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Let it go

Let it go.
features (fierce heart) , Rembrandt, and Earth Angel. Mentions: Hierophant.
Let it go Tyler! Love me more than you hate him! Tyler! If you walk out that door we are through! Do you hear me? He remembered the tears racing down the velvet cheeks of Caroline Forbes on that day so long ago.  Tyler Lockwood hated Klaus Mikaelson with the burning passion of ten thousand suns.   His life had been destroyed by Klaus by being turned into a Hybrid and made to be his personal lackey.   The blood of the Twelve Hybrids was on his hands.  Oh Hayley had some guilt in that too, but in the end Klaus was standing there with blood all over him.   There was also the fact that Klaus had killed his mother.   Klaus was also carrying a torch for his girlfriend.  He was supposed to just let this go? That was impossible.   Klaus had to pay.

I’m sorry Care.  I can’t. Tyler turned from the only girl who really ever mattered to him and walked out of her life for good.   He was so overwhelmed by his bitter anger, he could not let it go. Instead it was heavy around his heart like an anchor.   That weight ended up leading to one place.  Tyler had his a|ss handed to him by Klaus and he’d lost Caroline forever.

Caroline will hate you forever if you hurt me! You can’t touch me, Klaus!   The look in Klaus’ eyes told Tyler what he needed to know.  Caroline was his weak spot.  He stopped when Caroline was concerned.  It was something he could use for his advantage.  The depth of his hatred still stung him over twenty years later as it all came rushing back in the flood of memories that haunted Tyler Lockwood.   The steps of the man were more powerful than that of the boy desperate to destroy the monster that had brought such desolation to his life.  He still remembered that look on Klaus’ face when he’d bested Tyler and let him live.  Tyler shivered for a moment.  It was like Klaus pitied him.

The years had passed and the world changed.   After being given a second chance with a beautiful blonde witch named Olivia Parker, Tyler had managed to wind up dead himself.   His hatred and his inability to let anything go had cost him the ultimate price. 

Liv had seen something in him.  Tyler was grateful for the chance to be loved again when he’d hopelessly driven Caroline away from him.   Olivia was his second chance. He squandered that second chance when he found himself the victim of a Siren’s spell on someone he’d thought was a friend.  Death claimed the angry werewolf pulling him into what was supposed to be blissful eternal slumber.

His strides from the gym in the Salvatore Boarding School took him through the halls of what had once been a second home to him. His werewolf kids all fist bumped him or called out greetings to Coach Lockwood as they passed him in the hall.   Rebirth after death had given him something he’d never imagined.  It gave him her.

Up ahead was the door to the Mythology classroom of Laurel Collins.  The daughter of Aphrodite had been one of the many lives touched by Alaric Saltzman.  She was actively employed at the Salvatore School because of Alaric and because of Caroline.  That very same Caroline he’d left crying to hunt after Klaus had married him despite everything.  And yet the newly minted Mrs. Mikaelson had no ill will toward him, even though no one could fault her if she did.  Caroline Mikaelson was always going to be his first real love even if she was magically carrying the child of Klaus Mikaelson.  Tyler’s inability to let it go had cost him Caroline.  For that he’d always wonder what could have been.   He’d even entertained the notion of marrying her and having their own set of twins.   That was not where any of this had ended on the journey of this werewolf turned Hellhound.

He stood outside Laurel’s classroom and knocked on the door frame.  When she looked up at him, he felt his heart leap with intense emotion.  This time, if anything came up between his Demigoddess and him, he was going to remember what Caroline had told him and let it go. Tyler moved up to close the gap between them looping his arms around her waist.  “Good afternoon Ms. Collins.  Care to join me for a rousing night of football and a terrible drunk hellhound who thinks he’s the next Eminem?”

He loved it when she scrunched her face up like that and laughed at his silliness.  “Oh I don’t know Coach Lockwood.  Maybe if he’ll go BYE BYE BYE later?” She laughed at him making his heart radiate with joy. Despite the choice of music that made him cringe, he knew that this was truly it.  It had been two strikes so far in losing Care and Liv.   If he lost Laurel, then what else was there? Tyler pressed his lips to hers as if she’d vanish at any given minute.  Laurel Collins was his everything.   There was no way he was going to let anything get between them.  He truly had let it go

He looked into her eyes deeply after the kiss broke for that one brief moment.  He rose his right hand to gently caress that perfect cheek.  He moved in closer again to kiss those perfect petals softly.   Despite all he’d been through it had brought him to this point.   Nothing was worth losing her over. He’d learned his lesson about letting go.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World
1x1 with Earth Angel
Tyler was staring just a little too long when he was snapped out of it by the touch of her soft flesh on his hand. Her smaller hand in his tightened around his fingers. He felt his skin prickle and a spreading smile across his features. Tyler Lockwood was totally smitten. This gorgeous Demigoddess made him smile like a big dumb goofball. “Let’s go!” Together they walked inside the Mystic Grill.

Tyler felt like he was floating. Some would call it his hyperactive wolf hormones that had him on the search for a new mate. Tyler just called it what it was. It was just him taking advantage of another chance at life. Ever since he’d come back from the dead, Tyler had been doing one thing or another almost constantly. It was to keep him busy and to teach him control over his hellhound form in the long run. He knew Jeremy was supposed to keep an eye on him as per Alaric’s orders.

Honestly he couldn’t blame Alaric for being concerned about him. He was gaining more control over his hellhound form. Still it was a struggle for him. Being around Laurel brought peace to his heart despite the ongoing torment that was his daily battle. Laurel gave Tyler hope that one day he could have peace for once in all his life.

