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January 25th, 2021

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February 29, 2020



01/02/2021 12:31 PM 

Guard, Ft. Clairvoyant Protector, Part 1

This case was, well, odd. The group of thieves that she came into contact with via a C.I. were in the business of stealing cursed objects and were also satanic worshippers. They actually went about really kidnapping children and adults, alike, and sacrificing them on special days of the month when the moon was in a certain phase just to feed their special spells. 

This group, well they sought out rare, rare books about witchcraft and satanism that told them how to do these rituals to attempt to create flight or immortality by human sacrifice. They were rabid, willing to kill, or be killed for their beliefs. Now, Karen was a live and let live type until it came to the time where it impinged on the life and livelihoods of the regular guy. That was when she took action to make sure that those that could not defend themselves were both protected and gotten justice.

Now, this case was odd. Moreover, they were extremely exceedingly into the whole cursed objects thing. Karen noted that these kinds of cases were truly intriguing. Because of these facts, Karen tended to google the stories behind objects or stories that were immortalized in blockbuster films or through word of mouth due to urban legends with gusto. Frankly, one of her favorite people to look into were Lorraine and Ed Warren. Two people who did similar things that she would do but was more acclimated toward the world of the supernatural and unexplained. Demons, spirits, poltergeists, and possessions. Every story Karen looked up that pertained to a film usually had a backstory to it that was even more fascinating and wilder than a mere blockbuster could truly put a pen to.

One story that stuck in Karen's craw and got her into the reality of this new universe was the movie; the Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was a story that was mostly based on the story of a poor girl named Anneliese Michel. A poor girl whose descent into madness, as well as the possibility of true possession by demons and the priests and family who tried to help break the demons hold on her was a truly shocking and heartbreaking thing to read and behold. 

Or take the film about Annabelle; the doll that possessed the soul of Annabelle who was killed holding said porcelain doll during a murder. Through these events, her soul went into the inanimate object. The real Annabelle, a Raggedy Anne doll that was supposedly possessed by a malevolent spirit also named Annabelle that made the owner of said doll's life a misery until the Warren's stepped in to take said doll off of her hands. 

Real-life possessions, demons, and spirits...a feast for the senses when your only immersion into the cases was virtual. For the real people in these stories, the situations must have been as traumatizing, painful, and full of horror as much as her own stories tended to be. 

True horror stories of Kingpins, Ninjas, corrupt police, and the military who were all gunning for you to kill you or silence you. Plus, there was the true fact that within her own world was a series of craziness that consisted of mutants, mutates, and humans all with extraordinary abilities that seemed like they should only be alive in a comic book or sci-fi novel. 

Karen could not, in good conscience, believe in her world and not that of the world of those who dealt with the supernatural. If one exists, then, how could the other be merely a story you told bad children at night to keep them compliant and good.

No, there had to be something there. That was why she took the case. If her world existed, how could she not believe the supernatural was not trying to cause havoc in the lives of everyday people as well? So, it was very disconcerting to read the stories, depositions, and real-life interviews with the people she found just through the Intel from this one C.I. If this was the case, it was utterly terrifying. The Warrens and other people like them were true warriors and she would do all that she could to help protect them and the innocent people that they defended.

So, Karen went and dressed up for a regular recon. Black, tactical clothing, beanie, balaclava, her utility belt with her gadgets and weapons like brass knuckles, rebar knife, locking picking equipment, camera, her spycams, tracking devices, and much more. 

Thankfully, as she tracked them around Hell's Kitchen, she was able to put one or two of these tracking devices on their cars so she would always know where these people might pop up next. The only lead she had was they were leaving from an abandoned warehouse in Hell's Kitchen and going toward two places. 

One was a rare book store that also dealt in relics, spellwork ingredients, and the like. Think of the Hoodoo stores that were so prevalent in New Orleans. Then, the other place just so happened to be Warren's museum and if her Intel was correct; they were hitting that one first. The biggest fear of hers was that it would be during a time where there could be innocent victims hanging around that could get caught in the crossfire or kidnapped for some kind of ritual.

Karen followed them all night, and finally, as the creamsicle orange of the sky began to bloom over the horizon; they were officially in the area of Warren's museum. Karen had not had a chance to really stop all night so by the time morning came, she was exhausted and had to use the restroom. All the coffee she had drunk throughout the drive that she had in her thermos was now totally depleted. Furthermore, so were all the cans of Monster and Redbull that she had brought with her as well. While on her drive, Karen had time to mull the case facts over and she surmised these people believed that if they came into possession of these items...Well, that they would be able to control those spirits or demons and add a special umpf to their rituals. 

