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09/14/2021 07:03 PM 

Beginning of Chaos
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Every story, whether great or small, has a beginning. Mine begins in chaos. Both the aspect and place. Chaos was the underworld and where I resided until the day that Odin, for lack of a better phrase, freed me. I was always quite clever, even at my young age, and was quite aware that the ruler of the Aesir did not grant favors without expecting something in return.

“Such matters will be discussed later, my young friend. At this time, you will accompany me to Asgard, your new home.” Odin’s voice was as large and powerful as he was as he stared at me with a slight expression of amusement. “What do they call you?”


A bright grin lit my face and reached the emerald hues. “Loki. I am Loki.”




Asgard. The Realm Eternal as it was known to others. It was all shining and gold and home to the Gods, as the Aesir were known. What an odd place for the young being from the underworld to find himself. Loki was by all standards much younger than most of the others. The bright and articulate ‘trickster’ as he soon was known was an adolescent.


Acceptance into society on Asgard was brutal for anyone deemed an outsider and doubly so for Loki. Though he was always under the watchful eye and ‘protection’ of Odin, he was still the target of attacks by Aesir and Vanir. If not for his abilities with magic, Loki might have been killed by one of them.

“It’s just a bit of sport, demon. Relax.” Tyr chuckled as his sword had barely missed Loki on that particular occasion. 


Loki scrambled to his feet with a look of annoyance on his features and brushed the dust off of his clothing. “For the hundredth time at least, it’s Loki.” Then the young man let loose a blast of green energy from his fingers that threw Odin’s war general back several yards and he landed hard enough to have the wind knocked out of him.


Of course, an entirely different version of the events were told by Tyr and how the one that Odin had brought from Chaos was a menace and would destroy them all. The All-Father calmed their fears. The ‘old man’ knew that they were looking for any reason to eliminate the outsider and Odin wouldn’t hear of it. Loki will prove himself worthy to all of you, he assured them.


Time passed and the Aesir did stop their attempts to murder him on a daily basis, though trust had yet to be earned. Loki was trusted by Odin and that was enough, for now. Everyone else considered the raven-haired young man as the brooding outsider with misunderstood magical abilities. Well, that was a step up from the demon and he would take it.


Somehow, the beauty of nature was his refuge. His calm in the storm of his life. The morning found him admiring the exquisite hues of the leaves and the songs of birds just outside the palace.

08/13/2021 09:35 PM 

Serpent on Midgard- The Society

He was greeted by buildings that rivaled mountains and annoyingly loud sounds from moving metal boxes. Time may have passed but this was still Midgard and he always did find much to dislike about the realm. A quick wave of his hand transformed his Asgardian leather armor into attire similar to what the men were wearing. Loki would forego the hats that many of the humans seemed to be fond of at the moment. Luxurious, raven locks like the god possessed were meant to be admired by all.


Passersby rushed along the sidewalks, most everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get to a destination. Loki would admit to himself that New York in whatever time period he was in was a sight better than his previous journey. Last time the Trickster visited Midgard had been on an assignment from Odin and it almost felt like banishment to be in the perpetual grey that was Victorian London. The air here was slightly more breathable though his olfactory senses detected vehicle exhaust and smoke from a factory of some sort.


The newsstand caught his eye and Loki approached. Perhaps, there would be something to indicate what period in which he found himself. A few men in suits stood around, killing a bit of time before heading off to work. One carried on a conversation with a big, burly man behind the counter. Oddly enough he resembled Thor in a way. Well, if Thor were a human man in his late 40’s with a bit of a pot belly and smoking a cigar. Magazines and newspapers were piled up. Life, Fortune, Saturday Evening Post, The New Yorker. His fingers slowly lifted one of the newspapers and glanced at the date: October 10, 1940.


