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02/21/2022 09:08 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Enzo, Hayley, Hope/ mention: a lot of folks
Tyler's head was spinning. One thing after another was happening. Enzo St John was here? He needed to go find Enzo before the wolves ripped him apart. Before he could actually try to get to Enzo, the bottom quite literally fell out. All the truth about Hope was coming out fast and furious. Granted it was good to see Hayley and know she was well, but something just wasn't right. Now Hope was asking questions he couldn't answer. It wasn't his place to answer

Thomas gave them space so that Hope, Hayley and Tyler could talk. "I don't like any of this!" Tyler groused loudly. His eyes glittered gold and his fangs were bared in frustration. "This is going to bring more dead wolves." He started pacing around like a caged animal.

Hope raised her hand and stopped Tyler in his pacing and his rant. Someone was coming? Tyler's eyes went full gold. He had full control over his wolf form, so he took advantage of it. The man who was a wanted criminal in the eyes of Klaus Mikaelson didn't give a tinker's dam. He was on Crescent land and he was a werewolf. The fully lupine form of Tyler Lockwood raced out of his cabin and into the open air of the Crescent land.

The steady beat of the four feet of the wolf as he ran filled his ears. His lips were snarling because of the smells that were carried on the wind. He ran faster as a wolf than he could in a human form. He was filled with rage. This was a sanctuary for the wolves. He couldn't let anything happen to it or to Hope or Hayley.

There was a voice in his head that spoke to him. It was a witch trying to beg for his help in this battle that was escalating into a war. He stood there a moment still I'm wolf form. He made eye contact with a familiar face. Enzo St. John had a pair of big brass ones for coming right here like he did.

With his head lowered, the wolf form of Tyler Lockwood was snarling in a low bass. He was fixed on Enzo. He could smell the death that came from the vampire. All vampires smelled that way to him. Death invoked a misery all unto its own. Tyler was not a Crescent by birth. He was only a Crescent by adoption. Hayley was his Alpha and he would die for her if he needed to without hesitation. It's what a Beta did. A Beta would always protect the Alpha. That's what he was doing right now.

Tyler wanted no treaty with witches or vampires. Tyler wanted to go deeper into the Bayou where none of them could find them and none could follow. Even the Mikaelsons invoked the wrath of the Bayou by their mere presence. It was going to take either Hayley's arrival or Hope's to stop Tyler from going past the barrier spell. He'd been injured, yes, but he was healing. It was good for them all to keep in mind that there were no more dangerous creatures than those that were injured.

Tyler Lockwood definitely fit that bill. He had blood in his eyes and murder on his mind. Keep out the ones who don't belong no matter what the cost. The wolf was still snarling and practically frothing at the lips as he kept approaching the barrier spell boundary. Despite the familiarity of St. John, Tyler was in a feral mindset to protect his pack. No vampire, witch or human could be trusted.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

11/19/2021 12:46 AM 

Clueless (3W group post)

attn: Davina, Anna / mention Caroline.
It was always the same when he was in wolf form. Tyler Lockwood had no real concept of passing time. In his wolf form his emotions were raw and primal. The sudden and profound loss of his best friend Caroline Forbes had destroyed him. He had no thoughts except the purest form of rage that could be imagined.

In this form his vision was far more acute than it was as a human. He had left the grounds of the Salvatore School and started to run. He had no idea where he was going until he got there. Even in his wolf form, he could recognize the old Lockwood Manor dungeon. It was this little hellhole that Tyler had come when he was facing his first full moon. He was trying to anticipate what would happen with the first change.

The growling werewolf stopped for just a moment. His head canted to the right and his snout closed. His nose twitched as the familiar smells triggered his memory. In front of his eyes, he could still see concern in Caroline's eyes for his first transformation. He could feel the rage. He could feel the anger. He could feel the fear. His head tilted back in werewolf form and he howled for the loss of someone so dear to him. Caroline was his first love. They would never get back what they once had, but they still had a powerful bond that meant everything to him.

After the mournful cry of the werewolf has started to die down in the dungeon, his path continued. He raced out again back into the primal form of nature itself. He could feel his four feet striking the ground in the angry stride of an animal that had been wounded. He had no idea if this wild ride he had been on had actually injured him in any way, but that was the farthest thing from his mind. He had run away from the source of his pain. Now he was running back.

His sensitive hearing could pick up on words spoken in the woods outside of the Salvatore School. He knew the Salvatore School because he served as physical education instructor for the werewolves that were students. Coach Lockwood had his physical form as a wolf that he used on occasion to challenge the younger kids. He knew where he was. The remaining question was could he identify anyone as a safe person to be around? Right now he was still hurting. What was he to do? The reason of his human side was too crippled to consider any logical course of action. Caroline was dead and someone had to pay. The wolf slowly emerged with his fangs bared. The steps were deliberate and slow. He was going to exact his retribution.


There was a man by himself. The wolf had his head lowered and his fangs still exposed. He began a low deep growling sound as he stalked this man. He was going to start picking off anyone who would get in his way. They would pay. They would all pay.

