history.
  40. Does your character sing in the car? In the shower? She loves to sing, so whether its the car or the shower, she sings at any time.
  41. Do they have a harder time going to sleep at night or getting out of bed in the morning? They have a hard time getting up in the morning as they feel that they could sleep longer.
  42. Would they rather fly or be immortal? They would rather be immortal.
  43. What’s the dumbest way your character has been injured? She has been walking down the street while on her phone and has strained her feet as she misstepped on the pavement and hurt her foot.
  44. Are they able to fall asleep in the car? On an airplane? On a boat? They are not able to fall asleep in a car, but they can call asleep on an airplane and even on a boat.
  45. How do they like their coffee or tea? They like their coffee sweet but not too super-sweet, and with lots of cream/milk. Her tea she likes it hot with honey and lemon.




06/01/2022 11:45 PM 

Task 30

1. If you could go back in time to a certain decade, what decade would it be and why? 
I would go back to the 50's! There are things I do not like about that time, like the way people were so close minded about same-sex couples, but over all, I LOVE that era. I feel very old-fashioned in some ways, and I love the idea of having dinner made for the family, the house tidy, and neighbors to talk to and not be scared of. There were Tupperware parties, and pies cooling on the window seal. The milk was delivered to your doorstep, and there was not as much technology. A date meant going to the diner, or swing dancing, or doing something more meaningful without our phones. Alsoooo I love the music and fashion. --Lilly 

2. If you could live in a movie, which movie would it be and why? 
I would live in Halloween because I always wanted to know if I could survive a horror movie.--Illyana

3. What is your favorite kind of flower? 
Tiger lilies are my favorite flower!--Devin

4. What is your favorite hobby and why? 
It is hiking a hobby? Well hiking because I love finding new trails to hike. It’s very rewarding and fun. --Theo

5. Do you have a favorite season? 

6. If you could travel to live in another place in the world, where would it be? 
Oh boy, that's a hard question to answer. I think I would love to travel to Africa and live there.--Amelia

7. What is your favorite kind of music and why? 
Honestly, anything I can dance to. Gotta get the body moving and the blood pumping. Have a good time and vibe to the beat.--Saber

8. Who is your favorite painter or artist of all time?  
My favorite painter is Van Gogh. --Nicola

9. If you could learn another language what would it be and why? 
I would probably learn Italian. It's a beautiful language.--Kennedy

10. Who is someone who has impacted in your life in a postive way? 
Cassian for sure. He brings out the better in me daily! --Eloise

11. Who inspires you every day and why? 
Kennedy inspires me bc she is so amazing and strong being a pregnant and doing it all by herself. --Jaylan

12. Who is your idol? Who is someone you look up to? 
My idol? I don't know. I never really had much of that growin' up. But I feel like the first real person I looked up to, was my grandfather. He taught me everythin' my father never did. And he might've been strict sometimes, and I know I wasn't the easiest kid to deal with. But, taught me a lot about life and people and he was the only person I knew, who had an answer for anythin', didn't matter if it was stupid, he always had real answers, even if he was busy. He somehow always seemed to find the time to just, be there, if ya needed him. So, yeah, my grandfather.--Emilio

13. What is a song that defines you or your life and why? 

Young Guns - Stitches
just listen to lyrics? The song is being trapped for a long time
like a bird having its wings clip
but I still find the strength to break free 
and finding freedom  -- Avery 

