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A memory of her past

 1737 The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples Italy 
Ingrid hummed softly as she tuned her violin, she was lucky enough to be at the opening night of the theater Teatro di San Carlo as a favor paid from her old friend whom owned the breath taking building.  Her brown locks were curled and pulled to one side as she moved across the stage taking in every detail as she slowly started to play Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid, BWV 58 by Johann Sebastian Bach; a man whom she had the pleasure of calling a great friend and mentor. Slowly her two toned eyes closed as she began to play the song, it had been a favorite of hers from the moment she had first heard it being played. The white dress she wore that day swayed with every movement she made as she found herself dancing around the stage as she played, lost in the music and her own thoughts she hadn't caught the scent of a vampire whom was sitting in the last row of seats watching her. 
Once she came to the end of the song she nearly jumped when she opened her eyes and found a pair of red one staring at her from a seat, carefully she walked over to where her case was sitting and placed her violin down into it before looking back towards where the stranger had been only to notice he was now standing on the stage with her.  "I'm sorry sir but the theater has yet to open and Marcello is tending to last minute preparations." She knew that Marcello had told her that no one would be in there at the time and he would be busy as he worked for the Royal family. 
Looking to the vampire in front of her she couldn't help but notice the V shaped pendent around his neck which brought on a wave of realization of who was standing before her "Volturi" her voice came out in a whisper which enticed a nod from the man in front of her .
"I had heard of this place opening tonight and wanted to see for myself, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful music being played and wanted to hear it better. I am Marcus" his voice held power but also held pain, it was one of the few things she had noticed about him as she stood there. "I do apologize for startling you but you play beautifully.." he had yet to learn her name so with a small bow of her head she found her voice again and introduced herself "I'm Ingrid" her two toned eyes looked back to him as she offered a kind smile.
 The memory of her first encounter with a member of the Volturi was one she could never forget over the years.

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