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11/24/2020 12:33 PM 

Not without me alternate Ending

Aurora couldn't concentrate on anything that night. She had had a bad feeling all day, and Dean hadn't checked in with her since the night before. He always checked in, once in the morning and once at night just to let her know that he was okay. She knew that she could try and reach out with her thoughts to him but that was not something she really wanted to do. If she did and he was in the middle of battling a monster she could throw him off guard and then his injury or worse would be her fault and that was not something she would ever be able to live with. So she kept herself busy with her daughter.  It was bedtime and she had just put her daughter to sleep in her crib when she heard the doorbell ring. She looked down at her watch, it was very late who could it be this late? Not her Dad, he would have just ported in.  She slowly walked down the hallway to the stairs her heart racing a bit as worry started to take over her.

As she made her way down the stairs, she could hear a male’s thoughts they were jumbled and she couldn't make out what they were thinking but she knew who it was. It was Sam, What was he doing here? He was supposed to be out on a hunt with Dean. A hunt Aurora had begged Dean not to go on because she had a bad feeling, but her husband had just laughed it off and went anyway. But what worried her more was that her father was there in the doorway with him too.  She took a deep breath, and she opened the door. The look on Sam’s face filled her heart with Dread. “Sam... what...” She couldn't even get the question out because she didn’t want to hear the answer to it, but Sam told her anyway. Her heart was pounding in her chest, so loud she could barely hear his words after he had said Aurora, I'm so sorry. Her husband, her soulmate was gone.  

Aurora could tell the two wanted to stay to make sure that she was okay but she didn't really want company. She closed the door. The weight of living in a world without her husband was just too much for her.  She turned and as if on automatic pilot she started up the stairs to the bathroom. She turned on the water in the tub and she started to get undressed when she heard her daughter's voice in her head. She came out of her fog and realized what she was doing. She was leaving her daughter alone, she couldn't do that. She knew Dean would never forgive her for leaving their daughter without either of her parents. 

Turning off the water she pulled on her robe and walked into her daughter's room. It looked as if her daughter was looking at someone and babbling. It was the look she got on her face when she saw Dean. But it couldn't be Dean was gone.  She walked over to the crib, walking over to the crib she leaned down and kissed her daughter's forehead. . "Daddy's here mommy." She heard her daughter's thoughts.  Aurora almost choked a sob at her daughter's words. She shook her head and whispered softly. "No baby, daddy...daddy is not here. Daddy....: She couldn't even get the words out.  Just then Nadia reached up and she touched her mother combining their powers. That's when she felt it, her husband's presence. She turned and she could see him. " Dean? But your.....sam just told me....." She went to reach out to touch him and her fingers only touched air.  Then she heard another voice an older voice and she turned and gasped. " Nadia? but you...." Nadia went to hug her mother but forgot they were both like ghosts. "I brought Dad back here in time, time travels differently when your dead to him it's only been a second but to us it was years. He had to relive your death over and over in his own personal little hell. So I had to bring him back and come with him to stop you from killing yourself." Aurora was choking back sobs and she turned to look at her husband.  "I don't...I don't know how I can do this without you...I don't know what to do baby....." She was crying tears streaming down her cheeks. She wanted nothing but to be in her husband's arms, they always made everything better but he was dead and his ghost couldn't hold her.

11/23/2020 12:44 PM 

pieces of me drabble reply

Aurora looked at her husband and she shook her head. This wasn’t exactly the reaction she expected out of him. To be honest, she wasn’t sure what reaction she expected maybe grateful that his wife was once more saved from death, but he seemed more annoyed than concerned that she had half her soul missing.  She could read his mind and she shook her head. ‘The reason you are fine, and I am not Is Rowena. I don’t know why your brother had the half-brained idea to let my evil selfish mother be the one to bring your ass back, but he did, and she royally f***ed me over on purpose.  There is no love lost between mother and daughter and she purposely switched words for this to happen. That’s the only other explanation. “  

She then realized Nadia was still in the living room and she wasn’t sure this was the place for her to be right now. She waved her hand and sent her up into her crib and then she turned back to Dean. “Crowley is helping us because he hates our mother as much as I do. You are going to have to put this hatred aside and work with him please I need you too I can’t do this without you.” She sighed softly and then she shook her head. “We aren’t going to purgatory unless it is absolutely necessary. “Dean looked at her and growled. “You think I can get along with a demon? Are you insane?” Aurora raised a brow. “Baby I’m a demon, you’re a demon well you have a demon in you.... yes, Crowley can be an evil bastard, but we do need his help in this.” 

