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Some differences on my Earth include --
Women and Hermaphrodites begin lactating with the onset of puberty. The act of breastfeeding is not exclusive to mother/child, and is instead considered an important ritual of bonding and intimacy between participants.

Polyamory is the accepted norm, and monogamous relations are rare. Hermaphrodites often have dozens of wives throughout their lifetimes, but women generally only marry 2-3 times and usually only 1 of those times is to a Hermaphrodite.

Women and Hermaphrodites are considered sexually legal as soon as they have begun puberty and can give informed consent. Many are married for the first time by their 18th birthday.

Some other Heroines on Earth-Omega include...
Rachel Palmer - The Atom
Caitlin Snow - Frost Queen
Jesse Wells - The Flash
Mykaela Rory - Heatwave
Natalie Haywood - Steel
Azuri "Zuri" - The Vixen
Barbara Wayne - Batwoman
Helena Bertinelli - Huntress
Laurel Lance - Black Siren
Leslie Willis - Static Shock
Kara Zor-El - Superwoman
Karen Starr - Ultima
Thea Queen - Arsenal
Felicity Smoak - Overwatch
Jessica Diggle - Green Lantern

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