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Clueless #3

Clueless Post #3
attn: EVERYONE / mention: Caroline, Alaric, Lizzie
There was so much going on, Tyler couldn’t process it all. All he could see was Caroline. All that mattered was Caroline. He took her limp form over to where Bonnie and Emma had motioned for him. “Caroline, honey. Wake up sweetheart.” They weren’t an item any more, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t any less important to him. “Caroline…”

His voice was cracking. Every minute of their history started to race through his mind. He could recall how frightened he was when he made that first transformation into a wolf. He was so scared of what he could do and what he’d do to her. He never wanted to hurt her ever physically or otherwise. Yet.. here they were. His past under Klaus’ control brought him great shame. He shoved that to the back of his mind as he could see that Caroline was fighting it somehow. “Come on.. That’s it.”

Caroline was in some sort of delusion instigated by whomever it was that had poisoned her. Tyler’s eyes were clouding over as she was speaking to him. He realized that she knew he was there. He wasn’t going to leave her side. He didn’t give a damn what anyone said. “I saw my mom, and —Stefan?,” They said whenever you were dying you’d see your life flash before your eyes. Tyler’s heart was breaking into a million pieces. “Tyler do you think, you could go downstairs, and get Alaric for me,” her voice was hoarse. “And um — maybe a blood bag, Her fingertips were turning grey. He’d seen it too many times to know what was happening. Vampires turned grey when they were dying. Damn all the missions he’d had with the Armory. Damn all that hunts he’d been on with Jeremy. Damn everything.

Caroline was calling for others to come around her now. Tyler knew it was her way of saying goodbye. He knew her too damn well for that. He hadn’t left to get Alaric. Alaric had already found his way to where they were. Tyler still stayed close by as a guard dog in a sense. Yeah Damon would have cracked some dog jokes and such considering he was a werewolf, but that didn’t matter. He heard Caroline mention his name to Josie. He made eye contact with the young siphoner knowing that he would never leave her mother’s side. Tyler could feel the rage beginning to come to a rolling boil. Just below the surface, the wolf was angry and he wanted to be set free. Someone was in the process of killing Caroline Forbes, his first love, and they needed to die.

Alaric came up to her as she was slowly leaving them alone. Tyler from his position could see the marks appearing on Caroline’s chest. The unmistakable sounds of a dagger penetrating flesh in a fatal blow sent Tyler’s anger right to the peak of a final eruption. ‘NOOOOO!’ He shouted in a voice that turned into a wolf’s growl just as his human teeth turned into those deadly fangs to vampires. His eyes were a brilliant amber right now as the transformation was threatening to take him over. He’d gained control over it during the years thanks to the help of Hayley Marshall and his mentor Thomas of the Pack that lived in the Smokey Mountains. His werewolf sense of smell was picking up something as the change was happening, but he didn’t know what it was. The only thing he could process was his first love, the Girl Who Got Away being robbed of her undead life.

Lizzie had raced up to her mother at the last moment. Mom..mommy..mommy... I'm here, mommy please...please come back to me, come back I...i can’t I can’t...!“ The voice of Caroline’s daughter begging for her mother absolutely broke Tyler. The cry of the girl who needed her mother but now someone or something had taken her mother away had broken the girl who was already fragile in the beginning. Tyler couldn’t stand it any longer. He backed up from Caroline leaving her body with Alaric for now. He was growling as he body started to cover in fur again and his bones were breaking. It was an emotional outburst and he knew it. All control was gone.

Tyler was in full wolf form now. He was a rich tan color in his fur and his fangs were exposed. He was growling ready to try and rip anyone apart that came near Caroline’s body. He was fully ready to leap forward and start ripping out throats of anyone who would even remotely be connected to Caroline’s murder. His fur bristled and his golden eyes were seriously full of anger and agony. If anyone could actually notice there was a small tear in the corner of his right eye that soon saturated the fur of that side of his Wolf face.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Clueless #2

Clueless #2
attn: Hayley, Davina Caroline
Tyler was used to these balls. It didn’t mean he liked them. He just was familiar with them. The familiar feel of an expensive suit against his flesh was something that he’d grown used to in all truth. He had just finished the drink in his hand when he noticed that Hayley Marshall had entered the room. It had been a while since he’d last seen her. He’d last heard she’d been in New Orleans because of something or another that had to do with the Mikaelsons. He tended to immediately turn off anything that started to mention anything having to do with his sire and one true enemy Klaus. He may have hated Klaus, but he didn’t hold it against Hope that she was his daughter. When he’d last seen Hayley, he’d been awful to her. He’d still been hurting because of what had happened with the Hybrids. He still had some issues to work out with her on that end. Now was as good a time as any right? He hoped that she wouldn’t get into a fight or flight response. Tyler wasn’t here to fight. That was too many years ago. He was ready for it to be done and over.

Right before he’d reached Hayley, he’d been bumped into by someone else. Turning he caught sight of a beautiful young witch that had the most amazing doe eyes. He felt a slight red tinge his cheeks that were thanksfully covered by his well trimmed beard. “You’re Davina Claire right?” He asked. He’d overheard several of the youngest witches passing by the gym one day speaking about how Hope’s aunt Davina was becoming more closely associated with the school. He hadn’t had a chnace to meet her as of yet. Rumor was that she was once married to Kol Mikaelson. His buddy Jeremy Gilbert had his own runins with Kol. Tyler knew the history well. He wasn’t surprised that his best male friend had a history with the Mikaelsons. It seemed like everyone in Mystic Falls had. Damned Originals he thought to himself. He was smiling pleasantly at Davina finding himself quite drawn to those eyes. She had a smile that was equally enticing. For a moment, he could understand how and why Kol Mikaelson had fallen in love with her. She was absolutely stunning!