If that traditionally was the case, the Warrens could realistically be in a veritable hell of a mighty lot of considerable trouble. Her well-founded fear and legitimate worry for them grew deeper and deeper as the concerted drive went on. If she exclusively had their direct phone line to instantly alert them and adequately warn them to get out of there before they could even arrive. Yet, she didn't and has undoubtedly had to typically rely on her specific skills and extraordinary luck to undoubtedly see her through this rare case. 

Karen had hoped and ardently prayed she could promptly get to the Warrens before these focused guys typically did and it only just made her press the peddle to the metal even harder. She carefully observed herself getting up to breakneck speeds of 80 to 90 miles an hour at considerable times. She naturally had to be exceptionally careful, listening attentively to her police scanner just in case so she could intentionally try getting one step up on the police scanners that memorable evening. If she got pulled over; there realistically was a possible chance she could get arrested and all would be for naught.

...to be continued.

09/17/2020 01:56 PM 

Welcome to Bludhaven, Intro, Karen

//Probably grammatical errors galore. To fvcked to care, atm.)

Karen by force was on the desperate run; that's what happens when you decide to go after Fisk on your own. Telling him that it was you that assassinated his sole friend because he caught her going after his mother to get Intel that could put Fisk away. Fisk was very secretive about his mother and made it look like she was dead after the disappearance of his father. 

The man Fisk murdered when he was only twelve to help save his mother from being beaten. Matt and Foggy had been very angry with her at the time for the stunt and with good reason. Out of that debacle, Fisk found out that her father figure and mentor; Ben Ulrich had also been with her that evening. Due to that and Ulrich wanting to protect Karen; Fisk brutally murdered Ben and prevented Karen from the same fate. 
Well, Fisk's number one guy and best friend had figured out that Karen was the one that tracked her down and kidnapped her. Transporting her to a dingy meatpacking place to threaten her and her friends or he would tell Fisk what she had done. Due to what he had said to her about her family; Karen went looking for an out. And then, suddenly, the man took his focus off of his gun for a moment to try to intimidate her while he left the loaded gun on the table between them without a care. At that moment, Karen was able to retrieve the said gun and put seven bullets in the man. She would have discharged more bullets into him further, but, sadly, the clip ran out. 
Cut to the present.

Karen had lost her job at the Bulletin after the havoc that Bullseye caused just to kill the only man that could put Fisk away. Even with Fisk having the FBI under his belt, there was no way they could look the other way at this travesty. So, Bullseye killed the man and almost everyone in her office. Karen had to go into action, and her plan had been to tell Fisk that she assassinated Wesley. Explaining to him that he had kidnapped her, as well as, threatened her life and that of her family. So, she shot him with his own gun, and she would have shot him further if the clip had not run out of bullets. Her hopes were to get Fisk to attack her on a live feed; something they could not ignore. Then, Foggy stepped in at the last second and had her arrested; quashing her plan and setting a target on her back. 

It was only a matter of time before Fisk sent Bullseye her way and she recognized it. Therefore, Karen made a plan, with Foggy's help, to go on the run. Beforehand, she needed to find Matt and the sole way was to go and encounter his mother; Sister Maggie. Though, Karen found it impossible to find her in time and so she needed to let Matt find out on his own what was happening while she took the money she had and took a bus out of Hell's Kitchen.

Sadly, she only had enough cash on hand to get her to Bludhaven; of all places. It was in New Jersey, but she felt it was far enough away from New York to buy her some time to find work and get more cash to keep running.

Once she got off the bus, it was late. Close to 1 am and the area she got let off at was pretty much deserted at that time of night. Without any knowledge of the area; Karen kept one hand on her Llama II-A and her mace on the other hand as she aimlessly walked the streets in the hopes of finding her salvation for the evening. 

Gradually she walked cautiously down the street to her left in the hopes that she could find an all-night diner that could point her to a cheap motel that she could shack up in.

Even as she walked cautiously down the barren street; Karen perceived the threat before the threat actually unfurled itself before her. Noticeably, the hairs on the back of her neck and on her arms began to rise. A pit of instinctive fear filled her belly to capacity as she continued on her way. Soon, she found herself close to an exceptionally large alley which seemed invariably to be sandwiched between two, enormous and vacant buildings. As Karen carefully made her proper way to cross the unfamiliar street; a driven man sprang nimbly to direct action.

