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Mikaelson Family Ball post 001

Mikaelson Family Ball
attn: Laurel, all ; mentions Klaus and Caroline.
The Lockwood Estate

Tyler Lockwood looked at his reflection in the mirror. He couldn’t believe he’d actually gotten an invitation to this Ball that Klaus and Caroline were hosting. Klaus’ former first successful Hybrid had no love for the bastard that took Caroline away from him and ruined his life. It was because of Caroline he even considered it in the first place.

Tyler, like others around had noticed a change in Klaus. Caroline brought something out in Klaus that no one even fathomed was there. Just because Klaus was some sort of husband and father didn’t mean a damn thing to Tyler. He was walking into the lions den without a doubt. It was a good thing that just below the surface was a hellhound that could be brought forth at a moment’s notice. Someone had to keep an eye on Klaus. Tyler considered himself just the right one for the job.

After his last cufflink was in place, Tyler started down the stairs toward the front door of the Estate. Those stairs had also been the scene of a few parties in and of themselves over the years. This time, this grand place was still cavernous and empty. It was almost like he was six again only this time there was nothing left but memories.

He closed and locked the door behind him. He was shocked to see a rather lengthy white Chrysler 300 limo pulling up outside the Estate. He waited until it stopped before approaching the driver. “Can I help you with something?” He asked pointedly.

The man was a chauffeur dressed impeccably with slick black hair. “I’m here to take Mister Tyler Lockwood to the Mikaelson Estate for the gathering there per the order of Mr and Mrs. Niklaus Mikaelson.”

“That’s me. I didn’t hire you. I can drive myself to the Ball.” Tyler's stomach started to churn. What was Klaus’ game? His head tilted to the side. “Wait Mrs. Mikaelson is a part of this?” He asked.

“That she is Sir. I’ve also been instructed to go pick up Miss Laurel Collins as well.” He showed Tyler his GPS screen that had the way plotted to Laurel’s apartment.

Tyler felt that smirk subconsciously return to his lips. Caroline was behind this. Caroline knew that he was pursuing a relationship with Laurel. Being Co-Headmistress of the school meant Caroline would know Laurel’s address. This had to be his former girlfriend's doing. Tyler answered, “Well can’t keep you from doing your job, can I?” Tyler smiled before opening the door and stepping in the automobile. His sank into the seat just slightly and smiled. He saw the bottles of beer on ice and a bottle of wine with a logo on it from Klaus’ own winery. The card was in Klaus’ own handwriting.

wasn’t sure which one would be more appropriate.

Tyler let out a little huff. Trusting Klaus Mikaelson was against all his more base instincts. Caroline however, he’d trust with his life. He knew one thing as certain as he knew his own name. Caroline Mikaelson was an amazing woman. You had to be to have Klaus ready to behave himself for an entire evening.

It didn’t take long for the limo to arrive at Laurel’s. Tyler exited the vehicle and bounded down the path toward her door. He knocked waiting for her to answer. He was looking down when she opened the door. Tyler felt his breath catch in his throat. “You look amazing…” He whispered.

If she said anything, he didn’t register words over the sound of his beating heart. She looked like a full fledged goddess to him. He grinned slightly offering her his arm to escort her down the path to the waiting limo. He opened the door for her gallantly letting her climb inside first.

Maybe this wasn’t going to be a bad night after all. He thought to himself.

He climbed into the automobile behind her. The chauffeur started the car and headed toward the social event of the year. Tyler was used to social functions being the spoiled rich only child of Richard and Carol Lockwood. This time this was different. Everything was different because of Laurel. Tyler felt like the luckiest man in the world.

OOC: Laurel’s writer has my permission to auto Tyler to go with her inside the house arriving at the Ball.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World
1x1 with Earth Angel
Mystic Falls was always his home. As many times as he tried to get away from it, Tyler Lockwood always came back. Granted he was born here, but he’d ran away from here plenty of times too. The spectre of his true self lingered in the shadows of the old estate that had been in the Lockwood family for too damn many years. The Lockwood Family Curse was hidden away among the nooks and crannies of this mansion if one knew where to look. He’d not known what secrets lay in the old Lockwood Estate. He knew what was under it thanks to his Uncle Mason. If only he’d been able to see all of it before now, then his life would have been radically different.

The big place was empty of people now. Tyler still had the furniture in place, but given the grand parties and crowds he’d seen so many times growing up as the only child of Mayor Lockwood and his wife, it was dead silent. Caroline had taken good care of the place while Tyler had been away. Now that he was back, he had to have a place to stay while back home. He still let the Estate be used when the Salvatore Boarding School needed the refuge. There was a whole wing he kept to himself.

He’d found more of a reason to stay around lately when it came to Mystic Falls as a whole. Damon and Elena Salvatore were married with kids. Tyler found himself in the role of uncle spoiling the Salvatore kids any chance he got. Given he didn’t have any blood siblings of his own, growing up with Elena meant something. These kids that were born in the 90s all grew up together, so spoiling their kids was his right and privilege. He wouldn’t be gone too long from his birthplace. He did have roots here.

There was also another reason he kept Mystic Falls on his itinerary. Her name was Laurel Collins. She was one of the teachers on staff at the Salvatore Boarding School. After a long and active pursuit of the gorgeous brunette, he was finally getting that chance with her that he had wanted for so long.

Right now Tyler was looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He had three days growth on his chin and his upper lip that didn’t make him look too much like a wild man. He wanted this day to be perfect. He didn’t want one hair out of place. He didn’t want anything to veer off course too much. He hoped that this just wasn’t too much to ask. Given how his life had been so full of hellhounds, gods and bayou witches lately, he just wanted to be a normal guy with a girl on a date.

How long had it been anyway? Tyler tried to remember but just put it out of his mind. He’d tried to date after Liv died but couldn’t manage to find the time for it, especially since he’d died himself after that. Coming back from the dead put a helluva damper on a guy’s love life.

Satisfied with his appearance right down to the dark blue jeans, he told himself this was going to be informal. Laurel Collins wasn’t exactly your typical girl, but she didn’t like a fuss to be made over her. Tyler just so happened to believe she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He was actually going to meet her at The Mystic Grill after her classes were over for the day. If his teachers had looked like her, he would’ve actually liked school a lot better than he had growing up in this town.