There was another young lady that had caught his eye. She was olive skinned with a set of huge brown eyes that had struck a chord in his mind. It took him a few moments to realize where he’d seen her before. He’d gone on a recruitment trip to Greendale for Alaric and had come face to face with a force of nature that had called himself Hiram Lodge. This girl resembled the painting in the den that Tyler had had the misfortune of seeing while being shown that of the “hospitality” of the tycoon Lodge. Who was she and what was she doing here? He wondered if she was some conneciton of Caroline’s. She had to be if she was here in the first place right?

Tyler was still keeping his attentions focused on Davina Claire. If she was on the outs as an ex-wife of Kol Mikaelson it was possible that she would need some protection should Kol get a little bit boisterous as Mikaelsons were wont to do in situations like this. He extended his arm to Davina. “Would you care to join me for some of these refreshments? I’m sure that Caroline spared no expense on these. She’s liable to have threatened the caterers with bodily injury should they get one noodle or flake out of place.” He laughed gently. He waited for Davina to take his arm. Once she did, he felt a rush of emotion go through him. It had been too long since any sort of girl had turned her head in his direction. It actually felt kinda nice.

Once they had gotten to the table where the refreshments were centered, Tyler looked up to make eye contact with Caroline. That crystalline gaze was just as perfect as it had ever been. Looking at her standing there, he hated himself for ever letting her get away. She was the one true love of his life and he knew it. She’d moved on and prospered even giving birth to Alaric’s daughters thanks to a little Gemini Coven magic. It was all because of him and his stupid anger and hate of Klaus Mikaelson that had cost him the love of someone who was only guillty of loving him. He would always love Caroline although he knew he’d never be with her again. She mouthed a single word to him. Hi He mouthed the same one back to her. His heart always leaped when it saw her. He had to smile just a moment longer as his attention had been diverted just a moment to the striking witch in his company.

It wasn’t but a few moments later that he suddenly heard some gasps. The sound of someone falling in and among the partiers had alerted his full werewolf senses. Chocolate hues flashed amber just as he turned his head. Tyler leaped through several partiers and jumped a table or two. It was Caroline. He knew it before he even could say anything more. He was at her side in a matter of minutes. “Caroline! Can you hear me? CAROLINE?” He could tell she wasn’t dead. He picked up her glass that had spilled when she dropped it. “ALARIC! BONNIE! ELENA! Get up here now!” He had no idea where Caroline’s two BFFS were right now, he was just so focused on her. His words had come out as growling sounds as an angry werwolf’s temper was raised.

Tyler had no idea what had happened to Caroline. He just slipped his arms under her neck and her legs. He lifted her up into his arms. “Let’s get her some air, come on people. MOVE.” Coach Lockwood was taking charge of the situation as best he could. If she’d been poisoned like he suspected, then he was going to have to go hurt someone… but who?

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Fear Everything (3W group post)

Fear Everything
attn: Camille, Hope, Marcel / mention: Klaus, Caroline and Hayley.
For a place that was supposed to be off the beaten path, suddenly Tyler found himself in the middle of a HUGE gathering. Tyler knew the woman Camille from her bond with Hayley. In a time when nobody could be trusted, he would give the benefit of the doubt to someone that Hayley had trusted, at least for now. The woman had brazenly approached the wo lf as his dander was raised by the presence of the notorious vampire. He had to credit her for the guts she had right about now. He hoped that she wouldn’t end up having them all spread out in the bayou. His gaze was intently focused on Marcel not trusting him with even one inch of ground set in front of him. The Bayou was Wo lf Country. It would stay as Wo lf Country.

Camille’s question had echoed Tyler’s own. Vampires were the last creatures welcomed out here. Tyler started to back his snarl down a little when he could smell the approach of someone else that he knew well. He wasn’t any less on his guard when she was around. He knew that Hayley wanted her protected at all costs. Tyler stepped up to protect the girl. Hope was Hayley’s daughter. Tyler didn’t give a damn who her father was. He just knew Hope was the world to Hayley. “Nothing’s going on here Hope. Marcel and his pal were leaving.”

Marcel’s interactions and words were heard by Tyler. He chose to focus on Hope more than anything else. Hayley’s daughter was to be protected even if it cost him his own life. Tyler finally decided to give Marcel the mini audience that he wanted. “So, you know Klaus. Big stinkin’ deal. I know Klaus too. Once upon a time, he decided to use me as a laboratory experiment. He turned me into a hybrid just like him. I was the first one. I watched him with NO loyalty turn around and kill all those that he’d made just like me. Fortunately that vampire side of me is completely gone now.” He didn’t need to try and explain his entire life his tory to this clown who claimed he was here to help. Tyler had it up to his neck with vampires who wanted to help. Vampires and Heretics all needed a stake right through the heart as far as he cared. A well placed wo lf bite did wonders for vampires too. He had not forgotten the effects of his own wo lf bite whether he’d planned them or not. The look on Caroline’s face when she realised he’d bitten her still haunted his nightmares.

Marcel’s tirard about this being a circus made Tyler bristle visibly. “You know, we had someone kill one of our young wolves today. Sure looked like a vampire tore into him. You have any answers for that Marcel, Mr. I wanna help? As for Hayley, you don’t get to speak to her.” Tyler was being a protective Beta over his Alpha right about now. He moved closer to Marcel with a chip the size of the rock of Gibraltar on his shoulder. “You found your way here. I suggest you find your way back out.”

Tyler wasn’t a fool. He knew that because of his actions of the past and the relationship he’d once had with Caroline put him right up on the top of Klaus’ hitlist. It was why he tried his best to keep a low profile down here. The thought had occurred to him that one of Klaus’ agents in New Orle ans would likely have been tracking him. It was not unlikely that someone had killed that young wo lf to try and get Tyler’s attention. It certainly did just that.

Tyler took Hope by the arm and tried to lead her away from here. The longer she was exposed to anyone outside of the Bayou the more danger she was in, which was totally unacceptable to him. “We’ll talk back in the ho use, alright?” He told her while he was trying to act like a protective uncle over the girl. His eyes were dangerously guarded. He kept his attention focused on Hope with an awareness that he’d turned his focus away from Marcel and kept it completely on Hope. He gave her a glance that warned her to not disclose that she was Hayley’s daughter around anyone that wasn’t a Crescent. Vampires were untrustworthy to Tyler. It was a healthy distrust that had kept him alive to this point.

