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10/12/2021 09:32 PM 

Halloween Mischief

Ok, this is a piece I really, really, really want to see finished in the form of a SL.  I've tried for many Halloweens to find someone interested in the plot, but it's never worked out.  Anyway, more awkward situations for my little wolf.

It was October, Halloween was looming on the horizon nearly as brightly as the approaching full moon. Decorations were appearing early this year. Maybe those fat cats in the corporate offices finally figured out that consumers didn’t like f***ing Santa Clause being crammed down their throats from September to December 25 and that there were, in fact, two other holidays that needed observing. (Sorry, that's totally a pet peeve! Moving on.) It was nice seeing pumpkins, ghouls, and witches fighting for their time to shine. The air had grown crisp with the latest half hearted cool front that moved in over the city. (Unfortunately, it wouldn’t actually get cold until much later.) Leaves were changing colors; displaying bright hues of yellow, orange, and red. An appropriate swan song if you asked Nox. Maybe it was all the orange--her favorite color--or the return of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes (total guilty pleasure!), but there was something she just loved about the Autumn. There was something downright magical about the whole season.

Despite living among humans, Adelphe Nox…She-Wolf…did not totally understand human holidays, but she’d be lying out her ass if she said she did not enjoy them. Halloween stood out above the rest. It was just all the symbolism and forgotten meaning behind the things children just take in as ‘part of the holiday.’ Like the jack-o-lantern. It was originally associated with All Saints Day and the carved turnips, squash, and eventually pumpkins represented the souls in purgatory. Now it’s just a cool art form that shows up once a year. And then there was the fact that Nox had expanded her social circle to include people who did some pretty unnatural things and some supernatural beings, many of whom heralded this season as a special phase in the Earth‘s cycle.

Evening had settled, the sun already bellow the horizon. The only thing left was the dying colors across the sky. Pinks faded to purple before dissolving seamlessly into blue as the first star of evening winked into view. Was it Venus or Mercury? Nox could never seem to remember. Her walk back to her apartment was a short one, motivated by the realization that time was growing short and she’d better scoot her fine ass up the stairs to get in costume. The party was hosted by a friend of friend…of a friend, of a friend?…in other words, she had no idea who was throwing this shindig. But invites seemed everywhere, like, literally, all over town. Billboards, fliers, word of mouth, social media, celebrity endorsement. The party itself was in Central Park--can’t imagine how much that alone cost--and it ran…well, there was no end time, actually. There were some high profile bands even signed on to perform, a haunted house, this thing was more like a festival than a party. It seemed like a massive undertaking.

Bursting into her apartment, Nox found Marie, her roommate and the most annoying human thing on the face of this planet, predictably prancing around half naked, “dressed” like a black cat (In other words, wearing black lingerie with cat ears and whiskers drawn on her face). “Ree-ow!” Marie’s voice hit an ear-splitting pitch as she clawed at the air in Nox’s general direction. Nox only lifted an eyebrow before shaking her head and rushing past her. “Gotta get ready.” Now, it would have been downright ironic for Nox to dress like Red Riding Hood., right? So she didn’t. Instead, Adelphe Nox opted for Tinkerbell. Yes, go ahead, laugh it up. Noxy dressed up like a froofy fairy with all the girly glitter and glamour…and a pair of wings. She even had a drawstring purse with ’fairy dust’ (incandescent glitter) in it. Well, this was something different for her and Halloween was all about trying out a different persona, right? Stepping out of the bathroom with her hair in curls, rather loud green, sparkly eye shadow on her face; this was more horrifying than any costume she could image. “Look how cuuuuuute!” Marie prance up, looping her arm with Nox. “Let’s go!”

The party was already hopping by the time Nox and Marie arrived. No sooner among the crowd and Marie was gone, right into the arms of the sleaziest looking ‘hottie’ in sight. Skank. Grateful and half tempted to leave, Nox wandered into the crowd. To say Nox was not exactly…comfortable…among the crowd would be an understatement. Large groups of humans crowded into a tight space and alcohol? Oh yeah, what's the worst that could happen? Grabbing a cup of apple cider, she sniffed it once cautiously before tentatively taking a sip. Spiked, but nothing more. Draining the drink, the She-Wolf ventured deeper into the crowd. People swayed to the music that blared at an obnoxiously high pitch. 'Forget this.' She thought with a scoff, turning to leave the crowds. She'd much rather grab some beer and eat pizza.

Weaving through the crowds, nearing the edge, Nox suddenly…felt different. She paused, feeling overwhelmed with dizziness. Her head was spinning, like she was riding a roller coaster. Looking around, it seemed the feeling was not limited to herself. Party goers weren't dancing anymore. They were standing dazed, some doubling over in pain. And they were changing…a process with which she was all too familiar. But what of her? The roller coaster sensation wasn't vertigo. Instead, the ground came zooming up at her, or she was falling---rapidly. Nox clenched her eyes tightly shut, throwing her arms up defensively protecting her head. And then…it stopped as abruptly as it began. Lower her arms, Nox was not remotely ready for what she saw. She was surrounded by a forest. A forest of grass! She, the She-Wolf, stood a scant six inches tall, wearing a green dress made of leaves and shoes with…oh for f*** sake…little pom-poms on the top of the toes. No no no. She twisted around. Awh f***. There were wings. There were f***ing wings! Shiny, gossamer f***ing fairy wings.