He bounded down the steps of the Lockwood Estate with keys in hand. He may have skipped a few on the way down. He couldn’t tell. He was finally getting things to go his way so that put a spring in his step. He emerged from the catacombs of the Lockwood Estate into the warmth of a late summer day. He cast a glance toward where his new ride was waiting. Tyler climbed into his Jeep and headed into Mystic Falls. The Mystic Grill and his future was waiting.

The short trip to the main drag of Mystic Falls took virtually no time at all. Just ahead was his destination. The Mystic Grill parking lot was nearly full. Tyler pulled his Jeep up into a spot near the door and climbed out. Laurel was going to meet him at the Grill after work. He may have been a bit early, but who could blame him. For once in his life things were finally going his way.


It was quiet in this section of town. The lovely view of nature was spoiled by the touch of human hands. A sweet little brown bunny with a white puff tail was scampering across the lush green grass. The ground under the darling little thing started to rumble until it finally split.

The crack was largely unnoticed. The little brown bunny had just gotten out of the way of the initial break in the soil. The crack in the ground started to increase as the underground vibrations were becoming more intense. The widening split parted just enough until a long scaly green tendril emerged from the crack writhing like a snake. On the top of that tendril, a serpentine eye opened turning toward the heart of Mystic Falls.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Still Waters Run Deep.

Still Waters Run Deep
by invite only sl
There was something about the Bayou that really reached out to Tyler Lockwood. Spending time here with Jackson Kenner gave him the Big Brother bond he needed and honestly never had after a life of pure unadulterated crap. The spoiled brat only child of Richard and Carol Lockwood was probably the biggest jerk in Mystic Falls as a kid. He considered himself a failure even because his Uncle Mason never really stuck around long. Oh he cared more about Mason than he did his piece of garbage DAD, but the entire world turned upside down when he activated his wolf gene.

Brady and Jules taught him some about pack life, but they cruised back into Mystic Falls and everything went to hell. That was when he gained an enemy that turned his life upside down. The Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson needed a werewolf to break the curse binding his werewolf side. Unfortunately Tyler was the newest werewolf in town. Fortunately Damon Salvatore saved him from being a sacrifice but that wasn’t the end of it for the two of them. Klaus ruined everything for a lot of people including killing Jules. Tyler even lost his girlfriend because of Klaus. He’d followed Klaus down to New Orleans, where Tyler met Jackson

Jackson had no love lost for Klaus either, but he tried his best to convince the younger male to actually not to go after Klaus. Being brash and still a hybrid himself at the time, Tyler didn’t listen to the advice of the Alpha. Instead he wound up in The Garden. Once he was free, he left behind New Orleans and all this mess with Klaus and Hayley. When he told Caroline later that Klaus was having a baby with Hayley of all people, it damn near broke her. All it did was make him hate Klaus more. He thought New Orleans would be permanently off his travel itinerary. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Flash Forward nearly 20 years and Tyler found himself back in the Bayou again. He was no longer a hybrid thanks to the Travelers but instead of a werewolf he was actually a hellhound. He was a descendant of Cerberus as he was told by one of those guys in the Underworld who restored him to life. He thought it was Hades, but he didn’t keep track of those things. He didn’t understand it, but given this second chance at life, he wasn’t going to waste it.

Tyler found himself reconnecting with Jackson Kenner but on a deeper level. Jackson was filling a deep void in his life that had been too empty too long. He was learning about pack life and what it really meant to be a wolf. It had actually been with the help of another Crescent, Aiden (one of the other leaders of the pack) that Tyler was able to break the bonds of hell that was trying to turn him into something he didn’t want to be. Aiden knew this Bayou Witch called Mama Ruth who helped him become an evolved werewolf like Aiden himself was. Oh the blood tie to Cerberus still existed, but dragging poor saps to Tartarus was someone else's problem now.

Most of the time, Tyler did spend time working with the Salvatore School because Caroline asked him. He also did some work at times for The Armory. Hunts with his buddy Jeremy Gilbert happened from time to time, but Tyler preferred to stay here in the Bayou. Jackson had even made him a member of the pack by adoption. It was here he retreated when he had yet another problem.

Her name was Laurel Collins. She was beautiful and absolutely brilliant. Tyler was utterly smitten with this girl. She was a Greek Mythology teacher at the Salvatore Boarding School. She knew Greek Myth far too well. She had first hand experience since her mother was the goddess Aphrodite. Laurel Collins was a Demigoddess.

Given his own connection to myths and Legends, that gave him a great pick up line. Tyler was rather persistent in trying to get the brunette to give him the time of day. One day she agreed to let him walk her to her to her car. While they got closer in physical proximity to one another, Laurel grew ill. When Tyler backed off, she felt better. This perplexed them both for a while. That was until the answer finally came.

Aphrodite herself paid a visit to her daughter and her suitor. Tyler found himself unable to move because of something Laurel called charmspeak. Aphrodite told them the story on how she’d wanted to pursue Cerberus on one of his dalliances with human women when he was in his human form. Cerberus had rejected the goddess of love who took it rather poorly. She cursed her own descendants to not be able to get physically close to any of those who were blood related to Cerberus. It wasn’t fair. He couldn’t get close to this gorgeous girl because her mom was a major b/itch. Once Aphrodite was done gloating she disappeared.

If there was a way to keep Tyler from dragging people to Tartarus for eternal punishment, there had to be a way to allow the him to get closer to her. He was glad when Laurel wanted it too. That led to this current trip to the Bayou. He asked Mama Ruth for help again and help was what he got.

Two days had passed. Laurel came down to the Bayou and had been brought to the Crescent Wolf Territory. Mama Ruth did a spell on a ring and Laurel wore it. It seemed to be working when he last saw her. Tyler was staying in his own cabin and Laurel was in another guest cabin nearby. He was standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of jogging shorts. He had barely slept. He wanted to go see her. He wanted to see how she was feeling. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her. Laurel was a special girl. He had to acknowledge the fact he was already very deeply in love with this girl. He just wanted his chance. Tyler reached into his fridge and pulled out a bottle of orange juice. He didn’t want to show up too soon on her doorstep or seem too overeager. He wasn’t going to be able to sit still too much longer.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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For Sharp Edges
He had no idea how long he’d been on the road. Tyler Lockwood had nothing more than just the clothes on his back and bag with some hastily crammed clothes into it. The young man was a hybrid. To anyone watching him along the side of the road trying to hitch a ride, would never realize that two different creatures lived inside this young man who was running away from his troubles. He was a werewolf by birth but also now a vampire because of a cruel twist of fate.

