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11/10/2021 01:36 PM 

Lipstick On Your Collar (AU Earth-1)

Central City, Kansas
14:21 P.M.

Artemis Crock has a day off from teaching at Central City University and decided to do both Wally and her laundry. As she was putting clothes into the washer and seeing something red. The blonde Vietnamese woman sees a red stain on the collar of her boyfriend's t-shirts and dress shirts.

“What the hell? This isn’t mine?” She out loud to herself and grabbed his shirt walking over to their bathroom. Artemis opens the mirror cabinet to see only four lipstick tubes. She opens the second to the left opening it to see if those red matches the shirt. Her gray hues studied both Wally’s shirt and her shade of lipstick, it wasn’t a match. ‘Wally wouldn’t cheat, he would be stupid if he did,’ The blonde Vietnamese woman commented to herself and closed her lipstick tube and mirror. Artemis walks back to the laundry room and puts both her hands on the edge of the washer. Now paranoia came creeping in her mind and held onto his shirt for the question.

Artemis decides to ditch laundry and dressed up to her brown leather jacket, brown shirt, dark wash jeans, and black ankle-high heel boots. Her signature golden locks are now being shoved into a black baseball cap, grabs her black sunglasses, car keys, and leaves the apartment locking the door behind her.

In Downtown Central City,
Central City Police Department

The blonde Vietnamese woman walked a few blocks making sure she wasn’t spotted by anyone by the police department since most of everyone knew that she and Wally were together. While she was walking, a pair of laughter chines in the air. Artemis stops in her tracks as she walks backward. Her ears perked up hearing a familiar deep male laugh, that was no other than her ‘boyfriend’ and another female.  Artemis hid on the opposite brick wall and takes out her phone to her camera in the alleyway. She zooms in, her heart felt like it broke into two. Wally was kissing an ebony-haired woman and seeing it was Linda Park, her so-called best friend. The blonde woman takes photos of the two kissing each other and seeing Linda kissing on her boyfriend’s clean white-collar shirt.

‘You son of a bitch,’ Artemis commented in her mind with tears running down her face and taking three more pictures before turning the other way.

She walked as fast as she can with a hand on her stomach and couldn’t believe Wally, the first boy she opened up to was cheating on her with Linda Park. Artemis had to compose herself by pinching her wrist to calm down and clearing her throat. She still has her phone and calls him.

“Hey, Hi Wally,” “Hey Babe, everything alright?” “Yeah, I figure that I could come to visit you at work. You know for a lunch break that you have…” “I’m working through lunch beautiful; I’ll see you when I get home tonight.” “Yeah, of course. I’ll see you later.”

Artemis hangs up the phone and starts walking towards her car to head back home to pack up her belongings. This is the last thing she needed on top of another thing as well.

Several hours later…

Crock-West Apartment
20:17 P.M.

The blonde Vietnamese woman finished putting the last of her things into her car and going back to the apartment to grab a couple of things. Artemis walked back to the apartment to make sure everything was in place.

The doorknob opens seeing a distraught Wally closing the door behind him and running up to his girlfriend, “Artemis, what’s wrong? What happened? I tried calling and texting you to see if you were okay.” The redheaded Speedster said being sincere.

She just had her arms folded in front of her. Eyes looking away from him with the shirt grasp.

“Artemis, talk to me, please! Who died? Please tell me what’s wrong? I’m freaking out here!” He pleaded with her as he pulls her into his arms.

She pulled away from him and handed him the shirt that had Linda’s lipstick collar, “I can’t believe you would do this…” Artemis starts off as she looks at him with sadness.

“Do what beautiful?” Wally asked being confused. “That’s your lipstick Art, it is.” He said lying to her.

“YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH MY SO-CALLED BEST FRIEND LINA PARK! I CAN’T BELIEVE THE TWO OF YOU!” The blonde Vietnamese woman yelled being pissed off for words and showing him the photos of the two kissings.

The redheaded Speedster was lost, stunned for words as he was being caught red-handed of cheating on Artemis.

“Since your busy with Linda, let her be your girlfriend from now on. Oh, by the way, I found out that I’m pregnant. We won’t be together. Goodbye Wallace,” She bid farewell to him by pulling his tie towards him giving Wally one last passionate kiss, and pulling away giving her key to him. Artemis grabs her purse and leaves the apartment she once shared with him.

End Scene

10/28/2021 01:12 PM 

Hidden Secret (Young Justice verse)

Hidden Secret

20:28 PM.

Two male crooks were running down the streets of the alleyway as they were running away from someone chasing after them.

“Think we lost that guy?” A guy with a dark green baseball cap yelled leading the way as he held a duffle bag on his shoulder strap.

