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May 6th, 2020

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January 13, 2020


01/13/2020 05:09 PM 

I did not want to have to do this.

But I suppose I am taking charge of all you. Cause clearly someone needs to be. If you are all going to act like blazing lunatics. At this point, I honestly don't even know how many of you exist or do not exist. Nor do I really care. I kept hoping after the damn Christmas ordeal. Some would rise from the ashes and say something. But it seems for once. I actually have to be the one to deal with it.

If you really are all different writers. I hate to inform you. That you have all been manipulated. And used like weapons for war. No one even desires to fight anymore. Nor should have really even been started in the first place. I understand many did not realize who was who. But going to such extremes to try and prove it. Just makes you all seem like fanatics who can't let go and move on with their lives. 

And if you are all the same person. You have even me confused. As to what your goal is.  If you are trying to make amends then just post a blog. Or write an amends letter. Instead of this constant down low drama. And really decide which girl or guy or whoever it is your after. Just tell them how you feel. And accept how they respond. No matter if it's mutual then you likely deserve the other or if its rejection. May I suggest a Canon Character or start your own new group perhaps. Cause as it stands now. If I were any them mentioned or named. I would run for the hills and never think twice about it. 

And if you all keep acting like damn fools. I will convert the group to FX verse reality and blacklist any who does not crossover to it. So grow up, get out, or get ready to truly know just how miserable monarchy can be. When an old woman runs it. 

And may God help you. If you push me to the point I have to move to Facebook RP so I can find Heidi to help me deal with all you. Trust me when I say. That is one girl you do not want on your bad side. But I will do it. If it comes to that.  Then you will wish you all had not acted like you grew up in a trailer park unsupervised with parents who loved meth. Cleary more then they did any of you. Since you all seem to lack common damn curiosities.

Then one day we shall rain fire upon all of you when you least suspect it...

And on a side note, if you all can chill out. Stop all this drama. I think we all could create something amazing together. No matter if you all multiple people or not.

Sincerely with hope   
     Kate Castellano Archer

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