The wolf waited until he was right at the perfect distance before he leapt at the man. The perfect trajectory of the wolf as his feet hit human flesh was perfect. Werewolf claws shredded the man's tuxedo jacket. His growling was getting louder as the wolf was just moments away from tearing the man's throat from his body.

Given the primal instincts of a werewolf rarely had been overcome, the beast was surprised when his muzzle was clamped shut merely by the strength in the man's hands. There was a reason for that ability to stop the wolf in midkill. He was no mere ordinary man.

"Tyler?" The man he'd chosen to attack was Jeremy Gilbert. The member of The Five that made his home base in Mystic Falls was more than capable of holding off Tyler's wolf form… for a little while. When Tyler had attacked Jeremy, he was in the process of dialing his girlfriend Anna on his mobile. The device had connected so she would hear something was happening to Jeremy.

This post continues from my Lionheart Jeremy Gilbert profile.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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11/19/2021 12:39 AM 

Fear Everything (3W group post)

Fear Everything
attn: Hope and Enzo
Tyler was getting tired of waiting around but Thomas watched him like a hawk. Granted Thomas was like the dad he really wanted and felt he'd deserved in the first place. He heard the door open. Before he could say anything, he had Hayley's daughter in his face with a great deal of angst. The look on her face spoke volumes. Ty could feel his heart breaking. He reached for her and wrapped her up in his arms like a protective uncle would. "I'm sorry sweetheart. We'll get you through this. I promise."

Thomas came into the room at this time with the food and beer for Tyler. He sat it down when he saw the girl in Tyler's arms. He knew Hayley's daughter and he swore as an elder to keep the girl safe. "Aw hell." He spoke under his breath. "Newly activated curses are always the hardest to get through." His tone was soft and grandfatherly. Something concerned him though. She was like so many others when they triggered the werewolf curse, but she reminded him of his own granddaughter.

Thanks to the Underground Railroad, his granddaughter had made it to Mexico safely. He willingly stayed in the Bayou with the Crescents and with Tyler in particular. Tyler didn't have to know that he was the primary agent telling the Armory where the younger wolf was. With his knowledge of werewolf traditions and lore, he was actually able to teach these kids a few things also. "Why don't you sit down here for a minute, Hope? Somebody has to keep Tyler's grouchy ass from running off into town." Thomas had a twinkle in his eye because he knew that it would evoke a snarky comeback from Tyler.

Tyler chuckled and shook his head as he led Hope to the nearest chair. "You can open up a soup can with the best of them, Thomas." He teased with a wink. "You got any more tricks back there?"

"Well, I've got a bottle of soda in the refrigerator with Hope's name on it." He grinned back. He knew that Tyler needed a chance to talk to the girl alone. He could also use a few minutes alone himself. "I'll be back in a bit." He had his own cabin that he stayed in where he had all sorts of goodies especially for the kids. In this current state of affairs, the kids were rightfully scared because of the biggest monster of them all, The Hybrid.

Tyler watched as Thomas left them alone. He smiled gently, thankful that a man like that was pretty much his guardian angel. Tyler wanted to be like that for Hope. He turned back to the girl. "You'll be here in the bayou when the first full moon comes. I won't leave your side I promise. I know this is scary. I went through it myself. I had someone with me when I went through my first transformation. I barely knew what to expect. Fortunately you'll have someone with you that knows exactly what will happen."

Of course that first person that had been with him was Caroline. It had been a different world back then. Caroline was kind and considerate. She hadn't been a vampire for very long and they really did love each other at that point. He had often run through that period in his life in his mind shouting back at the memories of all the stupid things he had done. Caroline had been willing to risk her very life to make sure that Tyler made it to that transformation and one piece. Now where were they?

Tyler reached across and took Hope's hands. He gently squeezed them. "I'm not going to let you be alone. You can sleep in my bed if you want and I'll sleep on the couch. If you feel better about it, we can also have Thomas around. As it stands right now I don't think he's going to let either of us out of his sight."

He gave her a silly smile hoping that would alleviate some of her anxiety about what had happened to her and what was about to happen. Something did worry him however, the thought that she had some degree of magical ability. That meant that she was a hybrid. He had very little experience with witch werewolf hybrids. if only he could get a message out to The Armory. Tyler had gone at least a month without checking in with his contacts at The Armory. A part of him wondered if perhaps they would venture down this way. He knew that The Armory was on the side of supernaturals. They could come in handy right about now with Hope Marshall and her first transformation into a werewolf.


In his cabin, Thomas raided the special refrigerator. He had several extra cold bottle of root beer that he'd been saving for a special occasion. He dug into the back where all the good cold stuff was and pulled out three of them. Thomas set them on the counter.

He reached into one particular drawer in the kitchen. Thomas exercised enough control over his wolf form that he could actually make his wolf claws appear instead of human fingertips. It was these wolf claws that were able to open a false back in the rear of this drawer. Inside the special compartment, was a satellite phone. He used it to dial a specific number that went back to Mystic Falls, Virginia. A voice answered. "Tyler Lockwood is alive and well. He survived an attempt on his life by The Witches of The Cauldron. We have a newly triggered werewolf who just happens to be a witch as well. Could use some help as the full moon is in 3 days."

