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04/12/2020 07:38 PM 


"I'm booooored." Lilith exclaimed with a long, dramatic sigh as she stared up at the ceiling from the comforts of the double bed, "This place actually sucks, you know that? You're lucky I came around, honestly, I'm a damn blessing, at least I gave you something to actually do. Are you dozing off?" Propping herself on her elbow she looked over the edge of pink sheets to the teenager who laid on the floor, her arms firmly wrapped around the front of her shins as her knees pressed into her chest. Every breath was a wheeze, it was pleasant but no where near was comforting as the screams of anguish coming from the depths of hell. "What are you doing? You can't sleep now!" The demon moved off the edge of the bed, standing at 5'8 with a perfect silhouette to match made her intimidating, especially to the insecure teen who laid weakened and mentally worn down to nothing. Lilith lifted her foot and gave a hard, slow dig of her heel into the girl's appendix, the scream that ripped from the girl giving Lilith the rush she needed to move onto a bigger one, "You're boring me, and I need a little fun." There was a threatening and hostile undertone to her voice, but Lilith had seemed to underestimate this girl.

"No.." The groan was barely audible, but Lilith had heard it, and it caused her once bright features to immediately darken.

A subtle whisper then came from Lilith through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw, "Excuse me?"

There was a hard wheeze before the girl have a hard, hoarse cough, "I said no, you sadistic bitch!"

Lilith froze for a moment before her stunned appearance took on another toothy grin, "You think this is sadistic? You're really cute." She winked before leaning down and caught the rounded jaw of the girl underneath her,  meeting her eyes and though the girl tried with everything she had to fight Lilith off and break free she was too tired, and fair to exhausted to try. Lilith watched her pupils dilate beyond their hue to take over her sclera, and the tension in the girl melted away, her shoulders relaxing down and her body going slightly limp. "There's my girl." The demon spoke softly and finally released her face, the teen nearly collapsing back onto the hardwood but she caught herself at the last second, the demon rolling her eyes at the clumsiness in mortals. 

"Let's go, then, we can't be late." The teen eagerly moved to stand, the weeks of absolute exhaustion suddenly disappearing with the demand made by the demon, not like it was much of a choice. There was no argument, there was no dirty looks or dragging her feet, the teen would do anything for Lilith in that moment, and that was exactly the kind of mindset Lilith needed her devoted follower to be in on such an important mission. Taking the teens hand and dragging her along through the house they were forced to walk past where her two parents still lay in the cold filth of their own drying blood and vomit, the teen would have broken down if she were able to even move her eyes off her mistress and Lilith didn't mind the scent or the view, they brought back memories of home. All she needed to do was get this soul and for a few moments she would be back in the warmth of hell, Sloth wrapped tight around her form with the mix of pain and pleasure sounding in extremes through the halls and to her room. Not many demon's were able to enjoy the life she did, she was second best to Lucifer, a pure demon who had been there from the very beginning, but Lucifer had grown weak and fragile, and it was time Hell was run by a true demon.

Being that she was a tactical demon, she knew how to play the cards and she knew what to do to get ahead, word had gotten to her that a powerful vampire had managed to sneak himself into an almost holy way of life which wasn't about to go without correction. There was a war on the rise and he was playing for the wrong side, she needed to bring him back to his origin and remind this leech of who he was, and what his purpose was. The girl had no control over where she drove, how fast she went, or the direction she was driving in, and with multiple almost-accidents Lilith had managed to get the teen to their destination in one peace, though the squealing of the car tires and the heavy palm laying on the horn of the car for a solid half minute was bound to stir the vampire inside, if not him, then some disposable body that would stand in the way and add to the carnage. "Out." Lilith spoke in a harsh tone, and the girl followed her command, leaving the door left open with the keys clutched firmly in her tight fist. The demon, giddy at this point, followed along behind her with an eager grin across her lips, "Patience, pet." She spoke in a soft coo as fingers stroked through messy knots of once beautiful hair.

