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attn: Ardent, Hex Girl, Made of Ruin
There was a conflagration of noises going on in his head. Tyler stood there with the finest black silk outfit complete with rapier on his hip. He was Zorro just for the night for this Halloween, but he felt a little antsy. There wasn’t any other way to describe it. The werewolf started to pace a bit until he heard the voice of Enzo St. John. The smell of death that accompanied a vampire to the nose of a wolf, snapped him back into some form of clarity. “Oh! Hey Enzo! Bonnie!” Tyler had grown up with Bonnie, Elena and Caroline all in the days before they knew that vampires, werewolves and witches were real.

He was not mesmerized at the moment like he had been. The aire of familiarity that came with The vampire and the witch had in a sense snapped him out of what threatened to convince him that he was really a swordsman from Spanish California. He was the same old Tyler that excelled at being a royal pain in the arse again. “You’d think I’d get used to the stink of death that comes with a vampire after all these years, but noooo.” He smirked, drawing his lips into a firm line. He knew when he talked smack about vampires, that usually gained him a glare or two from Enzo or whatever vamp was in his vicinity.

“So are we ready to scope this place out or anything?” He asked Bonnie and Enzo. He was being drawn inside. He just simply wrote it off as being excited for the holiday. He wasn’t even noticing that his voice developed a bit of a Spanish accent as he spoke. He was moving with a bit more of a flourish than what he normally did. It was the flamboyant style of Zorro that was starting to bleed into the werewolf’s personality without him truly recognizing what was happening.

The smell of death assaulted his wolf senses once more. The icy hues of Damon Salvatore connected with him. “And a vampire as a serial killer?” Tyler’s sneer curled his lips in a self assured smile. “Wow… What a stretch there.” Sarcasm was an art and Tyler Lockwood perfected it. “Please tell me I’m not the only wolf here today?” He muttered mostly to himself. “So are we gonna get this show on the road?” He asked. His accent returned to normal when Damon came along dressed as Freddy Kruger.

Tyler had no idea that he was doing anything out of the ordinary. The closer this group got to the front door of the Haunted House, the more he could feel a fog coming over him. The sounds of the populace that was inside the house began to grow louder in his ears. He shook his head briefly. He knew his senses were augmented because of the fact he was a wolf. Damon especially loved to make dog jokes around him. Bonnie got a few in front time to time after everything happened and the wolf curse took effect on Tyler. He was still a young wolf by all standards especially since he had no idea that the Lockwood Family had a curse until it was far too late. Uncle Mason tried to warn him, but Katherine’s mechaninations caused him to spill that innocent blood for the first time all those years ago. Was it wrong that he was happy it wasn’t Matt Donovan he killed first? Needless Death was something that he’d grown to despise as he had gotten older. Death now had to have a purpose. Given the work he did on occasion for The Armory, Tyler was glad he had a way to vent all that primal instinct. A slight snarl curled his lips as his path took him closer to the inside of the Haunted House. Yes, it did sound like his snarl when he was in pure wolf form. He wasn’t in wolf form at the moment even though his eyes were shining that golden amber color. His right hand rested upon the basket hilt of the rapier on his side. His digits began to drum across that same basket hilt. He was growing more and more anxious to pull out that sword.

Zorro and the wolf known as Tyler Lockwood were both inside the form of the young man with a struggle involved to try and gain dominance over one another. He had no idea how it looked on the outside or if anyone even noticed. He was locked inside his own head at the moment. It was a prospect that was downright frightening especially to Tyler since control was something he’d worked hard to establish especially being a wolf. The churning in his stomach told him this was likely not to end well.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Enzo, Landon / mention: Caroline
When did his cabin on the Bayou become a gathering point for all supernatural creatures? The Beta Werewolf adopted by the Crescents had become a confidante to Hayley and her second in command. Protecting Hope was his main priority. He had been out of commission for far too long for his liking. Tyler was still agitated due to his recent transformation into full wolf form. He was doing his best to calm down. The only one in his past that could actually calm him down had been Caroline. Doing it on his own was always a very difficult task. Why did she have to be the only woman that Tyler would ever truly love? Damn Klaus and his bullsh!t

Now it was time to address his new guests. Nobody in this room was human, especially not Tyler. Tyler had to figure out what he was going to do next. It was time to sort them out. Werewolf senses were always greater than an average human. It was no secret. To your average werewolf, a vampire usually smelled like death or rotting corpse. With Enzo in the room (a known vampire to him), Tyler tried to focus his sense of smell. The new kid in the room called himself Landon. There was something very different about Landon. Normal humans had a certain scent to a werewolf depending on their diet, their exercise regimen, or even if they had sex the night before. Werewolves could smell all that on a human. This kid didn’t smell like any of that. He smelled like ash.

