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Life for Alondra had never been easy, it had been one filled with many ups and downs. As humans we always tend to focus on the negatives of life but never look the bright side of things. She was the youngest of the O'Connell clan but that didn't mean that she depended on her brothers to do everything for her. She was a strong young lady and one with a temper that she inherit from her father's side. Growing up it was hard because when Alondra was nine years old, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was hard for a nine-year old to understand what was going on, and why this was happening to her mother. She would spend hours in her room sitting in front of a full-sized mirror that her parents had bought her a few years back. She would stare into it, crying one time she even threw a teddy bear at it. It wasn't her reflection that she didn't like, it was that it reminded her of better times for the family. A time where there was happiness in the family, there was days filled with laughter and good times. She missed that, she missed cooking with her mother and just spending time togther. It was true that she was a daddy's little girl but a girl would always need and would yearn for her mother. 

Her father had tried to calm her, tried to explain what was going on with her mother. To Alondra though it felt as it was unfair, it was not right that this was happening.  The nine year old loved  her mother and she didn't want anything to happen to her. She would visit her inside of her bedroom. The little girl at the time would walk up and hold onto her mother's hand. She would talk to her and at times when her mother was sleeping she would look at her things on her dresser. Alondra would admire the pieces of jewelry, the comb, and her small mirror that was in her family for generations. Just a few years back the young little girl had asked her mother about the hand mirror. "Oh my dear this mirror has been in my life for many many years, one day sweetheart it will be yours, and one day if you have a daughter you can pass it down to her" she said. The little girl was amazed when she said that, glancing at her mother now who was resting but still had the energy to smile. "Were you admiring my dresser and my comb?" she asked her. Alondra smiled and nodded, "Yes mamma I was...I was looking at the mirror and thinking back on what you told me about it" she said softly. "Oh yes my dear, know that its yours  to keep" she said softly. Alondra walked over to her mother's side as she held her hand gently as she closed her eyes and fell asleep. 

These were the kind of memories she had, memories of happy times and memories of sad times as well. As a good daughter though, she was always by her mother's side. She was always making sure she was comfortable and if she needed anything to let her know. As long as Alondra could help she would. She had to go to school and what not but whenever she had time she would help her mother. When Alondra moved, she donated the mirror that used to be in her room to a local charity. The photographer knew that perhaps it would bring happiness to another little girl. Plus for her, it was hard to have it around. It brought her back flashbacks of lonely times that she would rather forget about. As her therapist one said, "You have to let go of the sad memories, they are a part of you but they do not define who you are as a person, Alondra". Those words had ringed in her mind lately with all the stress of running a business, but she had a drive about her that helped her push through. She still had the antique mirror that was given to her by her mother. She felt lucky to have a story to go along with the item, because it was special and she did promise her mother that she would take care of it and pass it down to her own daughter if she ever had one. At least Alondra had a piece to remember her mother by. 


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