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11/06/2020 06:13 PM 

The Next Generation.

The Next Generation
1x1 with Huntress
Features Cerberus, Mentions Braveheart
Progenitor /1577606
Alaric Saltzman was a hunter.  He’d been a hunter for longer than most of the kids in the Salvatore Boarding School had been alive.   He had risen through the ranks making connections with other hunters of some renown developing a reputation of his own as a gifted hunter.  As the rise of supernatural creatures occurred around him, he had to do something he’d never done before.  He had to become a father.

Before he’d even had any sort of supernatural change happen to him, he’d met both Jeremy and Elena Gilbert.  It didn’t take long for him to become a surrogate parent to the kids especially since he’d dated their legal guardian Jenna Sommers.  Alaric Saltzman taught both Jeremy and Elena how to fight.  He trained them both to be hunters.   It wasn’t an ideal means to raise a child, but in this world of vampires, Originals and werewolves, humans had to know how to survive or die.   

Jeremy Gilbert had the fortune, or misfortune as it would be to become one of The Five.   The Five were supernaturally gifted hunters that had the power and speed to match the creatures that they hunted and were meant to put down.  Traveler’s Magic was what made The Five the perfect monster killing machines that they were.   Alaric didn’t know much about them at first, but soon was educated about them as he became the one who helped Jeremy refine his skills.

After Mystic Falls was nearly destroyed by Hell fire and was soon rebuilt, Alaric would take his place as the headmaster for a school of supernatural kids to try and teach them how to work alongside and even protect humans.   Still on the side, he was hunting especially those rogues that refused to be taught or to abide by the rules.   He had a way out when it came to the kids that were incorrigible.  It was a place first created by his own two daughters to house the worst monster of them all:  Kai Parker.

Alaric had a secret side that he kept from everyone except Caroline, Dorian and Emma.  They helped him build up the hub for hunters that he used to operate out of the Salvatore School.   It was the perfect place to make sure that the peace was kept.   It was hard to keep it hidden from the kids, but he had been successful so far in keeping the kids out of his crosshairs.   After the incident with Jade, the kids were relatively calm again… well for the most part.   Alyssa Chang still bore watching and watching Alaric did.

Alaric’s concern with Alyssa was soon heightened by a message from his adoptive son Jeremy.   Apparently Jeremy now had a daughter and she was showing signs of having supernatural strength and skill like Jeremy himself did.   Was it even possible?   He was sitting alone in his office reading the message from Jeremy.   He answered back without hesitation.  “Send her here, Jeremy.  I’ll take care of her.”   His long fingers danced across the keyboard of his encoded laptop and sent the message to his son.   Alaric was a grandpa.  He smiled slightly.   Yeah.  He liked the sound of that.


Today was the day.   Diana was her name.  She was going to be here soon.   He felt a little nervous.  Jeremy had sent pictures of Diana so the Headmaster knew what his granddaughter looked like.  He was sitting in his office when he heard a knock at the door.   “Come in!”  He told the person at the door.

Tyler Lockwood came through the door.  The young man that was like another son to him had been reborn as a hellhound.  It was Jeremy who helped bring Tyler to his senses and kept him from destroying everyone in town.   “So is Gilbert’s kid here yet?”   Tyler asked curiously.

“Why am I not surprised you know all about it?”  Alaric grinned at him with a sloppy smile.  He was still sitting in his office chair looking up at the hellhound PE teacher at the Boarding School.

“I worked with him for the Armory for a long time Ric.  We have a few stories that would even curl your hair.”   Tyler grinned mischievously.   He knew who Diana’s mother was because he’d met her once or twice, but hadn’t really known her all that well.   Tyler had met Diana once but that was a while ago.  He wasn’t even sure if she’d remember him.

“You do have a point there.”   Alaric stood to his feet.  “Having a hunter here among the other kids might make it a bit tough for her.  Look out for her when you can, Ty.”  He told the younger male.   

“That goes without saying Ric.   Ain’t nobody going to hurt my niece.”  He assured the Headmaster with a familiar Lockwood smirk.   “Any ideas what you’re going to use as her cover?”

“Not yet.  I mean Traveler’s Magic created The Five, so we’ll have to think of something.  I do want to talk to her myself about fitting in here with us.   She might actually fit better at MFH considering that she’s essentially human.”   He wished that he could talk to Caroline about this because she always had great insight when it came to female students at the school.   He sighed heavily as he walked past Tyler and into the hallway.

“When you figure it out, let me know.  I’ll do anything I can to help.  I promise.”   Tyler promised.   The bell was ringing for his next class, so he had to keep going.  Wolves were impatient if they waited too long.

Alaric waved to Tyler as the coach headed off to his kids.   Other kids were passing Alaric in the hallway as he headed toward the front door.   Was bringing a hunter here to learn among the supernatural creatures she’d hunt a really good idea?   He’d have to wait and see.   He tried his best to overcome this feeling of dread that threatened to engulf him in a Gordian Knot of huge proportions.

Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet

11/06/2020 05:09 PM 

The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah,
1x1 with Forlorn,
Features Cerberus, mention Earth Angel
Progenitor /1577606
The summer was fading fast.   The kids at the Salvatore School were all plotting the big end of summer bash that was already forbidden by Headmaster Alaric Saltzman.   He was always concerned about the fact that the kids of the Salvatore School mingling with other kids from Mystic Falls High.   In the ten years that the school had been established, he’d had a few problems when it came to the MFH kids.   The one major problem he had resulted in sending those responsible to the prison world.    It took a while after that to do damage control.  Alaric had no desire to repeat any of that.  That’s why when he heard of a new plan for the kids of both schools to mingle, it worried him.