As she continued eagerly to cross the principal street, from behind her, a thug yelled out to her; catcalling her as she continued to eagerly walk across that street with her hoodie covering her mane of strawberry blonde locks. Genuinely trying to wisely ignore him, all too soon, another thug jumped out of nowhere and pounced on top of her. He grabbed her and, basically, bodyslammed her onto the Cold, unforgiving pavement which made all the air whoosh out of her lungs which intentionally caused her to make a raspy gasp in an attempt to refill said lungs with much-needed air. While she was down on the unforgiving ground and incapacitated; that efficiently was when the other man promptly went to grab for her precious bag. 

In one swift motion; Karen carefully pulled her loaded gun out of her private pocket and instantly shot the thug on top of her right in the stomach. He promptly fell to her left side with a grunt and a series of moans and groans as he grabbed at his, now, bleeding stomach. That was when the other man pulled out a switchblade and lunged down toward her. 

Thankfully, Matt had been properly instructing her with some defensive moves here and there. Due to that, she was able to roll up onto one bruised knee as the attacker came down toward her. Karen grunted as the dedicated man tried to thrust the gleaming knife into her lovely face as he naturally forced her back down onto her sore back onto the very cold, slightly damp, pavement. Promptly on her back, she was fit to stave him off with the precise usage of both of her capable hands. With all of her might and specific focus; she kicked up against his ballsack a few considerable times. It must have undoubtedly worked because she seemed instantly to have reasonably managed to nail him in the crotch with her sore knee. Because, suddenly, he grumbled loudly and fell down on top of her while Karen wrapped her shapely leg around his exposed side and carefully moved in such a way so that she was now on top of him. 
That's when she overheard more distinctive noise as a lively bunch of local thugs pulled up in a deafeningly loud car and came out of it toward her; which instantly made her stand and back up against the most adjacent wall. It properly registered with her now that she was practically certain that she was A. Dead and B. Outnumbered by a terrible lot with no Daredevil in welcome sight to help her take some of them down or to save her from them all once again. 
At that moment the night sky suddenly cracked open as thunder began to rumble and the sky was lit up by a deep shot of electricity from some lightening. It brilliantly lit up the grim scene before her and ignited the outlying area with dazzling light so well that she felt she might want to pray to God to be saved. Then, her hoodie, flowing hair, radiant face...Everything was right away steadily getting soaking wet as the luminous sky above her instantly began to weep for her current plight. 

Then, right up above her, she heard a metal thunk on one of the apartments fire escapes and then a low, drawn-out whistling sound that was absolutely made by a human being. Looking up, she glimpses him. 

A man with a shock of jet-black hair, his eyes covered with a black mask that was dressed in glossy black and blue. In her mind, he was, in addition, an unknown combatant. Realistically was this unknown man on her moral side or was she undoubtedly going to have to pay her pound of flesh without it being done by Fisk?

09/09/2020 06:07 PM 

Ft. Penny and Dime, Reply 1x1

Ft. Penny and Dime, Reply 1x1

To be fair, Karen was in shock when she had promptly taken off her soiled shirt; she had been intentionally walking into her private room, but she undoubtedly had a sinking feeling that if she had gone in there at that key moment...Frank would have typically disappeared. It was not like she was aiming at terribly upsetting him or anything. Karen wasn't the aggressive type to perform such things unless they had been together for a while, though; that would have been unique. It was enough, though, that when she rejoined him that she inevitably suffered the acute embarrassment of doing so and it merely showed in the scarlet color of her normally glowing cheeks. 

"You genuinely think I look good?" She meekly asked with a slight tremor to her anxious tone as she regarded him carefully. That scarlet to her prominent cheeks now turned into a firehouse red and she felt she had to veil her face from him to prevent any more color changes. 

When she had invariably returned, Frank was now drinking some Jameson out of the tumbler that she had inadvertently dropped, and that caused her to wonder why he had said no to her offer in the first place.  "I thought you didn't desire one?" She naturally asked in a slightly tense voice as she stood at ease pouring herself another proper glass. God, she couldn't maintain her nervous eyes off of him but she didn't want to seem desperate but his overwhelming presence and his...Well, everything habitually snatched her steadying breath away. He was precisely like profound gravity and she efficiently was like the rosy apple that could not help itself but fall to the fertile ground because of it.