04/12/2020 07:35 PM 

The Snake

Eden was perfection, but what was perfection if the only other thing that breathed was an incompetent waste of effort. Lilith stared across at the man who had been stumbling over his words to try and speak to her, but there was a fire between them already. He seemed to believe that he was above her, that somehow, she was less of a person compared to him and that she should bow down to him. That was hilarious. He was eyeing her, not ever looking right at her but rather from his peripheral vision as though that made her unable to tell, but she saw him. She could easily smell the desperation and hostility that dripped from his pores. Hatred was something that wasn't supposed to exist, but she surely felt something close to it. He had yelled at her, and she had yelled back, he had put his hands on her and she had pushed back, now she could see the cogs moving in his head like he wanted to say something.

As if on cue, there he was. Huffing as he threw aside the sticks and brush, making his way towards her, third time was the charm wasn't it? "You're not going to do anything to help me?" He snapped at her and brought a scoff from her lips as Lilith went on ignoring him, admiring the pale skin that contrasted the small snake slithering its way between her fingers.

"No." She spoke calmly but the firmness of her tone wouldn't go unnoticed, "Not until you can speak to me as your equal." She knew it would set him off, and it did. She didn't need to look at him to know that his face was slowly getting hotter and hotter with every passing second. The fact that it was had brought a smirk to her lips before teeth slowly beginning to bare.

"You're my wife." He started, that tone thick with frustration but Lilith was used to that now. Not only was she used to it, but she was also starting to enjoy riling him up while keeping a rational head, "You belong to me."

Those four final words had her snap, she slowly set the snake down and allowed it to slither its way into the bushes as she came to stand, "I don't belong to you, I belong to God." Her words cut like a knife, sharp and stern as she stepped towards him, jabbing a pointed nail against his chest, "And you will not order me to do anything, I will never bow to you."

Adam caught her finger and squeezed it in his grasp and it hurt, she could feel the bone beneath her flesh strain and threaten to snap, "You will do as I say when I say, and you will not argue." He growled at her, voice not loud enough to scare the birds who rest in the trees but rather to instil fear in him, but Lilith wasn't afraid, Lilith refused to give Adam that kind of power over her.

She yanked her finger away, the bone aching and she found it hard to even bend. This wasn't the first time he had shown a darker side, one that God hadn't warned her of, and she sensed that this wasn't going to come to an end anytime soon. "I will never obey you." She snarled before turning on heel and calling out to her God, "Take me from this man!" Was her only request, and something lifted her from the so-called paradise she was imprisoned in. When she landed in the dry, barren land outside of Eden something had changed. Darkness took hold of her, thoughts of hatred, jealousy and pure evil sunk into her heart and electricity had begun to run through the nerves in her body. She felt powerful, she felt strong, but what's more, she found her ability to take shape in different forms. They had come naturally to her if she willed herself to be in the sky her form would turn to an owl if she wished to go unseen by the larger monsters who wandered the untouched land she could slither in the form of a snake. It took little to no time to master this, and hunger had begun to grow that couldn't be contained.

Promising herself that she would never return to Eden was a lie. Daily she would go unnoticed into the garden to find herself food, and often she would linger at the tree of the forbidden fruit, though Lilith would never risk tasting it and bringing any unwanted attention to her from God. She had seen the future before it came. Adam's next wife would be beautiful but nowhere near as beautiful as her, even so, there was jealousy and hatred the brewed within her heart for the woman who was so plain, so timid and so fragile. Lilith knew this pathetic excuse of a woman would allow this man to have her in any way he wanted. When the second wife was created, Lilith found herself spending most of the time in the garden watching them, how they interacted, how she bowed to his every request with a sickeningly sweet smile and a soft demeanour. This woman probably thought she was better than Lilith, she probably thought she was pure. The thought of anything or anyone bringing Adam happiness infuriated her, caused her skin to burn with this deep itch for vengeance— which came in the form of a pale snake.

Adam was hunting, learning to make weapons with what God had given him and as Eve sat alone with a soft hum filling the air, Lilith moved in. Slithering on her belly she approached the woman and gently coiled her way up her torso until her large head hovered just before the woman's own, "You look peckish, dear." The snake spoke, voice deeper than Adam's own.