Nobody was talking.  MG and Kaleb were in a corner talking looking around making sure they weren’t being seen.   Any time Alaric got close, the two vampires used their power to zip away from him so they didn’t have to answer any questions.   He had enough vervain in his system that an Original couldn’t compel him.   So they couldn’t go that route.   He had to rely on other methods.

Wade was in the AV room working on an old style film projector.   Tyler was apparently going to show some old PE films to the wolves in Gym Class or something for some kind of punishment.   He didn’t ask any questions.  He just explained to all the staff that they couldn’t allow the kids to sneak out and get too close to the MFH kids.  Tempers were likely to flare and trouble would ensue.   So all the staff had carte blanche in Alaric’s eyes to do what he or she needed to do in order to keep the kids from getting into trouble.   Alaric spoke to Wade.   “How goes the work on getting that going Wade?”

The first of the Fairy kids that began to smile gazing up at the Headmaster.  “There was quite a few damaged sprockets here and there, but I assured Coach Lockwood that everything will be fine for the movie tonight in the Wolves PE class.”

Alaric found Wade to be a very bright boy.  He was never a troubled student.   Ever since he discovered that he was a fairy instead of a witch, he’d just seemed all the more happy all around.   The headmaster smiled.   “How are things otherwise Wade?   The kids being any kinder to you?”

Wade wasn’t exactly a naïve young man.  He knew Alaric was trying to pry him for information about the big party tonight.   He took a moment to push his glasses back up on his nose.  “Everything is going well Dr. Saltzman.   I’m not as popular as some of the kids here, but nobody turns their back on me or anything.”

Alaric knew that there were cliques within the school.  He’d been an educator long enough to know that social orders within a group of youngsters trying to discover their own place would gravitate toward others that fit their own mindset.  These cliques at the Salvatore School however tended to a bit more volatile.   Werewolves and Vampires for instance were not usually the best running buddies.  Werewolf venom could kill a vampire.  That was something he definitely didn’t need or want.   Fortunately with the world’s only tribrid among his student body, Alaric had plenty enough cure in case situations did get out of hand.    “That’s good to hear.”   He wanted to say something more.  He wasn’t sure how to put it.   “Wade…”

Before Alaric could finish the question, the other student in the school that was a unique creature all unto his own practically ran into the AV room.  “WADE!WADE!  You almost--”   Landon Kirby practically strolled into the room rubbing his hands together.  “OH uh…Hey.. Yeah.  Hi Dr. Saltzman.”    The Phoenix stopped and rubbed the back of his neck.   “Wade and I were going Hit the books tonight.”   He nodded trying to convince himself that lie was a complete truth.

Alaric sighed heavily rolling his eyes.  “You boys know how I feel about too much interaction with Mystic Falls High students, right?”   He folded his arms over one another.    “There is always trouble.  We can’t afford this trouble.  Do you understand boys?”   He hated to be that guy considering how he used to get plastered when Elena, Tyler and Caroline were his kids in class and he was the chaperone.   It was a lifetime ago and so much more innocent.

Landon sighed heavily.   “Of course we do, Dr. Saltzman.   Nothing’s going to happen.  I promise.   Coach Lockwood is going to keep the hot heads occupied so they won’t be around.”    He swallowed hard when he realized he’d just ratted out Tyler and his part in helping the kids have this party with the other kids in town.   “N-Never mind.  I didn’t say anything.”   He started to back out of the room.   Wade remained silent allowing Landon to put his foot in his mouth.

Alaric’s eyebrows raised.  “You mean to tell me Coach Lockwood is in on this?”   His tone raised slightly showing a bit of temper in this question.   He exhaled sharply.   “Wade, finish what you’re doing.  I’m going to go have a chat with Coach Lockwood.” Alaric turned to leave the AV room and head toward the Gym.   He wasn’t exactly happy with this latest turn of events.  Tyler Lockwood of all people knew what kind of trouble that supernatural kids could cause when mixed with human kids.

It didn’t take long for Alaric to get across campus to the Gym.  He found Tyler in there alone for the moment.  Tyler was on the phone with his girlfriend Laurel when Alaric came storming into the gym.  “TYLER!  We need to talk!”   His face was red and his jaw was clenched.

Tyler sucked in a breath.   “Gotta go babe.  We’ll have beer and pizza tonight when I get home, so long as Alaric doesn’t kick my ass.”   He told his demigoddess girlfriend.   He held up a finger to get Alaric to get him to wait just a second.  “Love you too.  Bye baby.”   He clicked off his phone and gave his full attention to Alaric.   “So… which one of them blabbed?”   Asked Tyler with a hint of that old attitude from when he was a kid.

“Does it matter?  You KNOW I don’t want them out there with the MFH kids!”   Alaric declared feeling his blood pressure raise.

“Ric, you know they are going to do it anyway!  We didn’t! You were the cool teacher who brought the beer.  You know that if there is trouble, a staff member from here needs to go in and take care of it.   I just think with all that’s happened recently the kids need a chance to blow off steam.”    The hellhound did what he could to try and calm his former teacher and his mentor to the best of his ability.   “What if you’re blowing all of this out of proportion for nothing?”