05/20/2022 12:24 PM 

Task 29

1) Full name (first middle last): Brianna Anne Wagner
2) Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy): August 6, 1999
3) Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 
4) Face Claim: Stella Banderas 
5) Where do they live? (city, state - if they live in NYC, specify their borough): She lives in Boston, Massachusetts. 
6) Mock social media handle:@prettybribri08
7) Where they work and their job title: They work as a pediatric nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston. 
8) List two positive personality traits and two negative personality traits: She is outgoing and independent, she can also be stubborn and impulsive. 
9) Their three favorite things: Their dog Sully, being a nurse and helping others. 
10) Write a brief 8+ sentence bio about this character.
Brianna Anne Wagner was born to Marilyn and Jonathan Wagner, she was their second child. The couple already had an older daughter named Maribelle. Brianna was a happy baby, she was always being taken cared for by her parents and her sister. Her sister and her had a close bond and they always had a close bond. The two of them always played together, usually Maribelle was the reporter and Brianna the intervee. Brianna was usually the witness and Maribelle would pretend to be the reporter. When she was young though, Brianna loved science, she loved being able to help others. When Brianna was a teenager, she wanted to volunteer at the hospital. Brianna knew that medicine was her call but she knew that she did not want to become a doctor but perhaps a nurse. She loved helping others and knew that she wouldn't have to go too long to school if she became a nurse versus a doctor. Brianna graduated shortly after her sister and she was following into her footsteps in regards to going to college. Although she did not attend or apply to UC Santa Barabara, but to UCLA. She wanted to stay locally in Los Angeles, and did not want to travel too far. She attended UCLA and graduated with her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. She stayed in Los Angeles for a few years, obtaining the experience. She then moved to New York before finally moving to Boston. She has been living in Boston for four years now, and she still keeps in touch with her sister, and her parents. She did escape an abusive relationship, she stayed with her sister, Maribelle for some time before going back to Boston. She loved her job and wanted to live her life, she does have a restraining against the man and he has kept away. 
1) Full name (first middle last): Katerina Rose Davis (nee Williams)
2) Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy): September 26, 1930
3) Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 
4) Face Claim: Tippi Hedren
5) Where do they live? (city, state - if they live in NYC, specify their borough): Malibu, California 
6) Mock social media handle: N/A.
7) Where they work and their job title: She is retired now. She used to be an interior designer and owner of her own interior designing company in Los Angeles, California. 
8) List two positive personality traits and two negative personality traits: She is free-spirited, outgoing. She can be stubborn and fiesty.
9) Their three favorite things: Being around family, being able to enjoy the beach, and classic movies.
10) Write a brief 8+ sentence bio about this character.
Katerina Rose Davis was born in San Francisco, California. She was born to a secretary and an navy officer. Her father was in World War II. She could remember all the historic things that happened as she lived through them. She lived through the end of the second world war, she saw the changes in the economy and everything that came by after. Ever since she was little girl, she loved design. She love designing and her parents thought that she would become a seemstress or a fashion designer for her love of design but it was not like that. She wanted to become a female interior designer. She loved being able to combine styles and colors. She graduated out of SF State school of design and moved down to Los Angeles. She knew that it was away from her hometown but it was where the opportunities shined. She worked under different firms before opening her own small shop and independent business. It was not common for women in that time to have a business but she wanted to be one of the firsts, she wanted to show them that she could. She wanted everyone to know that woman could be business owners just like men could. Her small company became bigger and expanded all over the state. It never became national as she did not want to expand it too much but it was a success. She met her husband down the road and got married. She had three children and enjoyed being a mother. Now being retired, she enjoys her time at the beach, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and her family. 

05/05/2022 10:39 PM 

Task 28

One strange morning: A morning to remember.
It started like any other day; the sun was creeping into the window as it did most of the days. The light of the sun went the blinds of the Staten Island apartment. The brunette could feel her dog licking her face. “Okay Luna…I know…I am getting up honey give me a minute” she said softly. She heard the dog whining softly. The brunette hadn’t opened her eyes yet, she laid there for another five minutes. “Okay Luna, I am coming” she said softly. “Mommy needs to wake up first and then she will take you out” she said softly. Maribelle had the morning routine down to each thing. She had a routine for Monday through Friday and a weekend routine as well. Five minutes passed by as she heard the dog crying again. “Okay baby, I am coming” she said softly. The brunette opened her eyes gently as she stood up from the bed and tried to wake up as best, she could. She walked to the bathroom to use it briefly as she walked over to wash her hands, she glanced at herself in the mirror. The brunette was in shock, she was surprised, and confused. Perhaps a little bit of all three feelings, she was surprised, confused, and shocked. “What…what in the world?” she said softly.  She blinked and looked away for a moment and then back at the mirror. “Oh no…no…no…no…this…this cannot be happening” she said softly as she glanced down at her dog who had also turned younger, she was a puppy. “Oh baby” she said softly as she picked her up, “come on, let’s get you outside” she said softly. Placing her shoes on, she could feel that the shoes were too big on her. “Of course…” she said to herself, putting her coat and placed the leash on her dog, “Come on” she said softly as she walked outside with her dog, letting her dog do her business, she cleaned up after her and started to make her way back to the apartment. On her way back though she was getting a lot of looks. “Hey girl, where are your parents? Shouldn’t you be at school?” a few of the people walking through the street. She tried to ignore it, she sighed as she walked back into the apartment complex.