Thomas ended the call without waiting for a response. He had no idea who was on the other end of that phone. It was better that way. He returned the satellite phone to its hidden position shifting his wolf claws back into human hands. Slowly the drawer was shut. The elder werewolf picked up the cold bottles of root beer and headed back to Tyler's cabin.


Thomas returned to Tyler's cabin. He didn't even knock. He never did. "So I thought ice cold root beer was the best thing to make all our troubles fade away just for a few hours anyway.

Tyler admired Thomas and his pure solutions to any given problem. Tyler sincerely hoped that this put the girl's fears at ease, even for a little while.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

10/17/2021 01:14 AM 

Hush post 2

Hush post 2
attn: Davina, Stefan / mention: Damon, Caroline, Bonnie and Elena
No matter how many tests he ran on the girl that had been presented as his first patient of the day, the answer was the same. Nothing was physically wrong. All vital signs were normal. Blood tests, x-Rays and ultrasounds all showed the same thing. Everything was healthy and functioning within normal parameters. He was even given more patients to examine with the same complaint. It was slow at first when he arrived for his shift. It was now getting worse.

His phone buzzed. Tyler was standing outside in the back hall of the ER. The Caller ID had Davina's name come across the screen. He had every intention to meet Davina for dinner after his shift was over. A relationship with the witch intimidated him because of what had happened with Liv Parker. He touched the screen to answer her call. Hopefully this meant she was okay and not speechless. "Davina?"

“Tyl-.. Tyler? Can you hear me? Hello?” Davina could feel panic starting to sink in as she helped the girl down the hallway. She could hear him on the other side of the line.

"Davina???" Tyler's voice raised even more. His steps headed in the direction of the check-in desk at the emergency room. He could recognize the sounds around her knowing immediately where she was. He pocketed his phone making eye contact with the beautiful brunette as he saw her there. The look of anguish on her face told him everything.

Tyler took her into the triage area. He pulled out his penlight and checked her pupil dilation. "I'm glad you're here." He hated the fact she couldn't speak like all the others. "I'm going to do what I can to help you alright." The young man with a mustache and neat beard made eye contact with the witch. His eyes glittered gold because all of this frustrated the wolf within him. Thanks to Thomas in North Carolina, he knew how to control his inner wolf.

His phone buzzed again. This time it was a text from Stefan Salvatore. Tyler read it quickly.

I can’t talk. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a viral infection? – Stefan

"Sh*t!" He hissed through clenched teeth. He turned to Davina. "Stefan can't talk either. This is getting out of control. There is no physical cause that I can find." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the paper that one of his patients had written for him today. The Gentleman are coming

Tyler prepared to send a text to Stefan. He remained protectively standing over Davina. He wasn't about to let her out of his sight. Maybe, just maybe as a werewolf, he was immune to this. This had to be magical in origin. His eyes shut for a moment. He sincerely hoped that these Gentlemen weren't the Travelers. Travelers magic gave them all hell before in the past. This was not something he wanted to go through all over again. He opened his eyes and got to work texting a reply to the younger Salvatore.


There is no physical cause to any of this. The ER is FULL. This is spreading like wildfire. I've got Davina Claire with me and she can't talk. I've not heard from Care, Bon or Elena in response to my check in text. I'm worried about the three of them. What about your brother? How's Damon? Is he affected?

He smashed the send button before pocketing his device again. Tyler was getting anxious and starting to pace. The backup in the ER was way past the ridiculous point. They were going to start looking for him soon. The beds were filled with no possible end in sight. Unknown to Tyler, the Hospital Administrator had been called in to evaluate the situation. He did not want to leave Davina especially when she needed him right now. He was alone with Davina in this Triage room. "Can you stay here for me? I'm going to look for our friends and bring them all here. I promise I will be back as soon as I can. If I am right, then this might be a bigger problem than any of us realize." He didn't want to leave her, but seeing her in this situation hurt his heart. He also didn't want to lose her just as he was getting to know her.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

10/09/2021 09:38 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
3W group post
His eyes suddenly thrust open. Tyler Lockwood was shirtless but he was wrapped up in bandages over his shoulder. He started to jump out of the bed but was stopped by the firm hand of his werewolf mentor Thomas. The older wolf spoke in calming words to him. “Take it easy there Hoss. You’ve been through quite an ordeal.”

Tyler closed his eyes tightly trying to recall what had happened. He could remember that he was going to leave the Wolf safe zone to go look for Hayley, but had gotten stopped. Hope had come out of the house to follow him. He was not very happy about it when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. “Someone tried to kill me!” He declared. He tried to peel off the bandages, but Thomas gave his hand an extra squeeze. “What the hell Thomas? What are you not telling me?”

The old werewolf shaman who had been originally from the Smoky Mountains looked at the young man who was a surrogate son to him. “You were hit with a wolfsbane crossbow. You should have died, but Hayley’s daughter saved you.” He had not seen any wolf with that gift of healing ever. He gently nudged Tyler back into the bed. “It’s been three days since this all went down. So you need to take it easy!” He insisted.