Alaric shook his head at Tyler.  “You know this won’t end well.   Nothing ever does in this town.”   Alaric turned on his heels and left the hellhound alone.  He was going to have to take care of this all on his own.


Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet

10/27/2020 06:02 PM 

The Quest for the Golden Arrow

The Quest for the Golden Arrow
Feat:  Soft Pedal and Undying
Mentions: Devoue and Earth Angel.
Progenitor /1577606
Sitting alone in the Lore Library, Alaric Saltzman was going through all books he could find about The Golden Arrow.  He had no idea how long he’d been at it today.   Several months ago, the Necromancer had gained control of Rafael Waithe and used him like a puppet.  Rafael had stabbed Landon Kirby with the Golden Arrow.   Landon was unconscious.   Alaric had seen the boy like this before.  He always ended up bursting into flames and rising up from the ashes.   He’d discovered his ability to fly with wings of flame just before that.   There had to be some way of saving him and triggering his rebirth cycle.  But how?

It was very late at night. All the kids in the school were celebrating Halloween at a party in the gym while faculty took the younger students into town to go Trick or Treating.   He left the supervision and chaperoning to Bonnie Bennett of the dance while Laurel Collins was taking the young children Trick or Treating.   Everyone was engaging in celebration of the holiday on one way or another.  Alaric had a lot of work to do and this was the best chance he had to do it.

He reached for the bottle of bourbon he had sitting beside the stack of books.  Nothing made sense.  It was all one mystery after another.   He wrapped his fingers around the bottle and pulled it to his mouth.  Downing that last swig, he sat the empty bottle on the table next to him.  His eyes actually physically hurt.   He started to rub them just a moment.   He’d been at it for so long that the words were starting to run together.   He thought he could just lay his head down for just a moment.  Just a little rest…


“Dr. Saltzman! Dr. Saltzman!”   He jerked upward to see a young teenaged girl with brown hair in a pulled up style held together with bobby pins.  She wore a black skirt and a dark blue sweater.   “Have you found any clues where to go next?”   She was an eager young lady who was showing deep concern in her expression.

He stood up slowly.  He was wearing a brown shirt and blue jeans with a brown leather jacket.  He picked up his fedora and sat it atop his head.  “The Golden Arrow is somewhere within the temple of Artemis at the main altar of the goddess!  We’ve no time to waste Josie!  Malivore’s minions are close.  We need to get away as fast as we can!”

A small boy with wet black curls and skin the color of warm cocoa was wearing a baseball cap and a baseball jersey.  He had on knee shorts.   “They’re coming!  They’re coming!”  He shouted running up to the older man and jumping into his arms.   A horde of footsteps were gaining traction the longer that they stood there waiting.  The growling sounds of monsters filled the hall off to the left.

Alaric held onto the boy tightly.  “Let’s get out of here! Hold on tight Pietro!”   He reached out with his free hand to grab Josie’s hand.  “RUN!”    She didn’t disagree with him, she clung to his hand and ran with him as fast as they could.

The temple of Artemis was filled with elaborate designs telling of all the myths associated with the goddess of the hunt.  The story of Actaeon, the killing of the children of Niobe were just some of the stories that were painted on the walls.   Pedro clung tightly to Alaric as they raced through the temple away from the hideous monsters that were under the control of Malivore.  Josie was keeping up well despite running in heels.  The monsters were gaining on them.  He had to do something to stop them.   There were crumbling parts of the walls where traps had been sprung before in the past.   Alaric stopped handing Pedro to Josie.  “Get him out of here.  I’ll catch up!”   With a pleading look in her eye, Josie took Pedro and ran ahead.

Alaric was sure that his two companions were free before he pulled out his bullwhip.   He gave it a few cracks before directing the next crack toward a stone that overhung from a crack in the ceiling just ahead.   The whip wrapped perfectly around the overhanging rock.  He gave a solid yank pulling the stone down causing an avalanche.    The stones that fell blocked the path cutting off Malivore’s monsters from following them.   Content that he had blocked off the monsters, he headed off in the direction that Josie and Pedro had gone.

The altar of Artemis looked pristine.  Josie and Pedro were standing in front of it.   It was on a higher pedestal that neither could reach.    Alaric was glad to see his companions were safe.   Josie went up and hugged him.  “I’m so glad you’re alright! Now we have to go get the arrow.”

Alaric hugged her back and let her go for the moment.  “I’ll get it.  You two stay here.”   He took a few cautious steps forward.  He grabbed a rock on the ground that looked as though it would be about the same weight as the arrow itself.   He approached the top carefully.   Both hands were next to the Golden Arrow.   He knocked the Golden Arrow into his right hand while his left hand replaced it with the stone.   The ground started to shake but stopped when the stone sat in it’s place.

Pedro clapped his hands and shouted.  “Hooray!”  Josie stood beside him with a smile on her face.   They both watched as Alaric started to head down from the altar.  One step that he took started to sink.  Alaric felt his stomach hit his feet.  

All around them the ceiling started to drop falling rocks all around them.   Alaric had triggered a trap being a bit too careless on his way back down.   He slid the Golden Arrow in the pouch he carried across his shoulders.  He ran toward Josie and Pedro trying to protect them from the falling rocks.   “Hang on.  We’ll get out of here somehow.”   Alaric assured them.

