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Running late to his first day at school. Something was telling Stiles that this year was going to be different. That this year he will be more confident when it came to women and more confident in standing up for himself. And that being on the Lacrosse team for the first time helped.

Pulling into the parking lot he checked the time. He was already late for his first day at school. Which is not good for it being a different year. Getting out of the jeep. He walked towards the school putting his bag over his shoulder. He sighed running his hand threw his hair.

"This is just great." Stiles said seeing how his locker wouldn't open on the first day. He put his head on the locker growling. "Calm down. Everything is going to be okay. You are going to be okay Stilinski." Stiles said. He was about to ask for help when he bumped into someone spilling there books. He also landed on the floor looking up at the person. "I am so sorry." Stiles said trying to gather his belongings and helping them with theirs.

"I know that I should have watched where I was going." Stiles mentioned looking up at the person smiling at them. "I'm Stiles. It's been a rough first day already." He chuckled. "I can't get my locker open." Stiles said blushing trying to sound more cooler then he was. "Um. You mind helping me out here?" Stiles asked chuckling.

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