No sooner had the revelation set in, but those damnable things began to move on their own accord! They pulled her aloft, though Nox had no idea how she was doing it. Flailing around, Nox flew--or rather, found herself being dragged by her wings--high enough to see the chaos that had befallen the party. Where once revelers in various costumes stood, there were all manners of creatures. Zombies, ghosts, pirates, and the such had replaced… No, not replaced, they were the party goers transformed! Just as she! Screams filled the air. All those 'sexy nurses/maids/etc.' were being chased by zombies. (Good luck finding any brains, guys.) A yowling black cat slinked against the leg of a Frankenstein monster…oh Marie… Twisting around, still more suspended by her wings rather than controlled flight, Nox tried to go higher, above the chaos. Though she felt like she was ten stories in the air, the reality was that at three feet off the ground she was quite vulnerable. Her idiot roommate could eat her! How insane was that?! That's when something moved behind her. Oh pixie dust!

Behind the miniscule wolf, something monstrous came to her attention. Something REALLY monstrous, not 'oh my god, everything looks huge' monstrous. A massive wedged shaped head regarded her with large yellow eyes as flames flickered from its angular muzzle, mere inches from the wee fairy. Talon tipped feet scored the earth with each step of the green dragon as it turned its full attention on Nox. Massive pinions filled the night sky as the beast positioned itself, poised to pounce. All she could do was watch, slack jawed and frozen, at the giant lizard with a combination of fear and disbelief taking a firm hold. As the tooth-filled maw parted, Nox regained her wits. Fly, girl! Fly! Stupid wings, go! Teeth clicked over a trail of pixie dust. Nox managed to hit the gas. However, much to her dismay, speed and steering were two very different things.

Launching through the air like a tiny, glittery rocket, the She-Wolf lacked the experience to even consider how to dodge. WHAM! Right into the back of someone's head. Falling to the ground, dazed, a startling new revelation dawned on Nox. On the sidewalk just beyond the limits of Central Park, it quickly became apparent that whatever enchanted occurred at the party, it was limited to the party. The rest of the city seemed unchanged. Something else quickly dawned on Nox: There was a thirty foot tall dragon descending from the sky, still hungry for fairy. Yikes! 'Wings, do your thing!' Nox silently prayed, willing the new appendages to do as she commanded. Taking to the air, she hurtle down the street with a dragon hot on her glitter-covered green tail. What would happen when the other "creatures" wandered out of the park?

10/12/2021 01:22 PM 

5AM Coffee

The sky was starting to lighten, but the actual sun up was still a little ways away. Venus shined proudly in the summer sky, determined in vain to outperform the full moon's waning glory. Creatures of the night settled into their homes for a well-deserved rest. The barred owl in the big oak still called out a couple of hoots, but even he was ready to sleep. At the base of the oak, another creature stirred. Residents of the forest had grown accustomed to her presence. Perhaps they did not trust her just yet, but they were /aware/ of her. What an unnatural beast or man, whatever she was!

Sitting up, Nox let out an anguished groan. Her head felt like shattered glass. Never had she encountered enough alcohol to actually make her drunk per se, but she suspected this was pretty close to what a hangover felt like. Running her hands through her hair, the she-wolf began picking out the brambles and general forest debris she accumulated whilst being a wolf. Dirt turned white hair murky, twigs and leaves added to the disheveled state.

If she shook it enough, would a bird's nest fall out? Where was her bag? Oh yeah. By the car. Ugh. She had to walk back to the car. Well, at least it was summer. No snow! Holy f***, she needed a strong ass cup of coffee!

Standing up, Nox stretched as far as her body would allow. Fingers nowhere near reaching the lowest hanging branch, but that didn't stop her from trying. By human standards, Adelphe was on the shorter side. Knotted muscled, sore from sleeping on the ground, protested the movements. But it felt so good to stretch every sinew as far as it could possibly go! She twisted left, twisted right, all in an attempt to loosen up. 'Alright, enough messing around.' The wolf in human skin began a brisk trot towards her car. Midstride, the sound of movement caused Nox to nearly fall. She hadn't heard anything, nor picked up any curious scents in the air. She was completely caught by surprise when a pair of hikers stumbled out of the underbrush. How did she miss that?

"Oh God!" The woman shouted. "Woah!" Her male companion echoed the sentiment. Both threw up their hands and ducked their faces into the crooks of their arms. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" "Why are you just prancing around like some…some…naked forest nymph?!" Nox looked down. Oh. Right. She was naked. Ooh! Right! She was naked! 'Sheesh, humans.' Putting her arms in front of her, Adelphe Nox feigned embarrassment. "Oh no! I'm so sorry!" She yelped. "My friends thought it would be funny to steal my supplies!" This appeared to be an agreeable excuse for the humans, who berated the imaginary friends for having done such a thing. The couple, still adverting their eyes, offered to help. A shirt, perhaps? But Noxy kindly declined, saying her car wasn't too far and she had some clothes there. Again, accepting her explanation, the pair took off as quickly as possible.

