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Spring fling playlist

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Spring fling moodboard

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Biweekly Task - First Heartbreak


"How do you spell love?"- Piglet  "You don't spell it. You feel it." - pooh

Zoey had the type of personality that got attached far too quickly and that was apparently at a very young age. It all started with the little bunny shaped teddy bear that she had been gifted when she was brought into the world. Mr. Bun Bun had been the girl's resolute best friend. She had confided in him all her secrets and even had afternoon teas together. He never left her side, not even for a wink. It had gotten to the point that her parents had thought there was something wrong with their daughter, that her attachment to the inanimate object was quite worrying. None of their other children had anything like it. Sure, there was a favourite blanket or action figure or even pillow, but never to the degree of what Zoey had with Mr. Bun Bun. Although they shared a special bond, he was still one of her confidants and the remaining like she ever had to her childhood. In fact, there had been a time where Mr Bun Bun had gone missing, but luckily Amanda and Jason Vanderbilt were forward thinkers and had purchased a spare just in case they were in a situation where Mr Bun Bun disappeared.

Mr Bun Bun was the first of many incidences where she grew attached quite quickly and it moved from inanimate objects to people. It was how she got hurt all the time, allowing herself to be vulnerable with those human beings that she actually liked. Her family always told her she needed to grow thicker skin, to learn how to guard herself instead of being so ‘weak’ and allowing others to walk all over her. Yet, Zoey wasn’t a pushover. Rather, she was far from it. It was just because she was always taken advantage of due to her very sweet nature and kind soul. Her first heart break however came at a young age too…

Growing up, Zoey had always watched Winnie the Pooh with her siblings. Her grandparents read the stories and poems to her parents, and they in turn did the same with their children. It was a daily tradition. All the siblings would gather around in the evening in their jammies with their tea and at first they would be read a small excerpt from one of A. A. Milne's poetry or a bit from the avdentures of winnie the pooh, and then it would be followed up with a little sketch. Zoey found that she was growing a liking towards the main character. Christopher Robin. He was just like her. Pretty and outgoing and he had a lot of friends, even a bunny rabbit just like her. Though she was young, Christopher Robin would always be her first ever crush. 

With the guidance and encouragement of her family, Zoey soon became and avid reader like those that came before her. With each new novel or series she would find herself falling in love with a character only to fall out of love and then back again with the turn of every page. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. Although she was quite an outgoing and bubbly girl, most of her first ever realisations and experiences were through books. It always transported her into another reality, one that acted as an escape. She could become whoever she wanted. She could tour the planes of Africa, travel to a far away world, or even befriend sweet creatures in the woodlands. Perhaps the heartbreak was a little delayed... she had only ever known what it was like to love fictional men, mostly written by women.. until she had her own boyfriend.

Her first ever boyfriend and her most serious one played many games with her. She was too young to realise it, but it was a toxic relationship. Perhaps they were too young and didn't know what to do with themselves, how to act, how to spare the feelings of others... and yet, the brunette carried along with her the expectations of what she thought a realtionship would be like. What she thought love would be like... love that she had always experienced single-sided. Not the kind that was shared between siblings, friends or even a parent or child... no, a different kind of love. A love she wasn't even sure she deserved.

She had never been so invested in someone before, never saw a whole future the way she did with him.. It terrified Zoey to her core, knowing how attached she grew to him even years on. Then there came the day.. the dreaded day where she heard the words 'we need to talk' and she knew her whole world was going crumble into pieces. He had found another woman. Someone he liked better than her. Someone he was attracted to more... and she found herself feeling very inadequate. Unworthy. If he couldn't love her, who would? 

She put up walls, guards even, locking up her heart to make sure it would never be broken again. She had barely glued back the pieces together... until she met Wilder. He showed her what it meant to be truly loved. What it felt like to have someone care for her, really spoil her, make sure she was okay... even though she gave the man hell... if it weren't for her first heartbreak... she would never have known that she was able to fall in love again with the man of her dreams.