Misha stepped forward to speak. “If I may, Dean, Aurora. What we need to do is find out if there is a way to fix this with a spell without having to go to purgatory to get it because once in purgatory there really is no easy way for us to get back out none of us are human well Dean you are mostly human but the rest of us aren’t. Purgatory will want to keep us, dead or not.  It is my understanding that Aurora would rather her mother stay out of this being her mother was the one who did this. “That was when Crowley interjected. “Squirrel, I know you don’t like me, and you are definitely not my favorite person, but trust me when I say I would do anything to ruin whatever plans that old hag of a witch has up her sleeves because you know she doesn’t do anything without having a plan for it,” Aurora smirked at Crowley and then back at her husband. “I know why she did this, she expects you to go to her demanding that she reverses whatever it was she did to me and that you would be willing to pay whatever price it was to do it. Though you really don’t seem so concerned I have half my soul ripped away.... or that Misha saved me from dying again”  

She then took the pie and dropped it in his lap. “By the way here’s your damn pie.”  She looked to the angel and the demon. ‘Thanks, guys. Let me know what you can figure out and I guess we will go from there.” With that, the two males vanished and she looked back at her husband. “I am going to get cleaned up.’ She went upstairs to their bathroom and she stripped out of her bloody clothes. The site of the tub still affecting her a little and she took a breath and reached in and turned on the faucet and then pulled the plug for the shower head to turn on. She made sure the water was as hot as she could stand it and she got underneath washing away all the blood and dirt from her eventful evening.  

11/23/2020 02:52 PM 

Pieces of me drabble reply 2

Aurora felt the hot water rushing over her and she moaned. She didn’t realize how tense this all had made her. She could feel the water beating on her tight muscles massaging them as the heat loosen the muscles.   As she leaned her head against the wall, she thought she heard a sound in their bedroom.  “Dean? Baby?” He didn’t respond and she didn’t hear any more noises. She sighed softly he was probably angry at her little outburst and she couldn’t blame him. But this whole situation had her tense and angry.  She took deep breaths trying to calm down before thinking about it made her tense all over again.  Once she was finally relaxed and felt like all the grime and blood had been washed away, she turned the faucet off.  She reached out for a towel and brought it into the shower stall drying herself off. She stepped out of the tub and tossed the towel into the laundry basket before grabbing her robe and wrapping it around her. She walked out into the bedroom expecting to see her husband in bed sleeping but he wasn’t there.  She frowned chewing on her bottom lip.  

Just then she heard a noise ‘babe?” She called out but then realized it was Nadia in her room. She walked across the hall to her daughter's bedroom.  She opened the door and peaked in and saw her standing up in her crib babbling reaching out to her. She chuckled and shook her head and went over picking her up. ‘What is it, princess?”  “Daddy leave.” Aurora raised a brow looking at her daughter. ‘What do you mean he left?” “He went outside.” Aurora carried Nadia down the stairs and through the Livingroom. She peeked outside and Dean’s car wasn't in the driveway. She thought maybe he put it in the garage for the night. So, she went to the side of the house and opened the door that led to the garage and it wasn't there either.  Why would he just leave without saying a word? Not that that isn’t something he had done before, but he never would when she needed him most as she did now. 