He led her to a booth near the back in the shadow of the pool table. There were a couple of guys shooting pool as the couple moved to a nearby booth. The clacking sounds of the balls hitting one another and walls of the table added to the ambiance of the room. When they had been down in the Bayou, Tyler had made the mistake of giving her wine when she was more of a beer girl. He grinned sitting down in the booth after she did. He already knew what he’d get. Beer was definitely his drink of choice today.

He decided though to turn the topic of conversation toward work as an icebreaker. “So how goes the Mythology classes? So many monsters and epic adventures to talk about. You’ll be able to keep them entranced for a long time. I’ll bet they pay more attention to you than I ever did my old Classics professor in college.” His lips parted in a handsome smile with a slightest hint of his white teeth brushing against his bottom lip.

She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Laurel was brilliant, clever and very spirited. Her beauty was more than her physical appearance. If anything, Tyler thought she played herself down for some reason. He had no idea what it was like growing up as the daughter of the goddess of love. He had his own issues with a skirt-chaser as a dad and an alcoholic mother. He was falling in love with Laurel. He knew that now.


On the edge of town where the ground had cracked, the split was growing. The force of the beast encased within the confines of its prison was soon too much for the earth to contain. Clods of dirt were scattered as the eruption was complete. Aftershocks from the force created by the monster from the blackest pit of hell.

Tiny animals raced in various directions in fear for their lives. Nature’s balance was being interrupted on a colossal scale. Billows of sulfur and brimstone belched into the atmosphere. One clawed hand reached for the edge of the crater created by it’s escape, then the other. The hissing sounds of the seven serpentine heads filled the air.

Finally from the depths of the darkest prison in Tartarus the beast fully ascended to the Earth. Tartarus was part of the inner bowels of Earth that had kept the monsters imprisoned for thousands of years. Beasts of myth that had been captured by the gods and the heroes were kept here to make the world safe for the human race to exist. That prison was now shattered by some unknown reason

The Hydra was free.


Sitting in the booth with Laurel, Tyler realized that something was wrong. All around him, it looked as though the world was on pause. Nothing was moving. Some of the people in the Grill were frozen mid-bite of a french fry while some held a bottle of beer to their lips. Their waitress was on her way to their table with tray of food in hand. A few more glances across the room confirmed his observatiom. Nothing was moving except for him. He turned back toward Laurel.

Tyler felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. This obviously wasn’t normal. His eyes glittered gold and his fangs were starting to protrude from his mouth. “Laurel, something is happening.” His spoken words came out like a growl.

That was when he noticed she was moving like he was. Apparently the humans in town were frozen. Tyler and Laurel not being human were unaffected. He had no idea what was happening and he didn’t like it.

He grabbed the edges of the table between them trying to focus so he wouldn’t turn into his Hellhound form as a primal reaction to what was happening around them. The edges of the table were curving to mold around his hands. The tips of his fingers were taking on the wolf appearance he had seen countless times in the past.

This was about to get ugly.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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The Birth of a Hellhound

The Birth of a Hellhound
1x1 with Braveheart
Time passed at a different pace for a werewolf. When in his wolf form in the past, Tyler Lockwood would find that large chunks of time would go by without him even knowing it. Running through the woods in Mystic Falls, chasing down vampires all in the name of The Armory at one time was something he could do for days and not even realize that he’d lost all that time. When he found his target, the bloody battle that had ensued would soon find him back to his naked human form covered in blood from head to toe. He didn’t even care. It all felt natural. He knew he shouldn’t enjoy killing or being in his wolf form like he did but since he’d broken the sire bond to Klaus, changing to into his wolf form didn’t hurt quite as bad. All that came to a screeching halt the day that Damon Salvatore killed him.

The pain of death especially at the hand of someone that you had considered family had been the worst kind of betrayal that could happen. He remembered growling through clenched fangs at Damon telling him that he was a siren’s b’itch. That look in Damon’s eye had not been the vampire he knew and somewhat respected. It was vacant. There was a hint of desperation to it that Tyler just couldn’t understand. It wasn’t until after he was dead that he finally did.

Everything had gone well for the werewolf after death. He’d found peace. His friends that were family all had found their niche in a new world after Katherine’s failed attempt to burn down Mystic Falls. He felt he could finally leave them alone. He was done and ready to leave behind Mystic Falls.

The next thing he knew, he was in a bigger and meaner form of a wolf racing through Mystic Falls. He’d already found a camper on the edge of the forest near the Salvatore Boarding House and the Lockwood Estate. The poor man never knew what hit him. Bared fangs of the monster were dripping with saliva that smelled of brimstone. Tearing into innocent flesh that blood coated his fur. The new beast that Tyler Lockwood had become drug the body out of the tent and left it laying there in a vermilion pool. A dark black shadow came and engulfed his victim. Screams of terror came from the man newly dead as he was drug away to a place of unspeakable evil.

Stepping out from behind an oak tree was a man with slick black hair and even blacker eyes. He was dressed in ebony armor and emanated power. “Good my pet. Allowing you to live has become a beneficial decision to me after all. Now go. I will call you again when I require your assistance.” His hand moved to make contact with the head of the beast that was once Tyler Lockwood petting him as a man would his loyal hunting dog. He disappeared from this realm with a smell of brimstone filling the air.

The animal that Tyler had become, closed his mouth and licked his lips as an obedient dog would do. He started to walk away toward the shadow of the Lockwood Estate. Standing there for just a moment, stray memories of a time long ago when a sixteen year old boy raced through the ground diving into a pool with absolutely no clothes filled his mind. He’d been drunk off his nut with his dad’s favorite bourbon leaving him to do something incredibly stupid.