There had been another girl that had entered his cabin, but Thomas the werewolf elder had come in and took the girl with him. He was a shepherd of sorts to all the young wolves. He knew that she would be safe with him. Tyler was left alone with Enzo and this kid named Landon. “Yeah it’s safe here. At least for a little while it will be.” The uproar in the city of New Orleans among the supernatural beings there would undoubtedly get back to Klaus and his flunkeys. Knowing that Tyler was not one of Klaus’ favorite people, it wouldn't be long before someone would undoubtedly come after him. Would Caroline even know or care?

Tyler turned to look at his friend and former partner in the activities for the Armory. The vampire had come a long way for some reason. It had been a while since he had any contact with the Armory. More than likely, they thought he was dead. Tyler was unsure if any of his family was alive or dead. He had to admit that it was good to see Enzo. Trusting vampires was not in his Forte. Enzo was different. Tyler knew he could trust Enzo with his very life.

Tyler reached for a cabinet to his left and open the door. Inside the cabinet was an old bottle of bourbon that he had managed to carry with him to New Orleans after running from Lockwood Manor in the middle of the night when he was being haunted like a dog. There was a certain irony in that especially considering he was a werewolf. In the next cabinet was two tumblers that he kept for just such an occasion. He sat the bottle down on the counter and pushed it in the direction of the vampire. “Go on buddy. You deserve it. Especially after I nearly ripped your throat out. Let’s not tell Bonnie or she’ll neuter me, I’m sure.” Enzo was an aficionado of bourbon as most of the Supernatural Element from Mystic Falls had been.

He turned his gaze back to Landon. The kid was definitely not any sort of human he'd ever seen. He’s seeing quite a few supernatural creatures especially in his time with the Armory. “You’re obviously not human. Why don’t you start talking? No one’s going to hurt you here. We take in all sorts in the Bayou.” He wasn’t sure what the boy knew in regard to other supernatural creatures that existed. It was going to be best to have a little chat with him to find out what his story was and how he fit into the bigger picture
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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05/12/2022 04:46 PM 

Girl Interrupted; post two

Girl Interrupted
attn: Mason / mention: Caroline
Tyler had gone through the first half of his day with subtle winks and smirks to all the attractive female nurses all day long. He really was a good doctor once he put his mind to it. In all honesty, the playboy attitude of being a spoiled rich kid had been a part of who he was since he was 15 and seduced Vicky Donovan under the bleachers before football practice. It was amazing what some girls did for little bit of weed in a plastic baggie.

A voluptuous red head with legs for miles and a full pouty mouth approached him. "I need your help with this patient Dr. Lockwood. I do hope you can…" Her eyes traveled wickedly over his entire body before turning on her heels and walking down the hallway.

Tyler leaned back in appreciation and admired that which was being offered to him. She was definitely hot enough to send his heart rate racing. "I'll be right there." He insisted as he ran his tongue over his lips. He hurried through the last bit of charting he had to do and started down that hall.

This was the hall that led to his Uncle Mason's office. Tyler caught himself for a moment wondering why Mason never said anything about his trysts in the nearest closet on nearly every floor in the building. Mason wasn't an idiot. He had to know what Tyler was doing. The younger Lockwood thought back to breakfast with his Uncle at Lockwood Manor. The way Mason looked at him. It sent a chill down his spine. Was that relief? It was really creepy now that he thought about it.