"I suppose I am." Eve spoke, voice soft as summer rain and warm like the sun, "But my husband is off to find us food, and soon I will be fine." She smiled, a smile so sweet that the serpent's stomach tightened with anger, and though her muscled, lengthy body tightened around the woman, she didn't do so hard enough to cause her pain.

"Ah, well I'm sure a snack would help with the hunger pains, wouldn't it? Does God not allow you to eat from the trees? They're fertile and plump with fruit."

"We can, though we're to avoid the tree in the middle of the forest, God said that if we do eat from it, we would die." And with that statement, the snake laughed, muscles tightening more and more around the woman until she was being squeezed just over the line to uncomfortable, "Why do you laugh?" Eve asked, purely with innocence in her voice. It was apparent Adam hadn't even told her about his first wife, it was obvious that she had been erased.

"That tree won’t kill you, nor would it's fruit." She laughed again, though her voice had taken on the depth of man, "God just doesn't want you to know what He knows, He doesn't want you to see what He sees... But in doing so, you will become a stronger woman, Eve, and a better mother to the life that you will bear."

"How do you know—" She started, voice a light whisper of confusion.

"Because I've eaten from the tree, and nothing has happened to me." She lied without hesitation, the tail of the snake lifting to brush along the woman's fragile jaw, how easy it would be to snap her neck. "You don't have to listen now, but the fruit from that tree will give you everything you need and more, but if you wish to remain mindless like the animals in this forest, then by all means." Her job was done, behind those brown doe eyes she could see that the woman was thinking and considering, and so she left her with the temptation and never returned to Eden again.  She left an immortal, having never eaten from the tree her life was and always would be eternal.

She didn't need to return to Eden to see what would happen, soon after her talk with the woman Adam and his wife were banished just as she had been, but the darkness that had filled her hadn't done the same to them, God still protected them and had forever abandoned her. Lilith watched as they grew, watched as Eve suffered monthly and with every birth she had. She witnessed the first murder of a man from the skies above and listened to the cries of the first mother when she'd found her son cold, still in the very dirt they grew their crops and offerings to God. She listened to their pleas, she listened to their prayers, and she witnessed the dead air between them and their God.

Lilith stayed with the family for a long time, sometimes stealing infants from Eve not even a day after they were born to feed her own hunger, and when man had begun to flourish and populate, Lilith followed suit. She would seduce married men, sleep with them, and give birth in the multitudes. Her children would grow fast, they would spread their evil and their hatred and corrupt those who listened, and for those who didn't, they were put to an early end.

Lilith married Samael, an archangel known as the Accuser, Seducer, and Destroyer. Together, Lilith and Samael birthed many daughters, all who would go on to tempt men into sin, however when Samael became castrated Lilith mocked him for thinking she would stay loyal at his side and took her newfound freedom to move onto Asmodeus. Just like with Samael, Lilith procreated her demon spawn with Asmodeus, though he was far more comfortable on her level. Together, the two of them had created havoc and death, making men impotent and women infertile while filling the world with their own evil. Lilith was blamed for the death of infants, and it was true. She had killed most of them, and the ones she couldn't take credit for her daughters certainly could.

Lilith spent the next couple centuries making her rounds and following the flow of people, steadily standing out for her natural allure and tempting men into her bed, stealing the newborns of women who were faithless. She had encountered the Angel's not long after she was banished from Eden, they seemed to have an issue with her procreation of demons and God himself had demanded Lilith return to Eden, but Lilith refused. The Angels demanded her hunger for children to come to an end and again, Lilith refused. Eventually, Lilith gave her word that every child who wore an amulet that contained the name of an Angel would be protected and she wouldn't touch them, in turn, she would allow a hundred of her offspring to be sacrificed daily, which made it hard to keep up, but as her children's children birthed their own generation of demons she felt content in knowing that her legacy would still live on.