The stares were still coming at her, she saw the man from downstairs from her. He looked at her strangely, she smiled as she waved. “Good morning Mr. Charleston” she said softly. The man just furrowed his eyebrows and stopped in his step. “Do I know you miss? Shouldn’t you be in school? Where are your parents?” he asked. “Mr. Charleston, its me…Maribelle Wagner, the reporter? I live right above you” she said softly. The man chuckled softly and shook his head, “No you are not…I know Ms. Wagner, she is taller and prettier than you” he said softly. The brunette giggled and sighed, “Why thank you sir…you have a great day” she said softly. She picked up Luna in her arms as she walked up the stairs and over to her apartment. After walking into her apartment, she sighed. “Oh, my work! I have a meeting with my editor…this cannot be good, I may call out of work today, what do you say Luna?” she said softly. The brunette glanced down at her dog, who only tilted her head gently. “I know what a dumb question to ask your puppy…” she said softly.

She picked up her phone and called Claire, her editor. “Hey Claire? This is Maribelle, I know we have a couple of meetings today, but I will not be able to make it into the office…I am feeling under the weather” she said softly. The woman in the other line, started to speak. “Hello Mari, and oh no, I’m sorry hope you feel better…take the day or two, no worries” she said softly. “Thank you, Claire, I will” she said softly. “Have a good day hun, take care” she said softly. The brunette smiled and glanced over at her puppy, “Thank you and you too” she said softly. Laying on the sofa, “Oh Luna…I don’t think anyone will ever believe me” she said softly.  She laid on the sofa as she saw her dog trying to chew one of her shoes. “Luna! No! Fine, I need to get you some chewing toys” she said softly. Maribelle stood up from sofa and went into her bedroom. She started to take a shower as she was thinking about a few more things. She giggled as she closed her eyes, “I always did wish to go back to when I was younger so maybe I got my wish” she said to herself as the water was hitting her head and body. She shook her head gently as she finished her shower and turned off the water. Grabbing the towel, she wrapped it around her body as she walked out of the room to get dressed. This was going to be a very interesting day; she just knew it. Hopefully things would be better the next day, if not she could always call out of work.


04/22/2022 10:35 PM 

Task 27- A behavior change.

A behaivor change. 

Growing up, Maribelle remembered how every Ash Wednesday through Easter, her parents would explain to her what lent was and what not. She remembered growing up, she did not know what to give during this time. As she got older though, she began to understand it more. Even though Maribelle was not a religious, go to church every Sunday kind of gal. She still prayed in her own time and mostly every night. She was not the typical catholic, but she believed in God and everything else. She just did not see the need to go to church every Sunday. With her scheduling permitting it, she was able to go to church for Ash Wednesday. It felt great being in church as it had been a long time. Arriving home that same day, she laid on the couch along with Luna who was cuddled with her. “Hmmm…what to give up? What to give up Luna? I would say wine but let’s be real…I wouldn’t be able to say no to a glass of wine” she said softly as she laid her head back. “I got it! I will try coffee…omg that is going to be hard, but I think I will try it” she said softly as she glanced down at her dog. The brunette took a deep breathe, looking over at her watch. “Come on Luna, its bedtime” she said softly. Maribelle stood up as she was getting ready for bed as she needed to go to work the next day.