He honestly didn’t know where Hayley was. He was going to try and see if he could find anything in the heart of the Fre nch Quarter. There were some in the Quarter that were actually friendly to the wolves. They were mostly witches in the Cauldron. They had no love for vampires either so when it came to the Crescents and the mass influx of wolves from around the American South the old adage The Enemy of my Enemy was my friend tended to bring both sides together. He’d have to go meet up with Jane Anne and Sophie later. Now he was trying to get Hope away from prying eyes. “Come on.” He told her. He braced himself for some push back from the girl especially since she was just as stubborn as her mother.

He knew he didn’t answer Marcel’s question about Hayley and he wasn’t about to answer it. There was no reason that he had to trust Marcel. Just as he turned around to lead Hope back to the bayou, a whirring sound completely interrupted their entire proceeding. The sound of a crossbow bolt striking his flesh reached Tyler’s ears. He had turned right at the correct moment for the bolt to strike him in the arm and not in the chest like it was intended. He fell into Hope as the blood poured from his arm.

His face turned red as the blood poured from his arm. The sound of the would-be assassin raced from the gathering hoping to not get noticed by anyone who had gathered here bringing a spotlight to the location of Tyler Lockwood. He was grasping onto Hope with his one good arm as the fast acting poison started to fill the system of the former protege of Klaus Mikaelson. The bolt was covered in wolfsbane that had been enchanted by a witch. That witch that had enchanted the wolfsbane soaked bolt was Jane Anne Deveraux herself. Tyler had no idea that his meeting in town would have led directly to his death.

Tyler slumped to the ground still alive but unconscious. Time was not the friend of the Lockwood wo lf. The bolt remained in his left arm as the poison spread outward. It needed to be removed and FAST.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Clueless Entry

Clueless Intro
The Lockwood Estate was quite big. When he was five years old, it felt like a prison. Young Tyler was supposed to be the perfect child. All he ever wanted to do was just play. What was a 5 year old child supposed to know about debutantes, balls and proper behavior at a political function? The younger he was the more he played in the big empty rooms of Lockwood estate. As he got older everything changed.

It wasn't until now that Tyler realized just how big and empty the house really was. His parents were gone. His uncle Mason was gone. Tyler was the only one left. He didn't have to work, but he did. Caroline and Alaric had brought him aboard the school as a physical education teacher for the werewolves. It kept him out of trouble for the most part. Sometimes he would leave town with Jeremy Gilbert to go on a hunt. Being a fully recognized werewolf, he had these desires to go and run. Closed spaces made him anxious. When he did take off like that, he left the estate under the watchful eye of the Salvatore School.

The invitation had been left on his doorstep. The script on the invitation was obviously that from Caroline. As much as he hated to go to a dress up ball, he'd do anything for Caroline. The fire and spark they had, turned into a deep friendship. He pulled out the tuxedo and stepped into it with great ease. Tyler examined his reflection in the mirror. He looked much older than he originally thought. Even though he was a werewolf he was still aging. He was no longer a hybrid, so back to being a werewolf meant that he would start to get gray hair. He examined his facial hair making sure that his mustache was trimmed and looked presentable. He looked as though he was a respectable member of society even if he was actually a werewolf. Technically he could call himself an instructor for a private school, so that made everything sound far more important.

He had taken over the master bedroom several years ago. He reached into a jewelry box and pulled out a pair of cufflinks. The cufflinks looked like tiny crescent moons. He found it ironic that those had belonged to his father and his father had been an untriggered werewolf. Maybe subconsciously his father knew all along what was supposed to happen to his family. Then again, one never knew what went on in the mind of Richard Lockwood. Tyler reached for the suit jacket and slid it over his shoulders. The cufflinks were a nice touch. He exited the bedroom traveling down the stairs and out the front door of the huge mausoleum that he called home.

The jeep that he drove was in proper form. He drove it to the front gate of the location of the ball. The roads had been oddly clear as he made his way to Mystic Falls. If one believed in premonitions, this would be a very bad one. His time in Gatlinburg with the werewolf Thomas Farmer and his pack had made him more of a spiritual creature that he had been before. Thanks to the teaching of the Elder werewolf, Tyler started seeing things through other eyes. Being a born werewolf came with certain responsibilities. Coexistence was possible, but it involved a great deal of patience.

Tyler made his presence known by stepping through the doors and snatching a flute of champagne off the first waiter's platter that he saw. He rose the liquid to his lips and took a sip. Big brown eyes peered over the edge of the glass to make mental observations as to who was in attendance and who was yet to appear. It would be logical to assume that members of the faculty were invited. What he didn't expect to see was Kai Parker. Silent seething rage boiled under the surface of the handsome werewolf's exterior. He'd never forgotten the debacle at the wedding of Alaric and Jo. Olivia had given up her life so that Tyler could live and have a second chance. It was taking all he could muster not to rip Kai's head off.

A distraction came in the form of his friend Jeremy Gilbert and his girlfriend Anna who made their arrival. Seeing the Hunter made Tyler smile. Surely Kai would be stupid enough to try anything. Gilbert looked miserable enough, so that was enough to amuse Tyler for the time being. He started to look around for Caroline. After all he was here to help support his good friend and her attempt to raise money for the school. Tyler still had a small fortune available at his fingertips because of his father so he was able to make a donation to the cause.

Social functions now that he was an adult still felt like a prison. He had a behavior he had to maintain, so he did. That instruction was so deeply ingrained into him even though as a werewolf his emotions were already heightened. One too many beatings from Richard Lockwood as a child still kept him with a certain degree of control. As more people filed into the room he was starting to feel like a face in the crowd. He liked that just fine. Being in the background watching was something that he learned after he became a werewolf. Like wolves in the wild, he would wait and watch to see what was happening around him.