The dazed animal moved through the forest taking himself to the place where he’d first experienced his transformation as a werewolf all those years ago. It was the old Lockwood Estate cellar. He stood just outside the entrance remembering as Caroline walked with him down there on that first full moon. His heart was yearning for that which he had lost. Caroline was his greatest love and yet he’d lost her to Klaus Mikaelson and then she wound up in the arms of Damon’s brother Stefan. A sad howl left his muzzle as he relived the pain of heartbreak. The animal laid down there in a curl with an air of sadness that showed the hint of the man at the center of the beast. Eyelids closed and sleep over came him.

He woke some time later completely naked once more and staggering through the forest. Bristles of whiskers remained upon his chin and a mustache decorated his top lip. Bare feet took one step after another not knowing where he was going. Animals in the forest were fleeing from the predator that had changed into a man during the blissful slumber that overcame him. He was in a daze. Memories were flooding him at different rates. He could feel the ground under his feet and the air that caressed his body. He knew one thing above all others. He was alive.

"Ty, is it you? Or do I need see Emma to get myself checked into the mental hospital.”

The sound of a man’s voice speaking to him made his head turn in the direction of the man’s voice. He looked familiar. He narrowed his eyes at the man. “Ty?” he asked. He canted his head to the right almost as though he was still a wolf. He was remembering. Flashes of memory flooded his mind in a mad rush that actually hurt him. He bent over grabbing at his head to try and stop the pain. He cried out in absolute agony as he fell to the ground.

Tyler Lockwood was alive, but he had been through a literal hell with no memory of it. He lost consciousness with the flood of memories of his life came back to him in a tidal wave. It was just too much for him to handle.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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The Garden

The Garden
1x1 with Witch Bitch
Anger and bitterness had become familiar companions. Tyler Lockwood had much given to him, but much was taken away from him. He fled Mystic Falls despite the pleas and desperate tears down the angelic face of Caroline Forbes. She begged him not to go. She pleaded with him to let his anger with Klaus Mikaelson go. He just couldn’t. Tyler was the only one who could put an end to Klaus Mikaelson once and for all.

The fact that the spoiled Lockwood heir was a werewolf was something that couldn’t be helped. The wolf gene in his blood had been triggered by the insidious machinations of Katherine Pierce. That was something that was no longer here nor there. It was done. What happened next had been something that had been the downturn of everything in his life leading to his current predicament. Klaus had a series of abysmal failures that resulted in dead wolves. He’d been trying to create another being such as himself. He was the only vampire werewolf hybrid. He needed and wanted an army. He couldn’t have an army until he got his first Soldier. That first Soldier was Tyler Lockwood.

Klaus’ hands around his throat were like a vise. Tyler was strong as a werewolf, but Klaus was stronger. Klaus had bit a hunk of his own flesh allowing his blood to flow free. The blood was forced into Tyler’s mouth in front of his own terrified friends. He felt so helpless as he was nothing but a pawn yet again. The young Lockwood was the latest in a millennia littered with broken and bloody corpses all with one thing in common. Klaus Mikaelson used all his strength to break the neck of the young werewolf. Klaus finally had his formula. Klaus fed the doppleganger's blood to Tyler and finally a hybrid other than Klaus Mikaelson himself existed.

The Original Hybrid demanded loyalty. That loyalty came with a price. That price drove a wedge between Tyler and his gorgeous girlfriend Caroline. Klaus had his own obsession with her which also ate at his soul. Tyler was insanely jealous. He felt he couldn’t truly be happy with Caroline until Klaus was gone. They tried to tell him that he’d die if Klaus did, but once his sire bond had been broken he didn’t care anymore.

He had followed Klaus to New Orleans to discover that the bastard who had a thing for Caroline had screwed the traitorous wolf bitch Hayley and now she was knocked up. The world couldn’t be safe and happy as long as Klaus had the ability to procreate. What hurt even more was that Hayley who was supposed to be Tyler’s friend had screwed Klaus in the first place. Twelve dead Hybrids demanded revenge. Caroline’s image of Klaus would be shattered too if she found out he’d screwed Hayley. There was no choice. Even with the hurt on Caroline’s face, he had to do it.

The battle rocked the Bayou. The two Hybrids going at it in deadly combat sent several native residents both with four feet and two feet racing from the scene. Klaus with his calm demeanor and measured anger had gained an upper hand on Tyler. Now he was here. Where was here? The sounds of desiccating vampires was the first thing he’d noticed when he regained consciousness. This was hell for vampires. Damn Klaus and his minions.. He was slowly suffering in abysmal depravity at the order of The Original Hybrid. Would Caroline come looking for him? What would Klaus even tell her?

Occasionally footsteps would wind their way through the halls of this prison. He had abandoned hope that anyone would know he was here let alone come looking for him until he heard her voice. It was soft and curious. He almost thought it was Caroline, but it wasn’t. He could feel the blood in his body being reinvigorated. He was gaining strength. He had no idea how long he’d been here. His lips started to move. He was trying to tell his story.

When no words came out, he could have sworn he heard words in Latin being spoken. Was it Bonnie?. He was gaining strength. Words were becoming more definitive in his brain as his body was lacking in the blood he needed so desperately.

Why did you try to kill Klaus?

The words registered in his mind now. Warm hues once full of mischief and life were opened and attempting to focus on the image in front of him. It was a young girl who was obviously a witch. “He …took…everything from me.” Tyler was surprised he could even get that much out of dry lips desperate to be quenched with the life-giving fluid that was now his curse.

Had she heard him? Tyler managed to repeat his message once more. “He … took … everything.” Tyler was upset with himself for failing so miserably. Now he was stuck in this hell not knowing if his young witch was friend or foe. Right now, he felt like death would be a welcome end. There was a spark within him that would not give up, nor could it. Klaus Mikaelson could not be allowed to have his Hybrid Army. He would have a child that he could use as his source now. Tyler and everyone he held dear were now expendable.

