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11/18/2022 01:30 AM 

Johnny Christ Birthday Drabble(Semi Canon)

Huntington Beach California; a name many knew or wanted to be a part of but for the five foot six inch male, legally born Jonathan Lewis Seward it was his home. Today was his 38th birthday and being the social partier, he had invited several of his closest friends and family over for a private get together. His wife of ten years Lacey had been up early in the kitchen with their son Franklin making sure everything was running smoothly, while Johnny was downstairs  restocking the bar. Having spent years in the music industry and recently his interviews known as Drinks with Johnny he had gained a wide range of friends and acquaintances. One person in particular who he could never forget was his crazy buddy (Kevin) Noodles from The Offspring, as well as his mutual friend friend JJ who he had grown close to. After several hours of back and forth phone calls and texts, he also had a special performance scheduled with his popstar friend Amethyst Fischbach(Petty) better known as Ava Max. It had been years since they last saw each other because of conflicting tours, parenthood and of course the pandemic.  

Just as he was finishing up he heard the voice of his wife again at the top of the stairs. "Hey honey the guys are here now and I think some other pretty blonde I don't recognize."  Johnny gave a chuckle to himself before speaking again. "Okay tell them to come down here for a bit if they can."  Loud footsteps soon followed as the rest of his band mates appeared with Amethyst following behind. "Yo short stack happy birthday now crack us a couple cold ones."  Of course Jimmy had always been the life of any party, so as per usual Johnny got out several chilled glasses and began to pour the beer and wine for the non beer drinkers. "Hey JC happy birthday, thanks so much for inviting me and asking to do a fun performance.  I see Jimmy and Zacky haven't let you forget."  

Amethyst had now turned her head back in the direction of the males just in time to hear Jimmy belch.  "Ames hey so glad you could make it. I hope my son Frankie wasn't too much of a handful when you came through."  The blonde shook her head slightly with a smile. "No in fact Frankie was a perfect gentlemen."  After a few beers and laughs it was time to head to the back yard for the barbecue and gig, but the bassist quickly caught something shiny out of the corner of his eye. "Well I'll be damned took Mark long enough to come full circle. Kidding.. I am actually really happy for you."  He began admiring his friends wedding ring before they arrived to the backyard, sure enough Noodles and JJ had been outside with Matt and Brian manning the grill. The smell of seasoned steaks and veggies filling the air now, and just to keep the sugar rush alive he had bought a case of Pop Tarts for Matt after he  had very strongly disagreed with anyone liking toaster strudels.

Performance area

Helping Amethyst dial in her voice through the sound system he used for small home gigs, he then took a seat again in one of the loungers and let her do her thing.  "I want to give a personal shout out to our birthday boy JC, even after all these years of being away you still know how to bring good company together. This one is for you."  Grasping the mic Amethyst quickly found her element, each song and note was hit flawlessly Of the songs that were being performed his favourite was her new single Weapons and coming in second is of course Million Dollar Baby because of how much she had grown in her career. 

Stop using your words as weapons
They're never gonna shoot me down
Stop, it's time that you learn a lesson
My love is gonna drown you out
Do you wanna fight, do you wanna dance?
'Cause tonight might be the only chance, so
Stop using your words as weapons

Johnnys mouth had remained open in awe the whole time, even his other buddies kept looking over and giving the ol thumbs up.  "Yo who else wants to do a jam session? I can totally go for some bass tracks now."  Noodles had quickly volunteered, but to add to the biggest surprise his buddy Jay who was formerly the bassist of Bullet For My Valentine had flown in for the weekend too. "DUDE!!! no f***ing way I haven't seen you in ages well in person that is." 


The party had gone the rest of the night, and sure enough he woke up with a wet ear for some reason, which could only mean his band mates or one of the dogs. His birthday had been a success, he made sure to schedule a follow up segment with Amethyst since she would be taking a few days off.

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Musey Challenge#2 (Drabble Style)

Originally posted April.10th, 2022

Credit to Archer

Muses being used/ I have

Willow Rosenberg
Alexia "Lexi Branson
Kazimir Rasputin( Disney OC) 

What is Royal Cake?

Russian Royal Cake is made with walnut, poppyseed,cherry and chocolate cake layers and frosted with Dulce De Leche Buttercream then drizzled with Chocolate. Also know as Korolevskiy cake

Setting: Russia 

It was a rather ordinary day for the middle aged red head known as Willow Rosenberg. Having been on a Europe based trip for quite some time now because of her work and duty as a witch she did not expect anything unusual to happen. Her friend and co worker Milo had stayed behind in California with her cat Gypsy and his yorkie named Rocket. Lexi had decided to come on the trip for moral support and a much needed getaway, apart from her witchy shop friends and a couple others Lexi was the closest thing to normalcy. 

Turning her head Willow raised an eyebrow at all the people in funny outfits. Thinking it was just some play they were apart of because the country was known for it her stomach soon began to growl for a meal quickly finding a small tavern. Today they got served a big bowl of Borscht with sour cream and hearty plates of Beef Stroganoff. After her encounter with cows in the past Willow was extremely skeptical  "Are you sure this stuff is actually edible?" Lexi gave Willow a nod of approval. "Yes and I think you better take a bite before you offend the chef of this place." Taking small bites she kind of turned up her nose at first because beets were not something she usually had cold but still managed to enjoy it. 

