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08/01/2020 12:26 PM 

Divine Violence. ft Bad Habits

07/23/2020 04:15 PM 

Starter for Hunstman

07/21/2020 03:23 PM 

Prompt reply - Bad Habits

07/12/2020 12:12 PM 

Curiosity kills - ft American Psycho

Curiosity really was the most dangerous thing to have ever existed. Especially when one was alone, and looking for answers they had no business searching for. But here, in the darkened room she called home at the Salvatore School, the young witch carried on.

Smoke and fire enlivened the air, charging the cramped space with the heat of this thoughtless spell. The surge of magic awoke every fiber in her being, as she called upon lost and long-forgotten spirits to bring her father back to her. Having done this only once before, the headstrong female decided to try it again- despite the previous, unfavorable results.

“I know more this time... I can do this...” words murmured as she prepared, trying to convince herself she could conjure a more favorable outcome this time. “I need to find him...”

With the alter readied, Davina found the only relic she had left of her father- a dagger her mother, inexplicably tried to keep hidden from her. Placing the shining blade at the center of the altar, the witch began reciting the incantation- repeating the spell as the charge around her became almost tangible; windows flying open and a small cyclone whirling around the room.

And just as suddenly as it had all started, everything stood still. It felt as though even time itself had stopped- everything but the deafening beat of her heart, pounding in her ears.

“... H... Hello?...” words stuttered softly in the silence, turning as the feel of eyes on her back burned into her flesh. Lights flickering softly in the darkness, her eyes strained to adjust when she looked down the hall, the shape of a man emerging from the darkness “Are you... my....” as the figure came into view, her words drifted into nothing. Realization flooded the color from her face as the soul that came back stepped closer “You... you're...” the heavy load of what she had just done was setting in, "Malachai Parker..." she swallowed down the string of obscenities she could have tossed his way, trying to think of a plan on how to rid herself of him. "How... why are you here?" spat the witch, taking a half step back.

07/02/2020 12:47 PM 

Connection ideas.

Connection idea's

These are just a few ideas that popped into my head with gifs I found on tumblr. 
Feel free to mix and match any of the ideas, or if it sparks something for your own character, please reach out and let me know!
credit for the images goes to their owners, I did not create any of the pictures below.

Davina & Kai
Much like what happened with Micheal, Davina tries a spell to contact the dead and instead of her mother appearing, Malichai Parker becomes bound to her and attempts to trick her into bringing him back to life.

||A story with lots of angst, bickering, and Davina's verbal lashings at her new, annoying companion.

Davina & Malia
Malia finds herself in Mystic falls, no memory of how or when she arrived. Davina tracks her down, because of a string of reported 'animal attacks' not too far from the Salvatore school.
||Story can go any direction really; friends, foes, Malia could take residence in the school. Idea is that she is innocent and might aide in catching whomever it is attaching the humans. But open to her being the villain if that's your style.

Davina & Jeremy
Davina has decided to turn her curse into something that can help others; since she cannot die, she makes the decision to reach out to Jeremy and become the hunters apprentice. Together, they protect the city from the supernaturals who abuse their power and endanger the secrets of others.

|| Connections really open aside from hunting the baddies. Open to ideas on this one to add more to them.

Davina & Scott
Scott finds himself in Mystic falls, no memory of how or when he arrived. Davina tracks him down, following a string of reported 'animal attacks' not too far from the Salvatore school.

|| This is the same idea from Malia. Being that Scott can create wolves, due to being an alfa, it can take a whole different turn as well.

Davina, Allison & Lydia
The amount of death and supernatural activity in Mystic Falls leads Lydia to town. With the arrival of a Banshee, Davina feels tensions rise to try and figure out why they would have been called.

|| Really open to any kind of connection with these girls. Lots of mystery vibes and possible angst with figuring how to solve the problem once they figure out what lead them all the way to virginia.

Davina & Sam

|| DISCLAIMER! I know absolutely nothing about supernatural.... BUT, would still love to collab with those interested on a story. If you have any ideas hit me up. (This goes for any character from the show not just the one pictured.

Davina & Her father
OC idea (face semi negotiable)- Davina's father returns after being gone her whole life and presumed dead (as told by her mother.) Saves her from a mission gone wrong where she was ambushed by a group (could be witches, vampires, wolves, anyone really since she has plenty of enemies.)
|| If you have an oc and would like to fill the role I can totally work around what you already have for your character. Not really looking for anyone to make a page solely for this role as I don't want to force anyone to come up with anything on their own and I don't have any backstory for him.