The second guy trying to catch his breath carrying the second bag, “I-I don’t know. Think we lost him yet?” He asked wearing a black matching baseball cap.

A mysterious figure all dressed in black is hot on their feet and grabbing a weapon from their beltline. Presses a button showing a boomerang with a sharp knife-edge at both ends and throwing it at their target from being ten feet away.

Both crooked men kept running as if their lives depend on it and the boomerang made its direction towards them cutting them at their legs knocking them down to the ground. The two men cried out being in pain.

The black figure ran in the direction of its prey crying for weakness. Boomerang comes back with blood dripping on it and holding it in their hand.

“AY, LOOK WE’RE SORRY FOR TAKING THE MONEY! PLEASE DON’T KILL US!” The guy in the black baseball cap pleaded for his life.

“YEAH! YEAH! WHAT HE SAID! WANT HALF OF THE MONEY? IT’S ALL YOURS PAL!” The main leader yelled while being in pain.

The figure looks down at the two men and throws the weapon directly at the guy in the green cap right in the stomach. They put their foot on top of the weapon pressing pressure into the guy’s abdomen while screaming for pain.

“OH, SHUT UP!” An audio voice responds from the figure and bends down to grab a broken pipe right beside their prey. Couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.

The mysterious figure held the pipe in their hands and starts beating both men into a bloody mess. They got back and forth between the two men until their screaming becomes silent. Beating them for a good six minutes with blood splatter on the figure’s clothes going all over the ground. Dropping the second weapon to the ground and taking a few steps forward seeing the two men dead.

“Good riddance,” The audio voice coming from the mysterious figure commented.

The figure runs in another direction disappearing from the site and going into an abandoned building. Running into the shadows and staying there unzipping a backpack. A cellphone vibrates through the bag. The figure takes off the gloves that had blood stains on them and changes into a fresh pair of gloves then strips down from the clothes they had into a pair of black combat boots, dark wash skinny jeans, a dark green shirt, and a brown leather jacket. The person takes off their ski mask and neck strap where the audio device was taking it off. Throwing it with the rest of the stained clothes. The person fixes their hair and grabs the backpack along with a phone.

“Hey, D ick, what’s up?” Artemis answers as she leaves the building and makes her way to walk casually as if she didn’t commit a crime. “I was busy being in the city for my research assignment. Yeah, everything’s fine and no I can still direct The Outsiders. Give me about… maybe two hours or so and I’ll be in the WatchTower. See you then.” She hangs up the phone making her way to her car.

The blonde Vietnamese woman unlocks her car as she gets in and locks it behind her. A smile rises to her lips as she felt relieved of getting her anger out on crooks that were stealing something that wasn’t there’s. She takes off her gloves. They deserved it.

‘You broke the rules, makes me want to break some rules too.’ The words she remembers when she held someone point-blank with her sword to a woman’s neck. 

GOD, it feels so good to do justice, the correct way. Not holding back,” Artemis stated being relieved and knowing she’s been careful with her tracks. This was her secret behind closed doors and plans to keep it that way until she becomes a villain.


10/21/2021 02:02 PM 

Emptiness Drabble (Young Justice verse)


That’s how I feel inside for the past three years. Sure Wally’s spirit has told me to move on, but I can’t help it from being empty. Everywhere I look; I see my teammates, my friends either still dating or being married. I mean sure I tried dating to move on, but I couldn’t feel any connection or spark as I did with Wally. I only had a couple of one-night stands with the guys I hooked up with just to feel something only to feel empty.

I know, I shouldn’t be sad. I have everything going for me; I’m raising Lian with Will, my brother-in-law, being a mentor to both  Violet and Tara, being the leader of The Outsiders, and my first semester of teaching Comp. Literature at Stanford. None of this means anything without going on to someone I love but instead to an empty bed and a photograph to remind me of what were the best years of my life.

I never told anyone that I have been suffering on the inside for the past two years. I thought about talking to Dinah about this and she’ll think of me as a basket case with word getting around to everybody being unfit to lead a team. My second go-to person to talk to is my best friend Cassie, but I know she’s been busy leading the Team and helping me co-lead The Outsider not to mention she has a lot on her plate and the last thing she needs is to hear me being emotional. Zatanna, my favorite Magician, and best friend have shared trauma and tragedy but I wouldn’t even know where to start or how to tell her about the pain I have in me.

I’m just so f ucking tired of being nice, being in pain. I’m not sure if I want any of this anymore. I’m tired of holding back when it comes to taking down the enemy, I would rather beat them until blood starts coming out of their bodies. Great. Now I’m starting to think like my Dad now; that’s all I need right now.