A sneer across his dark features would signify to the girl that there was still fight left in Tyler Lockwood. He would not go quietly.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

08/23/2020 06:11 PM 

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue
1x1 for Fear the Ripper feat. Earth Angel
The word came to Tyler Lockwood in the form of a text message. He had just finished up his time running the wolves through their paces on the obstacle course. He felt a vibration from his jacket pocket that he knew was from his cell phone. It was a message from Alaric.

Got a problem Ty. I need your help. Come to my office.

Tyler swiped the screen and slid the phone into his pocket. Problems usually meant danger and danger meant that he was going to have to go hellhound to pull in whatever wayward kid had gone astray. The only son of Richard and Carol Lockwood headed back into the school using the back halls that lead out of the gym. He poked his head inside the classroom of his girlfriend Laurel Collins as she was getting ready for her free period. He slid into the room and up to his girlfriend for a quick kiss. “I’m sorry to do this babe, but Alaric needs me for something. Don’t know how long I’m going to be. Raincheck for dinner?”

She smiled at him with that expression that turned him into a total and complete puppy. “Of course. I understand. I hope everything is okay?” Laurel was always one who cared as deeply for the kids as Alaric did and even Tyler himself had. Both Laurel and Tyler were supernaturals who had different ways of growing up. Laurel knew who she was from an early age. Tyler had no idea he was a werewolf until he was a senior in high school. He still had a lot to learn. “You need any help?” she asked.

“The wolves just finished the obstacle course. Just peek in and make sure they don’t kill themselves because I ran them all too hard.” Tyler chuckled. He kissed her again. “Thanks babe. You’re great. I love you.” He slipped out of her hands and back into the hall heading toward the Headmaster’s Office.


Alaric was pacing back and forth. The word wasn’t good. He couldn’t risk leaving the school right now. He had to get Tyler to do it as he was one of the few strong enough to go after her. Worried glances turned downward toward nothing in particular since the Headmaster was over six feet tall. The knock on the door made him look up at the person darkening his doorway. “Tyler, glad you’re here. Have a seat.”

The Hellhound sat in the nearest chair with an uplifted brow. “Was it something I did?” He asked curiously. “I know I’ve been pushing the wolves pretty hard lately.” The worried look on Alaric’s face didn’t go without notice. That particular vein in his forehead that always popped up made Tyler’s anxiety levels raise.

Alaric shook his head. “No. That’s not it. I had one of the teachers today tell me that one of the witches cut herself in class. It was a combination of vampires and witches together in a class by the way. Most vampires have control over there bloodlust but one particular vampire was in class when this happened. Jade. You remember her from when we sent her to the Prison World?”

Tyler felt his stomach hit the ground. He remembered when they had to track her down with her companions Wendy and Diego. Diego being a werewolf, Tyler had proven invaluable to the capture team. “Yeah, I remember.” He hadn’t even bothered to tell Laurel that he’d helped Alaric send troubled kids to the Prison World. Maybe he’d finally get around to telling her later. “You need me to go after her?” Tyler could feel the brown in his eyes turned golden and then blood red.

“Yeah Ty. I do. I don’t want to send her back to the Prison World. I want to stop her from hurting someone. She’d been doing so well too. Just bring her back Ty. Don’t let her kill anyone.” Alaric really was trying to make amends especially since Jade had helped them all get back from the Prison World when Kai had escaped. “Please.”

He owed Alaric more than he’d ever be able to repay. “I’m on it Ric.” Tyler stood up and started toward the door. He was already starting to shut everyone out around him as he focused on the task at hand. He finally pushed his way through the front door and ran out into the woods surrounding the school. He’d been able to change now without much of an effort. He could feel his body contorting to take on the shape of a Hellhound the further he raced away from the door. Human footsteps quickly turned into lupine gallop.


The jogger with the nick on his face from shaving was approaching Jade’s position. He had his earbuds in and focusing on the road ahead of him in the middle of all these woods. He had no idea that death was awaiting him with each step he took. He couldn’t hear anything but the sound of his footsteps on the pavement and his breath leaving in pants from his lungs. A car passed him by kicking up a stray pebble that struck his leg. A small cut appeared on his leg where the pebble had struck after being sent at a high rate of speed. He stopped for a moment to bend down and check the blood that was trailing down his leg.

Before Jade could reach the road to where the jogger was checking on his medical condition, the dark form of the Hellhound known as Tyler Lockwood stood between her and the asphalt. She would know that was Tyler because she’d seen this form before. He stood there for a moment with his fangs bared in a warning growl trying to get her to back away. He’d been able to smell the blood frenzy she was in as a ripper. Every vampire knew that the venom of a wolf would hurt them, so the threat was very real. It was her move as to what she did next.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Desire – August Les Mis Drabble
The steady gallop of the wolf's four paws upon the ground blended in with the harmonic dissonance of nature. He was larger than your average wolf. He was different. The wolf slowed his gallop and began a casual stride. Black nose twitching in the air, he caught a familiar scent.

It was here. Ears stood erect on the back of the animal's head. The large wolf with the richest brown fur was not just an average wolf on the hunt. He was so much more. Catching the scent firmly, he immediately started off again in a full gallop. In an instant, he was gone again.

This was Mystic Falls, Virginia. These magical woods had seen far more than nature intended. The home of creatures that were in the direct lineage of the gods as well as the birth of the abomination to nature that became a blight upon the earth all took place hidden among the flowers and trees. Side by side the ancient werewolf and the vampire began their blood feud all because of one man’s zealous desire to defy the natural order of life and death.