In fact just as they were about to pay and return to the next venue the owner gifted them with a Russian Royal cake for being such wonderful customers. "Oh wow thank you very much we were not expecting this at all. Your food and country are amazing so far."  The chef gave a warm smile in return and said something that sounded like a mix of broken english and thick russian dialect.   "You must visit our famous playhouse, the Imperial is to be making a very special appearance tonight."  Willow gave a slight nod but not entirely sure on what that meant as she had only known about the country from books or computer research.  "Alright what time and dress code needs to be done?  Having recieved the instructions they arrived at the location a short time later Lexi going to find a spot she was met with the loud yell of someone she knew, turning around she saw it was her red head. 

Willow-  Help Lexi!!!! I can't breath.. Its. Its him I don't know how but its him.

Lexi- Who? that funny guy in the suit? 

Willow nodding while hyperventilating

A group of middle age men and a couple females arrived amongst the crowd was the famous russian warlock but tried to blend in.  

Older man: "Oh my word isn't this just perfect another beautiful red head. 

Willow- "You're Grigori's son...don't you dare come near me.  Poor Anya and her family are dead because of your father." 

Kazimir: Wait you have to understand I am not my father. I have been trying for decades to escape him. It is why I left Russia to America/The Isle 

A spell had secretly been in motion and a sort of hologramish figure appeared that looked like Grigori. "Kazimir my boy kill the girl she is the red head we desire. Her blonde is just a bonus.

Lexi- "Dude I've died twice and I am an adrenaline junkie you really think I give a sh*t about death? tell me something I don't know."

04/02/2022 12:30 AM 

Secrets and Stakes (Semi Canon starter)

1x1 with ˢʷᵉᵉᵗcαrolıne

It had been three years since Lexi had been blindsided by the dark and devilish Salvatore brother Damon. Having secretly been working with Elizabeth Forbes to end the entire race of supernatural beings, he compelled a female at the grill to go and tell the sherrif that someone had bit her. Due to a case of mistaken identity Alexia was then injected with vervain and hauled out by a group of cops. In an attempt to prove his loyalty to the town Damon Salvatore had staked her through the heart before she could admit the truth, saying it was all part of his plan.

Having lived on the other side in somewhat of a revenge mode she kept watch  of the ones she cared about. Unfortunately for her dear friend Stefan it was the week of his graduation from Mystic Falls High School. Being an undead dead person definetly had disadvantages but luckily for Lexi she turned at a legal age of 21. 

After her grams had passed Bonnie Bennet tapped into her darker side more. In order to reach Qetsiyah and ensure Silas is dead for good she activated the expression triangle, which would allow the viel to be dropped and guarantee any spirit good or bad to walk both realms.  Amongst those ghosts was none other than the blonde vampire herself Alexia Branson. Silas being known for serious mind control had somehow taken over not only Bonnies mind but everyone she ever loved including her friend Caroline who now was in a full state of mind alerting magic. "I need to keep cutting Silas needs me to bleed."  

Though Lexi spent most of her time invisible she sadly witnessed the situation, and ironically gained a small friendship with Rebekah Mikaelson too. "Dammit Beck not her too..  Do something she is cutting even deeper."  Once everyone was out of the spell the party or lack there of was set to continue even with a giant frown upon Stefans face. "I am not really up for celebrating I was hoping to see someone and I didn't."  Just then Lexi appeared behind the chair with a large grin.  "You better mean me." 

Caroline with a tilt of the head motioned to the other female to come over. "Hey look it's Sexi Lexi..when did you get here? wait you're all flesh like and  got a nose ring. Cool"  Letting out a laugh Lexi gave her friends a couple tight hugs. What nobody was aware of is that she had in fact been keeping tabs, and in order to control her high adrenaline, and urges for intimacy at times she took up a couple sports which was a bit funny to her too. "Hey there Care Bear.. I got here about an hour ago,luckily Beck saved your ass from Silas I got a few surprises for you both."  What she failed to mention was that the sports she had joined was in fact a Roller Derby team 

Present Day

Branded with a large and humourous tattoo; she found herself happier then she could ever be. Her love of Derby and shakes still very much present even if she was somehow brought back thanks to Willow and Bonnie. Now decked out in black leather low riders, white tank and ankle style stilettos she approached her friends house for some much needed girl time. "Caroline open up its Lex, you and I have a lot to catch up on so I hope you're up for it."  After a couple minutes of making her sweat a little longer Caroline opened the door, a smirk on her face as she casually looked her friend over.  As if she was family Lexi walked straight to her kitchen and began whipping up a fresh batch of Cinnamon Rolls with a special glaze. "These are my secret recipe...I want you to see if you can guess what it is, Stefan is not allowed to have these it sent him over the edge for some reason." Her blonde friend tilted her head in confusion but it had only taken a minute before she was bouncing for join as she licked her lips. "I know exactly what this is and super clever, but how did you sneak this? I thought you didn't compel anymore."

As if it was no big deal Lexi brushed the brass knuckles on her shirt another smirk forming. "Oh you know nothing a little brass and roll can't do.. We got enough for 3 more batches plus a full hit for you too."  The secret ingredient was in fact human blood, with just a splash of Bourbon as that was the common liquor of choice for Vampires.  "So did Willow really make you get that girly dagger sketch as well?" Giving a nod Lexi revealed the bold tattoo that took up half her forearm.


