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09/18/2023 10:08 PM 


attn: anyone / Intro post.
The word got out to the Armory that Hiram Lodge along with Wolfram & Hart were putting together something that was dangerous to the Slayers. Tyler Lockwood was one of the most prominent Armory Agents with a high success rate on his missions. His Apisi bloodline for werewolves made him one of the strongest lineages out there. Being directly descended from the three headed Hound of Hell had some advantages after all.

Tyler knew what the Slayers were because the Armory knew everything. The Slayers were girls that were a lot like the Brotherhood of the Five. There was one notable exception however. Killing one of the Five meant that you'd be cursed for the rest of your life. Killing a Slayer gave no such curse. This is why the Armory decided to step into this mess.

Tyler Lockwood was the logical choice to send in this case. He was not only a werewolf, but he possessed a hellhound form that was practically a mirror image of Cerberus himself. He met with his superiors at the Armory to be given a briefing on the whole thing. Intel was that there were going to be some vile hunters there, some of which had killed Slayers in the past. He went without hesitation. Slayers were on the same side he was on in the overall scheme of things. The files the Armory had on Hiram Lodge and the one on Wolfram & Hart were extensive. They had to be stopped.

Tyler showed up at the stadium for the Slayerfest incognito. He'd let his facial hair grow. He also decided to stay hidden as much as he could. He had to search through the tunnels and various rooms to see if he could find anyone that had been locked away. He couldn’t let Lodge see him. Tyler knew the bastard well and he knew Tyler. This could get really ugly, really quickly. Tyler dodged down the nearest hall trying to get an eye on what was happening. He was also checking for familiar scents. Sometimes being a werewolf came in handy.

The stadium was not unlike one where a fan would attend a football game. He didn't know about soccer but he had been to more than one football game in his life in the States. Lodge even had concession stands set up in the stadium with food and even beer. There was nothing like eating a hotdog and knocking back a cold one while girls were being hunted down by vampires and other a**holes to be slaughtered because they were different. Tyler was repulsed by it all.

He was hiding in one of the passages of the stadium watching as more spectators entered. There were some who looked human, but others who did not. The appearance of monsters he had only seen in the books of the Armory worried Tyler. Some of these things were the size of Dobermans while others looked like regular humans. He started to come out of his observation point but stopped when he saw creatures that were taller than humans but had horns coming out of their heads along with pointed ears. They looked like straight up demons. The Armory called them Dremora. Tyler called them trouble.

Once the Dremora cleared the hall, Tyler moved in closer. He had no idea where he was going. He assumed this stadium had to have locker rooms for the hunters but what he was looking for was the hunted . The word would be given soon to start this whole debacle. Tyler had two things on his mind. He hoped that he wasn't the only one out there trying to save the victims from being thrown to the lions so to speak. He also hoped he wasn't too late.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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09/16/2023 11:53 PM 

The Purge

The Purge
attn: Liv / mention: The Salvatore School
Hey, Where is everyone? I can't sit here and wait this out, people are going to get hurt. Liv. x

Tyler's phone went off again. This time it was a message from Liv. He felt ashamed that he wanted to just hole up in the Lockwood cellar now more than ever. He was glad he finally got out of there. Tyler was scared but every supernatural creature with a modicum of sense was. It was how you handled that fear that mattered in the end.

He thought he'd made it to his truck safely when he found out there were two guys waiting for him standing next to his truck. "Well what have we here? Tyler Lockwood, snarly wolf boy trying to make a get away?" The guy's name was D*ck Carter. He'd been a linebacker on the football team when Tyler was the star wide receiver. He was built like a Neanderthal and also had the brains of one. He started to stroll up to him until he stared Tyler right in the face. "Think maybe it's time to put down Ol' Yeller. What do you think, Caleb?"

Caleb Smallwood was another lunkhead on the football team that had smashed into one too many football helmets in his time. "Yeah sure. Been a long time comin'." Caleb stepped up to stand beside his buddy.

"Guys, you really don't want to do this." Tyler could feel his skin bristle and a fine layer of fur breaking the surface of his skin. Damn the Purge and all this garbage! "You need to back off. NOW. "

Carter turned to Smallwood. "Isn't that cute? The pretty boy's gonna mess us up." He started laughing which made Caleb start laughing. He rapidly turned toward Tyler with a clenched fist. He aimed a punch for Tyler's nose. It was stopped by Tyler with an open palm with fingers clenched around his fist. "HEY!"