“Excuse me…” a voice from behind him spoke as a blonde haired young woman reached past him for a copy of Life. “Here, Joe. I’ll take this and my friend will take the paper. Keep the change.” Her petite hand presented ‘human Thor’ with a few coins. Her heels clicked on the sidewalk as she began to walk away and then she paused before glancing over her shoulder. Cobalt blue hues met emerald as she gave a smile. “You just gonna stand there all day? Come on. Follow me.”


The walk to the building was only a couple of blocks. For once, the silver tongue seemed at a loss for words. The blonde just smiled politely as she made her way into the building and up a flight of stairs. “My office is on the second floor.”

The building looked ordinary, like a run of the mill office building. Nothing out of the ordinary. The young woman’s office was a tastefully decorated room. It had a feminine touch but not overly so. Loki noticed the artwork of Greek gods and goddesses. “I absolutely was not expecting you. Tell me, Althaia….why is someone like you working for the Society?”


The blonde flipped her hair a bit and gave a little laugh. “I tend to forget how much the God of Mischief hates surprises. Well, at least ones that he does not hoist upon others.” She poured drinks into ornate glasses and handed one to Loki before sitting down in a chair. “Why is a daughter of Zeus playing detective for humans of the SHARP Society? Besides the fact that our long lives do tend to get a bit on the boring side without some excitement from time to time.” Blue hues focused on the Trickster as she raised her glass and savored her drink. She left a ruby red lipstick mark on the glass. “Hmm, but you know that mortals trying to keep tabs on and battle supernatural and otherworldly beings really do need an advantage. That’s where I come in.”


Whatever liquor Althaia served him was far superior to what he had in London. Of course, that was some rot-gut, get you piss drunk class swill. Listening to the demi-goddess, what she said made sense. Seeing her again, he had to get thoughts of the past out of his head. Still, not many could say that they almost had a battle with Zeus over being caught making out with his daughter. Eh, youthful indiscretion.


“Did that drink go to your head, Asgardian? I was going to have another but if you can’t even handle one….” She teased as she filled their glasses again. When she returned, Althaia changed her seating, moving closer to Loki. 


The liquor hit his tongue and he swallowed it down. “Okay. So, they have you. The part I don’t understand is why do you need me? I already helped once like 50 years ago, Wasn’t that enough torture?”

Her fingers played with the ends of her golden tresses. It was a habit. Yep, even goddesses and demi-goddesses have them. Those little habits out of nervousness or boredom. “There’s been disturbances and deaths of a magical nature.” She began and then took a quick drink before continuing. “Loki...just out of curiosity, do you have any offspring residing on Earth?”

03/13/2021 11:18 PM 


Mortals had always been the playthings of the gods since the dawn of time. They could easily be batted around for amusement like a cat swipes at a rodent with its paw. However, mortals did serve other purposes for bored gods. Their bodies often served as vessels for a horny god to relieve lusts when they walked amongst them. The dangers of such pursuits would be offspring with such inferior beings. Loki knew that the Greek gods had made scads of demi-gods, the raunchy bastards.


Thor sought to be Midgard’s protector while Loki….well, the trickster always had other ideas. Cleverness and boredom were not a good mixture and the younger of the brothers found ways to escape Asgard without the watcher noticing. When he was younger, he was more brash and foolhardy but he soon learned to harness the magical abilities within him to throw Heimdall off his trail. Loki was able to disappear for days or weeks at time, using his famed ‘Silver Tongue’ to weave an elaborate tale to keep him out of too much trouble upon his return.


What was wrong with a bit of mischief and chaos? He was the god of that, wasn’t he? It was this ridiculous time of year on Midgard where Loki now resided. You know, that time of year when the mortals pretended that one month, one holiday was special and could redeem them for the  other eleven months of utter mayhem and malevolence. Bullsh*t. Pathetic. Base sentimentality brought on by some sort of nostalgia and longing for the unattainable dream of peace on Earth.