At her car, things flowed in a predictably mundane manner. Clothes, wet wipes to wash away as much dirt as possible, pull a brush through the mangled mess that was her hair, hydrate with bottled water, and get on the road. It was during such tedious steps of the post-full moon that Adelphe's mind began to wander. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pack again? Maybe they could chase rabbits by moonlight! It would be fun to have someone she could talk to during the drive back. The fact that she was beginning to confide in Marie was a little bit…unnerving…to Nox. Marie, though a creature one would certainly call supernatural, was still an airhead who regularly had little regard to anyone but herself. And she certainly didn't understand the communal living a wolf was more accustomed to when not pretending to be a human. Sometimes Nox wished she and Marie had never discovered one another's secret life.

Pushing up her cheap aviators, Adelphe rubbed her eyes. But that did little to clear the haze in her head. Catching a road sign listing restaurants and the approaching stop, the white wolf decided to turn off the interstate. It was a little one-horse town with barely a Waffle House. But that was all she wanted. Pulling up her white tresses in a messy--and it was truly messy, complete with dirt and leaves--bun, Nox examined her reflection in her rearview mirror. Wiping away all residual dirt, she deemed herself presentable. Well, as presentable as she was going to get. Purse in hand, she stepped out of her car. Nothing sounded better at the moment than a burnt coffee and a bacon/egg/cheese sandwich.


10/12/2021 01:20 PM 

Rampage Cont.

Blood-crazed, the white werewolf charged towards the distant crowd of revelers. Christmas music resonated through out the park, drawing her attention. Black claws raked the ground--dirt and stone alike--as she charged toward the human buffet. Screams of alarm sounded as those on the fringe noticed the charging she-beast. Preparing the attack, Nox reared up into an upright posture. Shoots rang out. Ropes entangled themselves around her limbs, binding her arms to her side. Bellowing in fury, the She-Wolf topples over like a felt tree. CRASH. Face first in the gross. Screams grew louder as more people became aware of the rampaging wolf-monster. Panicked, them ran as a herd. Mindless cattle. So delicious!

Nox squirmed, fighting to escape the lines that bound her. But this was not simple rope! The Order paid damn good money for tinstone carbide cables. Behind Adelphe, men in body arm disguised as NYPD SWAT emerged from the tree line. Tranquilizers had only a limited effect on these beasts, but maybe with the silver it would buy them enough time to contain her. Darting the savage creature, they hit her with enough to put down a bull elephant. "Hurry, this stuff won't last long."

That's when it all went dark for Noxy. "Nighty night, beasty."

Stirring awake, Adelphe found herself in total darkness. Ugh…her head. What a nightmare! Reaching to rub her eyes, Nox was startled when sharp nails cut at her face. The fog lifted.

10/05/2021 01:46 PM 

Hjordis Vs Skoll

I have had Noxy with me for many, many years.  Over the course of time, I developed various versions of her.  On was a more Marvel-oriented version named Hjordis, a daughter of Fenris.  This MMM goes out to AU Noxy, Hjordis.

Humans fear the beast within the wolf because
they do not understand the beast within themselves.
Yep. It was definitely one of /those/ days.

37th and John F. Kennedy Blvd.

The roof of an iconic New York City taxi cab crumpled under her weight, effectively imploding the whole vehicle. While possessing nothing resembling an impressive stature in her human shape--in fact, she was quite short--her natural form was quite the co¬ntrary to any layman's eye. Somewhere around twenty-one hands tall, the white wolf was still the proverbial runt of her litter--yeah, they grow 'em big in her family, kind of what happens when your mother is a giantess and your papa is a giant wolf god.

Stepping off the flattened cab, it groaned in protest until relieved of its burden, she drew back her black lips to expose her most fearsome assets: a gaping maw full of teeth, particularly a set of ivory saber-like teeth. Flattening her ears, Hjordis leveled her head with her shoulders. This was a fighting posture. And it was a clear signal to her adversary that she was ready to battle.

The black wolf--her brother--was a little more...well, utterly terrifying. Skoll was one of Fenris's favorite sons. He and Hati were the largest of their family, but, more importantly, he was supposed to be dead. Thor Odinson slayed both Skoll and Hati ages ago. Whether he struck a deal with Hela or was somehow reborn when Asgard was brought to Midgard, Hjordis didn't know. But he was a threat. While she walked the line between 'good' and 'evil', Skoll was most certainly hell-bent on destruction. In Ragnarok, Skoll and Hati were to devour the sun and moon. That's some pretty serious sh*t.

The black wolf responded to her posturing with his own show. Heckles raised, Skoll launched towards his little sister. One would not expect this massive beast to move with such speed, but before Hjordis could avoid him, Skoll had her by the scruff. He shook her violently with a deep growl, like an adult punishing an errant pup. Then he tossed her aside with hardly a care, sending the she-wolf crashed into a line of abandoned cars left by fleeing humans.