Tyler held his fist in place even when Carter tried to move it toward him more. "You apparently haven't done your homework about werewolves. We've got faster reflexes than your typical slug with brains the size of tadpoles." Tyler's eyes flashed gold and his fangs were bared. He said nothing further to Carter or Smallwood. He growled like a wolf in an attempt to scare them to death.

Carter's blue jeans suddenly got a darker color. His face was deathly white as he lowered his hand. He ran off in any direction that was not where Tyler was standing. Caleb was confused. He saw how Tyler looked after the growl and headed in the same direction that Carter had run.

Tyler felt himself go back to being human again. He knew that someone likely heard him growl. He needed to get out of there FAST. He wasn't far from the Salvatore School, so he decided that was his best option. Once he was in the car, he sent Liv a DM.

Hey Beautiful. On my way to the Salvatore School. Be there soon. -T

Tyler hit send and started out of his driveway toward the school. It didn't take time for him to notice that he was being followed. It was Carter and Smallwood again looking for round two. Tyler silently cursed as Carter rammed the rear end of his truck. "WHAT THE HELL DUDE!" The Purge was bringing out the worst in people, even those that were already bullies.

Carter with Smallwood beside him, pulled up beside Tyler as Tyler was driving. Carter had a truck of his own, not unlike Tyler's. He rammed into the side of Tyler's truck making him wobble. He slammed back into Carter's truck as the two were jockeying for position in the middle of a two way street. Someone was coming the opposite way and heading right for this mess.

Instinct took over for Tyler. He swerved back over in his lane. He ended up losing control of his truck and falling into a ditch near the School. Tyler's head hit the steering wheel leaving him unconscious. He had a gash on his forehead that looked relatively minor. Since he was close to the school there was a possibility that someone would have seen the whole thing.

Tyler was not seriously injured. His natural healing as a werewolf was already starting to manifest. The problem was whether or not Carter would find him and put him down. The Purge had just started and Tyler was already in trouble.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

08/26/2023 06:23 AM 

Seal 666 - Intro

Seal 666
attn: Liv / mention: Lizzie, MG
Boston wasn't exactly Las Vegas or even Daytona Beach. Tyler Lockwood was up for a romantic getaway with his better half, Liv Parker, without hesitation. Boston wasn't high on his list of vacation spots but it was what Liv wanted. What Liv wanted, he would move heaven and earth to give her. He just got her back and he wasn't losing her again.

There was an addendum to this clause however. Lizzie and her man MG were also coming on the trip. Given that Lizzie was Liv's niece, he knew that agreeing to the extra company would make him look good in his girl's eyes. He wasn't about to say no to that either. Liv was a part of one of the leading magic families in the supernatural world. Again, Tyler told himself he was doing the right thing. He would do anything to see Olivia smile.

Boston gave him the creeps as a whole. Given its proximity to Salem, it wasn't a surprise. Witchcraft gave off a certain aire to a werewolf. It wasn't the same stench of death that vampires did to the senses of a werewolf. It was something else. Tyler never could put his finger on it. He just kept his distance from witches he didn't know. Some had bad histories with wolves according to what others had told him. He didn't really have his own pack. He was sort of accepted as a part of the pack that Brady and Jules had been a part of and he was friendly with the Crescents despite wanting to kill Hayley when she was carrying Klaus' baby. It was all water under the bridge all these years later.

Tyler felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. It was almost like he was about to change but didn't. He was able to keep himself from changing although every wolf instinct he developed wanted him to do otherwise. There was something happening but he had no clue what it was.

Liv called his name and he turned around. His eyes glittered gold when he did. He started to speak with a wolf growl but suppressed it forcing his fangs back and letting his normal expression have dominance as it should be. "Y-yeah. Something's up and it's not exactly anything good." Tyler was concerned for the kids especially. He and Liv could handle anything that came their way. He just didn't like the kids at any risk. Liv was already texting them to see if they felt it too.

Tyler closed his eyes and focused his wolf senses without being fully transformed. It was something Hayley had taught him to do especially since she had far greater experience at being a wolf than he did. He could feel the changes in the temperature more acutely than a human could. Tyler could also hear humans around that were oblivious to what was happening. There was also something else and it worried him.