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SuperNova Beauty (Canon and AU Crossover)

Proto Zoa-Oz
Commander Plank-Giles
Parker Wyndham-Wesley and father
Lutz-Principal Synder
Aunt Judy-(Buffy's mom)
Astrid and Mark Kar- Sheila and Ira ( Willow's parents.  Mostly just names)
Microbe- Dingoes Ate My Baby

2049 (Thirteen years old) 

It had been eight years that Willow had been living up in space. Life was perfect she had become an expert at crafting, and even formed her own lingo with her best friend Buffy. Little did anyone know that a big wig by the name of Wesley, would be paying a visit with his assistant Synder. While every teen girl and lover of music was getting ready for the upcoming contest the evil duo were secretly planning to high jack the station "Buffy can you believe it? Dingoes Ate My Baby is coming to our space station."  The blonde kinda gave a small eye roll, sure she didn't mind the band but of course Willow was more invested in them.  "That is great news Will but we should probably work on not getting on Giles's bad side or falling asleep."  Of course Willow had pretty much tuned out everything except for squealing  "Oz is just so Lunarious with his dimples and that red hair."  Riding high on the excitement she had nearly bull dozed their Supervisor who didn't seem all that pleased.  "Oh Morning Glorious Giles. Beautiful galaxy we have hey?"   "Now Miss Rosenberg you know better than that to be running and squealing in the corridors."   

Before they knew it the days had passed rather quickly and Wesley was now wandering the station. "Mr. Wyndham hi I am just so thrilled to meet you and Mr. Synder. Yes you are correct it is the band Dingoes Ate My Baby."  Sticking out her hand with the biggest and fakest smile possible she took notice of their body language in return. "Okay did that whole situation seem super inky to you Buffy or am I just having one of my low sugar days?  Buffy returned the nod of agreement before going to find the rest of their group to deliver the news. That night Wesley's assistant had somehow snuck down to the main control room,  "Freeze sucker you're not allowed in there only the Supervisor has access."  This time the usually shy red head had her favourite laser gun and pointed it in the guys direction.  Having heard all the commotion the Supervisor Giles had come to break up the arguments. "Synder is lying, he was breaking into the controls and I was trying to stop him.  He had something in his pocket too, you have to believe me Giles."  Synder adjusted the buttons on his suit before looking back at both of them.  "You really think he's going to believe a teenage troublemaker you don't even have cameras in this place you call a home."  Glaring at Synder Willow tried not to say anything more but the guy only made it worse.  "At least I'm not a crook."   " That is enough nonsense from both of you."  Giles split the two apart Synder returning back to Wesley's quarters.

24 hours later

While in her parents research department Willow had to endure another awkward family meeting. This time her heartbeat had travelled into her ears  funny considering space is zero gravity.  "Willow what you did was uncalled for..  you have been sneaking around with Buffy and dragging her into your troubles.  We have no choice but to ground you Giles has other plans." Thinking it was some kind of early morning prank, she laughed it off until her father pointed outside the window.  "We are serious you are being sent back to your aunt Joyce's and high school is a must."   "No this is not fair she can't cook, and I was just a baby the last time.  I'll do anything just don't make me go to Earth."  Unfortunately for Willow the trip was already booked and would start her first day of high school the next morning. "Your Aunt Joyce is picking you up at the main gates when you get there.  


After some arguing and self talk she was on solid ground; soon finding her Aunt Joyce.  Willow's nose had quickly matched the redness of her hair from all the Pollen that she didn't know she was allergic too. "Oh Willow it is so good to see you how's Buffy?"  The two of them drove around in the car, before they found a Tiki bar and bistro. "Rosie is that you? my golly I haven't seen you since we were five years old."   "Ugh..should I know who you are? there are only two people who ever called me that."  Xander did his best to not make this any more awkward, or heart breaking as being in space made them grow apart. "It's Xander we lived next door to each other and were in Preschool together before you moved."  Looking around for an escape route, she was soon met by a browned haired girl who clearly ruled the boardwalk.  "Where'd you get your outfit? the bargain bin at Aliens R US?"   Doing her best to fit in she laughed it off once again, the fact Buffy stayed up in space made the situation even harder.  "And exactly who are you supposed to be clearly that guy was not interested in being around you."   Giving a quick hair flip the brown haired girl moved in closer.  "I'm Cordelia Chase Dumbass and you better not forget who runs this town." 

A week later 

Being the freak from outer space was not the best especially with having to get a new look and lingo down was much harder.  Luckily she discovered her love for advanced technology and fried foods. "What is this deliciousness?"  "We call those zoo sticks its bread crumbs wrapped around Zucchini."   While doing a group project Willow had overheard someone mention the station was on lockdown so instantly she had to call her best friend Buffy. "Cetus Lupeedus what happened to you?"   "Something blew up here, they think it was some sort of electric shockwave or the rodents from your parents lab"   This cannot be happening.  I am going to hop on the next flight home I miss you we have to make sure this show goes smoothly."  A few hours later Willow had spotted the famous band and of course Oz.  " Mr. Osbourne I just wanted to say how Lunarious you are, the way you capture the moment with every song and dance."   Waving the guards off the rockstar got a glimpse of the tree of life pin on her jacket.  "I remember now you're the girl who built the Dingo out of recycled metal and guitar strings right?" Giving a small nervous smile back to him she followed to the plane but not before getting instructions from Jenny and Xander.  "Talk about Pressure Major or what?"  The older lady had sent a counter active disk she built and made sure to train Willow on it.  "Alright time to give dear ol Wesley a taste of his own medicine.  He'll be thinking twice about messing with a TechnoPagan"  Tilting her head in complete confusion she wondered exactly what that meant, as if Jenny could read her mind she gently explained. "TechnoPagan basically means I am a certified witch/gypsy but can build and crack software just as easily." 