As his steps continued along the side of the highway, he had no idea where he was. OH he knew he was in the United States, but he didn’t know if he was in Virginia or wherever the hell else, his running had gotten him. Fortunately though, with his status as a hybrid, he didn’t have to worry about changing with the full moon. Being a hybrid had solved that issue.

He could hear the sound of a car coming from behind him as he walked. Lucky thing was that not only was his hearing better as a werewolf, but toss the vampire into it and he could hear a fly taking a p/iss on a decaying piece of food someone tossed out of their car while they were driving down this long stretch of road that had mountains surrounding it. Tyler turned around and stuck out his thumb when the car got close enough. When the car sped up just to spin dust in his face, he started cursing louder than anything before. “REALLY? REALLY?” He turned back around kicking at a few rocks as he continued his walk.

He pulled the bag over his shoulder higher because of his anger and disgust at everything. He wished that he didn’t have to leave Mystic Falls. He knew he couldn’t be there because of what had happened. Klaus Mikaelson, the author of his condition as a hybrid had ordered Tyler to bite his girlfriend knowing good and damned well that it would end up possibly killing her. Klaus didn’t care about it. All that the hybrid cared about was his war and winning everything no matter what the cost. The image on the face of Caroline Forbes when they both realized that he bit her was absolutely horrifying. Caroline was only a vampire. The bite of a werewolf was deadly to a vampire. Klaus had ordered Tyler to kill the girl he loved. Instead of being strong enough to overcome that command, Tyler fell in compliance like a good little soldier. He couldn’t stay after what he’d done. Caroline wouldn’t be safe as long as Tyler was nearby and he hated Klaus for it.

Stomping harder with each step, Tyler was determined to find a way to break this sire bond with Klaus. Klaus was his sire. He turned Tyler into this… this thing he was now. He was stronger, faster and better than both werewolves and vampires now because he was both monsters in one. What ruined the whole thing was his damned tie to Klaus. It was too bad he couldn’t just kill the bastard and be done with it. If Klaus died, so would he. “Convenient.” He muttered to himself. It was no wonder that the Original Hybrid lived for as long as he did. He changed people into monsters and left them to protect his sorry a/ss. But still, Tyler was determined that there had to be another way out of this. He was heading in the direction that Jules and Brady had told him were more wolves. Wolves tended to like the woods a lot, so the only woods he knew of even close to Mystic Falls were in Tennessee and North Carolina. The Great Smoky Mountains was his destination. He just had to find a way to get there. Leaving his own car behind was not the best decision he’d ever made, but it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to find him using credit card receipts as he stopped for gasoline. He couldn’t risk any of that, so he left on foot and hoped for the best.

Another car was coming up behind him. Tyler turned around to find another car approaching. He stuck his thumb out hoping that this would actually work this time. Much to his surprise, a car began to slow down for him. With a spring in his step, Tyler raced to the door. He was happy to see an older man sitting behind the wheel of the car. He had mostly white hair with a hint of black in the middle of the white that was curly. The shade of the mustache under his lip matched the hair that was on top of his head. He had quite a bit of hair for a man who was obviously in his 70s which made Tyler smile. Friendly chocolate hues looked back to the young man as he stood at the window of the old Ford Aerostar minivan. “Need a lift?” The old horn rimmed glasses had been back in style now, but Tyler had a distinct feeling that this gentleman had gotten these first hand when he was a youth some time ago. “Hop in.” The man told him.

“I really appreciate it!” Tyler opened the door and climbed inside. The low music of Hank Williams Sr. played from an CD player that seemed oddly out of place in this older model minivan. He smiled back at this man who helped him out in the middle of his time of trouble and inane self pity. “How close am I to The Smokies?” He asked of the older gentleman.

“Not too far.” The man replied to him. “Is that where you’re heading?” There was something deeply welcoming about the older man to Tyler. Judging by the state of his minivan and the lines of age on the man’s face, Tyler easily surmised that he was someone’s dad and granddad, maybe even a great granddad which put the younger man at ease. “A young wolf such as yourself is far away from his pack.” The man observed.

Tyler was surprised when the man sized him up as a werewolf. “Yeah, you could say I am.” He canted his head to the side much in the way that a dog would do in sizing up a situation before him. “You..you’re a werewolf too?” Tyler began to see the smaller things that only someone would really see if knowing where to look.

The older man chuckled warmly. “That I am. Found out when I was in the Mekong Delta. Helluva way to find out that you’re a werewolf in the middle of a Police Action. But I ended up serving my tour and coming back home in one piece. Been home 50 years now.” He nodded at the young wolf as he continued driving down the road.

Tyler was momentarily stunned by the fact that he’d found another wolf this easily, or well this wolf found him. Jules and Brady were right about heading to the mountains after all. “Where’s your pack?” He asked oddly curious.

“Oh they’re around. Pack life is important for you to derive your strength from Son. Don’t let anyone else tell you different.” It was pretty obvious that the young wolf had no pack and was still fairly new in this entire lifestyle. He took a few turns and pulled up at a bar. He put the minivan in park. “Several packs call this place home. If you head in there, you’ll find someone that should help you with what troubles you. Just remember that your strength is in the pack. Those are the only bonds you can truly trust.” He started to reach into his wallet and handed the young man a twenty dollar bill. “Take this. Get them to make you a cheeseburger with fries and drink a draft beer on me, Alright?”

Tyler was grabbing his bag and raised his hand to open the door. The extended greenback was there in the middle of the air. “I can’t do that to you. You don’t know me.”

The older man insisted. “I don’t have to know you to know you’re in trouble and need help. It’s the thing about being a wolf. It’s all about family.” He held out that bill closer to the young man in his passenger’s seat.

Tyler took the money offered him and stuffed it in his pocket. “I really appreciate this. You just don’t know.” The gesture touched him more than anything else ever had. “My name is Tyler.” He held out a hand to shake the older man’s in friendship.

