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Damiano Luca Rossi (Aaron Johnson) // Dom, Luca Brasi // 29 // brother //

Their relationship took a hit after their father was murdered. Dom would constantly nag Giovanni about joining the family business and finishing what their father started. This is something that Giovanni has never been interested in. As they got older, they went their separate ways. Dom decided he would take on the business himself and although it started off rocky, he is now worth millions from the trafficking of illegal narcotics. With his interest in growing the business more and establishing it globally, he finds himself at a crossroads. The man that Giovanni put a hit on and had murdered for killing his father, has a son that no one knew about until recently. When he threatens Damiano's life, this leads him to reach out to Giovanni and rekindle some form of a relationship. Little does Damiano know, Giovanni has struck a deal with Owney Madden's son, Padraic. In exchange for him sparing Damiano's life, Giovanni is getting back into the business with his brother, but is now a mole for Padraic without Damiano's knowledge.
[still haven't worked Giovanni's character up to that point yet but, eventually... hopefully soon]
Additional Details:
Baby momma drama // has a 2-year-old daughter that he’s never told Giovanni about // Permanent residence is in Los Angeles, CA but he travels frequently for business between Colorado, New Mexico, and Florida // Colorado is a new territory for him – he recently put down roots for the business there with a desire to delve deeper into the production of Marijuana.

Monserrat Ali (Lupita Nyong’o) // Monse // 32 // just complicated af – no LI inclusion //

Monse and Giovanni have a complicated relationship with one another. They are the best of friends, and have not established their relationship as anything past that. Since they spend a lot of time together, they’re often caught by paparrazi so it is assumed by the public that they are together when in reality they are not. They have not taken the time to correct anyone though and think it’s entertaining that people will believe anything just because the outlets tell them it’s true. So, they joke about this with one another often. As much as they joke around with one another is as much as they argue. Monse does not like that there’s no label on their relationship and is hell bent on setting boundaries, but Giovanni still isn’t interested in either of the two. He genuinely loves her, but feels if they put a label on it, he’ll just mess things up. This is pent up trauma from his previous relationship which he is now spending a lot of time in court attempting to settle. Also, they both get a lot of backlash for “being with each other” because of it being interracial. Even though as mentioned before, they’re technically not together.

Shefali Dhawan (Priyanka Chopra) // 37 // business partner at Rossi & Friends Mentorship Program //

Shefali assists Giovanni run a new mentorship program that he’s created called Rossi & Friends. She spends a lot of time assisting with business acumen but has also found joy in providing mentorship too. Her background is a little bit complicated and she has some trauma from her past. She refuses to go to therapy and that’s the reason she likes to spend time with Giovanni. He also has some issues but he doesn’t press her to seek the necessary help so he’s a bad influence, but that's what makes the friendship and partnership work. Shefali was born and raised in India, where she was sold to the highest bidder by her family at the tender age of 12 years old. It was her mother’s decision and it was made out of desperation due to how poor they were. She was forced to marry around the same time and ended up pregnant with her first child at 16. Unfortunately, she had to give the child away. It wasn’t until she was 17 years old that the light at the end of the tunnel was beginning not to seem so dull for her. The moment an opportunity arose for her to escape, she took it and never looked back.
Additional Details / Present:
Shefali uses her story to help mentor those within the program who have experienced mental and physical abuse. In her spare time, she runs her own personal organization that helps get women and men who have been trafficked back on track in society. Many of them have lost out on a lot of time so she prepares them for what to expect as they return to somewhat of a normal life. They most likely have expressed interest in the performing arts or utilize drawings/paintings as an outlet that is impactful for them in a positive way. Even if they are not interested in those exact programs, she still takes them under her wing.

Geneviève Marian Byrne (Anne Hathaway) // Gen, Marie, Birdie // 30 // ex-wife //

Gen is Giovanni’s ex-wife. The two were married for five years before they decided to split. It wasn’t mutual, and Giovanni was the one to call it quits. They do not communicate well with one another and are currently in court attempting to settle their divorce. She is making it more difficult than it needs to be, by creating false claims against Giovanni. Due to these false claims, he has been under a lot of scrutiny by public outlets and an investigation. This is another issue that has caused problems for him and Monse.