Tyler was just shy of the rendezvous closet with the ginger but couldn't stop thinking about his uncle. It was a bit of a buzz kill yes, but that lingering question tugged at the back of his mind. Nothing had happened to him. Tyler was just a normal guy with a normal job. Sure he'd been a jerk more often than not especially to Jeremy Gilbert but Gilbert deserved it. He was a puppy who needed to be taught a lesson or two. Tyler shook off this internal conversation and started back down the hall.

His steady footfalls mimicked the sound of his own heart beating. The pure silence of the facility was Interrupted in his hearing by those Italian loafers carrying him to an illicit rendezvous with a ginger that would obviously make him start to call on the Saints for his redemption. He came to a dead stop in the hallway just outside his Uncle Mason's office. He had to be the world's biggest idiot for what he was about to do, but Mason was being uncharacteristically silent and even morose on occasion.

Tyler thought for a moment, raging an internal debate. A few moments of bliss in a closet or the chance to have a conversation with his uncle. Tyler had his dream job. No one could reprimand him for being a cad because Mason was the Administrator. He had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted and he usually did.

What the hell was he thinking? Mason gained custody of Tyler when his parents both died within a year of each other. He'd been orphaned at 17. It could have been loads worse, but it wasn't. He was a lothario and he knew it. He could have never dated a classy girl like Caroline Forbes in high school. It wasn't that she wasn't hot because she was. Tyler had the urge to roam and he didn't know why.

He ran his hands through his sleek black locks before pulling on them. He let out a desperate sigh of agitation looking up into the sky. Someone up there was giving him a dose of conscience and he didn't like it one bit. There was only one man who could give him answers. That man was behind the door with gold lettering on a walnut background. Tyler raised a hand and struck the door several times just knocking. "Uncle Mason? Are you in there?" He spoke with a loud enough voice that the elder Lockwood would hear him. He had to talk to Mason. This was starting to really eat at him and he wanted to know why.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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04/18/2022 12:10 PM 

Girl Interrupted: Intro

Girl Interrupted
att: Mason
What could be more bleak than an insane asylum? They didn't exactly call it an insane asylum anymore. It was more like a group home four people with mental issues. Tyler Lockwood was fresh from medical school looking for a residency. He barely got by in medical school because he had the assistance of his uncle Mason. His parents weren’t around anymore and his uncle looked after him.

Tyler had a bit of an attitude problem while in medical school. It was basically the same attitude that he had while in high school. He was good looking and he knew it. More often than not, he used his good looks and his name to get ahead in life. His grades in medical school were mediocre at best. It was going to be hard for him to score a choice residency. This is where his uncle Mason stepped in once more.

He’d been there for maybe six months before the attitude started surfacing once more. It wasn’t uncommon to hear laughing coming from a utility closet while Tyler was on duty. If one watched long enough, the door would open; a buxom nurse would emerge adjusting her top followed by the young Lockwood heir. The head nurse as well as the medical director would often darken Mason's office doorway to let him know that Tyler was up to no good again.

Today was another day just like every other day. A blonde nurse with long curly hair emerged from a utility closet trying to play it off like she wasn’t doing things she should not have been in the first place. A few moments later, Tyler exited the same closet adjusting his lab coat. He started down the hall only to be met by a very angry head nurse. “DOCTOR LOCKWOOD. Need I remind you that there are some very ill patients here? I can’t have you continuing to misbehave with all the young nurses in every closet in this facility!”

Tyler held up his hands in mock surrender. “I have no idea what in the world you are talking about! I just got here! I was on my way to check in and begin my rounds.” It was a bold faced lie of course, but that was the attitude the self entitled rich brat. He had the family name of one of the founding families in all of Mystic Falls, so there was immediate prestige that came with being born Lockwood. He had ridden that social crown as far as he could take it. He knew eventually that Mason was going to lay into him. He could handle it. He could handle all of it. Tyler started to strut away from the nurse with his full attitude in force. He was on top of the world.

He began to head in the direction of the patient rooms. He made his way finally arriving at the nurses station just outside of the first hallway of rooms. He reached into his pocket to pull out an ink pen but instead he pulled out a rather skimpy and sexy black thong. A slight tinge of red color his cheeks before he stuffed the thong back into his pocket. Hopefully Mason didn’t see that let alone anyone else. He started to search for the first chart of his first patient that he was going to visit today. Rounds could be very boring at times or at least they were boring to a playboy like Tyler Lockwood. He had to make his way in this world and do something rather than just spend all the family money with every big party that he had.