The older man shook his hand in friendship. “It’s good to meet you Tyler. I’m Thomas. You’ll be in good hands here. I promise.” A hint of gold flashed from the man’s rich brown eyes that was in no wise threatening. “We’ll likely see each other again soon, I’m sure.”

Tyler smiled at the older man as he climbed out of the van shutting the door. He waved at Thomas as he drove away. He then pulled his bag back over his shoulder and headed into the bar. He put in his order for the cheeseburger, fries and a draft and then locate a table off by himself to sit. He actually felt oddly at ease. This was an unusual feeling. Tyler like feeling this way. He was still a babe in the woods when it came to being a werewolf. Maybe he was finally going to get the answers and the help he needed.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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The Sire Bond

The Sire Bond
Finding Freedom (Les Mis July Drabble)
It was a big house that put the Lockwood Estate to shame. He was dressed in some of the finest clothing that money could buy. He wasn’t the son of the owner like he was when his parents were hosting those political parties during the height of election season. Instead, Tyler Lockwood born a werewolf activated the gene after he accidentally killed a girl at a party. He fell in the line of sight of the Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson. Tyler was the first of a new breed of monster. He was the first non Original Hybrid created by that bastard himself. Damn it all to hell.

He’d left town for a while and met up with other werewolves in other areas closeby. He envied them and how they were all surrounded by a loving pack and how those bonds had been. They grew up knowing what wolf life was about. Most of them knew what it was like to be a wolf. They had been raised that this wasn’t a bad thing. Tyler had watched children who had the werewolf gene but hadn’t activated it yet just grow up happy, loved and carefree. Tyler didn’t have any of that. He didn’t know that he was destined to be werewolf until it was practically too late. He was on a crash course with destiny. That destiny was in the person of one Niklaus Mikaelson.

Tyler had been nothing but a pawn in the game for control that Klaus had when it came to Mystic Falls and all the people he loved and cared about in life. He remembered feeling so helpless as those arms had him so helplessly bound. The taste of Klaus’ blood being forced into his mouth made him feel like a helpless puppy. He struggled so hard to try and break free from the Original’s grasp, but he was fighting a losing battle. Then unimaginable pain came and his world ended. Tyler Lockwood was dead.

Those first few moments after his initial transformation as a wolf were so intense. Everything was so much more intense. He could smell things, he could see things, he could hear things that he couldn’t before. The pain of every bone in your body breaking was something that made him hate life to put it mildly. His libido was stronger. He couldn’t get enough of his girlfriend Caroline all when he wasn’t changing into a wolf and going after her in a mad frenzy. This all changed when he woke up after Klaus has fed him his blood. Tyler saw nothing but red. He was so hungry. He needed to feed

He was sitting there on a chair in Klaus’ massive estate that he was prepping for some big event and stared at his hands. He was the first of an entire staff full of hybrids that Klaus had created. As a hybrid, Tyler no longer was bound by the moon. He didn’t have to change with the full moon. He was a vampire and a werewolf and he was always horny. Tyler clenched his jaw and felt his temper rising. He was free in a sense, but he was still bound. He had that sire bond that kept him tied to Klaus. What was freedom in one sense when it was a prison of another sort. Freedom from changing every month versus being bound to a monster and his every whim.

“TYLER!” The voice of Klaus Mikaelson filled the house as the Original was looking for his most prized possession. “Where are you?” He called out with an annoyed tone in his voice. Nobody liked it when Klaus was angry. It usually meant that someone was going to die painfully. “Oh there you are! I need you to do something for me.”

Tyler looked into the eyes of the monster who held the leash on his freedom. “Look, I really appreciate you and what you’ve done for me. Turning every month was a real pain in the a/ss. You really saved me from that.” For a moment, he felt as though he didn’t recognize himself with these words that came out of his mouth.

That sneer curled his lips with a self assured grin that made Tyler’s blood run cold. “Yes, yes. I’ve granted you the greatest gift of all.” His expression was the most cruel evil that he’d ever imagined. “Elena Gilbert and all her friends have decided to defy me one too many times. They must be taught a lesson. I want you to bite your girlfriend.”

Tyler’s eyes widened. “You want me to WHAT?” Tyler’s temper flared. “Are you SERIOUS? A Werewolf Bite will kill Caroline.” He insisted rather fervently. He glared at Klaus with incredulity.

“You heard me. You will bite Caroline. I know full well what it will do. It will teach them not to defy me.” He was so cruel and callous in what he spoke. Klaus knew how much Tyler loved Caroline. He’d also been sensing a bit of willful rebellion on the part of his first successful Hybrid. He had to insist on this to keep them all in line, including Tyler.

“I won’t do it!” He shook his head and ran off from the Original Hybrid. Tyler ran through the house and out onto the grounds. He stood there with his hands on his legs bent over. He couldn’t believe Klaus wanted him to actually do the one thing that would cause her the most pain and even kill her. Caroline had done nothing but love him and he’d put her through hell. She remained close and ever faithful to him. Klaus wanted him to repay her with a painful death? He wouldn’t do it. He just couldn’t do it.


Later that evening he was in Caroline’s arms again. They were wrapped out in a passionate embrace once more. He loved her so much. He needed her like he needed the air to breathe. Tyler loved her so much it almost hurt. “OW! Tyler! What did you just do? Did you just bite me?” The look on Caroline’s face was that of betrayal and pain. She touched her neck where there was a spot of blood. It wasn’t a huge bite, it was a nip. Tyler did bite her, just like Klaus wanted.

He was horrified at the fact that he couldn’t rebel against Klaus for the woman he loved. Tyler backed away slowly. His face was wide in horror. Klaus had such a powerful hold on him that Tyler was in no place to actually reject anything he said. Now this was going to cost him everything. He had to find freedom from this sire bond somehow. Tyler ran off leaving Caroline behind. He shot a text to Matt to come and check on her. He didn’t trust himself anymore. . He needed freedom from this sire bond somehow or else he couldn’t be around anyone he loved. He had to find a way to break free no matter what the cost. The price was already too high
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

07/03/2020 10:28 AM 

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild
For Rae;
The word came to him from two of the students at the Salvatore Boarding School. They raced inside the doors late at night just as Tyler was making a security sweep of the grounds. They were a pair of his werewolves that had been out after dark against curfew. “It was scary Mr. Lockwood!” The girl was a petite blonde named Nancy. “I know we weren’t supposed to be out after dark, but we were.”