Vincent Lombardi (George Clooney) // Vinny // 59 // family friend [Gio calls him Uncle due to how close he is to the family] //

This is the man he calls Uncle and runs to when he needs advice. Vinny was the one who carried out the hit on Owney Madden for Giovanni. Gio has felt his entire life that he owed him and there was no way he could pay him back for what he did. Vinny doesn’t make a big deal out of it often, but he does continuously express his disappointment in Giovanni and Damiano’s relationship falling through. He will become a big part of Giovanni’s life again, when he discovers Padraic has a hold on Gio and has no intentions of letting go.

Padraic Madden (Robert Pattinson) // 31 years old // Owney Madden’s son //

Padraic is Owney Madden’s son. This one is pretty easy as he has a hatred for Giovanni’s family that is indescribable. Even though it was seen as revenge for Owney murdering Giovanni’s father, Padraic doesn’t believe that’s something his father would do. He’s going to make an appearance soon in Giovanni’s life and threaten Damiano. Which will force Giovanni to get back into the business; the reason he’ll have Giovanni secretly working for him behind Damiano’s back.

[ uc ]

06/28/2020 06:35 PM 

It doesn't even matter. [Damiano]

[ I thought we were best friends...brothers who would always have each other’s backs when things get rough in life, but you left me. You didn’t even bother to say goodbye. Then, I had to watch you move on with life as if I didn’t exist. You were starring in all of these Hollywood films, putting ma up in a good home to live. It’s like, I didn’t matter in any of it just because I made a decision for my life that you didn’t agree with. ]

Staring at his phone, Damiano read the words that were typed out several times. It had been ten years since he’d last spoken to his brother; or so he thought. He wasn’t sure anymore and eventually stopped keeping track. “Hm...” he lifted a hand, bringing his fingers to rest against his chin briefly. 

Would it even matter? Would Giovanni respond or just ignore him?

With that thought, Damiano was now tapping his thumb against the phone screen, watching as the backspace button flashed and the words began to disappear one by one.

It doesn’t even matter. If he gave a sh*t about me, he never would have allowed this to get in-between our relationship.

06/28/2020 03:30 PM 

Young. Dumb. Srew-up. [Damiano]

As much as Damiano hated to admit it, Giovanni was right. He wasn't cut out for this life and would most likely end up dead. 
Young. Dumb. Screw-up. 
The words repeated over and over in his head as he looked at his beaten and bloodied face. 

"No. F*** that."

06/25/2020 08:11 PM 

Momma's Boy. [cs]

" I guess I was a momma's boy...

I don't know...

In reality, I had and still do have a lot of respect for my mother. I always listened to what she told me to do. It kept me out of trouble."

06/25/2020 05:24 PM 

I know it's been awhile...

Four days following Father’s Day...

Another Father’s Day passed and Giovanni could feel his mental health beginning to take a toll as it did around this time every year. It had been fifteen years since the murder of his father and he thought he would have gotten through it by now, but had only been lying to himself. He missed the man dearly and often spent time thinking about what he could’ve done to avoid it. Unfortunately, it was not in his power. What he did have control over at the time, was making the murderer pay. There were moments when he would think back to calculating the plan for revenge at such a young age and it made him feel satisfied but dirty. Giovanni always had a good heart and he was unable to bring himself to commit the murder on his own. Therefore, he had Vinny, a friend of the family handle it, on his terms.

The only people who were aware of this, remained Vinny and Giovanni. He didn’t even bother telling his brother or mother. Although they felt content that justice had been served, he knew it would devastate his mother at least. To think that her son had the ability to summon such heinous thoughts, would’ve made her stomach turn. Damiano on the other hand, may have expressed how proud he was of him for stepping up.

This is how Giovanni’s mornings usually began when his brain was doing mental backflips and on overdrive with emotion. Reaching over to the nightstand by his bed, he grabbed his phone, sliding his pointer finger across the screen to unlock it. Tapping through his phone directory, he searched for his assistant’s name and tapped on it, watching and waiting patiently as it rang.