“Three DAYS?” Tyler was incredulous. “Where is Hope now?” He knew the truth about Hope. He was the only one that Hayley had trusted with the truth of Hope’s father. Tyler had sworn to keep the secret at the cost of his life. He was starting to sweat. He’d been down for three days. Hayley had been missing the last he knew. “Is Hayley back? Come on! You’ve got to tell me what’s going on Thomas!” Tyler felt his head start to swim with the worst case of vertigo he’d ever experienced.

“I will, but in due time. YOU need to stay in bed. You’re in no shape to get out there and run around any time soon. I keep cleaning your wound and packing on healing herbs. They need time to work. Hope’s magic cleared the wolfsbane from your body, but you had substantial damage to your muscles. You need the chance to heal right, okay? Don’t fight me on this Tyler. You can’t even sit up straight right now.” Thomas didn’t want to tell Tyler that the siblings of Klaus Mikaelson had seen him in his injured condition. If word got back to Klaus that Tyler was with the Wolves in the Bayou and he was injured, this wasn’t going to end up well. He had no clue that Klaus was actually missing. That word had not reached him or any of the wolves hiding in the Bayou from the edict that had sent them all there in the first place.

Tyler laid back against his pillow and closed his eyes trying to will the world to stop spinning the way it did. He drank in a slow breath through flared nostrils. “Okay, you win. I’ll stay right here.” He knew by the brief moment he’d opened his eyes that he was in the cabin that had been given to him when he took his place in the Bayou to try and help build the Sanctuary for the Wolves. “Are you going to let Hope at least know I am awake? I really would like to see my niece, Thomas. I need to thank her for saving my life.” He hated being incapacitated like this. Tyler was one who was more of a hands on type of guy when it came to anything, especially when Klaus was involved.

“I’ll make sure she knows.” Thomas told him. “Are you hungry? I’m sure you’re hungry. You’ve not eaten in three days.” He knew that Tyler was a meat and potatoes type guy, but he was going to have to take it easy to get back up to his full operating capacity again. “I can get you some soup and maybe a beer if you’re lucky.” He was trying to make Tyler smile even though this situation wasn’t exactly the best that could have happened.

“Soup and Beer? REALLY Thomas?” Tyler teased slowly, opening his eyes. “If you can make it one cheeseburger and a beer, I’ll be happier.” He stayed in bed just like he was told with a shy smile.

Thomas laughed at Tyler shaking his head. “Stay in the bed and I’ll meet you halfway alright?” He left the younger wolf in his bed heading toward the kitchen to make sure that Tyler would get some food.

Tyler lay there in the bed. He was feeling helpless. What was happening? Where was everyone? He felt like he’d failed everyone at this point.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

09/17/2021 09:09 PM 

Hush Intro post

attn: everyone / Intro post.
His feet were hurting. Every bit of him was actually hurting. Tyler Lockwood, spoiled rich boy jock, was actually a resident at the Whitmore College Hospital doing something actually worthwhile in his life. He could attribute some of the fact that he was able to actually function properly on his feet as a resident because he was a werewolf. It wasn’t like his mentor was actually a witch who had hidden her powers away in a knife or anything in the past. “Naahhh…” He told himself with a handsome smirk. He steeled himself for another day of lunacy in the emergency room on the college campus that was just outside the Mystic Falls city limits.

He was wearing his scrubs with a white coat tossed around his muscular frame. He was inherently a werewolf so he did feel a bit overdressed at any given time. When he was back home for a rare weekend off, Tyler didn’t hesitate to run around naked. THAT however, was a story for another time. He grinned to himself as he crossed the threshold into the Emergency Room nurses station. “Doctor Lockwood, I trust you had a good nap?” The nurse was this cute little redhead that often liked to bat her eyelashes at the dark young scion of a founding family of Mystic Falls.

Tyler pulled a chart into his hands after noticing that he’d had a patient assigned to him already considering that he was back on call again. He started to smile despite the five o’clock shadow on his chin. “As well as can be expected.” He told her with a sly wink as he took the chart in hand. He knew that they all talked about him being the most eligible bachelor doctor on staff. He didn’t care. He had already had the best and he let her slip through his fingers. No one ever gets a second chance at something that comes along once in a lifetime.


The young woman laying there on the bed looked as though she’d seen better days. “What’s the problem Miss Jackson?” Tyler asked while still looking at the chart. The young lady laying on the cot was a pretty brunette with big brown eyes. Her eyes were red rimmed from obviously crying. She looked absolutely terrible. Tyler pulled out a penlight and started to check for her pupils' reaction to the light.

The answer came from her roommate, another brunette that had actually jumped visibly when Tyler had entered the room. Her roommate had actually dozed off briefly because of lack of sleep. “She can’t talk. She can’t speak. Nothing. Oh she’s breathing and stuff. But she can’t talk.” The roommate looked exhausted when Tyler looked in her direction after checking out the girl on the cot.