Her boyfriend, another wolf named Sam was standing at her side. “It was my fault, Mr. Lockwood. I was trying to bring some excitement into our relationship. Going out after curfew was going to score me some points for being dangerous and exciting.”

Tyler was so angry his fangs actually started to show. Sure, he’d done stupid things to impress a girl, but this was the worst. “All because YOU wanted to be a muscle brain with no sense to impress your girl, you may have led some hunters right here.” He pushed past the couple. “I’ll clean up your damn mess. Now get back to your dorms!”

Tyler was walking at a fast pace past all the kids heading to bed as he headed for the back door of the Salvatore Boarding School. He could tell his werewolf eyes had taken over. In moments of extreme anger his wolf side always tended to show rapidly and with unrelenting ferocity. His fangs were growing with his every step. His nose was elongating into a snout. Tyler was tearing off his clothes as he walked toward the door and beginning his change.

It wasn’t like all those years ago when he first found out he was a werewolf. Yeah, it still hurt like hell when he did it, but he did it anyway. He was used to the pain by now and even numb to it. Any student or faculty member watching would see that he was in that state of flux and hear his growling in pained anger to back it up. Once he set his feet outside he was completely naked and fully in his wolf form. The hunt would begin.

The dark russet wolf raced at a rapid pace through the woods. His golden eyes blazed with indignant fury. The hunters in his woods, in his town, hunting his kids were going to be taken out even if it meant he would have to rip them apart himself. It wouldn’t be the first time and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last time. Pads of the wolf's feet hit the ground in a steady gallop. They were close but not close enough. He stopped long enough to pick up the scent and keep running.


The two hunters were loaded with silver bullets in their weapons. They had started to follow the two pups and had been given the slip when they got away. They had their reasons for being hunters, most all of them did. They were bound and determined to carry out their mission to catch the wolves roaming around. Rumor was that Mystic Falls was filled with supernatural creatures that needed to be put down. It was time for them to get to work.

“Wait? Did you hear that?” The hunter that spoke had fiery red hair and freckles that went across bridge of his nose. He was the more experienced one than his partner. He tried to listen as what sounded like a freight train was heading right for him. Before the other man could say anything, this huge russet wolf jumped out of a hiding place. His teeth immediately found the man’s jugular vein with his bite and wouldn’t let go.

Blood was everywhere. There were gurgling sounds as the man's breathing became mixed with the precious liquid required to keep the body alive and the heart pumping. This all happened within what seemed like a matter of minutes. Time slowed down to the other hunter when in fact it hadn’t.

With trembling hands, the other hunter tried to aim his gun at the wolf attacking his buddy. He couldn’t get a clear shot. He pulled the trigger. The sound of gunfire filled the woods followed by the yelp of a wolf.


The pain was intense. The russet wolf had his lower jaw covered in the crimson smear of the blood of the hunter he attacked. The pain emanated from his left hind quarter. It was overwhelming him so much he couldn’t focus. He kept staggering forward.

He couldn’t focus enough to change back into his human form. His own blood was matting the fur on his left side. His lack of the ability to focus saw a human form and was unable to discern who it was. The wounded animal in him took over growling and walking slowly toward the human. She was talking to him.

Did she just call him Uncle? A tongue snaked out of his wolf jaws to moisten his lips. Once his jaw closed once again, the wolf curled his lips and emitted a low growl. She spoke to him again. He rose his head and tilted it slightly to the left.

In a moment of apparent clarity, he realized he was at Whickery Bridge. That had to be Rae. He lowered his head and ceased growling. He took a few steps forward before collapsing at her feet. The open wound on his left side would be seen perfectly when he collapsed. There was a silver bullet in his leg. If Rae didn’t get it out soon, Tyler Lockwood was going to die…again.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/26/2020 01:40 AM 


3 November 1998
The Lockwood Estate

It was Election Day. The town of Mystic Falls was all buzzing with the news. Richard Lockwood, a member one of the illustrious Founding Families had decided to follow in his family’s footsteps and throw his hat in the ring for the office of Mayor. Richard had everything. He had intelligence, charm, and charisma mastered. He had a beautiful wife named Carol and a six year old son named Tyler.

Tyler was watching the mass of people gathered in their home on this particular night all from his father’s campaign team. They were drinking alcohol and chattering like a bunch of monkeys at the zoo. He was peeking through the rails of the stairs on the second floor watching the people from his vantage point. Tyler knew what they were waiting for tonight. They were waiting for the results of the Mayor’s race. Richard Lockwood was running against Dr. Fell. Any minute, they’d know the answer. To little Tyler it meant that after the last four months of personal appearances by his parents that occasionally included him, things were going to get worse.

Tyler had it ingrained on him for the past year how important their family was. This Mayor’s Race was important to their family. Appearances were everything. Tyler had to be the perfect little boy. He absolutely hated it. He hated putting on a show when the truth was their family was a big huge lie. He was only six and he knew that “Family Values” didn’t mean a damn thing.

His new friends in his first grade class were all different than he was. Matt Donovan didn’t have a Dad. He lived with his mom and his icky big sister Vicky. Elena Gilbert was in his class too. Elena’s dad was Dr. Gilbert and she had a mom and a little brother named Jeremy who was a boogery baby at four years old. Bonnie Bennett didn’t have a Dad either. She had her Grams. Bonnie told Tyler that she had a mom once but she ran away when she was really little. It was really sad even to Tyler. Then his last friend was Caroline Forbes. She had no brothers or sisters just like Tyler. Her mommy and daddy had just gotten a divorce. Her daddy lived with a special friend that was a boy. Caroline lived with her mommy. None of his friends were here. Tyler just was sitting here squatted down in a little scrunchy ball watching the action.

The people underneath him all smelled like liquor and cigarettes. His forehead pressed into the bannister. His natural curls that not been cutoff since he’d been born fell into his eye. Clouded chocolate hues visually scanned the crowd below. All these grownups here bored him even though they were excited. The votes were being counted according to what he heard somebody say.