Presently, she was sitting comfortably across from him. The evident embarrassment clung heavily in the unmistakable air around her. As did her passionate desire for him but she didn't think he merely desired anything to do with that so she tried to keep herself compact in her seat with her shoulder facing him; effectively closing herself off to him as she waited impatiently to merely note what he'd remark to her critical question.

"Is genuinely something wrong, Frank? I sincerely mean, did something typically happen? Is someone after me or did you merely want to appreciate 'me'?"She trembled nervously an odd bit at his admission and then she swallowed thickly as she consumed another drink from her glass."I was sincerely hoping to intentionally run into you again. I, sometimes, laid up at sleepless nights just hoping some unique kind of possible 'Frank trouble' would land in my lap just so I could be naturally around you again. I never believed that...Well, whatever you merely desire to consider it? Fervent prayer, an intense wish...I never thought it would come true." She said in a slightly unsteady voice.


09/09/2020 05:04 PM 

Ft. Dark Rites; Reply back. "Heart beating so fast."

"Your heart is beating so fast."  Reply.

The eager hand, suddenly, pressed against his chest to feel acutely the calm, steady beating of his heart made Karen's eyes flutter closed. He was hardy, she could experience it under the press of her palm and it made her shiver a bit as she stepped closer to him. Karen instantly took in a deep, steadying breath when he executed that and merely let it out slowly as she kept her eyes closed so that she could realign herself and calm her emotions.

When he generously offered for them to walk leisurely to his specific place; she was extremely appreciative. Once there, the offer of wine helped immensely in calming her nerves, steadying her hand, and lubricating her mind to permit her to let down her guard a bit.

Once she had typically had a few, long sips from the burgundy liquid; Karen let out a trembling sigh and then heard his comment about her proposing him questions about his life and his nature. There were so many to be asked but where to scarcely start or to jump off from?

"Why did you become a prominent doctor? Was it purely for the deliberate intention of direct manipulation or did you genuinely feel an apparent affinity for the principal occupation itself? I intentionally mean, it must be a boon on your specific job of powerfully influencing souls much easier...still..." she sighed and consumed another drink from her wine."Or do you undoubtedly change chief occupations over considerable time, learning new things as time marches on?"


09/09/2020 04:30 PM 

Ft. Dark Rites; "You're heart is beating so fast"

"You're heart is beating so fast."

They had been talking earnestly and walking for what genuinely felt like pleasant hours now, the stunning realization that Daimon was really a veritable demon had promptly thrown Karen for a continuous loop. He was beautiful, enticing and she wanted to be near him but a huge part of her wondered if that was because he was a demon?  

Demons tempted you, did they not? They made you feel things that you wouldn't normally feel. They were beautiful and talented beings who were once heavenly creatures. Did all of that make her feel the way she felt about him?

Was it this ultimate essence that undoubtedly made her dearly want to passionately kiss him or be at ease near him? Was this a trick; in the ultimate end?

Karen was plagued with these philosophical thoughts that were both beautiful and terrifying to her. She could feel her heart racing to the point that her heart wanted to bust through her rib-cage and throw itself into his hands to do with as he wished.

Karen efficiently was...She was frightened, turned on, attracted, and confused. It had her hand unconsciously rubbing at her sternum like there was a stitch there; painful and concerning. Was this a panic attack mixed with lust?  

Suddenly, his pleasant voice intentionally broke through her profound reverie, and like a rubber band being snapped, she was thrown back into the here and now with him.  

There was concern on his face, but there could be no denying it; she could undoubtedly see that little bit of demon shining through. Karen could see this fire in his eyes that she could not fathom or explain.

When he noticed her rubbing at her chest, he laid his hand over her own hand in a way that was unsexual in nature but more out of concern. "Your heart, it is beating so fast..." he subsequently moved to carefully place both of his capable hands on her upper arms to gather her close and into a gentle hug. It was reassuring as she could feel the steady rhythm of his own heart beating in his chest in answer to the frantic tango that was the beating of her own.

"It's a mighty lot to take in. Come on, let's go somewhere we can talk more about this...Somewhere private," he spoke gently in a soothing tone of voice.  "We can walk there, allocate you time to process everything," he said calmly even though he knew that teleporting them there would be so much easier. He genuinely wanted to soothe her into specific things and also being traditionally a learned doctor also; he figured the walk would steady her nerves, get air in her lungs, and be a balm to her soul.

"Okay," she replied softly but didn't want to let go of him just yet.  "Just...Give me a moment,"  because this was a seriously pleasurable feeling and it was helping to steer her into a more relaxed form of herself.  