"So glad I had a cushioned landing." She groaned sarcastically, slowly climbing to her feet. No sooner there, then Skoll was upon her again. He launched at her, teeth bared. Raking her claws on the pavement, Nox reacted faster than her protesting body wanted to allow. She narrowly avoided his fangs. Rolling, she was back on her paws before her titanic brother could wheel around after her. Turning her head to the heavens, Hjordis summoned the only edge she had on her kin.

The howl resonated from deep within her chest, raising in volume until the city echoed with her voice, amplifying the booming baritone. Skoll stopped in his tracks. There was a momentary silence, as though all the air had been sucked out of the city, leaving an eerie void. Then, all at once, the wind came screaming back into the city, descending upon 37th Street and Kennedy Blvd like screaming banshees in a vortex of frozen air, swirling around Skoll, biting at him with its icy breath.

Big brother yowled and yelped, twisting and snapping his massive teeth at the ice sheets. But he made little progress battling the wind. The cold was her element, she was unaffected by the unnatural chill. With all her might, she began to run. With all her might, she slammed into her big brother. Both toppled over, but she was quicker. Her fangs found his throat. But Skoll did not yield, instead, he let out a deep wolfish laugh. She paused, looking rather puzzled. And then Skoll vanished…in a puff of black smoke, evaporating from her bite.

What the actual f***…?
Adelphe Nox
The She-Wolf of New York

09/25/2021 07:17 PM 


The party was already in full swing when Noxy finally arrived. Fashionably late? No, just plain late. Torches dotted the path from the hotel to the beach, guiding guests in the low light of dusk. Believe it or not, wolves did not have great night vision. It was maybe a little better than humans. Even from here, she could hear the music. A local band was belting out their version of popular American songs, putting a spin on the melody. It worked. Maybe not something everyone would like, but she could appreciate the whole 'make it your own' zeal. Just beyond heavy palm frons, Nox could barely make out the light of a sizable bond fire, casting shadows of people as they milled about.

Dressed in a light blue bikini with a floral print wrap hanging on her hips, the white wolf was determined to enjoy this tropical vacation. Her white tresses dyed blonde, concealing her naturally unnatural hue, were bound up in an Instagram-worthy Dutch braid with just enough strands teased out to give it some volume. Adelphe was quite proud of how it came out, truly. With a necklace of (fake) tropical flowers around her neck to complete the look, the She-Wolf might as well have been wearing a neon sign reading 'tourist!' But let's be real, this was a beach party for tourists just a stone's throw away from the resort. Everything about this was Americanized for the foreigner's comfort.

A couple of drinks in--not that a buzz lasted with her high metabolism--Nox felt loosened up just enough to start joining the revelry. She danced to the music, swaying and rolling with the rhythm. Sometimes with a partner, sometimes by herself, the She-Wolf allowed herself to be swept up in the collective excitement. It was only by chance she glanced just past the bonfire between songs. Under a white fedora, he was gorgeous. His chiseled features must have been sculpted by angels. There was the faintest trace of stumble, framing up a wily smile that screamed trouble. Dark eyes locked with luminous teal. To say the She-Wolf was bewitched was putting it lightly.

Separated by the flames, they circled each other. Predator and prey. And when they met, their energy was electric. Dancing, only the distance imposed by their clothes lay between them. Nox felt drunk, even though the sensation was very foreign to her. A shiver ran up her spine when his lips brushed over her neck. He took her hand, guiding her away from the party. Wrapped in the shadows of night, the kisses grew passionate. Hands wandered, exploring the landscape of flesh. Clothing began getting discarded. And then, in her best effort to be playful, Noxy took off his hat and plopped it on her head.

Holy. F***ing. Hell. WHAT WAS THAT?!?

Hidden beneath the fedora was a large bare spot in the middle of his scalp. Centered in that bare spot was a large hole. A blowhole. Nox could not have been in more shock if someone doused her with a bucket of ice water. He panicked, stepping back from her while covering his head. Nox could only gawk, utterly stupefied. He had a NOSE on the TOP OF HIS HEAD! She could see it breathing in the low light! Shaking her head, Nox tried to get her bearing. Then she got just a little bit angry. Angry enough to show a little fang. And maybe a touch of white fur. "What…what are you?"

He ran. Ran into the dense forests of an unfamiliar land. Nox followed, picking out his smell from the rest of the environment. Crashing through the underbrush, the She-Wolf changed on the fly. When next her would-be seducer caught sight of her, the woman was replaced by a white wolf. This might be a foreign forest, but she was a hunter of the highest caliber! The stranger gasped, backing away slowly from the snarling werewolf. He was trapped with the river behind him and the wolf in front. Or was he? Suddenly, he threw himself into the water. Nox ran to bank of the river, watching to see if he'd surface or if she needed to go in after him.

The man broke the surface of the water. "I am Boto Encantado. Goodbye, werewolf." He shouted, his features rapidly transforming. His face swelled like an inflating balloon. Eyes drifted apart whilst his mouth exploded outward into a snout, which almost looked comical if it weren't happening to a person! Nox was familiar with the pains of transforming. This change must be excruciating! Before her eyes, the handsome stranger turned into a pink river dolphin. With a flick of his tail, he dove under the water. Gone.