He was ready for bed trying not to let any of the grownups see him. He was all of six years old now and he just wanted to go play football with Matt Donovan or shoot hoops with his Uncle Mason. Uncle Mason was teaching him how to play basketball. He’d even taught Tyler how to hit a baseball. The last thing his Uncle taught him was how to tie his shoes. These were all things that his Dad should have taught him but didn’t. Richard Lockwood was always too busy. Mason was the younger brother and more of a father figure to Tyler than anyone else. Where was Mason?

A shriek came from behind him and off to his left. It seemed that the six year old had developed a habit of running around naked most of the time. Right now that little ball that had been watching the adults from his perch was doing so completely bare as the day he was born. The maid that was supposed to be watching him, just found him. “Tyler please!”

Tyler uncurled his legs and ran off down the upstairs hallway. The maid went chasing after him with a blanket in her hands to cover him up. He didn’t have any idea that this was wrong. He knew it felt natural and he liked it. Bare feet continued to pad in rapid succession as he made his way through the East Wing of the Estate with the maid still following closely behind.

It usually took about three maids to wrangle up the boy when he’d run around naked like this. Carol Lockwood was horrified by her son’s bouts of nudism and did her best to keep it from being the latest fodder for the high society of Mystic Falls Gossip Circles. One of her trusted friends got her to take Tyler to a child psychologist. The child psychologist told her this was perfectly normal for a boy his age. He was acting out for attention. The doctor assured Carol that Tyler would grow out of it. That was two years ago when he was four. Tyler was still doing it at six. It was proving to be an issue. Carol heard the chaos and excused herself from the party.

Tyler heard his mother calling for him in hissing tones. “Tyler! You come out this instant! Do you hear me?” She had found the guest bedroom where her son was hiding. She opened the door slowly. Seeing her son a disheveled mess made Carol visibly pout. “I told you to stop this nonsense now. You’re a big boy.”

Tyler stood there long enough for the maid to hand him a blanket. Obediently, he wrapped around his body. “I’m sorry Mommy.” She walked up to him and tousled those curls she'd kept from getting cut.

He was a good boy. She did love him, but he was an absolute handful. She was glad Tyler was an only child. “Go on to sleep alright? It’s getting late.” She kissed his cheek. “For me?” she asked. The boy nodded and resigned himself to the fact he would get it tomorrow from his Dad. It was time to brace for it.

Tyler was wrapped in the blanket around his small frame. He passed by his father standing in the staircase. He almost thought his dad was glaring at him with bright red eyes. That was stupid. His Daddy didn’t have red eyes. Tyler took one more look and skittered back into his room shutting the door behind him. His Daddy looked very angry. He was glad he was going to be safe in his room. Maybe if he was lucky, his Daddy would forget all about it. He started to burrow down into his bed and covered up his head .

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/18/2020 12:37 AM 

War Zone

War Zone
Les Mis Monthly Drabble
He got there as quickly as he could. There were twelve hybrids that all were a part of Klaus’ army. Twelve men and women that had been reborn as hybrids all lived, laughed and loved alongside Tyler Lockwood in their new supernatural lives as creatures of myth that no one would have ever believed existed. They were dead. They were all dead. Tyler couldn’t believe it. It was like a bad dream where he was caught in the middle. Every last hybrid that had been turned by Klaus and put under him as the Alpha were all dead. Klaus had killed them all. He stood in the middle of the wreckage and tried to make sense of it all.

There were body parts everywhere. Severed limbs and organs were laying in shreds by the bodies. He knew them all. He had worked with them and beside them as Klaus was working on his mansion in Mystic Falls. They were all loyal until something had gotten to them. The instinct of a wolf to be the alpha was great. Fights to determine the leadership were bound to break out, but did it have to be this bloody? This was no ordinary wolfpack. This was all Klaus. It was always Klaus. Violence was always going to be the nature of the beast especially when that beast was the first of their kind.

Tyler had a bit of prestige and glory to him given that he was Klaus’ first hybrid. It was a crock of s/hit to him when he was alone. The two sides of his supernatural nature were in constant conflict against one another. As a wolf, he hated vampires and had been taught to hate them by Brady and Jules. He had tried to go after Caroline but that was when he was a newly triggered werewolf. Now he was a vampire too. Emotions were always running high for him. He was ready to go from one extreme to the other at the drop of a hat. He had to fight himself from having to rip someone’s throat out or screwing their brains out. Thus was the life of Klaus Mikaelson’s first hybrid.

Then there was this. There were the remains of what were twelve people who were like him. They were born with the werewolf curse and they triggered it by the spilling of innocent blood whether on purpose or accidental. They were all fed the blood of Klaus Mikaelson and killed by him so they could all become two creatures in one. It was like putting gasoline on an already raging fire.

Tyler walked through the battlefield. That’s what it was too. They had obviously gone after Klaus but he’d dispatched of them with the greatest of ease. Tyler didn’t have to be there when it happened to see it. He saw the aftereffects of it. The young hybrid felt his heart starting to shatter into pieces. Klaus had killed them all. He was the only hybrid left that The Original Hybrid had created. The rage in which he’d destroyed them left no room for doubt that they died a very painful death. They didn’t ask to be werewolves and they sure as hell didn’t ask to be turned into vampires too. They were the closest thing to a family that Tyler actually had. Oh he had his mom, but she didn’t have the werewolf gene. That was a Lockwood thing. His mom had put up with so much.

Tyler could feel his emotions fast and furious as he walked through taking a look at each one of them. Each face had a story behind it. Each face had people that were left behind in their packs back home who cared about them and loved them deeply in one way or another. Yet here they were. They were all dead all because of one colossal d/ick. With each step, Tyler’s hatred for Klaus Mikaelson grew exponentially. His fists clenched tightly alongside his body as arms moved side by side. He found himself growling loudly.

He didn’t hear his phone ringing until it was too late. He happened to snap out of his rage for just a moment when he realized that his phone was going wild. He could see the current call was from his girlfriend Caroline. Tyler tapped the phone to connect to the call. “Care? What’s going on? I’ve got a dozen messages from you and just as many from my mom.” He was curious as to what was going on at the moment while he was standing here in the middle of this mess created by one beast that he was going to take down himself someday, somehow.