There were quite a few more students that were showing up to the ball. Some approached him and made remarks to him. His students often referred to him as Coach Lockwood. Given his background with sports when they were in high school all those years ago, Alaric and Caroline making him the physical education teacher for the werewolves was perfect. Nobody else could handle the werewolves and give them the exercise they needed. He even shifted into a werewolf and ran with the kids like a pack. It was actually quite invigorating. Who would have ever known that Tyler Lockwood would be so fond of kids? An amused smile turned his mustache lip upward. Here's to hoping that tonight wasn't a total wash. He told himself.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Fear Everything.

Fear Everything
attn: Marcel / mention: Klaus and Caroline
Several of the younger wolves of the bayou were already moving in to take care of the victim that was recently discovered. Even in the middle of this world that was upside down, Tyler knew the importance of saying goodbye to one of your own. He wasn't a Crescent by blood. He was merely a guest. Times like these made him acutely aware of how he was truly and utterly alone.

He was showered and dressed after working so hard to chop up some lumber for the collective wood pile that everyone used. He was already physically exhausted when the discovery of the dead wolf changed everything. He was still profoundly affected by all of this. His jaw set as he was trying to curb his anger. He clenched his jaw so tightly that Tyler could feel his muscle twitching. Anger had been a problem with him since he was a kid. He hadn’t really gotten over that issue after he broke the curse. If anything it only amplified all his emotions, especially his anger. He practically ran over someone as he was starting to leave the compound. The older wolf was an elder. He knew all there was to know about wolves and about being one. He was taller than Tyler but he had a head full of white curls that once was black and a mustache that covered his top lip. He liked Tyler. The boy had reminded him of himself once upon a time. He told the lad. "Tyler, don't go. We need you here."

"Need me? I'm not a Crescent." He told the older wolf. Tyler stopped to look back at him. He knew there were some who looked at him as an interloper with no business here. He was a born wolf, but he wasn’t a born Crescent. "I have no pack. I am alone. I have always been alone. My uncle and my father are both gone. I’m completely and utterly alone." He was always alone. He was used to it especially with the work he did for the Armory. He wasn’t exactly a nice guy. He was actually a huge d/ick and he knew it.

The older wolf sighed. "You don't get it do you? With the world against all of our kind, the bloodlines of all the packs mean very little. It's time for ALL wolves to come together. The Hybrid is going to kill us all if we fall along pack lines." He inhaled. “I am not a Crescent. I came here from Gatlinburg because I had nowhere else to go. We are all family not only because we belong to one pack or another Tyler. It is far greater than that. Being a werewolf is far more than that. Nature has order. There is a balance to everything. With all that is happening with The Hybird and his Vampire we’re all in danger. “

He listened respectfully to the older wolf. He knew that he wasn’t all knowing when it came to being in a pack or belonging anywhere. It had been a long time since Tyler felt like he belonged anywhere. That feeling was alien to him. He was once some dumb jock when he was a kid. Those days were long since over. “I’m not going to bail on the wolves. We lost one kid today. We don’t need to lose anyone else.” His tone had softened because deep down inside, Tyler knew he was right. He knew Klaus well enough to know that he would easily pick off the weakest among them to try and cause dissension in the ranks. Tyler knew of Klaus’ ability to manipulate people to achieve his goals because of first hand experience. There was a time that Tyler actually was grateful to Klaus for all that he’d done. That was before Klaus killed his mother and stole his girlfriend. He clenched his teeth for a moment stifling a low growl of anger.

Thomas, the older wolf placed a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. “Take some of your own advice, Tyler. If you walk away more innocent wolves will likely die.” He was a grandfatherly type to the younger wolf. He gently squeezed Tyler’s shoulder. “There will be more coming. The Crescents have been through hell and know how to survive, so they are teaching even an old wolf like me a few things.” He smiled softly.

Tyler could feel his anger start to be assuaged. His muscles loosened and his reason took over once more. “If I am not back by sunset, then keep the wolves safe.” He told Thomas. Inhaling sharply, he lowered his gaze then met the brown eyes full of concern looking back at him. “I”m not trying to get killed, I promise. I want to find out if anyone has sold out to Klaus around here. If we’ve been sold out, then we’re all in trouble.”

Thomas understood Tyler’s reasoning and nodded slowly. “Be wise if you can be Tyler. If they know where we are, then we will all have to leave in a hurry.”

Tyler simply nodded and took his leave of the older wolf. Behind him, Thomas and the other wolves in the Bayou were tending to the dead among them and preparing a proper send off for the youngster. Tyler’s thoughts went back to how being among the Crescents had taught him a real sense of a family that he’d not had in a long time if ever.


Tyler had just come out of the Bayou when he came across a stranger that didn’t belong. He had learned to develop his sense of smell and what was familiar to him. This smell was familiar alright. This smell was that of death. It was a vampire. It wasn’t just any vampire either. He saw the young looking man approach him with the smell of death oozing from every pore in his body.

When he asked Tyler’s identity, he was met with a werewolf’s growl and glowing gold eyes. He could feel his instincts rising to the surface to protect the wolves. “So what if I am? Who are you? And why did you bring your vampire a/ss to the Bayou where you don’t belong?”

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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The Chalk Line

The Chalk Line
attn: Bar Fight / mention: Good as Hell
One last swing of the axe and Tyler was finished with his pile of wood. Pack life was something to get used to, but Tyler knew that with his wandering eye, he needed to be somewhere to belong. It wasn’t until later in life that he realized all his actions, everything he ever did, led to this point. They say hindsight is 20/20. They were so right. Who knew he was an untriggered werewolf when he was growing up? It was all so crystal clear now.

Tyler was still shirtless with the sweat glistening on his torso. Small branches of his ebony hair were matted with this perspiration on his forehead. He left the axe buried in a stump as he reached to wipe his forehead with this t-shirt that was lying nearby. There was enough wood there to last for a few days. Tyler already knew that this was one of his chores as part of the pack. He was glad this less glamorous side of pack life was finally over, at least for one day. The Lockwood Scion tossed the sweaty shirt over his shoulder. He was going to head back inside to kick back with a cold one in his own little cabin. He had deserved it after all he’d done today. He turned on his heels to start in a familiar direction.