Davina & Edward

|| Really no solid idea for what to do so this is open to anything, but I would love any connections with Twilight characters as well. If you need a witch, hit me up! Friends, foes, lovers, ex's, partners, everything is on the table. (Give me something painful.)

Davina & Stefan/Silas
After a few messy kills/feeds, Davina takes it upon herself to make the town safe again and begins tracking Stefan/Silas down. Not very skilled yet she gets abducted by her prey and tries to fight her way back to freedom.
|| Again, connection is open to be anything but really is influenced by the gifs from the show Paul and Danielle are in (tell me a story). Let me chase you around with a gun and all that. Lots of twists and turns with this one. Dark themes, and possible triggers, so looking for someone open minded.

05/29/2020 01:01 PM 

Not-So Alone Again ft Xavier and Josh

05/21/2020 12:50 PM 

hope reply

The last thing she wanted, was for Hope- or anyone for that matter, to feel sorry for her. Sympathy wasn't going to fix this and she knew in time, she could find the answer.

Happy for the change of subject, Davina followed into the closet, half stumbling off the bed as she was pulled, brow quirked up as she took a breath "Lux? No.. I don't think I have." Going out was definitely the last thing on the witch's mind, but she knew just how strong-willed her niece was and damn if she was going to be the one to start naming the rules, being that she was typically the one breaking them herself. Ultimatum made, her eyes rolled and a soft laugh escaped her usually pursed pout, "Alright... that means that for every crazy thing you make me do tonight, you are going to help me grade papers." she slid out to change before she could complain, slipping on the dress she had been given and kicking off her sneakers for one of the many red bottoms lining the walls.

The chill in the night air bit at her skin as they walked out towards the club doors, lips rolling together when she saw the wad of money pushed towards the bouncers. Loud thundering music beat its way into her ears when the doors opened, eyes wide as she scanned the venue; smoke, bright lights, bodies pressed together in a mass of people moving and dancing to the rhythm that pumped through them. "So this is a party..." she mused with a soft laugh as Hope dashed into the crowd.

It took her another moment to take in the sight before she slid away towards one of the men carrying drinks overhead, a snap of her fingers affording her two shots of tequila off the tray. "Motis" the incantation murmured low, splitting the crowd as she walked through, following the path to the flaming red hair in the center. Holding out the shot, she looked her niece in the eyes with a smirk "No." she purposely broke the rule set for the night, clinking the small glasses together before knocking the burning liquid down, setting the glass on one of the trays as another server walked by. "If I'm going to forget... I'm going to need a lot more of those." she teased, taking her niece's hand and spinning her around with a laugh. She knew this was good, for both of them. Needing to find happiness even in the darkest moments, even when it felt so out of place. This was exactly what they needed in their lives right now.

05/05/2020 09:20 PM 

Poison prompt ft. HighBorn

05/02/2020 06:12 PM 

Burn prompt ft. Reinette

04/29/2020 01:47 PM 

reply 2 for burn the witch

Eyes drifting over towards the books at the foot of the bed, her brow lifted, noting the light sheen of dust atop the covers. She nodded regardless, knowing when it was best to leave things as they were, rather than poke at a problem that could not be fixed by staring at it.

Leaning back on one of the posts of her bed, she let her eyes close for a moment, the mention of classes already making her stressed and the term had only started a few days prior. "Definitely would be a good distraction I'm sure. Let's just hope I don't get suspended for teaching you all the fun spells." she gave a soft smile, the corners of her lips tugged upwards as she could just imagine the chaos she could start.

At the mention of the cure, the smile faded- the cold loneliness of her promise setting in. Taking a small breath, Davina nodded, bottom lip caught between her teeth as she thought of how to answer the question. "I..." she sighed softly, sitting up straighter to look at her niece eye to eye, "I found out while Kol and I were still together... that... well that the Hollow had somehow... imprinted itself in me." she shrugged and shook her head slowly, brows pinched together with slight confusion "It was the french quarter witches who figured it out."

With all that had happened in her life, Davina knew what it was like to be told that she wasn't old enough, or that it was too dangerous. She wasn't going to treat Hope this way, knowing better than any, that age had nothing to do with the ability to endure. "Hope, I can't die... it won't let me. I won't age, I can't get sick...." she sighed looking back down at her hands "I can't have children..." she had to bite her tongue after that one, having tried not to dwell on the fact too long herself. "I need to find a way to break it... but I haven't been able to find a curse like it in any grimoire... not even legends." her hands ran over her face as she huffed softly, trying to keep herself together "So... yes... if you want to help me..." she looked up at the young woman before her, "I'll take all the help I can get."


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