Midgardians had the annoying habit of destroying every good, ancient celebration and turning it into a way to make a profit or allowing religious types to run roughshod over it. Yule was a time when the Vikings celebrated midwinter. So many of their traditions from Christmas trees to Santa Claus were based on the ancient holiday. The modern holiday was too glitzy, too happy. It needed a bit of chaos. A bit of….Loki.


Krampusnacht was perfect for the god of mischief. A celebration of the Christmas demon who punished the naughty was the dream atmosphere. This Krampus was more than a cosplay. Loki was here to mete out justice to the wicked and create a horrific holiday that no one would soon forget. All begged and pleaded but there was no mercy shown. Sentiment was for the weak. 


The town that reveled in the celebration and drew in hundreds of visitors or more annually was now razed to the ground. The fires that had been carried as torches by the ones dressed in costume, now consumed every building as the god watched with appraising eyes. His work was done. Justice, in his mind, served. There was another night for Krampus and more chaos, always more chaos.


03/13/2021 09:44 PM 

The Mentor- reply for Hexcellent

Never fitting in was a very common feeling for Loki. It was within him for his entire life. Asgardians were a race of proud warriors, trained from an early age. Even those in the royal family did not escape such a fate. As a young man, he attempted to fit in with his peers but the raven-haired haired prince was quite different from his brother. Thor was the star, the golden child who could so no wrong. Instead of hacking away at an enemy with heavy weapons, Loki preferred a more subtle approach. For such actions, he was faulted. Daggers were a ‘woman’s’ weapon.


Hours were spent reading and studying in the great library. Loki consumed as many tomes of knowledge as he could. Of special interest were those of a magical nature. His seidr had made an appearance at a very early age, to the utter delight of his adoptive mother. Frigga was the most powerful sorceress on Asgard. Her knowledge of magic was unparalleled. The young magic-wielder could not have asked for a better teacher. She was patient and kind. Frigga encouraged his successes and consoled his failures. Magic is learning and growing. Seidr is alive and living. It was a part of him, as much as the blood that ran through his veins. 


In time, with Frigga’s tutelage, the young prince grew in his skills. However, Loki was impish. While he was learning, he often used his magic for pranks which earned him the ire of many, including his other family members. The actions also caused Midgardians to bestow the title of God of Mischief on Loki. This was a moniker that brought him nothing but pride. How could he not view this as glorious to be known as such? Displays of his abilities easily quelled any rudeness or insolence shown by a servant. One such instance, a simple wave of his hand caused the wine in a goblet to morph into snakes after the impertinent laughter from a lowly servant. That never occurred again.


Loki overtook Frigga’s standing as the most powerful and skilled magic-wielder on Asgard. Indeed, his skills and abilities made him one the most powerful in the Nine Realms. Now, he was face to face with this young Midgardian whom others feared. This Wanda Maximoff was a curiosity of sorts. The god’s interest had been piqued when he overheard conversations  regarding her though he continued to show indifference to everything as per usual. He was a master at playing his little game with them and refused to show his hand before he was ready. 


The smile remained on his facial features as emerald hues scrutinized the young woman. A soft sound escaped him, a slight chuckle at her words. “What have I not done would be a more appropriate question. For starters, trying to take over the precious Midgard and rule them like the chattel that they are.” Loki could not help but be amused. So far, he liked her. She felt out of place, like he did. Mistrusted because of what and who he was. “You’re clever so I will dispense with boring you with preliminaries. You know why I am here. So...let’s get started.”

03/13/2021 09:42 PM 

Dead Again ( 1x1 reply- Wanda)

Loki allowed everyone to mourn him. Ha, everyone. Two people in all of existence cared for his supposed passing. Thor and his beloved Wanda. Was it not better to be in the shadows, working behind the scenes? He didn’t need to stand shoulder to shoulder with blonde oaf and his Avengers smashing away at enemies. That was not the style of the wily and cunning god of mischief. It wasn’t like that was the first time that Loki had managed to escape his deadly fate. However, this scene was perhaps the most convincing of them all.