Visions of your pretty face
Send me into hyper space
Caught up in a Planetary world
Breathing in you give me air
I'm living off your solar flare
Could you be my super nova girl
Interplanetary Mega Stellar Hydro static
Theres no gravity between us 
Our love is automatic


The space station was able to go through with the show and not only did she score a date and dance with the lead guy but her aunt Joyce had fallen for their supervisor too.  Willow had learnt how to turn Wesley and Synder into Weasels 

Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
Zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom 
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl
zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom
My super nova girl


01/31/2022 09:30 PM 

"Already Dead" (Crossover Drabble)

My first actual tv crossover wasn't entirely sure what scene  or angle to choose but I am a big fan of this show and actresses. 

Original Date: Janurary.27,2022

Seattle Washington

Olivia Moore was a resident of the Cardiology department and the former fiance of Major Lilywhite; while on shift she had successfully revived a young guy who was cyanotic(Lack of oxygenated blood.)  Having been known for her ambitious work ethic like her best friend and roommate Peyton Charles, her colleague figured a boat party was the best option, but Liv turned it down due to a date with Major.  After some thought she agreed but while on the boat things began to get out of control, people were acting like wild animals that espaced the local zoo. Before Liv could figure out what was going on she fell backwards into the water, what was meant as just a harmless black out had in fact been her death. Instead of waking up in a hospital or Morgue like regular people, Olivia woke up in a completely different part of the United States. Thinking it was some kind of drunken hangover she blinked a few times to gain her barrings but that only seemed to make it worse.  

Sunnydale California(Magic Box/Library)

Willow and her best friend Buffy had just finished a training session with  patrol happening in a couple hours. Cleaning up they got ready to head back to the house when something began to rumble, having ignored it at first as California was known for Earthquakes it shook again. This time Willow gave Buffy a look asking the obvious question. "This couldn't be another apocalypse could it? I swear we put a stop to that years ago." After a few minutes of conversation back and forth, Willow told her to go on ahead wanting to explore the area on her own time. Something quickly caught her eye upon contact she let out a jump  "Oh Spike hi I didn't expect you out for a stroll tonight aren't you usually watching the teley?"

Sunnydale Graveyard

While waiting for Buffy to show up again; she began chit chatting with Spike awkwardly. Their attention soon shifting when they heard some obnoxious noises that didn't sound human like.  "Whoa I've never seen you before are you a new vampire?"  The pale female tilted her head in slight confusion before addressing the red head. "Seattle is getting weirder and weirder every day. Pretty sure those things don't exsist anyways."  Reaching her hand out Willow tries to grab hold of the other female and pull her up from the Hellmouth. "Bloody Hell what is that thing? she keeps circling near my brain, unless she can get this damn chip outta my noggin I ain't helping."  Of course Spike would be useless and snarky in a fight. Defense mode setting in quickly, Willow had completely missed the fact the other female had spotted a fresh body a few feet away. 

Back turned she cracked into the skull, calling out to the female she turned her head, blood red eyes turning back to normal as bits of brain marked her chin.  "Well that's not something you see everyday even for us."  Giving a snarky glare to Spike before the monster thing got annoyed. "Where's Major he was supposed to meet me at the other side of the lake once the party was over."  Thinking Major was a very strange name for a person Willow gave an honest answer in return. "am not sure who this Major is you are speaking ofbut this is Sunnydale and the only Major I got is a headache."  Some time later after a lot of witchy methods, it came down to the one option she hoped wouldn't have to rely on and that was Angel. After both her and Buffy had bad breakups it created a bit of a rift in the family. "Angel it's me Willow... Is Wesley or Fred there?"  Angel listened to the fast ramblings, trying to make sense of what she was saying but it came out as gibberish. "Slow down Willow, You said someone showed up in the Hellmouth and it wasn't Spike or our regulars".  No unfortunately Wesley is out of the office with Fred but she left a note." This time Willow began to chew nervously on her lip "This female doesn't appear to have any symptoms of being a ghost or werewolf so that's a positive.  Oh is Ravi that funny dude from Seattle?"

King County Medical Office

Ravi Chakrabarti was the head of the morgue and Forensic department; He was also a certified nerd and one of Winifreds old mentors. When an unknown  number called he let it go to voicemail at first, but when the same number called back to back he quickly picked up, having heard a females voice that sounded a bit shaky with uncertainty.  "Hello is this Mr. Chakrabarti?.. if so this is Miss Rosenberg Winifreds friend."   "Oh yes I have definetly heard of you before, what can I do for you today?  A Biopsy... sure we can probably make that happen." 

Sunnydale Hospital and Research Lab

It had been a month since the female had mysteriously shown up in The Hellmouth. Upon intense analysis and Biopsies it was discovered that the  females name was Olivia Moore, and had unfortunately been turned into a zombie.  Luckily due to consuming large chunks of the victims Temporal Lobe, she was able to solve cases back home in Seattle, as well as remaining loyal in California thanks to Willow and Angel's team.  "Idle Brains are the devil's workshop and we all don't want me becoming a Romero zombie do we?"  Liv gave a light hearted chuckle.  The main cause of the boat party attack was later discovered as Utopium in which her father had been working for Blaine and his Minions.

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Multi Muse-Tara Knowles(Canon and AU)

Originally written: January.12,2021

FYI: This time we made Jax be the one to divorce Tara and keep Abel and Thomas instead.

