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01/30/2021 09:31 PM 

Seven Bloody Hells

As always with you lot. I never regret spending my time elsewhere. But can we please get on with it. I am ready to rescue my mother. But if Chase and his mates do not add me. How am I even able to partake in doing so? Ever since Christmas, it has seemed some cord has been struck. And all you have turned into chavs fit to be tied. 

Let us all just please get back to our normal group roleplay as we were. Stop all these constant out of character assassinations of the other already. There was a time when what I bloody admired about our lot. It never mattered if we liked the other or not. We still never turned on the other. As of late this constant taking over parts and shagging with the other's former LI's. Without even bloody telling them they were not writing with who they once were needs to stop. 

If you stayed more involved with us lot. You would have the answer to your own damn questions you bloody bugger. But I will speak with my mother and make sure things are taken care of.  And that you are left in peace.

Asmo Ozzy 

01/19/2021 07:38 PM 

POD Heather Dreamy

Love first off I am still confused to which Heather you actually are. 
But it has to be a complete stranger. Though Jack technically was not a stranger to Ethen, Joanna and Alex Jr.  He had still been so to the rest of us lot. And involving him was what lead to our division. 
The War of the Devils as most like to call it. 

Ethen became Bitter and the way he was. Due to fact he never knew Melaine had truly loved him. He was lead to think. It was all about causing him to Lose Joanna and Johnny. And he had just been manipulated and the curses cast at that time.  Prevent it from being one us to be able to break it. Or get involved in the two of them from making Amends. It must be completed by a Stranger who does not know any of us. But comes to love us and realize we are in fact worth saving. 

I hope this explains it, love. 

01/12/2021 04:40 PM 


Bloody hell just please stay out others business. If you were not in direct contact with Kellie. I do not even see the point. 

11/27/2020 06:10 PM 

Can you guess her last name?
Current mood:  inquisitive

I had a lot of fun trying. So I decided to share with all you lot. If you get it right let me know. I am sure this is an old mate of mine. Who once gave me a free gimp download. Which is similar to PSD. 
Here is what I tried Her display name, Skolsdottir, Blake, Monster, Her URL in its entirety, Then just the last part loupgarou, songbird and last DARED. And none worked. See if you can find any hint if there even is one to what her last name just might be. 

Nola's Songbird, The Original.

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November 27 2020

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11/27/2020 05:22 PM 

Sorceress of Devils I see you
Current mood:  amused

First off that transformer comment, made myself recall the days my closet was lined and organized in color codes of Red, Blue. Yellow, Green and black and white. And How I had five different Starter jackets I would wear depending on which part of the city I was going too. Though I was merely a buster truly. I did learn how to blend in with the different fractions of the gangs. Bloods, Crips,Pirus, Shorty Folks, Hoover Folks and Black Gangster Disciplines. And I was in fact what they would label a Transformer. And could have been killed for it. If I had ever gotten caught. But since I was white privileged I lived just on edge of where inner-urban suburbia. Therefore I did not have many risks of exposure to get caught. After a drive-by killed two cousins from the same family. Around about 1998 time frame. The Gangs slowly started ending the war with others. Though for your part of the country I believe it was MS13 and the Latin Kings that brought an end to Blood and Crip wars.  So I in fact love had been a Transformer. Now if you start having powers too like some of the others in my lot claim too. Might actually start buying all this constant chatter of the Dark Awaking is about to come. 

On side note prior to my deletion, you made it seem you still wanted to write. On RP status only. Which I am ready for that now. And there were no real feelings involved. Yet I still see no effort from you to make that occur. Which only makes me doubt your claims that there was no love. Since then I realized I truly never got over my bloody ex who called me a sociopath and ran. That perhaps was why I always felt the need to fill that void. Due to the way she feels about myself. I seem to feel about her. No less my life shall go on ether way. And if none of us lot on this side claims the Throne, Then Kain's side would be next in line. Perhaps you could rise to be the Queen of the Damned since there was no official divorce decree. Though still being newborn abandoned how you have not managed to devour your entire friend's list. Is but a mystery love. 

Do take care of yourself. 

Asmodues Ozzy Castellano. 

11/20/2020 02:49 PM 

Bloody Hell here we go again
Current mood:  drunk

For starters love perhaps if I had a better Mother and a Father who stayed active. I just might feel up to the entire parenthood thing. Perhaps a day will come I do accept all you lot. But I do not see it being anytime soon. But do lead with caution princess. Often those who seek our cursed Throne. End up on it all alone. Or having to take places where its grand power is never seen or known. Trust me I realize it's not worth the cost. For its simply a Pyrrhic victory at best. And just due to the fact a brother has his sister ousted. Does not change the fact she still is much older and powerful than yourself.  So unless you and your new-found friends wish to stand as one against her. I say just let her be lost in titles the way Ethen is for they hold no true power to them. Not if those around you do not respect the name of the one wearing it. Otherwise love, you are simply seen as a usurper nothing more nor less. 

And from what I am hearing some new risen Warlock has come now. And seems to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So why not let yourself follow in his steps. For our house is divided enough. It would be simply a bloody waste to poke at it any more with a spiteful knife. Instead, Princess go and find yourself a husband and become his wife. For that is what will be the key to your true happiness getting to be the parent you wished your mother and I had been. I am sorry that Am not able at this time to be a father to you. But it never means I lack love for you. Nor that I wish you a life full of curses. It just means I am not the right one to be around as a dad. At least not now, for tomorrow I just simply still see myself still lost in sorrow. 

Sharon if for some strange act of fate that is you. Perhaps what was said does hold some truth to it. Though how whoever wrote It knew it. I do not know. I can not deny it since the day you left. And seemed as each week passed you were less and less around. I did find myself feeling a little empty inside. Yet at the same time the way I have ruined both my brothers' lives. To the point, ether can live here any longer. Does haunt me often leaving me wishing to make amends to both. That ether will not allow me a chance to do so. If you have still loved me all these years. Like these people who are you or act as you and I do. Then do please reach out to myself love. otherwise, I will think this is nothing more than some sick cruel joke. And I can't wait to find out which bloody bloke it is. So I can teach them I am the wrong one to cross. 

10/27/2020 01:55 PM 

Those Other Devils
Current mood:  curious

Asmodeus had not seen his mother since he had just been a wee one. And last he checked she never really been much of a mother at all. But after seeing she viewed him. He decided to find out why she chose to do so and let him know. She had been out there watching. He typically was not fond of watchers. They always turned out to be Jayda seeking his half-sibling who hides like a p**sy in heat does from a Tom. Dreading to feel those teeth sink into the back of his neck. As a littler is created. " Bloody out with it mother what do you want?" He responded in a vindictive manner. Already thinking she was up to no good. " You lot have all been nothing but a disappointment." He then crossed his arms and gazed at her. The look of discontent was truly worth more than any further insult he could hurl at her. No less she had no gotten his attention. Though once all things had been said and done. She may have regretted doing so. 

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