“Look!”  Josie pointed past Alaric toward a gap in the ceiling that began to show the light of day.   The sudden flash of light made Alaric look upward.   He saw the Phoenix Landon Kirby swooping down with his fire wings closer to where they were.   He had snatched up Pedro and extended his hand to Josie and Alaric.   She reached for Landon but not before turning to look at Alaric.  “What about you?”

Alaric shook his head.  “You go!  I’ll get out.  I promise!”   He looked toward Landon.  “Get them out of here, please!”   The rocks were continuing to fall closing up the window of time he had to escape.

Landon’s wings were steadily flapping and blazing with the fire within him.  “I’m going to come back for you!  I promise!”  He lifted up carrying Josie and Pedro out of Alaric’s sight.

Alaric was happy that the three kids had gotten away.   Now he had to get out of there.   A loud cracking sound made him look upward.   A huge chunk of granite was falling down right on his head.   Suddenly his world went black.


Alaric sat bolt upright in the Lore Library making the book and the bottle he’d been drinking from fall down to the ground.  The crashing bottle splintered  leaving pieces everywhere.   Okay, so maybe he did have a drinking problem. 

Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet

10/23/2020 02:38 PM 


Feat: Fallen Ascendant and Bad Company
Progenitor /1577606
guest starring Soft Pedal and Persephone

The crackling sounds of lightning echoed throughout this room of the castle. Two large metal towers stood prominently through the top of the room and above the castle ceiling, if one could call it a ceiling? The raging storm outside the castle walls was growing more furious by the minute. Giant electrodes were attached to the four corners of a table that had someone or something laying on it.

A man wearing a white coat with short hair slicked back and away from his handsome features began to monologue. “For years I have been ridiculed by those who would call themselves my betters. They call me mad. They say I am a menace. They just don’t see. They don’t understand. They will never understand.” A loud knocking sound interrupted the monologue by Doctor Victor Frankenstein. The world was suddenly frozen and unmoving.

Alaric Saltzman didn’t often have time to himself. Halloween was coming, so he thought he’d indulge in a little classic horror movie night in his small apartment he kept in Mystic Falls. His daughters Josie and Lizzie insisted that he take time away on occasion to himself and even start dating. Alaric was a workaholic with his own needs that he put aside because one person or another needed him. How could he rest when his daughters still faced the Merge? He held a remote control in his hand when he stood up from his chair. He grumbled when he made his way to door. He was surprised at who was at his door. “Girls? I thought you were at school?”

Josie mouthed the words I’m sorry as Lizzie barged right in taking control of the situation. “We were. We just wanted to make sure you were really taking the night off, Daddy. You need the rest. What are you now? Fifty? Fifty is ancient for a human anyway.” Lizzie moved through the room inspecting everything.

Josie followed behind her sister stopping to stand beside their father. “Lizzie, he really is resting. Can we please go now?” Josie seemed a bit more than annoyed at her twin. She also seemed tired.

Lizzie heaved a hefty sigh before making it back to where her twin was standing. She’d been looking for any bottles of alcohol. Alaric was starting smell heavily of alcohol recently and that did worry the twins. “Alright. Fine.” She glanced at the frozen screen. “Eww. That looks like it’ll put you right to sleep. What is it?”

He smirked slightly. “Frankenstein. Boris Karloff played the monster. The movie really is not anything like the book.” He added feeling a bit stiff in his bones especially since Lizzie reminded him just how old he was.

“Written by Mary Shelley!” Josie answered. “Another example of women pioneers back during the 19th Century!” Both girls were staunchly feminist thanks to their mom Caroline.

“That’s right Jo.” He smiled. Lizzie was nonplussed by the revelation. Alaric wasn’t as clueless as his daughters thought he was on this particular day. He knew that they were looking for his booze. Good thing he hid it well. He did look tired. Given the situation at the moment, it was actually surprising he was alive.

“Fine. Enjoy your old Boomer movie. See you tomorrow at school Daddy.” Lizzie didn’t try to argue with him further. Both she and Josie kissed their dad on his cheeks like when they were small children. “Good night Daddy.”

“Good night Daddy.” Josie also spoke even though she had not wanted to interrupt their father's night at home. She practically drug her twin out of the room and out of the door.

Alaric shook his head and smiled. He moved back to his chair to return to his movie. He reached down inside his chair to pull out his bottle of bourbon he had hidden there. He started drinking from it again as he restarted the movie.

Just as the lightning was increasing outside Castle Frankenstein, Alaric felt his eyelids grow heavy. It wasn’t long until his head tipped backward and his eyelids grew heavy.


Desperation grabbed hold of his soul. Dr. Victor Frankenstein stood beside the table again looking down at the covered figure that was unmoving. “They all called me crazy Igor. They said it couldn’t be done. I will show them. Ready the machine.”

“Yes Master!” Something seemed odd about the lab assistant he had. He was unusually handsome and had a baseball bat that he left against the walls as he started flipping switches on a panel from one end to another. Maniacal laughter that echoed through the castle.

The mad scientist stepped back as the table raised slowly higher and higher until it was now in the middle of the raging thunderstorm. He stood below watching as various bolts of lightning tore across the sky. In the laboratory below, Igor was continuing to flip switches and laughing madly.

