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July 5th, 2020

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06/29/2020 08:20 PM 


Alright so I have never needed rules before now so let's dive in shall we?

1: Absolutely under no circumstances  will I allow unnecessary drama on my page. The second you someone contacts me to starts sh*t with me over the smallest of sh*t you are f***ing gone. Bye bye no f***ing second chance. I am done being nice. I have a limit and I don't take that crap. If I get snippy with you than let me calm down and talk me when I am calm I am a reasonable f***ing person. How ever if you send someone else to snap at me over that sh*t you and that person are both gone. 

2: The person behind this character has extream anxiety and depression and doesn't need to be risking their mental and physical health. Come talk to me like a grown ass adult and we can work sh*t out.

4: LI is not gonna happen with this character any time soon deal with it.

This list of rules isn't long right now but if you could please sign with your characters name, a favorite  quote of the character or even a quote in general than we shall be good. It the gif of your favorite character and or actor has to be funny or a funny stupid gif in general.

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