“What do you mean she can’t talk?” Tyler looked back to the girl who had huge tears running down her cheeks. He could see her lips moving but nothing was coming out of them. “Open your mouth as wide as you can.” Tyler used a tongue depressor and a light to look down her throat. Everything looked normal. “I can’t see any reason why you can’t talk.” He had a perplexed look on his face. He pulled out his pen and started to jot down a few notes. “I want to get an ultrasound of your throat. That should be able to tell us if anything is happening down there that I can’t see from here.” He took the chart in hand and headed toward the door.

“Doc! Wait!” The roommate called. She pointed toward the patient that was visibly agitated. “She wants to tell you something.”

Tyler saw how upset the young lady was. He pulled out a pen and handed her a piece of paper from his lab coat pocket. “Okay. What’s up?” He asked her. She looked as though she was about to burst into tears again because of the frustration of not being able to speak. He watched as she started to scribble something on the page.


Tyler took the paper and wrinkled his brow. “The Gentlemen?” He asked curiously. Was this a joke? Was it some kind of campus prank going on that he didn’t know about? He met the earnest gaze of the young woman who could not utter a sound. It was eerie even for a young man who was actually a werewolf learning to control his own changes from month to month. Tyler pondered it a bit longer before he walked back out of the room where he’d left the girl and her roommate.

He made his way back toward the Nurse’s Station to urder the ultrasound scan. He overheard some of his colleagues talking. This bout of silence that had afflicted his patient was spreading like wildfire over the entire campus. He needed to check in with his friends. This sounded like a mystery that was right up their alley.

Tyler sent out a mass text to his friends list. Everyone who was even remotely close to Tyler would get this message.


Check in time, guys. Some crazy crap is going on here at the ER. Please let me know if you’re okay. We need to talk. - T.

He hit send and pocketed his phone again once he got confirmation that it was successful in going out to everyone. He wasn’t going to be able to get away to speak to any of them. It would be easier for them to come and see him. Judging by the state of the ER here at the hospital, this place was quickly becoming ground zero. He was in for a long night.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

09/10/2021 08:41 AM 

Clueless #3

Clueless Post #3
attn: EVERYONE / mention: Caroline, Alaric, Lizzie
There was so much going on, Tyler couldn’t process it all. All he could see was Caroline. All that mattered was Caroline. He took her limp form over to where Bonnie and Emma had motioned for him. “Caroline, honey. Wake up sweetheart.” They weren’t an item any more, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t any less important to him. “Caroline…”

His voice was cracking. Every minute of their history started to race through his mind. He could recall how frightened he was when he made that first transformation into a wolf. He was so scared of what he could do and what he’d do to her. He never wanted to hurt her ever physically or otherwise. Yet.. here they were. His past under Klaus’ control brought him great shame. He shoved that to the back of his mind as he could see that Caroline was fighting it somehow. “Come on.. That’s it.”

Caroline was in some sort of delusion instigated by whomever it was that had poisoned her. Tyler’s eyes were clouding over as she was speaking to him. He realized that she knew he was there. He wasn’t going to leave her side. He didn’t give a damn what anyone said. “I saw my mom, and —Stefan?,” They said whenever you were dying you’d see your life flash before your eyes. Tyler’s heart was breaking into a million pieces. “Tyler do you think, you could go downstairs, and get Alaric for me,” her voice was hoarse. “And um — maybe a blood bag, Her fingertips were turning grey. He’d seen it too many times to know what was happening. Vampires turned grey when they were dying. Damn all the missions he’d had with the Armory. Damn all that hunts he’d been on with Jeremy. Damn everything.

Caroline was calling for others to come around her now. Tyler knew it was her way of saying goodbye. He knew her too damn well for that. He hadn’t left to get Alaric. Alaric had already found his way to where they were. Tyler still stayed close by as a guard dog in a sense. Yeah Damon would have cracked some dog jokes and such considering he was a werewolf, but that didn’t matter. He heard Caroline mention his name to Josie. He made eye contact with the young siphoner knowing that he would never leave her mother’s side. Tyler could feel the rage beginning to come to a rolling boil. Just below the surface, the wolf was angry and he wanted to be set free. Someone was in the process of killing Caroline Forbes, his first love, and they needed to die.

Alaric came up to her as she was slowly leaving them alone. Tyler from his position could see the marks appearing on Caroline’s chest. The unmistakable sounds of a dagger penetrating flesh in a fatal blow sent Tyler’s anger right to the peak of a final eruption. ‘NOOOOO!’ He shouted in a voice that turned into a wolf’s growl just as his human teeth turned into those deadly fangs to vampires. His eyes were a brilliant amber right now as the transformation was threatening to take him over. He’d gained control over it during the years thanks to the help of Hayley Marshall and his mentor Thomas of the Pack that lived in the Smokey Mountains. His werewolf sense of smell was picking up something as the change was happening, but he didn’t know what it was. The only thing he could process was his first love, the Girl Who Got Away being robbed of her undead life.

Lizzie had raced up to her mother at the last moment. Mom..mommy..mommy... I'm here, mommy please...please come back to me, come back I...i can’t I can’t...!“ The voice of Caroline’s daughter begging for her mother absolutely broke Tyler. The cry of the girl who needed her mother but now someone or something had taken her mother away had broken the girl who was already fragile in the beginning. Tyler couldn’t stand it any longer. He backed up from Caroline leaving her body with Alaric for now. He was growling as he body started to cover in fur again and his bones were breaking. It was an emotional outburst and he knew it. All control was gone.