Tyler heard voices coming up behind him. He lowered his head and pretended that he was reading the medical information on the chart in front of him. He was trying to glean some information about the conversation behind him. Hopefully that old sour head nurse wasn't getting on his case to Mason again. The last thing he needed would be to have Mason cut off his trust fund money for an extended period of time. That would be hitting Tyler right where it hurt. If anyone knew his weakness, it was his uncle Mason. This whole situation was about to get very ugly very fast.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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Halloween Intro post

Intro post / open tag
Tyler Lockwood gazed into the mirror at his reflection. It was Halloween. For some time he had heard about this haunted house that was going to happen in Greendale. Curiosity got the better of him, so he decided that he would give it a whirl. He had been to the Greendale Riverdale area, so he knew about the origins of witchcraft. In an area so rife with occult influences, he had the distinct feeling that this Halloween was going to be one to be remembered.

He had chosen a hotel on the outskirts of Greendale that could be his temporary shelter. When one went to a party, it was logical to assume that one would be partaking of adult beverages. Tyler had no desire to be behind the wheel of a car driving back to Mystic Falls while intoxicated. It was his logic that he could sleep off the after party in a hotel room and return to Mystic Falls in the morning. No one wanted to deal or should deal with his drunk werewolf side. This made perfect sense to him.

Being a werewolf for real was almost like living with Halloween 24 hours a day seven days a week. For one night, Tyler was going to be someone else. Thomas, the older werewolf that was like a surrogate father to him, had introduced him the stories written by Johnston Mcculley about a legend from the old days where Mexico was in control of California. The stories were of Don Diego de Las Vega and his secret identity as the masked swordsman Zorro. Thomas had even brought out old videotapes of the show that Disney had that ran back in 1957. Tyler started watching the first tape and soon was through the entire run of the 30 minute TV shows from back in 1957. He was hooked. He continued to do research on the subject because it fascinated him so much. There was an updated television show back in 1990. This show from that time period did not fascinate him as much as the one in 1957. Antonio Banderas Had it going on when he played Zorro in the 1998 movie. Still, Guy Williams from 1957 was the GOAT. That was the version of Zorro that Tyler was going to be.

It had taken some wrangling, and calling in a few favors for Tyler to get his hands on that particular costume. In the end it was one of his buddies from the Armory that procured the costume for him. He stood there for a moment looking at himself a bit longer in the mirror before he walked to the box that contained the costume. He removed the lid to spy the dark fabric underneath. His right hand extended to brush his fingertips across the silk fabric. It was beautifully smooth and most definitely extravagant. It looked as though it had been worn by a gentleman in old California when it was a Mexican territory. Tyler could feel himself imagining being amongst a group lovely ladies who were quite enamored of the dashing rogue. He smiled to himself. “I’ve been single too long.” He told himself with a chuckle. It was time to get ready, so the werewolf removed his shirt and tossed it aside on the bed.

It didn’t take long for him to be fully in costume. He had a black mask that was tied over his head with perfect eyeholes so he could see. The long black gloves fit his hands as if they were made for him. it struck him as odd briefly that he’d never worn this before, but it fit as though it was made for him. The icing on the cake as it were, was the hat that fit perfectly up on his head. He stopped for a moment and took a great appreciation for how he looked. “¡Muy guapo!” He declared admiring himself.

Tyler furrowed his brow. That burst in Spanish was something he had not anticipated. Shaking his head he assumed he was just caught up in the moment. He taken a Spanish in high school of course but he didn’t I think he was that proficient in the language. All that remained of the costume for him to wear, was the sword and the scabbard. He gently handled the sword in his right hand. It was a beautiful blade. It wasn’t phony either. Tyler knew by the weight of it that it was quite real. There were certain perks with being associated with the Armory. He knew what real weapons look like and how they felt. He tried to put it out of his mind and focus on the night of merriment that lay ahead.

