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A few months passed and Loki was still a prisoner at the hands of the Umbrella Corporation. Though at first, it looked like the Jotun native was giving into what was happening to him. Each time they injected him with a strain of one of the many various viruses it seemed like it changed him somewhat, but Loki being who he was, wasn't about to give in so readily. The woman decided to use something else. Something that hadn't been used in such a long time. While this was occurring, Thor was looking high and low for his brother. Storms seemed to be raging every day since, showing the gods sorrow. However, Thor wouldn't be able to see him easily, since Loki was deep underground, but even there he could hear the soft booms of thunder. His eyes looked upwards as he wished he could see that oaf once more. A tear left his eye, as he wanted things to be as they should have been. Not being used as an experiment and possibly a weapon.

This was not the room he was in before. Granted it was big, cold, and isolated but this room had a huge tube in the center of it. He was only in his lower attire now, since the injection needles had a hard time getting through the leather of his Asgardian armor. Heavy breaths came from him. Shifting from his Asgardian form to his Jotun form. The mutations were doing things to him they wouldn't do in a normal person or animal. The coldness of his cells and blood hindered some of them, while some had a stronger effect.
Bulging azure veins adorned his pale flesh. With every beat of his heart the veins pulsed. The vessels were a dark hue and his overall appearance was something that was starting to be a bit frightening. Unholy growls emitted from him as he lifted his hand to strike the glass that is when he caught his reflection in the cold image before him. His eyes were no longer a sparkling blue but rather bloodshot with a slight ring of yellow around the iris with a faint hint of blue. Fingernails were long and razor sharp. His hair was longer and went down to his lower back. Staring at his likeness he looked away, even he was afraid of this monster he was becoming.
It was hard to explain how the god of mischief was feeling right now. The best way to describe it was he was trapped within his mind and body. As much as he wanted to fight what was going on within him, he couldn't stop it. The magic he was taught was not able to get him out of this. Even conjuring a clone was impossible. Closing his eyes he tried to focus, to attempt to break free of this prison which at the moment was his own body. That is when he heard the doors open and the sound of those heels clicking on the cold floor. However, the steps didn't come over to him rather the computer that was on a platform. Then that voice was heard, one he was starting to loathe with every passing moment. Though his hearing was incredible before, it was almost like it was enhanced further. It was like he could hear everything and not just in this room.

The heels turned from where they were and came up to where he was being held. Before she could speak his eyes opened. “ It--- won't work... “ came a heavy breath. “This.. another virus... it will fail... and when it does... I will rip you apart.... “ a low growl came from him as the woman just laughed. That laugh was so unnerving. Those eyes thank god were hidden behind the dark shades she wore. Opening the chamber door she leaned in close to him, seeing the veins she ran a finger over the pulsating vessels. “ Such an impressive creature. Even more so if you just gave in.. let the mutations happen. “ her words grated on his nerves as he went to lunge forward as she didn't move. “ That fire within you is what makes you strong Loki.. but you and I both know you cannot hide the monster within. What you really are. “ that is when he thought about it. Perhaps she was right. He was a monster. His own father hid the truth from him and in his zeal to make him proud he was cast into an abyss. All these memories flooded into his mind. From when he was a young boy till he grew up into the man he was now. That's when his vitals were going haywire. “ Madam, his vitals are off the charts he's going to hit critical.....'' before she could finish the trickster let out an inhuman roar as he broke from of the tube he was in. The woman merely stepped back a bit and watched.

Lights from his enclosure were sparking, sirens went off alerting he had broken free. He was a bit taller than he was, probably about five feet, so he was towering in stature. Each step he took, made the room rattle and yet the woman stayed in her place. Honestly, he was stronger than he was before, and it would be easy for him to kill her, yet no fear shown on her face. Removing the glasses she looked up at him. Those ghosting haunting eyes looking into his being with no remorse. Letting out another roar he went forward as he felt something in the back of his neck. The sensation he got from this made him pause as he looked over at her holding a small device. A wicked smile was painted on those twisted lips. “What... did...---” were all the words he could muster. “ You are so full of life and spirit... even with all these viruses coursing through your veins you still fight.. which is good but not against me... “ she gestured for him to follow. Though Loki did so, it wasn't because he wanted to, that device seemed to control his movements, telling his brain to walk forward.
Wherever they were going, it wasn't a place that he had been before. This place seemed never-ending, different corridors seemed to weave in and out. Screams were heard, echoing throughout the hallways. Wincing, he knew the pain of being trapped and experimented on. After walking for a good ten minutes they came to a stop. A door was in front of him, a rather large one. Metal, double reinforced, and near unbreakable. Inside, there was a lot of yelling and throwing, and for a moment Loki was a bit worried, were they going to have two of their experiments fight each other?