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Task 2 - Biweekly task - aesthetic mood board

Articles of Clothing 
Zoey loves her fashion sense, having grown up on the upper east side for most of her life, fashion played a very big role. She loves to experiment with colours, and is not afraid of colour blocking or even mixing and matching patterns. Since she is a working professional, she likes to keep her day look work chic, as she likes to dub it. A comfortable outfit that looks good and makes her feel confident. When it comes to the nighttime look, Zoey loves a sexy little number such as her handy little black dress that's always in her wardrobe ready for any occasion.  Her dress sense of course varies with her mood, but one thing is for certain and it is that Zoey has a major thing for coats. 
Although the colours seem a little somber, they actually are the colours that Zoey wears most frequently. Red has always been her confidence colour and most of her favourite outfits were around it. Also, both red and green remind her of christmas, her favourite holiday. Royal Blue has always made her feel confident and has had a degree of warmness brought to her despite it being a traditionally cool colour. It also happens to be the colour of her alma mater, Yale University, which means a great deal to her. However, she does enjoy adding pops of colour to her lip and this little palette by no means limits her love for bright and pastel colours too.
Textures & Patterns
When it comes to textures and patterns, Zoey is all for them. Something she has always been teased about growing up is that she shops with her hands, with the sense of touch... anything soft or velvety has her going nuts. She loves her silk both to wear and also on the bed, there's nothing more that helps a good nights sleep other than a lovely pair of silk pjs paired with silk sheets. Ah, divine! Feathers remind her of bed, her comfort place, and the place she likes to relax. Plaid has always been a major part of her style and the knit comes from her love for the winter season. 
As any self respecting manhattanite, Zoey enjoys an evening in or out with some wine. It helps her unwind and it also brings with her very fun and fond memories of girls nights, getting pampered, watching movies and just gossiping the night away. zoey is also a huge foodie and often likes to try new places. For instance, her and Wilder often try and find the best new hot spots in town and have even made a game of trying to guess which new food truck will be the next biggest hit. Having travelled a lot, international cuisine is definitely part of her palette and she would never say no to a free meal. As for the bagels, it is an essential for every person living in New York. It is her daily breakfast with a cup of black coffee, helping her get ready to face the day.
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Task 1 - Biweekly Task

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Zoey Jane Vanderbilt
  • Nickname(s): Zo, Zoe, Zoeybee, Zeebee, sometimes her boyfriend calls her babe ;)
  • Age: 26 years young!
  • Date of Birth: 10 August 1995
  • Hometown: As Frank Sinatra once sang; New York, New York!
  • Current Location: Brooklyn
  • Gender: Female
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Occupation: Editor in Chief of Fiction at Random House Books Publishing Company but also part time half owner of Zoey's bed and breakfast at Gray's Vineyard
  • Living Arrangements: Living alone currently with her dog Bagel in Brooklyn, but hoping (fingers crossed) that she and her current boyfriend will move in together eventually!
  • Language(s) Spoken: English, Arabic, some basic french and spanish
  • Accent: Modern Transatlantic 

Physical Appearance

  • Hair Color: Brunette with some tints of honey
  • Eye Color:  dark brown, almost chocolatey.
  • Height: She is  5'5 and incredibly proud for reaching her desired height.
  • Build: Slim???
  • Tattoos: Considering one!
  • Piercings: Ears! 
  • Clothing Style: New York trendy I guess? At least she tries to be.
  • Favorite Accessories: Apple watch, can't live without. But also a good necklace, some studs and rings, for sure!
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: contagious smile, fidgets with her hair too much when she's nervous, paces a lot, especially when she's talking. Has this thing Wilder dubs as her 'italian speak' because she expresses herself a lot with her hand gestures!


  • Physical Conditions: Healthy as a horse
  • Mental Health Conditions:  She tries to be as zen as a lotus flower but working on it! Zoey struggles a lot with her body image and her relationship with food. It hasn't always been straight forward for her and she tries to stay on the steady road, eating healthy and trying to maintain a healthy life style, but sometimes, especially when stressed, it can be easy to fall of course.
  • Allergies: None.
  • Sleeping Habits: Really bad sleeping habits, despite Wilder's attempt to fix them. She is a night owl but also early bird. So somewhat a confused pigeon.
  • Eating Habits: They're pretty bad but she has been working on it lately. She's not a huge morning eater, but she does enjoy a rather large cup of coffee and the occasional pancake or waffle. Her lunch is always something healthy but dinner is her main meal. She loves all types of cuisines and so considers herself an international eater. But, that is the case when she does have her appetite, it comes and goes.
  • Exercise Habits: Thankfully living in New York keeps her pretty active, walking everywhere. She does love yoga and does it almost daily, especially with her mediation. She also goes on early morning runs with her dog, Bagel. 
  • Addictions: None? Though she has suffered from binge eating before. Does that count?
  • Drug Use: Experimented in college, but that's about it.
  • Alcohol Use: Frequent. She is partial to a glass of wine, a good vodka on the rocks or some tequila shots when its time to party!