Desire is one of the most powerful driving emotions of a werewolf. Your senses are heightened. Your emotions are always at the peak. You are driven to the point of near madness all because you are tied to nature in a bond no ordinary mind could comprehend. This is the world of Tyler Lockwood.

In werewolf form, Tyler was larger than a regular wolf. After two decades of being a werewolf, he still was learning more about who and what he could do. Jackson Kenner was a great teacher and Alpha, still Tyler had to discover things on his own. Jackson said experience was the best teacher and Tyler knew he was right. Tonight, desire drove him. Desire made him focus. He rose his muzzle to the sky and began to howl.

Creatures in the forest of Mystic Falls knew the sound. The werewolves of the Apisi bloodline had made their homes here for several hundred years. They had been a part of the North Atlantic Pack at one time, but no longer. Tyler had no real inkling the history of his bloodline or their place within the North Atlantic Pack. He’d done some digging on his own and found an Apisi Wolf as part of the pack who’s Alpha had been Ansel, the bio father of Klaus Mikaelson. But the line nearly vanished from all he could discover. Knowing how he was as well as his father and uncle, it was likely because of a woman. The werewolf known as Tyler Lockwood ceased his howl and began galloping in the direction that the scent took him.

There was nothing like the feeling of running free and uninhibited. All those years of angst and lonely moments trying to fill a nameless void made sense now. The drive, the desire to become more than what he was kept Tyler running as a teenager into the night in the Lockwood Estate where Sarah was accidentally killed because she’s been compelled by Katherine Pierce to provoke him to wrath. The curse was activated and the last Apisi wolf was born. He continued his gallop as the memories flooded back. The look of Caroline Forbes at him when he felt the curse activate was something he would never forget. It was ingrained in his memory. One could even say the newborn wolf imprinted on the blonde vampire that night. Tyler did love Caroline and he always would.

Second chances rarely came and second chances did come for Tyler. After the Travelers had eliminated witch magic from a small area of Mystic Falls and he along with several others had survived a massive slaughter, Tyler returned to life as an untriggered werewolf and certainly not one of Klaus’ hybrids. The accident at the Corn Maze had nearly retriggered his wolf curse. Another woman in his life, Olivia Parker took it upon herself to put the poor suffering young man out of his misery. Unfortunately nature takes back what belongs to her and laying with a huge piece of glass in his stomach, Olivia insisted that Tyler activate his curse to save his life. He didn’t want to do it, but Olivia loved him that much. It was the hardest thing he had ever done. The light faded from her eyes and his heart was crushed. Tyler Lockwood was a wolf again.

Tyler would eventually taste death himself when Damon Salvatore under the sway of a siren would snuff out his life. Again, fate had other plans for him. As he assumed he was going to find peace, the gods had other plans. The very Original Hellhound Cerberus intervened in his afterlife and revived Tyler once more to the land of the living. This time he was more than a wolf, he was a fully activated hellhound. Descendant of Cerberus and his direct line, Tyler was more powerful than when he’d been a hybrid. His changes were without control at first, but he worked hard and fought for the slowly increasing control over who and what he was. The Hellhound was racing through the forest making his way toward a particular subdivision in Mystic Falls. It was where he could find her.

Tyler had been given a third chance at love. Her name was Laurel Collins. The Hellhound stepped from the forest. Desire drove him here. Desire to see her protected and safe unlike what had happened with Caroline and Olivia brought him here. Only a week before had he stood in her living room with his arms wrapped around her kissing her deeply for the first time. He lost Caroline due to his own unchecked aggressive need for revenge. He lost Olivia because of reckless abandon and second chances wasted. His love for Laurel made him a better man. His desire was more than just to love her, he wanted to treat her with the full knowledge of how he’d failed before and how he’d never do it again. The Hellhound stood there for a moment until all the lights in her apartment were off. Slowly he turned and raced back into the woods. It was all going to be different this time. He would make sure of it.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Big Man on Campus

Big Man on Campus
Mason and Tyler
Spring 2008
Mystic Falls High

Life truly s/ucked. Tyler Lockwood had just turned 16 a month prior. Most 16 year olds would be overly excited when their parents would buy them a brand new car for their birthday. The only child of Richard and Carol Lockwood wasn’t impressed. He was never impressed. He always got everything he wanted and so much more. The whole thing bored him to tears. He never had to do without when it came to physical needs. He always had food on his plate and a huge mansion to be a roof over his head. He often got lectures from his dad about the image that the Lockwood Family had to maintain. Their position as one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls was drilled into his head from an early age. He had to always mind the family image. His dad was the mayor and everything he did reflected back on his parents.

The Gilberts were a close family and they didn’t have all the money in the world. They didn’t care about image or what society had to say. Doctor and Mrs. Gilbert were always doting on their kids Elena and Jeremy. Tyler never admitted it, but he hated them for it. They had parents who cared about them not to mention they had each other. All Tyler had were maids and the occasional visit from Uncle Mason. Mason Lockwood had been smart. He’d gotten the hell out of Mystic Falls. One of these days, Tyler was going to put this town in his rear view mirror too. Today was not that day.

Books were shoved under his arm as he walked down the halls of Mystic Falls High. He never just walked down the halls of the school. He strutted. He was Tyler Lockwood, star wide receiver for the MFH football team. Everyone wanted to get close to him. Everyone wanted a piece of the action when it came to Tyler. He lost his virginity when he was 14 under the bleachers of the stadium on the football field behind the high school. One of the older Fell girls took him by the hand and made him a man that day. He never looked back. It was Founding Family privilege and all or so he told himself.