Amazon river dolphins, known by the natives as the boto or encantados, are very prevalent in the mythology of the native South Americans. They are often characterized in their mythology as wielding superior musical ability, their seductiveness and love of sex, often resulting in illegitimate children, and their attraction to parties. Despite the fact that the Encante are said to come from a utopia full of wealth and without pain or death, the encantados crave the pleasures and hardships of human societies.

09/25/2021 07:15 PM 

999 Happy Haunts

Humans fear the beast within the wolf because
they do not understand the beast within themselves.

The sun had already slipped below the horizon, but still, the rosy glow of its fading light lingered. Leaves crunched underfoot, each step taking her deeper into the darkness of the forest. Nox shrugged off her clothes until she was dressed only in shadows of the waning daylight, each discarded garment forming a trail in her wake. Normally, Adelphe made an effort to conceal her presence--not to mention spare herself the clean-up in the morning--but tonight was different. Tonight, the moon was closer to the earth than usual and its pull on Noxy's lupine nature was especially potent.

Her pulse quickened with her anticipation. The moon's magic sang through her veins, provoking the primal forces that lurked in the depth of her psyche to awaken. This didn't feel real. She staggered clumsily, growing less and less aware of her surroundings. Branches clawed against her as Nox moved through the forest in a dreamlike haze. There was an awareness of other creatures, but none of which the white-haired werewolf cared to take note.

Step by step, the change came in phases. Bones snapped, twisting into new shapes under her flesh with a jarring grinding sound. Nox's posture contorted, no longer able to support her upright form. Blanketed in snow-white fur, the lupine lady continued on all fours. She slid effortlessly into the darkness. These were her stomping grounds, she was familiar with them. Even lost in her moon-daze, Nox knew the way: through the thicket, into a beautiful field perfect for chasing rabbits. She was going to revel in the full moon's silvery light.

Stepping into the open space, Adelphe realized she was not alone this time. Other shadows separated from the forest. Other werewolves from who knows where, Nox had never seen others here before. In fact, she had scouted out this place for many moons to make sure she never encroached on another pack's territory. However, the others barely acknowledge Nox, as she did them. Rather, they all were captivated by the same spell.

As the white face of the full moon breached the horizon, more shapes breached the forest line. These new arrivals, however, were not wolves. Ghostly figures slowly took shape, wandering into the open field. Nox recognized some creatures, then there were creatures she could only guess to their true nature. Reanimated skeletons tread through the grasses, ghouls floated above the field. There were creatures she could only describe as goblins and maybe fairies…Nox really was inexperienced with the supernatural realm. It was pretty embarrassing.

Human-like being walked among the moonlight parade. Now Nox was really confused! They looked unaffected by the presence of demonic-like beings and translucent spirits, leading the She-Wolf to concluded they themselves were of an unnatural origin. Marie! Nox spotted her roommate among the crowd. Trotting up alongside the succubus, Nox garbled a gruff 'bark' (wolves do not actually bark!) to get her attention. Marie, who was normally a vapid airhead and a narcissist, seemed oddly…not. She was invested in this event, in awe.

"Hey, Noxy." She barely acknowledged the white werewolf. "Isn't this amazing? The veil is so thin!" Nox gave a low grunt, signaling her confusion. "Don't you know why humans celebrate Halloween?" Marie crinkled her nose, her voice dripping with disgust. Nox let out a low snarl, bristling at the condescension in her voice. "The wall between the world of the living and the dead grow thin," Marie rolled her eyes. "Those with the knowhow can travel between the realms. This is a thin spot, everyone's coming here to mingle. More and more of these thin spots will start popping up now that it's Fall." Nox canted her head, looking out over the assembly. That explained the ghosts. "Oh look, there's Ms. Estelle! Hello Ms. Estelle!" Marie waved as her voice raised in volume.

Nox followed the direction of Marie's waving. Sure enough, there was Ms. Estelle from down the hall. What was she doing there? Marie laughed as Nox's obvious confusion. "Ms. Estelle isn't alive. You didn't know that?" There were probably whole libraries of things Adelphe didn't know. However, seeing ghosts was something she had never considered even a footnote! Seems like something someone should have mentioned to her ages ago. Marie continued her peel of laughter. The fact that her airheaded roommate knew so much more than her and was reveling in it really, really irked Nox.

At the center of the field, the crowds began to gather. An eerie mist had fallen over the area, adding to the ominous nature of this gathering. Beings of all manner of supernatural origins began to mix together, exchanging pleasantries like old friends. "Speak up, Noxy!" Marie suddenly barked, "No one likes a mute." Nox furrowed her brow. Didn't this ditz know she couldn't speak? "What are you talking about, Marie?" Nox growled crossly. She was getting really irritated not knowing how any of this was happening. Lightbulb. "Holy f***! I can talk!" Nox was too surprised to be rankled by Marie's continued laughter at her expense. "How cute. You gotta love a newbie." Marie bumped her elbow against another human-like being who looked between the two of them with momentary confusion. Then the pair of them laughed.