  • Label: 'The Princess' mostly dubbed after her father, although he doesn't like to admit it, she is his favourite. She had a very good upbringing, very privileged  and lived a sheltered life for the most part, though depends how 'sheltered' you call an upper east side upbringing given its riddled with scandal. Also, her boyfriend nicknamed her the 'princess' since she can be a little high maintenance and always gets what she wants.
    "The One" also comes to mind, but Zoey doesn't want to pressure Wilder into anything. 
  • Positive Traits: She is bubbly, outgoing, personable, and loyal almost to a fault. Perhaps it comes with the territory, being a leo.
  • Negative Traits:  As said above. Zoey can be dramatic, because have you ever met a leo that didn't have a flare for the dramatics? She is also very, very, headstrong. Just ask her friends and family.
  • Goals/Desires: To eventually publish her own book and make a name for herself in the publishing industry on her own without the help of her family. Also she already realised one of her desires, to own a bed and breakfast with Wilder at a vineyard.
  • Fears: Oh, Zoey has many fears. Where to start? Spiders, they're gross. Not as gross as cockroaches which also are on the list. Actually come to think of it, most insects she's not cool with. She has a slight fear of heights. Never ending fear of being alone .. of marrying the wrong person... you can kind of see a pattern here.
  • Hobbies: Other than reading? She paints when she can, it is one of her creative outlets. With Wilder she enjoys cooking and trying out different recipes. Does yoga also count as a hobby? She tried her hand at knitting once. Didn't go so well, but at least she tried!
  • Habits: Very much a social drinker, she picks at her nails when she's nervous or stressed, definitely babbles when she's in that state too. I guess her habits come mostly when you get to know her. Like she's very particular about her night time routine. She also likes to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee before she goes for her run and does a few minutes of yoga to mediate too. Gotta get those sun salutations in.


  • Season/Weather: Spring for sure because everything is blooming, the world feels so wonderful and hopeful. Though it does come close with winter becaused Winter brings with it snow which makes the world feel magical and also christmas which is Zoey's favourite holiday.
  • Color: Blue? All shades of blue. They suit her and they just make her feel so happy inside.
  • Music Genre: Differs depending on her mood. Though for the most part, she loves the oldies e.g. Queen, Beatles, Beegees, but also Coldplay, Abba, Maroon 5, Vampire Weekend, The Killers, Harry Styles. She's got depth.
  • Movie: Sound of Music without a fault. She grew up with it and Julie Andrews is a queen. Nuff said.
  • Sport: Tennis?  She's not a massive fan of sports but Tennis or Yoga if it counts. 
  • Beverage: Alcholic? Wine. If it's a cocktail, a good martini. Non alcoholic? Coffee without a second thought. 
  • Food: Pizza. She reckons every New Yorker's favourite food is pizza or sushi. Right???? Well, they're hers.
  • Animal: Dog. She loves Bagel far too much to say anything else. 


  • Father: Jason Vanderbilt
  • Mother: Amanda Vanderbilt.
  • Sibling(s): She has an older sister, Rachel. 
  • Children: None.
  • Pet(s): Bagel!! 
  • Other Important People: Wilder, her boyfriend. Riley, one of her closest friends and colleagues, amongst many others. Zoey's main group of friends are her chosen family so even if they're not listed here, they are incredibly important to her.


  • Zodiac Sign:  leo. Like a fierce leo. She's such a fire sign it's insane. 
  • MBTI: If she had to say one then probably 'Provider' an ESFJ..
  • Hogwarts House: ooh a cross between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. 
  • Moral Alignment: Zoey would most likely be 'Chaotic Good', she has a good heart and a somewhat free spirit. 
  • Primary Vice: Ooh hard to choose between Pride and Lust, but a mix of both for Zoey. She is headstrong and stands her ground for what she believes in and for the most part, her way or the highway. But also, everyone has their needs and well it's probably self explanatory;)
  • Primary Virtue: Charity fits best with Zoey. Coming from a really wealthy background and having spent most of her life feeling like she didn't deserve what she had and that other's would deserve it more, she dedicated most of her life to help others, especially when she is not working to make her own living. But Charity is such a huge part of her life and her family's and they are often quite large benefactors to most charities out there.
  • Element: Fire. If Zoey is anything, she is most definitely a fire cracker. She is a very passionate soul and it's very difficult to quash. She is also a natural leader and is good at what she does. perhaps it's the leo in her, but there's no quelling the fire that burns bright in her.

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