His nostrils flared slightly taking in the fragrance that was almost hidden in the air. The feral nature of wolves allowed Tyler to smell things far sooner than even a vampire could. He took a moment to sniff again to be sure. "I can't believe it." Tyler muttered under his breath. He turned toward his girlfriend. "It's sulfur. I smell sulfur." Tyler could feel the threat levels starting to build. "It's not really strong yet, but it's there."

He was just as perplexed as Liv was. "I'll feel better once the kids are safe." He spoke in low tones that only Liv could hear. He was actually a hellhound ahd a descendant of Cerberus himself. It was information he discovered after his death at the hands of Damon Salvatore. Part of his resurrection was a three headed Hound of Hell form that he'd actually been forced to take once. He'd been left at the gates of Hell once thanks to Cerberus and Hades. It was a horrible experience. This current situation worried him. He knew the smell of Tartarus when it was in the wind. This was definitely Tartarus, but why?
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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08/25/2023 07:39 AM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Liv / mention: Klaus and Caroline
It really was such an incredible feeling to have his Liv back in his life again. When he saw Bill take her aside to talk to her, he knew what it would be about because he knew how Bill was protective of him. If Thomas was a grandpa to him, Bill was a surrogate dad. It was sometimes a blessing to have these men in his life, or at least that's what he told himself.

Tyler watched Liv carefully. He didn't have to have wolf hearing to know that Liv was giving him that same attitude she gave Tyler when they first met all those years ago. God, it was so sexy! He grinned thinking naughty thoughts as she came back toward him. This particular batch of wolfsbane wasn't exactly kind to Tyler but fortunately Bill and his crew were able to save his wolfy butt yet again. Liv came closer to him with that look in her eye. She may have been in a different body, but she sure as hell was that same feisty witch he loved so damned much.

She asked him about the plan. He was so ready to tell her. "Klaus and Caroline want registration for all supernatural people. Well, I've been on Crescent Pack Land making it a sanctuary for all the wolves. I've been hiding away out of sight for too damned long. I came out to try and help as many supes get away as possible. And of course Klaus put me on a most wanted list. So human and non human bounty hunters have been taking shots at me." He motioned at the IV trying to cleanse him of the wolfsbane.

"If I go out there and play decoy, then Klaus' goons can't try to take out innocent supes. They get away to Mexico or the Caribbean." Tyler exhaled slowly. "Bill thinks Imma get my ass killed, but I didn't care before. The only thing keeping me going was the idea of ripping Klaus to shreds some day." Tyler reached for Liv's hand lacing his larger fingers through her slender ones. "I have a reason not to be so careless anymore but there are a lot of innocents that don't want to give in to unreasonable restrictions and they shouldn't have to. Will you help me?" He glanced at her with those eyes again that she'd slapped him over in the past.

Bill was watching the interaction between the two with a smile. Bill had been a running buddy of Mason Lockwood's back when the two were surfers and the world was a different place. He found out through his friendship with Mason Lockwood that monsters were real. Mason had also made Bill promise to look out for Tyler should the two ever cross paths. Tyler hadn't activated the curse yet but Mason knew the kid would one day.

Bill had been a rookie cop when the Parker Family was murdered years ago. It was an agent from the Armory that approached him after that and plugged him into the right people. Good men like Bill could help those that were good monsters. He knew that Tyler Lockwood and Liv Parker were two of the absolute best. Maybe things might actually start turning around for his little group of Armory Agents in NOLA.

Bill waited for Tyler and Liv to have some time alone before he approached them both. "So I'm sure Ty has caught you up to speed on his end Olivia. What do you say? Will you become one of my Armory Agents? Tyler doesn't carry a gun and you don't have to either. The Gemini Coven and the Parker Family are proof enough that you're a badass."

Tyler shook his head and smiled. "You're not getting us to hide out and away from the line of fire. That is if Liv says yes…" Both men were waiting for her answer. Ty really hoped she did because the two of them were an unstoppable team. Klaus and Caroline wouldn't know what hit them.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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07/24/2023 06:03 PM 

Merry Krampus.