“Giovanni, just the man I was hoping to hear from... we’re all set with your press conference for this afternoon. Is there anything else you need?”

“I need you to cancel my appearance. I won’t be able to make it.” He didn’t give her an opportunity to respond as he hung up. This was going to be a PR nightmare, but he didn’t care. It’s what he paid them to do. Instead of going to the press conference, he preferred to spend some time at his father’s gravesite. It was something he used to do religiously with his brother when they were younger, but ever since they stopped speaking to one another, that came to an end. Giovanni became so wrapped up in his work schedule that he never made time anymore to visit and instead would continue to ride the wave of emotions that constantly overwhelmed him each year at this time. It was time to stop ignoring it, and work on fixing it and he was well aware that it meant starting from within.
• • • • • • • •

Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum - New York, NY

Pulling into the lot of the cemetery, Giovanni listened as the gravel crunched beneath the tires of his vehicle. Once he parked it alongside the closest area to his father’s headstone, both of his hands remained on the wheel. He paused for a moment, staring out ahead of him. There was a quick conversation happening with himself in his mind, of whether this was a good idea or not. Before he was able to talk himself out of it, he was exiting the vehicle and hitting the lock button. On his way to the cemetary, he made a pitstop at a local florist and made sure to grab a single white rose. He chose this flower in particular because it was his mother’s favorite and his father used to love surprising her with them every opportunity he had. That was one of the more positive memories he had of him and it made Giovanni feel close to him in a way. He walked over to the headstone that read, In loving memory – Dominic Rossi, Oct. 9, 1956 – July 15, 2005.

“Hey old man... I know it’s been awhile. I’m sorry it took me this long to come visit you again.”

He placed the rose across the headstone before slipping his hands into his jacket pockets. “I don’t even know where to begin. Growing up, you never forced any religion on us, but I know for a fact there’s some higher power that exists. I’m sure you’re paying attention and can see everything that’s going on. I haven’t really been on the best of terms with Damiano as of late. I’m not sure what happened to us. We used to be so close and I miss him. I miss you too. It’s not fair that Owney took the last Father's Day we could have shared together with you, away from us. You did time because he set you up...that’s another reason, I don’t regret having him killed. You’d probably be disappointed in me now, since I chose not to take over the family business, or bother to help Damiano with it. I’m sorry dad. I’m sure I have it in me, but that’s not what I truly want for myself...or even Dom, but I can’t control him. He’s a grown man and can make decisions for himself. You know I've never been one to talk about my feelings too even just these few words, are taking a lot out of me...”

He could feel his eyes beginning to well up with tears as he pressed the palm of his hand against the headstone, brushing it slightly. Turning his back to lean up against it, he slid down until he was in a sitting position on the ground. There was more he wanted to say, but for now he simply wanted to cry and feel his emotions. Instead of running from them for once. 

06/23/2020 09:29 PM 

Flashback II - What am I gonna do with this kid?

Flasback II. 

image image

“I’ll tell you right now, I'm not interested in participating in that bullsh*t. You know that’s what got dad killed right? That’s why he’s ten feet under. Do what you want. I can’t stop you, but I'm sick of having this conversation.”

“Gio, don’t be that way.”

“What do you mean ma? You know what I'm saying is true and if you’re okay with losing a son next then you support him. Go ahead.”

Silence filled the air following his statement. Giovanni could be an a**hole sometimes, which he was more than okay with. He had no issue speaking the truth, whether people wanted to hear it or not. Ever since the death of his father, Giovanni had no intention of following in his footsteps. Yet, no matter how many times he said it, it didn’t stop his brother from continuing to pressure him.

“You’re either gonna end up in f***ing jail, or dead. I don’t see that for my future and I'll be damned if I let it happen to you. What you need to do is go to school and get your education. You don’t need to be running around in the streets acting like you’re some gangster. You’re only fifteen years old. What do you know?”

His elbow pressed into his brother’s arm, nudging him.

“Go ahead, tell me. What do you know?”

Damiano remained silent, glancing down at his plate of food. It was obvious that he was extremely frustrated, but he knew better than to challenge his brother. Since their father’s death, Gio was forced to step up in ways that he didn’t think he could or would have to at his age.