Can things get any worse now?

“Tigress. Tigress? Artemis? Artemis!” A concerned female voice comes from a distance.

The blonde Vietnamese woman snaps back to reality to see Tara waving a hand in her face with fear in her voice. Her gray hues see Violet, Bart, Tim, Forager, and Jaime staring at her with the same look on their faces.

“Are you okay, Artemis?” Violet asked becoming worried for her mentor.

“Umm…..” The words spoke from her mouth while trying to get both her mind and thoughts together. “I was lost, lost in thought. I need some take--- I’ll be back.” Artemis excuses herself from the training area of the Watchtower and walks towards the halls of the spacecraft getting lost on purpose.

She found a place where she wouldn’t be found. Artemis takes off her mask, tossing it to the ground with tears falling from her eyes as she starts having a panic attack. She felt as if the world was closing in on her, making it harder for her to breathe. The blonde Vietnameses woman backs herself into the wall and slides towards the ground. Artemis really wishes Wally was here to confront her telling her to take a breath and to stay calm. But it will never happen. Emptiness is how she feels. The blonde grabs her phone from her pant pocket unlocking the screen and going through her contact list.

“Can you talk? I need to talk, to have some advice. I feel like I have no one else to talk to anymore. Please call me ASAP.”

She sends the text message and puts her phone up. Artemis starts doing breathing exercises to calm herself including becoming a soldier of not letting anyone else know that she was battling her demons. Artemis is on the brink of Dancing with The Devil. 


09/18/2021 01:24 PM 

Tigress joining Task Force X Intro (The Suicide Squad verse)

“Tigress? Who in the f uck is Tigress?” An overweight man asked as he pushed his glasses up to the brim of his nose.

“Tigress a.k.a. Artemis Crock. Born into a family of Assassins. Her parents are Sportsmaster and Huntress better known as Lawrence ‘Crusher” Crock and Paula Brooks. Older sister is Jade Nguyen, deadliest Assassin Cheshire.” Amanda Waller’s dry cutthroat blunt tone of voice answered as she drops a folder to the desk then continues, “She was trained to be the perfect soldier by her father when her mother took the fall of a heist gone wrong. Jade left the family leaving Artemis to be trained by her father. Became a hero at age fifteen. Faked her death at age twenty-three to join Black Manta crew on an undercover mission by Aqualad. Back as a hero than three years late, she went rogue joining the Family business. Dated Wally West, the first Kid Flash, graduated from Stanford with a four-point three-grade point average. Her marksmanship is amazing and never misses a target. Master Archer. She’ll be perfect to be second in command with Bloodsport’s Team.” The commander of Belle Reeve stated with her arms folded and walks away with two other people following her.

Women Side of Belle Reeve

The blonde Vietnamese woman had a reputation to which other criminals knew well enough about to know not to mess with her. Her heart still pined for Wally West. Artemis blamed herself for Wally's death. The last person stupid enough to mention his name as a joke ended up in the infirmary ward. Yes, she had a few anger issues. Go the f uck figure. Artemis shifted in her bed while she was reading. The Assassin knew her door was opening tunning everyone out. 

Footsteps clicked onto the marble floor with the women checking to see their “favorite” person coming through their section of the jail.

Amanda Waller walked into the women's cell block barely showing any emotion with Bloodsport, Peacemaker, and two other people that work with Waller followed her to the cell. She stops at the doorway knocking as she purposely disrupts her, “Tigress, glad that you keep your mind active and hope I didn’t disrupt your time reading.” The commander replied being fake.

Artemis jumped a little losing her place in her book where she heard the voice she grew up listening to as a pre-teen and rolled her eyes, “F uck.” She said under her breath and tossed her book to her feet. She pulls her left knee up to her chest with her left elbow on top with her head leaning to her left hand, “Oh no, of course not, you didn’t.” The blonde bluntly stated seeing two people she knew behind her.

“Good. I have a mission for you, and you’ll be on Bloodsport’s team. Second in command in case something happens to him,” Waller instructed stepping away.

The blonde Vietnamese woman gets up from her bed and stretches out a bit before leaving her cell.

“You’ve killed? I highly doubt that” Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith commented with a huff to his chest.

Artemis heard that comment and walks up to him, “I’ve been killing people since I was eight years old. I’ll make your body count look like Child’s Play; don’t f uck with me or you’ll be added to the list.” She threatens him purposely shoving her shoulders to the brunette bodybuilder type man half her size.

Robert DuBois was impressed to see the former hero sizing up to Peacemaker and judging that she can handle anything.

The former hero walked behind Bloodsport only to be stopped by a fellow female inmate.