Karen wanted to merely enjoy the quiet of the moment, the pleasing sounds of the night around them, and the strength and warmth of the body in her arms. She would eventually be able to deal with the knowledge he gave her but until then, she would gladly accept the steadying beat of his strong heart.

09/09/2020 01:36 PM 

Ft. Spike 1613458 "You can sleep in my bed if you want too?"

"You can sleep in my bed if you want to?"

It was unexpected, really. Karen undoubtedly had to meet up with a C.I. who unanimously decided to select a local cemetery on the outskirts of Hell's Kitchen to contact her. Creepy, but she could reasonably manage it. Karen had her mace and her Llama III-A with her plus she's been attending Krav Maga classes. Therefore, she thought she would be protected.

Scarcely did she popularly know this actual C.I. was intentionally setting her up for a possible kidnapping and once she got there; that really was when the specific group fiercely attacked. Karen fought valiantly, she managed to take down two of them and she was positive that one of them she in fact killed. Yet, there were three more to contend with at a considerable time. Two of them had taken a hold of a part of her; one carefully wrapped his brawny arms around her shapely legs and the eager other around her torso. The notable one that was about to chloroform her got a direct set of nails to the eyes and face which made him drop her onto the cold soil below her and halfway onto one of the marble grave markers. Karen fell with a deep grunt and the wind got sucked out of her.

The third guy came over to punch her in the face but she managed to shift her body just enough that his fist missed and grazed off the side of that same marker. At the same time, both of them screamed out loud. His in sheer pain as his brawny fist instantly broke and hers in sheer terror.  

Thinking that she dearly needed to get up and instantly get on the deliberate move, someone came out of the impenetrable darkness. A blur or black leather and bleached blonde hair. He was f***ing fast and was able to take out a previous couple of guys with relative ease. Karen, in her daze, was nevertheless trying to stand up when the 'man' came close to her and helped carefully pick her up by her shapely shoulders.

"You okay, love? What the hell where you genuinely thinking about coming out here in the middle of the night all alone," he semi gently chided her in his thick British accent. Karen was nevertheless in semi shock and merely considered him and then the people around her who were all totally incapacitated.   

"Same could be said for you?" She wheezed out in a hoarse voice, still experiencing the considerable pain in her vulnerable side from where she fell fiercely.  "Do you always hang out in local cemeteries on moonlit nights?" As she pulled back, her gentle hand brushed against his and she could feel just how cool to the touch he genuinely seemed. She took a step back then.

"Why are you so cold?" She immediately went on the defensive as she carefully looked him over.  

09/07/2020 09:07 PM 

Ft. Caleb Nichols "I see how you look at

Karen had first run into the Westworld Park chasing a story and came to find what it really was about, which made her stomach roil with bile and anger. Even if these beings were made of A.I., they were still living and feeling every shot, every act of violence and humiliation.

Somehow, this threw her into a world of chaos, pain, and war. Karen was never sure how, but she was sure of the man that came into her life because of it.

Unsure how she got to this time point; Karen did feel the shock and fear of being thrown from her known world into an unknown world and time. 

Still, she did have to consider that her own world had been filled with men and women with extraordinary powers, skills, and villains that held the same. There were invasions from beings from space and rogue A.I.'s that were built to protect the world and came to try and eliminate every humanoid from it to begin a new world. Whole cities flew in the air to cause total annihilation and were thusly, destroyed. Karen's time in that world was always filled with serious turmoil and unimaginable mystical mumbo jumbo that could barely be explained but that could be seen and felt as it's turmoil rippled through the currents of her basic, human life.

So, her resignation into this new life did come with anguish, but it also came with wonder, as well as, new battles, wars, and pain. Caleb, though, was her stone in this upheaval. He gave her care and concern, as well as, hope. She caught herself watching him more and more as he grew into this new leader that the, now, sentient A.I.'s from Westworld and other parks like it saw as the world's new savior. A string of actions from the company that ran it would lead to the planet's ruination unless everything was torn asunder and rebuilt in a new way. Caleb was meant to be that savior. 

So, it was one day when things had actually been calm. The A.I.'s, humans, and both herself, as well as, Caleb all had actual downtime to plan more strategies for this new world order. It was at this time that she had caught herself watching him once more. Unbeknownst to her, Caleb had also noticed, and apparently it was a lot more than she, herself, had ever realized.

It was a bit of a shock when Caleb pulled her aside after they had talked all morning about a big, new plan that they had devised to fight against Rehoboam and it's bad actors. When he knew they were out of earshot from everyone else, he dropped a bomb on her. "I see how you look at me when you don't think I am looking...I want to know why Karen?"