Walking back into the house she put Nadia down in her pack and play. She closed her eyes trying to reach out to figure out where he had gone. She found him and tried to probe at his thoughts. But he was pushing back against her. She growled out loud and then sent him a message telepathically. “Why are you blocking your thoughts, Dean Winchester? What are you up to???” She opened her eyes and then grabbed her cell phone. She called her father. ‘Dad I need you to come to watch your granddaughter. There isn't time to explain in-depth, but your damn ex-wife f***ed with my resurrection and split my soul leaving half there....: “She didn’t even finish the explanation when her father appeared before her.  ‘Jesus dad don’t do that.” Lucifer growled. “what is this about your mother?” Aurora sighed and shook her head. ‘She f***ed me over split, my soul. Crowley and Misha were going to help me get it back without involving her because you know I can’t stand that little bitch, BUT apparently, Dean has other plans. He snuck out while I was showering and he’s blocking his thoughts and not answering me. I know he went after her and now I have to f***ing stop him. I need you here watching Nadia.”  

With that, she went to her bedroom and tossed her robe on the floor not bothering with neatness. She pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweater and threw on a pair of boots. She grabbed her wallet and slid it into her back pocket and pulled out the keys to her Harley. She came back down and kissed her daughter's forehead. ‘Thanks, Dad. “She walked out the door and hopped onto the bike revving the engine she knew the place to start.  Weaving her bike through the streets she headed to the bunker. Pulling up to it she saw Dean’s car and she growled. She cut the engine and ported right inside. When she was in she was standing right in front of her husband. ‘What the hell are you up to? If you’re going after Rowena when I specifically asked you not to because I don’t want that bitch involved anymore in my life so help me god …...: She growled at him.  

11/22/2020 07:55 PM 

Pieces of Me

Ever since Rowena had brought Aurora back from death, things had not been the same for her.  Right now, sitting in the living room watching Dean play on the floor with their daughter seeing them like that normally had Aurora laughing and grinning, filled with happiness. Tonight, though the best it could bring her was a soft smile.  It was as if when she was ripped from purgatory something inside of her had been left behind.  She was trying very hard to not let that fact be known to her husband, it was the last thing he needed to worry about right now, especially because he worried about her knowing she had committed suicide because she couldn’t bear to be without him. It was as if he kept special attention on her now.  

Lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t realized her husband had been talking to her. “Aurora?” He got up off the floor and sat down next to her shaking her arm. ‘baby?”  A look of concern was on the hunter's face. She blinked coming out of her thoughts and looking at him. ‘What? I am sorry babe I was miles away in my thoughts. “Her husband leaned in and brushed his lips softly against hers before pulling back. ‘Are you okay? I know these past few days since being back have been hard, but you seem a little off.” She smiled and put her hand up to his cheek. “Baby I am fine. Don’t worry so much.” She leaned in and kissed him softly.   

Getting up from the couch she looked over at her daughter and then back at Dean. ‘I am going to go to the store. We need a dessert for dinner and I am all out of pie.” She bent down and kissed Nadia’s forehead softly. “Mommy will be back, be good for daddy.” She stood up and pulled her husband close kissing him tenderly before pulling away. “I’ll be back in a jiffy. Can you get the oven preheated and put the roast in?” She grabbed her jacket and her car keys and headed out the door. 

Getting into her car she pulled out her cell phone.  Scrolling through it she stopped at the one name she thought she would never be talking to ever again.  She sent a text. ‘I need to see you. It’s important somethings wrong with me. ‘There was no love lost between her and her half-brother, but she knew she needed his help with this because there was no way in hell she was going to Rowena.  She pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the supermarket. On the way over it started to rain heavily. Aurora could barely see and she cursed. Just then there was the screech of tires and a horn blaring. All Aurora could see before blackness was bright lights baring down on the car.  

“Did it work?” She heard the unmistakable voice of Crowley. ‘I don’t know she’s not awake yet.’ The other voice responded; one she hadn’t heard. She slowly fluttered her eyes open.  There was a strange face barely inches from hers and she gasped trying to pull away. “sis sis sis calm down. It’s just Misha. Your guardian angel.” Aurora blinked and looked over at her Crowley. ‘I have a guardian angel, but I’m a demon... and Don’t call me that. “Crowley rolled his eyes at her. ‘Now now, I see your temper hasn’t changed.” Aurora growled at him and then groaned putting her hand to her head. ‘What the hell happened?” Misha looked at her. ‘ By the way, demons get guardian angels as well. Well, your car was in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer. I healed you well Crowley forced me to heal you, though you should have died, you are supposed to be dead.” Aurora shook her head and growled holding. ‘I ...what are you talking about?”  