Izzie and Gemma- Broken Asylum
Willow and Tara (Jax alternated between Izz and I) Night Vixen

Synopsis: Isabelle had planned a surprise party for Gemma at the clubhouse with the help of Jax, and invited Willow along as her guest before things went sideways with Tara and the club as per usual. 

Samcro Clubhouse

The trip had taken longer than expected, having felt slightly out of place she did her best to be polite. Having been there for her friend and the older lady Isabelle called "Mama" Willow hadn't really met Tara; but heard she could get territorial and such if the time arose so kept her distance for the most part, until Isabelle's daughters Hayven and Eve spotted her.  "Auntie Red we missed you."  Having made small talk with the girls and the rest of the club.  "Hey girls I missed you too, and yes Izz a burger would be great thanks don't forget the dr. pepper." 

Tara glared at Isabelle from across the lot; still hell bent on proving she was meant for the club no matter what it took even if that was one handed. Taking a quick pause when Gemma asked the question. "What are you scowling at, Tara?" Most of the guys she got along with and knew she was Jax's old lady.  Isabelle had shot a nasty look back in return not breaking eye contact, Gemma was still kind of off with her.

"Cass of course. Even my boys like her kids, you'd think she owns the place with the way she struts around." 

Willow had been watching from the side; in between eating her burger amongst Jax, Juice,Eve and more. There seemed to be tension rising, Tara had gotten up in Isabelle's face.  At this point she was going off about something, clearly pointing towards her a.k.a. red head, well this did not seem to sit well. Pushing off from the post Willow walked over but before she arrived Tara tried to attack Izz, the boys noticed and tried to step in.  "Take Izz inside, I got this covered." 

Willow now stood face to face with Jax's girl. "So you're the Tara that is causing sh*t for my friend. Bitch I don't know what your deal is but Izzie/Cass is just as much apart of this club as the rest of us. So you need to back the hell up or you'll regret it."  At this point she turned and began walking away but Tara grabbed her by the back of the head which instantly made Willow snap hard. "Oh you wanna f*** with me? It is so on don't say I didn't warn you."  The red head now had black eyes and a sort of snarl to her tone, punching Tara hard and sort of knocking her a bit.  "You ever mess with me, Izz or any of us including my babe Juicey you know what will happen."  Gemma having praised Willow shortly after.  "You okay baby?"

Jax had been moving to intervene, and keep his wife calm, letting Willow handle everything for the moment.  "C'mon Tara. You want me to take you home?"  Izz was scowling, ready to take Tara down when she made the attempt on Willow. 

"Get her out of here, baby. I don't need some jealous little bitch causing trouble for my birthday."  Gemma demanded. "I can watch the boys. They're having fun."  Tara had wiped the blood that came pouring from her nose hearing her husband Jax try and calm the situation.  "What I want is for those stupid bitches to leave. But yeah my hand needs painkillers anyways."  She said before grabbing her bag of stuff and walking with her man. 

Willow was running high on adrenaline at this point, oblivious to the fact the boys had watched the situation go down between her and Tara. She didn't want them to know her agressive side, blinking a couple times she looked up seeing Gemma.  "Yeah I'm okay sorry to cause a big scene." Jax rolled his eyes towards Isabelle, quickly losing patience with his wife and didn't like the feeling at all.

"You didn't cause the scene, baby. Tara's been itching to go at Cassie since before I got here. She does such a good job of playing nice since that is not usually her area but of course Tara keeps at her. If she doesn't stop Jax is going to end up a widow."  The red head having won a spot in Gemma's good books. Tara was in a foul mood and had to basically be escorted out from the property she was not going to let this go still. Willow gave a half smile surprised how supportive the older lady was. 

"Tara you can't just lose your mind everytime you see Cassidy. You left. For years. She's been here she helps the club out, she's part of the family- just like you are - but if you keep this sh*t up, you're going to end up on mom's sh*t list and everyone else is going to be just as annoyed." Jax complained as he drove her home.

Tara let out a huff of annoyance towards her husband before speaking.
"So what you're just going to take their side over your own wife and kids? Yeah I left and did stupid sh*t but so did you. You don't think I made sacrifices and helped out the club? I sewed up more asses and body parts than I can handle. Besides not like Gem liked me anyways."  Tara continued rambling under her breath until they arrived home.

"That chick has some serious issues that need to be straightened out fast. Willow nodded in agreement to Gemma's comment. "Thanks it felt real good too. Tara is lucky a bloody nose is all I gave her."  Quickly giving the older lady a low down on who she was a.k.a. being a witch. The initial shock and adrenaline wearing off she began to wince in pain before Juice took her to the office for ice and the medical kit.

Jax hadn't said much to her on the ride, saying he'd be home later. Tara climbed off the back of his bike when they got home,  giving Jax a cold shoulder before going inside and slamming the door. Soon finding her painkillers tossing them back. Having taken a bit of a joy ride to cool off before returning to the clubhouse with smiles and laughter. "Yeah I'm cool sorry about Tara she was still going on and on. Willow don't be sorry she needed to be told off." 

A few weeks later

Now at Teller Morrow; Izz was about to do a run for Clay and the boys. Tara had been sucking up to the remainder of the club and being on her best behaviour since the scene at the party. Jax continued to hang out with Izz on slow days, in between meeting with his lawyer to speed up the paperwork.  Even though Tara had threatened him multiple times, The custody had been a tough one to crack. Things hadn't been officially sorted out yet but Isabelle fought hard to be in Jax and his boys lives.  Tara had somehow snuck up on the two of them  "You're pregnant with my husband's child?!"  Practically growling at the news. 