Caroline Forbes was standing in the town square as lights and emergency responders were all on the scene. Her mom had the scene roped off with plenty of security tape and extra deputies. “Tyler! Oh Tyler!!” Caroline started to cry and weep openly. “You need to get over to the town square as quickly as you can.” She was starting to visibly sob so much that she was not sure that she was speaking in words that Tyler could understand.

Tyler stopped at the edge of the forest passing by the last of the dead hybrids that lay there exposed to all the elements and whatever animals would come to feasts on their severed corpses. It was just too much for Tyler to even to consider cleaning up on his own. If Klaus found out he was here, there was no telling what he’d do. “Care, I can’t understand you. Calm down. Take a deep breath…” He loved her, but god she could get so upset over the least little thing. You’d think she was a vampire or something.

Caroline was standing there as the paramedics wheeled the body of Carol Lockwood out on a stretcher covered in black. “It’s.. It’s your mom. She’s gone Tyler. They found her in the town square. They..they think she got drunk and hit her head.”

Tyler felt a cold chill race down his spine. “What did you say Caroline?” He asked in a cold tone. His body froze wanting her to repeat her words.

“Your mom is dead Tyler. She drowned in the fountain in the town square.” Her body was wracked with sobs. She didn’t want to have to tell her boyfriend that this had happened to his mom. No one else could get through to him except her.

For just a moment, Tyler’s head rose straight up to look ahead. His facial expressions were a complete blank. His jaw hung open. His mother was gone? Caroline said it was an accident. This was no accident. This was a message to Tyler. It was a message definitely received. Klaus wanted war? Tyler would give him that war, no matter what it cost him.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/17/2020 02:55 AM 

The Hunt is ON 003

The Hunt is On
1x1 with Ardent
Enzo hadn’t really changed since Tyler last saw him. Maybe it was the fact that Enzo was a vampire and Tyler was a werewolf, but Enzo seemed like a first class douche like he always was. No wonder him and Damon were best pals.

Judging by the vampire’s reaction, he didn’t know the full story of how close Donovan was to Alex. It was a whole new level of f/uckery that Tyler was going to have to get used to when it came to Donovan. He was a lot more sly than people gave him credit for being. He’d been pretty much the only human in their circle that ended up not being some kind of supernatural creature. He was glad that Enzo actually did take the time to shake his hand. He didn’t need any more agitation right now. His last mission for the Armory was still leaving a bad taste in his mouth. Enzo had asked him a question. Just after Enzo asked Tyler some question about the Armory, Alex came into the library with them. She began to give her spiel about a mission for the two of them.

The more that Tyler listened to Enzo talk, he was at the point where he was going to lose it. In his mind’s eye, he imagined baring his fangs and grasping Enzo on the throat. Just one little bite… Alex was rambling on about how Enzo was some kind of a nerd or something reading a bunch of lore. Tyler was still trying not to thing about one little nip that would kill the vampire with agonizing pain and torment. He shook himself and breathed in with a sound that almost sounded like a huff of a dog that was too focused on chasing that damned cat and his attention was diverted.

“Everlasting? What the hell is an Everlasting?” Tyler held out his hand trying to slow down the conversation a little bit. “And why do you want this Everlasting?” He was bristling a little at this treatment.

Alex smirked at Tyler and spoke to him in condescending tones. “An Everlasting is a particular Native Shaman, Tyler. They were located in the American West around the turn of the 20th Century. As for the rest, I’ll let Lorenzo fill you in on who they are and their connection to the Huntress Rayna Cruz.”

Native American Shaman? Tyler knew that most werewolf bloodlines were tied one Native American myth or another. The thought occurred to him that he could possibly found out his own bloodline and why it was so damn special. He wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the lot, but he knew when he could get the best of any given situation. He was a liar and a manipulator long before he even became a triggered werewolf. It was part of the reason why he was so successful with the ladies. Brady told him that some Native Shamans held werewolves in a certain regard as special emissaries of the Great Spirit. Maybe this wasn’t going to be such a bust after all.

Tyler clapped his hands together as Alex continued to talk to Enzo. “So.. You want me to show give him the grand tour and take him to the garage? After all we’re going to be on some sort of mission right to find this Medicine Man, right?” He rubbed his palms together. This suddenly turned out to be a really great idea after all. Biting Enzo was going to have to wait. Native Shamans were usually particularly powerful with their magic according to everything that Brady and Jules had taught him. He was totally fine with going along on this trip as muscle or the pet dog, whatever suited the moment. He glanced back at Enzo. “You can drive, but don’t expect me to hold my head out the window and let my tongue hang out…” It was a classic position that dogs were known to be in when going on a long car ride. Bonnie already made plenty of dog jokes for the two of them.

Not waiting for an answer, Tyler turned on his heels and headed out toward the main hallways of the Armory. He hated being in a library anyway. It made him want to curl up and go to sleep in the back of the room or find some cute girl and make out in the corner. Intellectualism was not his forte. He usually left that to Donovan. This time it was going to be up to a crusty Brit with a stiff upper lip and all that sort of bulls/hit.

Alex followed him out to grab the young man by the arm. “This is a very sensitive mission Tyler. I don’t want anyone dead this time. It’s imperative that you find the Eight Everlasting. Do you understand?” She wanted to get it through the head of the stubborn werewolf that was already wanting to leap into things headfirst. It didn’t bother her that Tyler had obviously killed Seth Michaels. Michaels was getting into things that he had no business being. Even the Armory had its secrets and they needed to stay that way. The death of a Rogue Agent was only beneficial to her in the long run. Tyler had done her a favor.

“Find the Eight Everlasting and no killing. Got it.” He mock saluted her with all the dripping sarcasm he could muster. He straightened his shoulders and waited for Enzo to follow Alex out of the library. “He looks like he belongs here. Did you ever tell him that yet?” Tyler told Alex.

Alex had a knowing grin on her face as Enzo joined them. “I’m hoping you’ll be able to show him that by completing a successful mission. You understand?”

He pursed his lips together sucking them into his mouth then finally making out with a loud pop from his lips. He was going to have to be a good boy with his vampire partner. “Do I get dog biscuits after this?” He asked with his typical witty sarcasm.