His truck was waiting for him in the parking lot where he had left it. With keys in hand, Tyler started walking towards his truck. For an instant he could have sworn that his truck had actually turned into a beautiful horse that was the color of night. He shook his head and climbed into the truck. It was off to the haunted house he went. He wondered if anyone would be there that he knew. The reputation of the haunted house in Greendale was legendary. Chances were likely that he’d find at least one person he knew there. One could only wait and see.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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attn: Davina, Caroline
Tyler's phone buzzed in his pocket. He almost didn't hear it. The ER was overwhelming and grew even more unbearable. Tyler could feel his temper starting to rise as the situation around him was getting worse. When he could feel his werewolf blood boiling, he knew he had to retreat. He exited the Emergency Room and started into the hospital itself. He jumped into a closet and pulled out his phone. He read the message from Davina.

“Things are not safe at the hospital. I just watched a doctor get punched. I am leaving the hospital but I don’t know where to go. I have to help.”,

This made a distinct grumble come from Lockwood. He let his shoulders drop. His optics turned gold and his teeth became fangs. His temper was the key to letting his wolf free. This was certainly taking him directly to absolute rage. Too much stress and not enough answers was pushing him directly to the brink. He dropped his phone back into his pocket before he destroyed it.

Just before he lost the last hold on his temper, his phone buzzed again. He heard the ambulance arrive. Knowing his roommates schedule, Tyler knew Jeremy should be out there somewhere. The voices all around and the thought of his best friend did work to his advantage in bringing Tyler's temper back into focus again. His eyes and teeth returned to normal. The hairs that usually started to prickle his skin before he went full wolf disappeared.

He reached for the door, but heard voices. There were two firefighter paramedics speaking. "Where's Gilbert? He was supposed to be on this run." One spoke to the other.

"He was with us, but some guy with an accent ran up and dragged him away in a fancy car. They were gone before I could do anything. " The other replied, merely baffled at what had transpired.

The mention of Jeremy worried Tyler. The description of the man that took Jeremy and the car he drove meant only one thing. Kol Mikaelson was around and that was never good news. Just as Tyler had his issues with Klaus, Jeremy’s own personal pain in the ass was Kol. Damn Mikaelsons He growled low.

Tyler's phone was buzzing from his last test he'd not read yet. His jaw was clenched and he was breathing through flared nostrils. He pulled it out of his pocket and started to read it. It was from Caroline.

“Spotted a new feature creature on campus, heavy on the yuck, but I think they have something to do with this. Where is everyone,”

This was not what Tyler wanted to hear. He finally emerged from the closet and marched toward the door. He wasn't about to stay here any longer. His friends were facing this growing problem all alone. Tyler was a werewolf. He could help and dammit he was going to help. He was pulling off his jacket and slamming it into his open locker in the residents' locker room. His phone was in his hand as he typed up a message to send to Caroline's phone.

I'm leaving the ER now. If something is out there, I'm going to find it and I'm going to kill it.

He hit the send button right before he slammed the doors heading out to the campus at large. There would be more sick people in his ER. As a werewolf, Tyler was able to track a variety of people and monsters with just a scent alone. It was time for all this to END.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

03/16/2022 07:19 AM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Enzo, Landon and Finch / mention: Caroline and Klaus
The snarling wolf in front of Enzo St. John was nearly ready to pounce on the vampire when something finally reached through to him. He'd already been attacked once and had nearly died. He wouldn't do anyone any good if he was dead. Even after all this, the Lockwood wolf still hoped beyond all hope that Caroline … his Caroline …. was inside the vampire that was considered by many to be a true monster. She was acting like a Mikaelson. Tyler had to believe she wasn't too far gone despite the fact that vampires could get pretty brutal when they'd flipped their humanity switch.

Tyler's snarling stopped. The Golden Feral Hues of the wolf in front of St. John changed even as he stood there. His mouth shut. That canine tongue of the wolf licked at his lips almost like just a regular dog. He looked to Enzo as if to urge the vampire to follow him. He started back toward his cabin. Any of the pack who knew Tyler's wolf form would see that he was his companion. Despite being a vampire, the British vamp was an ally. Allies were something that the Crescents and other displaced wolves were sadly lacking.


