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07/10/2021 10:52 PM 

Fair Optional Task This or That

3rd Annual Hartsville County Fair This or That!

1.) Cotton candy or Caramel apple
2.) Candy apple or Popcorn
3.) Snowcone or Slushies
4.) Lemonade or Limeade
5.) Pizza or Cheesy sticks
6.) Cheese nachos or Pretzel & cheese
7.) Hot dog or Hamburger
8.) Waffle fries or Calf fries
9.) Fried pickles or Fried frog legs
10.) Turkey leg or Roasted corn
11.) Mac & Cheese or Corn dog
12.) Fried peaches or Strawberry crepe
13.) Pork chop sandwich or Bacon wrapped kabob on a stick
14.) Funnel cake or Fried oreos
15.) Ferris wheel or Carousel
16.) Balloon & dart game or Whack-a-mole game
17.) Swing ride or Slide ride
18.) Bumper cars or Teacups
19.) Play a few games or Play till you win
20.) Small prize or Huge prize
21.) Sword swallower or Trapeze artists
22.) Bearded lady or Dancing pandas
23.) Go with family or Go with friends
24.) Rides or Games
25.) Is the fair fun or A waste of money


07/03/2021 09:18 PM 

July Additional Task

Mood Board

-Spend time with my sister
-Cookout with Family
-Arts and Crafts with the kids 
-Water Balloon Fight

05/11/2021 07:19 PM 


In Talks: 


Alice (/1700054): Murder Mystery

Hanna (/1123615): Childhood Best Friend/Step-sister

Haisley (/1119125): Best Friend

Jaxon (/1697641): Friend that stops him from doing dumb stuff 

Levi (/1656739): Step-brother and baby daddy

Updated: 07-27-2021

05/03/2021 10:55 PM 

Owes List

I owe:

Haisley (R): 

Levi (R): 

They Owe:

Alice (S): 07-03-2021

Haisley (R): 07-23-2021

Hanna (S): 07-09-2021

Jacon (S): 07-27-2021

Levi (R): 07-07-2021

Updated: 07-31-21

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