A blood curdling scream tore through the Bayou interrupting the symphony of nature’s creatures. Tyler immediately turned his head back in the direction of where he’d been standing only moments before. Dropping his shirt to the ground, he immediately bolted for the direction of that scream without a second thought. His past as a star wide receiver for Mystic High school came back reflecting in the way he sprinted and how his muscles bulged when he ran. As a full fledged werewolf, he could run even faster, longer and harder than he did when he was a regular kid.

He reached a partial clearing that he easily wiped away with the movement of his right hand. “OH TYLER!” The girl who had brought him lemonade plus two more were actually crying. It didn’t dawn on him that these girls were hiding in this tidy little spot watching him split wood. That would be addressed later. He just needed to get to the bottom of this reaction by these girls. Surely the scream carried in the bayou and would be heard by others. There were some people they just didn’t need to have poking around in the bayou. Klaus would undoubtedly know where the Crescents were holed up, but staying hidden from both Klaus and Caroline was going to be the issue. A scream in the bayou was not going to help keep them hidden long.

“I’m here now girls. Calm down! Just tell me what’s happening, alright?” He held the arms of the redhead and made her look into his eyes. “What’s happening. What did you see?” He demanded firmly.

They were sobbing as they started motioning to an area off to the right side from where they currently stood. Tyler let the girl’s arms go. “Go back inside. You might want to find Hayley. I’ll go take a look.” He wasn’t afraid of anything. Tyler had been through so much pure crap in his life, nothing scared him anymore. He moved in the direction the girls pointed. Peeling back the underbrush he saw it. Immediately his heart sunk.

Lying there was obviously a Crescent in his wolf form. It was definitely a male wolf, so he knew that. He could also smell the familiarity of the wolf. He had been a Crescent. The Wolf, or what was lying there was in pieces. His head was severed and left approximately three inches away from the rest of his body. It looked as though his heart had been ripped from his body. It was lying near the torso with what looked like a big bite mark taken out of it. Someone had brutalized this wolf and it infuriated him. His fangs were bared and his eyes were golden. He didn’t smell a trap. He was just pretty certain this was just a message.

Tyler wasn’t sure who this young wolf had been. Hopefully Hayley would be able to find out if anyone was missing. This whole debacle starting with Klaus was enough to put him in a state of perpetual anger. He’d actually admired Klaus and was thankful to him when he’d made him a hybrid. When Tyler wouldn’t be a loyal soldier, Klaus turned it all around on him. He would despise and loathe everything Klaus stood for and everything he represented. Tyler had every right to be bitter. He wasn’t going to apologize to Klaus for anything.

If he could go back and change anything it was how he’d treated Caroline. It was his fault that she left him. It was his fault because he did hate Klaus more than he loved her. He drove her into his arms and he hated himself for it. This was his guilt and his alone. He had to carry it by himself since it was nobody’s fault but his own. He closed his amber hues and tried to calm his anger. This dead wolf deserved respect. He shoved his anger and tremendous guilt down into a tiny ball deep inside.

Tyler stood protectively over the spot where the slaughtered wolf lay. The girls would undoubtedly spread the word that a young wolf was dead. Once it was determined who this was, then the pack would mourn. In the meantime, Tyler had a job to do. He had to find out who was responsible for this and make them pay. His time at the Armory had made him quite coldly efficient as a killer. Maybe Alexandria St. John was good for something after all. Tyler opened his eyes once more with his eyes back to a normal warm chocolate. His fangs were retracted but he was still obviously enraged. The cold seething anger of Tyler Lockwood was something to be feared. He was going to take great joy in killing the murderer of his packmate. It was guaranteed.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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Wolf in the Fold PART ONE

Wolf in the Fold
Features Progenitor; Part ONE of FOUR
The Salvatore School was now his home away from home. Tyler Lockwood was on staff with the school as a Phys Ed teacher. He had a specialty however. The school had among its students; Witches, Vampires, a fairy and more importantly to Tyler, werewolves. Tyler himself had been born a werewolf without any knowledge of what he was to become. That day all those years ago when blood was spilled at his hand, his curse had been set free. The young man born to one of the most prominent families of Mystic Falls, had never known what it was to be a werewolf. Time and the effort that he’d put forward as a member of the Armory had ended up lending to his skills with the position that he now held within the school itself. Tyler Lockwood was charged with putting the werewolves through their paces at the school and making sure they stayed in shape. He was putting away the gear that he’d pulled out in the gym on this particular day when he was soon not alone.

Alaric Saltzman, headmaster of the school and former American History teacher for young Tyler Lockwood back in Mystic Falls High, entered the gym with a look of concern on his features. “You got a minute Ty?” The older man was bouncing on the balls of his feet a bit anxiously. Saltzman had something weighing heavily on his mind that he needed to discuss with his former student and current staff member. He took a step backward to have a seat on the bleachers.

Tyler was concerned by the tone that his mentor had taken. Alaric meant a lot to the kids that he grew up with including his former girlfriend Caroline Forbes. “Yeah of course, Ric.” He put away the equipment in his hand before joining the older male on the bleachers. “Is something wrong?” He could tell that Ric was worried about something. There was one particular line on his forehead that was a little deeper than the rest when he was worried about something.

Alaric’s salt and pepper beard was growing more silver with the advent of the stress that continued to wear upon him. “I need you to go on a recruitment trip for me. There is a kid that is hiding somewhere in between the cities of Riverdale and Greendale. I can’t get a lock on him. He’s a werewolf. SO, I thought that you would be the best person to try and find him.” There was more to the issue, but he was holding back from Tyler until he was sure that Lockwood would go on this trip for him.