The woman looked up at the trickster with that smile. “ I have a surprise for you. “ turning to the panel near the door she pressed in a code. Once it beeped that she had imputed the correct one, the door slid upwards. The woman walked in and then stepped aside for Loki to see who was in that room. His eyes went wide with alarm when he recognized who it was. “Thor?” his voice sounded a bit off due to the many viruses coursing through him. Looking at the woman he glared at her. “ What did you do to him? Why is he here?” The god of thunder groaned a bit as he had been knocked out and brought here, tied up. A twisted smirk was on the woman's lips. Growling Loki rushed the woman, his hand around her throat. “ You release him this instant and turn me back.. or I swear I will---” that's when he paused. That feeling he couldn't move washed over him like a wave. A chuckle emitted from her throat. “ Such anger... good but you won't use it on me... you will use it on your dear brother. You will rip him apart And as he screams and breathes his last breath you will see it was by your hand.” her tone was so unfeeling, so cold and sadistic. The god of mischief was a lot of things but he didn't dislike Thor to the point of murdering him.
Taking out a syringe, she injected Loki with the virus she was speaking of. The G-virus. Crying out in pain he looked at her. That smile still stained on her lips as she pushed the plunger to fully inject it. Once it was empty she removed it, she exited the room as the door closed. Now it was just Thor and Loki in a room. Now being able to move, he looked over at the blonde god he called brother. Slowly, his brother started to wake and looked around as he realized he was bound to a chair. Looking up he saw something that looked like Loki but he wasn't sure.

“Loki?” he asked.

All the trickster did in return was a nod. This made the god smile. “ I've been looking all over for you. I'm going to take you home.. and what has happened to you?” he asked as it just hit him how his brother looked now. “What has been done to your brother?” there was pain in Thor's eyes as he saw his brother was not the same as before. “ We will get you home, we will fix you I promise... “

This is when Loki fell to his knees as the virus was finally mutating him. Bones from his spine. The bones breaking from their normal sections could be heard. Creaking, the sound of flesh ripping. Tears came from Loki's eyes as he pounded his hands on the ground. Thor wanted nothing more than to save his brother. Struggling with the restraints he finally got free, as he rushed over to his brother. “ Loki let's go, let's get you home. “ he gently placed his hand on his brother's shoulder. Loki shook his head. “Leave me brother... save yourself... if you don't... I .. “ he let out a scream. “ I don't want to kill your brother. Please just leave me!” he cried out. Shaking his head, Thor wouldn't leave his brother. “ I'm not leaving you. “ reaching out to Loki, Thor wanted to help his brother even if he wasn't sure if he could.
'Wanting to protest Loki went to speak but was halted. That feeling in his neck happened again. He met his brother's action by using his oversized hand to smack the thunder god into the wall. Groaning Thor stood as he saw his brother wasn't in control of his body. The look in his eyes was not one Thor recognized. Loki was able to say two words. “ Kill---- me---- “ he pleaded through heavy puffs of breath. Those words broke Thor's heart as he shook his head. “ I won't kill you Loki. I will save you, get you home and things will be back to normal... “
Loki wanted to believe this but he could not control his mind anymore. That feeling rushed through him as he charged his brother in his mind he was screaming for his body to stop, but it was like a broken line in a car, it was cut and he was no longer in control. Thor moved out of the way as he tried to work out a good tactic. But that one thought ran in his mind that he may have to kill his brother. Shaking his head he wouldn't do that not unless he needed to.
“ I will not leave here without you. “ Thor said as he began to defend himself. How would this end? Would Thor succeed and save his brother from the monster he was becoming? Or would he fail and would Loki have to live with the fact he had killed his brother with his own hands and would have to live with that for the rest of his life? Honestly, there was no answer but one thing was for sure, Thor wasn't going to give up on his brother. He hadn't before and he wouldn't now.

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