Slowly sitting up the demon princess realized she was in a cabin much like the one the Winchesters had. Misha looked at her. ‘You killed yourself when Dean died. You were brought back unnaturally.  Purgatory is going to keep trying to reclaim you.” She stared at Misha and at Crowley. ‘but...Dean, he for brought back unnaturally... Why hasn’t purgatory tried to reclaim him?” They both looked at her shaking their heads. ‘Maybe he wasn’t in purgatory.” Aurora tilted her head. “But he’s a demon too so....” Crowley looked at her. “Who performed the spell? Mother?” Aurora nodded. ‘Sam used her to resurrect Dean and then Dean had her resurrect me. “Misha eyed her and then placed a hand on her as if examining her soul. ‘She’s been ripped in half. The spell wasn’t performed right. She’s not whole. That’s why Purgatory keeps trying to get her back.” She bit her lip. ‘I have been feeling very off since coming back like something isn’t right with me. God Dean is going to be so pissed I kept that from him.  “ She looked at Crowley. “We need to go tell Dean. But first I need a pie.” Crowley raised a brow. ‘A pie?” She smirked. “I was out buying a pie for dinner.” Crowley rolled his eyes and made a pie appear before transporting them in the middle of her living room. 

Dean jumped out grabbing for the nearest weapon when He saw Crowley and Castiel pop in with his wife who had blood all over her. “What the hell happened, baby are you okay? Why are you covered in blood? What are you doing here Crowley? Cas? I thought you were in the empty....” Misha looked at Dean realizing the Cas was directed at him. ‘I’m Misha I’m aurora’s, Guardian Angel.” Aurora walked over to Her husband and kissed him softly taking the gun from his hand. She sat him down and snapped her fingers making a beer appear. “You’re going to need this.” Then she proceeded to tell him everything that had happened since she went to go get the pie. 


11/21/2020 10:49 PM 

Come Back to Me

Rowena fell to the ground as Dean let her go.  She was afraid of Dean Winchester though she wouldn’t have admitted it. A soft little growl of annoyance as the handcuffs were once again in place.  She looked at the older Winchester and then her eyes flickered to Sam. “Bringing Dean’s precious Aurora back was not part of our bargain” As much as she was afraid of the Winchester’s and what they would do. She was more afraid of what Aurora would do if she saw Rowena.  Sam opened his mouth to speak but Dean grabbed Rowena once more and pushed her back up against the tree. “Well, the bargains changed.  You don’t get what you want until my wife is alive and breathing again.” The red-haired witch chewed on her bottom lip contemplating it all. “Very well, but I don't think your precious Aurora will be happy to see I have been a part of all this.”   


The witch tried to straighten herself up waiting for the brothers to haul her away to where Aurora was buried. “Well? Let's get on with this.” Dean nodded and grabbed Rowena’s arm practically dragging her to where Sam had left the Impala. He opened the back door and threw her into the seat. Rowena landed practically on her head and she huffed. “Take it easy I may be a powerful witch, but I’m also delicate.’ Dean just rolled her eyes and held out his hand to Sam. “Sammy keys.” Sam held the keys out hesitantly. “I don’t know just came back...” Dean rolled his eyes again and yanked the keys from his brother’s hand.  “I’m fine Sammy now let's go.” He slid into the front seat and turned the key in the ignition. “There we go...did you miss me, baby?” Once Sam was in, he started driving. Rowena leaned forward. ‘Do you two idiots even know where Aurora's body has been kept?” Sam’s mouth opened he had no idea. “I... I didn’t there wasn’t a funeral....” Dean looked over at Sam. ‘What do you mean Lucifer didn’t even give his own daughter a funeral??” His anger growing even more. “Dean....they aren’t exactly human they don’t do things the same way we do.” Rowena sighed exasperatedly. “Honestly you two... I don’t know how either of you surv....oops.” she looked at Dean. “Sorry forgot you did die.” She smirked.  Dean gripped the steering wheel barely containing his desire to kill the damn witch, but he needed her to resurrect Aurora. “So, what do we do Sammy? We can’t go to Lucifer, he will try to stop us from bringing her back, he knows the consequences for magic like this.”  Rowena looked at them through the rearview mirror with a smug look on her face. “What if I told you boys, I know exactly where she would be kept?” Dean slammed on the brakes and turned his head to look at her. “You better tell us NOW,” Rowena smirked at him. ‘I will but, the deal is going to have to be sweetened a little bit more for that.” Dean hated that the witch had to bargain for every little thing but If he was alive, he needed his wife here with him too.  “What do you want?” Rowena shrugged. ‘Oh, just that you will help me when I need it next, no matter what it is I need help with.” Sam growled. “No, we can....” Dean looked over at him. ‘Shut up Sammy, this is my WIFE we are talking about I don’t care what the price is......” He looked back over at Rowena. “Done now where is my wife’s body?” Rowena sat back. “Just keep driving I will give you directions as needed.” 