Snorting, Nox trotted off to see Ms. Estelle. People always ignored her in the hallways, Nox had felt bad for her. Even her own son never acknowledged her presence. This explained it all. "Hello, Ms. Estelle." Nox looked up at the little old lady. "Ah, Adelphe." Ms. Estelle peered down at her from behind wire-rimmed glasses. "So nice to see you like this. What a lovely coat you have." This was so freaky. Not only finding out the little old lady down the hall was the little old dead lady down the hall and that she recognized Nox for the werewolf that she was! Wild! "Thank you, Ms. Estelle." Nox replied sheepishly, still reeling from all these new revelations.

At some point, music was added to the gathering. A large erh…ghostly bonfire was assembled, too. Socializing gave way to dancing. This felt like some Halloween Renaissance Festival or convention with all manner of time periods represented. The music was instrumental; flutes and tambourines kind of deal. Nox sat on the periphery, still processing all this new information. Was this what held her so spellbound all evening? Not the moon?
Adelphe Nox
The She-Wolf of New York

08/30/2021 03:37 PM 

Who Is Nox?

I created Nox in June 2005 for a Teen Titans RPG on yahoo!groups (RIP!).  I loved my little wolf so much, I brought her to MySpace, then SiteModel, then here. I've gone through a few playby changes, too.  Abbie Clancy, Candice Swanpoel, currently Marina.  White hair became a thing when I came to RPme.  I have even developed different versions of Nox.  One is an Asgardian wolf god!  Another teamed up with fallen angels!  Noxy is rude and feral, she tends to curse and clothing is usually optional.  I do hope you come to love her as much as I do.

Though Nox was created for a comic book rpg, she is not native to any one universe. Mythology, supernatural, fantasy, science fiction, superheroes, and whatever else I can wedge Nox into I will.

08/23/2021 12:56 PM 


For the reader's visual, I have always envisioned Julius as Julian McMahon. Charmed was still on the air when I first cooked up the idea in Blackfire Pack, my yahoo!groups werewolf rpg way back in the day. (RIP yahoo!groups.) He's so good at playing villains, it really worked out well in the game.

In this world, there are forces at work. Forces which seek to control you from the shadows. Some are good with the very best of intentions. Some are nefarious in nature. There are humans, there are gods, and everything in between…all secretly pulling your strings.

"Doctor, I hear you have some good news." His name was Julius, an impeccably dressed business man with lofty ambitions. And, incidentally, he very much fancied himself an emperor. His empire was the North American continent. Julius was part of a secret society of monster hunters known as the Order.   They kept tabs on the supernatural, then they hunted them down and killed them. Super nice people. The organization was world wide with chapters governing every continent. A very expansive network, to say the least.

"Yes, sir. I've been tinkering with silver and its application regarding werewolves." The doctor began, presenting his superior with a long, narrow box that looked as though it ought to hold a pen. Within it was a dart. "Now, this is not simply silver, in fact it only has a speck of it in the serum. Just enough to cripple the beast's immunity. It gets in the bloodstream and it sticks to the arterial walls. And stays!" Julius examined the dart and the liquid within. Werewolves have an unnatural metabolism system, part of whatever system than enables them to change from human to wolf and back at such a rapid rate. But it also meant they healed quickly and were immune to most illnesses that plagued man and beast. It also made experimenting on live subjects very difficult.

"Get me a wolf." Julius handed back the dart before curtly walked out of the lab.

"Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way!"

Nox was really getting tired of that song. It's only been officially the Christmas season for a week! She might very well smash the next speaker blaring 'All I Want For Christmas Is You.' And we're not talking about putting her first through it; no, rip it from the wall or car or whatever and smash it. Then jump on it over and over until the remains are unrecognizable. A cold front had blown in, but no snow. Shoving her hands in her pockets, the white haired wolf walked down the street. Christmas decorations had been going up since August, but now it was a full on artificial winter wonderland. Santa's jolly ass was everywhere. Scoffing, the she-wolf sank a little deeper into her jacket on her way to the park. How had she gotten talked into attending a Christmas lighting ceremony? "F*** you, Marie."

Barely stepping foot in the forested sanctuary in the midst of the concrete jungle, something sharp hit Nox right in her rump. Holy f***! The she-wolf twisted around to see what provoked such pain. A dart? Someone darted her?! Looking around, nothing seemed out of sorts. No one standing behind her with a gun. Still…better to be safe. Nox ducked behind a tree perchance another dart came flying. Pulling the dart out of her butt, Nox examined the little menace. Odd, she didn't feel sleepy. Not sleepy, but suddenly Nox felt violently ill. Doubling over, she was reintroduced to her breakfast. Leaning against the tree after vomiting, Adelphe Nox felt the change begin.