“Sure, I’ll go find the kid.” Tyler remembered how when he first started as a werewolf. He had so many emotions that ran wild. Being a teenager on top of everything new to being a wolf meant that everything was amplified by 10. “This is just a typical recruitment run right?” Tyler arched an eyebrow. “Or is there one particular reason why you want me of all people to go after this kid?” The younger male was starting to grow in skepticism of his mentor’s motives. Oh he was still going to go. He just wanted the full story.

“Greendale is a town known for its high levels of witchcraft. I’ve actually known a family of hunters there for some time. The Kinkle Family has been the local hunters of record for several generations. They pretty much keep an eye on things in Greendale, but things have started to bleed over into Riverdale. This kid that I’m sending you after is from Riverdale, but he’s been in and out of Greendale. I got the call from my contact in Greendale about it today.” Alaric laid it all on the line to Tyler.

Tyler knew all about hunters because of Alaric and one of his best friends Jeremy Gilbert. He nodded at Alaric. “That’s fine. I can handle it.” Tyler pursed his lips into a wan smile with that mustache of his own straightening along his top lip. “I’ll leave tonight. Anything else you need?” He asked curiously.

Alaric was worried about Tyler. He had been through a lot lately. He knew that the younger male needed his space and to keep busy. His experience with Tyler and other wolves was that they were highly emotional creatures. They were passionate and dedicated men and women that tended to be highly loyal. When they felt betrayal it ran deep. “Keep in touch with me, alright? “ He stood up and straightened his jacket. “Let me know if you need anything. I’ll pack up the bus and join you if need be.”

Tyler shook his head and laughed. “Nah, I should be able to take care of everything on my own. I will be careful of course and I will keep in touch.” He started to walk by the older man. He patted Alaric on the shoulder. “Lighten up. What can go wrong?”

Three days later

It was a chilly night despite the calendar telling everyone it was late spring. Summer was coming but it surely didn’t feel like it. Two men with muscles were dragging another man in their arms bringing him through the darkness completely unconscious. They stepped when they came to a desk and a hispanic male sitting there. “So this is our problem?” The male said to the henchmen.

“Yes Mr. Lodge. We found him in the Grove poking around.” The men were still holding the unconscious form of the other male by his arms. They’d brought him to their employer, one Hiram Lodge.

Lodge stepped out from behind his desk and approached the unconscious man. He grabbed a handful of hair as dark as his own and pulled the man’s head upward. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” He asked in a loud voice. When the other male didn’t answer, Lodge smacked his face to wake him up rather rudely. “Again, I repeat. WHO ARE YOU?”

He was roused to consciousness rather rudely. “Tyler...Lockwood.” He muttered with his head down low. His muttering turned to a long growl. His fangs started to protrude. When his eyes opened, they were golden rather than the rich brown they once were.

Lodge jumped backward. “Madre de Dios, what are you?” He looked as though he’d seen a ghost.

“Your worst nightmare…”


Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

04/18/2021 07:45 PM 

The Chalk Line

The Chalk Line
attn: Revolutionary and Bar Fight / mention: Good as Hell
When the world went all to hell, why was it Klaus right in the middle of it? Tyler Lockwood had been revived from his status as being dead thanks to the bargaining of the Gods and his own bloodline. He didn’t pretend to understand it, but he knew that he was back from the dead just in time. Fortunately for him, Jackson Kenner had decided to adopt this wayward Hellhound and make him a part of the Crescent Pack. He’d never had anyone to mentor him when it came to being a wolf, he just sort of learned all along the way. With the exception of Jackson’s wife Hayley, nobody really gave a damn about him being a wolf. Well, almost nobody.

The last one that cared was Olivia Parker. The blonde Parker witch that was the baby sister of the murderous psycho Kai was lying there dying as the result of her brother’s actions when he attacked the wedding of Alaric Saltzman and Liv’s big sister Jo. Tyler had been gravely wounded and thanks to the Travelers, he was an untriggered werewolf again. His girlfriend wanted him to kill her so his own mortal wounds would heal. Tear stained eyes and a sense of right and wrong told him that killing the woman he loved more than anything was the worst thing he could do. Yet the overwhelming desire to live drove him to fulfill Liv’s dying wish. She wanted him to go on and take his second chance. The only way he could do that was if he became a triggered wolf again. It became etched in his memory that moment where he took his hands and held them over her mouth to keep her from breathing. When she took her last breath, he could feel his body starting to heal. All he could do was hold her limp form to his chest and wail. The end justifies the means? The means was nothing but a hot pile of steaming crap.

Fast forward about a dozen or so years and here they were again. The first one who saw him through his initial change into a wolf had been Caroline Forbes. His love for Caroline ran deep. She sacrificed everything for him. She could have been killed so many times all because of his status as a werewolf. He’d even been compelled by Klaus to bite Caroline. When he realized what he’d done, he ran. He could have killed her, but no. Caroline ended up getting the cure from Klaus himself. Klaus Mikaelson had taken everything from him and that included Caroline. His hatred for Klaus ran deep. How CAROLINE of all people could actually side with Klaus eluded him. It would have hurt less had Tyler not still been in love with her. Caroline was and would always be the one who got away.

Tyler was currently in the heart of the bayou with the rest of the Crescents. He was one of Jackson’s chief lieutenants. Right now, he had to get his head out of the clouds and get back to what he was doing. Tyler had removed his shirt. In his hands he held an ax that looked like it had seen better days. Given his augmented strength, he could use the ax if he wanted to, or do like the old movie where the superheroes were hiding out and just rip apart a few stumps. He wasn’t exactly Captain America and Jackson did have the goatee like Iron Man but he wasn’t a man in a fancy tin suit. The Bayou Jesus as some called him was a staunch protector of the Crescents. Tyler counted himself lucky to be a Crescent by adoption. He went back to splitting wood for the fires not only for the still but for the entire hideaway in the Bayou. Wolves survived for centuries without electricity. This was just one of the many things that Tyler was learning being a part of this pack.