In shock, Karen stared at him with her mouth agape for a few, long moments before she answered him. "I...uh, well, I...um," she merely sighed and vainly tried to merely collect herself. Karen scrubbed her nervous hands over her anxious face before aggressively pushing them up through her soft, strawberry locks. "I invariably have...No, I realistically am in considerable awe of you. You have worked so hard, even though you don't believe in yourself. Sh*t, the way they regard you with such respect and to overcome those groundless fears of yours to inevitably become the concerned leader they... No, we dearly need. I, also, genuinely care about you, Caleb. I positively recognize you genuinely trying to typically achieve this on your own, but you aren't. You undoubtedly retain all of these willing people behind you," she said softly before carefully placing her gentle hand on his upper arm and stepping cautiously closer. "You undoubtedly possess me behind you as well, Caleb. You are unique, even if you don't perceive it yourself," then she gently took another key step in to carefully place a gentle kiss to his prominent cheek. 

With that typically achieved, Karen had stepped back and looked down to the expansive ground before she stood at ease to her maximum height, shapely shoulders pushed back so that she was directly facing him with a gentle; encouraging smile.

08/31/2020 12:22 PM 

Brutal Honesty hour prompt TheWhoreMonge

TheWhoreMonger  FT. 1.drowning man i and j and Sven, s.v.e.n. deva
a. if I am in love;  Yes, I actually am in love; nev'a thought'd it ev'a happen either.  I am a monster, they accept that 'bout me an' see me as the young, shy, brilliant kid I used ta be.
b. who the last person was on the phone that I talked too; Lucas, childhood friend, and FWB.
c. how long has it been since I have kissed; a day ago.
d. if I have a preference of boys or girls; sex-positive, so I like me them boys an' them girls.
e. how many piercings I have; 5 piercings. 1 Burn mark in the shape of a crude butterfly with my ex-pimps initials carved into it on my right shoulder.
f. give me any options for hot or cold; I like hot, steamy, dirty sex and I also like a nice cool swim in my pool on a hot an' sunny day.
g. last person I said I love you too; (Multi ships, so)  Shawn, Luce, Dean, Holland, Mickey.
h. last person I hugged; Luce, Dean, and Shawn.
i. last time I felt jealous and why; I don' really git jealous.  I am an ex-sex worker and believe in sex-positivity.  I think it all beautiful.
j. are you insecure, what about? My childhood, how it made me, my relationships with men, or in general.  
k. what my full name is; Deva Dawn Donovan.
l. if I have siblings; not that I know of.
m. if I forgive betrayal; F***, no!  Betray me an' I get vicious like a sociopath.
n. favorite animal; was a butterfly, I love dogs but I really love scorpions and bats.
o. where would I like to travel; Ireland, Hawaii, Australia.
p. what kind of music I like; no preferences.  I like it all but that heavy techno sh*t they sometimes play at little birds cages.
q. favorite flower; Anything night-blooming.
r. is cheating ever okay; not really jealous, more of a free love type but if I love...I love hard.  Never betray my love but if you got other partners; I can live with it.
s. 2 habits; playing with really sharp knives; it's a morbid fascination, smoking joints, and drinkin' my gimlets.
t. 3 things I love unconditionally; Money, Power, Louis Vuitton's.
u. favorite time of the year and why; autumn, crisp air, colorful leaves, burning fires, pumpkin carvin', halloween, apples, cider, pumpkin butt'a.
v. big dreams? Ownin' more of my clubs/Bordellos.  Doin' anythin' an' puttin' my name or brand on anythin' ta make a buck.    
w. if I've done something I regret so very much; killing my one an' only moth'a figure. Yet, my real moth'a abandoned me.  So, there ya are.
x. 3 turn-ons; Swarthy, badass, good in bed.
y. 3 turn-offs; Bad in bed, snivelin' Lil toads, people who betray me.
z .ask any question you want?

08/31/2020 07:42 PM 

Random Text prompt. OfAshes Random

Okay, Foggy and I have been having an argument all morning about this..
...can you be the tiebreaker?

Who would win in a fight?  Animal vs the Cookie Monster?

08/31/2020 07:35 PM 

Random Text prompt. OfAshes Scared

Goddamnit, Dom...where the f*** are you?  I need help...sh*t, no, an extraction.


I got stuck behind enemy lines, you were my damn ba...


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