The impala continued driving away from the cemetery and towards the middle of town. But Rowena had not once told them to turn or anything. Dean was getting impatient. “Rowena where the hell are we going?” The redhead just shook her head. “Patience, love, Patience.” He growled and turned his attention back on the road as they left Lawrence. The streets of other towns passing by until they came to a dirt road. “Turn here.” Dean made the turn onto the dirt road. “Just keep going til the end.”  Dean looked at her through the rear-view mirror wondering if this was some sort of trap, but he could sense the uneasy tension coming from Rowena as they drew closer and knew she wasn’t looking forward to what was at the end of this journey.  As the road continued to get narrow, Dean noticed Mausoleums. Why would Lucifer keep her body way out here away from everyone He wondered.  The road dead-ended into a large white Mausoleum with the words Valentine written across the front. 

 “Aurora’s family are all demons, she’s the only one with different blood why would there be a crypt?” Sam asked out loud. Rowena looked at him. “Dear boy, all your questions will be answered once you get me out of here so we can go in and get this over with. “Dean and Sam got out of the Impala Dean opened Rowena’s door and yanking her out. ‘Good lord, don’t you do anything delicate? I guess your little princess must have liked being manhandled. ‘Rowena smirked.  Dean growled and shoved her towards the entrance to the mausoleum. “You don’t speak about my wife like that.” Rowena tripped and almost fell as right at the entrance there was a long staircase that led down.  ‘So rude and rough.” She started down the stairs. Sam just remembered something. ‘Um Rowena, won’t we need blood from Aurora’s family?” Rowena just smirked. “Don’t worry giant. I have that covered.” The three continued down what seemed like an eternity before there was another door. “Aurora’s behind there? There’s no way through that Rowena!!” Dean glared at her.  Rowena chuckled. “Oh, yee of little faith.’ She started chanting and the door slid up and she walked in towards where Aurora’s body lay in a glass-encased coffin. Her body had been perfectly preserved inside of it no wounds apparent.  She turned to see Dean and Sam still at the entrance. ‘Well come on then, I haven't got all night.’  


Dean saw the coffin and he was frozen, his heart hurting seeing his wife so lifeless laying there. With a choked sob he moved forward to stand next to it his hand touching the top of the coffin. “I'm so sorry baby, But I am going to make this all right again. I promise.” Rowena chanted again and the coffin opened. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Dean wondered how Rowena knew the spells that protected Aurora’s burial place, but they didn’t make it to the surface all that mattered was bringing his wife back to him.  When his wife’s body was exposed to him Dean placed his hand in hers tears spilling down his cheeks as he felt how cold and limp she was now.  Rowena looked at Dean and her cold heart almost broke him for him but she cleared her throat.  She started to chant the same spell she used in resurrecting dean and she took the knife from Sam and she sliced her wrist as her own blood poured out over Aurora’s. Sam’s eyes raised in wonder. “Rowena your blood...but.” Rowena shushed him. “I need to concentrate, all your questions I am sure will be answered when she wakes.”  