“Why do we always have these discussions at dinner? Can I enjoy my food for once? Is that okay with you?”

Suddenly food flung across the table. Bits of spaghetti and meat sauce spread across the table cloth. You have to be f***ing kidding me right now...

“So, you have the energy to throw a temper tantrum but you can’t respond to my question.”

Damiano’s fingers were wrapped tightly around his fork which was now being slammed into his plate, causing the entire dish to fall to the ground. A smile spread across Giovanni’s face at his brother’s frustration. It was funny to him. If their father was still alive, he would’ve put a palm to his face and fixed his attitude for him immediately.

“Dom -” Giovanni placed his hand gently on his mother’s arm and shook his head. An indication that she shouldn’t bother.

“Guess what Dom? You get to clean up tonight,” wiping his mouth with his napkin, Gio leaned over to plant a soft kiss on his mother’s cheek before removing himself from the dinner table. As he passed by his brother, he simply glanced down at him with a smirk before making his way out the front door,  grabbing his jacket and hat on the way out, letting the door slam behind him. Giovanni was sick of having to play the father figure. Especially since he didn’t have the additional power that came with it to punish his brother whenever he acted out. Sometimes he felt like he needed a good beating to get his attitude in order. Just like his father used to fix his when he was younger. That was one trait that seemed to find its way to Giovanni and Damiano – hot heads. Their mother was more patient than all of them combined; they called her the peace-maker.

Releasing a heavy sigh, Giovanni watched as his breath traveled through the crisp winter air. It was around thirty degrees outside, but he felt comfortable. It almost hadn't occured to him that he might need a jacket and hat. The thought was last minute, just before his dramatic exit and he was grateful for it. He was too busy fighting the urge to give his brother the beating of a lifetime. Sliding his hand into the front pocket of his jeans, he removed a cigarette pack; Marlboro light short. That was his favorite and it was usually enough to get him through anything. It mainly just brought him ease and would sometimes help calm his anxiety.

image image

The first inhale since the last was an amazing feeling that Gio couldn’t explain. The rush of smoke that began to fill his lungs and escape his lips was like ecstasy. It made him feel good. It was just smooth. Calming. His mother didn’t like when he smoked, but there was nothing she could say or do to stop him. No matter how hard she tried to convince him that it was bad for his health. He slid his hat off to run his hand through his hair, as he took a seat on the front steps. They were cold, but he still felt heated from his brother’s tantrum, so it was helping to cool him down.

What am I gonna do with this kid? F***...

06/23/2020 09:28 PM 

Flashback I - Father's Day

Flashback I. 


Damiano: "Gio.. Gio!"
Giovanni: "I can hear you, we're literally sitting right next to each lunatic. You get it from ma, you know that?"
Damiano: "I get what from ma?!" 
Giovanni: "The yelling Damiano. You think it's your normal tone, but I promise you, there's nothing normal about yelling and calling it talking. Use your inside voice. Now, is what you have to tell me important enough for me to stop eating my breakfast?"
Damiano: "Yes."
Giovanni: "I don't believe you..."
Damiano: "Dad's getting out in a week!"
Giovanni paused for a second, taking into consideration the words that just escaped his little brother's mouth. Within seconds, his half-eaten sandwich was traveling back into his mouth for another bite followed by a sip of milk to wash it down. 
Why was that important Damiano? he couldn't bring himself to ask the question aloud, so he kept the thought to himself. There was nothing remarkable about their father getting out of prison in a week. How he ended up there in the first place didn't make sense to Gio. He believed it was a set up but generally kept it to himself to avoid upsetting his mother who was already in a fragile state of mind. 
Giovanni: "Did you send him the father's day card you made?"
Damiano: "I did! I hope he liked it."
Giovanni: "He loves anything we send him. I'm sure he'd love it if he could be with us right now D." 
He stretched his hand out to ruffle Damiano's hair, watching as it transitioned to a disheveled mess.
Giovanni: "I love you bud. You're my favorite brother."
Damiano: "I'm your only brother!" 
Giovanni released a chuckle, flashing a cheeky smile in his brother's direction. 

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