His muscles gleamed with sweat as he lifted the ax high and let it crash down again on the wood in front of him. The wood splintered and fell on either side into the piles that Tyler had accumulated. He was about to raise his hands up for another swing when another one of the female wolves came toward him with a pitcher of lemonade. “Looks like you could use some of this Ty.” She told him with a wink. She was a pretty little thing with red hair and freckles. When she smiled at him, Tyler grinned back with an expression that looked like a big silly dog. She poured a glass for him and handed it to him making sure her fingers touched his just a little bit too long.

Tyler’s laugh that bubbled forth sounded a lot like a boy that didn’t know what to do or how to behave around girls. He had been a werewolf for a lot of years now, so he was always used to the idea that he wanted to do the horizontal boogie at a moment’s notice. He just tried to keep his mind on other things these days. “Thanks Tess. I appreciate it.” He took the glass of lemonade and raised it to his lips. She left the pitcher and the tray on the stump where his shirt was hanging. She walked away from him with an extra sashay in her step. Tess was a fully triggered werewolf like most everyone was here but she was half his age. So If Tyler touched it, Jackson wouldn’t kill him Hayley would. Last thing he wanted to do was to tick off his Alpha and his Queen.

Tyler finished off his glass of lemonade and sat it back down on the tray. He inhaled sharply and shook his head as he turned back to the task he had been left to do by Jack and Hayley. After this, he was going to need to go jump into the nearest swimming hole and leave his clothes on the shore. Emotions were always high when you were a werewolf, but when your ex girlfriend and the man she left you for are Public Enemy #1 and #2, that was a whole new ball of wax. He knew he was being watched closely by Jack and Hayley. He couldn’t afford to screw up anything now.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

04/06/2021 11:03 PM 

To Hell (Part ONE of two)

To Hell
Spirit Week/ 3W RPG / Mentions: Progenitor and Revolutionary
Part ONE of TWO

“Thanks Coach. Good run today Coach!” The wolves of the Salvatore School were always happy to have time alone with Tyler Lockwood. Tyler was a Hellhound that had been one of Dr. Saltzman’s original students back in MF High back in the day. He’d buried himself in work as of late, because his relationship with Laurel Collins was steadily on the decay. Oh they cared about each other. He would always feel a connection to her, but they were drifting apart. Tyler hated it, Laurel hated it. Nothing could be done. She’d even moved out of the Lockwood Mansion. He’d even heard that she’d moved into a big mansion on the other side of Mystic Falls with the school Doctor Simon Galen. How could he hope to compete with a hotshot doctor who was the son of god? He was just a dumb mutt from a backwater town called Mystic Falls. Simon and Laurel always looked like they’d walked off a runway in New York City. She deserved the best. Unfortunately he wasn’t the best after all.

Tyler was packing away all the equipment and the gear in the gym. The Wolves of the Salvatore School usually put it all through a good work out when he had them out and working. It was the start of the Memorial Day Weekend. Tyler was going to meet up with Jeremy Gilbert and go on a weekend hunt. He had reason to stay around here. Laurel was all cuddling up with her former fiancee Simon Galen. He didn’t need to be reminded of all he’d lost. He needed to go kick monster ass and knock back a few cold ones with one of his best friends. Tyler pulled out the keys and locked up the equipment before walking back into the gym.

All around him the students were passing through the gym on their way to the dorms. His flesh started to prickle. Without warning, the students slowed down and actually stopped. It was like they were frozen in time somehow. They weren’t moving and yet they were still very much alive. Tyler had seen this before. He was not ready to see this or him. Alaric was trying to help him with this little problem. It was quite apparent that time had run out on Tyler. He was here.

The smell of brimstone started to creep through the air. His eyes turned a rich auburn and his fangs started to curl in the familiar snarl. “I know you’re here. I can smell your stench!” The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He was close to turning into a wolf again just to go after the source of the disturbance. “COME ON!” He shouted in a voice that was a rich growl and not very human at all.

The very fabric of reality itself peeled back to reveal an opening between dimensions. It was like a split in the air that opened up just big enough for a god to walk through. He looked like a man from the nineteenth century with a head of hair that was the deepest onyx that anyone could even imagine. The clothing he wore looked as though it was made from the finest silk. The sound of his shoes echoed on the floor of the Salvatore School Gym. “Tyler. Lad. You know why I am here.” It was the god Hades in the flesh once more. “The last descendant of Cerberus and his bloodline. Cerberus has been murdered after all these years. It is your duty to take his place.”

“Hold on here. Cerberus is dead? I thought immortals couldn’t die?” Tyler was surprised at what he was hearing. Yes, he knew he was of Cerberus line. Cerberus had been allowed seasons to be human. The hound of hell had a mortal form that was quite appealing to the eyes of both men and women. Cerberus had told Tyler himself that he’d had lovers regardless of who or what they were. He had propiated the species helping to create the earliest werewolf bloodlines. The Apisi Bloodline was Tyler’s bloodline. This bloodline was royalty. The strongest wolves he’d ever sired came from this line. Now the strongest of these was Tyler Lockwood himself. Tyler had died at the hands of a vampire who had been under a siren’s spell. Cerberus had taken Tyler away from finding peace and directly to the throne room of Hades. That’s when the werewolf Tyler Lockwood became the HELLHOUND Tyler Lockwood.

“Cerberus was a monster, Tyler. Monsters are long lived, but monsters can die.” The god who had fought alongside his brother Zeus against the Titans had his domain. He had claim to the descendants of Cerberus and he was exercising that claim right at this moment. “You’re mine. It was a condition of your return to life, that you were going to take Cerberus place one day.” Hades didn’t tell the boy that he was the one that had killed Cerberus himself. Tyler was faster, stronger and better than Cerberus had ever been. Hades needed Tyler as his new Hound of Hell.

Tyler was growling louder this time. No one could hear him. The sounds of his anger were bouncing off the walls back to Tyler’s own augmented hearing. “I’m not going anywhere with you.” Instinct would have told him to turn into his hellhound form to charge after the god, but logic told him that was not the right answer. He was backing up reaching for anything that he could use as a weapon. Unfortunately he wasn’t finding anything.

