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05/29/2020 05:45 PM 

Why are you so Jealous?

Prompt featuring: Ollie

It was very rare for both Ollie and Dezyre to have off At the same time and for Dezyre to not want to lay around in bed all day. He got up and went to the kitchen to make the two of them some breakfast.  He put the coffee on for him and breakfast tea for Ollie. He started frying the bacon. Once the bacon smell wafted through the apartment to the bedroom, he heard Ollie stirring.  “Oi, you’re bringing me some of that in bed right?” Dez chuckled and called back to him. “Would it kill you for once to come and eat with me at the table?” He heard grumbling and fumbling. “fookin blankets.” He shook his head as Ollie came into the kitchen sleepy eyes and his hair a mess. He had poured Ollie a mug of tea and handed it to him.  ‘So I was thinking we could go to the pier today? It’s a nice day out, we could have some crappy greasy carnival food and go on those death traps they call rides?” Ollie nodded and sat down with his tea, sipping it.  He put the scrambled eggs and bacon on a plate for him. Then he made his own plate. He sat down with him and started eating.

Dezyre finished up eating and he kissed the top of Ollie’s head, who was still eating. He cleaned up the dishes that he could and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He called out to Ollie from the bathroom. “When you’re done eating just put the dishes in the sink, I’ll wash them when I get out and then get dressed so we can get going the pier is an hour away from here.” He then turned on the shower and stepped in washing himself good. He hated it when it was hot out, he was constantly sweaty. Once he was done he wrapped a towel around his waist and headed to the bedroom. He grinned when he saw Ollie getting dressed. ‘You do know you’re f***ing sexy as hell, right? How the f*** did I get so lucky?” He grinned and walked over to him kissing his lips. Then he pulled away and went to his closet picking out something to wear. He settled on a pair of blue basketball shorts and a white tank top. He put them on and looked over at Ollie. “Ready to go babe.”  Ollie nodded and grabbed the keys. He laughed and took them from him. “Oh, no…. last time you drove I nearly had a heart attack.”

He took Ollie’s hand and walked with him out of the apartments to the car. Once they were in he started the hour drive to the pier. He smiled as Ollie’s fingers immediately went for the car radio.  Turning it on, Ollie hooked up his phone to the Bluetooth audio on it. Dezyre could not help but chuckle as he got serenaded the whole way to the pier. He parked the car in the lot and got out. He took Ollie’s hand as the started walking along. He smirked as two girls looked at him and started giggling to themselves.  “Oi take a fookin picture it’ll last longer.” Ollie shouted after them and mumbled. “fookin’ little twats.”  Dezyre looked at him with a raised brow amused at this. He had never seen Ollie jealous before.  He squeezed Ollie’s hand. “Babe, Why are you so jealous?” He kissed him softly. “Come on, let's go get a funnel cake.”

05/29/2020 04:28 PM 

I think I am falling in Love with you.. Prompt

I think I am falling in love with you and it scares the hell out of me
How did someone know when they were falling in love with someone? Was there a sign? Did some magical bolt of lightning come down and hit you? Did cupid come with his stupid arrow and prick your ass with it? Dezyre did not know and he was not sure if that was what he had been starting to feel for his best friend or not.  He just knew that the more time he spent with her lately, was more time that he did not want to spend alone.

Today though was one of those days where he had to spend time away from her. His father Asmodeus wanted to get a training session in. They could all feel this ominous dread in their stomachs and knew that instead of them bringing the fight to Lucifer, he was bringing the fight to them.  Though, this session was not doing them any good. He could not get Evie off his mind. Finally, Asmodeus growled. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but you need to get your head out of your ass and concentrate. Just go. I can’t anymore today.” His father dismissed him with disgust.

He went to his apartment and showered. He hurriedly got dressed into some decent clothes. He shot Evie a text to let him know that he had gotten down with training early. He then sent a text a few seconds after that saying he would be coming over as soon as he took care of a few things.  He finished getting ready and frowned when he had not received a reply back from her. Usually, she replied right away. He shook his head thinking that maybe she had been busy with her daughter.

Dezyre hopped into his car and he stopped at a florist on the way to her house. He got her a dozen blue roses because blue was her color. Pulling up to the house Dezyre raised a brow as he saw a strange car in the driveway. It was a black ’67 Chevy Impala with a Kansas license plate.  He parked his car and got out. His eyes taking in the car as he walked past it and up to the door. He knocked on the door and waited, but there was no answer. The door was unlocked, and he poked his head in calling out to her. “Evie? It’s Dez, I sent you a text?”

As he walked through the huge house he was practicing out loud the words he would say to her when he saw her. “Evie, I think…I think I am falling in love with you and it….” He didn’t finish the practice sentence because he saw her there on the couch leaning into a guy with short brown hair, bad boy type and she was smiling in a way she had never smiled at Dez.  “It scares the hell out of me….” He got out. He did not even know what to say when they both stopped and looked at him. He just put the flowers on the table and turned around and walked out of the house. Each step he took to his car another piece of his heart was breaking.

Since that day, Dez swore he would never let anyone in again.

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