He was willing to allow all to believe that he had perished at the meaty hand of the Mad Titan, his lifeless body dropped like discarded trash. Thanos had promised that if he failed him that he would pay with his life. The Asgardian’s mission on Midgard had been fruitless and futile. That alone was enough to earn Loki the Titan’s wrath. There was no such thing as forgiveness or second chances. He always knew that there would be a steep price to pay for his blunder.


The details of his ‘resurrection’ were his and his alone. A sorcerer does not reveal all of his secrets. Such trivial matters were inconsequential. Extra magic was always helpful in a battle with such a force as the Avengers face. Sure, he had to remain hidden. Invisibility wasn’t a power he used nearly as often as he should have. It was actually more amusing to access such an ability for mischief than assisting others in battle. 


Years passed and the god of mischief remained dead. That was the perception. Some semblance of the new normal began to form in Midgard. Life goes on. That was the cycle. The only things that were certain: life and death. The realm wasn’t the worst place for an existence. His appearance was altered, though most had forgotten him as the Monster of Manhattan. To the inhabitants, that seemed a lifetime ago. Still, Loki took no chances with the Avengers roaming around. Gone were the long, raven locks as he adopted a shorter style and changed the color. He even wore facial hair at times. His manner of dress was typical Midgardian, modern style. 


Odd...how many times had his daily walks taken him right past the Avengers HQ? Too many for comfort but wasn’t it amusing to play games with his former enemies? Loki knew that Thor was back on Midgard as was his beloved Wanda. Of course he knew. Something as important as their arrival would not have happened without his notice. Was it time for Loki to finally come out of the shadows? She was the only one who had knowledge of the truth. What a burden it was for her to carry.


Reunited on the street, thankfully she recognized him even with the change in appearance. Wanda was exuberant as she practically threw herself at him with a few passersby giving just a slight glance in their direction. Breathing in her comforting scent, she felt like home. For the first time in the last few years, Loki felt truly alive. “I’ve been here, right under the noses of everyone. Well, after I accomplished my tasks.” Was it worth it? Wasn’t it truly better for the universe to continue to believe the lie? It was better with Loki dead.

02/15/2021 11:06 PM 

Conscience of the King
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Loki was King of Midgard. This was a fact. A very simple truth. He had been since the invasion. No one would dare question, would dare challenge him. They knew enough of the magic wielding, warrior god to fear him and obey him without question. Those who crossed him ended up dead. Few were immune to this. The young mutant woman was a current exception because Loki saw a useful purpose. She could bridge the gap between mutants and humans, eventually. Not everyone found her worthy of drawing breath, like his top advisor, Ainsley.


The middle-aged human had been beneficial to the ruler though the two had butted heads occasionally. Loki did find his counsel of use. Why now was the man on his back against the long table in the meeting chambers with the King’s dagger at his jugular? 


“You need to keep your eradication policies in place. They are a danger and you know it. You should know what it is like to be a monster. Ainsley was an idiot to provoke him, in an empty room, knowing that he was the underdog in such a fight. No matter. Warrior instincts overtook Loki eliminating any rational judgement which left his royal advisor perilously close to being gutted like a fish. “Be the monster that you truly are, that you have always been. Hide it with royal robes and your magical facade but the beast will always surface. You are like the mutants. That is why you saved that worthless girl, why you stopped hunting the resistance…” 


No other words were needed. No other words wanted. The blade plunged through skin and flesh, ripping and tearing. Blood poured and stained the beautiful wood of the meeting table and ran along Loki’s hands. Excitement coursed through him as the metal continued along its deadly journey. The advisor had perished but the Asgardian warrior let rage hold him as he indeed gutted the mortal with his favorite dagger. By the time, he abandoned the room, the god of mischief and chaos had more than lived up to his name. Most of his lean torso was covered in varying amounts of crimson though his elegant hands contained the most. He wore the stains like a prize of war.