Finally a lightning bolt struck one of the electrodes and then another. There were finally multiple strikes causing the electrodes to glow a brilliant blue that was almost white. “Bring it down Igor! Hurry! Hurry!”. Dr. Frankenstein was rubbing his hands together.

Igor cackled and squealed. “Yesss Master!” The cranking sounds of the table being lowered filled the room as the storm continued to rage on. Dr. Frankenstein moved back because the hair on the back of his neck was standing on end as the table came closer to them on the ground.

“Now my creation! Rise! Rise and meet your creator!” Dr. Frankenstein was throwing his hands upward with repeated excitement at the perspective of seeing his creation alive and moving.

The figure under the white cloth was unmoving. Electric sparkles danced all across the table and illuminated the body underneath the sheet. In quick glimpses one could see the skeleton of the male figure. Extremities began to twitch. A low growl came from the figure of a man as the body began to rise.

The sheet fell off the figure. The man had longish black hair. He wore a white shirt that looked dirty. When his eyes opened they looked as if he’d been a lab experiment for about seventy years.

“He’s ALIVE! HE’S ALIVE!” Both Dr. Frankenstein and Igor were laughing spectacularly.


The sound of the liquor bottle crashing on the floor made Alaric jump out of his jar. Eyes suddenly thrust open upon his abrupt wakening. On the television screen was the ending credits from the old movie he was watching. He rubbed his forehead. Dreaming he was Dr. Frankenstein, Kol Mikaelson as Igor and Enzo St. John as the monster was a sure sign that he definitely had a drinking problem. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling. “Naah….” He told himself with a smirk.

Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet

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10/14/2020 07:27 PM 

Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters,
1x1 with heredis
Progenitor /1577606
guest starring First Born

The secret remained highly protected by Alaric away from most other kids at school. His girls knew and so did MG, Kaleb and Rafael. Neither Hope nor Landon were awake. Alaric was at his wits end. He had no idea what to do, well maybe he did.

There was going to be no helping Landon without Hope. They needed to get Hope back. The power of the Tribrid was what was going to rescue the Phoenix. Emma had taken Dorian and gone far away from the school. Bonnie was off in Europe somewhere. He had no idea how to find Bonnie. That left only one option and honestly the best one available to him. Hope was a Mikaelson witch and so was her Aunt Freya.

It had taken Freya Mikaelson less than a day to get to Mystic Falls. She was Hope's nearest living blood relative. Kol and Rebekah Mikaelson had no real way to contact them. Plus with Freya also being a Mikaelson witch, this was the only thing he knew to do. He was sitting in his office speaking with Freya about what had happened. “I don’t know how to bring her back Freya. The only thing I thought to do was to contact you.”

The blonde Mikaelson witch saw her late brother’s daughter laying there like an angel sleeping and barely moving. Freya stroked the auburn locks of her niece. “You were right to come to me Alaric. I can send you to her. You will have to convince her that you’re real and that you can bring her back. Whatever it is that’s keeping her from waking up, you know it won’t let her go without a fight.”

Alaric looked to the girl sleeping there. He first met her when she was a small child. Hayley had brought her to Mystic Falls as a safe place. Alaric could later see the rising anger as she’d gotten older. Unbridled rage boiling within the girl was so powerful. It was like the spectre of Klaus Mikaelson never left the child. He was determined not to let the girl be consumed by the Mikaelson curse. Hope was going to break the curse. Alaric was going to see to it personally. “Do whatever you need Freya. I’ll go.”

The eldest Mikaelson nodded. “Then I’ll need a few things to get ready. “ Alaric nodded slowly. He was going to need to tell Josie and Lizzie what he was going to do. “I’ll need your office and some time to prepare.”

Alaric stood up slowly. “Anything you need we should have it on the grounds. It’s all at your disposal. I’ll be back in an hour.”


Josie and Lizzie both had varied reactions to what he had to say. Josie was deathly silent because Hope had gone to save her which had caused this magical coma. Lizzie had her typical reaction of being worried for their father. Alaric was still human and subject to being killed. Both girls knew that they weren’t going to change his mind. Even Lizzie acknowledged the fact that Hope had saved Josie. With objections overcame, Alaric hugged both his girls tightly. Hope wasn’t his bio daughter but he still thought of her as one.

He left his girls reluctantly to return to his office. Hope had not hesitated to go rescue Josie. It was the least he could do for her. Alaric soon stood outside of his office. He opened the door to step inside.

The office was dark and lit only by candles. Freya was sitting behind his desk with eyes shut chanting. The metal bowl in front of her was filled with herbs and what looked like a few drops of Freya's own blood. He waited for a moment before she reached for his wrist. A single blade slipped down his palm drawing a ribbon of blood. His hand was moved toward the bowl letting his blood add the final ingredient to the spell. Freya finished chanting as Alaric used his handkerchief on his wounds. “Lay on the sofa, please.” Freya still didn’t look at him.

Alaric did as he was told. He lay on the sofa with his hands crossed over his midsection. He tried to relax. He had to admit that the proposition was difficult, but he had complete confidence in Freya and what she was doing.

Freya was soon chanting louder as she took the bowl in hand. She walked toward the Headmaster who had volunteered to rescue her niece. She dabbed her fingers into the mix. The concoction of herbs and blood was soon smeared upon Alaric’s forehead. His eyelids immediately fluttered shut. Saltzman was completely unconscious.