His parents had left early that morning for a holiday in the Bahamas. Tyler couldn’t go. He had to stay in town because his parents told him school was important. Tyler knew that was a crock of sh/it. His dad had been caught by his mom with his secretary in his study. They didn’t think Tyler knew about it, but he wasn’t as stupid as they thought. It was take his mom to the Bahamas or the divorce would be nasty. Tyler played dumb just so they’d get the hell out of his hair for a week or whatever. He’d actually walked in this morning on his father talking to Mason on the phone asking him to check on Tyler while they were gone. There was no arguing with his dad on this. The question was, would Mason even come back to check on him? If the waves were too good in Florida, chances were Mason wouldn’t darken their doorstep here. The Lockwoods weren’t The Gilberts. That much was painfully obvious.

Tyler shut the door on his locker after shoving his books into his locker. Matt Donovan, the star quarterback for the MFH team, was standing beside his locker. “You ready for practice, Ty?” The blonde was from the working poor family of Mystic Falls. Kelly Donovan had been the town drunk, not to mention a rather notable whore. That didn’t bother Tyler. Matt was good people. He took care of his mom and his drug addict older sister, Vicki. Matt was actually a good influence on Tyler. Too bad it didn’t work better than it should have.

“I’m not going to practice, Donovan.” Tyler smirked at the closest thing to an actual best friend he had. “You’ll just have to play ball with someone else today. Cover for me, won‘t ya? Good man. ” He patted Matt on the shoulder as he turned toward the front doors of the school. He had no one keeping track of where he was or what he was doing. Tyler was free.

Donovan stood there watching as Tyler walked out the door. He shook his head. He was always covering for Tyler. Tyler was an a/ss. Matt was always covering for him. It was almost like he had another brother to take care of a lot of the time. He sighed and headed back toward the practice field.

Tyler strolled out of the front door of the school and approached his car. Reaching for his keys, he started to unlock the door. He didn’t hear or see the car until it was too late. The wheels came to a screeching halt. There were a group of three guys that piled out of the car and started to beat on him. One boy with a mess of bright red hair slammed him up against the car. “Think you’re something special don’t ya Lockwood?” He pressed his arm against Tyler’s chest constricting his breathing. “Stay the hell away from Sylvia. Are we clear?”

Tyler had been taken by surprise by the sudden attack. “Sylvia? Which one was that again?” Lockwood loved smarting off to anyone like this not giving a damn about anything.

The boy that had him pinned against the car ground his teeth in anger before punching Tyler right in the gut bending the younger boy over in agony. Tyler lurched back upward to punch the redheaded boy right in the nose sending a spray of blood flying from the moment of impact. Tyler was soon shoved down on the ground and was kicked in his head. The boy was joined by two others who were kicking him in the ribs and just laying into him without regard for what happened next. A few extra kicks to his right arm made Tyler scream in pain. “HEY! HEY!” That was Matt Donovan’s voice. It was the last thing Tyler heard before he slipped into unconsciousness.


Tyler felt like his body had been put through a meat grinder. His eyes were swollen and it hurt to breathe. Standing over him was a pretty blonde nurse that was checking an IV that Tyler had in his arm. “Am I in heaven??” He tried to turn on that charm but was failing miserably since his lips were swollen. His right arm was in a cast broken in two places.

“How are you feeling Tyler?” It was Sheriff Forbes. Liz Forbes had a hot daughter named Caroline that was a bit manic at times, but she was definitely amazing to look at on Tyler’s end. She walked up closer on his side looking down at him in the bed with a mother’s concern for a boy who’d been hurt. “I tried to get in touch with your parents, but I couldn’t get an answer. I did find your uncle.”

Great. Just what Tyler needed to hear. His parents were incommunicado as usual. “Wait.. You found Mason?” Tyler muttered. “How long have I been unconscious?” His temper was starting to flare slightly.

“You’ve been unconscious for two days Tyler. Matt Donovan has been constantly here. I’m surprised he’s not here at the moment. Must have finally taken my advice and went home to go sleep.”

Matt Donovan of all people. His only actual friend was the only one who gave a damn about him. Was Mason actually going to pry himself away from the girls and the waves to actually give two sh/its about him? Tyler settled back into the bed. “When’s Doc Gilbert letting me out of here anyway?”

Liz Forbes shook her head. “That’s going to be a while yet Tyler. You’re in pretty bad shape. Plus you’re alone. You’re not being let go until you can have adult supervision.” Liz insisted.

Tyler’s upper lip snarled. He wasn’t going to give the sheriff any backtalk because she was the sheriff. That didn’t mean he had to like the fact he had to have a babysitter. He didn’t like any of it at all.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

08/02/2020 06:26 PM 

Mikaelson Family Ball post 001

Mikaelson Family Ball
attn: Laurel, all ; mentions Klaus and Caroline.
The Lockwood Estate

Tyler Lockwood looked at his reflection in the mirror. He couldn’t believe he’d actually gotten an invitation to this Ball that Klaus and Caroline were hosting. Klaus’ former first successful Hybrid had no love for the bastard that took Caroline away from him and ruined his life. It was because of Caroline he even considered it in the first place.

Tyler, like others around had noticed a change in Klaus. Caroline brought something out in Klaus that no one even fathomed was there. Just because Klaus was some sort of husband and father didn’t mean a damn thing to Tyler. He was walking into the lions den without a doubt. It was a good thing that just below the surface was a hellhound that could be brought forth at a moment’s notice. Someone had to keep an eye on Klaus. Tyler considered himself just the right one for the job.

After his last cufflink was in place, Tyler started down the stairs toward the front door of the Estate. Those stairs had also been the scene of a few parties in and of themselves over the years. This time, this grand place was still cavernous and empty. It was almost like he was six again only this time there was nothing left but memories.