Once back in his cabin, Tyler reverted back to his human form. This human form was obviously naked. He'd left Enzo alone in his kitchen with a refrigerator that had regular food in it as well as alcohol. He returned from the bedroom wearing a simple tee shirt and jeans once more. "Look Enzo, I'm sorry about that. Tensions are high and there was a witch speaking in my head that was really irritating me. With everything going on, I need to keep a cool head. It's not like the old days…"

Lockwood was interrupted by the presence of another individual at the door. You just couldn't waltz onto Crescent land without being noticed, so Tyler was a bit shocked at first. The boy presented no threat to him. Those who worked for Klaus wouldn't just reach out in such a manner. He seemed to be a bit lost. Thomas helped him gain more compassion for kids that were in trouble. "Who are you?" He asked the boy.

Before Tyler could inquire further, a girl showed up that was obviously a wolf. He knew that Thomas, the wolf elder tended to send the lost and foundling to him, so he assumed that was the case here. The gray haired wolf was not currently in Tyler's cabin. Thomas was with the youngest wolves telling them all the stories about the old days much like a grandpa would. Tyler was alone with Enzo at the moment when the kids both showed up. He stepped back to allow both kids to come into his cabin. "I am Tyler Lockwood. Both of you, come in please."

Tyler was one of the most wanted Enemies of State because of his connection to Caroline and his past feud with Klaus. He was already the victim of one attempted murder. He'd be foolish not to think there would be more. He took a seat on a stool at the end of the counter in his kitchen. He addressed the kids. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" He wasn't snarling or in wolf form. He was just a wolf with some more experience under his belt. These kids needed help, or he assumed they did by the fact they'd shown up at his door.

The ball was in their court now.
Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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Fear Everything

Fear Everything
attn: Enzo, Hayley, Hope/ mention: a lot of folks
Tyler's head was spinning. One thing after another was happening. Enzo St John was here? He needed to go find Enzo before the wolves ripped him apart. Before he could actually try to get to Enzo, the bottom quite literally fell out. All the truth about Hope was coming out fast and furious. Granted it was good to see Hayley and know she was well, but something just wasn't right. Now Hope was asking questions he couldn't answer. It wasn't his place to answer

Thomas gave them space so that Hope, Hayley and Tyler could talk. "I don't like any of this!" Tyler groused loudly. His eyes glittered gold and his fangs were bared in frustration. "This is going to bring more dead wolves." He started pacing around like a caged animal.

Hope raised her hand and stopped Tyler in his pacing and his rant. Someone was coming? Tyler's eyes went full gold. He had full control over his wolf form, so he took advantage of it. The man who was a wanted criminal in the eyes of Klaus Mikaelson didn't give a tinker's dam. He was on Crescent land and he was a werewolf. The fully lupine form of Tyler Lockwood raced out of his cabin and into the open air of the Crescent land.

The steady beat of the four feet of the wolf as he ran filled his ears. His lips were snarling because of the smells that were carried on the wind. He ran faster as a wolf than he could in a human form. He was filled with rage. This was a sanctuary for the wolves. He couldn't let anything happen to it or to Hope or Hayley.

There was a voice in his head that spoke to him. It was a witch trying to beg for his help in this battle that was escalating into a war. He stood there a moment still I'm wolf form. He made eye contact with a familiar face. Enzo St. John had a pair of big brass ones for coming right here like he did.

With his head lowered, the wolf form of Tyler Lockwood was snarling in a low bass. He was fixed on Enzo. He could smell the death that came from the vampire. All vampires smelled that way to him. Death invoked a misery all unto its own. Tyler was not a Crescent by birth. He was only a Crescent by adoption. Hayley was his Alpha and he would die for her if he needed to without hesitation. It's what a Beta did. A Beta would always protect the Alpha. That's what he was doing right now.

Tyler wanted no treaty with witches or vampires. Tyler wanted to go deeper into the Bayou where none of them could find them and none could follow. Even the Mikaelsons invoked the wrath of the Bayou by their mere presence. It was going to take either Hayley's arrival or Hope's to stop Tyler from going past the barrier spell. He'd been injured, yes, but he was healing. It was good for them all to keep in mind that there were no more dangerous creatures than those that were injured.