Merry Krampus
attn: MG / mention: Lizzie and Liv
When the kids looked like they had their hands caught in the cookie jar, Tyler had to smirk just a little. MG was a good kid so were the others in the room with him. They also had that knack for trouble that he and his friends did at that same age. He remembered those days fondly.

When Milton mentioned Liv, Tyler bit the inside of his jaw. "I hope so." At this point, Lizzie's disappearance was foremost on everyone's minds. Ty looked back at the books and cringed slightly. He wasn't one for too many books. He preferred the direct approach. Maybe it was the wolf in him that wanted to put boots on the ground so to speak. Wolves did like to hunt in the wild after all.

The kids must have seen him staring at the books for too long since Milton apologized and promised to clean it up. "Don't worry about it guys. It's okay, I promise." Tyler was a coach used to giving pep talks to the wolves especially when he was running them on the grounds of the school at all hours of the day. Talking to kids in general was still something that he was improving on day by day.

There was something more to this however. Everyone knew that Milton had it bad for Lizzie. Tyler approved of this and he could understand part of what the young man felt. He was in love with a Gemini Witch himself, so he knew what that was like. These Parker witches with tenacity and strength of character were like a drug to those that loved them – well most Parker witches. Kai didn't count. Tyler stood for a moment with a slight smile on his face.

Milton approached him almost as though Tyler had all the answers. His heart went out to the young man. He knew that he'd lose it if Liv suddenly disappeared. "No. I haven't. I've been all over the school. I even have the wolves who aren't doing anything scouting the grounds in wolf form. I sent them out with a buddy so no more gets lost or separated. " He nodded to Milton. "We'll find her, MG. I promise. I won't rest until she's back here with you."

Tyler knew that Lizzie was loved. She may have been a mean girl to some, but Ty had known her since she was a baby. He knew just how surrounded by love she was and how many were affected by her disappearance. He was going to do everything in his power to get her back. If he had to rip apart a few a**holes to do it, he would.

Pedro, the littlest witch, came into the room with Tyler, MG and the others. He looked toward the others with epic curiosity. "You still haven't found Lizzie yet? He tilted his head to the right looking to MG first then Tyler. "Have either of you checked her bedroom yet? I mean it's probably full of makeup and smelly girlie things, but have you even thought to look there?"

Tyler was speechless. First he wanted to crack up laughing at how cute Pedro was, but he was right. Maybe there was a clue there that they missed? "Uh… I haven't. " Tyler muttered before looking toward MG and the others. "Guys?"

Pedro was getting impatient with everyone who was older than he was. He sighed audibly and plopped his hands down at his sides. "Do I have to do everything myself? Come on!" He started out of the library rolling his eyes.

Tyler couldn't believe he'd been outsassed by an 8 year old. He started t9 follow behind the littlest witch with a smirk. "Wait a minute Pedro!' Tyler called after him. He essentially waited for the reactions of MG and the others.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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07/24/2023 03:43 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Liv / mention: Klaus and Caroline
It was true. She really was here. Tyler's eyes filled with tears. He tried to hold them back but he couldn't. She was back. His frazzled digits reached for hers. He had to touch her. "My God, Liv… I missed you too…" He whispered. His voice cracked. This would have been a cruel joke had he not been a werewolf. The sense of smell of a werewolf was undeniable. This was Olivia Parker. She was the most stubborn witch in the world, but she was his. His heart was hers.

Bill came over to check on Tyler. "You gave us a scare there Buddy!" The older man could tell that his presence was interrupting something between them. "I'm gonna take your lady over here for a second alright?" He was glad that Tyler was improving just even in the short time there.

Tyler huffed a little bit. "I just got her back Bill. Don't keep her long." He huffed slightly but his color was returning. He'd be back at full strength soon enough. He had so many questions to ask Liv. He wanted to hold her tightly and never let her go.


Bill took Liv aside but still stayed within visual range of Tyler's bed and the IV hooked to his arm. "I don't know how much you know about what's going on but things are looking pretty bad. We just got word through our sources that there's a contract out on Ty because of his connection to Caroline Forbes. We don't know where Klaus is but with Ty being Klaus' first successful hybrid it puts him high on the visibility spectrum. He should have been taken out tonight but thankfully you were there to help save him." Bill was about Mason Lockwood's age but he was human.