“Oh, have the mighty have fallen, what in the hell happened to you? You went from villain to hero, to villain, to hero, and now being a full villain,” A dark brunette woman stated taunting Artemis. “Talk about a screw-up in the family tree.” She stated with her arms folded in front of her.

Waller, Smith, DuBois, Waller’s two minions, and three guards of Belle Reeve stopped in their tracks. The guards are ready to attack with The Commander in charge holding her arm out to halt the order. Gesturing them to see what the former fallen hero can do.

Anger started to boil through Artemis’s veins as she balled her hands in a fist ready to aim. Her gray hues stare at her with no emotions, a dagger stare.

“Not to mention you just snapped by killing three ninjas’ cold-blooded. I can’t imagine how your boyfriend felt. Wow, you dated Kid Flash. What was he like in bed? Better than a vibrator?” The brunette inmate commented a fact by mentioning the original protégé of The Flash.

The blonde Vietnamese woman gave the female inmate a sharp right hook to her face then kicking her a roundhouse kick landing the woman to the ground. Artemis walked over grabbing the woman’s right hand pulling it hard and her right foot onto the woman’s throat, “Mention his name one more time and I swear to god I break your goddamn arm and I’ll kill you when you least expected, bitch.” Vemon came out of her mouth being serious than bringing the woman’s arm to her knee breaking it in half.

The brunette inmate screamed in pain as she pleaded to be forgiven.

Amanda had a smirk on her lips knowing she picked the right candidate for the mission. Peacemaker’s eyes widen with fear and a bit of shock. Bloodsport's jaw dropped slightly and mouthed, ‘Woah to himself.

“Oh, quit crying like a little bitch, be a strong woman, and take the pain,” Artemis commented with her foot pressing on the woman’s throat. “I studied Biology and the Human Anatomy, so I know what blood vessels and veins to go for if I ever wanted to kill anyone. Besides, I’ll probably be killed here or until either one of you bitches kills me.” She stated the harsh truth than breathing out, “Yeah, I wanted to be a hero, but when you have Assassins, genes coursing your veins, and no matter how many times you try to fight it off. You’ll snap. I know I’ll never see the light of day again or join The Justice League. I accepted my fate, you do yours.” The former hero expressed her experience dropping the broken arm and walking back to the group folded in front of her.

“Wanna repeat what you said there?” DuBois sarcastically asked turning to face Smith.

“Shut up,” Peacemaker dismissing his question and what he said earlier.

Waller turns to the guards, “Put that inmate in the infirmary and sent her back to her cell. As for Ms. Crock, she put her in her place.” She replied letting the former hero off the hook. “Come on, let’s go meet your other teammates.” The commander stated leading the way.

Meanwhile somewhere else,
Justice League Tower

The ebony-haired Magician had a bad feeling about something and had to make sure no one would be around to see what she was about to do. Zatanna held her hands out, “Nepo eht latrop dna tele m weiv Simetra!” The Magician cast a spell with a visible portal opening to see Artemis, her former best friend is locked up in Belle Reeve and hurting another inmate. This broke her heart because the two women were best friends and tried to bring Artemis to her sense after killing those three ninjas from a mission, but there was nothing she could have done to convince her on getting help but with no luck.

Six hours later,
A country in South America

Artemis was dressed in her infamous alter-ego as Tigress as she checks to see to have all the arrows and tricks arrows that will be needed for the mission. The blonde woman checks to see her crossbow being strong with making sure they don’t break or snap. She sharpens both of her swords for a couple of minutes then putting them back to shoulder blades where the weapons were stored in a holder.

“Okay, here we go,” Tigress said to herself under her breath and couldn’t believe that her team consist of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher II, Poka Dot Man, King Shark, and now her. ‘I bet they’re probably getting a kick out of this right now. ’The blonde Assassin thought to herself with her right leg bouncing trying to calm her nerves.

FIN or To be Continued….


09/15/2021 11:24 PM 

Now What? (Stargirl) Head Cannon

Now what?

(Stargirl verse)

Artemis eyes widen with fear seeing the school’s cafeteria being surrounded by smoke after Cindy pulls out a black-ish/purple-ish gem from her pocket. Seeing a monster, an ugly monster you would read about in one of those stupid Dungeon & Dragons types of monster one of the kids in her Foster Home would describe it. Eclipso. Underneath her mask, she sees Eclipso sucking the soul of Isaac Bowin to death and Cindy the Team’s leader disappearing. The brunette teenager turned her around then quickly running away from the fight scene. Artemis ran as fast as her feet will lead her. She couldn’t believe that both Cindy and Isaac are gone.