Tyler Lockwood definitely fit that bill. He had blood in his eyes and murder on his mind. Keep out the ones who don't belong no matter what the cost. The wolf was still snarling and practically frothing at the lips as he kept approaching the barrier spell boundary. Despite the familiarity of St. John, Tyler was in a feral mindset to protect his pack. No vampire, witch or human could be trusted.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
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11/19/2021 12:46 AM 

Clueless (3W group post)

attn: Davina, Anna / mention Caroline.
It was always the same when he was in wolf form. Tyler Lockwood had no real concept of passing time. In his wolf form his emotions were raw and primal. The sudden and profound loss of his best friend Caroline Forbes had destroyed him. He had no thoughts except the purest form of rage that could be imagined.

In this form his vision was far more acute than it was as a human. He had left the grounds of the Salvatore School and started to run. He had no idea where he was going until he got there. Even in his wolf form, he could recognize the old Lockwood Manor dungeon. It was this little hellhole that Tyler had come when he was facing his first full moon. He was trying to anticipate what would happen with the first change.

The growling werewolf stopped for just a moment. His head canted to the right and his snout closed. His nose twitched as the familiar smells triggered his memory. In front of his eyes, he could still see concern in Caroline's eyes for his first transformation. He could feel the rage. He could feel the anger. He could feel the fear. His head tilted back in werewolf form and he howled for the loss of someone so dear to him. Caroline was his first love. They would never get back what they once had, but they still had a powerful bond that meant everything to him.

After the mournful cry of the werewolf has started to die down in the dungeon, his path continued. He raced out again back into the primal form of nature itself. He could feel his four feet striking the ground in the angry stride of an animal that had been wounded. He had no idea if this wild ride he had been on had actually injured him in any way, but that was the farthest thing from his mind. He had run away from the source of his pain. Now he was running back.

His sensitive hearing could pick up on words spoken in the woods outside of the Salvatore School. He knew the Salvatore School because he served as physical education instructor for the werewolves that were students. Coach Lockwood had his physical form as a wolf that he used on occasion to challenge the younger kids. He knew where he was. The remaining question was could he identify anyone as a safe person to be around? Right now he was still hurting. What was he to do? The reason of his human side was too crippled to consider any logical course of action. Caroline was dead and someone had to pay. The wolf slowly emerged with his fangs bared. The steps were deliberate and slow. He was going to exact his retribution.


There was a man by himself. The wolf had his head lowered and his fangs still exposed. He began a low deep growling sound as he stalked this man. He was going to start picking off anyone who would get in his way. They would pay. They would all pay.

The wolf waited until he was right at the perfect distance before he leapt at the man. The perfect trajectory of the wolf as his feet hit human flesh was perfect. Werewolf claws shredded the man's tuxedo jacket. His growling was getting louder as the wolf was just moments away from tearing the man's throat from his body.

Given the primal instincts of a werewolf rarely had been overcome, the beast was surprised when his muzzle was clamped shut merely by the strength in the man's hands. There was a reason for that ability to stop the wolf in midkill. He was no mere ordinary man.

"Tyler?" The man he'd chosen to attack was Jeremy Gilbert. The member of The Five that made his home base in Mystic Falls was more than capable of holding off Tyler's wolf form… for a little while. When Tyler had attacked Jeremy, he was in the process of dialing his girlfriend Anna on his mobile. The device had connected so she would hear something was happening to Jeremy.

This post continues from my Lionheart Jeremy Gilbert profile.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

11/19/2021 12:39 AM 

Fear Everything (3W group post)

Fear Everything
attn: Hope and Enzo
Tyler was getting tired of waiting around but Thomas watched him like a hawk. Granted Thomas was like the dad he really wanted and felt he'd deserved in the first place. He heard the door open. Before he could say anything, he had Hayley's daughter in his face with a great deal of angst. The look on her face spoke volumes. Ty could feel his heart breaking. He reached for her and wrapped her up in his arms like a protective uncle would. "I'm sorry sweetheart. We'll get you through this. I promise."

Thomas came into the room at this time with the food and beer for Tyler. He sat it down when he saw the girl in Tyler's arms. He knew Hayley's daughter and he swore as an elder to keep the girl safe. "Aw hell." He spoke under his breath. "Newly activated curses are always the hardest to get through." His tone was soft and grandfatherly. Something concerned him though. She was like so many others when they triggered the werewolf curse, but she reminded him of his own granddaughter.