He closed and locked the door behind him. He was shocked to see a rather lengthy white Chrysler 300 limo pulling up outside the Estate. He waited until it stopped before approaching the driver. “Can I help you with something?” He asked pointedly.

The man was a chauffeur dressed impeccably with slick black hair. “I’m here to take Mister Tyler Lockwood to the Mikaelson Estate for the gathering there per the order of Mr and Mrs. Niklaus Mikaelson.”

“That’s me. I didn’t hire you. I can drive myself to the Ball.” Tyler's stomach started to churn. What was Klaus’ game? His head tilted to the side. “Wait Mrs. Mikaelson is a part of this?” He asked.

“That she is Sir. I’ve also been instructed to go pick up Miss Laurel Collins as well.” He showed Tyler his GPS screen that had the way plotted to Laurel’s apartment.

Tyler felt that smirk subconsciously return to his lips. Caroline was behind this. Caroline knew that he was pursuing a relationship with Laurel. Being Co-Headmistress of the school meant Caroline would know Laurel’s address. This had to be his former girlfriend's doing. Tyler answered, “Well can’t keep you from doing your job, can I?” Tyler smiled before opening the door and stepping in the automobile. His sank into the seat just slightly and smiled. He saw the bottles of beer on ice and a bottle of wine with a logo on it from Klaus’ own winery. The card was in Klaus’ own handwriting.

wasn’t sure which one would be more appropriate.

Tyler let out a little huff. Trusting Klaus Mikaelson was against all his more base instincts. Caroline however, he’d trust with his life. He knew one thing as certain as he knew his own name. Caroline Mikaelson was an amazing woman. You had to be to have Klaus ready to behave himself for an entire evening.

It didn’t take long for the limo to arrive at Laurel’s. Tyler exited the vehicle and bounded down the path toward her door. He knocked waiting for her to answer. He was looking down when she opened the door. Tyler felt his breath catch in his throat. “You look amazing…” He whispered.

If she said anything, he didn’t register words over the sound of his beating heart. She looked like a full fledged goddess to him. He grinned slightly offering her his arm to escort her down the path to the waiting limo. He opened the door for her gallantly letting her climb inside first.

Maybe this wasn’t going to be a bad night after all. He thought to himself.

He climbed into the automobile behind her. The chauffeur started the car and headed toward the social event of the year. Tyler was used to social functions being the spoiled rich only child of Richard and Carol Lockwood. This time this was different. Everything was different because of Laurel. Tyler felt like the luckiest man in the world.

OOC: Laurel’s writer has my permission to auto Tyler to go with her inside the house arriving at the Ball.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

07/25/2020 11:27 PM 

What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World
1x1 with Earth Angel
Mystic Falls was always his home. As many times as he tried to get away from it, Tyler Lockwood always came back. Granted he was born here, but he’d ran away from here plenty of times too. The spectre of his true self lingered in the shadows of the old estate that had been in the Lockwood family for too damn many years. The Lockwood Family Curse was hidden away among the nooks and crannies of this mansion if one knew where to look. He’d not known what secrets lay in the old Lockwood Estate. He knew what was under it thanks to his Uncle Mason. If only he’d been able to see all of it before now, then his life would have been radically different.

The big place was empty of people now. Tyler still had the furniture in place, but given the grand parties and crowds he’d seen so many times growing up as the only child of Mayor Lockwood and his wife, it was dead silent. Caroline had taken good care of the place while Tyler had been away. Now that he was back, he had to have a place to stay while back home. He still let the Estate be used when the Salvatore Boarding School needed the refuge. There was a whole wing he kept to himself.

He’d found more of a reason to stay around lately when it came to Mystic Falls as a whole. Damon and Elena Salvatore were married with kids. Tyler found himself in the role of uncle spoiling the Salvatore kids any chance he got. Given he didn’t have any blood siblings of his own, growing up with Elena meant something. These kids that were born in the 90s all grew up together, so spoiling their kids was his right and privilege. He wouldn’t be gone too long from his birthplace. He did have roots here.

There was also another reason he kept Mystic Falls on his itinerary. Her name was Laurel Collins. She was one of the teachers on staff at the Salvatore Boarding School. After a long and active pursuit of the gorgeous brunette, he was finally getting that chance with her that he had wanted for so long.

Right now Tyler was looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He had three days growth on his chin and his upper lip that didn’t make him look too much like a wild man. He wanted this day to be perfect. He didn’t want one hair out of place. He didn’t want anything to veer off course too much. He hoped that this just wasn’t too much to ask. Given how his life had been so full of hellhounds, gods and bayou witches lately, he just wanted to be a normal guy with a girl on a date.

How long had it been anyway? Tyler tried to remember but just put it out of his mind. He’d tried to date after Liv died but couldn’t manage to find the time for it, especially since he’d died himself after that. Coming back from the dead put a helluva damper on a guy’s love life.

Satisfied with his appearance right down to the dark blue jeans, he told himself this was going to be informal. Laurel Collins wasn’t exactly your typical girl, but she didn’t like a fuss to be made over her. Tyler just so happened to believe she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He was actually going to meet her at The Mystic Grill after her classes were over for the day. If his teachers had looked like her, he would’ve actually liked school a lot better than he had growing up in this town.

He bounded down the steps of the Lockwood Estate with keys in hand. He may have skipped a few on the way down. He couldn’t tell. He was finally getting things to go his way so that put a spring in his step. He emerged from the catacombs of the Lockwood Estate into the warmth of a late summer day. He cast a glance toward where his new ride was waiting. Tyler climbed into his Jeep and headed into Mystic Falls. The Mystic Grill and his future was waiting.