The sun was brightening through the blinds, she heard Luna barking. “I’m coming sweetie” she said softly as she woke up and took Luna out and then came back inside. Glancing at the clock, she decided to take a shower and get ready for work. As part of her routine, she always stops by the coffee shop that is nearby picking up a cup of coffee. Maribelle took a deep breathe and continued walking. “You got will be able to have coffee after Easter” she said to herself as the smell of the coffee was intoxicating but she took a deep breathe and continued walking on her way to the subway. She had a small trip to go to her office in Manhattan, she was not running late this time. She was running on time, but all she could think about was the sweet bitter taste of coffee. She tried to keep her mind off it for a bit though, she was looking at her work emails on her commute. Her love for coffee started since she was young, her father used to give her coffee and her grandmother did as well. Her grandmother loved coffee and of course that when she had it when she was young, she had more milk than coffee. Regardless though, she liked the taste of coffee. It brought her good memories, at times though she had over two cups of coffee. She knew that perhaps it wasn’t as healthy, but she couldn’t help it. She knew that with lent she could try to pause and slowly stop drinking as much coffee. She wanted to test herself, one day down, a few more weeks to go.

The days went by quickly and she had been trying her best to not stop by to have coffee or even have coffee at the office. She was trying to change her behavior by having a fruit smoothie. Of course, it was not like the coffee taste and the energy that she was used but she was trying to keep it together. As the days went by though, she had to admit this was becoming harder. A few weeks into lent, she couldn’t anymore, she had to break the tradition and she had coffee a day here and a day there. Every night though she prayed, she prayed for forgiveness and knowing that it was hard to give up something but she knew it was about reflection. “You are not having coffee today Maribelle?” her editor would ask sometimes as she stopped by her desk. “No…I am trying to give it up for lent but its not going too well” she said softly. The brunette sighed as she glanced up at her editor. “Hang in there hun, its never easy to change a habit, at least you are trying and that is what counts” she said softly. Claire had a point, it was not about eliminating coffee all together but at least trying to cut down on caffeine. She also had a point that it is not easy to change a habit. It takes time to adapt into a new habit so therefore she shouldn’t feel as bad. At least she was trying and that is what mattered. Lent was a time to self-reflect and to think about giving up something to make the sacrifice to grow personally. Maribelle knew that at least she was trying to change a habit, and that is what mattered. She had learned about herself through this journey and that is what mattered overall. She was cutting down her caffeine from three cups to one cup a day. That within itself, a unique change for Maribelle. She was feeling much better and she was drinking more water out of the result. She started to see that a small change was a great way to introduce new behaviors, and Maribelle was happy about this.

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1) Think back to what was going on in your character’s life last year. Would they be surprised to see where they’re at in their life right now? Why or why not?
So many changes happpened in the last year or so. Maribelle wanted to search for a new opportunity in Boston but that didn't work at all. She decided she wanted to come back home, her job and position was waiting for her. She was happy and even though she is living in Staten Island, she is happy. 

2) What is one thing your character wanted to accomplish this past year? Were they able to do it? Why or why not? 
One thing that Maribelle wanted to accomplish was able to do more interviews for the New Yorker section of the Hidden Gems of NY. She loves this section because it was the first section she started on the magazine. Thus far, she has, she has been able to do more interviews for this section and has been able to make friends through those interviews. 

3) What is one thing your character wants to accomplish in the next year? Why this thing? Are they on track to complete it?
One thing that Maribelle wants to accomplish is to start an investigative blog. She wants to become an independent investigative reporter. She loves her job at the New Yorker and would like to keep that but also add on to have an investigative blog as it has been something on her mind. She has started to do some investigative articles already especially for the magazine but she wants to expand to a blog. 

4) What is one thing your character wishes they knew a year ago? What would they say to their past selves?  
Maribelle wishes she would know that sometimes home is not a physical place but where the heart is. That home is where your friends and family are at. Maribelle wishes she would of never left New York but reflecting back it was what she thought it was the right thing to do at the moment but she is happy that she decided to come back. She was happy that her editor and her bosses took her back. Maribelle would try to tell herself the following: "Stay in New York, the opportunities here are better and you know you love it, stay" that is what she would say to herself.