He hated telling Liv all of this but he had no choice. In order to keep Ty away from anyone connected to the Mikaelson Family was a feat in and of itself especially in New Orleans. Bill glanced over at Ty. "He's too damned stubborn to lie low till we can get him the hell out of NOLA. He had been on Crescent Pack Land for a while but left." He wasn't sure if Olivia would be willing to help them to keep Tyler out of the spotlight for a while or not. Having her here though was a good thing because The Armory knew about The Parker family and the Gemini Coven. The rest was up to Olivia


Tyler was vaguely aware of what Bill was saying to Liv. Every time he tried to read Bill's lips he turned away from him. It was really cute. Tyler wasn't some the same self centered brat he used to be in high school. Time had wised him up along. He knew the old wolf Thomas was an Armory agent. He could spot them a mile away. His own history with the older wolf made him the perfect person to watch over him when the world had basically gone to sh*t.

Tyler knew that Bill and the others wanted him to lay low, but that just wasn't in his nature. He had to be out there helping people. It was all a part of a promise he'd made to Liv when she was dying that last time. He was going to live life to the fullest and make the most of his second chance especially since he was a wolf again. He didn't want to just sit down and be quiet. He knew that with Liv back at his side as an equal partner in this relationship, he could honestly do anything.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/23/2023 11:54 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Liv, anyone who might be interested /
The pain throbbed through his body starting at his shoulder. He could feel the numbing effect slowly radiating outward. Much of what he was feeling at the moment was animal instincts since he was in his wolf form. The wolfsbane kept him from a rampage like most animals did when they were wounded. However if the shot would have hit him full on, he'd have died. He was still in wolf form as he lay on the ground unmoving except to breathe. He was near the woman who saved his life. He knew her. It was true. The smells would never lie.

Did she…? Was she..? Tyler heard her say it was Liv. She couldn't be there, could she? He whimpered in his wolf form, laying his head down. He had tried to raise his head to look at her more carefully. The pain was too much for now. He slowly began to shift back to his human form. His shoulder was grazed and slightly infected in his human form. He was also totally naked.

Tyler reached for her face. He cupped her cheek. "You are real…" He whispered. He smiled with tears filling his eyes. "Liv… my Liv…" He was conscious but losing blood from his shoulder. It had knicked the axillary vein in his left shoulder. His right hand lowered so he could lace his fingers through hers again. He wasn't completely convinced she was real but he was willing to go with the idea she was.

An older man with short platinum blonde hair and sapphire eyes approached Liv and Tyler. "Hey Ty, buddy, it's Bill. You with us here?" Bill was an Armory Agent and here to help. After shining a pen light in Tyler's eyes, he jerked a tablecloth off a table. He wrapped around Tyler's waist so he wouldn't be nude. He pulled off his jacket to make a sling for Tyler's arm. "Come with us and you'll be safe." He told Liv. Bill could see how Tyler hung onto her. That was all he needed to see.


Bill was able to get some other guys to help him grab Tyler and get him in a car to take him someplace safe. Liv was given the safe treatment by the Armory Agents under Bill's command. It would not take long for them to get to the safe house that looked like an old former UPS Store. Since everything happened and the world drew battlelines, the owners of the store boarded up the windows and headed to Mexico where it was safer from this madness. Tyler was taken inside to the makeshift sick bay. Liv was allowed to come with them.

The safe house had plenty of people that were armed to the teeth inside. There were also medics as well as those taking care of children who were terrified of the outside. There were plenty here who would fall under the declaration that if you were a supernatural you had to register for the safety of all humankind. The Armory helped people who were trying to get away. Bill was the leader in New Orleans. He was just a regular human who fought for everyone to live free.

Tyler was being patched up by the medic. She finished his bandage. She finished his bandage and checked on the IV they hooked up to get rid of the Wolfsbane in his blood. He was lying on the bed as he started to come back to his senses. "Liv? Is that really you? Or was I dreaming?" The big bad Tyler Lockwood was actually crying. The idea that Olivia Parker was back told him that there was actually hope that this messed up world could be fixed again.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/23/2023 06:46 PM 

Merry Krampus [post 2]

Merry Krampus
attn: Liv and MG / mention:Lizzie, Caroline and Kai
He had finished looking around in all corners of the gym. Tyler didn't like the fact that Lizzie was missing. What if other kids were missing too? If it was just Lizzie then it was possible to narrow down the list of suspects too. He'd never forgotten how Kai killed Jo and tried to kill the twins that day. Kai was always a prime suspect in something involving the Gemini Coven. Was there the possibility someone else was pulling the strings? Of course that wasn't such a far fetched idea. Kai was always first in anyone's minds when something like this happened.