Her heart was racing as white fur spread across her body. No! No no no! It was happening on its own! She had no control! Nails grew thick and black. Her body contorted, reshaping itself into the familiar lupine shape. Normally, Nox could change in an effortless ease; it was natural and beautiful, even if it was a little painful. But this…this change hurt. It was violent; bending and snapping her bones, remaking her form. It hurt, it hurt so bad. It hurt so badly that Nox let out a torture scream that was neither human nor wolf. On her hands and knees, the changed completed itself. The pain subsided, replaced by rage.

Ripping off what remained of her clothing, the humanoid wolf lopped awkwardly between two and four legs. Sounds of the Christmas crowds caught her attention. You see, Noxy was not at the helm anymore. Human logic and animal instincts were both suppressed, there was only a berserker's fury. A hot dog stand and people waiting in line were the first she encountered. Letting out a monstrous bellow, the she-wolf landed on top of the hot dog stand. Lashing out, her claws raked across the hot dog vendor's torso, leaving behind five gapping wounds in their wake. Screams of terror filled the air, only fanning her fury. Twisting, the fleeing forms might as well have been steaks with legs. Powerful muscles and sharp fangs made quick work of her victims. With a blood streaked muzzle, Nox walked away from her kills. The taste of blood burned at her tongue. More. She wanted more!

From a near by building, snipper and doctor regarded the carnage through binoculars. "That was…unexpected. Get in touch with Mr. Julius, we need a clean up."

08/23/2021 12:46 PM 

Cooking with Nox

Follow Nox as everything that can go wrong does and in the worst possible way.

 "Here we go…let me just…got it!"

The video was already ready running on her phone. Nox's face encompassed the screen. The image jumped around as Nox adjusted it before finally she was content with its position. Stepping back, she never took her eyes off the screen. In her kitchen, the white haired wolf stepped around the island counter. Dressed in just a snug tank top sporting a Rollin Stones logo and torn jeans, complete with a bun on top, Nox looked a little rigid. Nervous. Taking a deep breath, she offered an awkward smile. And then she spoke.

"Hello! My name is Phee and today I'm going to cook my fa--"


Nox's expression dropped. In sauntered her roommate Marie. Half dressed, disheveled, Marie had slept in past noon and chose NOW to wake up. Peering out from a tangled mess of dark hair, Marie draped herself over Nox like a drunk sorority girl.

"Aww! Are you making a vlog?!" Marie giggled, pointing at the camera. "You are so cuuuute! And with your natural hair color! Be bold, girl! Embrace the grays! But ugh, what are you DOING? You should totally be making…"

Before Nox could get a word in edge wise, Marie began pushing all the food Nox had laid out on the counter off to one side. The resulting cluster displaced the dishes on the furthest end…which wound up falling off. CRASH! There goes her chicken, garlic, and olive oil bottle. Marie squeaked out a 'whoops' before disappearing down the hall. Offer to help clean up the mess she just made? Whaaaat? The very idea! Walking back up to her phone, Nox stopped recording and began cleaning up Marie's mess.

This would not be the first time Nox had considered murder. If she buried the body in her full moon retreat area, they wouldn’t find Marie for years. Well, not in the exact area where Nox spent full moons--that would be stupid, but it was a hundred thousand acre state park! Instead, Nox threw the spilt chicken into Marie's laundry hamper. She'd find it in about a week.

Then Noxy went grocery shopping. Again. Thanks, Marie. Cunt.

Ah, New York in the early Spring. Not too hot, not covered in snow. Almost….nearly, dare she say…pleasant. As it was late morning, the herds of people had thinned out allowing her to avoid any close contact with humans. (Sorry to say it, but you people stink. There! It had to be said.) She was rockin' those aviators, messy bun still intact, every bit the hot mess that summed up all that was Nox. Oh yeah! Ear buds in, the white wolf walked at a brisk pace, doing her best to get to the store and back before losing all of her momentum. Spoiler alert: That wasn't going to happen.

Turning the corner, the white wolf walked right into the middle of a warzone.

Barely a foot fall on the new street and Adelphe Nox found herself airborne. No, she wasn't flying. She had been snatched up off the ground. A very colorful string of words came pouring out her mouth, naturally, as Nox struggled to get a view of what grasped her. She kicked her legs wildly, swinging about within the creature's grip all while trying to get her bearings. Think, think, think. Leather wings churned the air, struggling to gain altitude with the added weight. At this height…mmh, yeah, she could make it. But she needed to do something quickly before she was taken any higher.

Summoning the unknown mechanism within her very DNA, the white wolf willed her hands to change. Her nails grew thick as her palms thickened with the toughened tissue that would become pads, all of which was topped off with a thin layer of delicate white fur. Good enough. Nox reached up, grabbing the talons which held her aloft and dug her claws in. The fun thing about hands, talons, and other appendages--they were all worked by tendons. Cut the strings and the puppet show falls all to pieces. Hooking her claws around the Achilles tendons on the back of the creature's legs, the she-wolf pulled with all her might. There came a great wailing from her captor as sinews were rent from the rest of the body. And she was released. Midair. Rather high up, at that.

Ah, for want of a little sign with the word 'help' written across it. Noxy dropped like a stone.