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Rowena continued to chant and suddenly there was movement on the table. Dean leaned forward and squeezed his wife’s hand.  “That’s it, baby. I’m here come back to me please baby.” His voice cracked with emotion. Rowena’s chanting got louder, and Aurora’s eyes popped open. She quickly sat up a little disoriented at first.  Her eyes settled on Dean” Dean? I... you’re dead.... wait a minute...I’m dead......” Dean grabbed his wife up sobbing with relief and happiness. ‘We were dead baby, but when you killed yourself which by the way I ain’t happy about.... Sam knew he needed to bring me back because Nadia needed her father, but I couldn’t live without you, baby....”  


Rowena tried to sneak away so Aurora wouldn’t notice her. ‘Where do you think you’re going?” Sam called after her. Aurora looked to see who Sam could be talking about and she saw the shock of red hair and as the woman turned, Aurora felt the blood drain from her as she was face to face with the one woman, she had vowed to never let anywhere near her again. Anger started to build up in her and she jumped from the coffin grabbing her mother by the collar. ‘What the f*** are you doing here?? Didn’t I tell you, MOTHER, to never come near me or my father again??? You cause nothing but heartbreak and misery and I loathe you!!” She was screaming directly into her face. Rowena still as calm as ever looked to Sam and Dean. ‘Will you two kindly get my daughter to let me go please.” Dean’s eyes blinked a little.” Daughter...?”  Sam made the move to loosen Aurora’s hold on Rowena’s collar so she could step back.  “Without me dear daughter, your husband would still be six feet under, and you would be dead and your father’s heart would still be breaking.” Aurora didn’t answer her and turned to look at her husband. “Baby, meet my mother Rowena.” 

11/20/2020 09:04 PM 

Not without Me

Aurora sat in the rocking chair next to Nadia’s crib. She was singing her a soft lullaby as the little girl babbled softly until finally, she fell asleep. The demon princess stood up over the crib she leaned down and kissed her daughter's forehead. “Good night my sweet angel.”  She left the room leaving her door open just a crack. She made her way down the hallway to the stairs. When she heard the doorbell ring. Her eyes went to her wrist looking at her watch. It was late, she wondered who would be ringing the doorbell this late. 

As she made her way down the stairs, she could hear the male’s thoughts. It was Sam. What was he doing here? He was supposed to be out on a hunt with Dean. A hunt Aurora had begged Dean not to go on because she had a bad feeling, but her husband had just laughed it off and went anyway. But what worried her more was that her father was there in the doorway with him too.  She took a deep breath, and she opened the door. The look on Sam’s face filled her heart with Dread. “Sam... what...” She couldn't even get the question out because she didn’t want to hear the answer to it, but Sam told her anyway. Her heart was pounding in her chest, so loud she could barely hear his words. Her husband, her soulmate was gone.  

She felt like she was going to faint, and she must have swayed because she felt both sets of hands grab either of her arms and lead her to the couch.   They sat her down.  Both were worried about her and were trying to talk to her get her to answer them about how she was, but Aurora couldn’t speak, she was broken, her heart had died out there on the hunt with her husband.   


Aurora didn’t know how long she had been sitting there, but when she finally was able to move, she had noticed no one was in the Livingroom anymore. Sam must have left, and she could hear her father with Nadia in her room. She slowly got up from the couch and wandered upstairs to the bedroom she had shared with Dean. She undressed and walked to their bathroom she turned on the faucet filling the tub.  Being part shifter, silver was the only thing that could hurt her. She took the sharpened silver blade that was under the sink and sat down in the tub.  She held up her left hand and turned it over, so her wrist was exposed. Silver knife in right hand she took it and sliced hard into the muscle. She bit her lip at the pain so as to not alert her father. The blood starting to pour from the wound she quickly switched hands before she lost consciousness and sliced deeply lengthwise against her wrist again.  

Letting the blade drop to the floor Aurora sat back in the tub closing her eyes. Memories of her life flashing through her mind, of when she met dean, the first time they made love, the birth of their daughter, and their wedding day.  The last thing she saw was her husband's face as she faded away for if they couldn’t be together in life anymore, they could be together in death.  

10/25/2020 02:49 PM 

First time Ever I saw your Face 1-4

Four Part Drabble on how Aurora Valentine (IceQueen) and Dean Winchester (-Demonx;) Met and fell in love

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