Tyler's pocket vibrated signifying that he had a message. He stopped his forward progression and reached into his pocket. He pulled his phone out and tapped the screen multiple times. He visually scanned the message from Liv. It was always great to hear from his girl. Especially with Lizzie missing, he was glad she was with Care. She shouldn't be alone while Lizzie was missing. Tyler decided to send a message back to Liv.

Sounds good babe. I'll keep looking around here and maybe talk to the students to see if they know anything else. I'll let you guys know if I find anything. I'll be here when you get here.

He hit send and then pocketed his mobile. Tyler continued his walk across the campus. Several more students reported that things were far too quiet around there. Usually things were a bit more jovial for Christmas, but some kids were able to go home for the Holiday break while others weren't. All things considered it was far too quiet.

Tyler was stopped by Jed, former Alpha of the Salvatore School pack. He liked Jed. He was a young wolf with a lot more promise than Tyler had at his age. "Coach Lockwood, nobody's seen much of anything. I can take some of the wolves and search on the grounds themselves. "

Tyler had to admit that taking his own wolf form and searching was tempting. He couldn’t do it however. Jed and the pack could cover the grounds a lot better than he could on his own. He had to show them how much he trusted them as well. He'd put them through the ringer in human form and in wolf form.

As a role model and as a senior wolf on the staff, Tyler knew what his kids could do. He nodded to Jed. "Do a sweep of the grounds using all your senses if necessary. If you have to shift, do it. We have to turn this place upside down to look for Lizzie." He inhaled with a look of growing concern. "Nobody searches alone. Always go with a buddy. Whatever happened to Lizzie doesn't need to happen to anyone else. Keep me posted if you find anything."

Jed nodded back to Tyler. "You got it Coach!" He left Tyler to go back on his inside search of the grounds. Tyler was proud of how much the school was coming together to search for one of their own. He continued to walk through the campus.

Tyler made it to the library where MG, Kaleb and Ethan were searching. "Oh hey guys. Anything new?" He saw all the books that were in the chair. "I take it that's a dead end?" He was concerned and wanted to help any way he could. He knew there were some sort of emotions between MG and Lizzie. Being here, he could make sure MG was okay. Being a responsible adult was something he was still rusty at being, but now was the best time to do things right.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

06/09/2023 04:26 PM 

Love Hurts

Love Hurts
1x1 with Liv/ mention: Kai
It had been how long? Tyler was sitting at the bar in the Mystic Grill with some alcoholic beverage in his hand. He was waiting on his best friend Matt Donovan to join him. He'd been on a job for the Armory that had been exceptionally difficult. He needed to talk to someone about it and Donovan was elected. Tyler downed the remainder of the amber liquid in one swallow. He was a hellhound now so his entire body chemistry changed yet again.

He was throwing himself time and time again into these assignments trying to forget the pain he carried. Tyler kept it buried inside. He didn't want to remember the day he killed his girlfriend so he could live. What kind of an asshat does that? Instead, year after year before he died himself and since coming back from the dead he would drink himself into a stupor. Matt lost his own girl too so they had a lot to commiserate over.

Ty saw Matt heading in his direction. The bartender handed him another drink which diverted his attention to the fact that Donovan nearly ran over a hot girl that had entered The Mystic Grill. He made his way toward Tyler all flustered. "Did you see that?" He started to babble a little. "That girl… damn Ty."

Tyler walked toward Donovan with his drink in hand. "Did some girl tell you to get bent again?" He smirked at his buddy. "Come on. I'm breaking." Tyler was heading toward the pool table. Not paying attention to the girl at first, he sauntered over choosing a cue stick after laying down his alcohol on the edge of the table.

Matt went to the case to pick out a cue stick. "How can you be so cold, man? That girl looked like an angel." He motioned at the bartender to bring him a beer.