5) OOC – Are you proud of what your character has done in the past year? Why or why not? If not proud, then what feelings do you have about their journey?
I am proud of my character, she has changed and grown so much. She has met new people and have made long-time friends. She has been persistent and still hungry as a reporter to find new intervees, and being able to meet new people. She is strong and determined to do much more than most can believe her to do. 


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Answer the phone-Task24

Answer The Phone
It was a typical day in the office for Maribelle. She was finishing up some articles for the upcoming week's section of "The Hidden Gems of New York". All was going great, the night before she had a wonderful evening with Harrison. Things were going great. There was not one worry in the world for her, the only stress was just being able to finish the articles and start on the week's interviews. She was one-of-a-kind reporter that usually was the old-fashioned ways. She was one to keep on top of her things but lately things had been hectic for her. She was not one to wait until the last minute, she was one to be on ahead of schedule at times but that left her nothing to do or work. Maribelle was one that liked having work to keep her busy, keep her mind busy and focused on her career. She was not a work-a-cholic because she loved socializing with her friends and family. She loved being able to have a balance in life. As she was finishing up the article she heard her phone ring, she glanced at it, and it said mom's name. Her mother called her regularly, but she knew that she was at work and rarely called her, especially with the three-hour difference, she knew better unless it was an emergency. The brunette finished up the sentence and let the call go to voicemail as it was important to finish up the article. She hoped all was okay as she finished it up and picked up her phone. She went directly to VM as she saw the voicemail from her mother:

"Hey Maribelle, hey sweetie, I know you said not to call you when you are work but this is important...It’s about dad, please call me when you get a chance, it’s an emergency sweetie, we love to you soon" she said softly and her voice breaking. The brunette heard those words, and she could feel her heart falling down to the pit of her stomach. She loved her dad and only hope that things were okay. She did know what it was. All that Maribelle knew was that she had to call her mother back and find out what was happening. She began to shake out of the nerves that she was feeling. She took a deep breath and called her mother. The phone was ringing as she heard the line being picked up on the other line. "Hello mom, you called...what is happening? what is going on?" she asked her mother on the other side. "Mari...please get on the next plane, your father is in the hospital, he has had a heart attack, he is stable, but we need you here" she said with the voice breaking up on the phone. She could hear the fear and sadness in her mother's voice. The brunette fell the tears building up in her eyes as she nodded. "Um...of course mom, I will get on the first plane to California...I love you" she said softly. As she hanged up. Claire, her editor was standing up close to her. “Hey Mari, is all, okay? What’s wrong?” she asked. “My…my…my father is in the hospital in California, and I need to go, I need to go” she said with tears in her eyes. “Mari, take as long as you need, please keep in touch and hope all is well with your father” she said softly. Maribelle stormed out of the office. She called Harrison to ask if he could take in Luna while she was away. So many things ran through her mind, the next was packing and catching the next plane to Los Angeles.

Once she arrived home, she waited for Harrison to pick up Luna. “Thank you again babe and I will talk to you when I land, thank you for doing this” she said softly. She knew that she could always count on Harrison for anything. He was an amazing man, sometimes she wondered if she deserved him. She packed her bag as he was going to give her a ride to the airport. Maribelle was trying to keep herself calm although it was hard. Harrison’s words kept her sane though, he always knew how to soothe when she was going through something. Saying their goodbyes, she was on her way to California. She had called her mother to provide her the information and let her know that she was on her way. “How’s my dad doing?” she asked through text. “He is stable, but we need you here” her mother wrote back to her. She was on the plane and all she could pray, and home was for her father to be okay. She did not want to lose him; she did not want him gone yet at all. There were still so many things that they hadn’t done and that she was sure he wouldn’t want to miss like whenever Maribelle gets married or has children. So many thoughts ran through her mind. Once the plane landed, she just couldn’t wait to step out of the plane and meet up with her mother. As the plane touched, she was one of the first one off the plane, she went to baggage claim and went to the front. There her mother was waiting for her, with tears in her eyes. “Maribelle!” she said softly. The brunette walked up to her mother hugging her, “Mom!!” she said softly. Maribelle was nervous, in tears and worried about her father. She only hoped and prayed that her father would make it well out of this. That is all she could hope for and cared for at the moment.


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