Tyler was in full wolf form now. He was a rich tan color in his fur and his fangs were exposed. He was growling ready to try and rip anyone apart that came near Caroline’s body. He was fully ready to leap forward and start ripping out throats of anyone who would even remotely be connected to Caroline’s murder. His fur bristled and his golden eyes were seriously full of anger and agony. If anyone could actually notice there was a small tear in the corner of his right eye that soon saturated the fur of that side of his Wolf face.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

07/23/2021 12:40 AM 

Clueless #2

Clueless #2
attn: Hayley, Davina Caroline
Tyler was used to these balls. It didn’t mean he liked them. He just was familiar with them. The familiar feel of an expensive suit against his flesh was something that he’d grown used to in all truth. He had just finished the drink in his hand when he noticed that Hayley Marshall had entered the room. It had been a while since he’d last seen her. He’d last heard she’d been in New Orleans because of something or another that had to do with the Mikaelsons. He tended to immediately turn off anything that started to mention anything having to do with his sire and one true enemy Klaus. He may have hated Klaus, but he didn’t hold it against Hope that she was his daughter. When he’d last seen Hayley, he’d been awful to her. He’d still been hurting because of what had happened with the Hybrids. He still had some issues to work out with her on that end. Now was as good a time as any right? He hoped that she wouldn’t get into a fight or flight response. Tyler wasn’t here to fight. That was too many years ago. He was ready for it to be done and over.

Right before he’d reached Hayley, he’d been bumped into by someone else. Turning he caught sight of a beautiful young witch that had the most amazing doe eyes. He felt a slight red tinge his cheeks that were thanksfully covered by his well trimmed beard. “You’re Davina Claire right?” He asked. He’d overheard several of the youngest witches passing by the gym one day speaking about how Hope’s aunt Davina was becoming more closely associated with the school. He hadn’t had a chnace to meet her as of yet. Rumor was that she was once married to Kol Mikaelson. His buddy Jeremy Gilbert had his own runins with Kol. Tyler knew the history well. He wasn’t surprised that his best male friend had a history with the Mikaelsons. It seemed like everyone in Mystic Falls had. Damned Originals he thought to himself. He was smiling pleasantly at Davina finding himself quite drawn to those eyes. She had a smile that was equally enticing. For a moment, he could understand how and why Kol Mikaelson had fallen in love with her. She was absolutely stunning!

There was another young lady that had caught his eye. She was olive skinned with a set of huge brown eyes that had struck a chord in his mind. It took him a few moments to realize where he’d seen her before. He’d gone on a recruitment trip to Greendale for Alaric and had come face to face with a force of nature that had called himself Hiram Lodge. This girl resembled the painting in the den that Tyler had had the misfortune of seeing while being shown that of the “hospitality” of the tycoon Lodge. Who was she and what was she doing here? He wondered if she was some conneciton of Caroline’s. She had to be if she was here in the first place right?

Tyler was still keeping his attentions focused on Davina Claire. If she was on the outs as an ex-wife of Kol Mikaelson it was possible that she would need some protection should Kol get a little bit boisterous as Mikaelsons were wont to do in situations like this. He extended his arm to Davina. “Would you care to join me for some of these refreshments? I’m sure that Caroline spared no expense on these. She’s liable to have threatened the caterers with bodily injury should they get one noodle or flake out of place.” He laughed gently. He waited for Davina to take his arm. Once she did, he felt a rush of emotion go through him. It had been too long since any sort of girl had turned her head in his direction. It actually felt kinda nice.

Once they had gotten to the table where the refreshments were centered, Tyler looked up to make eye contact with Caroline. That crystalline gaze was just as perfect as it had ever been. Looking at her standing there, he hated himself for ever letting her get away. She was the one true love of his life and he knew it. She’d moved on and prospered even giving birth to Alaric’s daughters thanks to a little Gemini Coven magic. It was all because of him and his stupid anger and hate of Klaus Mikaelson that had cost him the love of someone who was only guillty of loving him. He would always love Caroline although he knew he’d never be with her again. She mouthed a single word to him. Hi He mouthed the same one back to her. His heart always leaped when it saw her. He had to smile just a moment longer as his attention had been diverted just a moment to the striking witch in his company.

It wasn’t but a few moments later that he suddenly heard some gasps. The sound of someone falling in and among the partiers had alerted his full werewolf senses. Chocolate hues flashed amber just as he turned his head. Tyler leaped through several partiers and jumped a table or two. It was Caroline. He knew it before he even could say anything more. He was at her side in a matter of minutes. “Caroline! Can you hear me? CAROLINE?” He could tell she wasn’t dead. He picked up her glass that had spilled when she dropped it. “ALARIC! BONNIE! ELENA! Get up here now!” He had no idea where Caroline’s two BFFS were right now, he was just so focused on her. His words had come out as growling sounds as an angry werwolf’s temper was raised.