Alex shot him a look before leaving him behind. She touched Enzo’s forearm. “He’s all yours. Just smack him with a rolled up newspaper if he gets out of line.” She knew Tyler’s sarcasm well. She also knew he was a powerful werewolf with the blood of the oldest pack in his veins. He was a definite asset despite whatever flaws he possessed. Tyler Lockwood had the potential to be the most powerful werewolf on the planet, but he had no idea whatsoever the depth of what he could do. He and Enzo were going to balance each other out well.

Tyler watched her walk away leaving the two supernaturals to decide their next move. “So what do you want to do first? You want to get out of here, or do you want to go play in dusty old books all day?” He asked. Tyler was antsy and it showed. He needed to get out. These walls made him crazy.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/16/2020 12:33 AM 

Hungry Like the Wolf

Hungry Like the Wolf
1x1 with Bloody Shoes
To say he was scared was the understatement of the year. Tyler Lockwood had found out from his Uncle Mason what exactly what it was that was the deepest darkest family secret. As long as he didn’t accidentally kill someone, he was going to be fine. His curse would remain untriggered. He’d be just fine. The hell he would.

Tyler Lockwood had an affinity for two things; alcohol and sex. He was a teenage boy. It happened. He had all that raging testosterone that had to be set free somehow. So he was into booze and sex with any girl who would look in his direction. It’s what everyone did. Why did he have to be so different? He was a Lockwood. That’s why he had to be different.

Seeing Sarah’s body just lying there haunted him even all these weeks later. When the first full moon came, along with it came his first transformation. The repeated pain of all his bones breaking etched itself on his memory. His life was completely upside down. He didn’t know what to do. All he knew was that he didn’t want to kill his vampire girlfriend Caroline Forbes. She saw him through that transformation but ended up having to lock herself inside a room in the old Lockwood Estate Cellar for the night all because he tried to kill her. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, especially Care, so he left. He threw a few things in a duffel bag and took off. He was 17 years old and scared to death. He had no other choice.

He had 30 days before the next full moon. Uncle Mason had told him of people who were like them who could help him. They just weren’t in Mystic Falls because of the vampire infestation. Vampires and werewolves weren’t exactly the best of friends. It was a huge crock of s/hit for a horny werewolf boy that he couldn’t screw around with his vampire girlfriend for fear of killing. Having a conscious s/ucked balls.

As the time clicked down off the calendar, Tyler made his way to the Smoky Mountains. He was hoofing it for the most part counting on his own ability to scare people as a werewolf to keep the crazies away. He felt his senses heightened. His sense of smell was overloading his brain the most right now. When he got into the car with a man that smelled like beer and p/iss he was almost confident he was going to barf on the man’s shoes. He got to the front gates of the Smoky Mountains just in time. He couldn’t get out quick enough.

Once in the free air, he stood there long enough to fill his lungs with that fresh air. He looked around at the majestic scenery around him. This felt like home to him. He could feel a bond with this place. He couldn’t explain it. Tyler had his duffel bag over his shoulder as he continued walking into the forest. He stopped at the embankment of the road and simply hopped over it. Finding the werewolves here was not going to be a simple task, but it certainly wasn’t going to be where the tourists were. Wolves needed to hide from the prey. He learned that from those old nature films that they made the kids watch at Mystic Falls High their entire freshman year. Man he was glad it took.

The crunching of his footsteps on the path was only met with the sounds of nature all around him. It was no wonder that Uncle Mason had no desire to actually go back home until his dad had died. This was freedom. That was if you could stand the agony of having all your bones broken as you morphed into a snarling wolf. He rolled his head on his spine cracking a few cervical vertebrae in the process. His biggest problem now was finding the others. He hoped that his Uncle Mason had told them about him or he was going to end up being one dead werewolf.

Tyler kept walking until he came to a clearing. The smells of gasoline and a campfire lured him closer. Someone was cooking. The newly triggered werewolf felt his stomach rumble. He was definitely hungry. He decided to approach the site carefully because right now he didn’t know who was on his side and who wasn’t. He crept up closer and with muscles tensed. He was a wide receiver for the football team after all so he could take off at a moment’s notice.

As he was creeping around the campsite, he could see the man and woman that appeared to be the leaders of this family or whatever it was getting ready to have a picnic. They looked like they were close in age to his Uncle Mason. He didn’t know what it was like to have a werewolf pack or anything like that. Uncle Mason disappeared before Tyler had a chance to ask him about it or to give him any kind of introduction to being a werewolf. All Mason told him was to be careful. Tyler had a nasty temper. That was putting it mildly. That temper was what ended up getting Sarah killed.

The young werewolf was not in any way inconspicuous. The woman was tending to the grill but where was the man? Tyler lost all track of the man until he felt himself being slammed to the ground. The man was had him pinned to the ground in a hammer lock with his arm pulled around behind his back. “Never, EVER sneak up on a pack about to have dinner.” The voice of the man came behind him holding onto his arm just a little bit longer.

Tyler clenched his teeth in frustration and in pain from the awkward angle that his arm was being held. “Nobody ever told me what it was like to be a werewolf, okay?” He spit out getting a mouthful of dirt in the process. He was sufficiently embarrassed and now rationally considering going back to Mystic Falls.

The man let his arm go. “You’re Mason’s nephew Tyler, aren’t you?” He asked. Release came of the boy’s arm and the awkward hold. “I’m Brady. That’s Jules. You’re in the right place Kid.”

Score one for Mason and his weird friends. Tyler grumbled in his own mind. He rolled his arm and rubbed it trying to get the feeling back in his extremities. “I’m Tyler. Yeah Mason was my uncle.” Family curses were a piece of s/hit. “Thanks for not killing me.” He muttered as he stood slowly back to his feet.

“That comes later.” A subtle smirk and even tones sent mixed signals to Tyler. Brady patted his pack and led him toward the campfire. “Let’s get you something to eat. You’ve got a lot to learn and less than 30 days to learn it all before the next full moon.

The boy was the newest to activate his curse, so that meant he had to be initiated into this life one way or another. Maybe they could help him find out what happened to Mason in the process. For now, he was going to eat hamburgers and hotdogs like they were filet mignon. The spoiled rich kid was a werewolf. Fate was a b/itch and Tyler intended to live no matter what the cost.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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