The former quarterback ran in the dark streets of Blue Valley and taking off her hockey mask. Artemis was trying to process what just happened and couldn’t believe what has taken place. She stopped in her tracks trying to catch her breath and putting her mask into her backpack. The Vietnamese teenager breathes out with both of her hands in her hair while trying to collect herself.

“I can’t believe it; I still can’t believe it!” She expressed her thoughts out loud not caring would anyone think of her.  Artemis started to pace back and forth to keep her nerves getting the best of her. “I’m the last member of the new ISA; holy hell,” The former quarterback said under her breath with her hands on her hips.

A sudden loud BOOM cracks the peaceful night of Nebraska skyline and looking up see the moon. Chills run down her spine and seeing that the bright moon planet is now covered by an eclipse. Fear started to seep into her veins and hearing her cellphone going off, taking a bet it’s probably her Foster Mother. Artemis ignores the call then starts running to another place that was truly her, her old home.

Twenty minutes later….

The Vietnamese teenager stands at the door of her former home and walking over to the unoccupied residence knowing no one in Blue Valley would buy it because her parents went from well-liked and respectful to criminals. Artemis goes over to one of the windows knowing it’s open and crawls into it. Her dark brown hues view around the living room and having the last time she saw her parents before they went away on their ‘date night’. The former quarterback puts her hand on the surface of the walls where everything brought back memories; the memories she wishes she could get back. Time was lost forgetting about what Artemis just went through and went to a place in her memory where she truly felt like her old self. The brunette Vietnamese walked up the stairs towards her old room and opening the door. Viewing dust marks and things that were once there were now gone. Artemis sighed, “Now what?” She asked herself out loud with her arms folded in front of her chest.

End Scene

09/03/2021 08:02 PM 

Running into Him (Stargirl verse) Drabble

Running into him (Stargirl verse)

July 2021

Ever since being kicked off the Football team for the upcoming school year, Artemis Crock has been keeping her mind busy by either blowing off some steam at the gym to keep her in shape and writing her thoughts into a laptop. She did everything in her willpower to make sure she stays away from her foster home. The brunette somewhat kept in touch with her friends even they made a pact to never talk about the “A” word, Athletics. Cause it’s still a sore subject for the Vietnamese girl knowing her future is completely gone. Nothing. Artemis sneaks out of the house with her workout gear, a dark green backpack, and walking miles to Blue Valley’s local gym since her father’s gym was shut down due to her parent’s arrest.

As she was walking, the teen nods her head to when people greeted her good morning even though they know about her parents; the whole town knew about her parents’ arrest. Artemis runs both of her hands into her dark locks grabbing them into a tight high ponytail. The brunette reaches the gym paying at the front desk and then runs to the weight area.

Time has passed by with The Vietnamese teen is getting in shape as she does kettlebell, track, leg presses, treadmill, elliptical, dead weight, and toe presses for almost about two hours. When it came to working out for Artemis, time was something she did not care about at all. It was about two in the afternoon when the brunette finished up. She grabs a towel from her bag, wiping the sweat from her forehead and arms. Then taking a long sip of her water bottle. Artemis packs up her things and leaves the gym.

At The Pit Stop

“So, that’s what has been going on in Blue Valley. Courtney and her friends are becoming the new JSA. We could really use a Speedster to help us out with The Shade, think you could help us out?” Pat Dugan talked as he looked at Kid Flash.

Wally West was dressed in his alter-ego Kid Flash, protégé of The Flash, and a native in Blue Valley. He nods his head of what was told to him, “Yeah, not a problem. I can talk to the League, the Team, and Flash to see if they’ll let me be a student at BV while being undercover. You’ll have to point me out to Courtney and everyone else who’s a part of the JSA.” The redheaded teen replied being serious yet informative. “You have my number and if anything, I’ll be here in a Flash. Literally.” He replied walking backward to leave the shop. While was walking on the sidewalk and couldn’t believe how much Blue Valley has somewhat stayed the same or the shops that have been around since he was a kid. Not including he’s been fighting with The Team that he’s forgotten everything that’s been going on in his small town.

Without Wally paying attention he bumps into someone making that person lose their balance. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry for not paying attention. Here, let me help you up.” He replied being sincere.

Artemis had her headphones in her ears listening to music while being alert. Then she was bumped to where she fell on her butt to the ground. From her headphones, she hears someone trying to apologize to her and sees a hand. This had her blood boiling, the brunette hated how people not paying attention. Artemis takes off her headphones and swipes the handoff, “Could you watch where you’re going!” She yelled at the person then looking up seeing a guy her age, a redhead who was dressed. The Vietnamese jumps to her feet and held tightly onto her backpack marching back to her foster home.