The changes or rather lack thereof  over the last year had finally come to a head and the King had had his final say in the matter. Loki intended to eventually bridge the huge gap of mistrust between the humans and the mutants. Ruler of Midgard meant ruler of them all. Somehow, it had taken him a few years and a certain mutant prisoner for him to wrap his head around the notion. Recalling the conversation with Thor when he asked if he thought he was above the Midgardians and then advised a throne would suit him ill. “Not anymore, brother.”


Loki was far from stupid. He did not trust that the advisor’s move was not the beginning of a challenge or worse, an uprising. That evening he forgo dinner and his usual routine. He was wary even when approached by a guard who inquired about arrangements for the advisor’s remains. “No…” Loki drew out the word. “Put him on display. He will serve as a warning to others and a reminder as to who is in charge.”


The first night was still, almost eerily so. He fell into a restful slumber. Some nights, he could swear that Yggdrasil allowed him passage along the realms and he saw Frigga. His heart ached for her at times. Loki knew that he would never see her, never be allowed that privilege. The King of Asgard did not recognize him as the legitimate leader of Midgard. No surprise there. Odin hated him. Always had. 


Even in his restful state, he tried to stay vigilant. A hand brushed his skin and Loki caught the wrist. He rose from his reclined position to flip the intruder onto the bed. In an instant, he had conjured a dagger and had it ready before he caught sight of the identity of his visitor. “Dawn? What are you doing here? I almost killed you!”


09/21/2020 07:40 AM 

Consulting A God (Starter for Hexcellent

There were and are many legends surrounding the one known as the Norse god, Loki. The god of mischief, the trickster god, the god of lies and chaos. In reality, he belonged to the people of Asgard, the Aesir. The Nordic peoples of Midgard set legends and stories around the All-Father, Odin as well as Thor and Loki. They were powerful and had their own special abilities.


 The Asgardians were the greatest warriors and the guardians and protectors of the Nine Realms. Loki was the younger brother and always living in the shadow of his brother, Thor. His brother was the ‘golden boy’. He could do no wrong. He was the great warrior and brought glory and pride to Asgard. Though Loki was quite capable with daggers in a fight, the raven-haired Prince preferred using magic. He was actually one of the most skilled sorcerers in the Nine Realms.


 His entire life he had been lied to about who he truly was. The young Prince was brought up to believe that he was an Asgardian and that he was an heir to the throne just as much as Thor. Odin kept the truth hidden from him. Much later, he discovered that he was really a Frost Giant. Such anger and betrayal tore at his being, at his very soul. Nothing in his life was as it seemed. 


 The anger, the feelings consumed him. A need for revenge. Midgard became his haven, of sorts. Though he had other plans in mind. Plans for all of the Nine Realms. Loki had time and needed allies to set the plan in motion. The god of mischief and chaos was about to truly live up to his name as he ‘made a deal with the devil’ as humans would say. He was given the means to fully and finally see his ambitions realized. 


The god came so close. Painfully close but his dreams remained just outside his grasp. Instead, he now found himself a prisoner of sorts and at the disposal of those who stopped him from achieving his goals. Thor decided the best way for his brother to make amends was to work as a consultant for the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. The blonde oaf wasn’t the brightest but it saved Loki’s neck from a literal chopping block and ruffled feathers of those he despised.


His help was always reluctant. His attitude is the usual smart ass demeanor. This day, Thor asked for his expertise with a magical issue. This immediately drew Loki's interest though the raven-haired god continued to feign indifference and boredom as his brother filled him in on the details of this young woman named Wanda. “Fine.” He drew the small word into multiple syllables and accompanied him to observe this phenomenon.

 Loki had observed her before without being noticed by her. Anyone with her abilities would fascinate the god of mischief. He wondered if her magical abilities exceeded his own. Finally, his time was not being completely wasted. This time was different as he slowly approached the young woman. The hint of a smile slowly appeared. The trickster god could be very charming when he wanted to be. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Loki.” He bowed slightly toward her.

07/01/2020 07:06 PM 

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