Tyler had no idea what had happened to Caroline. He just slipped his arms under her neck and her legs. He lifted her up into his arms. “Let’s get her some air, come on people. MOVE.” Coach Lockwood was taking charge of the situation as best he could. If she’d been poisoned like he suspected, then he was going to have to go hurt someone… but who?

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

07/10/2021 05:24 PM 

Fear Everything (3W group post)

Fear Everything
attn: Camille, Hope, Marcel / mention: Klaus, Caroline and Hayley.
For a place that was supposed to be off the beaten path, suddenly Tyler found himself in the middle of a HUGE gathering. Tyler knew the woman Camille from her bond with Hayley. In a time when nobody could be trusted, he would give the benefit of the doubt to someone that Hayley had trusted, at least for now. The woman had brazenly approached the wo lf as his dander was raised by the presence of the notorious vampire. He had to credit her for the guts she had right about now. He hoped that she wouldn’t end up having them all spread out in the bayou. His gaze was intently focused on Marcel not trusting him with even one inch of ground set in front of him. The Bayou was Wo lf Country. It would stay as Wo lf Country.

Camille’s question had echoed Tyler’s own. Vampires were the last creatures welcomed out here. Tyler started to back his snarl down a little when he could smell the approach of someone else that he knew well. He wasn’t any less on his guard when she was around. He knew that Hayley wanted her protected at all costs. Tyler stepped up to protect the girl. Hope was Hayley’s daughter. Tyler didn’t give a damn who her father was. He just knew Hope was the world to Hayley. “Nothing’s going on here Hope. Marcel and his pal were leaving.”

Marcel’s interactions and words were heard by Tyler. He chose to focus on Hope more than anything else. Hayley’s daughter was to be protected even if it cost him his own life. Tyler finally decided to give Marcel the mini audience that he wanted. “So, you know Klaus. Big stinkin’ deal. I know Klaus too. Once upon a time, he decided to use me as a laboratory experiment. He turned me into a hybrid just like him. I was the first one. I watched him with NO loyalty turn around and kill all those that he’d made just like me. Fortunately that vampire side of me is completely gone now.” He didn’t need to try and explain his entire life his tory to this clown who claimed he was here to help. Tyler had it up to his neck with vampires who wanted to help. Vampires and Heretics all needed a stake right through the heart as far as he cared. A well placed wo lf bite did wonders for vampires too. He had not forgotten the effects of his own wo lf bite whether he’d planned them or not. The look on Caroline’s face when she realised he’d bitten her still haunted his nightmares.

Marcel’s tirard about this being a circus made Tyler bristle visibly. “You know, we had someone kill one of our young wolves today. Sure looked like a vampire tore into him. You have any answers for that Marcel, Mr. I wanna help? As for Hayley, you don’t get to speak to her.” Tyler was being a protective Beta over his Alpha right about now. He moved closer to Marcel with a chip the size of the rock of Gibraltar on his shoulder. “You found your way here. I suggest you find your way back out.”

Tyler wasn’t a fool. He knew that because of his actions of the past and the relationship he’d once had with Caroline put him right up on the top of Klaus’ hitlist. It was why he tried his best to keep a low profile down here. The thought had occurred to him that one of Klaus’ agents in New Orle ans would likely have been tracking him. It was not unlikely that someone had killed that young wo lf to try and get Tyler’s attention. It certainly did just that.

Tyler took Hope by the arm and tried to lead her away from here. The longer she was exposed to anyone outside of the Bayou the more danger she was in, which was totally unacceptable to him. “We’ll talk back in the ho use, alright?” He told her while he was trying to act like a protective uncle over the girl. His eyes were dangerously guarded. He kept his attention focused on Hope with an awareness that he’d turned his focus away from Marcel and kept it completely on Hope. He gave her a glance that warned her to not disclose that she was Hayley’s daughter around anyone that wasn’t a Crescent. Vampires were untrustworthy to Tyler. It was a healthy distrust that had kept him alive to this point.

He honestly didn’t know where Hayley was. He was going to try and see if he could find anything in the heart of the Fre nch Quarter. There were some in the Quarter that were actually friendly to the wolves. They were mostly witches in the Cauldron. They had no love for vampires either so when it came to the Crescents and the mass influx of wolves from around the American South the old adage The Enemy of my Enemy was my friend tended to bring both sides together. He’d have to go meet up with Jane Anne and Sophie later. Now he was trying to get Hope away from prying eyes. “Come on.” He told her. He braced himself for some push back from the girl especially since she was just as stubborn as her mother.

He knew he didn’t answer Marcel’s question about Hayley and he wasn’t about to answer it. There was no reason that he had to trust Marcel. Just as he turned around to lead Hope back to the bayou, a whirring sound completely interrupted their entire proceeding. The sound of a crossbow bolt striking his flesh reached Tyler’s ears. He had turned right at the correct moment for the bolt to strike him in the arm and not in the chest like it was intended. He fell into Hope as the blood poured from his arm.