Hades walked toward him in a nonchalant manner. “Tyler, you’re dead. You died. Remember? It is only through my beneficence that you are even standing here. YOU are already mine.” He extended a hand toward the young hellhound. “You were already operating on borrowed time.” He waved a hand in front of Tyler. A swirling torrent of magical energy with the stench of brimstone began to swirl around the young man. Tyler could feel his limbs changing. His arms were covered in fur. His long fingers that had wrapped around the jar of moonshine in the bayout were disappearing and turning into the toes of a beast. Snarling lips were forming the snout of a beast that inhabited the nightmares of humans for centuries. Teeth became fangs that would snatch a wandering soul to drag them back into the domain of the dead. Tyler rose his shoulders as he would soon go from standing on two feet to four feet. His head rolled from side to side. Ears on the top of his canine head soon were pressed back against his head.

Pain erupted through his body one last time. From the core of his body, he could feel his neck getting thicker. Tyler was lost in the agony of the change his body was experiencing. From back in his left shoulder, a head emerged. His mental processes were split between these two heads which made his world start to spin. When the third head appeared, all thoughts and will had completely faded. His freewill was now molded under the spell of Hades. The god stood there approving of his newest pet. “Yes. You’ll be far greater than Cerberus ever was.” He adjusted his coat. “Come now Tyler. Not even a Horseman, Messiah or whatever Jackson Kenner is now will be able to save you. You’re all mine now.”

To Be continued

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

11/13/2020 08:52 PM 

War Zone

War Zone
1x1 with Delightful Dia;  Features:  Fierce Heart and Rembrandt.
He was still standing there in the middle of all the blood and gore just in utter shock.   Dia was there somewhere saying something about trying to stop Klaus.   He couldn’t really register anything what was said in any sort of definite fashion.   Leaving behind the bloody and broken bodies of the hybrids brought a snarl to his lips.   Klaus had done this.  Klaus had killed them all.  Klaus hadn’t stopped with just the 12 that were his pack.  They were his family.   He learned from the wolves in the Smoky Mountains that a pack was your family.   Just when he’d started to feel that this might actually be a thing for him, Klaus took it all away.

Tyler felt his eyes go golden and his fangs start to elongate.   Klaus was the cause of all this.  Klaus turned HIM into his first successful hybrid and then took these 12 putting them under his direct supervision.  Tyler was the last hybrid turned by Klaus.   And now his own mother was gone.   Klaus had taken everything from him.  Caroline was still proclaiming her love for him, but Tyler knew that her heart wasn’t his.    He turned to Dia with his jaw clenched and his own face in a monstrous form.  “You get out of here.  Be safe.   Klaus has to pay.  I’m the only one who can make him do it.”  Tyler wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  He had to go see his mother.  Klaus had to be the one that killed his mother.  Tyler had to see this for him.


In the town square, the Christmas decorations were all scattered and disarray.   Tyler saw the corner’s wagon and the body on a gurney covered with a zipped up bag.   By the time he’d arrived, Tyler’s monstrous features turned to that of a little boy who had lost the last person in the world who would ever love him.   Liz Forbes had caught up to Tyler trying to keep him back from his mother.  “Please Tyler.  Don’t.  You don’t need to see her like this.   Tyler, sweetheart…”   Caroline’s mother was gentle and speaking to her daughter’s boyfriend with a caring heart.  “It was just a terrible accident.”

Tears raced down the face of the young male.  Tyler was a lost child.  His dad was gone.  His Uncle Mason was gone.  His mother was now gone.   He just shook his head repeating over and over again.  “No.. no…no…”    Being a hybrid, he felt emotions far more intense than he’d ever felt before even before he knew that werewolves and vampires were real.   He felt himself collapse to the ground on his knees.   He was just a lost little boy.   Caroline’s mother just let him cry as he needed to cry.  Her mother’s heart was breaking for him.

Tyler watched as they loaded his mother into the corner’s wagon taking her to the hospital for the official autopsy.   He knew what they’d find.  It was going to be something completely explainable by human science without any hint of the supernatural.  His mother had been the latest in the list of victims of the one and only Klaus Mikaelson.   Proof wasn’t going to be able to be found within the depth of the law.   This was something that he was going to have to take care of all on his own.   Klaus wasn’t going to stop until he took everything from him.    

Tyler soon found his way back up to a standing position.  By this time, Caroline had joined him at the town square.  She immediately ran into his arms wrapping her arms around him.  Her own tears were burning paths down her beautiful face.  Caroline’s heart was breaking because she loved Tyler.  She was a smart girl.  She knew that Tyler would let this fuel his anger against Klaus Mikaelson.   Liz left her daughter with Tyler to take care of Tyler.

He clung to Caroline tightly.   He whispered in her ear.  His voice was torn with anger, hatred and complete emptiness.  He felt like he had nothing left to lose.  “He did this.  He killed her.  I know he did.  He killed them all.”

Caroline’s tear stained voice pled desperately with him.  “Tyler, don’t say that.  You don’t know if he did or not.  Please.  Don’t go face him.  He’s so powerful.  Tyler, PLEASE.”   Her love for him made her cling more tightly to the body of the young hybrid imploring him not to go.

He was going to say something when he heard his cellphone ring again.  Tyler stopped to look at it still clinging onto Caroline.  His eyes flashed gold again.  The Caller ID said it was Klaus.   “I..can’t believe this..!”   He clicked the phone.

“Tyler?  That’s a good lad.  You’ve seen what happens when you betray me.  It’s a good thing that Hayley told me all about your big plans to take MY hybrids from me.  OH by the way… how’s your mum?”  The wickedly gleeful voice of the Original Hybrid made Tyler’s anger rage violently.

He took the cellphone and threw it down on the ground shattering the device into about six different pieces.  “Tell your boyfriend that I’m coming for him Caroline!  I’m going to kill him and take everything he holds dear!”   He pushed away from Caroline and disappeared into the night.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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