Wally looked at the person he bumped into, and it was a teen girl his age. Brunette and beautiful. He was completely thrown off guard by her action after apologizing to her. The way her nose scrunched up was cute. But he could tell she had a fire in her. The words couldn’t roll off the tongue but only saying, “I’m sorry about that, Beautiful.” He spoke under his breath. ‘You would think chicks would be turned on for guys in suits. Hero suits that is.’ The ginger teenager commented in her mind.

Artemis’s foster home

The brunette just got done washing her hair as she types out all her emotions on her laptop. Artemis expresses herself about the hell of not having her own room, her old life, her parents, and running into some redheaded dork dressed as a superhero not having a clue who he is. Her cellphone rings to see the name Courtney Whitmore light up the screen and rejects it.

‘God I can’t wait until school starts next month. If I stay in this place any longer; I’m going lose my damn mind!!!!’ The Vietnamese young teen typed fast onto the keyboard laptop and lays backward on her bed. She grabs a pillow from underneath her and screams into it.


It was the middle of the month and a new semester has started. This is the start to her junior year and received the mail from her parents wishing her the best of luck and wish they could be there with her. Artemis looks up at the stairs of the school then slowly walking them. The brunette enters the school seeing everyone crowded the hallways and making her way towards her locker.

“Artemis! I’ve been texting you to see if you’ve been alright. I got worried.” Courtney Whitmore approached her locker being sincere for her well-being.

“It’s fine, Whitmore. I’ve just been doing my thing of going to the gym and reading to keep me away from home.” Artemis stated being blunt.

Wally West entered the school wearing a dark maroon shirt, dark wash jeans, and black shoes. His emerald eyes look up to see teens his age and while in his view he sees two teenage girls; a blonde and brunette. He grabs a map pretending to be lost as he walks up to them, “Hey, Hi! I hate to interrupt you ladies. I’m new here, I’m Wally West.” The redheaded teen greeted them with a smile as he recognizes the brunette beauty that was mad at him.

Courtney's eyes light up as if it was Christmas and clear her throat, “It’s totally okay, I was new to Blue Valley last year. I’ll be happy to show you around. I’m Courtney, Courtney Whitmore.” The blonde introduces herself with a smile holding her hand out.

“Go ahead and interrupt, please do.” Artemis commented as she looks at him and folded her arms in front of her chest, “Artemis Crock.” The Vietnamese teenager introduced herself.

End Scene

09/02/2021 01:55 PM 

All Falls Down Drabble (Stargirl verse)

[Stargirl verse]

Artemis’s foster home
7:00 P.M. EST

The brunette former athlete sat on top of her bunk bed with her legs to her chest, her head to cover her knees, and silent tears running down her face. Her life was now falling apart. Her parents are going back to prison for the crime they’ve committed. Missing them and the encouragement they gave her in her fifteen years of life. Still in complete shock that her parents are criminals. The recruiter from Lincoln University rejected her due to attacking students and having anger issues. Now Artemis is officially kicked out of the football team. The only place she can truly be herself and being a second home to her.

She sits in her room sharing with another kid her age by herself in the dark. A small light brightens up the room. It was her cellphone. The brunette slightly shifts her head looking down seeing one of her now ex-teammate and still friend Travis has called her. Travis, Nick, Dylan, Troy, and Jerome have been calling and texting her to see if she’s alright. But Artemis couldn’t bring herself to reply to them and didn’t want their pity party of, ‘It sucks you’re not on the Football Team. Couch Crosser doesn’t know what he’ll miss out on.’ To Artemis, everything she had ever dreamed of is gone now all because of her anger not to mention whatever possessed her ruined everything for her on the Football tryouts.

A knock on the door disturbs the air with a red-headed woman opening the door, “Artemis sugar, you’re missing out on dinner. You haven’t come out of this room since this past Sunday.” She stated being worried looking at the young teen.

“I’m not hungry,” The brunette Vietnamese teenager answered not turning to face her with tears running down her face. Hiding the tone of voice with an unbothered tone of voice.

“Well just in case dear, here’s a little something for you.” The red-headed woman replied walked into the room putting a bowl of macaroni and cheese with a spoon on top of a desk then leaving the room closing the door behind her.

Artemis sigh in disgust smelling the processed food filling the air. She shoves her phone into the back pocket of her jeans and jumping down the floor. The teen grabs her forest green zipped-up hoodie and grabs a bat. Artemis walks over to the window, opening it, and maneuvering her way out of the home with her dad’s bat in her hand.