There was complete darkness all around him. Alaric had no sense of time or reality around him. He started to move one foot in front of the other. ~What are you doing here Alaric? This is far out of your league.~ The voice that echoed in his mind sounded much like that of Klaus Mikaelson himself.

“Hope needs me. I’m trying to find her. She saved Josie. I can’t let her be stuck here alone.” Alaric heard his words bouncing in this echoing void fading as quickly as they left his lips. “HOPE! CAN YOU HEAR ME?” He called louder.

The mocking voice of what seemed to be Hope’s father laughed at him. ~Don’t you think this was her destiny all along? She is a unique force of nature. She is beyond you!~

This only angered Saltzman more. “Now I know you’re not really Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus gave his life for Hope so she could live. He wouldn’t ever say this was her destiny!” Again his voice echoed in this nothingness until he finally heard something or someone speaking. “Hope?! Is that you?”
Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet

10/12/2020 04:50 PM 

Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past,
LM: spirit week #2 Superheroes
Progenitor /1577606
Guest starring Soft Pedal and Persephone

Alaric Saltzman had had a long day. The constant barrage from Malivore and his army was starting to run him ragged. He moved into his office closing the door behind him. Dropping into his chair, he laid his head backward in a reclining position staring up at the ceiling. A stream of air left his lips causing his tension to leave his body. He looked back up for a moment reaching into his secret desk drawer to pull out a bottle. Alaric opened the bottle and drank from it directly. The bitter liquid stung his throat going down. Alaric sat the bottle aside. He folded his arms and rested his head down upon those hands.


~Charles, are you going to sleep all day?~ The distressed female voice was completely in his mind. He sat up immediately thrusting open his eyes. Standing in front of him was a curvaceous blonde with an attitude wearing all white. She wore barely anything at all. He thought she had to be cold essentially wearing her underwear. “It’s about time you woke up.” Her blue eyes were nearly the same color as a diamond. He knew her name was Emma Frost. Why did he want to call her Lizzie?

“Yes, of course. Sorry. Is everyone ready?” He asked. He moved from behind the desk in his office still seated in his hoverchair.

“Of course they are.” Emma rolled her eyes and followed beside him. “This is getting out of hand. You’ve got to end this as soon as you can. Malivore and his minions are moving closer to the Institute.”

He stopped his movement for just a moment. When Emma spoke of Malivore, he felt an odd sensation come over him. They were in a hallway with a set of metal elevator doors in front of them. That was when a beautiful young redhead crossed his path. She spoke directly in his mind. ~Charles, please. I’m sure you’ve wasted enough time as it is.~ She was wearing a dark suit with a golden X across the middle. He knew her name was Jean Grey, but why did he want to call her Hope?

“We’ve no time to waste.” He spoke moving toward the elevator doors. Emma and Jean stepped into the elevator with him. Within a matter of minutes the elevator was moving rapidly several layers underground. When the doors opened there was a long pathway to a solitary machine that lay ahead of them. He moved ahead of the two women. He pulled a helmet out and rested it upon his bald head. He missed his full head of hair for only a moment.

Images filled his head of young people he knew with different names and super abilities. “Come to me my X-Men.” He spoke and thought the words at the same time. Those images of young people all heard him and were coming toward him from various places in the Institute. He soon wasn’t alone with Jean and Emma.

He turned around to face them. One boy has wings of fire behind him. That boy and his curly black locks was called Angel. The name Landon nagged at him for some reason. Angel was accompanied by a young man who was canine in appearance with fangs and an emotional disposition. He was the Wolverine, but when Charles first saw him, he wanted to call him Rafael. Another young man wearing a visor the glittered red in the center. Cyclops was his name, but yet Charles wanted to call him MG for some reason.

Once assembled, he rested his hands in his lap. “I’m glad you’re all here. We’re losing time. The Necromancer and the Scarlet Witch are on their way here. It’s going to be up to you to drive them back. Whatever you do, I’m counting on Jean to get inside Wanda’s head to reach the Scarlet Witch we all know and love alright?” Why did the name Necromancer stand out to him?

The ground above them shook. Charles immediately brought up the screen for all to see. The Scarlet Witch was there dressed in two shades of red wearing a gypsy crown on her head. “Go!Go!Go!” He told the team around him. As they left him in this room with Cerebro, he felt his heart breaking for Josie and how she could let dark magic get to her. Josie?

He watched the battle unfold with his X-Men going against this Scarlet Witch who had meant so much to them all. She was so incredibly powerful with this dark magic. He was at his wits end as to how to help her. If Jean could get inside Wanda’s mind then maybe…maybe she could be reached. Maybe she could be saved….


“Daddy? Daddy?” The innocent voice was gentle at first but rose when she realized he was likely drunk. Josie Saltzman really did not like the tendency her father had to go into his office with his bottle of bourbon drinking himself into a stupor.

His body jerked as his eyes opened. His first reaction was to reach for his head of hair making sure it was all there. His eyes focused on his daughter. “Josie?” He wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer to him. The amount of peace that washed over him to know his daughter Josie was not corrupted by that dark magic was immeasurable. “My baby girl. Please tell me you’re okay.”