Thanks to the Underground Railroad, his granddaughter had made it to Mexico safely. He willingly stayed in the Bayou with the Crescents and with Tyler in particular. Tyler didn't have to know that he was the primary agent telling the Armory where the younger wolf was. With his knowledge of werewolf traditions and lore, he was actually able to teach these kids a few things also. "Why don't you sit down here for a minute, Hope? Somebody has to keep Tyler's grouchy ass from running off into town." Thomas had a twinkle in his eye because he knew that it would evoke a snarky comeback from Tyler.

Tyler chuckled and shook his head as he led Hope to the nearest chair. "You can open up a soup can with the best of them, Thomas." He teased with a wink. "You got any more tricks back there?"

"Well, I've got a bottle of soda in the refrigerator with Hope's name on it." He grinned back. He knew that Tyler needed a chance to talk to the girl alone. He could also use a few minutes alone himself. "I'll be back in a bit." He had his own cabin that he stayed in where he had all sorts of goodies especially for the kids. In this current state of affairs, the kids were rightfully scared because of the biggest monster of them all, The Hybrid.

Tyler watched as Thomas left them alone. He smiled gently, thankful that a man like that was pretty much his guardian angel. Tyler wanted to be like that for Hope. He turned back to the girl. "You'll be here in the bayou when the first full moon comes. I won't leave your side I promise. I know this is scary. I went through it myself. I had someone with me when I went through my first transformation. I barely knew what to expect. Fortunately you'll have someone with you that knows exactly what will happen."

Of course that first person that had been with him was Caroline. It had been a different world back then. Caroline was kind and considerate. She hadn't been a vampire for very long and they really did love each other at that point. He had often run through that period in his life in his mind shouting back at the memories of all the stupid things he had done. Caroline had been willing to risk her very life to make sure that Tyler made it to that transformation and one piece. Now where were they?

Tyler reached across and took Hope's hands. He gently squeezed them. "I'm not going to let you be alone. You can sleep in my bed if you want and I'll sleep on the couch. If you feel better about it, we can also have Thomas around. As it stands right now I don't think he's going to let either of us out of his sight."

He gave her a silly smile hoping that would alleviate some of her anxiety about what had happened to her and what was about to happen. Something did worry him however, the thought that she had some degree of magical ability. That meant that she was a hybrid. He had very little experience with witch werewolf hybrids. if only he could get a message out to The Armory. Tyler had gone at least a month without checking in with his contacts at The Armory. A part of him wondered if perhaps they would venture down this way. He knew that The Armory was on the side of supernaturals. They could come in handy right about now with Hope Marshall and her first transformation into a werewolf.


In his cabin, Thomas raided the special refrigerator. He had several extra cold bottle of root beer that he'd been saving for a special occasion. He dug into the back where all the good cold stuff was and pulled out three of them. Thomas set them on the counter.

He reached into one particular drawer in the kitchen. Thomas exercised enough control over his wolf form that he could actually make his wolf claws appear instead of human fingertips. It was these wolf claws that were able to open a false back in the rear of this drawer. Inside the special compartment, was a satellite phone. He used it to dial a specific number that went back to Mystic Falls, Virginia. A voice answered. "Tyler Lockwood is alive and well. He survived an attempt on his life by The Witches of The Cauldron. We have a newly triggered werewolf who just happens to be a witch as well. Could use some help as the full moon is in 3 days."

Thomas ended the call without waiting for a response. He had no idea who was on the other end of that phone. It was better that way. He returned the satellite phone to its hidden position shifting his wolf claws back into human hands. Slowly the drawer was shut. The elder werewolf picked up the cold bottles of root beer and headed back to Tyler's cabin.


Thomas returned to Tyler's cabin. He didn't even knock. He never did. "So I thought ice cold root beer was the best thing to make all our troubles fade away just for a few hours anyway.

Tyler admired Thomas and his pure solutions to any given problem. Tyler sincerely hoped that this put the girl's fears at ease, even for a little while.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet

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