The Junk Yard
7:45 P.M. EST

The former athlete had her hoodie covering her face and crawled through the fence landing herself inside of the junkyard. She held tightly onto her father’s bat and fiercely walking over to a busted old car. Artemis gripped the bat and taking her anger out on it by swinging to the old vehicle until it was to her liking. All through the time, the teen just ran, jumped, and screamed all her emotions out knowing no one in their right mind wouldn’t care. In a way, she felt like Alice in Wonderland in how everything she use to know is now different and abnormal to her. Mentally she needed to get away from everybody and figuring out how to rebuild her life now that football; both high school and college is gone. Artemis is somewhere not to be bothered and doesn’t care if anyone was looking for her, not even her parents.

End Scene

08/31/2021 11:17 PM 

Bad Reputation (Stargirl verse) Drabble

(Stargirl verse)

As the new school year begins, Artemis has grown into liking Jade seeing her as a sister figure. The brunette athlete had received phone calls from her parents as she has asked the famous question, ‘When are you two coming home again?’ Both of her parents said that they’ll be home soon. She sighed in frustration and trying to keep her spirits up.

The ebony-haired Vietnamese woman had grown attached to her little sister and noticing how down she is since both of their parents won’t be back home anytime soon. Jade would have a fun day with Artemis on the weekends while helping her little sister with Hockey and training for Football in the summertime.

Months have passed by going into mid-May.

Artemis is on the Hockey Team being the leader, of course, is fighting against Summerville High and while in the midst of playing against them. One of the players or a couple of players from the other team heard told Crock about her parents are really arrested because they’re criminals and the crimes that they’ve committed. This pissed off Artemis to where her blood boiled and channeling her anger to take out and defeat Summerville which lead Blue Valley to win 4 – 2.

Jade drove to the parking lot waiting for Alice to get out. Her gray hues look to see the young teenage marching towards the car with a serious look on her face, “Oh crap.” She said under her breath and sitting up in her seat.

The Athlete reached the car opening the passenger side door, getting herself in followed by throwing her duffle bag at her feet, and closes the door behind her.

“Everything alright there, Alice?” The Vietnamese woman asked as she shifts her body to face her.

Artemis closed her eyes as she breathes in then out a couple of times. The brunette teen tried to compose herself to calm down and opened her eyes to face Jade, “Cheshire,” She called her by the woman’s nickname then continues, “Can you please tell me the truth about my parents? Because the Hockey Team from the other school just told me that my parents are in prison because they’ve committed a crime. That they did robberies and killings that listed back since the eighties or something like that.” Artemis was getting her frustration out and pleaded with Jade to tell her the truth.

‘She’s a sweet kid. Way to go Mom and Dad for not telling Artemis the truth!’ Jade mentally commented in her mind as she looks into the same pair of silver eyes. “It’s true. All of it.” The ebony-haired woman admitted the truth without denying anything. “Which one of these little punks said all this to you? I’ll be happy to teach them so damn manners.” Jade vowed as she was ready to pounce on a kid to whoop his or her ass.

Artemis shakes her head not wanting Jade to get involved and paused for a moment, “It’s nothing.” She said under her breath then smirk. “But it scared the hell out of the other team. I could use my parents’ bad reputation for Blue Valley to win this hockey system. No other team wouldn’t dare to challenge me to a fight or anything.” The brunette teen said with pride.

‘There’s Dad’s spirit right there.’ The Vietnamese woman commented in her mind and smiles seeing the teenager being preppy. “Good choice. Come on my little archer, I’ll treat you to some Frozen Yogurt and yes it’ll be fat-free.” Jade replied to rewarding Artemis with a victory snack knowing she would reject frozen yogurt unless it was fat-free.

Next day at Blue Valley High…

The brunette teenager is in the cafeteria meeting catching up with her friends who are guys and teammates with whom she can get along. All four of them were talking about this past weekend’s Hockey Tournament knowing they only got a leg up because of Artemis’s parent’s reputation.

“What? You think it’s cool to have your parents locked up in prison?” The Vietnamese teenager asked being serious as she walked with her friends leading the way.

“Come on Artemis, you know what I mean,” Travis said not meaning what he meant.

“It is, scares the hell out of the other team,” Artemis commented with confidence and a smile rosing to her lips then walking backward with the hockey stick in her hand. “My parents did these so-called robberies. Some Bonnie & Clyde Robberies way before I was born. Someone set them up.” The brunette commented as she vowed to use her parents’ reputation for the Team to win.

All three athletes were walking as they stopped mid-way to see Jerome walking up to them.

Artemis turns around to see what her friends were looking at seeing. Their other teammate and friend, Jerome walking towards them. She sees from her blind spot seeing they’ve stopped at Courtney Whitmore’s table. The brunette looks directly at Jerome turning the hockey stick than next thing she knew Artemis was flipped a three-sixty to the ground by the blonde attacker. “What in the hell are you doing Whitmore?” seeing the hockey stick above her head and shoving it away. Artemis gets herself off the ground being face to face with Courtney.