Josie was a bit surprised at her dad’s reaction. “I’m fine Daddy. Really.” She settled into her father’s arms smiling. He couldn’t see the flash of black in her eyes from this point of view.
Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet

09/16/2020 06:40 PM 

Manifest Destiny


Manifest Destiny
1x1 with Harbinger of Death
Progenitor /1577606
9 April 1946
The Eagle’s Nest
Bavaria, Germany

They were called the Monuments Men. The men and women associated with this unit were all scholars, museum directors and college professors. Among them was Kenneth J. Saltzman professor of World History from Boston College. Sgt. Saltzman was a part of the detail sent to The Eagle’s Nest to determine what art treasures belonged where and what historical artifacts needed to be returned to what country. He had an ulterior motive for his actions as well, one that was a bit more enigmatic.

“Saltzman!” The world history professor was assigned to this detail because of his intimate knowledge of Teutonic myth. It was known about all the obsession that Hitler had with Nordic races and how the perfect Aryan had to fit a specific mold. The Nationalism and deep roots in Teutonic myth that Hitler felt had become an obsession. That meant here nearly a year after the fall of the regime Professor Saltzman was a valuable asset to the Allies recovery effort. Hearing his name made the professor turn his head. “Come here a sec.”

Saltzman moved toward the other man. He had his hat in his hand allowing his perfectly coiffed dark black hair to be revealed. His blue eyes were the color of the sky overhead. “What do ya got?” He took several casual strides toward the other man. Great curiosity was drawn across his handsome movie star features. There was no telling what treasure the Nazis had tucked away.

It was a narrow rectangular box. Inside was an item that was very old. It looked like a tip of a spear from the days of the Roman Empire. As Dr. Saltzman examined the box, he knew exactly what it was. He studied it closer allowing Aquarian star pin on his lapel to reflect in the glass. “Roman Empire. The signs of wear show that it was used often. I’ll need to take a better look at it.” Inside the Professor was practically giddy. He knew what this was. It was the Spear of Destiny, long believed to be the very spear used by the god Odin himself. He just needed to get it back to the States. The Men of Letters were going to be excited to procure this particular piece and to keep it out of the wrong hands.


16 September 2030
Salvatore Boarding School
Mystic Falls, VA.

School was back in session. The arrivals were all returning with open hearts to be welcomed back by those who had stayed at school because they couldn’t go back home. Alaric Saltzman, Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School, was greeting as many as he could including the new students. He was forming bonds with other schools for supernatural beings. He’d worked out a few exchange student programs with places like Camp Half Blood, Ilvermony, and another school for witches called Hogwarts. That exchange program this year was something he was very excited to see manifest. Working closely with the Headmasters and Directors was a dream come true.

Passing by the front door, Alaric opened it. He assumed it was just another student. The old man standing there had hair the color of cotton. He wore a thick pair of glasses on his nose that magnified his eyes. On his lapel was an Aquarian Star. “Can I help you?” Alaric asked.

“Pardon me, but by chance was your Grandfather Ken Saltzman?” The man spoke with a distinctly New England accent.

Alaric nodded. “Yeah. Ken was my grandad. He passed away about 15 years ago.” He stood there in the doorway a minute longer.

The man pulled out a package and handed it to Alaric. It was a narrow rectangle wrapped in brown paper. “Your Grandad wanted you to have this Alaric.” He had a gentle smile towards the Headmaster.

Alaric took the box. He was mesmerized for a moment as he looked at the odd box. He started to speak again. “Thank you. Would you like to come --?” He looked up to the doorway to see that the old man was gone.

Alaric shouldn’t have been surprised at the disappearance of the old man, but he was. He took the rectangle box in his arms. Passing by several kids on the way, the Headmaster grinned and waved as he could. He moved into the office and closed the door behind him.

The door closed and the room was sound proofed. Alaric Saltzman had more than one job. Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding School was the one everyone knew. What very few knew was that he ran the hub for the Hunters who used the Eastern half of the US as a base. He also provided them back up and weapons when needed. He rested the box on his desk. Taking a seat at his desk, he started to unwrap the package.

The spear tip that had been procured by his grandfather back in 1946 was now in his possession. Alaric hadn’t touched the spear itself. He found a note that was sealed in an envelope with that same Aquarian star.

I’m sure you know what this is. Please keep this in a safe spot. Dire consequences could happen if the wrong people get ahold of this.

Alaric looked more carefully at the spear. That’s when the stories his grandfather came rushing back to him. This was the Spear of Destiny. It was used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Jesus Christ while He was on the Cross. Legends also deciphered this small bit encased in glass in front of him that this was Odin’s Spear Gungir. This particular little trinket before him was also the instrument that could start Ragnarok.

Alaric moved the letter from his field of vision to see that the Spear was glowing. The Headmaster felt his anxiety levels shoot through the roof. “Just what I needed, the End of Everything...again.”
Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet

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Five O'Clock Somewhere

Five O‘Clock Somewhere,
September Les Mis Drabble feat: Braveheart.
Progenitor /1577606
April 1998
UNC - Chapel Hill

“Bring me.. Two pina for each hand!” Riding to the Dean Dome to see Garth Brooks in concert was a huge deal for 22 year old Alaric Saltzman. The whole bus was singing to the music of Garth Brooks as they rode from the parking lots to the front door of the Dean Dome itself. It was nicknamed the Dean Dome because of the extremely popular basketball coach that had taken the Tarheel basketball team directly to the Final Four multiple times. One couldn’t walk the grounds of UNC Chapel Hill as a student and not know who Dean Smith was. The Coach had just retired the year before so naming the facility after him was a no brainer. Alaric Saltzman was a sports fan just as many where who went to the school. He also had another guilty pleasure. That pleasure was a deep love of Country Music. To score tickets for a final farewell for Garth Brooks himself did his country heart good.