Tyler shrugged it off. "I had an angel once and I killed her. Now I'm a hellhound. What do you think?" He was dropping the balls into the rack to get them ready. Tyler hadn't even dated another girl since Liv died. He didn't want any more blood on his hands. The sounds of the balls hitting the table were loud. He was clacking the balls louder as he rolled them together.

"Lighten up Ty. It's been, how long now? You know Liv wouldn't want you to hate yourself like you do!" Donovan was trying his best to lighten the mood. It wasn't working.

Tyler hit the balls so hard that they turned to dust on the table. He tossed his cue down on the table. "You know what Donovan. This wasn't such a great idea. I'm out!" Tyler ran his hands through his hair and stormed out of The Grille via the door that led to the back alley.

Once in the alley, he let out a primal scream that came from his hellhound blood. Being the descendant of the original hellhound really sucked at times. He wanted to rip out his own heart and stomp it on the ground. He'd lost Olivia by his own hand thanks to the chaos her bastard brother caused at Ric and Jo's wedding. His mind constantly played back those last moments with her and how he should have just died with her.

It wasn't fair. It wasn't very damned fair at all.

Tyler's back hit the wall in the alley. He slumped down until he was sitting on the ground itself. He buried his head in his arms and hid his face. One solitary tear fell to the ground under his bent knees and then another.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

05/20/2023 12:08 PM 

Merry Krampus [intro]

Merry Krampus
attn: Liv, Caroline, MG / mention: Lizzie
Tyler actually liked being the Gym Teacher for Salvatore School. He had a special coaching session he'd do just for the young wolves to help them improve their physical skills as wolves. Coach Lockwood, as most called him, was back in his office trying to finish up a few loose ends before officially closing up shop for the Christmas holiday. There were some kids still around the school because they couldn't go home. Tyler didn't mind hanging around helping out, especially making sure the kids were safe.

He had just locked up the last bit of gear, when he pulled out his cellphone. He was just about to text his girlfriend, Liv Parker, to let her know he was finished when Alaric knocked on his door. "Hey Ty. Got a minute?"

Tyler looked up at Alaric and nodded. "Sure Ric. What's up?" He held his phone in his hand a moment longer. "I was just about to text Liv."

"Have you seen Lizzie?" He asked. Getting to the point was somewhat out of character for Ric. He was obviously upset. The older man looked haggard and worn.

Tyler blinked. "What do you mean? She didn't take your credit card again and hit the mall again, did she?" He seemed confused. It really didn't hit him what Ric was saying.

Ric shook his head. "No she didn't. I still have the card she likes to use." He ran his hand through his hair. "Nobody has seen her."

Tyler stood up leaving his cell on his desk. "I'll help you look. She's gotta be here somewhere." This wasn't making sense. Had someone unauthorized come on campus? "Does Caroline know?" He asked finally. He started to type out a message to Liv.

Ric answered in a low voice. "Yeah. I thought I'd keep looking." He answered. He was a frazzled worried father and Tyler couldn't blame him. "Let me know if you see her alright?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Defense. I'll help you look. Let me fill in Liv. Maybe she can do a locator spell?" Tyler mentioned trying to offer any sort of comfort he could. He had his message almost completely done to Liv by now.

Alaric nodded. "Good idea. I'll keep looking. Let me know if you find anything okay?" He asked. He clenched his jaw in worry because of what was happening and the unknown factor in his daughter's disappearance. In Tyler's eyes, he was actually well within his rights to worry.

Tyler met his question with a nod. "Yeah of course! We'll find her Ric. I promise. " Tyler told him. He finished up his message to Liv and hit send. "I just messaged Liv. Try not to worry too much."

Babe, Ric just asked me if he's seen Lizzie. Apparently she's missing. I'm still at the school. Can you come here? Maybe do a locator spell or something? This seems all wrong and I don't like it.

"There. Sent." Tyler told Ric. He pocketed the phone. "You go back to looking. I'll let you guys know when Liv gets here.' He tried to hide his worry. He knew Liv wouldn't be happy either when she found out about Lizzie's disappearance. He felt she had the right to know for sure what was happening.

Logically, the more feet on the ground, the odds of finding the girl were better. After Alaric left Tyler's office, he headed in the direction of the library himself. It wasn't too far from his office. It was as good a place as any to start and to meet up with Liv when she got there.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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