Willow snapped her head now hearing that familiar rage and voice it was the psycho known as Tara Knowles. "Aww f*** this is just great you're worse than a damn Ninja. You really need to stop eavesdropping too."  Izz approached Tara trying to shut her up fast.  "Stop mouthing off at Red, you wanna do this, let's do it."  Having felt Jax's presence nearby. 

Tara continued spitting words at the other brunette. "I can run my mouth any damn way I want. At least I'm not a giant whore whose keeping secrets. Willow always saving your ass she probably begged Juice to be with her so she could get into the club faster, he's even stupider than I thought." Jax ran a hand through his beard before Tara came lunging at Izz in a fit of psycho mommy rage and punched her this time. "That's what you get for stealing my man." Willow quickly left not wanting to get charged with destruction again .  The threats only escalding with each passing minute Tara was completely blindsided having seen a flash and then instant blackness before collapsing to the ground. 

Jax stood having seen his wives lifeless body in the center of the lot, sure the idea of running her out was in the back of his mind but the fact Isabelle had actually done it was still a shock factor.  Not wanting to have a hit on the club or the State police, Izz had covered it up making it look like a recreational accident. Willow and Juice had helped as well especially if she chose the baby.

01/18/2022 03:01 PM 

Holly Carmichaels(Owens) Original Character 2019

Drabble Paragraphs written: Sept.11,2021

Full Name: Holly Carmicheals(Owens)

Age: 23 

Birthday: August. 20


Birthplace: Lafayette-Louisiana 

Current city: Miami Florida 
Sister of Kappa Phi Sorority (Formerly)

Major:Animal Science


Eyes:Golden/Honey brown 

Height: 5'6"


Personality:outgoing,sweet but tough on the inside bit of a tom boy

Hobbies:Riding Horses,Hunting,The Beach,Yoga

Favorite Music:Country,Rock,Pop

Favorite Food:Southern bbq,shellfish

Role:  Student (Formerly)

Dislikes: Spiders and Snakes

Siblings/ Family members : Younger brother named Cameron and a granny named Zelda( no relation to the amazing Boozy)

Relationship status: Married 

Occupation: Ranch hand at Whispering Willows( Formerly) Mom of three 

Bio: Holly was born in Lafayette Louisiana. She was raised by her granny Zelda as she didn't know much about her other family members. Most of them died before she got old enough to remember...when she finished high school she decided to spread her wings and moved to Florida. She was accepted into Miami Beach University for Animal studies, she also became the owner of Mr. Quinnvilles horse Gunner and his secondary property when he unfortunately passed. 

Holly was as country as could be, from her thick Southern accent to her redneck habits of hunting and fishing with her brother. Some said she was the sweetest others knew not to double cross her, but for one particular guy he was up for the challenge when he moved onto campus. Having been in the same building as her, Holly had taken a part time job as a Resident Advisor which led to her being invited to a Frat party at Sigma Alpha. Having no clue he was a pledge, the two of them went shot for shot along with dancing until they woke up on the couch the next morning. Holly being topless and the boys swarming around them taking pictures for blackmail, the head of the house Kevin being amongst them. The months had come and gone by rather quickly both of them permanent members of their houses, One thing led to another and the two of them welcomed their daughter Maddison, after wine tasting and heat stroke had turned out to be morning sickness instead. A wedding and two more kids had followed years later.

(Section written in 2021)

Holly having been a former sorority sister of Kappa Phi, wanted to spark some fun. Still having connections to the owner of the bar she figured it was the perfect opportunity. Little did her man Chris know that she had actually been working here for months, while he took care of the family buisnesses. A buddy of theirs was to be getting married and had booked the bar for a private party, not saying who or what was on the agenda, the music started to get loud and Holly along with a couple of her girls jumped onto the bar top. Chris having heard the sound of boots looked up into the familiar Golden eyes of his beautiful wife, even after 3 kids he still could not believe how amazing she was. The ex frat boys had gone wild when the former sisters started getting into the routine. Giving a wink she began pouring water over her body and shaking her ass in the daisy dukes she usually wore,  "Hey sexy miss me?"  Holly having far too much fun leaned into him, her boobs getting a fun little motorboat as both of them were clearly drunk too. She kept going until the end of the bar was now covered with booze bottles and extra horny brothers.  

Jumping down off the bar Holly walked over to her man, and gave him and the buddies a few lap dances. Kid Rocks Cowboy playing on full blast in the bar, she whips her hair feeling his hands on her was a rush and she needed more of it. Facing him she hooks a finger in the collar of his shirt, lust clearly in her eyes  " We got some unfinished buisness to take care of." Getting up she then takes him to the back room where she had been before the water show. Pinning him against the wall she then starts working his neck, making sure to give him noticeable hickies, both of them got undressed his arousal clearly obvious at this point. Chris flips Holly around so she was near the wall, picking her up the two of them began going hot and heavy not caring who saw or heard them.  "Brings me back to when we used to f*** in the laundry room at the Sigma house, but something about that song and stale beer got me crazy tonight." 

The two of them had gone at it for awhile, breathing heavily and covered in sweat but luckily she was on birth control this time so no risk of more babies. With how many times he had been kicked in the junk by his brothers it was a miracle they could even have any, but ended up with two boys and a girl with the cutest dimples and blue and golden honey eyes. 