“What in the hell are you doing?” The curly blonde teenager asked being serious holding the hockey stick in her hands. It reminded her of Sportsmaster’s weapon.

“I was giving the hockey stick to Jerome you blonde pinhead!” The brunette teenager replied being pissed off as she rips the weapon from Whitmore’s hand and giving it to her red-headed friend. Artemis leads the way by leaving the Cafeteria knowing her teammates are following her concerned about what just happened.

End Scene


08/11/2021 01:37 PM 

A Video to You and The Outsiders

[Young Justice verse]

Star City, California
Harper Residence
19:41 P.M.

Artemis was dressed in her alter-ego suit as she closes the door behind her and taking off masking throwing it on her bed. The blonde Vietnamese woman started to do breathing exercises trying to compose herself. Emotions were racing through her veins and thoughts were running all over her mind. She just got done doing a mission with Tara, Violet, Bart, and Garfield. They just did a cover operation against Lex Luthor. Artemis bends down to her knees trying to stay still than standing back up to her feet. She clothes her gray hues in order to relax her but her emotions felt like they were slowly coming up to her like word vomit. The blonde woman opens her eyes and walking over to the small desk. Artemis opens her laptop logs in to her password.

Her hands quickly type into each keynote to her laptop as it is second nature to her. She uses her right index finger to open up the camera and opening it. Artemis sees a clear image of herself and clearing her throat, “Okay, okay.” The Vietnamese woman said underneath her breath. She uses her index finger to press the record button seeing a red dot then putting her hands together to start talking.

“Hello, this is to anyone watching this and I wanted to make this video just in case if I were to ever cross over to join my family’s business or being killed. I’ve been wanting to do this… for the longest time and I need to get this out there. You know I’m not good with my emotions to stuff like this so let’s see if I can do this in one take.” Artemis starts off telling the truth as she looks directly at the camera straighten up in her seat before continuing, “I’ve never thought that I would be the one to break the mold from my family; when I was growing up, I was always told to never depend on anyone and never trust anyone that’s kind to you. It’s what HE taught me. I was raised to cut emotions off because it was a weakness. I was trained to be an Assassin; the ideal soldier to be a part of The League of Shadows and League of Assassins. Until one day, I saw Kid Flash on TV saving the day,” She spoke the truth about her upbringing than having a small tear mentioning Wally. “Both him and Green Arrow saving the world, a citizen, and a city had changed everything for me to be an archer. My Old Man agreed to go with it, just not the hero part. When my mother was released from jail after taking the fall for my father; she saw something in me that he couldn’t… me being a hero.” Artemis replied with a cracked voice knowing this is the real raw truth and using her hands to cover her face to hide her crying face. She breathes in and out trying to hold her emotions together before continuing her words then taking her hands from her face. “Joining The Team was the best god damn thing I’ve ever done with my life. Sure, there were a few bumps during the first year.” Artemis chuckled a bit remembering the times. “My teammates became my friends, best friends, and a boyfriend out of it. I’ve lost some dear friends because of the job. Being injured on the job is normal and be near a death experience that almost left me which made me think long and hard to leave the Team with Wally. The thought of going to college, Stanford of all places still blows my mind. Being the first in my family to attend college and getting a degree minus leaving my life to join Kaldur in an undercover mission.” She pauses at her words knowing that moment when Nightwing called still haunts her to this day. Her gray orbs look down for a moment then looking up, “Saying yes to it. Faking my death to become an undercover Assassin and from being an Assassin; my dark thoughts started to come out. Thinking the worst of the worst and when Wally passed…” The Vietnamese woman choked on the last part of her words and shaking her head. “A two-year recovery trying to get my life back together again, getting my Masters, become a mentor, a leader, and an aunt. Those dark thoughts would pop up every once in a while, if or when I’m feeling down. Yes, I had Bart, Cassie, Dinah, Barry, My Mom, D*ck, Kadur, Connor, Zatanna, M’gann, and Will. But sometimes I held it in. So… This is a video to You and The Outsiders if something happens to me. Thank you for Green Arrow being my mentor, to Will, my friends being amazing practically family, a family member to Team Flash, An Aunt to my beautiful niece, and being Wally’s partner. I wouldn’t trade anything about my past. Bye.” She stated a tearful yet honest truth with tears falling down her face and wiping them away using her right hand to press a button on the keyboard to stop the recording. Artemis saves the recording to a file typing it saving it on her laptop and the other one to something else. She closes her laptop and getting up from her seat.



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