It had been a great concert. Alaric had jumped and danced with his companion that day having the time of his life. He was an old city boy from New England who finally learned to let down his hair while in college. His parents would have actually lost their minds had they known that his companion was his boyfriend at the time. Being away from his family had finally allowed Alaric to stretch as a human being and to discover who he really was. Yes, his boyfriend Liam was a huge country music fan who had kept his sexuality as much a secret as Alaric did. Alaric was experimenting with feelings and actions trying to discover who he was as most of the kids did when they were in their early 20s. It was at this very concert that Liam first kissed Alaric right in front of God and man alike. It had been the greatest day of his life to that date. If only that day could have just lasted forever…


April 2030
Salvatore Boarding School

Slightly more than three decades later, Alaric Saltzman had seen more than he’d have ever imagined possible. The headmaster of a school for supernatural kids walked through the halls and into the common room. He never forgot that day in the Dean Dome that made him smile. Unfortunately he’d lost contact with his first love Liam after Alaric had left UNC to go to Duke for graduate studies. He sincerely hoped that Liam had had a much quieter life than Alaric did. Then again not everyone had twin teenaged daughters that were siphoners and who had been carried by a vampire. Alaric Saltzman’s life had been far from normal and he wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

He finally made it back to his office. Closing the door behind him, he sighed heavily. There was so much happening including the Merge. Time was running out and the stress was getting to him. Alaric sat down in his chair and leaned back for just a moment. He drank in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. One of the special mobile phones he carried started to chime. It was a message from Jeremy Gilbert.

It was a wampus cat. No injuries. Coming back to MF.

Alaric dropped the phone into a drawer that he opened with a key that he kept on his person at all times. He locked it in there for safety for now. He just wanted to unplug for a little while. He needed to forget the stress of everything even just for a few hours. He left his chair to lock the door to his office. He was going to be unavailable for a little while. It was either that or he was going to lose his ever lovin’ mind.

He plopped down in his chair and spun half way to face the wall. He was a headmaster of a rich kids school to the public and a headmaster to a school of supernatural kids to those select few in the know. What even fewer knew was that he was the point man for several hunters that operated all along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Jeremy’s return to the school meant that there was something more going on than just a wampus cat up in the Smoky Mountains. Alaric needed a chance to compose himself and he knew only one way.

He found the iPod that Lizzie had insisted he get and began to search through the collection that he’d had Wade assemble for him. Most of it was 90s Country. The perfect song came up that he just had to play. Sticking the bud in his ear and reaching for his bottle of bourbon, he started to listen to the song.

The sun is hot and that old clock is movin' slow and so am I
Workday passes like molasses in wintertime, but it's July
I'm gettin' paid by the hour, and older by the minute
My boss just pushed me over the limit
I'd like to call him somethin', I think I'll just call it a day

Pour me somethin' tall and strong
Make it a Hurricane before I go insane
It's only half past twelve, but I don't care
It's five o'clock somewhere

Alaric was facing the wall with his bourbon in hand. He’d not even bothered with a glass. He could feel all the tension seep out of his body. Country music brought him such peace. It took him back to a simpler time even when his world was turned upside down.

Well this lunch break is gonna take all afternoon and half the night
Tomorrow morning I know there'll be hell to pay, hey, but that's all right
I ain't had a day off now in over a year
My Jamaican vacation's gonna start right here
If the phone's for me, you can tell 'em I just sailed away

Alaric was already feeling better by the time the second chorus came around. He started singing along in what he thought was a low voice. Most of the hunters he knew and the hunters that he ran point for had kept their own bottles just as he did in secret stashes. They’d all had their own experiences with the supernatural that they all wanted to forget He was just one of many who did the very same thing.

I could pay off my tab
Pour myself in a cab and be back to work before 2
At a moment like this, I can't help but wonder
What would Jimmy Buffett do?

As the duet continued between Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet, Alaric continued to down more of the amber liquid in this particular bottle that he’d kept in his office. He finished off the rest of the bottle by the time the song was over. He laid it on the corner of his desk. His arms folded over one another and he rested his head in the middle of desk. Locking the door, listening to country music and drinking bourbon was the closest thing he was ever going to get to a Jamaican vacation. Before he knew it, eyelids shut and he drifted off to sleep.

He had no idea how long he’d been asleep when he’d been jerked awake by the hand of Jeremy Gilbert on his shoulder. “You alright there Alaric?” He asked. When the Headmaster sat up, he wreaked of alcohol. Jeremy wrinkled his nose. “Come on. Let’s put you to bed.”

He didn’t fight Jeremy. He was like a son to him, not to mention one of The Five so he had strength that would have made that a losing battle for Alaric in the first place. It was dark and none of the kids were in the hallways. He’d get a full report from Jeremy later. It was time to just go ahead and call it a day.

After all, the monsters would still be there. They were always there.

Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me.
credit: james kriet


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