01/17/2022 10:05 PM 

"My little girl" (Drabble of Ella Osbourne)

Originally written October.1st,2021

A few things have been discussed when I did my "This is Me"  drabble however this time I wanted a proper build up to her birth 

Ella Osbourne
Daughter of Willow Rosenberg(Osbourne) and Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
Red hair
Blue eyes
Birthday:March. 10
Concieved in the dorm room 
Was delievered early at Sunnydale Memorial
No witch blood lines but reacted well to the songs while in the womb
Aunt and Uncles: Buffy, Angel and Xander

It all began back at UC Sunnydale Buffy and Willow had been roommates and everything was great. Oz had been a werewolf for a couple years now, their relationship going steady. When Willow told him the news that they were in fact pregnant he was actually over joyed.  "Yup we are going to be parents whoa but I could not pick anyone better than you to have it with." A month later he had surprised her after classes with a proposal, when Buffy found out she promised to cut back on her slayer duties and help anyway she could. Willow had moved into an apartment that Oz had shared with his band mates, with some help and convincing they were able to get back the second room. 

He had surprised her by turning the room into the cutest hot pink nursery, after they had found out from the sonogram that their baby was a girl. "I think Ella is the perfect name for our daughter, she'll definetely have my sass but your dimples. The months passing as she began to get bigger and waddle like the Arctic Penguins ,her cravings for Mangoes only intensified more. Throughout the pregnancy Willow's friend Cleo had given her some Maternity crystals, which gladly used daily to keep from having bad symptoms along with a custom necklace, for both Oz and herself. It contained Rose quartz and Amethyst, and a special one to help with the transformations for him. One night Willow had found herself with a ton of energy throwing on her Toy Story alien hoodie, she began to squeal with excitement. "Call up Buffy we are going to Pizza Planet Baby woohoo!!"

 It didn't take long before they had arrived out front of the popular attraction. The famous red and white rocket in their view. Linking arms they entered the black and neon room, quickly ordering an extra spicy pepperoni pizza with black olives and a Dr. Pepper. "This is the first time I can actually smell grease and not want to puke." Adding extra chili flakes to the pizza when it arrived, she scarfed half the food with hardly a breath of air. Making her way to the games shortly after. Little did they know that Oz had always kept his guitar in the van, so when her and Buffy sang he strummed. Their daughter had seemed to react well to all the Wiccan hyms and touch of her fathers kisses.  After a night of games, singing and pizza it was time to go home.  Leaving Willow restless and out of breath from the heartburn. "Ozzy did you spill water in bed or drool?" "No you're just overtired and imagining things besides we aren't expecting for another week."  

This time Willow really felt the wet spots in bed. "No seriously babe I think my water just broke quick help me up please." At this point Oz got up in a panic and did his best to brace his fiance, the labor pains hitting her hard. "Sh*t Ella is kicking on my ribs I can hardly move.Buffy better make it to the hospital quick."  Oz got her into the van, and put the pedal to the metal sliding into the last empty spit in the parking lot. "Yes my fiance is in labor get her to the maternity ward. Baby I love you I am right behind you." 

Once in the maternity ward, the birthing team hooked her up to heart monitors and got her ready to deliver. Going natural as she was already fully dialated. "Okay on three I want you to push with everything you got Willow.  Alright One, Two, Three PUSH!!." After several grueling minutes she heard the cries and announcement that their daughter was born. "Babe she looks just like you.  We did it our little miracle."  Buffy had soon entered the room a pink giraffe and flowers in hand. "Aww congrats bestie she is absolutely beautiful." The nurse had announced that visiting time was over and would soon need to learn how to breast feed in a couple hours. It had taken a day of observation before Willow and baby Ella were to be released from the hospital the next few days and weeks had been very slow moving Ozzy had agreed to take over most of the feedings and household duties. 


01/17/2022 01:25 PM 

Knox Osbourne- An Adoption Drabble👶🏼

Originally written: October.16,2021

Debated on writing this piece for awhile now. But after some helpful feedback here is part 2 Enjoy. ❤️ Ages are flexible 

Knox Osbourne (Birth name)

Reid Mccollum ( New name given by adoption)

Red hair

Blue eyes with hints of green from the mother

Birthday:  June 25

Bio parents: Willow and Daniel "Oz" 

No wolf blood lines but exhibits traits from time to time(keen sense of smell) 

Has dimples like his dad

Birth place: Sunnydale

Current hometown: San Diego

It had been almost 3 years since the birth of Ella; Now with Willow and Oz's anniversary this weekend, she was glad to be free from her witchy duties and him from working at the shop. With flowers in hand Ozzy gave a brief kiss  after arriving home to his girls. "Hey sweetheart, how about you and me get out of town for the weekend? There's this beautiful spring with campsites and everything." Hearing the plans for a romantic getaway Willow couldn't help but to grin ear to ear at that. "That sounds perfect babe and I heard the weather is going to be extra hot."  Oz smirked before going to change this time grabbing a beer soon after. Willow began packing her bags with some high waisted bikinis and sun dresses, as much as she loved being a mom she hadn't been able to find clothes that made her feel sexy.  An extremely long check list had been in hand ,which of course had to include the bags of Marshmallows for Smores.  Leaving first thing in the morning was the game plan so they could ensure a good quality spot without feeling overcrowded. "Alright I made sure to leave a list of instructions and contact info for Buffy in case we end up without cell range."  Thankfully still having a tent from way back when they were able to save a bit of money on supplies. After hours of sleep it was time to hit the road with her man coffees in check this time.  