The short trip to the main drag of Mystic Falls took virtually no time at all. Just ahead was his destination. The Mystic Grill parking lot was nearly full. Tyler pulled his Jeep up into a spot near the door and climbed out. Laurel was going to meet him at the Grill after work. He may have been a bit early, but who could blame him. For once in his life things were finally going his way.


It was quiet in this section of town. The lovely view of nature was spoiled by the touch of human hands. A sweet little brown bunny with a white puff tail was scampering across the lush green grass. The ground under the darling little thing started to rumble until it finally split.

The crack was largely unnoticed. The little brown bunny had just gotten out of the way of the initial break in the soil. The crack in the ground started to increase as the underground vibrations were becoming more intense. The widening split parted just enough until a long scaly green tendril emerged from the crack writhing like a snake. On the top of that tendril, a serpentine eye opened turning toward the heart of Mystic Falls.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

07/24/2020 11:55 PM 

Still Waters Run Deep.

Still Waters Run Deep
by invite only sl
There was something about the Bayou that really reached out to Tyler Lockwood. Spending time here with Jackson Kenner gave him the Big Brother bond he needed and honestly never had after a life of pure unadulterated crap. The spoiled brat only child of Richard and Carol Lockwood was probably the biggest jerk in Mystic Falls as a kid. He considered himself a failure even because his Uncle Mason never really stuck around long. Oh he cared more about Mason than he did his piece of garbage DAD, but the entire world turned upside down when he activated his wolf gene.

Brady and Jules taught him some about pack life, but they cruised back into Mystic Falls and everything went to hell. That was when he gained an enemy that turned his life upside down. The Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson needed a werewolf to break the curse binding his werewolf side. Unfortunately Tyler was the newest werewolf in town. Fortunately Damon Salvatore saved him from being a sacrifice but that wasn’t the end of it for the two of them. Klaus ruined everything for a lot of people including killing Jules. Tyler even lost his girlfriend because of Klaus. He’d followed Klaus down to New Orleans, where Tyler met Jackson

Jackson had no love lost for Klaus either, but he tried his best to convince the younger male to actually not to go after Klaus. Being brash and still a hybrid himself at the time, Tyler didn’t listen to the advice of the Alpha. Instead he wound up in The Garden. Once he was free, he left behind New Orleans and all this mess with Klaus and Hayley. When he told Caroline later that Klaus was having a baby with Hayley of all people, it damn near broke her. All it did was make him hate Klaus more. He thought New Orleans would be permanently off his travel itinerary. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Flash Forward nearly 20 years and Tyler found himself back in the Bayou again. He was no longer a hybrid thanks to the Travelers but instead of a werewolf he was actually a hellhound. He was a descendant of Cerberus as he was told by one of those guys in the Underworld who restored him to life. He thought it was Hades, but he didn’t keep track of those things. He didn’t understand it, but given this second chance at life, he wasn’t going to waste it.

Tyler found himself reconnecting with Jackson Kenner but on a deeper level. Jackson was filling a deep void in his life that had been too empty too long. He was learning about pack life and what it really meant to be a wolf. It had actually been with the help of another Crescent, Aiden (one of the other leaders of the pack) that Tyler was able to break the bonds of hell that was trying to turn him into something he didn’t want to be. Aiden knew this Bayou Witch called Mama Ruth who helped him become an evolved werewolf like Aiden himself was. Oh the blood tie to Cerberus still existed, but dragging poor saps to Tartarus was someone else's problem now.

Most of the time, Tyler did spend time working with the Salvatore School because Caroline asked him. He also did some work at times for The Armory. Hunts with his buddy Jeremy Gilbert happened from time to time, but Tyler preferred to stay here in the Bayou. Jackson had even made him a member of the pack by adoption. It was here he retreated when he had yet another problem.

Her name was Laurel Collins. She was beautiful and absolutely brilliant. Tyler was utterly smitten with this girl. She was a Greek Mythology teacher at the Salvatore Boarding School. She knew Greek Myth far too well. She had first hand experience since her mother was the goddess Aphrodite. Laurel Collins was a Demigoddess.

Given his own connection to myths and Legends, that gave him a great pick up line. Tyler was rather persistent in trying to get the brunette to give him the time of day. One day she agreed to let him walk her to her to her car. While they got closer in physical proximity to one another, Laurel grew ill. When Tyler backed off, she felt better. This perplexed them both for a while. That was until the answer finally came.

Aphrodite herself paid a visit to her daughter and her suitor. Tyler found himself unable to move because of something Laurel called charmspeak. Aphrodite told them the story on how she’d wanted to pursue Cerberus on one of his dalliances with human women when he was in his human form. Cerberus had rejected the goddess of love who took it rather poorly. She cursed her own descendants to not be able to get physically close to any of those who were blood related to Cerberus. It wasn’t fair. He couldn’t get close to this gorgeous girl because her mom was a major b/itch. Once Aphrodite was done gloating she disappeared.

If there was a way to keep Tyler from dragging people to Tartarus for eternal punishment, there had to be a way to allow the him to get closer to her. He was glad when Laurel wanted it too. That led to this current trip to the Bayou. He asked Mama Ruth for help again and help was what he got.

Two days had passed. Laurel came down to the Bayou and had been brought to the Crescent Wolf Territory. Mama Ruth did a spell on a ring and Laurel wore it. It seemed to be working when he last saw her. Tyler was staying in his own cabin and Laurel was in another guest cabin nearby. He was standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of jogging shorts. He had barely slept. He wanted to go see her. He wanted to see how she was feeling. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her. Laurel was a special girl. He had to acknowledge the fact he was already very deeply in love with this girl. He just wanted his chance. Tyler reached into his fridge and pulled out a bottle of orange juice. He didn’t want to show up too soon on her doorstep or seem too overeager. He wasn’t going to be able to sit still too much longer.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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