Death didn't come for Lilith until thousands of years later. Of course, she would occasionally slip through a portal to visit her home but Hell had never been a cage until she had met a man with powers far greater than her own. She seduced him or rather thought she did, and when they were in the midst of heated passion a blade was shoved into her chest and pierced her heart, she had been stabbed, shot, strangled and whatever else the mind could conjure to dispose of her and the curse she put on those she encountered but they'd all been futile attempts— until now.

Death was a strange experience; her life didn't flash before her eyes but she did see the face of every victim she'd ever had before she woke in a room she knew too well. Her room, with all the priceless, pretty things she had spent her entire life gathering but the most important of all was the soul trapped beside her bed, the soul she would one day fuse with and make an attempt to rule over the demons in her rightful place as Queen, but would fail. A failure that she would have chalked up to trust and love in a man that was never capable of returning the feelings she had for him, the feelings she as a demon should have never been able to have but would later come to realize it was the soul she connected to her own that had given her that ability.

She was cast back to Hell with a memory that was cleared of everything that had happened, forcing Lilith back into a submissive role where she silently obeyed every order her Father gave her and continued the cycle of taking souls onto their side. Despite her memories being gone, there was something that prevented Lilith from doing what she normally would do, being to seduce men, in fact, she hardly wanted to interact with the vile beasts and couldn't place why other than the fact that she just must have hated them, so instead she turned her attention onto the children, the mentally ill, and the weak-minded with the rare occasion where she would attack an actual challenge. She buried herself into their subconscious and forced their sweet dreams to turn into vicious night terrors, making sleep impossible and when they did stop sleeping, Lilith would manifest herself to them and them alone. She could make them do anything she wanted, she could make them see anything she wanted, and she tormented these children until they begged for her to let them go, and were willing to give her anything for that to happen.


04/08/2020 01:53 PM 

It's Rewind Time

The streets a lie, I'm gunna lure you into the dark.

Demons aren't meant to feel pain in the same way humans do, even in the same sense that Angels do— and Lilith hadn't felt pain like this since the day she had been cast into the pits of Hell with her fallen Father. There were flashes of light among vibrations of impact, a battle between two beings filled with absolute hatred until it came to an abrupt and sudden end. This was followed by a moment of darkness before familiarity filled her senses. 

When she woke up, she felt different but the same. Like every other moment in her existence there was this overwhelming need to work, to please her father and give him what he needed- souls. That was always the objective and nothing had changed from the last time, when her eyes opened to the exquisite sight of her own reflection staring back at her. Some would call her conceited and vain, but she took pride in herself without shame.

As she moved to her feet the sounds were surrounding her, embracing her in the warmth of torture and pain where she resided. Hell was home, it was where she belonged and often she took great pleasure in the level she ruled over. Her days usually consisted of lazily moving about the palace of torture she had made for herself, but something was different. Something inside her felt empty and she knew from experience the only way to fill that void was with someone else's soul. Lilith wasn't the kind of demon who took on the small jobs either, her clients were the best, the strongest, the most insane. She liked a challenge, she enjoyed the long haul and loved to watch the men and women she found residency with crumble under her control.

There was a single name ringing through her skull that screamed louder and louder, however, she could feel this hit wasn't put out by her father. Unable to place where the demand was coming from, she knew well enough by now when the name of a soul shook the inner shell of her skull, it was important. 

The sound of Sloth could be heard in the distance. The monstrosity of a beast moving on structureless mounds of flesh through the inches of blood that covered the floor in her chambers. The skin of Sloth stained with it, bedsores hidden within the rolls of flesh and fat. It groaned and wheezed it's commands to her, and Lilith followed. Though she'd awoken moments ago she found the tainted furs and silks that created her nest and settled in. Sloth moved over her, the  lack of bone and minimal muscle had Sloth almost weightless, but as it's body laid over Lilith she felt smothered in the stench. Sloth's skin allowed her no ability to breathe, or even scream. For a moment she was aware of her surroundings, she was aware she was suffocating and embraced the pain it caused in her chest with euphoria, but soon sound and sense faded into something that didn't belong to her, and though hell was a nice home, the mind of the innocent and demented were always a welcomed second.

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