Sitting in the passengers seat with the window down; Willow watched as the scenery passed by from place to place. The two hour road trip feeling like only minutes. After payments were confirmed they were given permits for their camping spot and open fires. Soon following the winding dirt road that led to a large open area. "Holy crap babe is this place even real?  It's like a tropical paradise here."  Hopping out of the van when they arrived the two of them stretched. "You go take a swim and explore if you want, I'm going to get the tent set up while we still have sunlight." Oz gave a smile to Willow. Now going behind a bush she changed into her bikini, and made her way to the river it didn't take long before she felt arms around her waist, letting out a slight yelp. "Oh Ozzy you scared me I am glad you didn't get hit with that shield again." 
 The two of them swam around for awhile before spotting the floaties near the shore grabbing them they got on and floated the rest of the way.

As the hours passed by with peace so did the sun; now hanging low with a purple and blood orange hue they climbed out of the water, making their way back to the site. Once they were toweled off they got the fire built ,Willow had found herself lost in thought. Looking up at the sky she whispered a blessing before digging into her Smore . Oz had been a bit on edge at first Willow thought it could be from being over worked and lack of sleep but that didn't seem to be the case. "Honey are you okay?  you're acting really weird tonight." Tilting her head slightly after she spoke. "Yeah just I am so used to being antsy from the full moons, and for once we found a weekend where its perfect all around." This time Oz had found himself wrapping his arms around from behind, a smirk upon his face as he watched Willow turn her head when he gave her chest a gentle squeeze. "Well someones frisky tonight."  "It's your damn pheremones Will, they are off the charts tonight, besides I'm part wolf its sort of in the job description" The two of them began making out under the stars, which of course led to intense sex unfortunately Willow had run out of birth control but she was not about to stop mid way through. Before they knew it the next morning rolled around somehow the two of them had wound up in their tent.  "Well good morning to you hot stuff. 

A few weeks later

At this point Willow knew for sure she was pregnant which was confirmed by a few tests. Sitting down with Oz she told him the truth at first it came as a bit of a shock. "Ozzy honey it looks like we are expanding the family. I am sorry I thought I had enough pills before we got intimate."  Finding out it was a boy put a unexpected smile on their face making sure to follow through with the prenatal meditation and such.  It eventually came down to where Oz hadn't shown up at home in what felt like months, the phone calls and texts had been slim to none. Willow had found herself spending more and more time turning inwards, her pregnancy becoming rougher and more challenging every day. Even with all the countless hours of spell training Buffy was given she still could not understand her Red headed friend. "Willow please talk to me I know what it is like to hurt so bad you cannot breath. I have died and been brought back by you and Xander."  "If you can bring back Ozzy and let him see the birth and his son grow up then fine otherwise there is no hope." 

Permanently shutting out the world except for Cleo,Nola and the staff at her former job, Willow went forth with delivering her son at a private clinic by C section. With the help of a dear friend the tears of exhaustion and sadness upon her face, she was given the hardest task to answer. "Miss Rosenberg-Osbourne would you like to hold your son?" For a brief minute she looked down at the face of her child that would no longer be hers. "Knox Osbourne is your name but mother I am not I am so very sorry my sweet baby boy" 
This time the nurse carried Knox to be cleaned up and swaddled, a family had been assigned to adopt but the name of the family was disclosed for peace of mind and heart break. Willow continued to live her life as best as she could but still feeling very much lost and confused. 

Present Day

Being amongst the Crescent pack in New Orleans was the peace of mind Willow never knew she needed. A hybrid by the name of Hayley Marshall had somehow convinced her that the bayou was not as bad as it seemed. For the first time in years Will could finally agree, magic didn't have to be her only priority here she could be who and whatever she wanted.  A wanderer in the deep mossy trails or one with the water at the docks. While out for an early morning hike she had caught a glimpse of something orange, at first she figured maybe it was her fairy Ainsley but it seemed much bigger and human like. "I know this is weird but are you Willow Rosenberg from Sunnydale?"
Taking a step back Willow gives a small nod. "Yes I am Willow Rosenberg but that depends who is asking." The thing cleared their throat before proceeding.

"My name is Reid Mccollum I live in San Diego California. I have come a long way looking for answers and hoping you can help me."  Giving the obvious red headed male a look of slight confusion  Willow was the only one in this area who had it. "I don't know what I can do for you this property is private, and I advise you to go before my friend sniffs you out as dangerous territory."   

"Wait sniff? as in like a dog? I did have this odd nose twitch but I thought I was just being crazy."  The two of them had chit chatted back and forth ,until the guy who claimed his name was Reid pulled out a large crinkled piece of paper from his pocket. "According to these records it shows birthplace is Sunnydale hospital and its the same date as mine. Did my father ever smell things or have a serious hate for the moon?.  because I get an itchy back when it happens."  Will:  "If you are who you claim to be and I'm really your mom show me that twitchy thing and something only I would know from  records."  
Reid let his nose wander to the pile of moss with a twitch just like Ozzy had. 
"Oh my god no this cannot be possible. I gave my son up for adoption at birth his name was Knox, but you did the same thing as my ex fiance."  Willow shook her head back and forth. "I am sorry to have bothered you and come all this way, but I have been searching for years trying to find my real family. I just never expected it to be so odd and split up. Wait I have a photo. You had a daughter too right?"  "Yes I did her name is Ella but she does not live with me anymore." 

Willows hybrid friend Hayley had just returned from the docks and was now in defense mode eyes and canines bared. "Willow who the hell is this and why are they here you know I hate uninvited guests."  Willow swallowed the large lump in her throat and tried to reason. "I think this might be my son that I gave up for adoption back home in Sunnydale, how he found me is surprising." 


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