"Healing abilities, don't fail me now!" She grit her teeth, praying her ability to survive rather dire injury would be enough to overcome the pain of crashing to the earth. (How /does/ she keep ending up in these circumstances?! It's almost like the writer LOVES seeing her creation plummet to the earth only to be rescued at the last second or something! She's done it TWICE in one sample, people! In one sample!) As luck would have it--you know it always does--flying hellspawn were not the only beings present on this battlefield. How could they be when people were running around and screaming, right? Right. A ring of light appeared, swallowing her whole. No sooner had she tumbled through the light did Nox tumble right back out, a foot above the pavement. Her forward momentum sent the she-wolf forward, face first on the concrete…

Buuuut it sure as hell beat the alternative.

Looking up at her presumed savior, Nox was surprised to see cloven hooves. Erh, what? Her eyes widened as her gaze kept going up. A pretty blonde girl with horns and cloven hooves. Oh, and a flaming sword. Can't forget that. And a tail, you know the sort. That's a new one. The girl let out a sinister cackle that sent a chill up Nox's spine, invoking the sprouting of white fur as her body unconsciously began shifting forms. Every instinct told her get the f*** out of there. Now. The change did not go unnoticed. The demon child leered at her before speaking in a voice that did little to change Nox's opinion of her.

"A werewolf, how cute."

Out of nowhere, a barrage of energy blasts rained down on the blonde demon…girl…thing… A handful of matching uniforms stood in opposition to the demonic horde. Who were they? Nox honestly lost all track of who was affiliated with what these days, but she was pretty sure they were mutants. Yep, time to go. The she-wolf sprang to her feet only to come back down on all fours. And away she ran. Somewhere between wolf and woman, Nox didn’t look back. To be honest, she was kind of afraid to. Demon girl took the weirdness factor to an eleven. Factor in her flying minions, yeah, no. And that's coming from someone who turned into a wolf at least once a month. Best of luck, X-brats.

Fully committing to her lupine form, Nox begrudgingly admitted to herself that it was time to get back to her apartment and try this again. Her clothing was torn, her purse and all its contents hung on by a thread, and humans get terribly squeamish about that stuff.


08/23/2021 10:19 PM 

The Hunt Is On

This is just a little one-shot type of deal.  I had this really sweet dream about my little wolfie and decided to write it down.  I am a sappy romantic and this piece is proof of it.  I'm not sure where Aiden came from, but the idea of trying to hide Noxy's lycanthropy is a rather interesting idea.  I may have to expand on that.  Enjoy.  ♥

Humans fear the beast within the wolf because
they do not understand the beast within themselves.
His name was Aiden and he was hunting a woman in his home. Fresh from a shower, the scent of perfume stood out rather prominently. Aiden knew his own apartment, every detail was committed to memory. Plumeria was not his choice of cologne. Tossing the damp towel into the hamper, he grabbed the pair of boxers he left sitting on the vanity. Running a hand through short locks of sandy blonde hair, he moved silently through the residence. Aiden wasn't worried; to the contrary, the hint of a smile played under the shadow of five o'clock stubble.

You see, there is a detail about Aiden that has been omitted up until now. Aiden was legally blind. While he could see shadows and movement, Aiden's vision was a far cry from what it was as a child. But despite the obvious obstacle, he had the home-field advantage. This game was as good as done. The light of early morning streaming through open windows aided his progress. White walls and spars furnishings offered little places for someone to hide, adding to his list of advantages. Following the sweet perfume, Aiden advanced from his bedroom to the living room with a leisurely pace. There was no need to rush. The flowery scent was much stronger the deeper into his living room he ventured. Trailing his hand over the back of the leather sofa, Aiden swept the room for any movement.

The shadows betrayed her. Fluttering curtains were not that dark. But the motion was so fleeting, did he imagine it? Stepping around the sofa and bypassing the coffee table, Aiden walked towards the light. Tentatively, he reached out to the blinding white light showing throug the window. Plumeria filled his nostrils. Twisting his arm, he reached away from the light to the gray shadows on his left. And grabbed nothing but empty air. Though he missed, however, he was so close that wisps of her hair brushing his fingertips. His attempt to snatch her was closer than she wanted. His quarry made an attempt to run. She couldn't help but laugh. Reaching again, this time he caught her arm.

With her arm in his grip, he pulled her close to him. Adelphe feigned a squeal of protest, but she couldn't be happier. The chase was over. Aiden wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her tightly. Nuzzling his face into her hair, her perfume, and even the hair products she used flooded his senses, but could not hide her scent. There was a smell about her he could never quite place. Even in the depths of the city, there was something wild that infused itself in her smell. He'd been told her hair was white, but it never smelled of dye; he would have to ask her about that some time.

Together they collapsed on the sofa. With her on his lap, they leaned in for a kiss. Their lips mashed together. Drawing back just enough to talk, Aiden ventured to ask her a burning question. "Do you like it?" He couldn't see her smile, but he could hear it in her voice when she answered. "I do, I really do." Kissing her again, Aiden spoke. "Then you'll do it? You'll move in with me?" Again that smile in her voice, "Yes."
Adelphe Nox
The She-Wolf of New York


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