His face turned red as the blood poured from his arm. The sound of the would-be assassin raced from the gathering hoping to not get noticed by anyone who had gathered here bringing a spotlight to the location of Tyler Lockwood. He was grasping onto Hope with his one good arm as the fast acting poison started to fill the system of the former protege of Klaus Mikaelson. The bolt was covered in wolfsbane that had been enchanted by a witch. That witch that had enchanted the wolfsbane soaked bolt was Jane Anne Deveraux herself. Tyler had no idea that his meeting in town would have led directly to his death.

Tyler slumped to the ground still alive but unconscious. Time was not the friend of the Lockwood wo lf. The bolt remained in his left arm as the poison spread outward. It needed to be removed and FAST.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/16/2021 07:36 PM 

Clueless Entry

Clueless Intro
The Lockwood Estate was quite big. When he was five years old, it felt like a prison. Young Tyler was supposed to be the perfect child. All he ever wanted to do was just play. What was a 5 year old child supposed to know about debutantes, balls and proper behavior at a political function? The younger he was the more he played in the big empty rooms of Lockwood estate. As he got older everything changed.

It wasn't until now that Tyler realized just how big and empty the house really was. His parents were gone. His uncle Mason was gone. Tyler was the only one left. He didn't have to work, but he did. Caroline and Alaric had brought him aboard the school as a physical education teacher for the werewolves. It kept him out of trouble for the most part. Sometimes he would leave town with Jeremy Gilbert to go on a hunt. Being a fully recognized werewolf, he had these desires to go and run. Closed spaces made him anxious. When he did take off like that, he left the estate under the watchful eye of the Salvatore School.

The invitation had been left on his doorstep. The script on the invitation was obviously that from Caroline. As much as he hated to go to a dress up ball, he'd do anything for Caroline. The fire and spark they had, turned into a deep friendship. He pulled out the tuxedo and stepped into it with great ease. Tyler examined his reflection in the mirror. He looked much older than he originally thought. Even though he was a werewolf he was still aging. He was no longer a hybrid, so back to being a werewolf meant that he would start to get gray hair. He examined his facial hair making sure that his mustache was trimmed and looked presentable. He looked as though he was a respectable member of society even if he was actually a werewolf. Technically he could call himself an instructor for a private school, so that made everything sound far more important.

He had taken over the master bedroom several years ago. He reached into a jewelry box and pulled out a pair of cufflinks. The cufflinks looked like tiny crescent moons. He found it ironic that those had belonged to his father and his father had been an untriggered werewolf. Maybe subconsciously his father knew all along what was supposed to happen to his family. Then again, one never knew what went on in the mind of Richard Lockwood. Tyler reached for the suit jacket and slid it over his shoulders. The cufflinks were a nice touch. He exited the bedroom traveling down the stairs and out the front door of the huge mausoleum that he called home.

The jeep that he drove was in proper form. He drove it to the front gate of the location of the ball. The roads had been oddly clear as he made his way to Mystic Falls. If one believed in premonitions, this would be a very bad one. His time in Gatlinburg with the werewolf Thomas Farmer and his pack had made him more of a spiritual creature that he had been before. Thanks to the teaching of the Elder werewolf, Tyler started seeing things through other eyes. Being a born werewolf came with certain responsibilities. Coexistence was possible, but it involved a great deal of patience.

Tyler made his presence known by stepping through the doors and snatching a flute of champagne off the first waiter's platter that he saw. He rose the liquid to his lips and took a sip. Big brown eyes peered over the edge of the glass to make mental observations as to who was in attendance and who was yet to appear. It would be logical to assume that members of the faculty were invited. What he didn't expect to see was Kai Parker. Silent seething rage boiled under the surface of the handsome werewolf's exterior. He'd never forgotten the debacle at the wedding of Alaric and Jo. Olivia had given up her life so that Tyler could live and have a second chance. It was taking all he could muster not to rip Kai's head off.

A distraction came in the form of his friend Jeremy Gilbert and his girlfriend Anna who made their arrival. Seeing the Hunter made Tyler smile. Surely Kai would be stupid enough to try anything. Gilbert looked miserable enough, so that was enough to amuse Tyler for the time being. He started to look around for Caroline. After all he was here to help support his good friend and her attempt to raise money for the school. Tyler still had a small fortune available at his fingertips because of his father so he was able to make a donation to the cause.

Social functions now that he was an adult still felt like a prison. He had a behavior he had to maintain, so he did. That instruction was so deeply ingrained into him even though as a werewolf his emotions were already heightened. One too many beatings from Richard Lockwood as a child still kept him with a certain degree of control. As more people filed into the room he was starting to feel like a face in the crowd. He liked that just fine. Being in the background watching was something that he learned after he became a werewolf. Like wolves in the wild, he would wait and watch to see what was happening around him.

There were quite a few more students that were showing up to the ball. Some approached him and made remarks to him. His students often referred to him as Coach Lockwood. Given his background with sports when they were in high school all those years ago, Alaric and Caroline making him the physical education teacher for the werewolves was perfect. Nobody else could handle the werewolves and give them the exercise they needed. He even shifted into a werewolf and ran with the kids like a pack. It was actually quite invigorating. Who would have ever known that Tyler Lockwood would be so fond of kids? An amused smile turned his mustache lip upward. Here's to hoping that tonight wasn't a total wash. He told himself.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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